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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Patricia asks Luke what he means 'he's destroyed the company'. Luke retorts that he means just that: no assets, no shares, no cash reserve; even their clients' money - it's all gone. Patricia snaps that she doesn't believe him. Luke, indicating the file, tells her, "It's all there. Read it." Patricia opens the file and starts looking at the papers inside. As she does so, Luke goes on that, as she can see, he's had it converted to cash and it's now been transferred out of the country. He adds that it wasn't easy, the Reserve Bank being what it is, but it's been done before. Charlie asks him if he knows he's talking about embezzlement. Luke smiles and replies, "Yes." He adds that he thinks his father would appreciate the irony of it all - he'll be using a great deal of his money to escape him forever. Patricia stares at him in shock, and he explains that he knows about her partnership with his his dear old dad - and his father's little scheme to whet his appetite for big business. He continues that it's funny in a way: it's worked - though not quite like his father imagined, he expects. Patricia suddenly stands up and snaps that she's calling the police. Luke quickly warns her that she'll be making a big mistake if she does. Patricia retorts that it won't be half as big a mistake as the one he's making. Luke tells her that his father will have her for breakfast if she makes that call. He adds that she should imagine the front page headlines: 'Roger Carlyle's Son Arrested For Embezzlement'; it just wouldn't do. Patricia, looking increasingly furious, snaps that Roger won't let him get away with it any more than she will. Luke, though, retorts that that's not true - his father will make a song and dance about it, but he'd never risk ending up the laughing stock of the business world - and that's what would happen if his colleagues found out that he'd been fleeced by his own son. Charlie tells Patricia that he's bluffing, but Patricia snaps at her to shut up. Luke, a sneer on his face, tells Patricia that he's glad she sees his point. He adds that he won't hang around, as he's got a lot to attend to before he goes overseas. He goes to walk to the front door, but then turns back and lightly tells Patricia that he hopes it stays fine for her wedding, as there's nothing worse than a downpour on the most important day of your life. He goes, leaving Patricia looking shocked.

At Luke's apartment, Jeff takes a swig from his bottle of scotch and then hides it in a drawer. From his bedroom, Luke calls out that Jeff should have seen the look on Patricia's face - he only wishes he could be a fly on the wall when she lets his old man know what's happened; he reckons he'll have a seizure on the spot. Jeff calls back that it would serve him right, and Luke agrees, "Yeah." He comes into the room, carrying a couple of cases, and Jeff, looking shocked, asks what they're for. Luke points out that he told him he'd be taking off once the money was transferred overseas. Jeff cries, "Not so soon... not for a couple of days..." Luke retorts that his old man isn't going to fall apart, but he will have his guts for garters once Patricia gets onto him. Jeff cries that he'll be there by himself. Luke assures him that it's alright; he's not afraid of the dark is he? He suddenly catches a whiff of Jeff's breath and suspiciously asks him if he's been hitting the bottle again. Jeff tells him that he hasn't. Luke, though, angrily asks him when he's gong to wake up to himself. Jeff, giving in, cries that he can't help it - everything gets on top of him and he needs a drink; it would be different it Luke was round to help get him through it. Luke, though, yells at Jeff that he's weak; no one can help him because he can't help himself. Jeff cries that he's trying. Luke yells back that he's not. He goes on that everyone has done all they can: AA... the clinic... He tells Jeff that the flat is paid for for another month and he can stay until then if he likes, but there's nothing more he can do for him. He picks up his suitcases and heads to the door. He suddenly pauses, turns back to Jeff and tells him that he didn't mean it about being weak; once he gets settled overseas, he'll give Jeff a call and see if he's alright, OK? He goes, leaving Jeff staring at the door, looking upset.

In the lounge room at Toorak, Patricia is on the 'phone, and she asks, "What about me? I'm going to be left without a penny." Roger Carlyle, at the other end, retorts that that's her problem. Patricia snaps that she's definitely going to the police. Roger, though, warns her that, if she does, it'll be the sorriest day of her life. Patricia angrily asks what she's supposed to do. Roger replies, "Nothing. Understand? Nothing." Patricia angrily asks him if he's just going to let Luke get away with it. Roger tells her that, as far as she and everyone else are concerned, yes. Patricia snaps, "So it's 'to hell' with me?" Roger tells her that he couldn't have put it better himself, and he hangs up. Patricia cries, "Roger?" She realises there's no one there, so she hangs up. She then runs towards the front door. Charlie asks her where she's going, but she doesn't answer.

A while later, Patricia gets out of her car at the country house and starts calling for David. He's round the back, surrounded by chickens in a coop, and as Patricia approaches him, he asks her what she reckons about Charlie's wedding present: twelve chooks and a rooster! Patricia ignores this and cries that something terrible has happened: Luke has ripped her off for every cent she owns, and Roger Carlyle won't do a thing about it; he wouldn't even let her call the police - he said her life wouldn't be worth living if she did. She tells David that they're grinding her into the dust and there's not a damn thing she can do about it.

Charlie is sitting in the lounge room at Toorak when the front door opens and David and Patricia arrive back. She listens as David tells Patricia that, if someone has ripped her off, she should call the cops. Patricia retorts that, no, she can't - it's completely out of the question. The two of them come into the room and sit down. David asks Patricia what she's going to do, then. Patricia tells him that, to stay out of jail, she has to stick to the original agreement with Roger: as far as refunding the clients' money goes, Roger pays half and she pays half. Looking shocked, Charlie comments that, if she has to pay it out of her own pocket, it'll wipe her out. Patricia retorts that she's painfully aware of that. David tells her that he still thinks she's giving into Roger's threat too easily. Patricia explains that Roger said that, if she didn't do it his way, he'd make it look as though she defrauded the company and used Luke to cover her tracks; he could do it, too. Charlie hands her a drink, and she offers David one as well, but he declines. Patricia goes on that she hates Roger like he wouldn't believe, but she's not stupid enough to make an enemy out of him. David comments that it's her money and her decision. He then adds that, anyway, she'll have plenty to keep her mind off things once they're settled into the house. Looking surprised, Charlie asks, "What house?" adding that surely he doesn't mean that ruin they bought in the middle of nowhere. David indignantly asks what's wrong with it. Charlie retorts that it's unliveable, that's what's wrong with it. David tells her that it will be a bit rough and ready until they can afford to fix it up, but they'll manage; they'll have to, as they won't be able to afford the rent on Toorak anymore. Charlie suggests that, with all the worry Patricia's been going through, perhaps they should seriously consider postponing the wedding. David looks at Patricia lovingly and tells her that he knows she's down, but she needs to feel that there's someone there to look after her - and that's exactly what he's going to do.

Beryl and Jim are sitting at the kitchen table at Beryl's, eating. Jim asks Beryl if she's still angry with him. Beryl replies that she's not as angry as she was, but she still thinks he had no right to tell David that she's carrying his child. There's silence for several seconds, and Jim then announces, "I'd like you to come to Queensland with me." Beryl stares at him in shock, and he explains that nobody would know the baby isn't his. Beryl, though, retorts that she told him this morning: she needs time to think about where they stand with each other. Jim says he just thought-- Beryl interrupts and tells him that she promises she'll let him know how she feels when she knows how she feels. Jim gives in and says, "OK," adding that he promises there'll be no more pushing. Beryl says that, actually, all this talk of him and her is making her feel quite guilty: he came down to Melbourne to help Mike and Heather with Jeff but it seems to her that he's got a little bit too side-tracked. Jim agrees that he must make a point of spending more time with his nephew. Beryl suggests that he could go and see him this afternoon, and Jim comments, "Yeah..." He then tells her that he'll say this once more, then he won't mention it again: he's sorry he upset her by going to see David; hurting her was the last thing he wanted to do; he just hopes in time that she'll understand why he had to do it.

At Dural, Barbara is standing on the stairs in the hallway and she calls up to Gordon to ask him if he's finished packing. He calls back, "Almost." Barbara calls to him that he'd better hurry if he wants to make the flight to Melbourne. She heads downstairs and walks into the lounge room. Liz is sitting on the couch, and Barbara curtly asks her how her packing is going. Liz retorts that she thought she'd wait until Gordon had gone. Barbara asks her if that's for her benefit or his. Liz snaps that if Gordon knew she was going, he'd start to worry and try to stop her. Barbara sourly remarks that they wouldn't want that, would they? Liz growls that she feels sorry for Gordon with Barbara to take care of him; if Barbara wasn't so hung up on trying to get rid of her, she might just realise how ill he really is. Barbara snaps that she knows exactly how ill Gordon is. Liz, though, snaps back that she doesn't; if she did, she wouldn't be threatening to make a fuss over George Perrin. She goes on that she's not leaving because she's scared of Perrin; she's leaving because she's scared of how much it would upset Gordon if Barbara was stupid enough to bring the man up there. Gordon suddenly comes into the room and announces that he's ready at last. Barbara, looking worried, asks him if he's sure he's up to making this trip. Gordon points out that he wouldn't be going if he wasn't. Turning to Liz, he tells her that he'll see her when he gets back. Liz smiles and replies that he'd better believe it! Barbara goes to the door with him, saying she hopes it's not a wasted trip. Gordon says he does, too. Liz watches him go, a wistful look on her face.

The 'phone rings in Fiona's flat at the boarding house, and Katie answers it. David comes on and asks if Irene's there. She is, and Katie tells her that it's David. Irene takes the 'phone from her and asks David how the nervous groom is. David laughs, "Nervous!" He then explains that he's 'phoning to thank her for the letter and to say he understands why she's not coming down. Irene points out that she and Patricia don't exactly hit it off. David tells her that that's the reason why most people haven't got invites, either; it's only going to be a small turnout. Irene asks who David's best man is going to be, and David replies that it's Jack Lawson - an old mate from way back. Irene says she guesses there's nothing left but to wish him the best of luck for this afternoon. David thanks her and tells her that he'll speak to her later. They hang up. In Melbourne, David looks thoughtful. In Sydney, Irene looks thoughtful as well.

At Dural, Liz walks into the lounge room, slams something down on the bar and snaps at Barbara, "My key." Barbara looks round at her and she heads out. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Barbara goes to answer it at the bar. After a couple of seconds, she calls to Liz that it's for her. Liz, who's just heading out the front door, turns and walks back in slowly. Barbara, looking impatient, snaps at her to hurry up, adding that she can't imagine whoever's on the 'phone wants to hang round all day. Liz takes the 'phone from her and says, "Yes?" A menacing male voice comes on and says, "Don't think I've forgotten, Liz." Looking shocked, Liz cries, "No, please... Go away." The man warns her that she'll be sorry she messed up his life, adding, "You're dead, girly." Liz cries at him again to leave her alone. The man goes on that you never know who might be-- Barbara suddenly grabs the 'phone from Liz and tells the caller, "Thankyou, Wayne. Sorry you've mistimed your call - Gordon is on his way to the airport." She slams the 'phone down. Liz cries that it wasn't Wayne. Barbara snaps that that's rubbish - Liz and that apology for a human being have been in league since-- She breaks off as Wayne suddenly walks into the room and asks what's going on. Liz cries that Perrin called - it really was him this time; he's going to kill her - she's sure of it.

A few moments later, Barbara triumphantly comments, "'This time it really was him'?" She goes on that she knew they'd organised all that threat business. Wayne growls at her to prove it, adding that, anything she says to Gordon, they'll deny. Barbara snaps, "I'm sure you will." Wayne tells her that her going to see Perrin has stirred him into action again; there's no way Liz will be safe if she leaves the house now. Barbara retorts that she didn't think it was Perrin that Liz was scared of; the last she heard, she was concerned about Gordon. Liz tells Wayne that she'll still go. Wayne tells her that she can't - she doesn't know what the maniac is likely to do. Liz insists that she'll be alright, and Barbara chips in that that's what she likes: positive thinking. Wayne growls at her that he just hopes she's proud of herself. Barbara snaps at him not to expect her to to have any sympathy for the girl.

Gordon is sitting with Mike and Heather in the lounge room at Beryl's, and he tells them that he's grateful to them for giving him a hearing. Mike curtly suggests that, while Beryl's in the the kitchen, Gordon might as well make the most of it. Sounding bemused, Gordon comments, "Yes..." He then explains that he didn't realise the tactics his company was using to get information from Jeff, and there's no way he can condone that... and what hurt the most was to find out that his son played a part in it. Mike retorts that it won't change things - no matter what Wayne does from now on, he's no good as far as they're concerned. Gordon comments that that's fair enough - but for what it's worth, Karen Fox was the driving force behind the idea to use Jeff. Mike points out that Gordon put her in charge of his company, not them. Gordon agrees that that's true - but her contract runs out in three weeks and he'll take the helm after that. He then goes on that they're probably aware of the tenuous situation that his company's in at the moment, but to help make up for what's happened, he'd like to offer Mike a job as their Melbourne representative. Looking surprised, Mike glances at Heather and then says he appreciates it, but from what he understands, Karen Fox will still be a partner, and there's no way he can work for anyone connected with her. Gordon replies that he understands. He then asks the O'Briens if they'll at least do him the honour of having dinner with him tonight; they could could ask Beryl and Jim along too. At that moment, Beryl comes out of the kitchen and asks, "Along where?" Gordon replies, "My hotel for dinner, at 6pm." Mike tells him that they'll be there. He then goes on that one thing still troubles him: Gordon seems like a reasonable sort of bloke, so how could he ever get mixed up with someone like Karen Fox?

Luke is standing at the door of Fiona's flat at the boarding house. Katie is blocking his way in, and she sternly asks him what he's doing in Sydney. Luke replies that, partly, he's come to see her. Katie, though, angrily asks why she'd want to see anyone who cost her father his job. Luke agrees that there's no reason he can think of. Katie tells him to go away. Luke, though, tells her that he hasn't got much time - he's tossed in his job and he's on his way overseas; he just wants to talk to her about Jeff; now can he come in? Katie reluctantly steps aside.

Jim is at Luke's flat, holding Jeff's bottle of scotch. He snaps at his nephew that he's a prize, isn't he. Jeff slurs, "Yep." Jim angrily goes on that he doesn't know why anybody bothers with him. Jeff slurs, "Nor do I." Jim suddenly grabs his arm and warns him not to get smart with him or he'll end up with a fat lip. Jeff snaps at him to go on and hit him, then. Jim, though, calms down and mutter that he's not worth it. He pushes Jeff into an armchair, puts the bottle down on the table, and sits down opposite him. He tells his nephew that he thinks the world owes him a living, doesn't he: he gives his parents hell... he sponges off Luke...; when's he going to wake up to himself? Jeff slurs that Jim doesn't know what it's like. Jim snaps, "Don't I?" He then goes on that he'll tell Jeff one thing: if he doesn't get his act together, nobody is going to give a damn about him. Jeff gets up out of the armchair, staggers across the room to the table, sits down and pulls the bottle of scotch towards him, protectively.

Patricia joins David in the hallway at Toorak, and he introduces her to Jack Wilson and his wife, Hilda. Patricia shakes hands and says, "How do you do?" She then suggests that they move into the lounge room and David can make pre-wedding drinks. Jack comments that that's the best suggestion he's heard all day! Hilda sternly warns him not to get a skinful. Jack comments, "Talk about henpecked...!" David offers Hilda a drink and she asks for just a small gin. Jack loudly laughs that she'll be knocking back doubles by the end of the night! He and David walk over to the drinks cabinet while Patricia and Hilda stand by the window. Hilda says she supposes Patricia is all excited. Patricia distantly says, "Yes..." She then goes on that she really must thank Hilda and Jack for coming - and especially for Jack being the best man. Hilda points out that the men have been mates for years. Patricia remarks, "So David was telling me." Hilda then tells her that she and David will have to come over for a barbie once they're settled. Patricia, looking slightly taken aback at the idea, replies that that would be lovely. Hilda goes on that it will be, as long as Patricia can stand their kids - they're the noisiest bunch on the street, her lot! Patricia looks at her slightly distastefully. Charlie suddenly comes in and tells her that it's time to get ready. Patricia asks Hilda to excuse her and she and Charlie head out into the hallway. Charlie tells Patricia that she's got her dress all laid out. Patricia grimaces that, much more of Hilda, and she'll be laid out! Charlie says, "Come on..." Patricia, though, tells her that if that is the type of person David is expecting her to become, she's making a very big mistake. Charlie assures her that David is expecting her to stay just as she is. Patricia grimly says, "I hope so. God, I hope so."

At Fiona's flat, Katie has the 'phone to her ear as Luke stands next to her, but she tells him that there's still no answer. Luke suggests that Jeff might have gone out, but Katie asks, "Where to?" Luke tells her, "Anywhere." Katie snaps at him that she doesn't know how he could just walk out on Jeff; he could have convinced him to go home before he left. Luke tells her that Jeff wouldn't go. He adds that, anyway, Jim is there to keep in touch; if something goes wrong, he'll step in and take care of things. Looking worried, Katie asks why Jeff won't answer. She hangs up. Luke picks up the receiver and tells her to let him have a go. He starts dialling.

Jeff is asleep in an armchair as the 'phone rings at Luke's apartment. In Sydney, Luke looks at Katie. In Melbourne, Jeff suddenly comes-to. He looks a wreck. At Fiona's, Luke snaps, "Come on, Jeff. Where the hell are you?" At Luke's, Jeff manages to get up out of the armchair and he starts to stagger over to the 'phone, but he collapses onto the floor. Luke suggests to Katie that they try again later. At that moment, though, Jeff suddenly picks up the 'phone and slurs, "Just rack off, will ya?" Luke says, "Jeff?" Jeff retorts that he doesn't want to talk to anybody. He goes on that Jim was right: he's not worth bothering about... he might as well end it all now... He hangs up. Luke cries at him not to be stupid; they should talk about it. He yells, "Jeff? Jeff?" There's no one there.

In the living room at Toorak, a caterer puts a plate of food on the table. Patricia comes in and asks how things are going. The caterer tells her that everything will be ready by the time the ceremony is over. She adds that all the guests have arrived. Patricia says that's good. She then asks about the Celebrant, and the caterer tells her that she's there, too. Hilda comes into the room and, looking at Patricia in her smart cream-coloured outfit, tells her that she looks beautiful. Patricia thanks her. She then asks if Hilda shouldn't be with the other guests. Hilda explains that she thought she might be able to help with any last-minute hitches. Patricia curtly tells her that that's what Charlie is there for. Looking taken aback, Hilda says she's sorry - she didn't mean to intrude. She then adds that, still, she knows about the trouble that Patricia has been having lately, so she can understand the pressure she must be feeling. Patricia's face turns thunderous as Hilda explains that Jack told her about her being embezzled. Patricia snaps, "Did he?" She adds that she supposes David told Jack. She goes on angrily, "Oh well, Hilda, if you're so interested in my private business, see me after the ceremony and I'll bring you up-to-date on the latest developments." Hilda, looking surprised, retorts that there's no need to get uppity; she just-- Charlie suddenly comes in and tells Patricia that everyone's waiting. Hilda snaps that she'll leave them to it, and she heads out. Charlie tells Patricia to come on, but Patricia just stands there. Charlie, looking concerned, asks her if she's alright. Patricia turns and looks at her.

David and Jack are standing in the lounge room, at the opposite end from the window, facing the Celebrant. David quietly asks Jack if he's got the ring. Jack checks and nods. Hilda comes into the room at the back.

In the living room, Charlie comments that Lisa has really outdone herself with Patricia's outfit - it's an absolute knockout. She then tells Patricia to come on. As she walks round behind her, she suddenly notices that Patricia's outfit is a bit crooked at the back, and she tells her to hang on while she fixes it. Patricia looks worried.

In the lounge room, Jack comments to David that he could go a cold one after this. David muses that he can say that again. Charlie suddenly appears at the back of the room and waves to the Celebrant, who turns on a tape recorder. The Bridal March starts playing. Out in the hallway, Charlie asks Patricia if she's ready, as they're playing her song. Patricia walks slowly into the lounge room, but pauses by the doorway, looking round at all the guests, an expression of fear on her face. Hilda smiles at her. David looks round at her, and she smiles at him awkwardly. She then starts walking slowly towards him, Charlie following her. As she reaches the front of the room, David tells her, "I love you." Patricia looks at him, tears starting to well up in her eyes. She then suddenly cries, "I'm sorry. I can't go through with this," and she runs out.


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