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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

In the lounge room at the Fisher house, Karen is sitting listening to Wagner's The Ride of the Valkyries through headphones. The music is turned up to full volume, and when Jill walks into the room, she can hear it. As Karen takes the headphones off, Jill comments that she can't be doing her eardrums much good. Karen explains that it helps her to think - and she needs all the help she can get. Jill asks what the problem is now. Karen replies that it's the same basic problem: the company is in a mess and it seems to be getting worse. Looking worried, Jill says hesitatingly, "Karen..." She then goes on that she doesn't want to be negative, but she does have Fee to think about, and if she's going to be out of a job on Monday, she'd like to know. Karen muses, "So much for my promise that you don't have to worry about your job..." She then adds, though, that she hasn't given up yet - she's still got a last resort up her sleeve - but it really is a last resort - but she doesn't suppose she can put it off much longer. Jill tells her that she'll leave her to it. Karen, though, suddenly appears to think of something, and she suggests that maybe there is another way. She tells Jill that she's going out, and she may come back with some good news.

Barbara runs downstairs at Dural as someone knocks on the front door. She looks annoyed as she opens it to find Karen standing there. Karen asks if Gordon is at home, as she'd like to talk to him. Barbara snaps that it's eight o'clock on a Saturday night. Karen, though, insists that it's urgent. Barbara snaps at her that Gordon hasn't got much time for her these days. Karen tells her that it won't take long, and so Barbara knocks on the study door and calls out that Karen is there to see him. She then runs off upstairs. Gordon comes out of the study and curtly asks Karen what she wants. Karen remarks that she gets the feeling she's come at a bad time. Gordon tells her that she has. Karen asks if they can sit and talk. Gordon indicates the lounge room and they head in there. As they do so, Karen explains that she's come about the position the company is in - it's reached the critical stage and she thinks they should look at selling off some assets. Gordon asks, "What assets?" Karen replies, "Woombai." Gordon immediately retorts, "Not a chance." Karen tells him that the alternative is to see the company go under; is that what he wants? She goes on that they just need a short-term cash injection and the company will be healthier than ever; he can buy half a dozen Woombais. Gordon snaps that he's happy with the one he's got. He then points out that she got them into this mess, so she can get them out, but he's not selling Woombai. Making it clear that the conversation if over, he adds that he's got work to do and, from what he hears, so has she. Karen, looking annoyed, snaps at him not to say she didn't give him the chance, and she storms out. Barbara comes back downstairs, wearing a coat, and Gordon asks her if she's going out. Barbara replies that she is - she'll be at Amanda's: Irene is going to be there and she feels like the company. She tells him not to wait up, as she doesn't know what time she'll be home. She storms out, slamming the door shut behind her.

A while later, at the Morrell apartment, Barbara is sitting with Irene on the couch, and she tells her that she always thought the thing that hurt her most about Roland was the way he lied to her, but she almost wishes Gordon hadn't been so honest. Andy suddenly comes out of his bedroom and announces that he'd better make a move or he'll be late. He asks the two women if they're sure they don't mind, and Irene quips, "Mind? When the hostess falls asleep over dinner and has to be sent off to bed and the host accepts a last-minute job, leaving me to do the dishes and...!" She breaks off and Andy comments that he thought she and Barbara would jump at the chance to have a good rap together. Irene assures him that they're fine, so he can get out of there! Andy thanks her for talking to Amanda about the research foundations. Irene points out that they haven't decided who gets the money yet, but Andy tells her that there's plenty of time for that. He goes, and Irene offers Barbara more coffee. She declines. Irene then says it seems to her that, if Gordon told Barbara that he's not going to let this interfere with their marriage, she should take him at his word; give him a chance to show he means it. Barbara, though, says she wishes it was that easy; maybe she could cope if it was just some casual sort of affair, but he loves the girl, and if she stands in his way, sooner or later he's going to end up hurting her. Irene tells her that she's not standing in anybody's way; all she's done is forced the issue to the point where he has to choose between her and Liz - and he'll choose her. Barbara, though, sadly says, "Only because it's the right thing to do, not because it's what he really wants." Irene points out that she doesn't know that. Barbara, though, tells her that, if she could have seen the way Gordon looked when he thought Liz was dead... She adds that, God, she's so ashamed of feeling jealous, but she just can't help it. Irene tells her not to be ashamed, and she asks her how she expects to feel. She then adds that whatever Barbara thinks Liz has going for her, she's married to Gordon. Barbara comments that that hasn't bothered Liz up to now. Irene goes on that she means that Barbara can be closer to Gordon in so many ways that Liz can't, so she should use that: go home and make him realise that he loves her more than he does Liz; isn't he worth putting up a fight for? Barbara sobs that of course he's worth it - she loves him; she'd rather be dead than lose him... She sniffs and then tells Irene that she's right: of course he's worth fighting for.

At Dural, Gordon comes downstairs as Barbara comes in the front door. She comments that it's late; he should be in bed. Gordon, though, explains that he had something to do. Barbara suggests that they go upstairs, as it's been a long day. Gordon, though, bluntly tells her that he's moved his things into one of the guest rooms; he wanted to make it all easier for her. Looking shocked, Barbara says, "I see." Gordon goes on that there's no point putting more of a strain on themselves than they have to; he thinks it's best. Barbara says, "If that's what you want." Gordon tells her that it's not what he wants - all this came out of nowhere and he's caught up in it... He then admits that he's starting to understand what it was like for Andy and Lynn. Barbara comments that at least they had the decency not to rub Kevin's nose in it. Gordon asks her if she'd rather he lied to her. Barbara says she wouldn't, and she explains that she meant that Kevin was overseas; he wasn't living in the same house with Andy. Gordon asks her if she wants him to move out. Barbara tells him that she doesn't - it's his house... it's up to him... She heads into the lounge room, leaving Gordon standing in the hallway, looking worried.

Lights are switched on at David's country house, and he and Patricia walk in. As she regards the rundown state of the kitchen, Patricia cries, "My God..." David asks, "What?" Patricia quickly says it's nothing. She then goes on that at least no one would think of looking for her there; even she wouldn't. David tells her that he hasn't fixed the bathroom yet, but the kitchen tap is working. Patricia sarcastically retorts that, oh good, as least they'll have some cold water. She then asks him if he's done anything about a wardrobe yet, but David replies that what's there is what there is. Patricia curtly says, "I see." David lays down a sleeping bag on the floor and tells her that they'll hit the sack as soon as they can, as they'll be up at first light. He points to the kitchen window and explains that it faces due east, so the sun will be hammering in there at the crack of dawn. Patricia picks up her coat and hangs it over the window. David, though, tells her that getting up early wouldn't do her any harm for once. Patricia says she knows, but she needs some sleep; she hasn't been getting a great deal lately. The coat suddenly falls down, and Patricia, looking annoyed, asks in frustration how they can live in the place. David retorts that she doesn't have to if she doesn't want to; he only came back to help her because of what he promised Margaret; as far as anything else is concerned between them, she finished that when she walked out on him, so if she wants to go, say so and they'll go now; he doesn't care one way or another. Patricia cries that she can't go back - Roger Carlyle's men are probably waiting for her - and anyway, she can't afford the rent. David snaps at her to shut her whinging, then, and he thankful that she's got a roof over her head. He storms off. Patricia yells after him that she's not whinging.

Early the next morning, David wakes up on the kitchen floor to find Patricia already up and about. She's trying to light the stove, but it refuses to comply, and she snaps at it to come on. David gets up and comments that he thought she'd be sleeping in. He then takes over trying to light the stove as Patricia explains that she laid awake most of the night wondering what Luke Carlyle had done with her money. David growls that he should have guessed. Patricia goes on that if only there was some way of finding out what overseas bank account he transferred it to... David points out that, if he did transfer it, it would still be in his name, so she couldn't touch it. Patricia, though, tells him that she could if she could prove it was stolen. David suggests that there's no point worrying - there's nothing she can do about it at the moment. Patricia suddenly asks what's for breakfast, as she couldn't find anything there in the kitchen. David smiles and tells her not to give up - she's just not looking in the right place...

A few minutes later, Patricia is outside, standing by the chicken coop, and she looks in at the chickens running around and sighs. She opens the gate to the coop and goes in, closing it behind her. She bends down by one chicken, which is roosting on top of a box, and says, "Come on, chook!" She gives it a shove, but it doesn't move! She then stands up again, carefully lifts up one side of the animal, reaches in and manages to pull out an egg. Looking triumphant, she pats the chicken and turns to go. As she opens the gate, she suddenly notices a strange man standing there, watching her. Looking terrified, she runs off, yelling, "David..."

Inside, a few minutes later, David laughs as he cooks scrambled eggs. Patricia, though, indignantly tells him to stop snickering, as it's not funny. David tells her that that guy didn't think so, either - especially when she tried to brain him with the hose! Patricia asks how she was supposed to know he was a neighbour - sneaking up on her like that... David explains that the guy thought she was stealing eggs; he didn't know who she was. Patricia points out that he could have asked her. David suggests that she could have asked him. Patricia, though, asks how, as he doesn't talk, he grunts; what was she supposed to say? - 'Have you been sent by Roger Carlyle to kill me?!' David tells her that she's worrying over nothing - and even if Roger did send some people after her, they'll go to the house, find she's not there and that will be it; there's nothing else they could do. Patricia cries that they'll keep looking, but David tells her to let them - they're not going to find her there.

Mike is standing by the front gate at the O'Briens' when two men come along. The first one says, "Mr. O'Brien?" Mike says he is. The man shows him a card and explains that they're from Carbridge and Dion; their services have been retained by Mrs. Bartlett to represent Mrs. Patricia Morrell in court. Looking surprised, Mike says, "Yeah?" The second man tells him that Mrs. Bartlett wants Mrs. Morrell to have the best legal representation available; unfortunately, Mrs. Morrell doesn't seem to be at home, and they thought he might be able to help them contact her. Mike, though, says he's sorry but he thinks he'll be the last person she keeps in touch with. The second man asks him if he'll let them know if she gets in touch. Mike replies that he's sure she won't, but if she does, he'll contact them. He heads back inside. The two man glance at each other, suspiciously.

David is showing Patricia around the country house. There's mess everywhere and the place is very dingy. He explains that he's managed to do a fair bit by himself, but he's at the stage now where he'll need a carpenter. He adds that that will cost a bit, but at least he'll know the job's done properly; he should be able to get a loan without too much trouble. Patricia suddenly suggests that, if he's looking for a carpenter, why not Mike O'Brien? David, looking thoughtful, says he supposes it's an idea - he's always happier working with someone he knows - but would Mike be interested? Patricia points out that he needs a job - he must be a bit short of money at the moment - and he's a builder. David says he'll have to go and see him. Patricia suggests that he does it today, and maybe Mike can come up and look the place over. David says he doesn't think it's that urgent. Patricia, though, explains that she feels as if she has a lot to make up to Mike; if she can help him get a job - even a short-term one - she'd feel a lot better about it. She adds that it means a lot to her - and if he did come up today, maybe he could bring Jeff with him; it might help take his mind off that awful business with Luke. She tells David that she thinks Mike would jump at it. David comments that if it's that important to her... Patricia looks pleased with herself...

Heather and Mike are sitting at the living room table at the O'Briens'. Heather is looking at the paper, and she tells Mike that Luke's funeral notice is in there. She goes on that the funeral is going to be private; she had a feeling that that's how Roger would have it. Mike growls that that's how he always wanted it - no one was going to get between him and his son. Heather says it's a good job that it is private; if it wasn't, Jeff would have insisted on going, and it would only upset him even more. Mike says she'd better go and tell him. He stands up.

Jeff is watching television in the lounge room when Mike comes in. He tells his son that Luke's funeral notice is in the paper - he's afraid Roger Carlyle wants to keep it private. Jeff asks if that means he can't go. Mike replies that he knows he wanted to, but if Roger doesn't want anyone there, there's not much they can do about it. Jeff reluctantly says he supposes so. He then adds quietly that he doesn't mind. Mike asks him if he's sure. Jeff murmurs, "Yeah." He turns the TV off and walks off. There's suddenly a knock at the front door and Heather answers it to find David standing there. Looking surprised, she tells him that it's good to see him, and she invites him in. He and Mike shake hands and Mike tells him to take a seat. Heather offers him a cup of coffee, but he declines, explaining that he's just had breakfast. He then goes on that this isn't important or anything, but he was just wondering if Mike still did the odd bit of carpentry. Mike replies that he hasn't for a couple of years, and he asks, "Why?" David explains that he's bought this old house to do up: he can do a lot of the work himself, but he has to hire a pro from somewhere to get a start on it. He asks Mike if there's any chance that he'd be interested. Looking dubious, Mike says he doesn't know - to be honest, ever since he went bust in Perth, he's tended to shy away from the building game. David assures him that he didn't mean he has to start up another company; it's a backyard job - a week or two at the most. He adds that he thought it might work out well for both of them; Mike can come up today and check the place out if he likes. Heather suggests to her husband that it would be a way to fill in a bit of spare time. Mike says he can't see any reason why not. David tells him that it would make Pat feel a lot better, too - she feels pretty bad about the way things are between him and her. Suddenly looking suspicious, Mike asks sharply what she's got to do with it. David explains that she's the one that suggested him; she's trying to do something to help him out - though really he'd be doing him a favour. He asks Mike if he wants the job or not. Mike, still looking wary, says he doesn't know - if Patricia is staying at the house, he'll be running into her more than he'd like. David assures him that he reckons he'll be able to keep her out of the way. He then adds that Mike could bring young Jeff along as an offsider - a bit of fresh air and sunshine won't do either of them any harm. Heather laughs that it certainly won't! Mike accepts the offer, and he and David shake hands. Suddenly remembering something, Mike tells David that, by the way, there were a couple of legal eagles there before, wanting to know where Patricia is - it seems Charlie Bartlett hired them to defend her. David, looking surprised, comments, "Has she?" He then suggests that he should probably call her and tell her that Pat is alright. He asks if he can use the 'phone. Mike tells him to help himself.

A while later, David's car pulls up back outside the country house and he, Mike and Jeff get out. As they walk up to the front door, Mike remarks to David that it's lucky he made that 'phone call; it never even occurred to him that those blokes might have been lying about knowing Charlie. David agrees, "Yeah..." He then asks Mike not to say anything to Pat, as there's no point worrying her - she already thinks Roger Carlyle is out to get her. Mike says he reckons she might be right. David tells him that so does he, now; even the cops thought it a bit odd. Mike comments that it's a pity they couldn't do more than take descriptions; waiting for something to happen might be a bit late...

Inside, Patricia pours a kettle full of hot water into a pail. As Mike and Jeff walk in with David, she tells them that she's glad they could come. She adds that she's just cleaning up a bit. David comments that there's not much point, as the place will only get messed up again when they start work. Mike, looking round, remarks that the place looks solid enough. David explains that it's outside, round the back, that he's concerned about. They head outside, and Jeff goes to follow them, but Patricia calls to him and asks him if he can hold the bucket for her. He does as he's asked, and stands there as Patricia goes to start wiping down the walls. As she works, she comments to him that it must have been quite a shock for him when Luke died - they were living in the same apartment, weren't they? Looking annoyed, Jeff says he'll just put the bucket down on the table; he does so and goes to walk off. Patricia, though, calls after him that there still isn't any trace of the money that Luke took. She goes on that Luke must have told Jeff what he planned to do with it. Jeff mutters, "Not really." Patricia goes on that, personally, she's willing to bet on an overseas bank account - and it wouldn't surprise her if Luke told Jeff the number. She curtly asks, "Did he?" Jeff just stares at her. Patricia growls that he can't keep it from her; that's her money - she trusted Luke and he paid her back by cheating her - so Jeff has got to tell her. Jeff snaps that he hasn't got to tell her anything; besides, he doesn't know. Patricia suddenly grabs his arms and snaps that she thinks he does know what the number is, and he's going to tell her what the number is. Mike and David suddenly come back in and look at her in shock as she shakes Jeff and yells at him, "Tell me."

A few moments later, Jeff is clutching his arm and glaring at Patricia as she says she's sorry - the strain of all this must be getting to her more than she realises. Mike growls at her that he brought his son out there to take his mind off things. Patricia says she's sorry. Mike snaps that she always is. He then turns to David and tells him that he doesn't think this is going to work out. David quickly assures him that it will - it won't happen again. Patricia repeats that she's sorry, and she tells Jeff that she realises he's telling the truth; she just didn't want to believe him. Jeff mutters that it's alright. David suggests to him that he and his father have a look at the rest of the building, and they go. When he's alone with Patricia, he snaps at her that it was just another little scheme, wasn't it? Patricia 'innocently' asks him what he means. David retorts that he means giving Mike the job to ease her conscience; she just wanted Jeff out there. Patricia growls that it's her money and Jeff knows where it is - she's sure he does. She adds that David should have seen his face when she asked him-- David suddenly interrupts and snaps at her to stop it. He goes on angrily that whether he does or doesn't know, she still has no right hassling him; as it happens, though, her idea about giving Mike the job was a good one - he obviously needs the work and he needs someone he can trust to do it properly. He adds, though, that from now on, she behaves herself and keeps right out of his way or she finds somewhere else to live. He walks off.

Karen walks into the lounge room at the Fisher house. Jill is in there, holding a pile of files. She hangs up the 'phone and tells Karen that that was Heather O'Brien: she rang to say that Luke's funeral is going to be private. She then goes on that she's sending a wreath, and she asks if she should send one for Karen, too. Karen just says, "Yes." She then asks Jill if she can leave her for a bit, as she's got an important 'phone call to make. Jill ask if it's-- Karen interrupts and nods as she says, "Last resort time." Jill wishes her luck and she leaves the room. Karen sighs and sits down on the couch. She then picks up the 'phone and dials a number. It rings at the other end and a woman answers, "Hello?" Karen asks if she can speak to Alan, please. The woman asks who's calling. Karen tells her, "Karen Fox." The woman, sounding angry, snaps that that's just like her- after all this time. Karen snaps back at the woman to tell Alan that she wants to talk to him. The woman, though, retorts that, for Karen's information, he doesn't live there anymore, and she's glad of it - he and Karen are two of kind. She slams the 'phone down. Karen looks worried.

Patricia is standing on the verandah at the country house with a tray of sandwiches. Jeff is also there and she tells him that she thought he and his father might be ready for them. Jeff thanks her. Patricia then goes on that, about before... she didn't mean to upset him. Jeff snaps that he said it was alright. Patricia, though, continues that, no, she was being insensitive, saying what she said about Luke; he and Luke were very good friends and his death must have been a terrible shock; she never wished that on him, even after he cheated her - she only wanted her money back. Jeff snaps at her that it was her and Luke's father that made him a cheat - he never wanted to end up the way he did. Patricia comments that it's easier for him to believe that. Jeff yells that it's true - Luke was his friend. Patricia points out that it seems as if his friend was going to run out on him. Jeff snaps at her that he knows what she's trying to do - she's trying to turn him against Luke so that he'll tell her where the money is. He goes to walk off, but Patricia grabs his arm. Jeff snaps at her to let go, but Patricia pleads, "Jeff..." Jeff snaps at her that Luke wouldn't write her a cheque, so why should he tell her where the money is? He wriggles away and storms off. Patricia, suddenly looking shocked and thoughtful, heads back into the kitchen. David is working in there and he tells her that Mike is a great ideas man once you get him going - he thinks it'll be good having him around. Patricia doesn't listen, though, instead murmuring, "How did he know about the cheque?" David, looking puzzled, says, "Eh?" Patricia goes on that she didn't tell the police that - all she said was that she and Luke argued and that she scratched him - so Jeff must have seen Luke after she left. David asks her what she's talking about. Patricia continues, "Which means... My God, why didn't I see it before?" David stares at her as she concludes, "Jeff killed Luke."


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