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    Written by: Alister Webb    Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Russell Webb

Inside, Wayne cries to Liz, "Come on!" and they dash outside. Irene looks at Gordon and asks what's up with them. Gordon replies that he hasn't got the slightest idea; he thinks they'd better find out, though. They head outside. Barbara is lying on the grass, groaning slightly. Wayne asks her if she's OK, and he helps her lift her helmet off. Irene runs over and says they'd better let her have a look. Gordon asks his wife what happened, but she tells him that she doesn't know - the scooter seemed to have a mind of its own. Gordon comments that thank goodness she wasn't in traffic. Irene asks her if she's hurt, but Barbara insists that she'll be fine. Irene points out that it's better to be safe. Barbara comments that she wasn't even going that fast. Irene tells her to give her her hand and they'll get her inside. She, Wayne and Liz help Barbara up. As they do so, Barbara says it was the steering: it just seemed to give way. She hobbles off, leaning on the others. Gordon remains with the bike. He looks at it and then bends down and checks the steering column, looking suspicious.

Inside, Irene tells Wayne and Liz that she'll take it from there, and she helps Barbara into the lounge room. In the hallway, Liz snaps at Wayne, "You and your bright ideas," adding angrily that they nearly had Barbara killed. Wayne snaps back at her to just shut up and stay calm; stop pretending that she's so worried about her. Gordon comes back into the house and Wayne tells him that Barbara is in the living room. He adds 'sympathetically' that it was a nasty accident. Gordon, though, says he's not sure it was an accident. He heads into the lounge room and tells Barbara that he's just been looking at the scooter: the steering has been loosened and slackened right off. Looking shocked, Irene asks him if he's sure. Gordon replies that he's positive; nobody could have steered that scooter in a straight line. Irene suggests that maybe it worked itself loose. Gordon, though, tells her no, explaining that someone has used a wrench. Barbara glares at Wayne, who's standing behind his father, and growls, "Well, well..." She then tells him to show everyone the grease on his hands, adding that he looks as though he's been tampering with something mechanical. Wayne snaps that, if he didn't know she was upset, he'd resent that. Barbara snaps back that he can resent it as much as he likes, but she saw his hands when he picked her up: they've got grease on them. Wayne snaps that she's being ridiculous. Gordon chips in that he hardly thinks-- Irene interrupts, though, and suggests that everyone let the doctor look after Barbara. Wayne tells her to try and do something about that wild imagination of Barbara's while she's at it. Barbara angrily asks who else would want to harm her. She adds that she bets he's talked about it often enough. Wayne and Liz leave the room, and Irene tells Barbara to take it easy. Gordon says he'll be back in a minute. In the hallway, Liz snaps at Wayne, "You idiot. Why didn't you wash your hands?" Gordon comes out and joins them. Wayne immediately says to him that he's not taking it seriously, is he? Gordon replies that of course he isn't - but Wayne did go rushing off when it happened, so he knew something was wrong. Wayne tells him that they did: Liz told him this morning that something was up with the scooter, so he went to have a look at it - that's where the grease came from; he saw the wheel was loose, but he's not a mechanic so he didn't try to fix it; he told Liz to stay off it, and he should have told Barbara too. Gordon says he sees. He then tells Wayne that it's not his fault. Liz chips in that they were only trying to stop Barbara. Gordon mutters that he knew that bike would cause trouble. He then adds that he's going to call the police: someone is responsible and he's going to find out who.

A short time later, in the lounge room, Irene is cleaning Barbara's wounds, including a grazed arm and knee. Gordon is with the two women, and he tells Barbara that, if anything, Wayne and Liz were trying to prevent it happening. Barbara growls that they've certainly got him convinced. She suddenly cries out in pain as the iodine stings. Irene tells her that that should do it. Gordon tells Barbara that she's being completely unreasonable. Irene says she thinks Gordon is right: there's no way Wayne could have known that she would be on the bike then. Barbara retorts that, even so-- Gordon interrupts her and points out that, whatever Wayne is, he's not a murderer. He adds that he wishes Barbara could see how irrational she's being. Barbara snaps that, if it wasn't Wayne, who was it? At that moment, Wayne comes into the room and announces that the police are there. Gordon says that's good - they'll have a better chance of finding out now who it was. He leaves the room. Irene tells Barbara that she needs a nice quiet afternoon. Barbara says she's just worried what would have happened if she'd been in traffic. Irene tells her that she should be thankful that she wasn't. Barbara goes on that she still thinks Wayne knows more than he's telling Gordon - he and Liz are up to something. Irene asks, "Like what?" Barbara replies that she's not sure - but the more she thinks about it, the more it frightens her...

A while later, Gordon tells Liz that he's just sorry that she had to find out that the accident was meant for her. Liz replies that, after finding that note on her car, it doesn't come as too much of a surprise. Wayne glares at Barbara and comments that at least she knows he wasn't out to do her in now. Gordon says his bet would have been that that George Perrin was the culprit, but the police seem to have crossed him off the list. Irene points out that they didn't say he was innocent, only that he had an alibi. Wayne comments that a guy like that could easily pay someone to do his dirty work for him. Gordon suggests that, hopefully, the fingerprints on the scooter will tell them the full story. Barbara says she's not sorry the police took it away to look at it - she couldn't face riding it again. Irene reminds her about what they say about getting back on the horse that's thrown you. Gordon suggests that, in the meantime, they'd better keep a close eye on Liz now that she'll be staying with them for a bit longer. Barbara stares at him and snaps, "But I thought--" Wayne interrupts her and snidely points out that they can't leave her by herself at the boarding house now. Gordon adds that the police seem to think it's best that there's always someone with her. Irene chips in that it makes sense. Gordon turns to Liz and tells her that it's a good job she hadn't started to pack. Liz thanks him and says she really appreciates it. Barbara sits there looking furious.

In Melbourne, Luke is pacing the floor of the lounge room at Toorak. The front door finally opens and Patricia comes in. She puts her bag and jacket down on the couch and then tells Luke that she's sorry she took so long. Luke tells her not to mention it. Patricia tells him to go out and get something to eat, but he declines, saying he isn't hungry. Patricia then goes on that it's all settled: she popped into the bank while she was out and now his signature is the company's signature. She asks him how that sounds. Luke replies that he just hopes he can do it justice. He then asks her if she talked to the bank about anything else. Patricia says she didn't, adding, "Why?" Luke quickly explains that he just wondered if she had a chance to check if the last batch of cheques had gone through. Patricia says she's afraid she didn't. She then announces that she's going to get herself a sandwich, and she asks him if he wants one. Luke replies that he doesn't. He then adds that, by the way, that call didn't come through. Looking puzzled, Patricia asks what call he's talking about. Luke explains that he means the one from America. Patricia quickly recovers herself and comments, "How annoying. And to think I asked you to break a luncheon appointment and put the company first." Luke assures her that there's no harm done. Patricia tells him that she'll make him a cup of coffee in the kitchen, and she goes. Luke immediately walks over to her jacket lying on the couch, and reaches into one of the pockets. He takes out an address book and opens it. It contains his father's address in Perth. He then closes the book, reaches back into the jacket pocket and takes out a key on a fob. He stands there, looking thoughtful.

In town, there's a woman coming out of the West Bank. Luke is walking along the pavement. He stops outside the bank, looks at the key in his hand and then heads inside.

The front door bangs shut at Beryl's, and Jim, who's in the kitchen, calls out to ask if that's Beryl. Beryl comes in and asks who else it would be! She puts a box down on the kitchen table and comments that it weighs a ton. Jim tells him that she shouldn't be overdoing it, as she is having a baby. Beryl, though, curtly retorts that it didn't stop her carrying groceries home when she was pregnant with Kevin and Susie. Jim offers her a coffee. Beryl tells him that he looks like he could do with one, and she asks him what the long face is about. Jim explains that he just got back from seeing Jeff. Beryl asks how he is. Jim tells her that he's OK, but he's not sure what's going on in the boy's head. Beryl asks what the problem is. Jim explains that it's like Jeff is putting up some sort of brick wall - keeping out things that he doesn't want to think about, he supposes. Beryl remarks that she hopes the cure isn't worse than the complaint. Jim tells her that he thought that, too. He goes on that he thought he was getting through to Jeff, so he suggested that he bring up Mike and Heather when they get back - but as soon as Jeff heard his father's name, he just... He breaks off. Beryl tells him that Heather rang earlier: she and Mike are coming back this afternoon; Heather was hoping that Jeff would be over the worst of it by now, too. Jim, though, says he thinks it'll be a while yet. He then asks Beryl if she mentioned to Heather that he was there. Beryl replies that she didn't, as she thought it would be better if they find out for themselves when they come over for dinner - that's what all the shopping's for. Looking dubious, Jim says, "I see." He adds that he just hopes Mike goes easy on him, that's all - he still hasn't forgiven him about not letting him know that Jeff was on steroids. Beryl comments that Mike isn't the type to hold a grudge, is he? - especially with his own brother. Jim, though, tells her, "Especially with his brother. He can be a tough nut when he wants to be." He looks worried.

The door opens at Luke's flat and Luke walks in. He stops in his tracks as he finds Jeff sitting there, and he asks him what he's doing there, as he's supposed to be at the clinic. Jeff mutters that he couldn't stand the place. Luke snaps at him that he's an idiot - he promised to see it through. Jeff retorts that he can do it better himself, he reckons. Luke snaps that he hardly thinks he's the best judge of that. Jeff asks Luke what he wants him to do: go back? Luke, though, snaps at him to do what he likes - he's got enough on his plate, without running after him. Jeff asks him how come he's home from work so early; he didn't get the sack did he? Luke suddenly bursts out laughing and says he couldn't get the sack if he tried. Jeff looks at him quizzically and he goes on that he found out today why he had such a sudden rise to fame: his old man half-owns Patricia's company - which means that he's as much his boss as she is. Jeff asks him how he found that out. Luke explains that he was able to get into Patricia's safety deposit box and he saw the lot: contracts... letters... everything; he only got the job because his old man wanted him in the business. Jeff asks him what he'll do. Luke menacingly replies that he's going to show them how much he's learnt about double-dealing: he's going to ask Karen Fox to help him see off Patricia's company all the way back to square one...

Karen is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at the Fisher house, and she comments to Jill, who's also in the room, that Gordon certainly knows how to pick couriers: Mitch lasted less than a week and now Liz has left them high and dry. Jill points out that it wasn't Liz's fault. Karen retorts that that may be so, but from now on, she'll hire the couriers. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and Jill answers it. Luke comes on and, sounding pleased to hear Jill's voice, asks her how she's been. Jill, not sounding so pleased to hear his voice, just retorts that she's fine. She then says she supposes he wants to talk to Karen. Luke says, "Please." Jill tells Karen that it's Luke and she leaves the room. Karen picks up the 'phone and asks Luke what she can do for him. Luke replies that, actually, it's what he can do for her: he knows they've been at each other's throats, but he's got a proposition that he'd like to put to her. Karen tells him that she's listening. Luke remarks that she wants Patricia out of business for good, right? - and he's willing to give her all the information she needs to do it. Looking bemused, Karen comments, "Really?" She asks him why he'd want to do that, but Luke just replies that he's got his reasons. Karen retorts that she bets he has: the same reasons he got Jeff O'Brien to feed them all that baloney about the Wilson account. Luke insists that he means it this time. Karen, though, warns him not to overreach himself, adding that he's not half as good as his father, yet, so he shouldn't go around acting as though he is. She hangs up on him. In Melbourne, Luke puts his 'phone down, and Jeff comments, "No luck, eh?" Luke tells him that Karen thinks he's trying to set her up. He then goes on that it could actually be a blessing in disguise: if Patricia's company does go bust, his old man will just write it off as a tax loss and set up another company; somehow, he's got to get at his actual business credibility. Jeff points out that there's plenty of time, and he asks him to give it a rest for a while. He adds that maybe they can have a talk. Luke, though, says he's sorry but he's got to get Patricia's key back before she misses it. He asks Jeff if he'll be alright for a while. Jeff, looking disappointed, just mutters, "Sure," and Luke goes.

Beryl is plumping up the cushions in the lounge room at her house when there's a knock on the front door. She goes to answer it and looks surprised to find Heather and Mike standing there. She invites them in, adding that she wasn't expecting them until this evening. Mike jokes that it's all downhill from Bendigo! As they head into the lounge room, Beryl tells that they both look wonderful. Heather tells her that it was lovely to to get away from everything for a while. Jim suddenly comes out of the kitchen, and Heather, looking surprised, tells him that she didn't know he was there. Jim explains that he heard they had a few problems, so he thought he'd offer to help out. Heather tells him that that was very thoughtful of him. She turns to her husband and adds, "Wasn't it, Mike." Mike agrees that it was, and he and Jim shake hands. Mike asks his brother how he is, and he replies that he's good - although he'll be better when they get Jeff back on the rails. Heather asks him if he's seen his nephew. Jim replies that he saw him today - he's in a clinic; Luke organised it. Mike asks how he is. Jim tells him that he seems to be off the grog, but he thinks it'll be a while until he's back to his old self. Heather suggests that maybe she and Mike could go and visit him. Mike, though, says he won't - he doesn't want to do the wrong thing. Beryl suggests to Heather that she and Jim go along. Heather smiles and says that would be fine. She asks Jim to give her a few minutes. Jim tells Mike that he'll get him a beer, and the two men head into the kitchen. When they've gone, Beryl comments to Heather that it's good to see them getting along. Heather replies that it makes a difference when Mike has had a chance to relax a bit. Beryl suggests that he might be more patient with Jeff, too. Heather, looking worried, says she just hopes Jeff will be equally patient with him.

The front door shuts at Toorak and Luke walks into the lounge room. He looks around cautiously and then puts the key back in Patricia's jacket pocket. At that moment, Patricia comes into the room and comments that he's back. Luke indicates a document that he's holding and explains that he was just checking through some contracts before getting her to sign them. Patricia smiles and remarks that it still hasn't sunk in, has it! Luke 'realises', "Of course!" and he adds that he can sign them now, can't he! He goes on that he might as well see how it feels. Patricia assures him that she wouldn't have given him authority if she didn't want him to use it, right? Luke agrees, that, no, she wouldn't...

Gordon and Irene leave the lounge room at Dural and head out into the hallway, Gordon closing the lounge room doors behind him. He then turns to Irene and thanks her again for her help. Irene tells him not to mention it. Looking concerned, Gordon says that Barbara will be alright...? Irene assures him that she'll be fine, if he just stops worrying. Gordon replies that he can't help being concerned; accusing Wayne of trying to kill her... it's just not like her. Irene points out that she and Wayne haven't exactly been the best of friends, lately - after that business where she wanted to throw him out of the house, Barbara probably feels that Wayne is trying to get back at her. Gordon sighs and says he supposes he's too close to see things clearly sometimes. Irene asks him if she could offer him a friendly word of advice. Gordon agrees, "Uh huh." Irene goes on that she thinks it would help Barbara a lot if he tries and sees things from her point of view. Gordon replies that he thought he always had! Irene explains that, sometimes, things aren't always as clear as you'd like them to be. She then asks him how he thinks Barbara feels about Liz living there. Gordon replies that she wasn't too happy at first, but she seems fine now. Irene asks him if he's sure, adding that that's what Barbara may tell him, but deep down...? Gordon assures her that there's nothing between him and Liz. Irene says she knows that, but he's got to let Barbara know. She adds that he should take it from a woman: the only way to really convince Barbara is to hold her as often as he can... let her know how much he still cares for her. She goes to the door and opens it. Gordon thanks her and she goes, leaving him standing looking thoughtful.

Barbara and Liz are in the lounge room, and Barbara tells Liz that she's been thinking about that note that Gordon found in her car. Liz asks, "What about it?" Barbara replies that, at first, she thought Liz must have put it there - her and Wayne; they seemed to have been been running some sort of three-legged race for the last few days. Liz asks, "What about now?" Barbara says she's not so sure; after the motor scooter incident, maybe Liz really is in danger - but what surprises her is that she's taking it so calmly. Liz retorts that she feels safe now that Gordon has asked her to stay. Barbara snaps, "Really?" She then goes on that if she were Liz, she'd want to put as much distance between herself and that madman as possible. Liz retorts that Barbara really is determined to get her out of the house, isn't she. Barbara tells her that it'll be for Liz's own good - as well as hers. She adds that Gordon is never going to leave her, and she asks Liz if she realises that. Liz retorts that there's no point trying to put the frighteners on her. Barbara says they'll see... She then warns Liz that she biggest mistake she made was pitching her wagon to Wayne - his nasty little schemes always get unstuck in end, so the two of them are bound to come to grief before too long; it's only a matter of time...

Later, Barbara is sitting on the couch with Gordon, telling him a story that ends with her saying that she told this person not to buy it, but she insisted - then she had the gall to go straight back into the shop because it didn't fit! They both laugh, and Gordon tells Barbara that it's good that she has colour back in her cheeks again. Barbara assures him that she feels much better now. Gordon goes on that he's sorry he was so heavy-handed because of Liz. Barbara assures him that he doesn't have to apologise, but Gordon insists that he does: Irene made him see how insensitive he'd been; it was wrong of him to barge in and decide everything without taking her into account. Barbara assures him that she can cope, but Gordon tells her that she doesn't have to - he'll make this up to her when it's all over. Barbara smiles and says she'll just be so happy to have the house to themselves again. Gordon tells her that they will - as soon as they come back from visiting her daughter in America. A broad smile of delight crossing her face, Barbara cries, "Wendy? That's wonderful!" and she gives him a grateful hug. As she does so, Liz comes in with a plate of sandwiches. She announces that she's just whipped up a little snack and she was wondering if anyone was interested. Gordon takes one but Barbara says she'd better see about getting dinner on. Gordon tells her that he'll do it. Barbara smiles and replies that that's very kind, but boiled eggs for dinner?! She then suggests that maybe Liz wouldn't mind. Liz says she'd be glad to. Gordon tells her that it would help - they can give the chef a rest until she's fully recovered. Liz tells him, "Don't mention it." Gordon announces that it's all settled, then - he and Barbara will set the table while they talk about their trip.

Jeff is listening to pop music on the radio at Luke's flat when there's a knock on the door. He turns the radio off and goes and answers it. He looks surprised to find his mother and Jim standing there. Heather says, "Hello, Jeff." He doesn't respond, and after a few seconds, Jim asks if he's not going to invite them in. Jeff apologises and moves out of the way. When his visitors are in, he looks out in the corridor, nervously, before closing the door. He then turns to Heather and asks if his dad is there. Heather explains that he didn't think Jeff would want to see him just yet. Jeff tells her that she's right. Jim asks him what happened at the clinic; they told them that he just upped and left. Jeff replies that he's alright now. Jim comments that it didn't seem like that yesterday. Jeff insists that there's nothing wrong with him. Jim, though, suddenly snaps, "Come on..." Heather warns, "Jim..." Jim, though, goes on that it's about time Jeff realised that he's not the only one who's ever tried to beat a drink problem; he's hit the grog pretty hard himself, and he knows what it's like when you try to pull out: the cramps... the cold sweats... Jeff retorts that he's been through all that. Jim snaps at him that it takes more than a couple of days to get all that stuff out of your system. Jeff snaps back that he's alright; so he bailed out - there's no law against it, is there? Jim tells him that there isn't - as long as you admit it; that's all he wanted to hear. Heather chips in that she knows he tried. Jim tells his nephew that if he wants to beat this thing, he's got to keep working at it. Jeff cries that he knows. Heather gives him a hug and asks him why he doesn't just come home with them, adding that she's sure things will work out with his father - he's a lot more understanding now. Jeff, though, says no - he couldn't face him, not like this. Jim assures him that no one is forcing him; they'll take things nice and easy, step-by-step.

Jill walks into the lounge room at the Fisher house. Wayne is sitting at the table, working on some files, and he snaps that that does it; he's going to be late picking up Katie. Jill, though, says she's sorry but Karen wants him to finish this before he leaves; she hands him another file. Wayne growls, "Talk about a pound of flesh." Jill says she's sorry, but Wayne quickly assures her that it's not her fault. He goes on that she must be getting jacked up with the workload, too, considering that she's got Fee to take care of. Jill, though, assures him that it's fine - Mrs. Atkins adores her - and she wants to give Karen the right impression: her trial period is nearly up, and she wants to keep her job. Wayne points out that money isn't everything, but Jill retorts that it comes in handy when you've got a baby to bring up. Wayne growls that Karen will only push him so far. At that moment, Karen walks into the room and asks Jill if she can tidy up the study. She adds that, after that, she can finish up if she likes. Jill thanks her and goes. Alone with Wayne, Karen tells him that she's sorry about the extra work, but it couldn't be helped. Wayne retorts that as soon as he's finished there, he'll be off. Karen asks if he's going to see Katie, adding that he's wasting his time with her. Wayne snaps that she's wasting her time playing the jealous lover; it's over between them. Karen snaps at him, "Drop it," and Wayne retorts that that's fine by him. He stands up. Karen, changing the subject, says she's been thinking about Luke Carlyle's 'phone call. Wayne comments that he thought they agreed that he's getting too smart for his own good. Karen muses, "Perhaps," before adding that she finds it hard to believe that he's really that stupid. Wayne tells her that of course he is - he's an amateur. Karen asks, "What if he found out it was his father who floated Patricia's company?" She goes on that a boy like him might just want to hit back where he knows it'll hurt most: in the pocket. Wayne points out that Luke might also be trying on the biggest bluff of all time. Karen agrees that that's true - but until Todd's money comes through, they could do with a few extra accounts courtesy of Patricia. Wayne tells her to forget it: Luke has pulled the wool over their eyes once and that's enough. He then announces that he's got to go, as he's late. Karen tells him that they'll talk about it in the morning. Wayne retorts that, as far as he can see, there's nothing to talk about - unless she feels like handing their company over to Luke on a plate. He goes, leaving Karen looking thoughtful.

In the study at Toorak, Luke is dialling a number on the 'phone. After a few seconds, it's answered by a man saying, "Hello. James Faulkner." Luke says it's him, and he tells Faulkner that he's sorry to call him so late. Faulkner replies that it's alright, and he asks Luke what he can do for him. Luke explains that he just wanted to give him advance warning of a share sale - he'd like some stock sold off. Faulkner, sounding surprised, tells Luke that it's not really a good time to be selling, and he asks him if he's discussed it with Mrs. Morrell. Luke replies that there's no need, and he asks Faulkner if Patricia told him that he's going to be handling all the financial decisions from now on. Faulkner agrees that she did, but-- Luke interrupts and asks what the problem is. Faulkner explains that the problem is that the market index has slipped recently. Luke tells him that they allowed for that - it's all part of the larger strategy. Faulkner gives in and says, "Very well." He asks Luke when he can expect to hear from him, and Luke replies that it'll be tomorrow morning. Suddenly hearing a noise, he quickly says he has to go, and he hangs up. Patricia comes in and looks surprised to find Luke there, commenting that she thought he'd be gone long ago. Luke explains that he had a couple of things to tidy up. He adds that he's been working on their forward planning, as a matter of fact. Patricia, looking interested, asks if there are big things in the wind. Luke, a devious look in his eye, replies, "Yes... Very big..."


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