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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Amanda is sitting on the couch, looking upset. Mitch is standing by the bar, the 'phone to his ear. It's ringing at the other end, but there's no answer, and he growls, "Come on, come on..." He turns to Amanda and says there's no reason for Irene to be out on a Saturday morning, is there? Amanda doesn't respond, instead just sitting there staring straight ahead. Irene suddenly answers the call and Mitch cries, "Thank God." He then asks her if she can come over straight away. Irene asks, "Where?" Mitch explains that he's at Amanda's: she's had a bit of a shock and he reckons Irene should see her. Irene, sounding worried, says she'll be there in fifteen minutes. Mitch thanks her and they both hang up. He then turns to Amanda and tells her that Irene is on her way. He walks over and sits down next to her on the couch, adding as he does so that a bloke should be shot for shouting and carrying on like that; he shouldn't have said anything; he's sorry. To his surprise, Amanda turns to him and quietly tells him that it's probably best that he did.

Gordon is sitting at the table in the living room at Dural, opening an envelope. Barbara comes in from the kitchen carrying some plates of food and announces that it's a special Saturday lunch today: roast chicken and all the trimmings. She puts the plates on the table and goes and sits down. As she does so, she asks Gordon what he's reading. Gordon replies that it's mail that arrived yesterday; he didn't get a chance to look at it, with one thing and another. Barbara asks him if it can't wait until later; he doesn't want his chicken to get cold. Gordon explains that it's a bill from the garage - for Liz's car. Suddenly looking uncomfortable, Barbara quickly changes the subject and asks him if he's got any plans for later on this afternoon, as she thought they might go to the golf club - not for a game, but to see some of their friends; it's a long time since they've been there together. Gordon, though, looking annoyed, retorts that she might be quite happy to ignore the fact that Liz is missing, but he can't dismiss the fact so lightly. He then adds, more angrily, that anything could have happened to the girl. He stands up and storms off, leaving Barbara looking annoyed with herself.

A while later, Gordon is getting out of his car, which is parked outside Liz's flat. He takes a key out of his pocket and half-walks, half-runs towards the flat.

A few moments later, Gordon opens the door to the flat. The place is still in the state it was in after it was trashed, with furniture upturned and mess everywhere. Gordon walks into the flat and puts the key back in his pocket. He then goes and sets an armchair upright. He looks round, and then smiles and he notices a book on the floor: it's a Dickens. He bends down to pick it up and, as he does so, he notices a diary lying next to it. He picks that up as well. He then puts the book down on a nearby table and opens the diary. He flicks through it until he comes to an entry which interests him. It says:

"Got the weirdest assignment today: supposed to act as some guy's girlfriend for the benefit of his father. Daddy must be a real fuddy-duddy. Oh well, it's their money."

Gordon flicks on a few more pages before stopping at another entry:

"I've decided to keep on seeing Gordon, even though Wayne can't afford to pay me anymore. Gordon's a sweetie and I enjoy his company; besides, he's teaching me to read Dickens, of all people!"

Gordon smiles. He then flicks through another few pages and stops to read:

"Tomorrow, I have to say goodbye to Gordon. It's not going to be easy, but it has to be done. Best for everyone this way - except me, of course; but I bet I'll bounce back. How does the song go? 'I'll be fine and dandy'? Who am I kidding? I'll never get over Gordon. You never get over someone you love as much as I love him."

Gordon stands there, looking thoughtful.

Mitch is pacing the lounge room at the Morrell apartment. To his relief, Irene and Amanda finally come out of Amanda's bedroom, and he immediately asks Irene if Amanda is OK. Irene assures him that she's fine - there's nothing to worry about. Amanda insists that she is alright - it was just a bit of a shock to find him standing there in Todd's clothes. Mitch tells her that he's sorry - honest. Irene asks him how he managed to get hold of Todd's clothes anyway. Mitch explains that Karen gave them to him - she knew he didn't have any of his own. He then growls that she should have told him they were Todd's. Amanda says she's sure Karen didn't mean anything by it. Mitch tells her that the main thing is that she's OK. He goes on that there are a couple of things they have to talk about, but it's probably best-- Amanda interrupts him and assures him that it's OK - he can say it; they can talk about their baby. Mitch, though, says it's probably best to leave it for now; he'll come back when she's had time to get herself together a bit more. Amanda tells him that she'll give him a call when she feels more up to it. Mitch thanks her. He then turns to Irene and thanks her for coming by as quickly as she did. Still looking grateful, he goes. Irene comments to Amanda that at least one good thing has come out of all of this: she's faced up to the fact that it's Mitch's child she's having. Amanda, looking surprised, exclaims, "You knew?" Irene replies, "From the moment I first examined you." She explains that she knew it couldn't have been Todd's because the timing was all wrong. Amanda, looking worried, cries that everyone has had to put up with so much from her - Irene... Mitch... She adds, "Poor Mitch..." and goes on that it really knocks her out to think he can be so sensitive about it when she's been so awful to him.

Gordon switches off his car engine; the vehicle is now parked back in the driveway at Dural. He looks out of the window, a thoughtful expression on his face, and he takes Liz's diary out of his pocket. As he does so, a white van with 'Image Music' printed on the side pulls up behind him and Andy gets out. Gordon gets out of his car and asks Andy how he is. He replies that he's good; he had to come out this way on a job, so he thought he'd come and say hello. Gordon tells him to come in.

Barbara is coming downstairs, holding her handbag, as the front door opens and Gordon announces that they have a visitor. Andy cheerfully says, "G'day, Mrs. Hamilton!" He then adds that he hopes he didn't catch her at the wrong time, as it looks like she's on her way out. Looking worried, Barbara explains that, actually, she is: they just got a call from the coroners' court: they've just found the body of a girl and they think it's Liz; she's just on her way to identify it. Looking shocked, Gordon quickly says he'll go. Barbara tells him no - not in his state of health; it'll be too much of a shock. Gordon, though, snaps that he'll go, and he asks her if she has the address. Barbara reluctantly hands over a piece of paper, looking worried.

At the Fisher house, Jill is sitting in the lounge room with Fee. Mitch is there as well, and he impatiently asks when Karen will be back. Jill says she doesn't know. Mitch comments that it's nearly 3pm. Jill points out that it is Saturday; she could be out all day; there's not much point him waiting around. At that second, though, they hear the front door bang. Jill stands up and tells him that she'll leave them to it. She heads out of the room with Fee and Karen comes in. She immediately asks Mitch what he's doing there, as she thought he'd be at the beach with Amanda by now. Mitch throws down the sunhat and angrily asks her why she gave him Todd's clothes. He goes on that she should have known how Amanda would react when she saw him in them. Putting on a look of mock horror, Karen tells him that she didn't think, and she asks if something happened. Mitch snaps at her that Amanda almost freaked out the moment she walked into the room; the girl could have had a miscarriage, she got such a shock. Karen cries that they should be thankful she didn't; she'd never forgive herself if something happened to that baby because of her. Mitch, looking disbelieving, asks, "Would you? You're up to something, aren't you?" Karen asks him what he means. Mitch growls that she drove all the way up to Woombai just to tell him that Amanda was having his kid; she didn't do it out of the goodness of her heart and he wouldn't mind betting it has something to do with money. Karen assures him that she doesn't have any idea what he's talking about. Mitch, though, snaps at her to come on - he's been taught by the best cons in the business: Amanda has got the money that Karen was counting on and Karen wants it back - not that he cares two hoots who ends up with it. He goes on that, in fact, if Karen did get it, it would make things easier between Amanda and him - put them on a more-equal footing. Karen asks him, "Why the song and dance, then?" Mitch explains that one good thing came out of today: Amanda admitted that it's his baby she's having, and if anything happened to that kid because of Karen, she's going to be the sorriest woman in the world. He asks if that's clear. Karen, a smirk on her face, assures him, "Alright - it's clear."

Gordon is at the mortuary, and the attendant leads him towards the area where bodies are stored. He opens a door and then pulls out a long metal tray. A body is lying on it, covered by a sheet. Gordon looks worried, but the attendant tells him that it has to be done. He adds that he'd better warn Gordon that the body has been in water for a few days, so it's not exactly a pretty sight. Gordon suggests they get on with it. The attendant pulls the sheet away. Gordon looks at the body.

At the Morrell apartment, Irene hands Amanda a cup of tea and Amanda thanks her. She then goes on that everyone must think she's nuts. Irene assures her that she doesn't. Amanda says she wouldn't blame them, the way she's been behaving. Irene points out that she's been through a very bad experience with Todd dying; she became so obsessed with the idea of having his child that the obsession took over. Amanda retorts that, like she said, she's nuts! She then continues that she can't keep the money that Todd left her - it was to bring up their baby, and now that that's not going to happen, she's got no right to it. Irene asks her what she'll do with it, then. Amanda replies that she'll give it to Karen and Nat. Irene comments that that will be a surprise windfall for them. Amanda, though, tells her that it won't be, really, as she told Karen that she could have had the money if she hadn't been expecting Todd's baby. Suddenly looking very thoughtful, Irene repeats that Amanda told Karen that? Amanda confirms, "Yes." Irene muses, "I see..." She then tells Amanda that, personally, she thinks she's being a bit hasty giving it away; Todd would have wanted her to have the security of the money, baby or no baby. Amanda says she supposes so. Irene points out that that's why Todd changed his will, and she shouldn't go against the boy's dying wishes...

Gordon is back at Dural, and he tells Barbara in the hallway, "It wasn't her." Looking relieved, Barbara cries, "Thank God." She then asks why on earth the police thought it was, and Gordon explains that there was some resemblance. He then says he thinks he might lie down in the lounge room, and he heads in there, shutting the doors behind him. He walks to the bar and leans on it. He picks up the decanter of scotch lying on top. Out in the hallway, Andy asks Barbara if Mr. Hamilton is back. Barbara tells him that it wasn't Liz, and he exclaims that that's a relief. Barbara sadly says she thinks it's more than just a relief for Gordon... In the lounge room, Gordon slowly puts down the decanter and clutches his right hand to his chest, looking pained. After a few seconds, he recovers his composure and makes his way slowly over to the settee, still looking sick and worried. He sits down and puts his head in his hands.

It's nighttime, and in Melbourne, Detective Ainsbury escorts Patricia out of the room where she was being held. She comments that she didn't think bail was being set until Monday, but Detective Ainsbury explains that someone came and made an offer to stand it immediately, so they contacted the judge to set it and now she's free to go. Looking worried, Patricia insists that she doesn't want to go, and she asks who made the offer. Ainsbury tells her that the person prefers to remain anonymous. Patricia snaps that she's not going. Ainsbury tells her not to make life difficult. Patricia, though, retorts that she's not budging from there until she has guaranteed police protection. Ainsbury asks her why she needs protection. Patricia explains that, now that she's been arrested for Luke's murder, Roger Carlyle is going to be convinced that she really did do it, and she wouldn't put it past him to have her killed. Ainsbury asks her if she means Roger Carlyle is going to even the score. Patricia says, "Yes." She then quickly corrects, "No - because there's no score to even, but he'll think there is." Detective Ainsbury tells her that she's upsetting herself over nothing - Roger Carlyle is a respected businessman. Patricia snaps back that she knows that; he's not to patronise her. Ainsbury suggests that she get her things and leave the station; he'll make a note of her complaint and arrange to have a patrol car keep a check on her house. The two of them walk off.

Later that night, the front door opens at Toorak. The house is in darkness, and Patricia switches a light on in the hallway. Her packed bags are still resting by the bottom of the stairs. She heads into the lounge room and switches on the lights, then closes the doors behind her. She sighs, puts her handbag down on a nearby table and walks over to the drinks cabinet. She pours herself a glass of scotch and sips it. All of a sudden, she hears a noise at the front door, and a figure appears outlined against the glass of the lounge room doors. Looking terrified, Patricia cries, "Oh no - please." The doors open and David comes in. Patricia, looking relieved, cries, "Thank God it's you." She runs and hugs him tightly. David looks surprised

In the hallway at Dural, Barbara tells Andy to have a good night at the disco, and he says he will. Barbara then adds that she's sorry the day's been so dreary. Andy assures her that it's OK, and he goes. Barbara sighs. She then heads towards the lounge room, opening the doors quietly. Gordon is half-lying, half-sitting on the couch, asleep, his jacket having fallen on the floor. Barbara creeps into the room and picks it up. As she does so, Liz's diary falls out. Barbara picks that up, opens it and and starts looking through it, reading the entries...

At Toorak, David hands Patricia a drink and soothingly says, "There you go." Patricia tells him that she really did think that was Roger Carlyle. David says he knows. Patricia goes on that she didn't kill Luke - honestly - but Roger Carlyle is bound to think she did and he's going to send someone to kill her. David tells her to come on, adding that they don't know that. Patricia, though, insists that she does. She pleads with David not to leave her, as she needs him now. David assures her that he won't leave her - but the first thing they've got to do is is get her out of Toorak. Patricia stares at him, gratefully.

Mitch is at the Morrell apartment, and he comments to Amanda that he didn't expect her to get in touch so soon. Amanda explains that she thought he needed a proper explanation for the way she's been treating him. Mitch assures her that she doesn't have to, but Amanda insists that she does. She tells him to sit down, and he does so. She then goes on that she was using him; she was so obsessed with the idea of having Todd's baby that it took over; she never stopped to think about other people's feelings - especially his. She adds that it's no defence, but she was missing Todd so much and her life felt so empty. Mitch tells her that it's OK; he doesn't reckon he could understand much of that mumbo jumbo that goes with trying to explain what she did, but he is sure that she never set out to hurt anyone. Looking surprised and grateful, Amanda comments that he's so determined not to make her feel guilty. Mitch admits, "Yes." Amanda tells him that she doesn't deserve it. Mitch says, "Come on..." He continues that there's no point trying to decide who's to blame and who isn't; they should just take it from there. Seeing the look in Amanda's eyes, he adds that he's not about to start putting pressure on her, but why don't they give themselves a chance to get to know each other? He goes on that he's not saying anything will come of it, but what's wrong with giving it a go? Amanda smiles and agrees, "Alright, let's give it a go." Mitch smiles back, happily.

Irene is at the Fisher house, and as Karen escorts her into the lounge room, she snidely comments that she thought she and Fiona would be off playing bingo, or whatever it is they do on a Saturday night. Irene smiles and replies that, actually, she's been playing a little game of her own: putting two and two together and coming up with one Karen Fox: why she dragged Mitch back from Woombai... why she sent him to Amanda's dressed in Todd's clothes... She tells Karen that she would have to be one of the most vile creatures on Earth - she wanted Amanda to miscarry, hoping that Amanda seeing Mitch in Todd's clothes would do the trick so that she can get her grubby little hands on her money. Karen snaps that that's ridiculous. Irene points out that she obviously thought it was worth a try. Karen snaps that, alright, she does want the money - but she certainly didn't want Amanda to have a miscarriage - she's not that bad; all she wanted to do was shake her into facing up to the fact that it's not Todd's child that she's having; she was simply worried about the long-term effects on the girl if she continued deluding herself. Irene growls, "How very noble of you. Which came first: your concern for Amanda or your concern for her money?" Karen asks if it matters. Irene retorts that, no, to Karen she supposes it doesn't. She then goes on that the tried to talk Amanda into keeping the money, but she was wasting her time; however, what she did convince her to do was to donate the money into research into the disease that killed Todd; she knew Nat didn't need it and she certainly didn't want to see it go to Karen. She adds that Karen needn't bother trying to get Amanda to change her mind, or she'll have to tell her about this little conversation. She then smiles and says she might suggest to Fiona that they head off to bingo now - she's feeling lucky! She goes, leaving Karen looking annoyed.

Barbara is sitting next to Gordon on the settee in the lounge room at Dural. He's still asleep, but he suddenly murmurs, "Liz..." Barbara stares at him, and he murmurs, "It's alright, Liz..." Barbara gently tells him that it's OK - it's only a dream. He suddenly wakes up and the first thing that swims into view is Barbara sitting there, holding Liz's diary. She quickly explains that it fell out of his jacket; she knows she shouldn't have read it, but she couldn't help herself. Gordon sits up and says he shouldn't have brought it home. Barbara tells him that he brought it home because it meant something to him. She then quietly adds, "You love Liz, don't you?" Gordon doesn't respond, and so Barbara, a tear beginning to fall down her face, asks him if he can honestly say he doesn't love her. Gordon admits, "No." He then continues that, no, he can't say he doesn't love her, but it isn't something he wanted to happen; it didn't even occur to him that it was happening until this afternoon when he went down to look at that girl, thinking it was Liz. He tells Barbara that he's sorry. He then cries, "Oh God..." He stands up and repeats that he's sorry, but he's not very good at handling this sort of thing - he hasn't had to do it before. Barbara snaps, "Lucky you." Gordon tells her that there's one thing he wants her to believe: he still loves her as much as he ever did before; he doesn't want this to affect them or their marriage. Barbara, several tears falling down her face now, cries that he just told her that he's in love with another woman; how's that not going to affect their marriage? She stands up and storms out of the room. Gordon stands there looking worried. He clutches his hand to his chest again.


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