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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Barbara suddenly bursts out laughing! After a few seconds, she calms down and says she's sorry, but Patricia did set it up rather well - it's so typical of her to pull the rug out from someone like that. Gordon curtly points out that they've just lost a very large account. Barbara says she's sorry, and she asks if it will affect the company. Gordon replies that it won't do it any good. Karen chips in that it's certainly shown that there's more to Patricia than she expected. Gordon asks her if it worries her. Karen replies that it doesn't - she enjoys a challenge. Barbara asks her what she'll do when Patricia keeps beating her to the punch. Karen retorts that she won't. She then asks why they should let Patricia spoil their evening; she's arranged for a marvellous meal, so she thinks they should fill their glasses and drink to the next contract.

Katie walks into the kitchen at the O'Briens' and Heather tells her that she looks nice. Katie thanks her. She then goes on that it's a pity Heather couldn't have gone to dinner with Mike. Heather explains that he's out with a potential client - and someone has to stay home with Jeff. Katie asks if he isn't coming to the Palmers'. Heather replies that he didn't seem very interested. Looking worried, Katie asks her if she thinks he's turning into an alcoholic. Heather, though, snaps that Jeff has got into a bit of a drinking habit and now his body is reacting while he's giving up, that's all. Katie says she hopes so... Heather goes on that it's just unfortunate that Mike couldn't be with him tonight; she hopes his job isn't going to take him out too much. Realising what she's implying, Katie assures her that she can't see what happened in Perth happening again - her father wouldn't let it. Heather distantly replies that of course he wouldn't... Jeff suddenly comes in and asks Katie if she's ready to go. Looking surprised, Heather starts to say that she didn't think-- Jeff, though, interrupts and says, to Katie, "Let's go." Katie tells her mother not to worry - she'll look after him. They go.

Next door, Beryl assures Leanne that she's sure Katie has seen hundreds of hairdos like hers. Leanne tells her that she thought all the kids would have them, but she hasn't seen one since she had hers done. Beryl points out that she can change it if she doesn't like it. Leanne insists that she likes it, and Beryl tells her that it's up to her, then; she shouldn't be embarrassed about it. There's suddenly a knock at the front door, and Beryl goes to get it. Katie and Jeff are standing there, and she tells them to come in. They head into the in lounge room and Beryl says, "Here's Leanne." Leanne isn't there, though, and so Beryl comments that she must be in the kitchen. She tells Katie and Luke to make themselves comfortable. Leanne suddenly comes in, holding the puppy, and Beryl introduces her to the O'Briens. Leanne asks them if she's seen the puppy; isn't she great? Katie agrees that she's lovely. Beryl tells Leanne that she'd rather the dog was outside. Leanne asks if she can't stay in for a little while, but Beryl replies that she can't until she's housetrained. She takes the dog outside. Leanne tells Katie and Jeff that the puppy hasn't even got a name yet - but she thought she'd call her 'Susie', after Susie Quatro. Jeff growls that that's a stupid name for a dog. Leanne retorts that she bets he can't think of a better one. Katie quickly chips in and explains that Jeff had a Labrador that died not long ago, and Leanne says she's sorry. Beryl comes back and suggests that they all sit down at the table. Jeff looks annoyed.

A while later, at the table, Leanne is talking excitedly and is saying that she's dying to go to the movies - she hardly ever got to go at the Home; but she's got to get a job first, so she'll have some money. She then asks Katie what she does. Katie explains that she's supposed to be at uni, but she's got a year off; she's making up computer games. Leanne exclaims that that's terrific, and she asks if she can come and play them. Katie replies that of course she can. Leanne adds that she's dying to go to a video parlour, too. Katie comments that she guesses Leanne missed out on a lot of things at the Home. Leanne tells her that the worst thing was never being free: they were good to them, but you had to do everything their way - it's terrific being able to do what you want to! Beryl suddenly comes in from the kitchen with some pudding bowls, and she says she hopes they all like trifle. Leanne looks at her bowl and asks what the funny smell is. Beryl explains that it's sherry. Katie looks at her sharply. Leanne happily says they never got stuff like this at the Home! Jeff just sits there and stares at it. Beryl notices and asks him if he's alright. Jeff replies that he's sorry, but he's too full to have dessert. He then asks the way to the toilet, and Beryl tells him that it's down the hall - the last door on the left. Leanne tastes the trifle and exclaims that it's terrific! Jeff goes, and Beryl asks Katie if he's alright. Katie nervously replies that his leg still gives him a lot of pain.

Jeff hobbles round to the back of the house and quietly enters the kitchen from the side door. He spots the bottle of sherry on the counter and hobbles over to it. He then picks it up, unscrews the lid and takes a swig. Looking around, he then puts the lid back on, turns and hobbles over to the back door. He opens it and heads outside. It's dark, and Jeff hides the bottle behind a plant in the conservatory, where it can't be seen.

At the O'Briens', Heather is sitting doing some sewing when Katie and Jeff come in. Heather asks how it was, and Katie replies that it was fine. Jeff just mutters that it was alright. He then announces that he's going to have a good soak in the bath before he goes to bed, and he hobbles off. Heather asks Katie how he was, and Katie replies that he was good - although she doesn't think he liked Leanne much; he was pretty quiet, but he behaved himself. She then adds that she got worried when Beryl said there was sherry in the trifle. Heather asks if he had any. Katie tells her that he didn't: he said he was too full and pushed it away. Heather remarks that it sounds like he's over the worst of it, then - they'll have some good news for Mike when he gets home.

Leanne is carrying a tray into the kitchen at the Palmers', and she says to Beryl that Katie was very nice - they're going to the movies together. She adds that Jeff's a bit of a pain, though. Beryl explains that he's had a rough time of it lately. Leanne says she's sorry about his dog dying - she shouldn't have brought the puppy in. Beryl explains that she meant to tell her not to - he's the one she's minding him for: Katie bought it for him, hoping it would help him get over his own dog's death, but he doesn't want it - well, not yet, anyway. Leanne points out that it's not the puppy's fault that his dog died. Beryl, though, says she can understand how he feels. Changing the subject, she hands Leanne some rubbish and asks her to pop it in the bin. Leanne takes it and heads out the back door. She looks shocked when she finds Jeff standing in the conservatory, and she asks him what he's doing. Beryl calls out to ask her if she's speaking to her. Leanne quickly calls back that she isn't. She then looks back at Jeff and mutters that it's nothing to do with her. She heads back inside.

The next morning, Heather and Jeff turn up at the Palmers', and Beryl tells Heather that she's sorry, but she's running late. Heather replies that it's alright - she has to drop Jeff off at school on the way, but there's no hurry. The three of them head into the kitchen, where Beryl asks Leanne if she can finish clearing up for her, as it's her volunteer day at the Home. Leanne says she will. She then says 'hello' to Heather, and Heather asks her how life is in the big world. Leanne replies that it's good - she hasn't seen much of it yet, but. She then adds that she's going down to the CES office this morning to see if can get a job. Heather points out that they're not easy to come by, but Leanne explains that she doesn't care what she does, so she should get something. Beryl suddenly asks her if she put the sherry away. Leanne replies that she didn't - she accidentally knocked it over this morning, when she was looking for the breakfast cereal. Beryl asks if it broke. Leanne replies that it did, so she wrapped the pieces in paper and put it in the bin. She adds that she's sorry. Beryl assures her that it's alright as long as she didn't cut herself. She then announces that she'll get her cape and they can go. Leanne looks at Jeff.

Gordon and Barbara are having breakfast in the living room at Dural. Barbara tells her husband that she doesn't doubt for a minute that if anyone got in Karen's way, she'd just mow them down. Gordon agrees that he's certainly glad that she's on their side. Barbara goes on that she knows the woman is important to the company, but-- Gordon interrupts and says, "You still don't like her." Barbara admits that she never will. She then goes on that Karen could probably have killed her last night, when she laughed! Gordon agrees that her timing was a bit off. Barbara explains that she couldn't help it: Karen certainly underestimated Patricia, and the look on her face was priceless! Gordon points out that she recovered very quickly. Barbara tells him that she still doesn't think it was wise to give her control of the company for three months. Gordon, though, retorts that he's confident she can get them out of trouble - so there's no need for her to continue working at the golf club. Barbara tells him that she enjoys it. Gordon replies that just as long as she knows that she's not under any pressure to keep it up... Barbara reminds him that he's the one that has to stay away from pressure, so he can go along with Karen and take it quietly. Gordon assures her that he intends to. He then tells Barbara that he knows how hard it's been for her, him being ill and having to cope with the money worries - and she didn't complain once. Barbara replies that he should have heard her outside the house! Gordon goes on that he'd like to replace the diamonds she had to sell. Barbara, though, tells him that he doesn't have to - she hardly ever used to wear them. Gordon insists that he'd like to get her something. Barbara tells him that there is one thing she'd like - although she doesn't know how he'd feel about it. Gordon, looking dubious, asks what it is. Barbara replies, "A motorbike." Gordon looks at her in shock!

A while later, Gordon is on the 'phone to Karen, and he comments to her that she certainly doesn't waste time. Karen retorts that she never does. She adds that she hasn't got the account yet, but she's talking to them this afternoon and she'd say there's a pretty good chance. Gordon tells her that it's good to see her bounce back. He then adds that if Patricia had lost the Donaldson account, she'd have been much too busy trying to get revenge on Karen to look for another deal. Karen explains that that isn't the way she does things. Sounding puzzled, she then goes on that Patricia didn't let the grass grow under her feet; she can't see how she got everything into gear so quickly - unless she's working with a backer who has very good contacts. Gordon tells her that he's beginning to think the same thing. Karen continues that she's told Wayne to stay in Melbourne to see what he can find out. There's suddenly a knock on the front door at Dural, and Barbara answer its to finds Andy on the step. Looking delighted to see him, she tells him that he's just in time to try and talk Gordon into something. Andy comments that he doesn't like the sound of that. Barbara explains that Gordon offered to buy her something, and when he found it that it's a motorbike, he tried to renege on the deal. Looking surprised, Andy exclaims that he doesn't blame him! They head into the lounge room, where Gordon wishes Karen good luck and then hangs up. He turns to Andy and asks him how he is is. He replies that he's fine. Barbara tells her husband that Andy can't understand why he won't let her have a motorbike. Andy tries to interrupt, saying, "I'm--!" He doesn't get any further before Gordon explains to Barbara that he doesn't want her getting herself killed. Barbara insists that she'll learn to ride it properly. She adds that it will save on petrol, and it'll be a lot of fun - she's wanted one for a long time, but she didn't know if his heart was strong enough to take it. Andy chips in and asks if he can suggest a compromise: a motor scooter. Barbara tells him that they're toys! Gordon, though, says that if there's less chance of her getting herself killed - or anybody else... Barbara retorts that she's touched by his confidence in her as a rider! She then gives in and growls that, alright, if she can't have the real thing, a motor scooter will have to do.

Later that day, Barbara and Andy are in a showroom, and Barbara is looking closely at a motorbike. Andy calls over to her that the scooters are where he's standing. Barbara, though, stays where she is and, looking at the motorbike, says, "Isn't it beautiful?" Andy replies that he doubts she could convince Gordon that it's a motor scooter! A salesman walks over to Barbara and asks her if she's thinking of buying a motorbike for her son. Barbara looks at him and then retorts that, no, it's for her, actually. The salesman stares at her in amazement! Barbara suddenly bends down over the seat of the motorbike and starts making revving noises!

Todd is working on an engine at the boatyard when Amanda suddenly comes along. He asks her what she's doing there, and she explains that she came to say 'hello'. Todd asks her if she and Andy enjoyed the show last night. Amanda replies that it was good. She then asks him what what he and his friend did. Todd explains that they went to dinner - it was very nice. He then adds that he can't talk now, as he should be working. A guy standing near him calls over that he can take a break if he likes, but Todd insists that it's alright. Amanda points out that they won't give him the sack for taking a few minutes off. Todd, though, retorts that he should be working. Amanda suddenly snaps that she only came to ask if he wanted to go out tonight, but there was no point - she's sorry she came. She storms off. Todd calls after her that he's sorry, but-- Amanda turns to look at him but then goes, leaving Todd looking annoyed.

A while later, Amanda is out walking along the street and she arrives at Irene's boarding house. Irene is in the garden, doing some weeding, but when she spots Amanda, she tells her that she was just screaming for an excuse to stop! Looking at the expression on Amanda's face, she comments that she seems a bit down. They sit down on the lawn, and Amanda explains that it's Todd. Irene asks what the problem is. Amanda tells her that she thought everything was going really well for them, and suddenly he's backing off - he said something about an old flame being back in town... She adds bitterly that he could at least tell her straight out. Irene asks her when she and Todd talked. Amanda replies that it was last night. She goes on that everything was fine before that; now she feels like a fool, because she virtually told him that she's in love with him. Irene comforts her and tells her that sometimes men get scared when things start to get serious - it takes them time to adjust. Amanda, though, replies that it's obvious that he doesn't feel the way about her that she feels about him - and there's not a damn thing she can do about it. Irene puts her arm around her.

David is at the Palmer house, and he tells Beryl that Patricia said she wanted to talk to him about something. Beryl replies that, actually, she's sorted it out now: she was trying to decide whether to take in a young girl from the Home. David queries, "Here?" Beryl explains that the girl has just turned 16 and had to find a place of her own. David comments that it would be better if she stayed somewhere else; if he was to move back-- Beryl interrupts him and tells him that that's why she wanted to discuss it with him: she wasn't sure what he was thinking in that direction - the divorce will go through the courts soon and they haven't really talked about it. David says, "I know..." There's suddenly a knock at the front door, and Beryl comments that that will be Leanne now; she must give her a key. She goes to the door and when she opens it, Leanne immediately tells her that it's terrific: she's got a job - it took her all day, and she followed up ten different ones, but they were no go; finally she said 'yes' to this one. As she walks into the lounge room, she suddenly spots David standing there, and Beryl introduces him. She then asks what the job is, and Leanne explains that she has to dress up in funny costumes and go to parties and give birthday messages and that sort of thing - like a telegram. Looking worried, Beryl comments that that's not the sort of job for a girl her age. Leanne, though, quickly assures her that it's not a stripping type of thing - just a funny costume to make them laugh. She adds that she'll tell her about it later, and she walks off. Looking aghast at Leanne's hair, David remarks to Beryl that she's not going to let the girl go round like that, is she? Beryl, though, retorts that, if it makes her happy, why not? David snaps that if she's going to stay there, she should at least look decent. Beryl explains that she wants the girl to make her own decisions: she has to learn how to live without people telling her what to do all the time. David retorts that she'll get out of hand. Beryl, though, tells him that she doesn't think so. David snaps that there's not much point her talking to him about it, as she's obviously made up her own mind already. Beryl retorts that she said Leanne could stay there, and she's not coming down on her because of her hairdo. She then suggests that they stop fighting and have a cup of tea or something. David, though, tells her that he doesn't have time. Beryl says she thought they were going to-- David snaps that they can do it later.

Irene is at the Fishers', but Karen tells her that she'll have a long wait. Irene, though, explains that she just rang Todd's work and they finished early; he's just left. Karen snaps that it's ridiculous Todd wasting his time on a menial job like that. Irene asks if it was better when he wasted his time doing nothing. Karen points out that at least he was enjoying himself. Irene retorts that he's enjoying his job - the only reason Karen doesn't like it is because she helped him get it. Todd suddenly comes in and, looking surprised, asks Irene what she's doing there. She explains that she just thought she'd pop round for a chat. She glances at Karen, who, taking the hint, announces that she has a business meeting to go to, and she leaves them. When she's gone, Todd comments to Irene that you can cut the air with a knife between her and Karen. Irene smiles and tells him that she thought they were hiding it so well! Coming to the point of her visit, she then asks him what he's doing to Amanda, adding that she had the poor girl sobbing on her shoulder all afternoon; she's obviously in love with him and he's backpedalling at a rate of knots. Todd just mutters, "Yeah." Irene asks him if he still cares for her. Todd nods. He then goes and sits down before continuing that he was pretty stupid, wasn't he: he should have called the whole thing off as soon as he realised she was starting to feel the same way he was. Irene points out that he left it a bit late. Todd, though, asks what he was supposed to do: tell her he's dying? Irene says she thinks Amanda has got a lot more guts than he gives her credit for. Todd retorts that it wouldn't be fair. Irene, though, tells him that what wouldn't be fair would be to take away what she could have with him now; she knows she's going to lose him, but does he think she regrets for one moment having met him? She continues that Amanda at least deserves whatever time he can give her; they both need to make the most of every minute - not just throw it away.

Leanne is sitting outside the front door at the Palmers', playing with the puppy, when Jeff comes along. They say taut 'hellos' to each other, and Jeff then asks Leanne how come she covered up for him this morning. Leanne explains that they learned at the Home never to dob. Jeff thanks her. He then goes on that he guesses she thought it a bit funny him pinching a bottle of sherry. Leanne replies that, no, she didn't - they took a bottle of brandy from the medicine chest at the Home once - they didn't even miss it; she didn't like it, though - and she reckons cooking sherry would be just as bad. Jeff tells her that it was - but he just thought he'd pinch it for a bit of a joke - to see if he could get away with it. Leanne retorts that he wouldn't have if she hadn't made up that story. Jeff bends down and starts stroking the puppy. Leanne comments that she thought he didn't like her. Jeff admits that he guesses it isn't her fault that Titus died. Leanne tells him that she's sorry about his dog. Jeff replies that he misses him - he was the best mate he ever had - and it's all his fault he died. Leanne points out that he can't do much about it, and Jeff quietly agrees, "No." He then goes on that he guesses 'Susie' isn't such a bad name. Leanne tells him that he can call her what he likes when he takes her home, but Jeff says he thinks he'll leave her there for a while. Leanne says that at least the puppy gives her someone to talk to when Mrs. Palmer is out. She adds that it seems funny not having the other kids around: you're never really alone at the Home - sometimes she used to hate it because of that, but now it feels funny being by herself. Jeff tells her that she can come across and visit Katie and him whenever she likes. Leanne smiles and thanks him.

Amanda is sitting on the couch at the Morrell apartment, listening to some music. It comes to an end and she gets up to go and put something else on. As she stands by the stereo, though, she suddenly spots some photos lying near by and she picks them up and looks at them; they're of her and Todd having fun together. She puts them down again, looking upset. There's suddenly a knock a the door and she opens it to find Todd standing there. He just says, "Hi." Amanda tells him that she didn't expect to see him. Todd explains that he thought she might like to go to the beach - do a bit of windsurfing before it gets dark. Amanda curtly asks what happened to his 'old flame'. Todd replies that there wasn't any old flame - he made her up. Amanda snaps, "One of your jokes?" Todd insists that it wasn't a joke. He then tells her that there's something he wants to talk about. Amanda retorts that they're finished - she already knows that. Todd just stands there and says, "Amanda, I haven't got very much longer to live. I'm dying." Amanda stares at him and then snaps that, yes, just like he was going to sail his windsurfer into a hydrofoil. She goes on angrily that she doesn't know why she thinks these awful jokes are funny, but she doesn't want to know. She adds, "Just go. I don't want to see you again." Todd stands there momentarily and then turns and goes. As he stands by the door, he looks at Amanda again. She stares back at him, without saying anything. He walks out, leaving Amanda looking thoughtful.


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