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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Russell Webb

Barbara is on the 'phone in the lounge room, talking to Irene. She tells her that she doesn't know how she could have been so stupid - she must have needed her head read, offering Liz money. Irene points out that it's done now - there's nothing she can do about it. Barbara says she's still determined to get Liz out of the house - she'll just have to be a bit more subtle. Irene tells her that laying on the charm is her suggestion, in that case. Barbara suddenly hears the front door opening and she tells Irene that she has to go. She thanks her for lending an ear and hangs up. Gordon comes in and Barbara explains that she was just talking to Irene - seeing that she got home alright. She offers him a drink before dinner and he accepts. As she pours it, Barbara says she realises he must be very disappointed in the way she's behaved towards Liz; checking up with the agency about the poor girl was obviously very painful for her. Gordon agrees, "Obviously." He sits down and Barbara continues that all she can say is that she's really very sorry and that she'll do her best to make things more pleasant for her in the future. Gordon tells her that that shouldn't be that hard - Liz is a very nice person. Barbara says she knows - it's just her being a bit of a duffer, she supposes. Gordon smiles and assures her that she's not a bad old duffer - she'll do him for a few more years yet.

Wayne comes out of the study. As he walks into the hallway, Liz is coming downstairs, and she asks him if he's not joining them for dinner. Looking surprised, Wayne comments that he expected to see her with her bags packed. Liz explains that she's not going now: 'wonderful wife' Barbara offered her money to take off - to save her blackmailing Gordon; that's what she accused her of being there for. Wayne growls that Barbara is off her tree. Liz tells him that she's just starting to realise that; she's also starting to realise that she's no good for Gordon. Wayne points out that he's been trying to tell her that all along. Liz replies that she's seen it for herself now - so from here on, may the best woman win. Wayne tells her, "Good on you." He then adds that, unfortunately, he won't be there to see the fireworks, as he has to drop some papers into Karen Fox. Liz assures him that she'll give him a full battle report when he gets back. Wayne goes and Liz heads into the lounge room, where she says a polite, "Good evening," to Gordon and Barbara. Looking at her outfit, Gordon remarks that she's certainly dressed up for the occasion. Liz explains that she felt like brightening herself up a bit. Gordon offers her a drink and she asks for small scotch and water. Gordon asks Barbara to get it. As she pours it, she tells Gordon and Liz that she's afraid she'll have to leave them to their own devices, as she has dinner to get ready. Liz tells her that that's alright: Gordon has promised to teach her eight-ball; they can have the first lesson. Gordon replies that that sounds fine to him. Liz suggests that they go and chalk the cue! The two of them leave the room. The polite smile on Barbara's face becomes a grimace.

Karen is sitting at the table in the lounge room at the Fisher house, a pile of papers in front of her. Wayne comes in and comments that she's working late. Karen tells him that she'll be working until midnight to get through that lot. Wayne remarks that there's no rest for the wicked! Karen doesn't look impressed. Wayne hands her the papers he's brought over, and as he does so, Karen asks if there's any chance that he could stay and lend a hand for a few hours. Wayne, though, says he's sorry, but not tonight. Karen asks him if he has a dinner date with Katie. Wayne just mutters, "No." Karen says to him that he is still seeing her, isn't he? Wayne replies, "Sort of." He then adds that they'll have to wait and see. Karen says that, if he's not seeing her, can't he stay and give her some help? - she could really use it; she could call the caterers and have them send in a meal - it'll be like the first time they met. Wayne gives in and agrees that he'll stay, but he adds that they won't be eating there to make it seem like the good old days; it'll be because they're working late. Karen assures him that that's what she meant - she was simply trying to be practical, that's all.

Irene is in Fiona's apartment, and Katie is showing her her computer. She explains that once you've written the program and it works, you put it on the tape and put the tape in the machine; you call up the program and you're away. She shows Irene a display on the screen, and Irene comments that she makes it seem so easy! Katie tells her that if you like doing something enough, it's never much of an effort. Irene agrees that that's true, and she tells Katie that she'll have to give her a lesson one day. Katie, suddenly looking glum, replies that it'll have to be soon, as she doesn't think she'll be hanging round much longer. Looking surprised, Irene asks her why she had her computer sent up to Sydney then. Katie explains that she's the sort of person who rushes into things without listening to what other people have to say; she thinks she's learning her lesson now, though; all-in-all, going back to Melbourne seems the best idea. Irene asks if this has something to do with Wayne. Katie replies that something happened to make her realise that the people who warned her about him might have a point. Irene, looking sympathetic, says she has a good pair of ears; Katie can tell her all about it if she wants to.

Liz and Gordon head from the games room back to the lounge room at Dural, Liz laughing as they do so that she doesn't think she'll ever master the game! Gordon tells her that it just takes time and practice. Liz, though, points out that she missed the white ball, let alone hitting any of the others! Barbara comes into the lounge room from the kitchen and tells them that she's just ready to serve dinner - but before she does, there's something she'd like to say to Liz. Liz stares at her, and she goes on that she realises she's behaved really badly since Liz arrived, and she's sorry - all that business with the agency was totally uncalled for, and from now on she'll do her best to make her welcome in their home; she only hopes Liz can forgive her behaviour. Liz smiles and assures her that of course she can - as far as she's concerned, it never happened. Barbara thanks her, and Gordon says he's glad that's sorted out - now they can get on with enjoying each other's company. Barbara asks Gordon if he can open the wine. Gordon replies that of course he can. Turning to Liz, he adds that his wife saves all the best jobs for him! He and Barbara leave the room. Liz looks annoyed.

The next morning, Liz and Wayne are coming downstairs, and Liz is telling Wayne that she wishes he'd been there to see Barbara at work - that two-faced bitch: one moment she was slapping her face and the next she was sweetness and light. Wayne says to Liz that she's not going to let Barbara get away with it, is she? Liz replies that of course she isn't - she just wants to know what Barbara is up to, that's all. Having heard the voices, Gordon comes out from the lounge room and asks Liz if she's off to work. Liz replies that it's her first day - she's quite looking forward to it. Gordon asks her if she's sure she doesn't mind using her own car for the courier work. Liz assures him that she doesn't. Gordon tells her that they'll pay her a petrol allowance, and she thanks him. He heads back into the lounge room to finish his breakfast. When he's gone, Wayne says to Liz that he wishes he was a fly on the wall: Barbara is bound to make her next move now; he'd love to know what it's going to be. Liz tells him that Barbara can make as many moves as she likes, but she's still going to lose in the long run. The two of them go out. At the breakfast table, Barbara offers Gordon more toast, but he tells her that he's fine. He then goes on that he knows the situation between her and Liz isn't easy, but he does appreciate the trouble she went to last night to apologise to her - he's very proud of her. Barbara tells him that she's not very proud of herself. Gordon, though, says he's sure that if they work at it, they can iron out any tensions that might crop up. Barbara says she agrees. She adds that, of course, they must realise that it's very hard for Liz, too - she must feel just as uncomfortable as she does; and on top of everything else, there's that dreadful man, Perrin, to worry about. She goes on that she was just thinking that maybe they could find Liz a nice flat - somewhere close so that she could visit whenever she wanted to, but so that she didn't feel as if she was living in their pockets. Looking wary, Gordon says he doesn't know. Barbara tells him that they'd make sure it had very good security systems. Gordon suggests that Liz mightn't be too happy with the idea. Barbara assures him that it was only a suggestion. Gordon says he knows. Barbara adds that it would also solve a lot of problems, as well as giving Liz everything she needs. Looking thoughtful, Gordon suggests that they ask her; he agrees that it's a good idea, but he doesn't want the poor girl to feel that they're throwing her out. Barbara assures him that if Liz wants to stay, that's fine by her. Gordon says they'll see what she has to say. Barbara nods, a warm smile on her face...

Wayne and Liz are at the Fisher house, and Wayne tells Liz that Karen will probably give her a hard time at first. Liz comments that she doesn't even know her. Wayne explains that Gordy hired her - the last bloke he put on turned out to be a real moron. Liz remarks that Karen Fox sees herself as Boss Cocky, eh? Wayne agrees, "Does she ever." He goes on that she'll probably try and muscle him around this morning, as well. Liz asks if he means because of last night. Wayne replies that he told Karen that they're relationship is over, but she won't give up. Looking concerned, Liz says she's a bit nervous about meeting her, now - she sounds like an ogre! Wayne agrees that she she has her days... They suddenly hear Karen's voice out in the hallway, snapping at Jill that she told her she can't remember where she put the damn thing; that's why she wants Jill to look for it. The two women come into the room, Jill saying as they do so that she only asked Karen where she was using it last night. Karen snaps that she doesn't remember - how many times does she have to tell her? Wayne interrupts and says, "Morning." He then introduces Liz, but Karen barely gives her a glance before walking out of the room. Jill welcomes Liz and introduces herself. Wayne explains to Liz that Jill has only been working for them for a few months, so she shouldn't feel too much like the new boy. Karen comes back in and asks Jill to show Liz where the letters she's holding have to go - she wants them delivered first thing. Liz follows Jill out of the room. Alone with Wayne, Karen tells him that she's going to be out this morning, so she's left him-- Wayne interrupts her, though, and growls that she didn't have to be so rude to Liz - she's getting a hard enough time from Barbara without her making it worse. Suddenly calming down and looking interested, Karen asks him what put Barbara on the warpath. Wayne replies, "Jealousy," going on that Gordon is quite taken with Liz, so Barbara has gone on full alert. Karen smiles interestedly and says, "Really?" She then asks what Liz thinks of Barbara. Wayne replies that she can't stand her - if she had her way, she'd bundle Gordy out of Barbara's life for good. Karen comments that maybe she'll enjoy having the girl working there after all - it seems they're on the same side. Changing the subject, she continues that, anyway, she must be off - she has a meeting in half an hour. She adds that he's not to make any important decisions while she's away. Wayne looks annoyed. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and Karen tells him that he can answer that, though. She goes and Wayne picks up the 'phone. Irene comes on and asks if Karen is there. Wayne explains that she's just left. Irene asks him to tell Karen when she gets back that she's home - Karen came looking for her while she was away; Katie passed on a message. Suddenly looking interested, Wayne asks if Karen was talking to Katie. Irene says, "Yes." She adds that Karen must have got her dates mixed up about when she was coming back. Wayne, though, growls that he doesn't think so - Karen isn't the type to get confused about dates; he'd say that she had another reason for dropping into the boarding house...

Katie opens the door of Fiona's flat to find Wayne standing there. He walks straight in and Katie bluntly asks him what he wants. He tells her that he just found out why she backed off at a million miles an hour the other night: Karen was around, talking to her, wasn't she? Katie shuts the door and asks who told him. Wayne replies that it was Irene. He then asks what Karen had to say. Katie tells him that she said she was one in a long line of girlfriends he's had and that, once he'd got what he wanted, she wouldn't see him for dust. Wayne asks if that's all. Katie asks back if that isn't enough; Karen told her that she'd given his him marching orders once she found out the same thing. She adds, "So much for your story about ditching her." Wayne tells her to sit down. Katie insists that she doesn't want to talk about-- Wayne interrupts and says, "Please?" They both sit down. Wayne then turns and looks Katie in the eye and tells her that he won't pretend he doesn't have a bad side - he's not a saint - but he does care about her; Karen knows about that, so she set out to make trouble for him - the thrust of his relationship with her is that she wanted it and he found her attractive enough to go along with it for a while, but when he realised that she was becoming important to him, he told Karen he wanted out; the trouble is that she isn't giving up without a fight: everything she told Katie is just part of it, but it's all lies. He tells Katie that he wants her back - for the right reasons. Katie, having listened intently, smiles at him and says she's been so miserable without him. They start kissing passionately.

Karen arrives back at the Fisher house to find Wayne and Katie sitting on the couch. She sarcastically comments, "This looks very cosy." Wayne retorts, "It is." Karen asks him if he isn't going to work today. Wayne tells her that there's nothing that can't wait until this afternoon - he and Katie are going for a long lunch. Karen snaps that everything there comes to a standstill while he's out making goo-goo eyes at his little girlfriend, does it? Wayne, though, says he thinks she'll be glad to have him out of the way. He then goes on that he didn't know she'd borrowed money to buy into their company. As a look of annoyance crosses Karen's face, and he explains that one of her creditors called: he's threatening legal action if she doesn't start paying up. Karen just stands there, grim-faced. Wayne says to Katie that they don't want to be late for the restaurant, and Katie stands up. She then tells Karen that Irene's back, and she heads out to the front door. Wayne lingers in the lounge room and explains to Karen that Irene called not long after she left - she told him that Karen had stopped into the boarding house and gave a message to Katie; in fact, Katie told him that she had quite a chat with Karen. He smiles nastily and adds, "Not your day, is it." Karen glares at him and he goes.

Mitch and Amanda are lying on some straw in a barn at Woombai. Mitch asks Amanda if she's happy, and she tells him, "Mmm." Mitch says, "Me too." He then tells her that Freddy has invited them to a barbecue tonight - it should be a lot of fun. Amanda replies that it sounds lovely, but he's picked the wrong night. Mitch asks why. Amanda explains that Fiona has invited some guests over for dinner, and she'll get a bit huffy if she's not there. Mitch tells her to let Fiona get huffy, but Amanda says she can't: Fiona doesn't like the idea of the two of them seeing each other, and if she starts to make it more obvious, she'll really get her back up. Mitch points out that there's not really anything Fiona can do about it. Amanda, though, laughs, "Don't believe it!" She then explains that Fiona may not own Woombai anymore, but she's certainly got a lot of sway with the people who do - she could make it difficult for him to hang on to his job. Mitch growls, "Rotten old cow - why doesn't she mind her own business?" Amanda agrees, "I know." Mitch then goes on that, still, it's nice to know Amanda has got his best interests at heart. Amanda sits up and suggests that it's time they were getting back. Mitch tells her that it'll be a boring old barbie without her. Amanda, looking thoughtful, replies that, when it's finished, he should wait until the lights are out at the homestead and then come on up - she'll leave the door unlocked. Mitch smiles and says, "OK - you're on." He adds that it won't turn out to be such a bad night after all. He kisses her. Amanda just looks thoughtful.

At the homestead, Fiona is taking some cutlery out of the sideboard drawer. Amanda comes in and comments that they're eating out on the verandah today, are they? Fiona asks, "Why not?" adding that it seems a shame to waste such a lovely day. Amanda explains that she just saw Andy out there, soaking up the sunshine. Changing the subject, she asks how Fiona would feel about having the Hansens over for dinner tonight. She adds that they were good enough to invite her over on the first night they arrived, and she was sorry she didn't get to see them. Fiona says she thinks it's a very good idea, but there's a barbecue on tonight - wouldn't Amanda rather go to that? Amanda replies, "Not really." She adds that it's been ages since she's seen the Hansens. Fiona tells her that it's fine by her, and she asks Amanda to lay the table while she gives them a call. Amanda smiles broadly.

Andy is sitting outside on the verandah, reading a magazine, when Amanda comes out with a tray of lunch things. She asks him what he's looking at, and he explains that it's a bike mag. Amanda muses that he'll have to send her Aunty Barb a subscription! She then tells Andy that she's glad he came up to Woombai, as it's good having him around. Andy replies that he'll only be staying a couple more days. Looking surprised, Amanda asks why, and Andy explains that he's got a few jobs lined up with the disco. Amanda asks him if he'll stay as long as he can. Looking surprised, Andy comments that that's a bit of a change of tune, isn't it? - yesterday, she practically told him to get lost. Amanda explains that she was angry, that's all. Andy asks about Mitch. Amanda replies that he doesn't mean anything to her. Andy asks her why she's been spending so much time giving him the big come-on, then. Amanda says she doesn't know - it's a way of coping, she supposes; it helps to keep her mind off Todd. Andy points out that there are better ways of coping. Amanda says she knows - that's why she wants him to stay so that she'll have someone to talk to. She adds that she knows it probably doesn't make much sense. Andy tells her that she's dead right! Amanda explains that all she's asking is that he stays a bit longer; she thought they were good enough friends for at least that. She pleads, "Please?" Andy agrees that he'll stay as long as he can.

The front door opens at Fiona's flat and Katie and Wayne walk in, Katie exclaiming excitedly that that's the first time she's ever been to a restaurant where they have finger bowls - and it's also the first time she's ever eaten calamari. Wayne smiles and says, "There you go: two new experiences in the one day!" Katie puts her arms round him and says she's a lucky girl, isn't she! Wayne agrees, "I reckon!" Katie suddenly declares, "I love you." Looking taken aback, Wayne tells her that he feels a lot for her, too - but so that he doesn't mess things up, he thinks he should get something out in the open. Katie smiles and asks if he turns into a werewolf when there's a full moon! Wayne tells her, "Not quite!" They sit down and Wayne then asks Katie if she remembers this morning, when he said he had a bad side; he thinks he should explain: sometimes, he hurts people to get what he wants - it's part of him that he doesn't think will ever change. Katie says she doesn't think he'll do anything to hurt her. Wayne, though, tells her that he already has - he's hurt her and her family. He goes on that, when he tells her, there's a fair chance she'll never want to see him again. He continues, "It's to do with Jeff."

A short time later, Wayne tells Katie that that's it: he gave Jeff booze money to steal information from her father; his only excuse - if he can find one at all - is that when he let Karen push him into it, he honestly didn't know that Jeff was an alcoholic. Katie points out that Karen forced him into it. Wayne agrees that she did the first time - but the second time, she was overseas and he did it off his own bat; by then, he did know Jeff had a drinking problem. Katie tells him that he wasn't to know for sure that Jeff would spend the money on alcohol. Wayne says there's no point looking for an excuse that isn't there - they just have to face up to the fact that part of him is a louse, simple as that; so does she love him enough to put up with that side of him? He adds that Amanda didn't and neither did Jill; maybe it's expecting too much to think anyone could. Katie tells him that it'll take her a while to get over what he said... but she does love him enough.

Liz walks into Dural and says she thinks that car of hers has finally given up the ghost - it's been playing up for weeks but it just died in the driveway. Barbara, who's sorting out the plant arrangement in the hall, suggests that they'd better give it a decent burial. She quickly adds, "No offence." Liz goes on that she doesn't know how she's going to make the rest of her deliveries. Barbara suggests that she use the Rolls. Liz insists that she couldn't, and Barbara asks why not. Liz explains that she wouldn't feel comfortable. She heads into the lounge room and hands Gordon the papers from Karen. As he takes them, he asks her if she can ride a scooter. Liz replies that, as a matter of fact, she can - she had one before she had her car. Gordon tells her that the problem's solved, then. He looks at Barbara and asks her if she minds. Barbara politely replies that of course she doesn't, and she goes to get the keys. Alone with Liz, Gordon tells her that he's glad she's there as there's something he wanted to talk over with her: how would she feel about moving into a flat close by? Looking taken aback, Liz says she doesn't know. Gordon goes on that they thought she might like a bit more independence; he's checked out the local real estate agents and there are apparently quite a few with excellent security systems. Liz says that, if he thinks it's a good idea... Gordon tells her that he does - but it's her decision. Liz asks when she can start looking, and Gordon says he'll organise it for the weekend. Liz thanks him. Gordon, though, tells her not to thank him; thank Barbara - it was her idea. Barbara comes back at that moment and tells Liz that she was just doing what she thought best. She hands over the keys and Liz goes. Barbara smiles at Gordon.

At Woombai, Fiona is sitting on the couch, reading a magazine, when she suddenly hears a voice calling, "Mrs. Thompson?" It's Mitch and Fiona calls back that she's in there. He comes in and she asks him what she can do for him. Mitch explains that he wanted to let her know that he's organised one of the property cars for her. Fiona looks at him quizzically, and he goes on that he was talking to Amanda before lunch and she said they were having guests over for dinner; he thought she might want to run into town and do a spot of shopping. Fiona, looking surprised, tells him that that's very thoughtful of him. She then comments that he said Amanda was telling him this before lunch? Mitch says, "Yeah... we were having a bit of a chat." Fiona muses, "I see." Mitch goes on that he was actually going to take Amanda to the barbecue, but she felt she couldn't let her down over the guests tonight. Fiona, looking thoughtful, murmurs, "No..." She then remarks that Mitch really likes Amanda, doesn't he? Mitch says, "I reckon." He adds that she's great - and he likes working there, too: Terry's mates have made him feel really welcome. He goes on that he's not going to mess it up: when Amanda's dad gets back from America, he's not going to hear anything but good reports about him. Fiona says she's very pleased to hear that. She then says he's not making all this effort just to impress Amanda, is he? Mitch asks, "What if I am?" Fiona tells him that she wouldn't like to see him get hurt; from what she understands, Amanda really isn't interested in him - it's just that when she gets emotionally upset, she tends to get involved with the first man who comes along; invariably, it doesn't last very long. Mitch snaps at her that he reckons she's barking up the wrong tree - he could tell if Amanda wasn't really interested in him. Fiona warns, "Mitch..." Mitch, though, snaps that he could: Amanda is the best thing that's ever happened to him and as soon as he gets enough money behind him, he's going to ask her to marry him.

Wayne is sitting reading some papers at the table in the lounge room at the Fisher house. Jill comes in and, seeing the smug expression on his face, comments that it must have been a good lunch. Wayne replies that it was excellent. Jill then tells him that Karen wasn't too impressed with him bringing Katie over there. Wayne growls that that's too bad - he wasn't impressed with the way she went to Katie to badmouth him. Jill tells him that it took ages to calm Karen down after he'd gone, so he should steer clear of her when she gets back. Wayne asks where she is, and Jill explains that she's at the bank, trying to raise a loan. Wayne, looking interested, comments that the creditors must really be starting to howl. Jill says, "Yeah..." She then asks how the company's going; should she start looking for another job? Wayne tells her that it's not too bad yet - but if things don't start picking up soon... Liz suddenly comes into the room and announces that she's back. She adds that she's sorry it took so long, but her car conked out at the Hamiltons'; Barbara was good enough to lend her her scooter, though. She hands Jill some envelopes and Jill leaves the room to go and sort them out. Alone with Liz, Wayne asks, "Exciting day?" Liz retorts that he doesn't know how exciting: Barbara has managed to convince Gordon that she'd be much more comfortable and happy in a flat of her own. Wayne stands up, looking annoyed. He says to Liz that she didn't agree to go, did she? Liz tells him that she had to - Gordon obviously thought it was for her own good. She adds that Wayne should have seen the smirk on Barbara's face. Wayne growls, "I bet." He then adds that it's a pity that the guy that's been monstering Liz isn't after Barbara. Something suddenly appears to occur to him, and he says, "Maybe that's it." Liz asks him what he means. A nasty smile on his face, Wayne replies, "I think it's high time George Perrin, arch-psychopath, made a big comeback..."


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