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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

David snaps at Patricia to come off it; how could Jeff have done it? - he was stuck in hospital. Patricia retorts that Jeff knew what Luke and she argued about, so he must have seen Luke after she left. She continues that he had the motive, too: Luke was always talking about how much Jeff depended on him and when Luke took off with her money, it meant Jeff was left to fend for himself; he must have felt betrayed. David sarcastically suggests that, after which, Jeff gets drunk, switches on the gas to end it all, lands himself in hospital and sees a doctor, but that doesn't stop him nipping back to the flat, killing Luke and being back in bed before anyone missed him. Patricia points out that stranger things have happened. David tells her that there's no way Jeff could have done it. Patricia insists that he was there-- David interrupts her and snaps that the kid's a mess; he got himself confused and now she's switching what he says to suit herself. Patricia angrily retorts that she isn't and she can prove it. David warns her that he doesn't want her hassling Jeff. Patricia curtly asks him if he doesn't care what happens to her. David retorts that of course he does, but he's not having her shove the blame onto Jeff to take the heat off herself. Patricia cries that he did it, and she knows-- David, though, interrupts again and snaps that that's enough. Mike suddenly calls out, "You there, David?" He comes into the kitchen and asks David for a hand shifting the rubbish from the laundry. David tells him that he'll be there in a minute, and Mike goes again. David then turns back to Patricia and tells her that this is her last warning: she lays off Jeff or she'll have him to deal with. He walks off.

Outside, a car door opens and Charlie climbs out of the driver's seat. Staring at the house, she walks over to where David's car is parked, but she doesn't notice Jeff climbing out of it, and she's startled when a voice behind her suddenly asks her if she's looking for someone. Charlie spins round to see who it is. Jeff quickly assures her that he didn't mean to scare her. Charlie explains that she's just a bit jumpy. She then says she doesn't believe they've met. Jeff introduces himself and Charlie does the same, adding that she's a friend of Patricia's. His face suddenly dropping, Jeff mutters that she's in the kitchen. Charlie turns back to stare at the house and asks what kind of mood Patricia is in. There's no answer, though, and Charlie looks round to find that Jeff has disappeared. She shrugs and starts walking towards the house.

Inside, in the kitchen, Patricia is trying to light the stove again, but she's not having much success. She calls to David for help, and he calls back that she shouldn't have let the fire go out after breakfast. Patricia throws the matches down on the floor in disgust. She wipes her face with her hands, leaving deposits of soot all over it! As she takes her hands away again, she finds Charlie standing there. She immediately snaps at her to come in - they've got a wonderful range of Stone Age appliances on display. Pointing to the stove, she adds, "Exhibit A!" Charlie sympathetically comments, "Poor pet," and she tells Patricia that she's got soot all over her face. Suddenly changing the subject, Patricia snaps at Charlie that she's got a nerve turning up there after selling her out to the police; she's not in the market for false friends. Charlie, looking shamefaced, replies that she doesn't blame her for being angry, but those detectives frightened the wits out of her. Patricia snaps at her that she's such a coward. Charlie explains that they said she'd be in trouble too; she didn't call because she was in too much of a funk. She adds that she knew she'd have to face Patricia sooner or later, but... She concludes that she really is sorry; anything she can do to make it up to her, Patricia has only got to call. She turns to go, but Patricia tells her to hang on. Charlie turns back to face her, and Patricia smiles weakly as she says they're not on the 'phone; she'd better stick around for a while. Charlie goes and gives her a grateful hug!

Outside, Mike and David are carrying an old wooden cabinet that they've removed from the laundry. They put it down, and Mike comments that it's a bit of an antique! David comments that it'll be alright for firewood. Jeff walks over to them and David asks him how it's going. Jeff replies that it's great! He then adds that a Mrs. Bartlett is there. Looking surprised, David asks, "Is she?" and he walks off. Mike comments to Jeff that he found the toolbox alright. Jeff explains that it was in the back of Mr. Palmer's car. Mike tells him that they'll start ripping up the old floorboards inside when they get back from the timber yard. Jeff asks him if he wants him to chop up the cabinet from the laundry for him. Mike laughs that he wants to get his first crop of blisters, does he?! He then goes on more seriously that he's been thinking: how would Jeff like to be his offsider for the rest of the year? Looking surprised, Jeff asks, "What about school?" Mike replies that he doesn't think he'll pass his exams now; he may as well take a break and start afresh next year. Jeff smiles and says it sounds alright to him! Mike asks if they've got a deal. Jeff smiles; however, his face then drops again and he says, "But..." Mike says, "Not round here, eh?" Jeff explains that, every time he sees Patricia, he thinks of Luke. Mike tells him that he knows Luke's death hit him hard, but he's got to try and make himself get over it; being busy will help. Jeff mutters that he supposes it'll keep his mind off things. Looking grateful, he then comments that Mike never gives up on him. Mike points out that he wouldn't be much of a dad if he did. The two of them, hammers in their hands, start pulling the cabinet to shreds.

Inside, Patricia puts down two plates of food on the table for her and Charlie, and she tells her friend that it's good to have somebody around to talk to; when she told David what Jeff said, he just refused to believe her. Charlie comments that it is a bit far-fetched - but then she could hardly believe her ears when David asked her about those men, either. Looking surprised, Patricia asks, "What men?" Realising she might have put her foot in it, Charlie awkwardly asks if David didn't tell her. Patricia just snaps again, "What men, Charlie?" Charlie explains that two men turned up at the O'Briens' asking for Patricia's address; they said she'd retained a top solicitor to defend her and that they were working for him; it was the first she knew about it, though. Patricia mutters that Roger Carlyle must have hired them, and she adds that she knew she was right: he's out to get her. Charlie tells her that David was going to tell the police. Patricia replies that it wouldn't have done any good - they think Roger Carlyle is a respectable businessman. She then continues that, if she's going to stop him hounding her, she's got to prove her innocence. Charlie points out that that's a tall order. Patricia tells her that it isn't if she can get Jeff to confess - but she needs a witness. Realising what she's implying, Charlie tells her, "Don't look at me." Patricia, though, tells her that she owes her: she wouldn't have been arrested in the first place if Charlie hadn't blown her alibi. Charlie reluctantly asks what she has to do. Patricia tells her to just be there when she gets Jeff alone. Charlie asks if there isn't any other way, but Patricia retorts that there isn't - and they have to be quick: those men weren't looking for her to tell her that she's won the Lottery; she has to clear her name before they find her...

At the Fisher house, Karen carries her lunch into the lounge room on a tray and sits down. There are voices at the front door: a man is there, telling Jill that he's there to see Mrs. Fox. He adds that Alan Brandon is his name. Jill asks him if Karen is expecting him. Alan says he doesn't really know. He then adds, "Let's see, shall we?" and he barges past Jill and heads into the house. Jill cries, "Hang on..." Alan - a guy in his early-twenties - walks into the lounge room with Jill quickly following behind, and she tells Karen that she's sorry but he just barged in. Alan stares at Jill's boss and curtly says, "Hello, Karen. Long time no see." Karen hesitantly agrees, "Yes..." Turning to Jill, she explains that it's alright - she's been trying to contact Alan. Jill tells Alan that she's sorry, but he tells her not to worry about it. She goes. Karen then tells Alan that she's about to have lunch, and she asks him if he'll join her. Alan thanks her. He sits down. Karen tells him that she's been thinking things over lately about them. Alan mutters, "Yeah?" Karen goes on that she thinks they should try and understand each other. Alan, though, tells her not to lie. He then curtly states, "You have a proposition for me." Looking surprised, Karen asks him what makes him think that. Alan replies that it's a process of elimination: could she be missing him? - no; could she know he now has his money? - yes; it's simple. He then adds that she must have one hell of a hole to turn to him for money. Karen snaps that it's only a temporary setback - and she's willing to pay the best interest he'll get anywhere. Alan sharply assures her that she'll pay alright - if he decides to do business with her.

In the kitchen at the country house, Charlie takes an aspirin. David comes in and asks her if she's got a headache. Charlie explains that it's that sort of day. David tells her that it's good of her to come down. Charlie replies that she's been thinking about it for a while, but his call decided her. Looking wary, David says he hopes she hasn't spilt the beans to Pat; he doesn't want her freaking out. Suddenly looking shifty, and avoiding the question, Charlie asks what will happen if the men turn up while he and the others are out. David says he doesn't think there's much chance of that, but she should keep Pat inside, and if she sees anyone hanging around, she should put her in the car and drive her to the neighbour's; his son's got a shotgun! Charlie comments that she must have been crazy coming down there when she could have been at Margo Lawrence's pool party. David assures her that she's a good friend.

A short time later, standing in the covered area outside the back door, Patricia asks Mike and Jeff how long they'll be at the timber yard. Mike replies that it'll be a couple of hours. David comes out and joins them and Mike asks him how far the yard is. David replies that it's 10 - 15 miles. Patricia asks him if they all need to go; she was wondering if Jeff could stay behind to chop some wood for them - if they want some hot food tonight, they'll need something to put in the stove. Jeff snaps that he's just finished pulling that laundry cabinet to bits - the pieces are on the wood heap. Charlie quickly points out that it still needs to be split into kindling, and she adds that he doesn't really mind, does he? Jeff growls that he supposes not - he'll go and do it now. He leaves them. David and Mike also head off, leaving Charlie alone with Patricia. She says to her friend that she still can't see Jeff confessing. Patricia, though, tells her that by the time she's finished with him, he'll be glad to...

At the Fisher house, Alan Brandon closes the file he's holding and comments to Karen that it looks like a good deal - on paper. He then asks her how come there aren't any takers. Karen explains that she could get the money through the usual channels if she could wait a month, but she can't wait. She adds, "Well?" Alan retorts that he might be tempted to do business with her - if she can meet his terms. Looking exasperated, Karen says, "Which are?" Alan tells her that, firstly, he wants to move in with her for a while. Looking shocked, Karen retorts that he can't be serious. Alan, though, asks why not, adding that she used to say it was her dearest wish to have him living with her. Karen points out that there's been a lot of water under the bridge since then. Alan then goes on that condition number two is that he gets to study operations; he gets to see how big business operates these days. Karen asks if that's all. Alan replies, "For now." Karen then asks if they have a deal. Alan just replies, "We'll see." Jill suddenly comes into the room and announces that she's just on her way out to lunch with Fiona. Karen tells her that she'll see her later. Alan interjects and tells Jill that he's on his way too, now, if she needs a lift. Jill, looking wary, assures him that she's alright. Alan points out that public transport is a lot slower on Sundays. Jill insists that, really, she's fine. Alan turns to Karen and says, "Talk her into it." Karen tells Jill that he's right - she should jump at the offer. Jill gives in and says, "OK!" She adds that it's nice of him to put himself out for her. Alan tells her, "Mr. Nice Guy, that's me - otherwise known as Alan Brandon." The expression on Karen's face at hearing Alan say he's Mr. Nice Guy suggests she feels otherwise. Alan then tells Karen that he won't be long. Turning back to Jill, he explains that Karen has invited him to stay for a few days on business; he thinks he and Jill will be seeing quite a bit of each other... He then thanks Karen for the salad and he and Jill go.

Jeff carries a box of kindling into the kitchen at the country house, looking around nervously as he does so, and puts it down by the stove. He suddenly hears footsteps behind him and Patricia walks into the kitchen and tells him that she was just about to look for him. Jeff tells her that he's got three boxes of wood and he asks her if she wants him to bring them in now. Patricia, though, says they have to talk. Jeff, looking wary, asks, "What about?" Patricia explains, "Luke's murder." Jeff snaps that he doesn't know anything. He goes to walk out, but Patricia quickly stands in his way and closes the kitchen door. Charlie suddenly appears in the door that leads out to the front hallway, blocking Jeff's only other means of escape. Patricia tells him that she thinks he does know something, and he's not leaving the room until he tells her the truth.

A few moments later, Patricia says to Jeff that, if he's innocent, why didn't he tell the police that Luke was alive after she left? She adds that he could have have cleared her name if he'd wanted to; why didn't he? Jeff retorts that it's because he wasn't there. Patricia asks why he said what he did, then. Jeff snaps that he didn't say anything. Patricia tells him that he said Luke wouldn't sign a cheque; she and Luke were the only two who knew that - unless he saw Luke after she did. Jeff looks down at the floor. Patricia tells him to listen: she knows he's scared, but all this is bound to come out sooner or later, so why doesn't he do the right thing now and tell the truth? She adds that she's sure his parents will stand by him. Charlie chips in that Patricia is right - she's sure the jury will be very sympathetic. Jeff cries, "No..." He goes on that no one heard him say anything about a cheque and she hasn't got any proof. Patricia snaps that she knows what happened: he killed Luke. Jeff snaps that he couldn't have - he was in hospital. Patricia tells him that he got out of hospital and went back to the flat. Jeff cries, "No." Patricia goes on that he wasn't feeling too good; he saw that bottle of scotch and thought he'd just have a drink to steady his nerves; Luke heard something and came out to investigate-- Jeff interrupts and cries that it wasn't like that. Patricia tells him that she's close. She then continues that Luke had a go at him about drinking, didn't he?; he tried to take the bottle off Jeff, there was a struggle and Jeff lashed out and hit him with the bottle; he struck his head again as he fell and that's what killed him; Jeff realised he was dead and panicked and rushed back to the hospital. Jeff cries again that it wasn't like that. Patricia goes on that the irony of it all was that Jeff had gone back to thank him, right? - it meant so much to Jeff that Luke had missed his 'plane and had come back to see if he was OK... but he never got to tell him. Jeff suddenly makes a quick move, pushes Charlie out of the way and dashes outside. Charlie quickly recovers her composure and runs after him.

Outside, Jeff gets into Charlie's car, starts the engine and pulls away. The car starts swerving all over the place as he heads down the dust track, and as Patricia and Charlie run outside, Charlie cries, "Oh my God, he'll kill himself." Patricia snaps that that's just her luck. Looking shocked, Charlie snaps, "Patricia!" Patricia snaps that she needs a car. Charlie points out that there isn't one. Patricia angrily retorts that five more minutes and he would have broken. Charlie agrees, "Probably..." Picking up on the tone of uncertainty in her voice, Patricia snaps at her not to tell her that she still thinks he's innocent. Charlie says she doesn't - but she can't help feeling sorry for him. Patricia snaps that that's all she needs. Charlie indignantly points out that she's helping her, isn't she? Patricia calms down and says she's sorry - it's just so frustrating knowing that he's so close to confessing. Charlie suggests that maybe he'll own up when he's had a chance to think about it. Patricia growls that he won't unless she keeps applying the pressure. Charlie says she can't see how she can do that; not while she's stranded there. Patricia assures her that she's not beaten yet, and she tells her to come on.

In Sydney, a car is roaring down a main road at high speed. Alan is driving and Jill, sitting in the passenger seat, asks him if he always drives this fast. Alan tells her that he does, and he asks her if she's nervous. Jill admits, "Yes!" She then tells him that it's the next turn to the left. Alan ignores her, though, driving straight on. Jill curtly points out that she told him it was left. Alan explains that he wants to show her something. Jill tells him that he'll make her late for lunch. Alan asks her if she minds. Jill asks him what he's showing her. Alan explains that it's his new sports car - he's having it custom built; by the time it's finished, it'll be the fastest car on the road. Looking surprised, Jill asks what the point is when the speed limit is 110. Alan explains that the point is that it'll get there faster than anything else.

Fiona opens the door to her flat to find Jill standing there. She comments that she was beginning to think she'd got the days mixed up! Jill says she's sorry she's late; she hopes lunch isn't spoiled. Fiona assures her that you can't spoil chicken salad! Jill explains that she would have been there on time, if Alan hadn't insisted on showing her the new car he's building. Fiona, looking intrigued, queries, "Alan?" Jill explains that he's a friend of Karen's - he gave her a lift over. Fiona laughs and comments that it sounds like he's got more money than sense. Jill tells her that he's got it all. Fiona smiles and remarks, "Look at the girl with the stars in her eyes!" Jill says she can't help it! Fiona asks when the first date is! Jill, though, says she wouldn't dare go out with him - Karen would sack her if she did. Fiona says, "Hers, is he?" Jill replies that she doesn't think it's got that far yet, but when he turned up, Karen couldn't keep her eyes off him. Fiona tells her that she thinks she's very wise to be cautious. Jill goes on that he's moving into the house, too; it's not going to make it any easier to concentrate. Fiona laughs, "You've got it bad!" Jill smiles and shrugs!

Alan is back at the Fisher house and Karen tells him that, if there's anything he needs, he can ask Mrs. Atkins. Alan asks her if she's not going to attend to his every need herself. Karen snaps, "Hardly." Alan comments that she never did before; why change now? He pours himself a drink, and Karen snaps, "Make yourself at home, why don't you?" Alan remarks that he thought he had the run of the house. Karen retorts that there is such a thing as common courtesy. Alan muses, "You're telling me how to behave?!" Karen suddenly comments that they're not getting off to a very good start, are they? Alan asks her what she expected. Karen says she thinks they should both make an effort. Alan retorts that she always was a hypocrite. He then adds that he likes her taste in secretaries, though - he stopped off to show Jill the car he's building. Karen stares at him, and he goes on smugly that he didn't tell her about that, did he? Karen grunts, "No." Alan tells her that it's costing him a fortune - but who cares, right? Karen snaps that it's his money. She then growls that she's not going to see a cent of it, is she?; he's just using the situation to make her grovel. Alan tells her that that's a very distinct possibility - but on the other hand, if she talks hard enough, she might just get lucky. He adds that one thing's for certain: without him, she really is finished.

Jeff arrives back at the O'Briens', and as he comes in through the front door, he calls, "Mum? You home?" Susie runs around on the floor, but there isn't any answer from Heather and so Jeff takes a sip from the bottle of scotch that he's holding. He then sighs and walks into the lounge room. He goes to the cabinet in there, puts the bottle down and lifts out a book from among the others on one of the shelves. He opens it and lifts out a piece of paper that's hidden inside. As he looks at it, he takes an uncertain step backwards. He then picks up the bottle again. Susie runs up to him again and he starts making a fuss of her. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Jeff stares at it cautiously. He then staggers over to it and answers it, saying, "Patricia?" Patricia is in a 'phone box in the country, with Charlie standing behind her, and she asks Jeff how he knew it was her. Jeff slurs that he thought she'd ring and try and kick up a fuss. Patricia tells him that he thought right: the minute she catches up with Heather or Mike, she's going to-- Jeff interrupts her and says she hasn't spoken to them yet, has she? Patricia says she hasn't. Jeff slurs that that's good, because he wants to make a deal: he'll tell her where the money is if she gets off his back. Patricia asks what good the money is to her if she's in jail. Jeff pauses and then says he'll figure something out. Patricia asks him if he's got the details there. Jeff, looking at the piece of paper he's holding, replies that they're right in front of him. Patricia turns to Charlie and asks her to give her a pen - quickly. Jeff starts reading out, "It's in the Banque--" Patricia, though, interrupts him and tells him to hang on while she gets something to write with. She takes a pen from Charlie and then writes down the details as Jeff reads, "Banque Nationale Suisse. Account number 346575." Patricia writes it down. She asks Jeff to repeat it, but she discovers that he's gone, so she turns to Charlie and tells her that now all they've got to do is get him to confess.

A while later, in the kitchen at the O'Briens', Jeff puts a glass of scotch down next to the stove. The bottle is already standing there. He lifts up the kettle, satisfies himself that there's enough water in there and switches on the hob. He then bends down and starts taking out some products from the cupboard below the stove, placing them on the counter next to the stove. Eventually, he finds a jar of coffee and he stands up again and tips some into a cup. He closes the jar lid, puts down the jar and then picks up a piece of paper. Turning to stand with his back to the stove, he stares at it and reads aloud, "Dear Mum and Dad. Patricia didn't kill Luke; I did - I just want to set that straight before I go. I suppose you think I'm taking the easy way out, but you don't know what it's like. I just can't face you or jail or any of it; always was a bit of a coward, wasn't I? Sorry for letting you down all the time... probably best if you could just forget me. Say sorry to Katie. I didn't mean to give you all such a hard time. I don't know what else to say except goodbye. I love you all. Jeff." Without looking round, he reaches behind him and puts the paper down on the counter. He doesn't notice that he's knocked the bottle of scotch over in the process. He then heads off to his bedroom. The scotch starts pouring out of the upturned bottle. As the alcohol hits the heat beneath the kettle, it catches light and sets fire to Jeff's letter...

Patricia and Charlie are walking back to the country house, and Patricia asks Charlie if she's sure she's got it straight. Charlie replies that she thinks so. Patricia pleads with her to please concentrate, as it's very important that David doesn't know she's got her money back. Charlie asks, "Why?" Patricia exasperatedly explains that if he doesn't think she's completely dependent on him, he'll turf her out and then she won't be safe. Charlie says she hopes he never finds out what Patricia did to Jeff. Patricia, though, retorts that it's his word against theirs. She suddenly notices that David and Mike are back, unloading some timber from David's car. Patricia tells Charlie to look worried. Charlie assures her that that's easy. As the two women approach, David asks them where they've been. Charlie explains that they had to go to the telephone box to ring Heather. Looking surprised, Mike asks why. Patricia tells him that they caught Jeff pinching the brandy that Charlie bought the other night; he took off in Charlie's car. Looking shocked, Mike exclaims, "He what?" David, looking at Patricia suspiciously, says she didn't say anything to upset him, did she? Patricia retorts that of course she didn't, and she tells him to ask Charlie if he doesn't believe her. Mike comments that Jeff obviously isn't handling Luke's death as well as he thought. He adds that he'd better get home and see how he is. David says, "Let's go," and the two men get in the car.

At the O'Briens', Jeff carries a sports bag out of his room. As he stands in the hallway, he suddenly notices flames in the kitchen and, looking shocked, he runs in there. He holds the bag in front of his face to try and shield himself, but there's suddenly an explosion, and he's knocked off his feet. He falls to the ground and passes into unconsciousness. Susie stands in the hallway, whining. In the kitchen, the fire begins to rage out of control as Jeff lies there, succumbing to its fury...


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