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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Mitch suspiciously asks Karen how come she knows so much. Karen retorts that she just does. She then explains that Amanda says she's pregnant to Todd, but her doctor says the pregnancy is too recent for that, so it has to be his. Mitch asks why Amanda is saying it's Todd's. Karen tells him that Amanda was very much in love with Todd; she made herself believe that she's carrying his child. Mitch comments that it's a bit hard to swallow. Karen, though, points out that she's got no reason to lie, and she asks him why he thinks Amanda ran back to Sydney. Mitch replies that he thought it was because she found out she'd come into a lot of money. Karen tells him that she didn't hear about that until later. Mitch suddenly growls that that guy lied to him - Andy. Karen tells him that it was most likely that Andy was trying to keep him away from Amanda. Mitch snaps that he's not going to; if Amanda's having his kid, she's going to admit it. Karen, though, quickly tells him that trying to force her into facing the truth might push her into a breakdown; it would be better to work on making her care about him. Mitch insists that she must care-- He breaks off, and Karen completes his sentence, saying, "As she wanted to have a baby?" She tells him that Amanda used him.

At Toorak, Wayne angrily asks Patricia how many times he has to tell her: Karen didn't send him; she'd go through the roof if she knew he was there. Patricia laughs sarcastically, "Oh yes?" Wayne tells her that Karen is turning out to be more trouble than she's worth and he wants to do something about it; that's why he's come to her. Patricia smiles nastily and points out that she told him he'd come crawling one day, didn't she? Wayne snaps that yes, she was right; now about his offer - together, they can get rid of Karen; that's all he wants to do. Patricia tells him that she's almost tempted to believe him. Wayne snaps that there's no reason why she shouldn't; Karen has made a mess of his life and everyone else's, and he's not going to let her get away with it.

At Luke's apartment, Jeff is anxiously hunting through a drawer in a cabinet, looking for his bank book. He doesn't find anything, though, and so he turns to another set of drawers. The front door suddenly opens and Luke comes in. Jeff quickly turns to face him and asks him what he's doing home, as he should be at work. Luke explains that it's his lunch hour, and he thought he'd see if Jeff is OK. Jeff snaps that he doesn't like being baby-sat. Luke retorts that he's not saying he does, but he doesn't like Jeff being there on his own all day; he wishes he'd go back to school. Jeff cries that he couldn't handle it. He then goes on that he needs some money, and he asks Luke what he's done with his bank book. Luke tells him that he can't have it. Jeff insists that he doesn't want to buy grog; he just needs some money - he misses it in his pocket; and he wants to go and buy something to eat. Luke points out that there's plenty of food in the 'fridge. Jeff retorts that he feels like fish and chips. Luke tells him that he'll bring some home for tea. He then continues that he's got enough problems without worrying about that: Wayne Morrell is in town - he saw him driving towards Patricia's when he was leaving. Jeff asks what Wayne wants with her. Luke grimly says he doesn't know - but if Wayne mentions that he offered Karen the chance to wipe out Patricia's company, the fun will start. Jeff asks why, seeing as Karen didn't want to know. Luke explains that he still doesn't want Patricia to hear about it - he's too close to getting her money to have her getting suspicious now. Jeff suddenly snaps that that's all he thinks about these days. Luke retorts that it's important to him. Jeff angrily asks what happened to helping him. Luke tells him that he tried to help him all he knew how; he doesn't know what more Jeff expects of him. Jeff snaps at him that he's going to shoot through the minute he gets Patricia's dough, isn't he? Luke replies that he has to. Jeff cries that he can't go home; what's he going to do? Luke points out that if he'd stayed at the clinic, he'd be OK now and he could have gone home; he's sorry, but he has a lot on his plate right now. He heads off to the kitchen to get some lunch. As soon as he's gone, Jeff starts hunting through the drawers again. He opens one draw and starts riffling through all the papers until, eventually, at the very bottom, hidden under everything else, he finds his bank book. He takes it out, along with a piece of paper that has the contact details for a Swiss Bank account. He puts the piece of paper back but stuffs the bank book down his jogging pants.

At Toorak, Wayne suggests that, if a company merger is out of the question, they can try something else. Patricia starts pouring the two of them a drink as he goes on that Patricia said that, when Karen threatened Roger Carlyle that she'd tell Luke that his father was backing Patricia, Roger checkmated her; he had some sort of information that scared the hell out of her; what was it? Patricia says she doesn't know. Wayne asks her if she can find out. Patricia says she doubts it. Wayne growls that he thinks she'd better, otherwise he'll be forced to tell Luke about his father. Patricia snaps that there's not much point in threatening her if she can't get the information; Roger didn't tell her then, so what makes Wayne think he'll tell her now? Wayne points out that she said Luke was doing well; that should please his father. Patricia agrees that it does. Wayne suggests that maybe Roger will open up to her a little bit more, then; she can at least try. Patricia tells him that she still doesn't trust him an inch. Wayne retorts that he feels the same about her, but they've both got something to gain, so why not join forces? Patricia, giving in, says alright - she'll see what she can do. Wayne says, "Good." He adds that he can understand her not believing him in the first place; after all, Karen didn't believe Luke, either, when he offered to sell Patricia out. Patricia stares at him in shock, but he doesn't notice, and goes on that Karen was too smart not to realise that Patricia put Luke up to feeding her wrong information; he's surprised she thought Karen would even fall for it. Patricia, quickly recovering her composure, tells him that you have to fight fire with fire. Wayne puts down his drink and tells her that he'll expect to hear from her - otherwise Luke will be hearing from him. Patricia snaps that she's got the message. They head to the door, and Wayne tells her that he'll leave her to it; he'll hear from her within a day or two, will he? He opens the door and Patricia just curtly says, "Goodbye, Wayne." He goes and she shuts the door again, looking annoyed. She then marches down the hallway to the telephone and dials a number. It rings and Luke answers. Patricia snaps at him that she wants him over there straight away - he's got a lot of explaining to do. Luke 'innocently' asks what's wrong, but Patricia snaps at him to just get there, and she slams the 'phone down. At Luke's, Jeff looks at the expression on his friend's face and asks if something is up. Luke replies that he thinks Wayne has blown the gaff on him; it'll take some fancy footwork to get out of this one...

A while later, in the lounge room at Toorak, Patricia snaps at Luke that she'd just like to know what little game he thought he was playing. Luke replies that he was trying to get the chance to pass on more false information to Karen; she just didn't fall for it, that's all. Patricia snaps that of course she didn't - she's not a fool. She asks Luke what on earth made him think Karen would believe him. Luke points out that it was worth a try; he can't understand why she's getting so upset. Patricia retorts that she can't believe that he was so naive; the next time he's got any bright ideas involving Karen Fox, talk to her first. The front door suddenly opens and David and Charlie come in. Charlie smiles at Patricia and asks her if she's ready for the big day tomorrow. Patricia tells Charlie that she's glad she can make it - John and Angela can't come as they've both got German measles; Angela 'phoned this morning. Charlie sympathises that that's a shame. David heads upstairs with her bag, leaving Charlie to ask Luke how he is. Luke replies that he's fine. Changing the subject, Charlie tells Patricia that she'll never guess in a million years what she's bought her for a wedding present; she's had it delivered to the country house. Looking surprised, Patricia asks, "What for?" Charlie just explains that she'll understand when she sees it. She adds that there's one thing Patricia can be sure of: she won't get two of them - she's been very imaginative! Luke says he'll get back to work, and he leaves the room. Charlie comments to Patricia that David seems very happy - she gathers there have been no problems with Beryl. Patricia just mutters, "No." Picking up on the tone of her voice, Charlie asks if something's wrong. Patricia replies that she doesn't know - but she thinks she'll keep a close eye on Luke from now on. Charlie asks why. Patricia tells her that it's just a feeling - possibly nothing.

It's early evening, and at the Fisher house, Jill - who's holding Fee - is on the 'phone to Fiona, and she tells her that she's just waiting for the taxi now; she's sorry she's running late. Fiona assures her that she doesn't have to worry about it - she's only cooking a casserole, so she can keep it hot. Jill thanks her and hangs up. As she does so, Karen comes into the room followed - to her surprise - by Mitch. Karen asks Jill how the day was, and she replies that it was fine - there are a few messages in the study. Karen thanks her. She then announces that Mitch will be starting work as a courier again. Looking wary, Jill says she doesn't think Wayne will be too pleased. Karen, though, retorts that that's his problem. A taxi horn suddenly sounds outside, and Jill explains that she's going to Fiona's for dinner. Karen wishes her a pleasant evening, and she and Fee go. Mitch immediately comments to Karen that he doesn't think Jill is too pleased to see him - but she was right about Wayne. Karen assures him that she'll handle Wayne. She then tells him that he can stay there tonight and they'll find something more permanent tomorrow. Looking worried, Mitch says he's not sure if he made the right decision now. Karen says she thought he wanted to be near Amanda. Mitch replies that that's part of it, but he wants to make some money - real money - and he's not going to do that as a courier. Karen points out that he'll do as well as he would up at Woombai. Mitch retorts that he won't if he'd got the two-up game off the ground. Karen assures him that he'll find ways of making money in Sydney. She adds that, if she thinks of any, she'll let him know. Looking puzzled, Mitch says he still doesn't understand why she's going to all this bother. Karen replies that she told him: she's concerned about Amanda, and she thinks he's the only one who can ultimately make her face reality. Mitch suggests that he'd better go and see her now, then, but Karen tells him to leave it until tomorrow. She takes out her purse and hands him some money, explaining that it's an advance on his pay; he can get himself some decent clothes. Mitch thanks her. Karen tells him that she's going to help him every step of the way, because what happens to Amanda is very important to her...

Fiona hugs Fee at her flat in the boarding house. As she and Jill sit down, Jill tells Fiona to guess what. Fiona looks at her, and she goes on that Mitch is working for Karen again - she turned up at the house with him tonight. Looking surprised, Fiona asks why Karen would take him on after what he did. Jill just says, "Search me." Fiona muses that Alan Pascoe 'phoned this morning and told her that Mitch had turned in his job and left with some woman; it must have been Karen. Jill agrees that Karen did leave early this morning, but she asks why she would go all the way up to Woombai and get Mitch. Fiona comments that she's obviously up to something - and she wouldn't mind betting that it's something to do with Amanda.

Heather, Jim, Beryl and Mike are sitting around the table in the living room at Beryl's, and Heather thanks Beryl for looking after the pup for so long. Beryl assures her that it was no trouble - Leanne loved having her around. Jim chips in that it seems like a fair swap: Mike and Heather get the pup back and Beryl gets him! Mike says he doesn't reckon the luck is all their way! Jim points out that at least he's housetrained! Heather asks Beryl if she's sure she can put up with Jim. Beryl assures her that it's good to have some company. Suddenly looking wary, she changes the subject and tells Mike and Heather that there's something she wanted to talk to them about: Gordon Hamilton is flying down from Sydney tomorrow and he'd like to see them both. Heather and Mike both look worried. Beryl goes on that Gordon is very upset about what Wayne did and he's coming down especially to see them. Heather tells Beryl that they'll be there. She then suggests that he might be able to give them news on Katie. Mike, upon hearing his daughter's name, abruptly tells Beryl that it was lovely soup. Beryl asks him if he'd like some more, but Mike assures her that he's fine. Beryl stands up to clear the table and Jim stands up to give her a hand. Heather muses that she never thought she'd see the day! Beryl and Jim head into the kitchen, leaving Heather alone with Mike. She suggests to him that maybe they should ring Katie, but Mike snaps, "No way." Heather cries that she's worried about her. Mike, though, curtly points out that she made her choice. Heather tells him that Katie is only young; everyone makes mistakes. Mike retorts that, when Katie comes to her senses, she can ring them; he knows it's hard, but they can't give up on this. Heather says she just wants her family back. In the kitchen, Beryl, who's overheard the living room conversation, comments to Jim that Mike is taking a hard line with Katie. Jim points out that he was pretty cut up when she walked out with Wayne. Beryl suggests that you can be too stubborn about that sort of thing. Jim, though, tells her that Mike isn't the only one who can be stubborn. Looking surprised, Beryl asks him what he means. Jim tells her that Patricia and David are getting married tomorrow. Beryl says, "So?" Jim points out that she still hasn't told David that she's carrying his child. Beryl retorts, "And I'm not going to." Jim tells her, "Like I said: stubborn." Beryl snaps that she's not being stubborn; she just doesn't see any point in telling the man. Jim points out that he'll have to know eventually. Beryl, though, retorts that she's not telling David, so he's not to harp on about it.

The next morning, David opens the door at Toorak and steps outside to pick up the newspaper. As he does so, he suddenly becomes aware of someone walking towards him. It's Jim. Jim says he knows David doesn't like talking to him, and he doesn't like talking to David. David tells him that he's dead right there. Jim goes on, though, that he knows David is getting married today, and he thinks there's something he ought to know first.

Inside, in the lounge room. Patricia gives in and tells Charlie that, alright, she'll spend the rest of the day playing bride-to-be! Charlie says she thinks she's more excited than Patricia is, but Patricia tells her not to believe it - she's waited a long time for this. Suddenly looking worried, Charlie says she's just thought of something awful: Patricia is going to be Mrs. Palmer; 'Patricia Palmer' hasn't got any sort of ring to it at all. Patricia, though, assures her that the only sort of ring she wants is a gold one. The front door suddenly bangs shut and David comes into the room and throws the newspaper down on the couch. Looking surprised, Patricia asks what the matter is. David explains that Jim O'Brien came to see him. Patricia asks, "What for?" David tells her that Jim reckons he's the father of Beryl's kid. Suddenly looking nervous, Patricia says, "You don't believe him?" David tells her that Jim said he could 'phone Beryl's doctor and he'd soon find out that Jim was long gone before Beryl got pregnant. Looking worried, Patricia says that, if it's true, what difference will it make? - he and Beryl could never get together now; it doesn't change anything, does it? David, though, just tells her that he's got to ring Beryl; he's got to know the truth. Patricia looks fearful.

Beryl is vacuuming when the 'phone rings. She turns the vacuum off, answers the call and David comes on and says it's him. Beryl just says a blunt, "Hello." David tells her that Jim O'Brien was just there. Looking surprised, Beryl asks, "What for?" David replies that Jim reckons it's his baby; is that true? Beryl looks down at the ground but doesn't respond. David eventually says, "Beryl?" Beryl tells him that she doesn't know why Jim went to see him. David asks again if it's true. Beryl admits, "Yes..." David angrily asks her why she waited until his wedding day to hit him with it. Beryl, though, snaps that she didn't hit him with anything - she didn't want him to know; as far as she was concerned, he has nothing to do with the child. David snaps that of course he has. Beryl, though, retorts that he hasn't; she made up her mind about that the day he came and asked her whose baby it was; he should have known all along that it was his, but he was only too happy to think it was Jim's; if she had any love left for him, that's when he really killed it. David snaps that he reckons it's done the same thing for him, too - he didn't think she could ever lie to him like that. Beryl, looking incredulous, snaps, "Me lie?" She angrily asks about Patricia, pointing out that she's known all along that it was his, but he had to go on believing it was Jim's, so he's not to talk to her about lying. She slams the 'phone down in disgust. In the lounge room at Toorak, David hangs up as well and Patricia immediately asks him what Beryl said. Looking thoughtful, David tells her that Beryl reckons she knew all along that the baby was his. Patricia quickly retorts, "Anything to cause trouble," and she asks how could she have known? She then tells him that they shouldn't let Beryl ruin things for them - he loves her, doesn't he? - and he knows she loves him. David, though, says he's sorry but he needs to think; he doesn't know what to believe. He walks off.

As Jim arrives back at Beryl's, Beryl snaps at him that he knew she didn't want David to know; he had no right to go and tell him. Jim, though, retorts that he reckoned the air needed to be cleared so that they could start trying to work things out - for them. Looking surprised, Beryl asks, "What things?" Jim replies, "You and me." Beryl looks startled, and he quickly goes on that, while he was away, he missed her like hell; he couldn't even get interested in any of those young country lasses, and that's not his usual style! Beryl says she still doesn't see what that has to do with telling David. Jim tells her that he's trying to explain: wanting to come back and help Jeff wasn't the only reason for coming back; he wanted to sound her out and see if they had some kind of future together. Looking surprised, Beryl says she didn't realise. Jim tells her that he knew he was taking a risk, but the baby could change everything, and it had to be sorted out. Beryl assures him that it has been - she and David are finished. Jim suggests that maybe there is a chance for him, then? Beryl, though, says she doesn't know - not at the moment; she really doesn't know...

Amanda is standing in the corridor outside the front door to the Morrell apartment. She puts the key in the lock to open it, but as she does so, a male voice suddenly says, "Amanda?" and she turns to find Mitch standing there. She looks shocked. He tells her that he's been waiting for her. Amanda asks him what he's doing in Sydney. Mitch explains that he quit his job. Amanda asks why. Mitch, though, just asks if he can come in. He adds that he knows she's pregnant and he knows it's Todd's; he understands, but he needs to talk to her - he's not going to make any trouble, he promises. Amanda gives in and opens the door.

A few moments later, the two of them are sitting down inside, and Amanda says to Mitch that he still hasn't told her why he left Woombai. Mitch explains that he had a bit of a run-in with Alan Pascoe and it set him thinking: he decided he's really a city person. Amanda comments that she thought he was getting on well up there. Mitch tells her that it was alright while she was around, but it got lonely once she left. Amanda remarks that he's out of a job again now, then, but Mitch replies that he isn't - Mrs. Fox took him back; it was a bit of a surprise! Looking shocked, Amanda asks how that came about. Appearing to make it up on the spot, Mitch tells her that he remembered he left a couple of things at Karen's place, so he gave her a call; while they were talking, he apologised for what happened with Wayne; she said she realised Wayne had pushed him into it and he'd got the short end of the stick - so when he told her that he was back in town, looking for work, she offered him his old job back and he jumped at it. Amanda, looking wary, tells him that he's got to understand: now that she's pregnant... Mitch quickly says he knows there can't be anything between them - but can't they still be friends? He adds gently that he hasn't really got anyone else - it's a bit hard for someone like him to get close to people; could he see her from time-to-time, for a cup of coffee and a yarn? Amanda smiles and says, "Of course."

In the lounge room at Toorak, Charlie tells a nervous-looking Patricia that she can't be sure David will cancel the wedding. Patricia, though, retorts that, yes, she can - he'll think he has a duty to Beryl and the baby; there's no way he'll marry her now. Charlie murmurs, "Oh dear... and I'd booked the video man..." She adds that she can't believe David would just drop Patricia like that. Suddenly getting annoyed, Patricia snaps, "Just leave me alone." The front door suddenly bangs and Charlie dashes out into the hallway. It's David, and he tells him that she knows he's very upset, but he can't change his plans now - it would absolutely destroy Patricia. David, though, curtly tells her that it's got nothing to do with her. Charlie retorts that oh yes it has - Patricia is her best friend and if David thinks-- Patricia suddenly comes out from the lounge room and asks Charlie to just leave it - it's between David and her. Charlie snaps, "Very well." She then turns to David and adds that she hopes he doesn't intend to do anything foolish. That said, she storms upstairs. David and Patricia head into the lounge room, and Patricia asks, "Well?" David says, "Look..." Patricia interrupts and tells him that she knows what he's going to say: the wedding is off, isn't it. David replies, "No." He then explains that he racked his brains about it and he still doesn't know what to believe - but he's not going to walk out on her. Suddenly looking relieved, Patricia cries, "Oh, David!" She goes to hug him, but David tells her to hang on a second - he wants to get a few things straight: he doesn't know whether she knew the baby was his or not. Patricia tells him that she swears she didn't. David goes on that he wants her to know that he's not going to put up with any more of her tricks once they're married; everything is going to be above board - there's to be no more getting even with people; no more lies. Patricia tells him that she promises. David says that, as long as that's understood... He kisses her. He then announces that he's going to go and work on the house for a while. Looking surprised, Patricia points out that they're getting married this afternoon. David explains that he needs to be alone. He adds that he'll be back in plenty of time; she's not to worry: he's made up his mind and they are getting married. Patricia still looks concerned, though.

Luke is on the 'phone at his flat, talking to Mr. Faulkner, and he says to Faulkner that he hopes he's converted all the assets to cash. Faulkner tells him that he put the last of the cheques into the account yesterday. Luke says, "Right." Faulkner then goes on that he'd appreciate it if Luke would let him know how he intends to reinvest the money - it shouldn't be left idle too long. Luke tells him not to worry - it won't be. He thanks Faulkner and hangs up. He then turns to Jeff and tells him that he's done it; all he has to do now is transfer the money overseas, and he'll get onto that straight away. Jeff asks him what happens now. Luke replies, "I get the heck out of the country." Jeff angrily snaps that that's terrific. Luke tells him that he'll see him when he gets back. Jeff growls, "Sure." Luke goes. As soon as the door bangs shut, Jeff walks over to one of the sets of nearby drawers, opens one and lifts out an unopened bottle of scotch. He stands there, staring at it.

Charlie and Patricia are sitting in the lounge room at Toorak. Patricia points out to Charlie that it's only a small wedding - it might look a bit silly on video. Charlie, though, tells her that of course it won't. She asks what's wrong, as she thought Patricia would be on top of the world. Patricia explains that David isn't sure anymore. Charlie assures her that he'll soon get over it - the honeymoon will take care of everything. She adds that she always enjoyed her honeymoons so much; it's a pity she had to come back - that's when the trouble always started! Patricia points out that life can't be one long honeymoon. Charlie tells her that it could be with the right man! The front door suddenly bangs, and Charlie comments that it sounds like David has changed his mind about going to the house. It's Luke who comes into the room, though, and Patricia, looking surprised, remarks that she didn't expect to see him there on his day off. Luke, who's holding a purple-coloured file, explains that he was in the area - he had to go to the bank - and he also wanted to give her her wedding present. Looking pleasantly surprised, Patricia tells him that he needn't have done that. Luke explains that it was just something he wanted to do. Handing over the file, he goes on that she might like to take a look at it: it's a list of the company assets - or should he say what were the company assets; they're all gone now. Patricia looks at him in shock as he tells her, "I've destroyed your company, Mrs. Morrell. That's your wedding present. Hope you enjoy it."


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