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    Written by: Betty Quinn   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Liz, looking dubious, says she doesn't know - she didn't come there to break up a marriage. Wayne, though, tells her that she'd be doing Gordy a favour if she did. Liz comments that Barbara may not like her, but she loves Gordon - she makes him very happy. Wayne repeats that he told her: that's just a front they keep up - Barbara rules the roost and he'd say Gordy is getting pretty tired of it by now. Liz points out that he's been very sick - maybe Barbara is just being overprotective. Wayne, though, snaps that she's bossy as hell; Gordon would be a lot happier with someone warm and understanding - like Liz. He asks her to just stick around, adding that she'll see what he means.

A while later, Wayne, Barbara, Gordon, Irene and Liz are all sitting at the table in the living room, having lunch, and Barbara offers Irene more dessert. She declines, though, and says she should think of heading off. Gordon assures her that there's really no need. Irene thanks him but adds that she'd like to get back. Wayne suddenly announces that he's got an idea. Barbara grimly comments that that's a worry. Wayne ignores this and goes on that Liz needs a job, right? Gordon points out that she's got plenty time to think about that. Wayne, though, asks what there is to think about: they need a courier don't they? Gordon agrees that that's true. Liz, looking surprised, says it sounds great. Wayne asks her if she can start tomorrow. Gordon quickly adds, "If you're feeling up to it." Liz tells him, "The sooner the better, as far as I'm concerned." Looking annoyed, Barbara points out that the last courier was a disaster, and she asks Gordon if he doesn't think Karen would like to chose someone herself this time. Gordon retorts that Karen hasn't got all the say in the company; if Liz wants the job, it's hers. Liz assures him that she does. Gordon tells her that he'll speak to Karen this afternoon. He adds that, in fact, it's time they sorted a few things out. Wayne smiles at Liz and says they'll get to see her nearly every day - even if she does go back to her flat. Barbara says she still thinks they're pushing Liz into a job she'll hate - she's sure Liz would like to find something more interesting or better paid. She then adds that she thought Liz might be moving interstate - that would solve everything. Liz says, "Well..." Gordon, though, tells Barbara sternly that Liz needs understanding friends and a job to keep her occupied, and that's exactly what she'll get. Barbara glares at him. Irene, sensing the atmosphere, changes the subject and says to Gordon that Barbara told her he's taken up golf again. Gordon smiles and muses that his first round was a disaster - he hooked every drive! Barbara points out that he has to expect the odd fall the first time back. Liz smiles at him.

Later that afternoon, Gordon is at the Fisher house, and he snaps at Karen that using Jeff O'Brien was unforgivable. Karen curtly points out that they got the account. Gordon, though, retorts that his company doesn't work that way. Karen reminds him that, right now, it's not his company. Gordon angrily tells her that that may be, but their agreement runs out after a month, and after that, she hasn't got a hope in hell of keeping control. Karen spits that he won't last five minutes without her. Gordon retorts that they'll take their chances. Karen snaps at him that Patricia will be laughing all the way to the bank. Gordon, though, tells her that he doesn't think so: he's already spoken to her and she's as keen as he is that they stop gunning for her. Karen points out that what Patricia says and what she does are two entirely different matters. Gordon tells her that he believes what Patricia said. Karen snaps that with her track record, she wouldn't trust her if her life depended on it. Gordon curtly says he imagines trust is something she knows very little about. Karen snaps at him that she took over his company to save it, not to win a medal for being the best and fairest. Gordon tells her that she's not doing very well on either level. Karen retorts that she was doing fine until she was stupid enough to put that fool of a son of his in charge while she was away. Gordon snaps that he'd rather Wayne was a fool than underhand. He goes on that if she has to lie and cheat to win accounts, then she's not half the businesswoman she imagines. Karen snaps at him that he can say what he likes - he still needs her money. Gordon retorts, "Not that badly." Karen asks him who he's kidding. Gordon retorts that he isn't kidding anyone; he'd rather they play it straight or they'll do without her - and her money.

Barbara is talking on the 'phone on the bar at Dural, saying that she's sure it's not that serious between Mitch and Amanda. Andy is at the other end, and he tells her that it is: the mongrel is really moving in on her. Barbara asks him if he's spoken to Fiona about it. Andy replies that she agrees with him. Barbara points out that Fiona is also more than capable of sorting things out. Andy explains that he just thought she ought to know what's happening. Barbara thanks him for letting her know, they say 'bye' to each other and hang up. At Dural, Irene asks Barbara if Amanda is alright. Barbara tells her that it's just Andy overreacting. She offers Irene some tea. As she pours it, Irene asks her why she doesn't want Liz to take the courier job. Barbara explains that it's just one more excuse to hang around Gordon - and she doesn't believe Liz's story about getting sacked: she got on very well at the agency; why would they want to fire her after a few threatening calls? Irene points out that it's difficult to think straight when you're jealous. Barbara stares at her, and she adds, "You are, aren't you?" Barbara admits, "You bet." She then goes on that the last time Liz was in the house, she told Gordon that she was in love with him; she's been through that 'younger woman' routine before and she's not going to let it happen again. Irene comments that Gordon struck her as purely sympathetic, nothing more. Barbara, though, retorts that she's not taking any chances; in fact, she's going to check with the agency about Liz's story. Looking dubious, Irene says she doesn't think that's a good idea - and she doubts they'll tell her. Barbara, though, explains that she'll just say Liz wants a job with them and she needs a reference. Irene warns her that she thinks she's making a big mistake. She then adds that, as far as she can see, Barbara hasn't even got a problem. Barbara, though, snaps that of course she's got a problem. Irene tells her that she hasn't: Gordon loves her and that's all there is to it. A car horn suddenly sounds horn outside and Irene says it'll be her taxi. She gets up, squeezes Barbara's arm reassuringly and leaves.

Liz is sitting out the back, by the pool. Wayne joins her and tells her that she saw it for herself: at lunch, they could have cut the atmosphere with a knife. Liz replies that it was only because she was there. Wayne, though, tells her that it was nothing to do with her or the job - it's like that all the time and has been for ages. Liz says she's sure she only added to it, and she goes on that she really thinks it would be better for everyone if she just disappeared. Wayne, looking worried, tells her that Barbara is wrong for Gordon; now Gordy is feeling better, he's starting to realise what she's really like. He adds that if Liz really cares for Gordon, she should hang in there.

Inside, Barbara is talking on the 'phone in the lounge room. She thanks the person on the other end and hangs up. Gordon comes into the room and Barbara immediately tells him that she's so pleased he's home: she's just been onto the agency Liz used to work for. As she says this, Liz and Wayne come back into the house and walk into the room. Barbara tells Gordon, "The girl's been telling us a pack of lies ever since she walked through the door." Gordon turns and stares at Liz.

A few moments later, Barbara sternly explains that she checked because Liz's story just didn't ring true. She goes on that Liz was fired, for blackmailing a client. Liz snaps that that's the reason the agency gave. Wayne asks Barbara angrily why she didn't ask Liz straight out, or talk to Gordon first. Barbara retorts that she knew he'd think she was overreacting. Wayne asks her if she isn't. Barbara retorts that she doesn't think so. Liz suddenly chips in that she'd like to explain. All eyes turn to her and she goes on that she went out to dinner with a client - George Perrin; she thought they'd be going out, but he insisted they dine in his suite - it's happened before; she thought he was OK at first, until he started coming on really heavy; she tried everything she could to get away from him, but she couldn't; he was a big man and he went crazy - she didn't have a chance: he raped her. Gordon, looking sympathetic, assures her that she doesn't have to tell them any more. Liz, though, goes on that she reported Perrin to the agency, but he got in first and told them that she was trying to blackmail him. Barbara, sounding disbelieving, asks why the agency would believe Perrin's story over hers. Liz explains that he's a highly-respected businessman; she thinks he's the man who's been making the 'phone calls. Wayne looks at Barbara with a stormy look on his face and asks if she's satisfied. Barbara asks Liz why she didn't tell them the truth from the beginning. Liz replies that she felt really ashamed... She suddenly runs off, and Gordon goes after her. Alone with Barbara, Wayne smiles and comments that it looks like her little plan backfired. Barbara snaps that Liz is a born actress. Wayne points out that Gordy believes her. Barbara retorts that of course he does - that's what that performance was for. Wayne comments that Liz has really got her scared - and why not?: she's young, pretty and she really cares-- Barbara suddenly snaps, "Get out." Wayne smiles nastily and goes, leaving Barbara looking furious.

Outside, Gordon and Liz are sitting on a bench by the pool, and Gordon is giving Liz a comforting hug. Barbara comes out of he house and glares at them for several seconds before heading back inside.

In Melbourne, Patricia opens the front door at Toorak and finds Jim standing on the step. A smile on her face, she tells him that it's nice to to him, and she invites him in. Jim says he wasn't sure what sort of welcome he'd get, but he's grateful to her for letting him know about Mike. Patricia explains that she thought she ought to. Jim then asks if he can speak to Luke. Patricia tells him to wait in the lounge room and she'll get him. Jim heads into the lounge room and after a few seconds, Luke comes in. He immediately asks Jim if Mike has sent him to do his dirty work. Jim, though, explains that he hasn't seen Mike: he and Heather are away for a few days; Beryl filled him in. He asks where Jeff is, and Luke curtly replies that he's where his father should have put him when he first knew he was drinking: in a clinic, drying out. Jim asks where that is, but Luke tells him that it's best left alone. Jim asks for the address. Luke, though, tells him that he'll see his nephew when he gets out and not before. Jim warns Luke not to get smart with him, adding that he happens to be family. Luke, though, snaps that it's a great family, and he reminds Jim that he was the one who got Jeff on the booze in the first place. Jim tells him that Jeff's parents have got a right to know what's happening. Luke, though, retorts that he doesn't give a hang what Mike thinks. He then adds more calmly that he doesn't want Heather to be worried, though, so he'll give Jim the reports from the clinic to pass on to her. Jim says he'll be staying at Beryl's until Mike and Heather get back. He then walks to the door and goes. Patricia looks thoughtful.

A car is driving along the road towards the Toorak mansion. David is the driver. As he goes to turn up the driveway, a car comes down it and goes to pull out. David notices that the driver is Jim O'Brien. He looks thoughtful.

Patricia is sitting in the lounge room, reading a magazine, when David comes in. Patricia, looking surprised, comments that she didn't hear the truck. David explains that he left it at the depot and brought the car home, instead. Patricia tells him that he looks like she feels. David comments that he just saw Jim O'Brien driving off, and he asks what's going on. Patricia sighs and says, "What isn't?" She then explains that Luke and Mike had a terrible row and Mike resigned. David asks how Jim O'Brien fits in. Patricia tells him that Jim is staying with Beryl - she must have filled him in on what's going on, and he came over to have a go at Luke - so with one thing and another she's had it. She adds that she's missed him, too. David says he still can't see why Jim O'Brien was there in the first place - he's supposed to be up in Queensland. Patricia says she supposes that when Beryl told him that she was pregnant, he felt he ought to come down; it looks like he's going to do the right thing. David remarks that there's no doubt who father is now, is there? He goes on that he came really close to making a mug of himself. Patricia tells him that she's still there. David smiles at her and they kiss.

In the kitchen at the Palmers', Jim says to Beryl that of course it's good that young Jeff has professional help - but the way Luke was talking about Mike, he's lucky he didn't plant him one. Beryl points out that that wouldn't have done Jeff any good. Changing the subject slightly, Jim tells her that he saw a car pull in as he left. Beryl asks if it was David. Jim replies that he supposes so. He goes on that he should have straightened him out; he hurt her a lot, didn't he. Beryl admits, "Yes." She then adds that she can't help feeling sorry for him, though - marrying Patricia is a big mistake. Looking surprised, Jim tells her that she's really something. He then goes on that he's got money for once, so why doesn't she come out to dinner with him? - somewhere really fancy. Looking wary, Beryl says she doesn't think so. Jim points out that she's got to keep her strength up. Beryl gives in and tells him that he's on. Looking pleased, Jim tells her that it's good seeing her again - he's glad Patricia rang him. Looking surprised, Beryl queries, "She rang you?" Jim explains that it was to tell him about Mike and Jeff - she thought he ought to know. Beryl sarcastically muses that that's very kind of her... Jim, not picking up on the cynicism, agrees that, yeah, it was, considering they didn't exactly part good mates. He then asks Beryl where she'd like to go. Beryl, though, replies that she'll leave him to sort it out; she's just realised that she has to go out - there's something she has to do...

Wayne and Liz are sitting at the bar at Dural. Wayne says to Liz that she could have told him, but Liz retorts that it's not an easy thing to talk about with anyone. Wayne points out that he's on her side - he needs to know the score. Liz, though, tells him that she's not sure she's bothered about getting rid of Barbara anymore. Wayne, looking worried, points out that she saw Barbara's reaction - there wasn't even a flicker of sympathy for her; just blind jealousy because she knows she's made a mess of things with Gordon: she's scared stupid that he'll come to his senses and find someone who'll make him happy. Liz says she doesn't know what to think anymore. Out in the hallway, Gordon and Barbara are just coming out of the study, and Gordon is saying sternly that he can't believe Barbara would do anything so underhand - it's the sort of thing he expects from Karen Fox. Barbara snorts that she'd be asking more questions if she knew who to ask; Liz is lying: she's playing on his sympathy and good nature. Gordon retorts that he thinks he's capable of making decisions in his own home - he believes Liz and she's staying. Barbara, looking furious, storms upstairs. In the lounge room, Wayne and Liz have overheard the argument and Wayne asks Liz if she's convinced. Liz agrees that she is: they are having problems and her being there isn't making things easier; she'll leave right now. Wayne points out that Gordy won't hear of it. Liz retorts that she's not going to tell him - and neither will he; she'll leave a note. Wayne says he thought she really cared about Gordon. Liz sadly replies that she does, but if she sticks around, he'll end up talking her into splitting Gordon and Barbara up. Wayne tells her that it'll happen anyway; Gordy's going to need her. Liz, though, retorts that she's leaving and there's nothing he can say that will make her change her mind.

There's a rapid knocking on the front door at Toorak, and Patricia goes to answer it. She finds Beryl standing on the step. Beryl immediately asks where David is, and Patricia impatiently replies that he's upstairs, asleep. Beryl asks her to tell him that she wants to see him. Patricia, though, retorts that he's just come back from a long trip. Beryl says she'll wait. Patricia snaps that he'll be asleep for hours. Beryl, though, asks what a few hours is; besides, she's sure he'll hear what she has to say. She goes on that Patricia doesn't really think she can stop her from telling him that it's his baby she's having, does she? She adds that she can prove it: her doctor's more than willing to verify it - and besides, she fell pregnant after Jim left Melbourne. Looking wrong-footed, Patricia asks her if that's what she's going to do. Beryl replies that, if she wanted him back, that's what she would do, but he's not worth the bother. She then adds sarcastically that, it was nice of Patricia to get in touch with Jim O'Brien. Patricia retorts that he's very fond of Mike - she thought somebody ought to tell him what was going on. Beryl tells her that she's all heart. Patricia, getting annoyed, asks her what she's really there for. Beryl explains that it's just to let her know that she can play the same sort of game as Patricia, if she doesn't stay out of her life. Patricia tells her that she can promise her. She then asks if there's anything else. Beryl replies that there isn't - just 'goodbye' and 'good luck': Patricia might manage to drag David to the altar, but she very much doubts it; she thinks he'll get cold feet - he's not a complete idiot. Patricia asks her if she's going to tell him that it's his baby. Beryl says she won't - but he'll always wonder. Patricia, suddenly looking smug, tells her that, once they're married, she doubts David will think about Beryl at all. Beryl, though, retorts that there'll always be that worry: when he's away on a trip... Patricia will never know if he'll make a slight detour to catch a glimpse of the child that might be his. Patricia snaps, "Give up, Beryl - it's all over." Beryl tells Patricia that she's welcome to David - she wouldn't take him back as a gift. She goes.

That evening, back at the Palmer house, Jim is pouring drinks, and he tells Beryl - who's all dressed up - that he thought they'd have a hard starter - if she's allowed. Beryl smiles and tells him to remind her to ask her doctor! Looking at the expression on her face, Jim remarks that, if was wasn't already a rich lady, he'd say she'd won the lottery! Beryl laughs and asks if she's looking that pleased with herself. She then explains that something pretty big happened today. Jim asks her if she talked to David. Beryl replies that she didn't - but she finally closed the door on him and their whole life together. Jim comments that that's not easy. Beryl tells him that it took a long time; she told herself that she wanted a divorce and that she didn't really feel anything for him, but it wasn't true. Jim replies that it showed, and he suggests that maybe that's why he gave up so easily when Patricia made trouble between them. Beryl explains that it's hard after all these years... She goes on that you get used to being together, but it was the way David acted about the child that did it... she was so hurt... but when she settled down, she realised it was anger; only people you love can hurt you, and she doesn't love David anymore. Jim asks her if she's sure. Beryl confirms, "Mmm." She adds that the amazing thing is that it feels like there's no more pain. Jim stares at her and then comments that she really wants her child, doesn't she. Beryl says, "Yes," adding that she's going to look forward to every big, uncomfortable moment of her pregnancy. Jim points out that she might find it a little bit lonely going it on her own. Beryl, though, smiles as she reminds him that there are two of them! She continues that it would have been nice to have had someone to share it all, but she's got used to being by herself. Jim tells her that he doesn't think she'll be on her own for long. Beryl smiles and then asks if they should get started.

The 'phone rings at Toorak, and Patricia answers it in the lounge room. STD pips sound and then a woman comes on and asks for David. Patricia explains that he's asleep, and she asks who's calling. Irene replies that it's her. Patricia curtly tells her that she's not going to wake him. She adds that she thinks it's about time Irene realised that she's wasting her time - they've set a date for wedding and she's sure Irene won't be offended if she doesn't get an invitation. Irene retorts that she wanted to thank David for his sympathy card - but maybe she should send him one. She slams the 'phone down. David walks into the lounge room at Toorak and, seeing Patricia slamming the 'phone down as well, asks what's up. Patricia quickly replies that it's nothing - just a silly girl from the dressmaker's; it shouldn't be so difficult to arrange a wedding! Changing the subject, she asks David if he feels better, and he tells her that he slept like a log. Patricia smiles and suggests that he can concentrate now on making her feel better; she needs it. David asks if things are that bad. Patricia replies that she'll just be happier when the wedding is over and they can relax and enjoy being together. David tells her that he was thinking while he was away about her idea of getting a place in the country. Patricia smiles and says she'll get him a beer and he can tell her all about it. They start kissing passionately.

Liz comes downstairs at Dural, holding a packed bag in one hand and a sealed envelope in the other. She looks around the hallway cautiously, but there's no one around. She then creeps into the lounge room, and is about to put the envelope on the coffee table when the doors that lead to the kitchen open and Barbara comes in. She tells Liz that she's glad she found her. She then walks over to the girl, holds up a cheque to her face and asks if that's enough. Looking surprised, Liz says she doesn't understand. Barbara tells her that she's fooled Gordon, but she shouldn't waste her talents on her. Liz says she honestly doesn't know what Barbara is talking about. Barbara snaps, "Don't you?" She then goes on that there was one item in her story that made sense: the blackmail; Gordon was next on the list, wasn't he? She goes on that it's such a pity that Liz didn't put her acting talents to better use - she'd have been quite good. Liz insists that she still doesn't understand. Barbara snaps at her that she had to get back inside the house to set Gordon up, didn't she - and he believed her 'terrified little girl' act hook, line and sinker; but she's decided to save Liz the time - she can take the money and go. Liz retorts that everything she's told them is the truth; Barbara knows how she feels about Gordon. Barbara snaps that now they are getting down to the truth. She tells Liz angrily that she's sorry, but she's wasting her time - it's going to take someone a lot smarter than her to come between Gordon and her. Liz suddenly asks Barbara why, if she's so confident, she's trying to buy her off. She adds that Wayne was right: she is all wrong for Gordon; she wouldn't know the first thing about making him happy - but she does, and if she wanted to, she could take him away from her just like 'that'. Barbara suddenly slaps her face, and Liz howls in pain. A shocked look on her face, she storms out of the room. Barbara follows her out into the hallway and asks her what she's doing. Liz retorts that she was going to go through with leaving, but that would be too easy now - because she respected Barbara and thought she was a good wife; she'd even written out a note for Gordon - but now wild hordes wouldn't drag her away. She tells Barbara, "Whatever happens now is on your head." She walks off, leaving Barbara looking annoyed with herself.


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