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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Russell Webb

At Woombai, Fiona is sitting staring at the telephone. After a few moments, she sighs, stands up, walks over to it and starts dialling. The 'phone rings at Dural and Barbara answers the set on the bar in the lounge room. STD pips sound and then Fiona announces that it's her. She goes on that she's sorry to worry Barbara, but she's got a bit of a problem. Barbara replies, "Join the club!" Fiona continues that she's afraid the situation between Amanda and Mitch is getting out of hand: Mitch has told her that he's serious about Amanda, but it's quite obvious to her that the girl isn't really interested; she can see Mitch getting terribly hurt. Barbara asks what she can do. Fiona explains that she wants to get back to the boarding house soon, and she wondered if Barbara could come up and keep an eye on the two of them. She adds that she doesn't want to leave it to Andy because Mitch is likely to flatten him. Barbara says she's sorry, but she's got a couple of problems of her own - she can't possibly leave Gordon. Sounding worried, Fiona asks if he isn't well. Barbara quickly assures her that he's fine, adding that it's just that he-- She suddenly hears the front door banging at Dural and Wayne talking to Gordon in the hallway. She tells Fiona that she's sorry, but she has to go. She then asks her if she can keep an eye on Amanda for just a little longer. Fiona grimly replies, "Not much longer." Barbara tells her to let her know when she's coming back to town. Fiona says she will, and the two women hang up. In the hallway at Dural, Wayne is telling his father that he couldn't get the car up the driveway tonight, as Liz's car is in the way. He asks him if he can give him a hand pushing it. Barbara joins them and snaps that, oh no, that's asking for trouble. Gordon tells her that it's not that strenuous. Barbara, though, ignores this and tells him that he can steer and she and Wayne can push. Gordon heads outside. Wayne lingers for a moment and Barbara snaps at him that he should have known better than to ask his father to exert himself like that. She heads outside, leaving Wayne with a smile of delight on his face...

As they walk down the driveway, Gordon asks Wayne if Liz is with the NRMA. Wayne replies that he doesn't know. They approach Liz's car and Gordon suddenly spots a piece of paper stuck under one of the windscreen wipers. He asks what it is. Wayne tells him that he didn't see it when he came in. Gordon unfolds the paper. Letters cut out from newspapers and magazines are stuck to it, spelling out the message 'It's no use running. I'll always find you'. Gordon comments that it must be from the man who's been after Liz - it looks as though he traced her. Barbara curtly says she wonders how he did that, and she glares at Wayne. At that moment, Liz pulls up on Barbara's scooter and asks the Hamiltons if they're doing a post-mortem on her car. Gordon hands her the note and tells her that it looks as though Perrin has tracked her down again. Liz cries, "Oh my God..." Gordon goes on that they'd better get onto the police. A sudden look of worry in her eyes, Liz asks good that would do. Gordon points out that she can't just ignore it. Wayne tells her that his father is right - Perrin has got to be stopped.

Sometime later, there are two policeman in the lounge room at Dural. One of them picks up the note from where it's lying on the coffee table and says they'll take it with them, but he doesn't think it's going to help much. Gordon asks if there isn't anything they can do to stop the man. The policeman tells him that they can have a patrol car checking the area - and they'll get the address of the businessman Miss. Smith mentioned from the agency. The other policeman adds that they'll have a word with the man, and that might scare him off, but it's about all they can do. He goes on that they have to be very careful - they can't be sure he's going to take it further. Gordon looks at Liz and tells her that one thing is certain: she's not moving into a flat by herself - she can stay there at Dural, with her friends. He then tells the policemen that he'll show them out, and they - along with Barbara - head to the door. When he's alone with Liz, Wayne points out that he told her: it was easy as pie. Liz, looking worried, asks what will happen if the police find out that the note was theirs. Wayne, though, asks how they could find out. He adds that there's nothing to worry about - there's no way Barbara is going to tell Gordy to kick her out now. Liz tells him that she's not lying to his father. Wayne replies that they're only little white lies - just a means to an end...

It's night-time, and at Toorak, Patricia and Luke are walking down the hallway to the front door. Patricia comments to Luke that it's been a good day's work. Luke agrees that everything seemed to run smoothly. Patricia then thanks him for staying back late. She adds that she really will have to get a Girl Friday to help with the clerical work. She then goes on that, tomorrow, she'll organise for him to have authority to sign all the cheques and papers when she's not there. Looking surprised, Luke thanks her. There's suddenly a knock on the door and Patricia opens it to find Jim standing there. She curtly asks him what he wants, and he explains that he's dropping in a note from Beryl to David. He asks her to see that David gets it, adding that Beryl will probably check to see that it didn't go missing. Patricia tautly says she'll give it to him. Jim then Luke if he can have a word. The two men head outside, closing the door behind them. As they stand on the doorstep, Luke tells Jim that he was on his way home. Jim replies that it won't take long: he wants to see Jeff - and this time Luke isn't putting him off. Luke tells him that, actually, it's probably a good idea: Jeff isn't handling it too well at the clinic - it might do him good to see Jim. Jim exclaims that that's great, and he asks what the address is. Luke, though, tells him no; Jeff is relying on him and he doesn't want Jim just turning up. Jim asks, "When?" Luke tells him to be there at Toorak at lunchtime tomorrow; they'll go in his car.

A while later, Patricia is staring at the envelope addressed to 'David Palmer', which is lying on the coffee table in the lounge room. David suddenly arrives home and heads straight into the room. Patricia asks him if he's having a drink, and he goes and opens a beer. Patricia then picks up the envelope and hands it to him, explaining as she does so that it arrived from Beryl. Looking surprised, David opens it, Patricia watching him anxiously all the time. He takes out a letter and an accompanying cheque. He reads the letter and then curtly exclaims, "The cheek of the woman." Patricia asks what it is. David hands her the cheque and tells her, "Have a gander at that." As Patricia stares at the cheque, he goes on that Beryl wants to buy him out: the cheque is for his half of the house. He goes on that he's got news for her: he'll go straight round there and give it back to her. Patricia, though, quickly tells him to wait and think about it: he's entitled to this money; it's not as though Beryl can't afford it - she probably wants to be completely independent because of Jim and the baby. David points out that it's still a slap in the eye to him. Patricia, though, asks, "Is it?" She then reminds him about the house in the country, pointing out that he's always wanted it, ever since he and Margaret talked about it; now he can pay for his half - in cash; they can go out tomorrow and start looking. David muses that he supposes his money did go to buy the house in Albert Park. Patricia tells him, "Exactly. Why not get something back?" She goes on that a house in the country would mean a lot to her, too, but she wants him to feel comfortable about it, and this way, he will. David, looking thoughtful, suddenly asks, "Why the hell not?!" He adds that they'll start looking tomorrow. He then muses that it's crazy: the only way he's finally getting what he wanted for years is by divorcing Beryl.

The next morning, Patricia is in the lounge room with Charlie, and she tells her friend that Beryl is playing silly games again: she sent Jim over with that cheque just to get at her. Charlie, looking surprised, asks her if Beryl is that devious. Patricia points out that she could have posted it. Charlie, though, tells her that it's all over now, so she can stop worrying: David still thinks Jim is the father, so they can go off looking for a house in the bush without a worry in the world. She then goes on that she's going to Lisa Cook's housewarming this afternoon: she's bought an old dump in the back of beyond somewhere and is doing the full job on it. She suggests that that's what Patricia should buy: an old place that she can renovate. Picking up the newspaper, she says she'll see what's in the classifieds. Patricia tells her that she wants to move in straight away. Charlie replies that she knows, but Patricia should think of the fun. She suddenly comes across an advert and exclaims that it sounds lovely: a quiet country cottage... original fittings... traditional charm... David comes into the room and Patricia smiles as she tells him that Charlie wants them to buy an old ruin! To her surprise, David comments that it's not a bad idea - they can do it up to suit themselves. Charlie chips in that that's what she thought; the one in the advert is only an hour from the city - it's not too far. David asks who the agent is - he'll get in touch and they can arrange to have a look round. Charlie, though, tells him to leave it to her - she doesn't have to be at Lisa's until after 3pm, so she can come with them and advise them if it's a good deal or not. She adds that she's got tons of friends doing the same thing, so she's a bit of an expert. David smiles and says, "Great!" Patricia, a look of annoyance on her face, just mutters, "It's worth a look, I suppose."

Later that day, David is driving along a muddy track, apparently in the middle of nowhere. Charlie, who's sitting in the back seat, asks if they're lost. David tells her that they aren't according to the agent's directions. Charlie, looking around at the bleak landscape, comments that it's certainly not the rolling pastures she imagined. David just says it shouldn't be long now.

A while later, David pulls the car to a halt outside a ramshackle property. Charlie stares at it and says she knows the advert said the place needed renovating, but that place needs rebuilding. Patricia, sitting in the front passenger seat, doesn't look impressed.

A short time later, David, Charlie and Patricia come out of the house. Charlie exclaims that she's never seen so many problems - she'll certainly be giving that real estate agent a piece of her mind; it'll cost as much as they're asking to do the place up. David, though, says that, actually, the structure of the place isn't too bad - it needs a whole lot of work, but it must have been a really nice building. Patricia suddenly chips in that she agrees: take away all the rubbish that's strewn around and it'll probably give them something really nice to work with. David asks her what she reckons: should they go for it? Patricia smiles and asks, "Why not?" adding that they'll use his money to buy it and she'll put in the same amount to renovate it. Charlie points out that it'll take months to get the place up to scratch. David says he reckons it'll be worth it. Patricia says that she does, too - they won't recognise the place once the renovators have finished. David, looking surprised, tells her that they haven't got to get someone in to do it for them - it's a waste of money. He goes on that that's the part he's looking forward to: he knows Patricia will be busy, but he'll have days off to do bits here and there. Patricia assures him that she won't be too busy to give him a hand - it'll be fun. Charlie tells them that she reckons they're out of their minds.

The front door opens at Dural and Barbara and Irene come into the house, Irene saying as they do so that she knows she said she liked golf - and she still does - but that was the most frustrating game she's ever played! Barbara, though, tells her that she did very well. Gordon comes out of the lounge room and asks them how it went. Irene replies that she was fifteen over par - and they were only playing nine holes! Gordon smiles and says he knows how she feels! Changing the subject, he goes on that he has a meeting with Karen Fox shortly, but he has to make a call first. He heads into the study. Barbara and Irene walk into the lounge room, where Irene says she still thinks Barbara's fears about losing Gordon are unfounded. Barbara comments, "Perhaps..." She then realises that she's forgotten that Wayne will be back for lunch and says she'd better get some milk. She adds that her nerves have been shot so badly lately that she dropped the last bottle on the kitchen floor this morning. Irene, looking surprised, asks if it's that bad. She then adds that maybe she should prescribe something! Barbara says she can't help feeling that Wayne had something to do with the note on Liz's car - the way he found it was all too pat; and Liz was very frightened about calling in the police - maybe she's got something to do with it, too. Irene asks her if she's sure she's not just looking for things. Barbara retorts that, no, she isn't - it's all too convenient: it happened just at the time that Gordon agreed that Liz should move into the flat. Irene tells her that she still thinks she's overreacting. Barbara retorts that she doesn't: that girl is in love with her husband and she's not giving in without a fight. Irene tells her that if she really thinks Liz is that much of a threat, maybe she can get her out of her hair for her. She goes on that she suggests they talk to Gordon before he leaves.

A while later, Gordon is at the Fisher house with Wayne and Liz. He tells Liz that he knows how disappointed she was at not moving into her own flat, but he's got the answer: Irene has offered to put her up at the boarding house. A look of annoyance crosses Wayne's face. Liz asks Gordon if it would be safe. Gordon replies that there will be plenty of people around, which is what she needs - and Irene is more than happy to let her stay at the flat for a while, if necessary. He humorously adds that Liz's caller would only have to strike Irene once or twice to run a mile! He asks Liz what she thinks, and she blandly replies that it sounds like a good idea. Gordon tells her that he thought she'd be happy. He then adds that he'll see them for lunch and he heads off to see Karen. Wayne looks at Liz and growls that it looks like they're back to first base.

A few moments later, Liz sourly remarks, "You and your big ideas." She adds that she should never have gone along with that note on the windscreen. Wayne, though, tells her not to give up that easily: they both know that Barbara is behind Irene offering her place, and they're not going to take that lying down. Liz says she doesn't see that she's got much choice. Wayne tells her that she can't throw in the towel now - they've just got to get Gordon to change his mind; he'll think of something...

David, Patricia and Charlie arrive back at Toorak. As they head into the lounge room, Charlie exclaims that she can't believe David would be so impulsive: fancy putting a holding deposit on the house without even thinking about it. David just points out that you've got to make decisions! Charlie goes on that, even so, to rent the place while the sale is going through... really! David explains that he was just keen to get on with the renovations, that's all. Charlie asks what will happen if the owner changes his mind. Patricia, though, chips in that Charlie said so herself: the owner was lucky to find a buyer. David says he's got a free day tomorrow, so he might take the truck up and start carting some of the rubbish away. Charlie says she still thinks he's going about it the wrong way - why not get the professionals to do the dirty work? David points out that there's nothing wrong with getting your hands dirty. Patricia smiles and chips in that it gives you a sense of achievement. Charlie says she'd much rather achieve a cup of coffee in the kitchen, and she leaves them. David goes and sits down next to Patricia, who tells him that it's good fun being impulsive. David says he hopes they're doing the right thing. Patricia assures him that of course they are - and she'll be up there helping him every chance she gets. Changing the subject, David says he'd better get some shuteye, as he's got to head off on a run at about 6pm. Patricia tells him that he can dream about the house. David smiles and replies that he will. He heads off, leaving Patricia looking thoughtful.

A few minutes later, Patricia heads into the study. Luke is sitting at his desk and she asks him how things are going. Luke tells her that someone has been trying to ring her STD, but they wouldn't leave a message or even their name. Patricia says she supposes they'll ring back if it's important. She then tells Luke that she's going to fix up that authorisation this afternoon. She adds that she's got more good news, too: she and David have bought a house in the country; she's going to be spending quite a time there, clearing it up, so he'll be at Toorak by himself. Luke assures her that that's OK by him. He asks where the house is. Patricia replies that it's not that easy to find-- She's interrupted as the 'phone suddenly starts ringing. She answers it, STD pips sound and a woman then comes on and explains that she's Roger Carlyle's secretary. Patricia asks her to hang on a minute. She turns to Luke and asks him for a cup of coffee. Looking slightly annoyed, Luke gets up and goes. Patricia then returns to the 'phone and tells the woman that they can talk now. The secretary says she has a message from Mr. Carlyle: he's in Melbourne at the moment, on business, and while he's there, he would like to finalise arrangements about extra finance; could Patricia be at his apartment in thirty minutes? Patricia says she'll leave immediately. The secretary goes on that Mr. Carlyle also wants her to make sure that Luke is busy, as he doesn't want his son seeing him and her together. Patricia says she understands and she hangs up, looking thoughtful. After a couple of moments, she gets up and heads out into the hallway. Luke is just bringing in two cups of coffee, but Patricia tells him that she's sorry but she's not going to have time for it now - she's got to go out on business. Looking apologetic, she adds that, the trouble is, she's expecting a call from the States, so could he handle it? She goes on that it may mean staying in during his lunch hour. Luke, looking thoughtful, replies that he did have something on, but he guesses that can wait. Patricia smiles and tells him that it's nice to know she has someone who can take over when she needs it. She goes.

Jim is walking down a street, passing a number of shops. He suddenly stops and stares across the road, where a car has just pulled up outside the West Bank building. He watches as Patricia gets out of the passenger side and then Roger Carlyle gets out of the driver's side.

A short time later, Jim arrives at Toorak, and as Luke lets him in, he says he's sorry he's a bit late, but there's been a bit of a mix-up about transferring money down for him, and he had to go to the bank. Luke replies that he's sorry, too: he won't be able to take him to see Jeff after all; he's got to stick by the 'phone there. Jim curtly points out that, if you make an arrangement, you stick to it. Luke retorts that he can't: there's an important 'phone call coming through for Patricia; she had to go out. Jim replies that, yeah, he saw her as he was going to the bank; she was heading for the one over the road. He adds that Luke's dad was with her. He then comments that he didn't know Patricia and Roger knew each other; he didn't even know Roger was in Melbourne, come to think of it. Luke retorts that he isn't - he's in Perth - and he certainly wouldn't be with Patricia. He tells Jim that he must have been seeing things. Jim, though, tells Luke that he knows his dad enough to recognise him - Heather used to work for him, don't forget - and he's telling him: he was with Patricia.

A few minutes later, Luke hands Jim a piece of paper and tells him to take the address of the clinic. He adds that he might as well see Jeff on his own. Jim asks him if he's sure. Luke tells him that he should be alright - he told Jeff that Jim would be coming round sometime. Jim goes. Luke stands there, looking thoughtful. After a couple of seconds, he heads into the lounge room and opens Patricia's telephone book. He looks up a number and then dials. The 'phone rings at the other and and a woman then answers, "West Bank." Luke asks if Mrs. Morrell is there, adding that he thinks she might be having a meeting with the manager. The woman replies that, yes, she is there. Luke then asks if Mr. Carlyle is with her. The woman replies again that, yes, he is. She asks Luke if he wants to talk to either of them, or to leave a message. Luke, though, tells her that it's not important. He looks annoyed.

In the driveway at Dural, Wayne is bending down by Barbara's scooter, tinkering with it. He picks up a cloth, wipes away some grease and, looking around carefully, gets up and walks off...

Inside the house, in the hallway, Gordon thanks Liz for bringing over the papers that she's brought from Karen Fox, adding that he'll look at them after lunch. He offers her a pre-lunch drink, and she replies that anything soft will do. Gordon smiles and tells her that he's going to miss having her around. They head into the lounge room, Liz staring at Gordon, a loving smile on her face, as he walks out to the kitchen to get her drink. Wayne suddenly comes into the house, walks into the lounge room and tells Liz, "Problem over." Looking worried, Liz tells him to be quiet, as Gordon is just in the kitchen. Wayne, more quietly, explains that he's organised Mr. Perrin's next threat to her. Looking surprised, Liz asks him what he's talking about. Wayne replies that he's just rigged Barbara's scooter so that when Liz leaves, she'll have a little accident. Looking shocked, Liz asks him if he's mad. Wayne, though, assures her that she won't be hurt: she just has to ride down the drive very slowly and brake before she reaches the gate; he's doctored it so that she'll lose control and fall off. Seeing the expression of worry on her face, he adds that it's alright: it'll only be grass at the end of the drive - but it'll look like her nutty friend has had another go. Liz growls that she's beginning to wonder who's nuts. She adds that there's no way she's going to risk breaking her neck. Wayne points out that there's no way Gordy would let her go to Irene's if he saw her in real danger; he probably wouldn't let her out of the house. Liz insists that she won't do it. Wayne, though, tells her that she can't give in now. Liz retorts that she feels bad enough about that note - she's not making it worse. Wayne comments that she still wants Gordon, doesn't she? Liz replies that of course she does - but not that way; if he ever found out, she'd lose the most important thing of all: his respect. She adds, "Enough is enough." Wayne comments that it's a pity, as it would have worked like a dream.

Barbara and Irene are coming downstairs, Barbara commenting that she must say she wasn't looking forward to lunch today - she would have bitten Liz's head off. She thanks Irene for offering to take the girl to the boarding house with her. Irene says she still thinks Barbara should take a deep breath about the girl . Barbara retorts that it's not easy. She suddenly realises that she's forgotten the milk, and he goes on that she supposes Wayne is parked in front of the Rolls, isn't he? She adds that it doesn't matter - she'll take the bike - it's quicker. Irene says she'll set the table.

In the lounge room, Gordon returns with Liz's drink, commenting as he hands it over that he'd better give Barbara a call, as something seems to be burning in the oven. Irene comes in and says it's OK - she'll look after it; Barbara is just popping out to the shops to get some milk. Wayne says he'll move his car for her, but Irene tells him not to bother, as she went on her bike; she said it would be quicker. Liz and Wayne look at each other in panic.

Outside, Barbara roars off down the driveway at a fair speed. The steering column of her scooter suddenly starts veering to the left and then to the right, and Barbara finds she has no control over it. As the steering suddenly goes altogether, Barbara loses control completely and the scooter falls over. Barbara is flung off, and she rolls across the driveway and onto the grass.


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