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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

It's night-time, and Fiona is back at the boarding house. Irene is with her in her apartment, and Fiona tells her that Amanda packed her bags and left for Sydney practically as soon as she found out that she was pregnant; she didn't even say 'goodbye' to Mitch - after playing up to him the way she did whenever it suited her. Irene asks if Mitch knew she was pregnant. Fiona replies, "No." Irene, looking thoughtful, remarks that Amanda will be home by now. Fiona says she ought to be - she left Woombai an hour before Andy and her. Irene says she might give her a ring - see if Amanda will let her examine her. Fiona asks what that will prove. Irene explains that, if she can tell that Amanda is pregnant by a physical, then she conceived at least a month ago, which means it's Todd's; if not, it's got to be Mitch's. She adds sadly that she thought Amanda really loved Todd; it's hard to understand why she'd get involved with somebody else so soon. Fiona explains that it's because of Todd that she's doing it - it's hardly normal, but Irene had better believe her: Amanda has talked herself into thinking she's pregnant to Todd, and nothing is about to change her mind. Irene says she'd better be careful how she approaches her, then.

The door opens at the Morrell apartment and Andy walks in. Amanda, who's sitting on the couch, stands up and tells him that she's sorry she left in such a hurry - she couldn't wait to get back to start organising things. She adds, a broad smile on her face, "Isn't it fantastic?!" She goes on that her baby is going to have the best of everything - before and after it's born. She continues that she was thinking of names on the way back in the car: of course, if it's a boy, 'Todd'; if it's a girl, she thought of 'Lesley' - that was Todd's middle name. Andy, looking worried, tells Amanda to come and sit down. Amanda assures him that she's fine, adding that, in fact, she should be doing less sitting and more exercise. Andy, though, explains that he just wants to talk, that's all. Amanda sits down and asks, "What about?" Andy tells her that her first pregnancy test was negative, remember? Amanda retorts that that was a mistake; she had another one and she was right: she was pregnant all the time. Andy asks her whether her little fling with Mitch couldn't have had anything to do with it. Amanda replies bluntly, "No." Andy warns, "Amanda..." Amanda snaps that it didn't. Andy asks her how she knows. Amanda tells him that she didn't want it to - she was careful. Andy points out that she's going to have a job convincing people of that. Amanda retorts that she's not going to try - she knows her baby is by Todd and that's all that matters; if he's going to carry on about it, he can find somewhere else to stay.

Karen and Jill are in the lounge room at the Fisher house. Karen looks at her watch and comments that it's nearly 10pm - it's late, but they've got all the urgent things done. Jill just agrees, "Mmm." Karen remarks that Jill hasn't had a lot to say, and she asks her if something is bothering her. Jill replies that she's just tired, that's all. Karen says she knows she hasn't been the easiest person to get on with lately, but she's had a few personal and financial problems, and it's meant Jill has had to do more than her share of work. Looking surprised, Jill says she didn't think anyone had noticed. Karen assures her that she did. She goes on that Jill didn't lose her temper or get flustered like many people would. Jill suggests that maybe a lot of people don't need the job as badly as she does. Karen tells her that they should make it official: she's come through the trial with flying colours. She adds that she took it for granted that Jill realised, and she congratulates her. Jill just replies that she's grateful. Looking surprised, Karen says she thought Jill would be really pleased to know that she has a job for as long as she wants. Jill assures her that she is - she's just a bit bushed. Karen, though, remarks that something is on Jill's mind, and she asks what it is. Jill explains that, the way the business has been going the last few weeks, she's been wondering if Karen may have to do without an assistant soon. Karen assures her that there's no chance of that; they've lost some accounts and she's got a few creditors on her tail, but it's very short-term. Jill explains that she was just worried. Karen tells her that everything is under control: she'll be coming into a lot of money soon - Fisher and she are sole beneficiaries of Todd's will and it amounts to a sizeable trust fund. She adds that she's telling Jill this so that she doesn't go round looking for work; the business and Jill's job are absolutely secure - Jill has her word on that. Jill smiles gratefully.

At the Morrell apartment, Amanda is on the 'phone and she says to the person on the other end that she'll see them tomorrow. She then hangs up and Andy asks who it was calling. Amanda explains that it was Irene - she wants to come round tomorrow to give her a quick check-up. Andy asks her if she accepted and Amanda replies that of course she did - it was very nice of Irene to offer. She adds that Irene will certainly have the baby's interests at heart, seeing as it's her grandchild. She sits down at the dinner table, opposite Andy, who looks at the pile of unopened mail lying on the table and comments that it certainly piles up while you're away. Amanda starts sifting through it and comments that it's all bills so far. She then comes across an envelope and says she wonders what that is, adding that it's very official-looking. She opens it and starts reading the letter inside. After a few seconds, she tells Andy that it's from Todd's solicitor: Todd made out a new will before he died, and he left everything to her and the baby!

Amanda turns up at the Fisher house the next morning, and as Karen escorts her into the lounge room, she tells her that the baby is wonderful news - she's very happy for her. Amanda thanks her, adding that this is one thing she wanted more than anything else. Karen asks if she can tell Fisher, and Amanda assures her that of course she can. She then goes on more sadly that she just wishes Todd could have found out before he died - but part of him must have believed it was going to happen, otherwise he wouldn't have changed the will. The smile on Karen's face suddenly disappears, and she asks Amanda what she means. Amanda explains that, when she came back from Woombai, the letter was waiting for her from Todd's solicitor: Todd had made a new will leaving everything to her and the baby. Karen, trying to maintain a dignified expression, queries, "Everything? The whole lot?" Amanda tells her that she could have knocked her down with a feather, too! Karen asks if it's conditional on the baby being born, but Amanda replies that, no, it isn't - she still gets it all. She hands over the letter to Karen, who starts reading through it. As she does so, Amanda goes on that it was just like Todd to be thinking about other people when he was in so much pain. Karen says she was just wondering how clearly he was thinking; he and Fisher were very close at end and she's surprised that he left Fisher out completely. Amanda tells her that Todd probably didn't think money would mean anything to his father - or to Karen, for that matter - they're both well off. Karen points out to her that so is she. Amanda, though, replies that it's not for long - the money from Dee's will cuts out soon; but she accepted Todd's money because of the baby - his child deserves the best she can give it. Karen hands back the letter and mutters, "Yes." Amanda then says she'd better get going, as Irene is coming over to give her a check-up; she just thought she'd come and tell Karen the good news. Karen assures her that she's very glad she did. Amanda goes.

Wayne and Gordon are eating breakfast in the living room at Dural. Barbara comes in from the kitchen with a teapot and sets it down on the table. There's silence. She then sits down and clears her throat. Looking slightly horrified at what she's about to do, she stares at Wayne and then tells him that she owes him an apology for what she said about him deliberately trying to hurt her - she wasn't thinking very clearly at the time; she's very sorry. Wayne listens but then tells her that it was his fault, too - he should have had enough sense to warn her that her bike was out of action. Barbara replies that, even so, it was a very silly thing to say. Looking relieved that that's out of the way, Gordon turns to Wayne and asks him if he's going to get in touch with the O'Briens'; he can't just turn his back on them. Wayne points out that the O'Briens don't want anything to do with them. Gordon, though, points out to his son that it's him they don't want anything to do with - which is hardly surprising, considering the way he went about things. He asks Wayne what on earth possessed him to take the O'Briens' daughter along with him. Wayne retorts that he told him last night when he got back: they were trying to do the right thing - letting the O'Briens know exactly how he and Katie felt about each other; he couldn't help it if Katie's parents couldn't accept it. Gordon tells him that, to be honest, he'll still getting used to the idea himself. Wayne snaps at him that, if he's got something to say, say it. Gordon sighs and then says that it just seems to him that Wayne has a genius for stirring up trouble. Wayne curtly replies that he gave Katie every chance to back out, but it was what they both wanted. He goes on bitterly that he's already let Katie's father use him as a punching bag, so he doesn't think he deserves it from him. A car horn suddenly toots outside. Gordon tells Wayne that he's not prepared to just let it stand; he'll wait a couple of days and then contact Mike O'Brien and see if he can talk him into accepting something for what Wayne did to his son. Liz suddenly comes into the room and announces that she's running late, so she'll have to give breakfast a miss. Gordon asks her where she's off to, and she replies that she's just going to do some shopping and to see what they're doing with her car. Gordon warns her to be careful, and she goes. Suddenly looking thoughtful, Wayne tells Gordon and Barbara that he'll be back in a minute, and he gets up and leaves the table.

Outside, Liz is just about to get into her taxi when Wayne comes out of the house. He asks her whether, out of curiosity, Barbara is suddenly being nice to her, too. Liz replies that she is when Gordon is around. She then adds that, for two people who aren't supposed to like each other, they're pretty friendly right now. Wayne growls that they won't be for long if he's got anything to to with it. Liz warns him that, if he's not careful, he'll end up killing someone, and being an accessory to murder is not one of her lifelong ambitions; she's sorry she ever let him get her into this. Wayne, looking worried, says she's giving up on Gordy, is she? Liz replies that she isn't while there's still a chance. Wayne, looking relieved, says, "Good." Liz, though, goes on that she's starting to think that she might have wasted her time. Wayne assures her that it will all work out - they just have to be extra careful.

At the Morrell apartment, Irene comes out of Amanda's room and Andy asks her if she's finished. Irene replies that Amanda is just getting dressed. Andy asks how it went. Irene, looking worried, tells him that, if it is Todd's, she'd be able to tell by now - you can after about a month - but there's not a sign, so if Amanda is having a baby, it has to be Mitch's. Andy asks what Amanda said about that. Irene replies that they didn't talk about it - Amanda is adamant that the baby is Todd's; she's emotionally disturbed at the moment. Andy tells her that he tried to talk sense into Amanda last night, but she threatened to throw him out if he didn't shut up. Amanda emerges from her room at that moment and offers Irene a cup of tea, which she accepts. Amanda heads off to the kitchen. Andy comments to Irene that Amanda has got to face up to the truth sooner or later. Irene says she knows - but if they push too fast too soon, she might react by shutting out reality altogether, and God knows what they'd do then. She goes on that the best thing for the moment is to play along with Amanda and to try not to upset her; when things come to a head, they'll just have to see her through it the best way they can.

At the Fisher house, Karen hands Jill some files, telling her as she does so that she put them together in hurry, so Jill had better check them before she types them. Jill takes them and turns to go. Karen sighs and then calls, "Jill." Jill turns round and faces her and Karen asks her if she can put through a call to Fisher. Jill asks if something is wrong. Karen tells her that she could say that: Todd changed his will - Amanda is getting everything. Jill looks shocked. Karen quickly assures her that her job is still safe. Jill asks her where it leaves her and the company. Karen replies that she'll have to borrow money from Fisher - it's not a problem; she just doesn't like having to do it...

Katie opens the door of Fiona's apartment at the boarding house and walks out into the corridor - where she comes face-to-face with Karen. She muses, "Look who's here," and adds that if Karen has come to tell her any more secrets about Wayne, she's not interested. Karen retorts that it's Irene she's looking for, not her. Katie tells her that she's in with Fiona. Karen snaps that she guessed that. She then goes on that, for Katie's information, she couldn't care less about Wayne; Katie is quite welcome to him - for as long as it lasts. Katie curtly assures her that it'll last. She adds that it's not something Karen will understand, but she and Wayne care about each other. Karen tells her not to kid herself - she's just another pretty face to Wayne; he'll be bored silly with her in no time, and she expects he'll come crawling back to her; whether she can be bothered to have him is another thing. She knocks on Fiona's door. Katie says to Karen that Karen had better hope Wayne does get bored with her quickly, adding, "How long can you afford to wait at your age?" She walks off, smiling. Fiona answers the door and Karen introduces herself, adding that Katie told her that Irene is there. Fiona lets her in. Karen then turns and asks her if she and Irene could talk privately. Irene, who's sitting on the couch, looks shocked, and she snaps at Karen that she's amazing, asking Fiona to get out-- Fiona interrupts, though, and says it's perfectly alright - she'll make herself busy in the kitchen. She leaves them. Karen tells Irene that she's sorry, but this is important - to her. Irene growls that that's all that matters, isn't it. Karen ignores this and goes on that the company is having financial problems - nothing major yet, but if she doesn't get access to some cash quickly, it could snowball. Irene, looking incredulous, says that surely she's not asking for a loan from her? Karen retorts that of course she isn't. She explains that she had thought the money from Todd's will would get them out of trouble, but he changed it and left it all to Amanda - quite understandable in the circumstances - but it left her no alternative but to ask Fisher for a loan. Irene smiles nastily and remarks that that must have been a blow to Karen's pride. Karen ignores this again, continuing that, the thing is, when she 'phoned Fisher about it, he said 'no' - somehow, he got the idea that Wayne means more to her than he actually does, and unless somebody sets him straight about it, the company stands to lose everything. She adds that she doesn't have to tell Irene what that would mean to Gordon and Barbara - and Jill to a lesser extent. Irene shakes head and retorts that, oh no; if Karen is asking her to act as some sort of go-between... Karen tells her that she's not asking her to lie for her; she's only asking her to tell the truth. Irene retorts that the truth is that it hasn't finished yet - not as far as Karen is concerned: she'd have Wayne back in a minute if he'd let her. She tells Karen that if she wants her to ring Nat and tell him that, she will. Karen snaps, "Thanks for your help," and storms off.

When Karen gets back to the Fisher house, she finds Wayne waiting for her, and he angrily asks what the hell's happening; what's this about her trying to get money from Fisher? Karen snaps that he's been talking to Jill, has he? Wayne snaps back that he just wants her to tell him what's going on. Karen tells him to calm down. She then explains that Fisher thinks the two of them are in love - which has to be the joke of the year - but because of it, he's not lending them any money, so they're in trouble. Wayne mutters that Todd's money is going to Amanda. Karen replies, "Every cent." She adds that she can imagine how happy that made him; if she'd been able to see his face, it might have made the whole thing worthwhile. Wayne, though, retorts that it didn't upset him that much - if having a baby means that much to Amanda, then good luck to her - she'll probably need it. Karen asks why she should have luck when she's got the money. Wayne explains that she miscarried once before - with their baby; the doctor told them then that the same thing could happen if Amanda tried again. Karen muses that they should hope the doctor was right, as maybe then she'll stand a chance to challenge the will in court. Looking shocked, Wayne asks angrily how he could ever have thought he liked her. Karen snaps back that he's getting self-righteous. She then goes on that, if she doesn't get some money from somewhere, has he any idea what will happen to his father? Wayne retorts that his father would be the last person in the world to bail himself out in the way she's suggesting. Karen tells him that, in that case, he's not the Wayne she used to know - Katie's having an effect on him, is she? Wayne growls, "Nothing like the effect you're having on me." He turns to go, but Karen tells him to wait - she didn't mean it; it's just that, with the company going... and losing him - and Fisher as well, for all she knows - she's never been such a mess; he's got her so she can't think straight. Wayne, though, retorts that she got herself there; she's not to try and pin it on him.

Andy opens the door at the Morrell apartment and looks annoyed to find Mitch there. Mitch growls, "She there?" Andy tells him that she isn't. He then adds that he thought Mitch was at Woombai. Mitch explains that he came down with Alan to pick up some stuff. He goes to walk into the apartment, but Andy blocks his way, telling him as he does so that there's no point staying because he doesn't know how long she's going to be. Mitch asks where she's gone. Andy replies, "To see a solicitor." He adds by way of explanation that Amanda has inherited some money - a lot of it, in fact; that's why she was so excited yesterday. Mitch growls that, yeah, he thought she was in a bit of a hurry. He adds, "Well, what do you know?" Andy tells him that he knows Amanda has got plans, but he doesn't reckon Mitch is part of them. Mitch asks, "Is that so?" Andy tells him that he's just trying to stop him making a fool of himself. Mitch snaps, "I bet." He then adds that Andy wouldn't be thinking of helping Amanda spend that money, would he? Andy retorts that, no, he wouldn't. He then goes on that he doubts Amanda will be around much longer - he expects she'll take off on a world trip or something. Mitch mutters that he's always wanted to see the world himself. Andy tells him that he and Amanda have nothing in common - especially now that she's going to be rich; Mitch is way out of his league. Mitch snaps that that may be true with a lot of women, but not with Amanda - she doesn't worry about things like that. Andy, though, asks why she didn't bother to tell him what was going on, then - she didn't even say 'goodbye' at Woombai. He tells Mitch to take his advice and forget her - it'll save a lot of hassles. Mitch growls at Andy that he's the only one hassling him, and he turns and goes. Andy shuts the door. Mitch stands outside in the corridor, looking annoyed.

At the boarding house, Fiona is on the 'phone, talking to Andy, and she tells him that she's not so sure putting Mitch off was the right way of handling the situation. Andy, though, asks what else he could do - if Mitch found out that it's his kid, Amanda would never get rid of him. Fiona says she would have thought the reverse was the case. Andy tells her that it isn't with this guy - at least, not while he's taking Amanda so seriously. Fiona suggests that maybe he deserves be taken seriously. Andy asks her what she means. Fiona points out that Mitch does have his rights; she doesn't think it's up to them to hide the truth from him. Andy asks what else they can do - he's got Amanda pregnant and she wants to think it was Todd's, and she's going to bring up the kid as if it was; how's Mitch going to take that? Fiona reluctantly says she supposes Andy is right. She goes on that it's probably better that Mitch doesn't know right now - but he's going to find out sooner or later, and she hates to think what will happen when he does.

A while later, Mitch is at the boarding house with Fiona, and he snaps that he just can't understand Amanda: why did she lead him on like that?; she was the one who started it. Fiona tells him that there's no point getting himself worked up about it - if money changes a person, they weren't worth bothering about in the first place; the best thing he can do is forget Amanda and go back to Woombai. Mitch, though, says it's only natural that Amanda should get excited about the money - he's just got to find a quick way. Fiona queries, "To do what?" Mitch replies that he means to make some money of his own, so that he and Amanda can be on even terms; so that he can prove that he's good enough for her. Fiona warns him that, if he starts thinking about big money, he's going to end up back in prison before he knows it. Mitch, though, snaps that there are other ways of making money, other than chucking a brick through a jeweller's window - even up at Woombai. Fiona tells him that it's not that simple, but Mitch retorts that it is: from the first time he saw Amanda, he said to himself that they were going to get married one way or another, and nothing is going to stop that.

Gordon is reading a magazine at the bar at Dural when Liz comes in and says, "Hi." Gordon asks her how things are with her car, and she tells him that it's going to take another couple of days. She then asks him what he's reading, and he explains that he's just checking out a few holiday possibilities. Liz asks if he means for him and Barbara in America. Gordon tells her that, once the problem with her Mr. Perrin is resolved, he and Barbara might head off - he knows Barbara wants to get there. He gets off his bar stool and goes out to check on lunch. Liz picks up the brochure that he was looking at and starts flicking through it. After a few seconds, she puts it down and heads out into the hallway, where she dials a number on the 'phone.

The 'phone rings at the Fisher house and Wayne answers it. Liz comes on and says it's her. She asks him if he's thought of anything yet to get rid of Barbara. Wayne, though, snaps that he's had other things on his mind. Liz snaps back that he got her into this; he's not to lose interest now. Wayne asks her why she doesn't think of something for once. Liz tells him that, as it happens, she has: what if he called her there at Dural while Gordon was at home, and she answered and pretended that it was Perrin? - that might get the ball rolling again. Wayne warns her that it's a bit risky - Jill and Karen are both out and either of them could come back at any minute. Liz says she'd better hurry, then, and she asks him to give her a few minutes for Gordon and Barbara to come in for lunch. She hangs up, looking pleased with herself.

At the Morrell apartment, Amanda is just letting Irene in and is telling her that, according to the solicitor, everything should be straightforward - she'll get the money quickly, no problems. Irene listens and then says she's afraid her news isn't quite as good: she went to pick up Amanda's medical history, and Amanda is going to to have to be very careful - and she means very careful - if she doesn't want to have another miscarriage. Amanda tells her to just let her know what she has to do and she'll do it. Irene goes on that, even if everything goes as well as Amanda hopes, there's going to be a time when she's going to wish she'd never been born - so perhaps she had better think very hard about how much she wants this baby. Amanda, though, replies that she wants it; she doesn't care what it costs - she wants Todd's baby.

Liz is sitting reading a magazine on the couch at Dural. Barbara calls to her from the living room table to say she hopes Liz doesn't mind cold meat and salad. Liz assures her that it sounds fine to her. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and Liz dashes to get it. Barbara glances at Gordon in surprise. Liz picks up the handset on the bar and says, "Hamilton residence." At the Fisher house, Wayne tells her to go ahead, adding that she should make it good if she wants Gordy to fall for it. He doesn't notice Karen coming into the room behind him. She listens with interest as he tells Liz to just remember how she felt when that creep first started 'phoning her. At Dural, Liz cries, "No"! Go away!" She glances round at Gordon and Barbara, who are staring at her, and then cries down the 'phone, "Please - leave me alone." She slams the handset down as Gordon runs over to her. She tells him that it was Perrin again. Gordon puts a comforting arm round her as Barbara looks on disapprovingly. At the Fisher house, Karen, a nasty smile on her face, remarks that, well... she could have quite an interesting chat with Gordon right now - set up by his own son... Wayne, looking annoyed at being caught, angrily tells her to wait a minute. Karen quickly assures him that she won't say anything - as long as they can work out some sort of compromise. Wayne bitterly asks her what she means. Karen tells him that she won't say anything to Gordon as long as he promises to get rid of Katie O'Brien once and for all. She smiles as she asks, "Now what could be fairer than that?"


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