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    Written by: Betty Quin   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Patricia is sitting in a room at the police station with her solicitor, Mr. Burns. He tells her that the evidence the police had when they picked her up was very circumstantial; now he'd say they're facing an uphill battle: they arrested her on motive alone - because Carlyle ruined her financially; that, by itself... there was no way they could prove it; but then, when the forensics guys found traces of skin under her fingernails, it meant she'd lied about staying home that night and it proved she did get into a fight with him; it makes it tough. Patricia, looking annoyed, angrily asks whose side he's on - he's supposed to be defending her, not prosecuting her. Mr. Burns explains that he's trying to get to the truth. Patricia snaps that the truth is that she didn't do it; she's not the sort of woman who runs around hitting people over the head with a bottle of scotch. Mr. Burns asks her if she realises her friend, Mrs. Bartlett, will have no choice now but to testify against her. Patricia snaps, "Cheer me up, why don't you?" Mr. Burns tells her that, if she's not happy, she can't always find herself another solicitor. Patricia, calming down, says she's sorry - it just seems so unfair: she's innocent; she didn't kill Luke Carlyle. Mr. Burns says he accepts that, but she must put him completely in the picture; the way it stands at the moment, it'll look very cut and dried to the jury; they've got to come up with something - anything - to throw reasonable doubt on the prosecution's evidence. Patricia says she understands. She then asks Burns if he can do something for her. Mr. Burns points out that she's hired his services; he'll do anything possible. Patricia explains that this is personal: she'd like him to contact a friend of hers - his name is David Palmer. The solicitor asks her if she has a 'phone number. Patricia, though, explains that he's not on the 'phone - he'll have to drive up to see him. Mr. Burns hands her a sheet of paper and tells her to write down the address. He asks if Mr. Palmer will be able to help them. Patricia replies that he won't, but he is a very close friend. She goes on that she's surprised he hasn't been in touch - but obviously he hasn't heard about this. She hands back the piece of paper and tells Burns that David wasn't there this morning, but he should be there by now. Mr. Burns stands up and goes to head to the door. He pauses, turns back to Patricia and asks, "Any message?" Patricia replies that there isn't; just tell David what happened - she's sure he'll realise that there's been a terrible mistake; she can always rely on him when she really needs him and, God, she needs him now... Mr. Burns knocks on the door to be let out.

Jill walks into the lounge room at the Fisher house, carrying some files. Looking disappointed, she says to Karen that she was hoping she'd still be on the 'phone to Mr. Carlyle, as she wanted to let him know how sorry she is about Luke; you hear about these things all the time, but when it happens to someone you know... she just can't believe it; why would someone murder him? Karen comments that whoever it is had better watch out - Roger Carlyle is beside himself; he's upset and angry - and most of that is directed at her. Looking surprised, Jill asks why. Karen explains that Roger has got it into his head that she's the one who told Luke about his deal with Patricia; hopefully she convinced him that it wasn't her, because he's not a man to cross. Changing the subject, Jill asks Karen if she can sign the papers she's holding so that she can send them off. Karen takes them. Wayne comes into the room and Jill asks him if he's heard about Luke. Wayne tells her, "Yeah." Jill goes on that she just can't believe it. She then leaves the room. Karen immediately asks Wayne if he remembers when Luke 'phoned and told her that he wanted to sell out on Patricia, and he convinced her that it was all a con. Wayne says, "Yeah." Karen goes on, tautly, that it wasn't: Patricia is finished: Luke embezzled every cent a couple of days ago, and because she was stupid enough to listen to him, she didn't get any of it. Wayne, looking as if he couldn't care less, says he's sure she'll think of some other moneymaking scheme. Karen retorts that she'd better; she needs to get her hands on some capital fast.

That evening, Karen is at the Morrell apartment, flicking through a slushy romance novel, and she asks Amanda if that's why dinner is late. Amanda smiles and explains that she couldn't put it down! Karen asks if they ended up happy ever after. Amanda laughs, "Of course!" Mitch, who's also there, chips in that he wouldn't have bought it for her if it didn't have a happy ending. Karen comments that it's good to see her taking it easy. She then tells her to just think: when all her money comes through, she'll be able to hire a housekeeper - she won't have to do anything round the house! Amanda, though, replies, "Not me!" She adds that she couldn't bear to have someone living under her feet like that. Quickly realising that she may have put her foot in it, she adds that it's different for Karen: running a business, you need someone like Mrs. Atkins around. Mitch tells Karen that he has a lot of time for women like her who get in there and make it on their own; why shouldn't they have someone to do the domestic stuff? - they might earn a lot of money, but they need a break somewhere along the line. Amanda says it's lucky for her that Karen and Nat are so well off, otherwise she'd feel dreadful about Todd changing his will. Karen turns to Mitch and, smiling, tells him that Amanda really means that: when she heard that Todd had left her all his money, she said there was no way she would have accepted it if she hadn't been having Todd's baby. Amanda adds that, otherwise, the money would have gone to her and Nat. Karen agrees that it would have - but, as Amanda says, Todd's baby is the one entitled to the money, and that's exactly where it should go...

In Fiona's apartment at the boarding house, Fiona says to Irene and Katie that she'll go and serve up dinner, as they must be starving. Irene tells her that she's right! Fiona gets up and goes. Irene turns to Katie and muses that, knowing Fiona, she's probably cooked enough to serve an army! Changing the subject, she then tells Katie that they were all very upset about Luke's shocking death. Katie says she knows. She then goes on that it's going to make things really hard for Wayne and her now. Irene, looking surprised, comments that she thought that was all over. Katie replies that it was, but they've talked since then; it was never Wayne's decision to break up - Karen made sure he didn't have a choice. Looking intrigued, Irene asks, "Why?" Katie explains that she has some sort of hold over him; she was thinking of contacting Luke's dad to see if he could help. Irene, looking surprised, asks what Roger Carlyle has got to do with it. Katie replies, "A lot - believe me." She adds that he might say 'no', but the more she thinks about it, the more she wonders if it isn't worth a try...

Mr. Burns is back at the police station, and Patricia says, "You didn't see David?" Mr. Burns tells her that, no, he didn't - but he did manage to contact a friend of his, Jack Lawson: according to him, Mr. Palmer is in Sydney. Patricia asks when he'll be back. Mr. Burns tells her that that's not all that clear - apparently, David is visiting a friend by the name of Irene. A look of fury suddenly crosses Patricia's face, and Mr. Burns asks her if she knows this Irene. Patricia just retorts, "I know her." Mr. Burns tells her that, if she gives him Irene's address, he'll make contact with Mr. Palmer through her. Patricia, though, snaps that that won't be necessary. Looking surprised, Mr. Burns says he thought she was anxious to contact Mr. Palmer. Patricia retorts that she's changed her mind; it's obvious that Mr. Palmer is having a holiday with Irene, and she wouldn't want to spoil that. Mr. Burns points out that, if he's a friend... Patricia snaps, "I don't want him here, Mr. Burns." Mr. Burns tells her that she's facing a very serious situation and she'll need every friend she's got to get through it. Patricia, looking annoyed and frustrated, snaps that she's faced lots of serious situations - usually on her own - and this won't be any exception.

The next morning, there's a knock on the door of Fiona's apartment. Fiona, looking weary, comes out of her bedroom, wearing her dressing gown, and goes and opens the door. She finds Irene standing there, and she asks her if she knows it's 7am. Irene assures her that she did manage to work that out! She then goes on that she's sorry, but something has come up and she has to go out; she might be out for most of the day. She asks Fiona if she could show number 8 to anyone who answers the ad in the paper, and Fiona says she will. She then asks if there's anything wrong. Irene replies, "Only that I'm late." She thanks Fiona again, and Fiona, looking tired, tells her not to mention it.

Jill carries Fee into the lounge room at the Fisher house, and she tells Karen that they won't be long at the shops. She asks Karen if there's anything she wants, but Karen gleefully replies that she's got what she wants. Indicating the newspaper in front of her, she asks Jill if she's seen the story about Patricia. Jill says she has, but she doesn't believe it. Karen insists that of course Patricia did it: Luke ripped her off and she-- Jill interrupts and retorts that Patricia plays rough, but she's no murderer. Karen ignores this and says she hopes they throw the book at her; Patricia can rot in jail for all she cares. Giving up, Jill tells her that she'll see her when she gets back. She goes to head out, but there's suddenly a knock at the front door. Karen says it'll probably be Andy, and she asks Jill to let him in. As Jill does so, Karen folds up the newspaper. Andy then walks in and Karen says, "Hello." Andy tells her that he thinks he's brought everything she wanted. He puts down a suitcase and a large sunhat on the table. Karen tells him that she thought it might help Amanda if she went through Todd's things. She adds that most of it can go to charity. She opens the case and takes out some clothes - including a very bright Hawaiian shirt. She remarks that it's a bit bright for Todd, isn't it? Andy explains that he and Amanda got a whole load of stuff for a trip they were about to make to the Barrier Reef. Karen, looking thoughtful, says, "I see..." Andy picks up the big sunhat and explains that that was for the trip too. He then adds that he'll take off if that's all. Karen thanks him, and says she's sure she'll find someone to make good use of the clothes. Andy goes. Karen stands there with a sly look on her face...

David is sitting at a picnic table by a lake, throwing pebbles into the water. Irene walks up to him and tells him that it's good to see him. David thanks her for coming and adds that he's sorry it was such short notice. Irene asks him why he didn't come to the boarding house last night. David explains that he was running late; he thought it would be easier to book into a motel and give her a ring this morning. Irene comments that he didn't feel like doing a lot of explaining to people, right? David replies that he knows Fiona would be feeling sorry for him and she'd probably ask a lot of questions that he doesn't want to answer; right now, he needs to be with a good mate. Irene asks him what he wants to do, then. David tells her that he's easy. Irene suggests that he can buy her a cup of coffee, as she missed out so that she wouldn't be late getting there. David comments that she's glad the marriage didn't come off, isn't she? Irene, though, tells him that she's not glad about anything that makes him unhappy. She then goes on that they'll get a coffee and sort out a really good day together.

Jill, Fee, Fiona and Katie are sitting in Fiona's apartment, having something to eat, and Fiona is saying that she never thought the day would come when she agrees with Karen Fox, but they all know Patricia is capable of just about anything; not that she'd plan to kill Luke, but when she realised what he was doing to the company... Katie comments that it's still so hard to believe. Jill distantly agrees, "Yeah..." She then goes on that she knows Luke's father is rather a tough nut when it comes to business, but this is going to take some getting over; Karen said he sounded like he was in a terrible state when she spoke to him. Looking surprised, Fiona asks how come Karen spoke to him. Jill explains that, as far as she can work out, he seems to think Karen was the one who let the cat out of the bag and told Luke that he was backing Patricia's company. Fiona sourly comments, "That lot... it never ceases to amaze me, all their wheeling and dealing..." Jill agrees, "Me too." She then adds that, still, she'd hate to be in Karen's shoes if she did spill the beans to Luke. Changing the subject, Katie stands up and says she'll clear the dishes. Fiona, though, insists that she'll do that. Katie points out that she wanted to get to the supermarket, and Fiona recalls that of course she did. She asks Katie if she sure she doesn't mind, and Katie assures her that she doesn't. Fiona looks at Jill and asks, "What about Fee?" Katie offers to take care of her, but Jill tells her that it's alright - she gets a buzz out of the shopping trolley! Fiona takes Fee, saying to Jill as she does so to remind her to get some more sugar. She then turns to Katie and tells her that if anybody comes about number 8... Katie assures her that she'll manage! Fiona, Jill and Fee go. As soon as the door shuts. Katie walks over to the 'phone, picks up the 'phone index next to it and looks up a number. She then picks up the 'phone and dials. The 'phone at the other end rings and a woman answers, "Carlyle residence." Katie says she'd like to speak to Mr. Carlyle. The woman, though, tells her that he isn't taking any calls at the moment. Katie asks her to tell him that it's Katie O'Brien. The woman says she's sorry, but he left strict instructions. Katie asks her to please tell him that it's Katie O'Brien and that she has some information for him about his son, Luke, and Karen Fox. The woman tells her to hold the line.

At the Fisher house, Karen tells Mitch that she thinks Amanda should get out and about over the weekend, so he can use the car as often as he likes. She hands Mitch the keys and he thanks her, adding that he reckons she's right. Karen then warns him to just not overdo the exercise part of it, as Amanda is meant to take it easy. Mitch assures her that he'll watch it. Karen comments that it's a lovely day, so he could take Amanda to the beach. Mitch says, "OK," but he adds that he'll have to duck into a shop and pick up a couple of things to wear. Karen, though, tells him that it's OK - she might be able to help him there. She then takes out Todd's Hawaiian shirt and the large sunhat and tells Mitch that they're a bit wild, but they should fit. Mitch thanks her. Karen then suggests that he ring Amanda, tell her that he's got the car and that he's taking her to the beach, and he can get changed there. Mitch agrees that that's a good idea. Karen tells him that she thought so. She looks very pleased with herself...

Irene and David are sitting in David's car. The radio is on, with the newsreader reporting the latest stories in the background. Irene laughs as she comments that David's idea of a healthy breakfast is hamburgers and a takeaway coffee! David assures her that they taste mighty good when you've been driving all night. Irene asks him how long he reckons he'll stay, and he replies that it'll be a few days; he needs to give himself space to breathe and stop thinking about things. Irene laughs and assures him that she won't give him time! David tells her that he feels better all ready. He suddenly notices that she's got sauce on her nose, and Irene laughs happily as she wipes it away. David asks her if she wants him to get rid of her rubbish. He takes it and gets out of the car. As she sits there on her own, Irene looks surprised as the newsreader suddenly says, "There's been a new development in the murder of young Melbourne businessman, Luke Carlyle. His former employer, Mrs. Patricia Morrell, has been charged with the murder. She'll appear before the magistrate on Monday when she'll be formally charged. Her solicitor said no statement would be issued at this time--" Irene suddenly notices David returning to the car, and she quickly turns the radio off, looking slightly guilty. He gets back in and asks if the news is over. Irene awkwardly tells him that it is. She then asks him if he feels like a stroll. David asks, "Why not?" adding that it's a good day for it.

Katie is at the Fisher house, and as Karen escorts her into the lounge room, she curtly tells her to get on with whatever it is she wants, as she's a busy person. Katie assures her that it won't take long: she just wanted Karen to know that she and Wayne are back together; she knows all about the stunt that Karen pulled to break them up, but from now on, they're going to see as much of each other as they like - and if Karen knows what's good for her, she'll stay out of the way. Looking bemused, Karen asks Katie if she's threatening her, adding sarcastically, "I'm terrified!" Katie hands her some sheets of paper and suggests that she might like to check them to see if she's got her facts straight. Karen starts reading the notes on the paper and her face drops. She angrily asks Katie where she got that information. Katie retorts that it came from Roger Carlyle - she told him that she understands that it was Karen who told Luke about his partnership with Patricia. Karen snaps that that's not true. Katie retorts that all that information about her is, isn't it?: the rotten business deals... the affairs... She tells Karen that Roger was pleased to give her the dirt when she promised him that she could pay Karen back for giving that information to Luke - so unless Karen agrees to do exactly as she tells her, she'll make sure it goes public. Karen looks furious.

The 'phone rings at Dural and Wayne answers the set on the bar in the lounge room. Karen comes on and says it's her: she just wanted to say sorry about yesterday - she can't blame him for thinking that Luke was out to con her; she thought that herself initially. Looking surprised, Wayne comments that it's unlike her to apologise for anything. As Katie stands there watching and listening, Karen tells him that she just doesn't want him to end up hating her; she's surprised he doesn't already, after the way she interfered between him and Katie. Looking very suspicious, Wayne asks her what she's up to. Karen tells him she's not up to anything - she's just come to the realisation that there's no future in trying to tell him who to see or how to live his life; believe her, if there's one thing she does know, it's when to back off, and that's exactly what she's doing. Wayne says he'd like to believe her... Karen tells him that she can prove it: if he and Katie want to be together, they'll get no interference from her. Wayne, still looking dubious, tells her that if she really feels that way, it would make working together a lot easier. Karen says, "Of course. So friends?" Wayne agrees, "Friends." Karen tells him that she'll talk to him later and she hangs up. She then turns to Katie and angrily asks her if she's satisfied. Katie retorts, "Just as long as you keep your word." She adds that Wayne is to know nothing about the deal they've made. Karen comments that he wouldn't be too impressed to find out that his innocent little girlfriend is blackmailing her so that she can hang on to him. Katie points out that she didn't give her any choice. Karen snaps that Wayne is in for a big shock when he finds out what she's really like. Katie, though, points out that she won't be telling him, will she? Karen says she won't; she'll be doing important things like convincing Roger Carlyle that Katie was lying - because if he believed that she was the one that told Luke, he'll stop at nothing to get even. Katie tells her that that's her problem. She adds that Karen must remember that she can publish that information about her any time she likes. She walks off, leaving Karen looking furious. She sits down and starts dialling a number on the 'phone.

There's a knock on the front door of the Morrell apartment. Amanda, who's wearing her dressing gown, calls out to ask if that's Mitch. Mitch calls back that it is. Amanda tells him to come in; she's just getting changed. She heads into her bedroom as the door opens and Mitch walks in wearing Todd's clothes. He calls to her that it's good of Karen to let them have her car. Amanda calls back, "Yeah." Mitch tells her to wait 'til she sees his beach gear - it'll really knock her out!

Wayne is at Fiona's apartment with Katie, and he tells her that that's what Karen said: they can see each other as much as they want to; she's backing right off. Katie, smiling happily, exclaims that that's terrific! Wayne comments that it's not like Karen - she doesn't usually give in this easily; maybe she's up to something? Katie, though, tells him to forget Karen and concentrate on them. Wayne ignores this, going on that it could be that Karen has got bigger things to worry about: Roger Carlyle probably thinks it was her that filled Luke in about him and Patricia being in partnership - and that would really have her worried. Katie, changing the subject, comments that things have been pretty bad for them in the last couple of weeks; they should make a new start and forget everything that has happened. Wayne says it sounds like a good idea to him: since he met her, he feels like his whole life has changed; it feels good. Katie tells him that that's she feels life is going to be good for both of them. They start kissing.

David and Irene are sitting by the lake and, seeing the expression on Irene's face, David asks if anything is wrong. Irene tells him that she must have eaten too much breakfast. David laughs disbelievingly, and Irene remarks that she never could put one over him! She goes on, "I'm having an attack of conscience." David asks, "What about?" Irene tells him that she knows he came up there so that he could forget his problems, so she decided not to tell him. David asks what she's talking about. Irene reluctantly explains that there was a report on the radio while he was getting rid of the rubbish: Patricia has been charged with Luke Carlyle's murder - it appears that she goes up before the magistrate on Monday. Looking shocked, David immediately says he'd better get back to Melbourne. Irene glumly says she expected that. David asks, "Why Pat? She wouldn't--" He breaks off and then says, "She needs me, Irene." Irene just says, "Sure."

At the police station, Mr. Burns tells Patricia that it's the usual procedure: she'll be held in custody until she goes before the magistrate on Monday; she'll be formally charged and then he'll set bail. Patricia asks him if he's any idea how much it will be. Mr. Burns replies that it'll probably be in the vicinity of $2,000, and he asks her if she knows anyone who'll be guarantor. Patricia tells him that Charlie would if she asked her, but she doesn't intend to, after the way she let her down. Mr. Burns suggests that perhaps she'd like to change her mind about Mr. Palmer; he could try to contact him. Patricia, though, retorts, "Under no circumstances. Is that clear?" Mr. Burns tells her that she needs a guarantor, and he asks if there isn't anybody. Patricia retorts that it's not important because she doesn't want to be released - not until she's proven innocent. Mr. Burns tells her that she'll be held on remand; it won't be very pleasant. Patricia says she's sure she'll hate every minute of it, but at least she'll be safe. Mr. Burns asks if someone has threatened her. Patricia explains that Luke Carlyle was an only son and she knows his father, Roger, only too well: if he thinks she killed Luke, he'll want revenge - and Roger Carlyle is from the old school - an eye for an eye - so she'll be much safer in jail.

At the Morrell apartment, Mitch is sitting in an armchair and he calls to Amanda to ask if she's going to take all day in there. Amanda calls back that she's nearly ready. Mitch puts on his sunglasses. Amanda comes into the room and Mitch laughs that he should have warned her to put on her sunglasses! As Amanda stands there, staring at him wearing Todd's clothes, he asks what's up. He then asks if it's the hat, adding that he doesn't have to wear it - he just thought it would give her a giggle. Amanda, her eyes flaming, angrily asks if that's smart prison humour - because if it is, it's pretty disgusting; but then he is, isn't he: sick and disgusting. Mitch, looking surprised, says, "Amanda, I'm not--" Amanda interrupts and yells at him to shut up. She goes on that all the time he's been pretending how happy he is that she's having Todd's baby, but he didn't mean it; he's mad as hell and this is his way of showing-- Mitch interrupts her and snaps that he reckons she's said enough. Amanda yells at him to get out and stay out; she never wants to see him again. Mitch, though, snaps that he's not going anywhere - he's staying right there because it isn't Todd's baby, it's his; she's not going to turn her back on him again; it's about time she faced up to some facts. Amanda slaps her hands over her ears to block out the tirade, but Mitch grabs them to try and pull them away and growls, "That's my kid you're having, you hear me? Mine." Amanda begins to break down in tears...


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