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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Amanda is sitting on the couch when Andy comes in. He immediately tells her to guess what he's been doing: helping her Aunty Barbara buy a motor scooter! Amanda just says, "Oh." Andy then tells her to guess who made the mistake of admitting he can ride and who has now been roped in as her live-in teacher! When Amanda doesn't respond, he adds that she's making him feel as though he's talking to himself. Amanda says she's sorry. Andy asks her if she's still down in the dumps about Todd. Amanda, though, suddenly stands up and tells him that she's OK. She picks up her bag and slips on her shoes. Andy asks her if she's sure she's alright, and Amanda insists that she's sure. She then adds that she's got to go. Andy cries, "Mandy..." Amanda explains that she has to find Todd, and she goes.

A short time later, a cab pulls up at the beach and Amanda gets out. She starts looking for Todd and then spots him in the water with his windsurfer. She starts yelling at him that she wants to talk to him - please. She runs down to the water's edge and then slips off her shoes and runs into the water, fully-clothed! Todd turns to look at her as she wades towards him, and he then throws his arms round her. They hug tightly for several seconds.

Jill and Wayne walk into the lounge room at the Fishers', but Jill snaps at Wayne that she wishes he'd give it a rest. Wayne retorts that he wants to know what Terry said to upset her. Jill insists that she's not upset, but Wayne asks what's wrong then, adding, "Tell me." Jill exasperatedly comments that she can see she won't get any peace until she does. Wayne assures her that he just wants to help. Jill, though, tells him that he can't. She then goes on, "Terry asked me to marry him." Looking shocked, Wayne says he hopes she told him to take a running jump. Jill retorts that she's not going into details. Wayne snaps at her that she's out of her mind; marrying him would be the biggest mistake of her life. Karen suddenly comes in and says she thought she could hear voices. She asks them if they had a good trip, and Wayne tells her that it was fine. Fee suddenly starts crying, and Jill says she'll put her to bed before she gets too grizzly. She goes. Wayne then says to Karen that he guesses she wants a full report. Karen, though, says it can wait until later; how about saying a proper 'hello'? Wayne gives her a quick kiss, but Karen asks if that's it. Wayne kisses her again, more passionately, but still briefly. Karen comments that he really missed her, huh?! Wayne explains that Jill could walk in in a minute. Karen says, "So?" Wayne explains that he'd rather she didn't know about them. Karen suddenly retorts that if she's too much of a prude to handle it, she can have her marching orders right now. She goes to storm off to get Jill, but Wayne, looking surprised, stops her and asks what's got into her. Karen turns back to him and says she's sorry - it's been a rough day, and she was looking forward to some tender loving care when he got back. They hug, and Wayne asks if that's better. Karen indicates that it is. Wayne then goes on that she wouldn't have sacked Jill over something so trivial, would she? Karen tells him that she wouldn't have wanted to, but if their relationship is going to bother her... She goes on that Wayne has to see it from her side: if she can't be free to be herself in her own home... Wayne assures her that Jill wouldn't think twice about it if she found out. Karen asks why the big song and dance, then. Wayne asks her if she promises not to laugh. Karen says she does, and so Wayne explains that it might be old-fashioned, but he likes to conduct his affairs in private. Karen smiles and replies, "In that case, your place or mine...?" Wayne indicates the bedroom and says, "After you..."

At the Morrell apartment, Amanda comes into the living room from the bathroom, towelling her hair dry, and she comments to Todd that it must look like rats' tails from all that salt water! Todd hands her a drink and assures her that it looks great. They sit down and Todd goes on that she has no idea how he felt when he saw her there; he couldn't believe it. Amanda says she wishes he'd told her ages ago. Todd tells her that it's going to be really rough on her, but Amanda replies that she loves him, and that's all that matters. They start kissing, but are interrupted by a knocking at the door. Amanda says it will probably be Irene - she must have got her message to drop around. Todd says he'll get another glass. Amanda opens the door to find that it is, indeed, Irene. She anxiously asks if Todd is alright, but Amanda assures her that he's fine. She then goes on that they finally managed to sort things out; she knows now why he was backing off - but it's OK: they going to spend all their time together from now on. Looking delighted, Irene hugs her and tells her that that's wonderful! Todd hands her a glass and tells her that the champagne is getting warm. Irene points out to him that she told him it wouldn't make any difference to Amanda. Todd smiles and suggests that they drink a toast: "Short and sweet: to life." Looking slightly perturbed, Irene and Amanda sip their drinks.

It's evening time, and at Toorak, Patricia thanks Mike for staying back to finish off the contract. Mike replies that it's the least he could do after taking so long to get the hang of things. He adds that it's a bit different to the building game. Patricia suggests to him that he'd better go before she's in Heather's bad books for keeping him away so long. He goes. Patricia heads into the lounge room, where David is reading a letter. She asks him if it's from the kids, but David replies that, no, it's some official business. He then asks her if she had a good day. Patricia tells him that it was better than his, she'd say. She goes on that she still can't believe the way Beryl is behaving - there's no way she'd let one of her own kids go out and get a strange haircut. David agrees that he doesn't know what's got into her. Patricia tells him that he's going to have to admit one of these days that she's not the old Beryl he used to know. She sits down. David tells her that Beryl was like her old self when they had the problem with Kevin. Patricia, though, points out that now that that's over, she seems to be going back to putting herself first. David, looking thoughtful, says, "I don't know..." Patricia, though, reminds him what Beryl did when he tried to talk about Leanne: she virtually said she'd make the decisions in her own home. She then adds that, still, she's not going to interfere - it's up to him to make the decision; she thinks she'll put the dinner on the table - she's cooked chicken casserole. Looking surprised, David asks her when she had time to cook. Patricia explains that she got up early and put all the goodies in her crock pot - it's the working woman's friend! David says he wonders why Beryl never got one when she started to work. Patricia tells him that she guesses it's a question of priorities...

Leanne is sitting with Jeff in the lounge room at the O'Briens', and as the music they have on finishes, he asks her what she wants to listen to now. Leanne replies, "Culture Club." Jeff, though, tells her that he hasn't got any of theirs - he can't stand them. Mike arrives home and apologises for being late. Heather, though, assures him that he's right on time - he can come and talk to her while she dishes up. She then turns to Leanne and tells her to run next door and ask if she can stay for dinner. Leanne explains that Beryl has made a roast, so she can't stay. Heather and Mike leave her and Jeff alone. Leanne thanks Jeff for asking her over. Jeff tells her to tell him more about her job before she goes. Leanne explains that there's nothing more to tell: she just dresses up in a funny costume and arrives at the party and embarrasses the guest of honour. Jeff comments that it sounds like something you do for a game. Leanne retorts that she's game for anything - she took off from the Home for a whole day once. Jeff retorts, "Big deal. I bet you'll never steal a car." Seeing the expression on her face, he adds that he knew that would shake her up. Leanne tells him that, alright, make her a proper dare and she'll do it. Jeff says he can't think of anything, which causes Leanne to comments that a fat lot of good he is. Jeff, though, then tells her to hang on: she's going to work tonight, isn't she, so how about she pinches something from the party - but nothing valuable. Leanne asks if he means something like an ashtray. Jeff, though, says that would be too easy; how about a bottle of scotch? Leanne tells him that she'll do it. She then goes on that, when he sees all the lights off at their place tonight, sneak into the kitchen - she'll leave the door unlocked - and she'll have hidden it behind the kitchen tidy. Jeff tells her that he'll believe it when he sees it. Leanne assures him that it will be there, and she gets up and goes. In the kitchen, Heather tells Mike that Jeff has been 100% since he and Leanne got friendly. Mike retorts that he hopes she's right; he's just got so much on his plate at work at the moment, and he feels like he hasn't a clue half the time. Heather assures him that he can do that job with one hand tied behind his back!

Patricia and David are sitting in the lounge room at Toorak, eating dessert. Patricia tells David that the knows the pastry's a bit gluey, but not enough to give him a case of lockjaw - he's hardly said two words all the way through dinner. David mutters that he didn't realise. Patricia asks him if he wants to tell her what's wrong. David explains that he got a letter from his solicitor - the decree nisi goes through the day after tomorrow, unless he and Beryl want to stop it. Patricia asks him if he's trying to decide what to do. David tells her that they had a good marriage; it would be a shame to let it go down the drain without one more go at trying to save it. Patricia replies that she'd really like to see them get together again, but with the best will in the world, she can't see it happening. David asks why not. Patricia tells him that Beryl must have heard from her solicitor as well, but she doesn't seem to be making the slightest effort to meet him halfway. David asks her how she works that out. Patricia explains that, if Beryl had any interest in trying to make their marriage work, she would never have taken Leanne in - it's difficult enough to deal with a child like that when you have a stable marriage, let alone one that's in trouble; he and Beryl have already disagreed once on how to deal with the child, and it will just be the first of many rows. David, looking thoughtful, agrees that it could be... Patricia goes on that she knows how he feels: that's why she found it hard to give up on Stephen; that's why she went back to him even though they wanted different things; she just doesn't want him to make the same mistake. David tells her that she's right: it's probably best if they do go through with the divorce.

At the Palmers', Beryl is dialling a number on the telephone. Leanne suddenly calls to her from her bedroom that she's just getting into her costume, and she asks her if she wants to have a look. Beryl calls back that she's on the 'phone. David answers the call and Beryl tells him that it's her; she was wondering if he got a letter from his solicitor. David replies that he did; did she? Beryl says she did. David goes on that he was just about to ring her about it. Beryl replies that she's saved him a call. She then asks him if he'd like to come over and talk about it. David, though, tells her that there's not much point - they were like strangers when he came across to help her with Kevin; he reckons it was a relief for both of them when he finally shot through again. Beryl, looking surprised, agrees that she supposes it was...; she just wasn't sure whether he was having second thoughts, but there's no harm done - they'll leave things as they are. David tells her that if she ever needs anything... Beryl assures him that she's fine as she is, thankyou. They then say 'bye' to each other and hang up. At Toorak, Patricia comments to David that it sounded pretty painless. David just says, "Yeah..." At the Palmers', Beryl looks upset. Leanne comes in and asks Beryl what she thinks; the girl is wearing a large, bright pink elephant costume, and she explains that the guy she's going to surprise likes a drink! Beryl, tears beginning to well in her eyes, smiles through them and replies that it's very funny. A car horn suddenly sounds outside, and Leanne says that will be her lift; she'll see Beryl when she gets home. She goes, and Beryl immediately breaks down and starts sobbing heavily.

Mike is sitting at the table in the kitchen at the O'Briens', and he tells Heather that he wants to get to work early tomorrow, so she'll have to drive Jeff to school. Heather asks him if they have to keep this up, as Jeff is on the mend now, and she's sure it would mean a lot to him if they showed they trusted him. Mike, suddenly raising his voice, asks her when she's going to wake up to herself: the kid is an alcoholic. He stands up and goes on that he doesn't like it any more than she does, but they have to try and help him. Heather asks if they're helping him by treating him like a prisoner. Mike, though, asks her how else they make sure he's off the grog long enough to get it out of his system; they've got to be tough with him - it's for his own good. Heather says she still thinks they're being overcautious; she's sure they can trust him now. Out in the hallway, Jeff quietly hobbles out of his room and heads for the front door. He can hear as Mike and Heather continuing arguing and drag Jim's drink problems into their fight.

The Palmer house is in darkness. A shadow suddenly appears outside the kitchen window, the door handle turns and Jeff opens it and hobbles in, quietly. He bends down and picks up the bottle, where it's hidden. A light suddenly comes on and Leanne walks in from the side door. She points out that she told him she could do it. Jeff looks at her in concern, and Leanne adds that Mrs. Palmer when to bed early, so they can talk. Jeff asks her if she had any trouble getting it. Leanne replies that she didn't: after the excitement had died down, they told her to help herself from the buffet - so she did. She adds that she told him she's game for anything. She then asks him what they'll do with it, as she can't stand the stuff herself - it tastes like medicine. Jeff asks her if she minds if he gives it to someone as a present - he has an uncle with a birthday coming up. Leanne agrees to this. She then asks him if he wants to hear how the job went. Jeff, though, asks if it can wait until tomorrow. Leanne asks what's wrong with now. Jeff explains that he'll get hell if his parents check out his room and find him gone. Leanne looks thoughtful.

Karen and Wayne walk into the lounge room at the Fishers', but Karen says she's not in the mood to talk business tonight, so why don't they leave it until the morning? Wayne gives her a hug and says, "OK." Karen slyly points out that Jill might walk in on them. Todd walks in at that moment, though, and tells them not to let him disturb them! Karen comments that he's there early. Todd replies that he's not staying - he's just picking up some of his stuff. Karen asks him if he's moving out. Todd tells her that he can reach her at Amanda's. Wayne asks him if he and Amanda are shacking up. Todd retorts that they're serious about each other, so they want to spend all their time together; is that OK? He goes. Karen immediately says she wonders how long that will last. Wayne asks her if she reckons Todd is serious about Amanda. Karen replies that he may be for now, but he'll sow a lot more wild oats before he settles down. She then asks Wayne if he's jealous. Wayne, though, retorts that she's joking - he wouldn't have Amanda back as a gift. Karen asks if she's that bad. Wayne tells her that she's worse - he almost feels sorry for Todd: knowing Amanda, he'd give it a week before Todd comes running home.

Amanda and Irene are sitting at the dinner table at the Morrell apartment, and Amanda is excitedly saying that she's got so many plans, she'll make sure every minute counts: they'll go to the theatre... spend weekends in the country... and she's going to spring a surprise on him: a weekend on the Barrier Reef. Irene listens and then comments that it all sounds very nice, but it's not terribly realistic: Todd is starting to go downhill and he's going to get worse each week. Amanda retorts that they'll face that when they have to. Irene asks her what she'll do if she finds she can't handle it after she's made Todd dependent on her. Amanda insists that she will handle it. Irene says she hopes so. Looking at her watch, she then adds that it's way past her bedtime-- Amanda interrupts her, though, and asks her why she's being so pessimistic all of a sudden. Irene tells her that she obviously has no idea what she's letting herself in for, and that worries her. Amanda assures her that she'd never walk out on him, no matter how bad it got; she loves him. Irene asks her if she loves him enough to stand it when she can't bear to be in the same room as him because he's in so much pain but she has to be there because it's easier for him - because that's how it's going to be; this is going to be the worst experience of Amanda's life, and once she commits herself, there's no turning back. Amanda insists that she won't let him down - she promises. She then asks Irene not to tell her more - not just yet. Irene suddenly gives her a hug and tells her that it's alright - she just wants to be sure. Amanda ask her if she'll help her. Irene assures her that they'll help each other.

Jill is working at the Fisher house the next morning, when Wayne comes in and says a curt, "Morning" Jill immediately asks him if it isn't about time he got over his mood about her and Terry. Wayne, though, retorts that he's got his own problems. Jill asks what's wrong. Wayne explains that Amanda has got Todd living with her - and she can bet she did it just to spite him. Karen suddenly comes into the room and comments that it's 8:15am - they are eager beavers! Jill explains that she's still on trial and she's got a lot to learn. Karen asks if she can have some coffee, and Jill goes to get it. When she's gone, Wayne remarks to Karen that she sounds very bright this morning. Karen explains that her stars say she's to get an unexpected bonus; she can't see it, but...! The two of them go and sit down at the table, and Karen asks Wayne if he's got those résumés for her. Wayne hands some sheets of paper over, saying as he does so that she won't find anything new in them; he told her everything he found out over the 'phone. Karen, though, tells him that he must have overlooked something - Patricia's not the type to hire a couple of losers. Wayne explains that she can't afford anyone else - with Mike O'Brien and Luke Carlyle, she's got two for the price of one. Karen suddenly perks up and says, "Luke who?" Wayne replies, "Carlyle." Karen, looking thoughtful, muses, "Of course..." She then adds that Luke and Jill were friendly, weren't they? Wayne replies that they were, and he asks her what she's on about. At that moment, Jill comes in and says she's sorry, but does Karen want milk and sugar? Karen replies that she doesn't want either. She then goes on that Wayne has just been telling her that Jill is a personal friend of one of Patricia's new people: Luke Carlyle. Jill replies that she used to be. Karen asks her if she could give her a thumbnail sketch, as she likes to know who she's up against. Jill replies that he's pretty tough, she'd say: his father always said he'd be a natural in business; that's why he was so against him tossing in law to take up med. school. Karen asks if he ever went to med. school. Jill replies that he hasn't yet, but he's saving up to get on the course; he actually did a stint working for his father to get the money to go there. Karen comments that she's surprised his father was so co-operative. Jill explains that, apparently, he was hoping Luke would get hooked on the business and decide to stay, but it never got off the ground: Luke can't work with his dad; before too long, they had an argument and Luke walked out. Karen asks how come Patricia hired him, but Jill replies that she has no idea. Karen then asks whether Luke's father in business would be Roger Carlyle. Jill replies that it would, and she asks why. Karen explains that she's just curious. Jill goes, and Karen tells Wayne that she knew she was right: Roger Carlyle is Patricia's mysterious backer; it's quite obvious why he's doing it - and she knows just how to put Mr. Carlyle back in his box. She adds that she can't wait to see Patricia's face when it happens, because without him, she's nothing...

Mike and Jeff are sitting at the table in the living room at the O'Briens', having breakfast. Jeff, though, is just staring at his plate, and Mike tells him that his eggs are getting cold. Jeff doesn't respond, and so Mike says more loudly that he's talking to him. Jeff comes back to earth and says he's sorry, but he's not very hungry. Heather comes out of her and Mike's bedroom, calling to Katie to hurry up in the bathroom. She joins Mike and Jeff and asks Jeff if he can pop next door and tell Beryl that she'll be a few minutes late picking her up. Jeff goes. Looking at the expression on Mike's face, Heather tells him to cheer up - he might enjoy work today. Mike retorts that he'd enjoy it a lot more if she'd stop encouraging Jeff to go wandering off by himself. Heather asks what's wrong with sending him next door. Mike tells her that there's nothing wrong with it - so long as he goes next door and not to the nearest bottle shop. Heather snaps that he's determined to think the worst of Jeff. Mike snaps back that he just wants her to make sure she gets him to school. He adds that he's sorry to keep harping, but it's important. He heads off to get dressed. Heather sighs.

In the kitchen next door, Beryl tells Leanne that she'll have to look after herself today. Leanne assures her that she'll be right and she goes. Leanne turns to Jeff - who's sitting at the table with her - and tells him that she's glad Beryl has brightened up, as she was really moody over breakfast. Jeff, ignoring this, asks her if she's working again tonight. Leanne, though, replies that she isn't - not until Saturday. Jeff snaps, "Damn." Leanne asks what it is to him. Jeff quickly explains that he's got another party coming up and he's all out of funds; he was hoping-- Leanne interrupts and snaps that he can forget it - nicking something as a dare is OK, but she's not doing any thieving for him. Jeff mutters, "Thanks a lot." Leanne retorts, "Thankyou." Jeff says he's sorry - he didn't level with her: the booze wasn't for a friend of his - it was for him. Leanne tells him that she was beginning to figure that out. Jeff goes on that he's had a rough trot since the accident - and since his parents found out he was having a few drinks, they've really cracked down on him, and that's why he needs-- Leanne interrupts him and snaps at him to stop trying to con her - he knew she'd be able to get booze for him if he could trick her into doing it. She angrily adds that, God, she should have been awake to it from the beginning. Jeff explains that it started out a con, but once he got to know her... he really likes her now. Leanne, though, retorts that, if you like people, you don't send them out to steal for you. She adds that, if she'd been caught, she'd be up on a charge now - but that wouldn't worry him, would it; all he'd be thinking about is how to get his next bottle of plonk, right? She angrily adds that he can drink himself to death for all she cares; his parents would be better off without him.


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