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    Written by: Ysabelle Dean    Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Heather and Mike help Jeff out of the family car, outside the O'Brien house. Heather wraps a blanket round her son to keep him warm. Jeff walks slowly up to the gate, staring at the house and then down at the sign on the gate: 'Beware of the Dog. Enter at your own risk.' Mike looks at Heather and then tells Jeff that Susie is inside. Heather adds that they were in such a rush this morning that they forgot to let her out when they left. Next door, Jim runs out of Beryl's house and heads down the path. He glances across at his brother and his family and then goes straight to his car and gets in. Outside the O'Briens', Mike gently says to Jeff, "Come on, son."

Inside, Susie is sitting in one of the armchairs, and she watches the arrivals as they walk into the house. Heather says, "Hello, Susie! I hope you haven't made any puddles!" Turning to Jeff, she tells him that she'll make him a hot drink and then he'd better get into bed. She heads off to the kitchen. Mike suggests to Jeff that Susie would probably like him to say 'hello'. Jeff walks over to the puppy slowly, picks her up and starts cuddling her. Mike assures his son that it's alright - he's home. Jeff just murmurs, "Yeah... it's going to be alright now." He sniffs.

Jim arrives at Luke's apartment, but a policeman standing outside says he's sorry, but Jim can't go in. Jim explains that he's a friend of Mrs. Palmer's - she's expecting him. The policemen tells him that Senior Detective Pearce is still questioning her, and he asks Jim to just wait inside. Inside, Detective Pearce says to Beryl that Mr. Carlyle's father has to be contacted, and she mentioned that he lives in Perth? Beryl replies that she doesn't know exactly where, but she'll give him Patricia Morrell's address; she'll know. Detective Pearce asks her if she can think of anyone else who could help them with their enquiries. Looking shaken, Beryl murmurs that she's sorry... it's all been a terrible shock. Detective Pearce thanks her for her help, adding that he may be in touch again. He gets up and walks to the door. Jim approaches Beryl and asks her if she's OK. She pleads, "Just take me home, please." Jim puts her arm round her and leads her away.

A while later, Senior Detective Pearce and his colleague, Detective White, are at Toorak. In the lounge room, Charlie stands there as Patricia exclaims that it's a terrible shock; Luke worked for her - they were good friends. Detective Pearce tells her that he's sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, but he wondered if she could answer a few questions. Patricia replies that she doesn't see how she can shed any light, but Pearce tells her that you never know. He then asks her when she last saw Luke Carlyle. Patricia replies that it was there at Toorak, yesterday morning. Charlie, looking surprised, raises her eyebrows, but no one notices, and Pearce suggests to Patricia that, if she saw Luke only during yesterday morning, her company must have very short working hours. Patricia explains that she'd given him the day off. Pearce says he sees. White chips in and asks her if she would describe her and Carlyle's business relationship as satisfactory. Patricia retorts that, like she said, they were friends. White then tells her that Mrs. Bartlett mentioned an argument. Patricia glares at her friend, and Charlie shrugs apologetically. Patricia explains to the Detectives that she and Luke had rather a heated business discussion, but there was nothing personal there. She then asks in irritation why they're questioning her. Pearce ignores this, though, instead going on and asking her if she visited Carlyle at his home last night, by any chance. Patricia snaps that the last time she saw Luke Carlyle was at the front door yesterday morning; as for last night, she and Charlie were home all evening. Turning to Charlie, she adds, "Weren't we?" Charlie, looking worried, replies, "Yes, that's right..."

Sometime later, Patricia snaps that she thought they'd never leave. Charlie snaps back at her that she shouldn't have made her lie; she did go to Luke's last night. Patricia retorts that she couldn't actually say that, and she points out that Charlie knows she didn't actually see Luke. Charlie, though, reminds her that she wasn't with her the second time. She adds that Patricia did go back later, didn't she?; she should have told the Detectives the truth. Patricia insists that she couldn't; she's treading on thin ice: she had the perfect motive for killing Luke. Charlie murmurs, "Thank God the police don't know that." Patricia replies that, with a bit of luck, the police won't find out. She goes on that Roger is hardly likely to tell them that his son is an embezzler; right now, they should be more interested in talking to Mike O'Brien, now that they know that he and Luke weren't exactly buddies. Charlie repeats that she still thinks Patricia should have told the police the truth. She then cries, "You didn't kill him, did you?" and she reminds her that the police mentioned that there were scratches on Luke's face. Patricia, looking annoyed, snaps that, no, she didn't kill him and she doesn't know anything about any scratches, but she's so grateful for the vote of confidence; that's all she needs: her best friend thinks she's a murderer.

Gordon pulls up in his car at Dural and gets out. Wayne walks over to him hurriedly and Gordon hands him his bag. Wayne tells him something and then both men start walking back to the house very quickly.

Inside, in the hallway, Gordon angrily asks Barbara why in blazes she got in touch with Perrin. Barbara cries that she's sorry - she didn't think-- Gordon interrupts and snaps, "Obviously." Barbara goes on that Liz could be anywhere; they can't be certain that Perrin abducted her. Gordon, though, retorts that it seems pretty certain to him from what Wayne said; he just hopes she's alright. Barbara insists that she didn't want this to happen - if any harm comes to the girl, she'll never forgive herself. Gordon snaps that they'll just have to pray that Liz is fine. He then turns to Wayne and tells him that he wants to talk to him. He heads into the lounge room, leaving Wayne smirking at Barbara. After a couple of seconds, he follows his father into the lounge room, where Gordon is behind the bar, pouring himself a drink. He explains to his son that he knows it's early, but he needs it. Wayne says he wishes there was some other way they could find out about Liz; having to wait round for the police gives him the creeps. Gordon, though, snaps that it's hard on everyone, so he should stop whinging; he's got enough on his plate. Wayne asks if the O'Briens gave him a rough time. Gordon replies that they didn't; they were very reasonable, considering - although Mike refused to come and work for them as he can't stand a bar of Karen or Wayne. Wayne points out that he told him Mike could be touchy. Gordon, though, retorts that Mike has every right to be touchy after what Wayne did to his son - but they may be able to work something out; he's got other things to worry about this morning. Wayne queries, "Such as?" Gordon explains that Beryl rang him at his hotel this morning: apparently, Jeff tried to kill himself; fortunately, he didn't succeed. A look of guilt crosses Wayne's face, and Gordon points out that it's not pleasant, is it - and Wayne is partly to blame for the boy's misery. Wayne insists that he didn't think he'd try that. Gordon suggests that maybe this will teach him a lesson: stop using people. Wayne suddenly asks if Katie is home. Gordon tells him that Beryl said she'd been told. He bends down behind the bar to find a drink and goes on that, apparently, Katie warned her parents about Jeff in the first place; she nearly went out of her mind, trying to contact them while they were all out to dinner. He stands up again and finds Wayne has gone.

At Fiona's, Katie reluctantly lets Wayne in. He tells her that he should have been there with her last night; it must have been awful waiting for news about Jeff. Katie growls that she managed - and he's going to be alright now, so it doesn't matter, does it? Wayne tells her that he would have come if she'd 'phoned. Katie snaps back at him that she would have dragged him away from Karen. Wayne puts his hands on her shoulders, but Katie pushes him away and snaps that it's over between them; doesn't he remember? Wayne tells her that it was Karen's idea, not his - he didn't want it that way, but he had to go along with it. Looking surprised, Katie asks why. Wayne explains that Karen threatened to tell Gordy something about him that would have upset him to say the least. Katie asks what it was, but Wayne tells her that it doesn't matter; the main thing is that he wanted to see her - but he couldn't take the risk of Karen finding out. Katie asks what's so different about today, then - someone could have seen him coming there. Wayne explains that, when Gordon told him about Jeff, he didn't stop to think - he was too worried about her. Katie curtly suggests that, now that he's expressed his concern, he can leave. Wayne, though, snaps that he won't leave until she hears him out. He goes on that he didn't want to leave her - that's the truth; everything he said about them being together, he meant every word - but Karen got him over a barrel and he's trying to do something about it. Katie, calming down, tells him to go on. Wayne continues that, if he can find out what Roger Carlyle has against Karen, nothing can stand in their way: if Karen moves against them, he can move against her. He tells Katie that he wants her to come back to him - if she does, no one will ever break them up again. Katie stares at him and then cries, "I needed you last night." Wayne tells her that he won't let her down again - he promises. They kiss.

The two Detectives are at the O'Brien house, sitting in the lounge room with Mike and Heather. Detective Pearce says he wants to go through it again: they came home from the hospital and went straight to bed; Heather slept but Mike couldn't, and without waking Heather, he got up and drove to Carlyle's apartment. Mike confirms that that's right. Pearce asks him if he saw Luke. Mike replies that he didn't - he knocked a couple of times but Luke didn't answer so he left. Pearce asks him if he went straight home. Mike tells him that he did. He then adds that he admits that he was itching to have go at Luke and probably would have knocked his block off if he'd answered the door, but somebody must have got there before him. Pearce asks him if he saw anyone else hanging around the apartment. Mike says he didn't. Detective White tells him that he'll still have to come down to the station to make a statement, and they'll need to check his fingerprints too. Heather, looking worried, cries that surely that's not necessary. Mike, though, assures her that it's alright - they can't charge him for something he didn't do. He kisses her and he and the two Detectives head off, leaving Heather looking worried.

Patricia is standing in the hallway at Toorak, wearing her dressing gown. She calls for Charlie, but there's no answer. However, the front door suddenly opens and Charlie waltzes in. Patricia says to her that she thought she'd deserted her. Charlie assures her that of course she hasn't; Patricia had gone back to bed, so she thought she'd go out for a while. Patricia says, "You won't, will you?" Looking puzzled, Charlie asks "Won't what?" Patricia replies, "Desert me." Charlie explains that she only went to see David; she thought he should know that Patricia is in a sticky situation and that she needs his help. Looking surprised but grateful, Patricia asks what he said. Charlie, though, tells her that he wasn't there - a neighbour was throwing scraps to the chooks, though, and he said David had gone away but he didn't know where. Patricia comments that he can't be on a job, because his truck is still outside. She then goes on more shakily that he could be away for ages and they wouldn't be able to contact him; what if Roger thinks she killed his son? - he'll stop at nothing to get to her. Charlie quickly tells her not to be silly - Roger will wait and see if the police arrest anyone first. Patricia, though, says "Not Roger..." The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Patricia goes and answers it in the lounge room. STD pips sound and Wayne then comes on. He curtly tells Patricia that he can't wait any longer for the information on Karen, and he asks her if she's called Roger. Patricia retorts that, no, she hasn't. Looking annoyed, Wayne warns her that she'd better get on to it. Patricia, though, tells him that she can't - something has happened. Wayne snaps that he doesn't care what's happened; she should just think about how furious Roger is going to be when he tells Luke the truth about him backing her - she could lose everything. Looking furious, Patricia warns him not to threaten her. She then goes on that Luke already knows about his father - and as for her losing everything, he's about two days too late: Luke's cleaned her out. Wayne, looking surprised, mutters, "Come on..." Patricia insists that it's true. She adds, though, that he's paid for it; in fact, he's got everything he deserved: he's dead. She hangs up abruptly. Charlie just stares at her, open-mouthed. At Fiona's apartment in Sydney, Katie, looking shocked, asks Wayne if Patricia said how Luke died. Wayne replies that she didn't, but it sounded like she meant he was murdered. He then goes on that it's going to be tough trying to find another way round Karen, but they'll think of something. Katie suddenly cries. "Luke was here last night." Wayne, looking surprised, says he's sorry - he didn't mean to sound callous; he forgot she and Luke were friends. Katie cries that she was awful to him - she made him go back to Melbourne to sort things out with Jeff and now he's dead. Wayne comforts her, saying she can't blame herself - nobody knew something like this was going to happen. The apartment front door suddenly opens and Fiona comes in. She glares at Wayne and he mutters that he's just going. Fiona growls at him, "Don't leave on my account." Wayne turns back to Katie and asks her if she'll be OK. He adds, "Chin up - I'll be in touch as soon as I can." He picks up his jacket and goes. When the door shuts, Fiona says to Katie, "So... it's all on again, is it?" Katie sniffs, "Yes." Fiona curtly says, "I see." Changing the subject, she goes on that she'll be making lunch in a minute. Katie, though, says she doesn't want anything; she's just had some bad news and she needs to be by herself for a while. Fiona looks surprised.

Patricia is standing in the lounge room at Toorak when Charlie comes downstairs and walks into the room carrying a suitcase. Looking surprised, Patricia exclaims that Charlie promised not to leave her. Charlie points out that Patricia knows she has to get back to Sydney. She adds that she thought Patricia would be on honeymoon by now, and she has appointments and-- Patricia interrupts and snaps that she'd hate to think she was keeping Charlie from them. Charlie goes on that, having to lie to the police as well... She reminds Patricia that she knows she's useless at that sort of thing. Patricia snaps that Charlie said she'd help her. Charlie retorts, "Not like that." Patricia growls that Charlie thinks she killed Luke, doesn't she? Charlie insists that of course she doesn't. She then takes a piece of paper out of her handbag and hands it to Patricia. It's a cheque, and she tells her to take it and promise to ring if she needs any more. Patricia takes it but immediately screws it up and throws it on the floor. She angrily tells Charlie that she can keep her money - she doesn't need it. Charlie just says curtly, "Bye, Patricia," and she picks up her case and goes, leaving Patricia looking annoyed. After a few seconds, she looks down at the cheque on the floor and then bends down, picks it up and unscrews it. As she stares at it, she sighs heavily.

Heather is ironing in the lounge room at the O'Briens' when Jeff comes out from his bedroom, wearing his dressing gown. Speaking haltingly, he tells his mother that his clock has stopped, and he was wondering if it's lunchtime yet. Heather replies that it's well past it. She asks him if he's feeling better, and he agrees, "A bit." He adds that he's starving. Heather puts her hand to his forehead, explaining that he felt hot this morning, but he feels OK now; she'll get him something to eat. She goes to walk off, but then pauses, looking uncertain. After a few seconds, she says, "Er... Jeff." Jeff looks at her, and she goes on hesitatingly that they've had some bad news while he's been asleep - it's going to be a shock, but she thinks he should know: "Um... it's... I'm afraid Luke's dead..." Jeff looks horrified. Heather goes on, "He was found... murdered... last night." Jeff cries, "I don't believe you." Heather says she knows it's hard, and they weren't going to tell him for a while, but the police will want to talk to him. She adds that it's important - he might be able to help them. She asks him if he can handle it, and he nods slowly, still looking shocked. Heather says she'll let them know.

Outside, Mike is walking along the street, back to the house. As he passes Beryl's, Jim calls to him from the doorway and then runs down the path to join him. He tells his brother that he's been waiting for him; Heather told Beryl that he'd gone up to the police station; how did it go? Mike replies that they put him through the ringer. Jim comments that they didn't charge him, obviously. Mike confirms, "No." Jim goes on that they must think he doesn't have anything to do with the murder, then. Mike, though, says he still thinks he's on their suspect list. Jim points out that he didn't do it, so what is there to worry about? Mike explains that he didn't tell them everything. Looking surprised, Jim asks him what he's talking about. Mike conspiratorially replies, "You know what I'm talking about..." Before Jim can say anything, Beryl comes out of the house and hands Mike a thermometer, explaining that she was just taking it into Heather, as she thinks Jeff might be running a temperature. Mike takes it and says he'll give it to her. Beryl says to him that she hopes the police weren't too rough on him. Mike just retorts that they were OK. Turning back to Jim, he tells him that he'll catch up with him later, and he walks off. Beryl immediately remarks to Jim that his brother seemed a bit tense. Jim agrees, "Yeah..." He then adds that he's a bit wound up himself - he might go for a stroll. Beryl tells him that she'll come with him. Looking slightly annoyed, Jim says he'd rather be -- Beryl interrupts him, though, and tells him that she could do with some exercise. The two of them walk off.

A short time later, as they walk through the park, Beryl comments that it's amazing how time flies - she remembers when the tree they're passing was only a few feet tall; Kevin cried his eyes out one day because she wouldn't let him climb it, and no other tree would do! They pass a set of swings, and Beryl suggests they sit down. They do so, and Beryl says she knows Jim wants to be alone, but she didn't think it was wise. Jim explains that he can't get the murder off his mind. Beryl says she knows - and on top of finding Jeff last night... Jim comments that it hasn't been a good week so far. Beryl thanks him for coming to Luke's this morning, adding that it means a lot to her. Jim tells her that he's glad. He then takes her hand. Beryl lets him and tells him that she knows she's been keeping him at arm's length since he told David about the baby and she's sorry. Jim tells her she needn't be. Beryl goes on that she does understand why he did it. Jim looks at her intently and assures her that he didn't want to hurt her. Beryl explains that she realised this morning how nice it was having him round when she needs him - and she's sure Mike and Heather feel the same. Jim suddenly suggests that they get away for the weekend; things have been rough and they could both do with a break. Beryl, looking surprised, says it sounds tempting, but shouldn't he be there in case Heather and Mike--? Jim interrupts and tells her that they need time alone with Jeff; right now, he just wants to get in his car and head for the coast. He implores her to come with him; be a sport. Beryl explains that she just feels she should stay around for a while. Jim tells her that sticking around to pick up the family pieces is really getting him down. Beryl relents and admits that, alright, they need some time to themselves - they have their future to think about. Jim asks her if they have a future to think about. Beryl smiles and says, "Yes." Jim asks what they're waiting for, then, and he stands up and says, "Come on!"

Detectives Pearce and White are at the O'Briens', and Pearce says to Jeff that he knows how he feels, but this is very important. He then asks him what else he can tell him about his friend's feelings for Mrs. Morrell. Jeff mutters, "Nothing." Pearce asks him if he was ever present when Luke and Mrs. Morrell were discussing business matters. Jeff snaps, "No." Pearce asks him if he's sure. Jeff pauses and then admits that Patricia rang Luke once at home; Luke told him that she was suspicious. Pearce asks, "About what?" Jeff says he doesn't know. Pearce snaps at him to come on - if Carlyle said Mrs. Morrell was suspicious about something, he would have said what of. Jeff pauses again and then admits, "Money." Pearce asks, "Whose?" Jeff replies, "Mrs. Morrell's." Looking impatient, Pearce asks, "What about her money?" Mike suddenly chips in and asks Pearce to give it a break. Pearce ignores him, though, and, staring at Jeff, repeats, "What about Mrs. Morrell's money?" Jeff snaps, "He took it from her company. He embezzled it." Heather looks at Mike in shock. Peters, looking triumphant, says, "I see." He then asks if Mrs. Morrell found out about this yesterday. Jeff explains that Luke told her - then he got his bags and he left; he said he was going overseas. Pearce asks if Luke seemed frightened. Jeff says he doesn't know - Luke was in a hurry and he said Patricia was furious. Pearce asks if he said anything else. Jeff mutters that he doesn't know. Pearce suggests they leave that for a moment. He then brings up the subject of the murder weapon and tells Jeff that it was a bottle of scotch. He asks him if the bottle was in Carlyle's apartment when he was taken to hospital. Jeff says he doesn't know. Mike chips in that there was a bottle on the table when they was getting Jeff off in the ambulance. Pearce insists that, if it was there, Jeff must have noticed if before he lost consciousness. Jeff shakes his head. Mike pleads with Pearce to leave it, as Jeff has had enough. Pearce gives in and says, "Alright." He adds, though, that he may need to talk to him again. He tells Jeff that he's been a great help - they have plenty to go on now.

At Toorak, Patricia is in her bedroom, stuffing belongings into a beauty bag on her dressing table. She then zips it up and picks up her handbag and puts it over her shoulder. She walks over to her bed and zips up a suitcase. She then hurriedly picks up the case and her beauty bag and heads downstairs. Down in the hallway, she puts the bags down and then heads to the 'phone. She picks up the receiver and starts dialling, but before the 'phone at the other end rings, there's a knock at the door. She turns to look at it and hangs up. She approaches the door, but before she can answer it, there's more furious knocking. Patricia, looking wary, calls, "Who is it?" Detective Pearce calls back that it's the police. Patricia, looking relieved, opens the door. Pearce and White are standing there, and Peters, looking at the cases, says, "Hello, Mrs. Morrell. Going somewhere, were you?" Patricia explains that she feels like she needs a break from business; Luke's death has been a real shock for her; she's just about to call a cab, actually. Pearce retorts that he's sorry to change her plans, but a holiday is out of the question at the moment. Patricia says she doesn't understand. Pearce explains, "You're under arrest for the murder of Luke Carlyle." Patricia stares at him in shock.


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