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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Patricia runs upstairs.

A few moments later, she's sitting on the bed in her room when David bursts in and snaps that he wants an explanation - and it had better be good. Patricia sniffs and tells her that she's sorry - she loves him no matter what he thinks of her; it's just that... she kept thinking of what it was like when they ran away together all those years ago, and it's not going to be any different. David snaps that they were kids then. Patricia sobs that she knows... but it's just that... she can't come to terms with the idea of being tied down as just a housewife. David points out that she was so keen about doing up the country house; she said herself that it would be a lot of fun. Patricia explains that that was when they had Toorak to come back to; it's going to take years to get the place in the country into shape... and the thought of living there on just his money... she's sorry - she just can't live the way he wants her to. David curtly tells her that it's not as if they'd be living on the breadline. Patricia, though, snaps that it's close enough for her. David suddenly growls that maybe it is better that she walked out on him; if she really loved him, nothing else would matter. Patricia cries that she does love him; she knows she sounds like that spoilt kid that she was years ago, but that's the way she is - she needs money; she can't pretend to him or to anybody else that she can just get by like most people - and it's because she thinks so much of him that she's being honest with him. David snaps that he supposes he should be thankful that she didn't leave it until after they were married. Patricia insists that she wouldn't have done that - she loves him; that's why she's telling him now. David snaps at her that she can justify it any way she likes; all he knows is that she's made him look like a prize idiot - and believe him, it's going to be the last time. He storms out, leaving Patricia sobbing.

David heads downstairs, and Charlie stops him in the hallway and asks if Patricia is alright. David snaps that she's fine. Charlie says she knew it was just an attack of nerves. David, though, tells her that she'd better go and see how she is. He adds, "There won't be any wedding." Charlie heads upstairs. Jack, who's also in the hallway, asks David if he'd like him to talk to the others. David, though, snaps at him not to look so sorry for him; he's bloody angry, that's all - he'll go and tell the others that they're wasting their time and then he'll get the hell out of Toorak - it's always given him the creeps.

Katie has the 'phone to her ear in Fiona's flat. Luke is standing next to her. She sighs heavily.

The 'phone is ringing at the O'Briens', but the house is empty, and Katie tells Luke that there's still no answer. Luke suggests that she should try Beryl Palmer again, but Katie tells him that they're all out. She goes on that she'll have to call the police in Melbourne. Luke, though, quickly snaps, "No." He tells her to call Jeff again first. Katie points out that he didn't answer before. Luke tells her that it's worth one more try.

In Luke's flat, Jeff is lying in an armchair, apparently asleep. He comes-to and stares at the ringing telephone. He then reaches out and, through his alcoholic haze, manages to grab the handset. In Sydney, Katie hears STD pips and she cries, "Jeff? Are you there?" Jeff slurs that, yes, he is, and he asks Katie if that's her. Katie, sounding panicky, warns him that he mustn't do anything crazy - everything will get sorted out. Jeff slurs that he'll be fine - honest. Katie asks him if he's sure. Jeff, who has tears streaming down his cheeks, slurs that he didn't mean to upset her; he's sorry - he was stupid to say anything about killing himself. Katie agrees that he was. She tells him to go to bed and try to get some sleep; she'll give him a ring again in the morning. Jeff slurs, "OK." Katie asks him if he's sure he'll be alright. Jeff slurs, "No worries - I'm fine." Katie tells him again to go to bed and she hangs up. She then turns to Luke and tells him that Jeff seems to have calmed down a bit. She adds that he should still have someone with him, though. Luke assures her that her brother will be alright, and he goes on that it's good to see he's coming to his senses. Katie looks worried, though.

At Luke's apartment, Jeff drops some towels down on the floor by the front door, to stop any air getting in from outside. He then staggers over to where a gas fire is fixed against the wall. He stares at it and then bends down and turns on the gas, which starts hissing loudly. He stands up again and staggers over to the table, almost tripping over an empty bottle of scotch lying on the floor as he does so. He picks up another bottle of scotch from the table and sits down and opens it. He turns to look at the gas fire and then takes a swig from the bottle...

At Fiona's, Katie cries at Luke that Jeff needs someone with him. She tells him that he should be going back to Melbourne, not getting a 'plane overseas. Luke points out that Jeff said himself that he didn't mean it - and anyway, he'll be on to Mike and Heather before long - and Jim... He suggests to Katie that she give David Palmer a call; he could go round and check if Jeff is OK. Katie, looking incredulous, snaps at Luke that he really is something: he's supposed to be Jeff's best friend, but first he gets him drinking again, and when Jeff needs help, he can't wait to get a 'plane out of the country. She yells, "You're selfish and you're self-centred and you absolutely disgust me." Luke snaps at her that she doesn't understand - there are things she doesn't know. Katie retorts, "Like what?" Luke tells her that it's too difficult to explain. Katie yells at him that that's a cop-out; doesn't he owe Jeff anything? She goes on that Jeff helped him when he wanted to get out of Perth; is this his way of paying him back? Luke, suddenly looking guilty, tells her that she's right - he can't just run out on him. He then goes on that she should keep trying to contact someone down there, and he'll get the first 'plane to Melbourne and he'll make sure Jeff is back with his parents before he leaves. He asks if that's OK. Katie nods, gratefully.

Wayne pulls his car up outside Liz's apartment. Liz is sitting in the passenger seat, and he tells her that she's mad giving in to Barbara. Liz explains that it's mainly for Gordon's sake - she knew that, as soon as Perrin found out where she was, the pressure would get worse, and that's the last thing Gordon needs. Wayne asks, "What about you?" Liz assures him that she'll be OK - she'll just get what she needs from the flat and then move into a motel until she finds somewhere else. She adds that Perrin wouldn't have known where she was if Barbara hadn't told him, so she doesn't think there's much chance of him tracking her down again. She then gently asks Wayne to make sure Gordon doesn't get too upset when he gets home and finds she's gone. Wayne tells her that it won't be easy. Liz retorts that it has to be done. She adds that it might help if she sends some postcards over the next couple of weeks and gradually drops them off. Wayne offers to help her pack, but Liz tells him that she only has a few things; she won't be be long.

A couple of minutes later, Liz opens the door to her flat and heads inside. A look of shock and fear crosses her face as she discovers that the place has been trashed. She stares round in disbelief at the mess.

Outside, Wayne gets out of his car and heads in to the block of flats. He makes his way to Liz's flat and goes in, calling to Liz as he does so to hurry up. He suddenly notices the mess and cries, "God..." He calls Liz's name again, but there's no answer. He then runs into Liz's bedroom and calls her name, but there's no answer. He looks around some more, and looks fearful as he concludes that she isn't there.

Patricia is sitting at the dressing table in her bedroom at Toorak, looking in the mirror, Charlie is with her and she says she's a great believer in things turning out on top - if Patricia really does love David enough, she'll get him back. Patricia, though, says, "No - there's no way." Charlie tells her that she just has to be patient - let a little time pass and then tell him how everything was caused by the shock of her losing her money. Patricia snaps at Charlie that she's missing the point: she can't live with David without her money - and Luke Carlyle has got it all and she doesn't know where he is. Suddenly perking up, she goes on that there must be some way of finding out; sitting there isn't going to fix it - she'll get that money back if she has to wring it out of him. She stands up. Charlie warns her to be careful, and she tells her that she's coming with her.

A while later, Patricia is hammering on the door of Luke's flat. Charlie points out that the boy has probably well and truly gone by now, but Patricia retorts that he hasn't, as there are lights on; he's just too damn scared to open the door. Charlie suggests that he could have left the light on in his hurry to get away, but Patricia tells her that he wouldn't be in a hurry; he's too smug. Sniffing the air, Charlie suddenly asks Patricia if she can smell something. Patricia doesn't respond, though, instead resuming her hammering on the door. She cries, "Come on, Luke, I know you're in there." She crosses her arms in annoyance, and Charlie comments that he's not home. Patricia retorts that maybe he isn't, but she's coming back tonight and she's coming back every night until he opens that door. Charlie says she can't understand why Patricia doesn't just contact the police. Looking incredulous, Patricia cries, "For God's sake, Charlie, when will you understand? If Luke is charged, I'll have his father on my back for the rest of my life. I've told you that a hundred times." Charlie tells her that there's nothing more they can do there now, so they may as well go home. Patricia reluctantly gives in and they walk off.

In the flat, the gas is still hissing as it streams into the room. Jeff is half-sitting, half-lying in an armchair, apparently unconscious.

Wayne arrives back at Dural and, as he stands in the hallway, he sighs heavily. Barbara comes out of the lounge room and sourly comments that he's home at last, is he? She adds that she supposes he and Liz have been crying on each other's shoulders because their little plan failed. Wayne, though, retorts that he's been at the police station, actually: Liz vanished from the flat while he was waiting outside for her; the place had been ransacked. Looking shocked, Barbara cries, "What?" Wayne goes on that the detectives went through everything to see if they could fathom out what could have happened; they also tried to question George Perrin, but he'd shot through; he'd say that Perrin was there when Liz walked in; it looks to him as if Perrin has taken Liz with him. Barbara cries, "My God..." Wayne nastily comments that it's suddenly all a little more serious than Barbara thought - and it's going to be even more serious when Gordy comes back, because he's going to tell him that she kicked Liz out - which means that, if anything nasty happens to Liz, it's on her head. Barbara glares at him.

The front door opens at the O'Briens' and Mike and Heather walk in, followed by Jim and Beryl. Mike happily remarks that it was a good night, and Beryl agrees that it was lovely. She adds that she didn't think it wise to make it too late, for Gordon's sake. Mike comments that he's a nice bloke, and Beryl agrees that he's a real gentlemen. Mike goes on that it beats him how he could have a son like Wayne. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Mike goes and answers it. Katie comes on and cries, "Thank goodness I got you." Mike curtly asks her what he can do for her. Katie quickly explains that it's Jeff - she's worried about him. Mike asks what's wrong. Katie replies, "He threatened to commit suicide." Looking shocked, Mike cries, "He what?" Katie goes on that she managed to talk him out of it, but she's been trying to find someone to go and check on him, and she couldn't find him and mum, and Mrs. Palmer wasn't answering... Mike explains that they've been on a night out. He then asks Katie if she's spoken to Luke. Katie tells him that Luke is up there. Mike, looking astounded, checks, "In Sydney?" Katie explains that she told him that he had to go back, but it might have been a while before he got a flight. Mike snaps that he shouldn't have gone to Sydney in the first place. Katie tells him that, apparently, he threw in his job. Mike, though, snaps that he doesn't care what the little creep's done; he promised Jeff that he'd look after him. Katie suggests that maybe she should have rung the police. Mike, though, tells her no - she's done the right thing. He thanks her for letting them know. Katie asks him to let her know when they find out what's going on. Mike assures her that of course he will - but he'd better not waste any more time; he'll see her. He hangs up and turns to the others, telling them that it's Jeff: he's just got to make sure he's OK - and if he isn't, he'll tear Luke Carlyle apart...

Luke has arrived back at his apartment, and he's slapping Jeff's face, yelling his name over and over again. Jeff begins coughing and coming round as Mike and Heather run in. Seeing what's happening, Mike cries, "Oh Jesus..." Heather realises that it's gas, and Mike tells her to get the window open. Jim says he'll call an ambulance. Mike angrily pulls Luke towards him and yells at him to get away from Jeff. Heather anxiously cries that he's going to be alright, isn't he? Mike assures her that he is, adding that the stuff isn't poisonous these days. He then adds, "Thank God we got here before he suffocated." Heather cries, "Why would he do it?" Mike stands up from where he was bending over Jeff and yells at Luke that he's got a lot to answer for. Luke starts to say, "I--" Mike interrupts him, though, and snaps that he knows where Luke has been. Luke insists that he got back to Melbourne as soon as he could, but he got held up at the airport. Mike snaps at him that he's sure he did what he thought was right - like leaving Jeff there in the first place. Luke says he knows he did the wrong thing. Jim chips in and yells at Luke not to stand there being so self-righteous; it obviously doesn't matter to him that the kid tried to wipe himself out. He then angrily asks him if it worried him walking out on the kid, adding that Jeff must have been feeling pretty low to do something like this. Mike snaps at Luke that he was so smug, saying he could get Jeff back on his feet when they - his parents - couldn't, and what happens? - the boy tries to take his own life. He goes on that Luke shouldn't think he's going to let it rest here; all he's concerned about is getting his son to a hospital where he can be looked after properly - but he hasn't finished with Luke, believe him...

At Fiona's flat, Katie is on the 'phone to her mother. Fiona is sitting on the couch. Katie says she honestly doesn't think he meant it. Heather says she just thanks God they found him in time. She then asks Katie when she's coming home. Katie replies that, if she thought there was anything she could do, she'd come home straight away, but there isn't. Looking shocked, Heather pleads, "Katie..." Katie, though, points out that they'd only argue about Wayne and it wouldn't achieve anything. Heather reluctantly says, "Whatever you think." Mike asks her if he can talk to his daughter, but Heather shakes her head and tells him that he'll only get upset; Katie isn't coming and she doesn't think they should push it. She returns to the 'phone and tells Katie that they'll keep in touch with her about how Jeff is going. Katie thanks her. She then asks her mother if she understands. Heather just says she supposes so. Katie asks her to give her love to Jeff. Heather says she will. They then say, "Bye," to each other and hang up. In Sydney, Katie turns and looks at Fiona, who's glaring at her. She says she knows what Fiona is thinking. Fiona asks her if she blames her. Katie says she doesn't; but it would be so easy to go running back to her mum and dad - that's what a kid would do. She goes on that the reason Wayne dropped her is because she's basically a kid; it's time she started acting more like an adult. Fiona tells her that she thinks she's looking at this from a very selfish perspective; family as close as hers should be together after something as sad as what's happened to Jeff. Katie admits that maybe she is being selfish - but if she went back to Melbourne, there would only be arguments. She tells Fiona that she's made up her mind: she's staying there. Fiona looks disappointed in her.

There's a frantic knocking on the front door of Luke's apartment. Luke gets up out of bed and, putting on his dressing gown as he walks to the door, calls out to the visitor to hold their horses. He opens the door to find Patricia standing there. Looking annoyed, he asks her what the hell she wants. Patricia calmly explains that she wondered if they could have a talk. Luke snaps that it's after midnight. Patricia says she's sorry, but she thought that the sooner they had things out in the open, the better. Luke asks if it can't wait until morning. Patricia tells him that she just wants to explain a few things to him. Luke retorts that he doesn't think there's much to explain, but Patricia asks him to just listen to her. Luke reluctantly gives in and lets her in. As they stand in the lounge area, Patricia tells him that she admits that, in the beginning, she did a business deal with his father; she took him on because Roger wanted her to - but then after that, things changed: she realised what enormous potential he had; in fact, she began to admire his ability and came to respect him. Luke offers her a seat. They both sit down, and Patricia goes on that, quite frankly, she wanted to tell him the truth when she gave him that promotion, but his father was dead against it - and, as Luke knows, he's not the kind of man you can push around, so she just had to go along with him. She tells Luke that she doesn't blame him for trying to get back at his father - from his point of view, she can see how he might think his father deserves it; and let's face it, Roger can afford to lose the money - but she can't. She goes on that she can understand that Luke might want to get back at her in some way - he might want to worry her for a while - but she can't seriously believe he'd want to see her left with nothing; he's a decent person - she knows that, and she knew that when they were working together; all she's asking is that he writes her a cheque and then they can forget the whole thing. Luke stands up and Patricia does likewise. Luke pauses a moment and then says, "No." He tells a furious-looking Patricia that she begs well, but her timing was lousy - he never agrees to anything when he's half-asleep; and besides, she's basically as dishonest and conniving as his father; she didn't give a damn about his feelings when she did the deal with his father, so why should he give a damn about hers now? He tells her that she can stack on as much of a performance as she likes, but she's not getting a cent from him. Patricia suddenly lashes out to slap his face. Luke quickly grabs her arm to push it away, but Patricia still manages to stretch out her fingers and claw Luke's face with them, leaving scratch marks down the left-hand side. Luke laughs that that's more like it - that's the real Patricia. He asks her if she's going to leave or if he has to kick her out. Patricia threatens him that she's not going to let him get away with this...

Charlie comes downstairs at Toorak as Patricia arrives back at the house. She exclaims, "Thank goodness!" and goes on that she thought she'd look in and see if Patricia was alright before she went to bed; she was terribly worried to find that she wasn't there. Patricia heads into the lounge room, and Charlie asks her what's wrong, as she looks absolutely livid. Patricia snaps that she doesn't want to talk about it. Charlie asks if there's anything she can do, but Patricia retorts that she doesn't think so - the only person she needs right now is David; she's driving out to the house as soon as it's light. She heads back out to the hallway and runs upstairs.

The next morning, David is feeding the chickens at the country house, calling, "Here, chooks... here you go." He suddenly hears a car door bang and sees Patricia approaching him. She tells him that she has to talk to him, but David retorts that she's wasting her time. Patricia tells him that she realises she made a terrible mistake - she can't go on without him; she knows she made him look very foolish in front of all his friends, and she's sorry, but they could sell this place and move right away from there, to where no one knows them; they can start again. She pleads, "Please... I need you... I've always needed you." She begs him to please take her away. David, though, growls that she's unbelievable - it was only yesterday when she made him feel small and humiliated and as angry as he's ever felt in his life; yet she has the gall to come out there today and expect him to drop everything and turn his life upside down and go along with some bloody crazy idea she's got. He tells her, ""It's not on, Pat. You made a fool of me yesterday and you're never going to get that chance again." He walks off.

Beryl and Heather are standing by the road outside the O'Brien house. Beryl tells her neighbour that she has no idea what time Jim finally got back; she went to bed at 1:30am, and he hadn't arrived then. Heather suggests that he probably found a bar with a late licence and stayed there, but Beryl says she's not sure about that, as she would have heard him if he'd had a couple. Changing the subject slightly, she asks what happened with Jeff. Heather tells her that they're just on their way to the hospital to pick him up. She adds, "Thank goodness he's well enough to come home." Beryl agrees, "Yeah." Looking worried, Heather goes on that she doesn't know what to do about Mike, though - he's worse this morning than he was last night. Beryl says she supposes he didn't get much sleep, either. Heather agrees that he didn't. She then adds that they've got to go over to Luke's later to pick up Jeff's things; she only hopes Luke has gone, as she doesn't know what might happen if Mike has to face him again. Beryl tells her that, if it would help, she'll go and pick up the things for her. Heather, looking surprised, says she couldn't ask her to do that, but Beryl insists that it's no trouble; she's not doing anything. Heather tells her that it would certainly make things a lot easier. Beryl asks if it's possible that Luke could still be there. Heather replies that she doesn't know; she'll give Beryl Jeff's key to the flat in case he isn't. Mike comes out of the house.

A while later, Beryl knocks on the front door of Luke's flat. There's no answer, so she knocks again and calls, "Anybody home?" There's still no response, so she puts the key in the lock, opens the door and turns to close it behind her. She then walks into the flat and calls, "Luke?" She suddenly stops in her tracks and a look of shock crosses her face. She then walks forward slowly. Luke is lying on the floor, still wearing his pyjamas and dressing gown, scratch marks on his face. He isn't moving. Beryl murmurs again, "Luke?" She then cries, "Oh my God..." as she realises he's dead.


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