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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Russell Webb

Katie is on the 'phone in Fiona's apartment at the boarding house, talking to her mother. She asks her to tell her dad that she'll believe he caught those fish when she sees the snaps! She then tells Heather that she loves her, too, and they hang up. Wayne hands her a drink and suggests that, now that her parents are back, it's time he fronted up. Katie tells him that she'll come with him, but Wayne replies that he thinks he'd rather face the firing squad alone - he doesn't want her to see him ask for a blindfold before they shoot him! Katie points out to him that, if he was a coward, he wouldn't have owned up about Jeff - and he certainly wouldn't have the guts to face her mum and dad. She smiles enigmatically and adds, "I think you're a hero!" Wayne smiles back and tells her that she's good for his morale! Katie retorts that that's exactly why she should be with him tomorrow. Wayne, though, says, "No." Katie goes on that she'd hate her parents to think she's ashamed of being seen with him. Wayne tells her that he doesn't want her upset. Katie retorts that she'd be more upset if he leaves her behind: she's got too much imagination for her own good! Wayne comments that it takes a lot of imagination to see him as a hero! Katie pleads, "Take me?" Wayne gives in, but tells her that he doesn't know why he lets her talk him around! He adds that he'll make the bookings.

At the Woombai homestead, Mitch tells Amanda that he got an invite to the woolshed dance today, and he asks her if she wants to head off to that instead of playing cards. Amanda asks where it is. Mitch replies that some people called Harding are putting it on. Amanda, her face dropping, immediately says, "Oh dear...", adding that she doesn't get on very well with the Hardings. She asks if she can give it a miss. Looking annoyed, Mitch asks her if she's scared of being seen out with him: she couldn't make it to the barbecue last night, either. Amanda points out that she explained that - and as for the dance, she doesn't want to stop him having a good time. Mitch suggests that they could do something else, but Amanda tells him to get out there and meet the locals. Mitch tells her that he wants to be with her. Amanda, though, points out that they'll have plenty of time for each other. Fiona, who's sitting on the couch, listening, turns and stares at them. Mitch goes to walk out. Amanda follows him and says that, tonight... come and see her when he gets back. Mitch assures her that there's no keeping him away! He goes. Amanda then calls to Andy that they're ready to play. Fiona comments to her that it wouldn't have hurt her to go to the dance. Amanda points out that Mitch is getting what he wants, but Fiona tells her that it's a lot more than a physical attraction for him. She goes on that she doesn't know how Amanda can do this so soon after Todd's death, but if she wants to play around, she should find someone who's not serious about her. Amanda curtly retorts that she's not forcing him into anything. Fiona asks her if she thinks Mitch is going to put up with her treatment forever. At that moment, Andy comes in and cheerfully tells Fiona and Amanda to break out the matchsticks as he feels like a winner tonight! Suddenly appearing to make a decision, Amanda glumly tells him that he and Fiona are going to have to fight it out between themselves - she'd better go to the dance after all.

Later that evening, Amanda and Mitch arrive back at the homestead and Mitch comments that it was a really good night. Amanda smiles and exclaims that she couldn't believe it when he won the door prize! Mitch growls that it's the first thing he's won in his life and it has to be set of seat covers! Amanda assures him that it won't be long until he gets the car to go with them. Mitch asks her what sort she'd like him to get. Amanda points out that it's not want she wants, but Mitch tells her that he won't buy anything that she doesn't like. He goes on that she should give him six months to come up with the money and six months to come up with the deposit for a house; he's been checking out the market, and you get really good value for your dollar round Woombai - and they can get the furniture in Sydney if she likes. Looking surprised, Amanda asks what he means by 'they' can get the furniture. Mitch tells her that she must know how serious he is about her - ever since they met, he's been making plans for them. Amanda, looking wary, replies that it's bad luck to make too many plans; she did it with... somebody else, and it didn't work out; she'd like to take each day as it comes, right now. Mitch explains that he just wanted to let her know how serious he is about her, that's all.

The next morning, Jeff comes out of his room at Luke's, wearing his school uniform. Luke is sitting at the table, working on some papers. As he looks at Jeff, he asks in surprise if he's going back to school. Jeff replies that he's got exams coming up and he's way behind. He takes a couple of books out of the schoolbag he's carrying and says he hopes he doesn't get too many questions about where he's been. Luke says he'd better get off to work. Jeff asks him if he's decided how to handle Patricia. Luke just says, "Yes." Looking annoyed, Jeff asks him if he doesn't trust him enough to tell him. Luke warily replies that it's not that... Jeff snaps that Luke is scared that he'll get drunk and shoot his mouth off. Luke asks him if he promises he won't. Jeff points out to him that he's got his bank book - he can't afford any grog. Luke says he's sorry. He then explains that he's going to convert their clients' investments into cash and pocket the money. Looking shocked, Jeff snaps at him that he's out of his mind: the minute Patricia finds out, she'll call the police. Luke, though, tells him that his father won't let her - he'll hush the whole thing up and will also make sure the investors get their money back. Jeff asks what Luke will do if he doesn't. Luke replies that his father will have the whole business community laughing at him for having his son ripping him off; he'd never wear that, so there's no risk. Jeff growls that he'd say it's still stealing. Luke retorts that he prefers to call it 'compensation': his father and Patricia thought they could con him into following in his father's footsteps...; his father wanted a tough businessman for a son... well, he's about to get his wish - though not in quite the way he imagined. Jeff snaps at him that he still thinks the minute Patricia finds out that she's broke, she's going to call the police for sure. Luke retorts that she won't if his father tells her to keep her mouth shut or else; she's dealt with him long enough to know that he doesn't make empty threats: she'll be ruined and there won't be a thing she can do about it...

In the lounge room at Toorak, David asks Patricia if she's sure she can spare the time to come out to the property. Patricia smiles and replies that she doesn't think one day off will send her bankrupt! The front door bangs and David comments that Luke is early. Patricia points out that she told him the boy's keen. Luke comes into the room and, seeing a packed esky on the table, asks Patricia and David if they're going on a picnic. Patricia explains that David roped her into clearing away the rubbish round the house. Luke remarks that it sounds like a big job. David tells him that it is! Patricia tells Luke that she's sorry to leave him with all the work. Luke assures her, "No worries..."

An hour or so later, Patricia, David and Charlie are standing outside the country house. Charlie is staring into a large tin bowl of dirty water, and Patricia asks her to empty it out. Charlie says she'd rather do some sweeping, but Patricia points out that there's no broom! Charlie looks at the water again and, suddenly looking shocked, exclaims that there's a frog in it, and she loathes frogs! Patricia smiles and tells her that she'd better watch out, as there's one right behind her, as well. Charlie spins round in horror and knocks the bowl over in the process! Dirty water spills all over her! Patricia tells her that she should have worn some old clothes. Charlie indignantly retorts that she doesn't have any, and she storms off, leaving David and Patricia laughing heartily! David tells Patricia that she's a devil!

In Melbourne, Katie is sitting in Wayne's car, which is parked outside the O'Brien house. She stares at the house through the open window, then closes the window and gets out. Wayne is already standing by the driver's side door and he says, "Here goes nothing." He asks Katie if she's OK. Katie replies that she didn't realise how much she missed home until she saw the old place again. Mike and Heather are just walking down the path to their house, and Heather is saying that, after they've done the shopping, she really does think Mike should think about going to see Jeff. Mike suddenly spots Katie and Wayne standing by Wayne's car, and he angrily growls, "I don't believe it." Katie says, "Hi!" Mike, though, furiously asks her what the hell she's doing there with him; he indicates Wayne. Heather points out to him that Katie doesn't know what's happened. Katie, though, tells her that, yes, she does: she and Wayne don't have any secrets from each other. Mike snaps, "You--" He's interrupted by Wayne, who explains that he and Katie wanted to be totally upfront about everything. Mike snaps at his daughter that she's out of her mind having anything to do with Wayne. Katie explains that Wayne is sorry for what he did; he's come to apologise. Mike yells that the only thing Wayne can do for him is get in his car and stay out of his life. He shoves Wayne against the car. Wayne insists that he wants to talk. Heather snaps that all the talk in the world won't change what's happened. Wayne goes on that he wants to pay for professional help. Mike yells at him that they don't want a cent of his money. Jim and Beryl are walking down the path next door, and Jim comments that it sounds like a bit of barney is going on. Beryl remarks that she thinks one of the voices is Katie's. By the car, Mike yells at Katie that she's not going anywhere with Wayne, and he pulls her away from the car. Katie loses her balance and falls over, onto the grass verge. Wayne pulls Mike away from Katie and snaps at him to leave her alone. Mike, though, yells back at him not to tell him what to do. He then starts laying into Wayne, punching him in the stomach, causing him to bend over in pain. Katie cries at her mum to make her dad stop, but Heather tells her that Wayne deserves what he gets. Katie yells that he doesn't - he came to apologise. Jim suddenly runs in and pulls Wayne and Mike apart, yelling at them to break it up. Mike ignores his brother and snaps that he'll break the mongrel's neck. He then turns to Katie and tells her that he's warning her: leave with Wayne now-- Beryl suddenly interrupts and points out that the whole street can hear; surely they can talk about it before someone is really hurt? Mike snaps that he's not giving Wayne the time of day. Katie angrily retorts that if he won't talk, she's leaving there right now. She looks at Wayne and then helps him into Beryl's house.

A few minutes later, everyone is in Beryl's lounge room, and Wayne is saying that, when he told Katie what he'd done, he was sure he'd lose her and he deserved to; she was very upset at first, but when he told her that he wanted to make amends, she said she'd stand by him. He goes on that he knew the O'Briens would be upset, but he wanted to be honest with them. He adds that Katie is about the best thing that's ever happened to him; he respects her and wants to make her happy - it would mean a hell of a lot if they could accept that and give him a chance to undo the damage he's done. Mike snaps, "Have you finished?" Wayne replies, "Yeah." Mike snaps, "You go to hell." He then turns to Katie and goes on, "If you walk out that door with him, you can forget about coming home again." Jim, looking shocked, suggests that that's a bit rough. Heather snaps at Katie that she doesn't know how she could even ask them to accept someone like Wayne in the family. Wayne tells them that he doesn't blame them for feeling so strongly, but they shouldn't make a snap decision; why don't he and Katie leave them to talk it over? Mike snaps that there's nothing to talk about. Katie, looking upset, cries that that's it, then: they leave her no choice - she loves Wayne and she wants to be with him. She tells her family, "Goodbye," and she and Wayne walk out. Mike looks at Heather, who puts her arms round him.

Outside, Wayne has his arm round Katie as they walk slowly back to the car, both looking upset. Wayne opens the car door, saying to Katie as he does so that it's not too late for her to change her mind. Katie, though, tells him that she doesn't think it's that serious: her dad has kicked her Uncle Jim out of the house dozens of times, but they always make up in the end; it'll be the same with her. Wayne tenderly says, "Oh, Katie..." They hug.

At Beryl's, Jim tells Mike and Heather that he'd give it a week at the most before Katie is back home again - she's far too sensible to be taken in by Wayne for long. He then tells Heather to give them a smile. Looking concerned, Beryl suddenly asks him if she can see him in the kitchen. Jim joins her there and she suggests that he leave Mike and Heather alone. Jim points out that he's trying to cheer them up. Beryl tells him, "It showed." Looking bemused, Jim asks her if she always has to be so brutally blunt! Beryl tells him that it's good for his character! Jim then tells her that she's good for him. He goes on, though, that he's damn sure that Wayne isn't good for Katie: he knows his type - he'll cause nothing but grief. In the lounge room, Heather cries that she still can't believe Katie chose Wayne over them. Mike growls that he still can't believe his son would stab him in the back, either; he guesses parents are the last ones to wake up to what their kids are really like...

Wayne and Katie are at Luke's apartment. Jeff is there, but he snaps at his sister that he doesn't want her help and he didn't ask her to bring her boyfriend round, either. Katie tells him that he's just being stubborn. Wayne tells Jeff that he doesn't blame him for being so stroppy, but he wishes Jeff would think about his offer, as he should be getting professional help. Jeff snaps that Luke had the same idea, but the clinic didn't work for him - he ended up signing himself out. Looking surprised, Katie asks if Luke let him do that. Jeff retorts that Luke doesn't stand over him like everyone else does. Katie snaps that it sounds like Luke couldn't care less, to her. She adds that Luke didn't think twice about using him when it suited him. Jeff cries that Luke wanted to help him. Katie asks if that's why he had to pay him. She adds that Luke did give him money for grog, didn't he? Jeff snaps that Luke could see that he was desperate. Katie asks him what Luke's excuse was for taking their dad's job. Jeff doesn't respond, and so Katie goes on that she doesn't understand him: Luke can do no wrong, while Wayne is the worst in the world. She angrily tells her brother that he ought to get off the grog before it kills all his brain cells. Jeff retorts that he's got enough brains left to see what they're up to: they want him to spy on Luke; they're just trying to soften him up. Katie snaps at him that he's round the bend. Jeff snaps back that he's awake to what Wayne is doing - he only helps when there's something in it for him. Wayne insists that he's on the level this time, and Katie adds that it's true: they only want to help. Jeff snaps at her that she's the one who needs help - she must be off her brain to be running round with Wayne. Giving up, Katie suggests to Wayne that they should go, as they're obviously wasting their time there. They head off, leaving Jeff looking frustrated and annoyed. He stands there and runs his hands through his hair. He then goes and wipes some papers on the table onto the floor. He finds a bank book lying underneath the papers and he picks it up and stares at it: it belongs to Luke, but the balance is only just over $102. He throws it down on the floor, looking upset.

A while later, Wayne and Katie are walking along a riverside path, and Wayne comments that it hasn't been his day. Katie tells him that he came out of it better than most. Wayne points out that he's being treated like he's got the plague by everyone. Katie, though, reminds him that she isn't treating him that way; she was proud of him when he didn't fight her dad. Wayne tells her that he should never have come into her life - he's caused nothing but trouble. Katie, though, insists that that's not true: he's made her happier than she's ever been. Wayne, looking grateful, tells her that, for what it's worth, it cuts both ways.

At Luke's, Jeff is on the 'phone talking to Luke, at Toorak. He tells him that he sent them packing, but he thought he should let Luke know. Luke says he can't understand Katie getting involved. Jeff tells him that his family have got her thinking that Luke made their dad lose his job; she's rapt in Wayne, too. Looking shocked, Luke says, "You're kidding..." Jeff retorts that he wishes he was. He then adds that she was a real pain but... he's really missed her. Luke says, "Me too." He thanks Jeff for the warning and tells him that he'd better let him get back to school. Jeff, though, explains that he's not there - he felt crook, so he came home. Luke, accepting this, tells him that he won't make him go. Changing the subject, Jeff ask how everything is going. Luke replies that it's great: Patricia is out at the new house, so there are no worries about her walking in when he's trying to set things up. Jeff comments that it's all systems go. Luke tells him that, this time next week, Patricia won't have a cent to her name...

At the country house, Patricia pours a glass of wine and hands it to Charlie. Charlie growls that she doesn't know how people can bear to live in the country - it's so basic. Patricia laughs that she's changed her tune! She then walks over to David and hands him a bottle of beer. He stares at Charlie, who's sitting on the verandah with her mirror and make-up out, trying to spruce herself up, and remarks that she looks a bit down. Patricia explains that it's because she's been working like a navvy! She then asks David if they can clear the rest of the stuff by tomorrow. David replies that they will if they don't have Charlie round their neck. Patricia smiles and says she doesn't think her friend will be coming back for seconds. David muses that he didn't think she would, either. Patricia admits that she supposes she was just going through the motions initially, but she's really enjoying it now - if they'd let somebody else do the work, they would have missed out on so much. She laughs as she adds that, every time she hears a frog croak, she thinks of Charlie! David looks at her, lovingly, and tells her that it's good to see her so... He breaks off, and Patricia says, "Human?" David says, "Yeah!" Patricia tells him that he doesn't have to spare her feelings... she was as big a wreck as their new house was before he took her. David says he's got a feeling that all the bad times are behind them. Raising her glass, Patricia tells him that she'll drink to that.

A while later, the party of three arrives back at Toorak, and Charlie announces that she's going straight upstairs to soak in the hot tub. Patricia says to her that she'll be alright for tomorrow, won't she? Looking worried, Charlie queries, "Tomorrow...?" She then goes on that she'd love to help, but there's no way she can. Patricia blankly asks, "How come?" Charlie quickly explains that she has to dash back to Sydney... there's a party... and it doesn't do to refuse an invitation. Patricia asks her if she'll be back in time for the wedding. Charlie muses, "Not if I'm in traction!" and she heads upstairs. David and Patricia go and sit on the stairs and Patricia laughs that Charlie can certainly think on her feet! David says he feels terrible driving her away, but Patricia tells him not to worry about it - she's sure Charlie will get no end of stories out of the day! Luke suddenly walks down the hallway and asks the couple if they had a good day. David replies that there's still a lot more to do. Patricia asks Luke if he can spare her for a few hours tomorrow. Luke tells her to take all the time she likes. Patricia says she feels guilty about pushing all the work onto him. Luke, though, assures her that he'll yell if he needs any help, and he walks off. Patricia tells David that Luke is worth his weight in gold.

A few minutes later, Luke is in the study, dialling a number on the 'phone. When it's answered, he says, "Good afternoon... I'd like to arrange to transfer some money overseas... Yes, it will be a very large amount..."

At the Woombai homestead, there's loud music playing. Mitch walks in calls out to find out if anyone is home. Fiona comes out from one of the other rooms and Mitch explains that he's looking for Amanda. Fiona tells him that she's in town. She then goes and shuts the kitchen door, adding that she can't hear herself think - Andy is clearing out a blocked drain and he likes music on while he does it. Changing the subject, she asks Mitch it he enjoyed the dancing. Mitch replies that he did - Reg Harding plays a mean banjo! He then asks Fiona if she can tell Amanda that he was looking for her: he got his first pay packet today and he bought her a present. Looking worried, Fiona says she hopes he's saving some. Mitch tells her that he sure is - he wants a fair amount behind him when he pops the question. Looking more worried, Fiona asks him what he'll say if Amanda says 'no'. Mitch replies that he'll keep asking until she says 'yes'. He goes on that, from the moment they first met, he could tell Amanda was interested: she got him the job there... she put herself out for him... so Fiona's not to tell him that she doesn't care. He goes.

Outside, Amanda pulls up her car outside the homestead and gets out, a broad smile on her face. She starts running up to the building, but as she does so, she bumps into Mitch coming the other way. He tells her that she's just the girl he wants to see: he's got a present for her. Amanda takes it, thanks him and goes to run off. Mitch, though, catches hold of her arm and asks if she's not going to open it. Amanda just says, "Alright." She unwraps a bottle of perfume. As she does so, Mitch asks her if she's OK. Amanda, looking distracted, says, "What?" Mitch tells her that she doesn't seem herself. Amanda, though, assures him that she's never felt better in her whole life. Mitch asks her if she likes her present. Amanda just says it's lovely, she thanks him and she runs off. As she does so, Mitch calls after her to ask if he'll see her tonight. Amanda calls back that, no, he won't - something has come up; she's got to get back to Sydney. Mitch, looking disappointed, asks her how long she'll be gone. Amanda, who's still running, calls back that she's not sure. Mitch yells that he'll probably see her in a day or two - Alan wants to run up to Sydney to buy some machinery... His voice trails off as Amanda disappears. He looks upset.

Inside, Andy walks into the lounge room, holding his radio, and turns it off. He tells Fiona that he found what was blocking the sink. Fiona laughs, "Not guilty!" Amanda suddenly bursts in and tells Fiona and Andy that she was hoping they'd both be there; she's got some wonderful news: she's going to have Todd's baby! Looking shocked, Fiona asks her when she found out. Amanda replies that it was today - she went into town and dropped in at the chemist's and the test was positive. Andy exclaims that that's terrific, and he gives her a hug. Amanda goes on excitedly that she knew she was right to go on believing that it would happen; she'll never get over losing Todd, but now she has his baby to live for. Seeing the blank look on Fiona's face, she asks her if she's not happy for her. Fiona just replies that it's nice to see her smiling again. Amanda says she can't wait to tell everybody - Irene is going to be thrilled to bits! She heads out again. Andy calls after her not to forget her perfume - which she's put down on the table - but Amanda tells him to give it to one of his girlfriends, adding that it's not really 'her'. Fiona asks her if she's driving back to Sydney. Amanda replies that there's nothing to stay around for now, is there? Fiona murmurs, "No..." She looks worried. Amanda goes. Andy comments to Fiona that he might be imagining it, but she doesn't seem too happy. Fiona growls that she's been so blind; no wonder Amanda came on so strong with Mitch: she's been using him. Andy says he doesn't understand. Fiona explains that it's Mitch's child, not Todd's - but there's no way Amanda is ever going to admit that, not even to herself. She cries that she should have seen what was happening and stopped it, but it's too late now; she just hopes to God that Mitch never finds out the truth...


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