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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Roger finishes his champagne in one gulp, and Patricia comments that he made quick work of it. Roger explains that they've got to get down to business. Patricia says to him that, before they do, she has something to ask him: why was he so keen to involve Mike O'Brien and Luke in this venture? Roger asks if it matters. Patricia retorts that it must to do him, or he wouldn't have made it a main condition of backing her company. Roger explains that he and Luke have drifted apart over the years, but it's still important to him not to let his son make a hash of his life. Patricia, looking surprised, says, "By becoming a doctor?" Roger tells her that Luke is too talented to waste his time on pie-in-the-sky rubbish like helping the sick and needy. Patricia asks him if he's saying that he reckons that if Luke gets a taste of the business world, he'll find his true calling. Roger agrees that that's it, more-or-less, and he asks if there's anything wrong in wanting the best for his son. Patricia replies that she can tell him from bitter experience that she's had her fingers burnt one or twice from trying to force her children to do things. Roger retorts that that's why Luke mustn't know he's involved; now, can they get down to work? Patricia, though, asks where Mike fits in. Roger replies that he'd rather keep his plans for him under wraps. Patricia assures him that he can trust her. Roger, though, curtly tells her that he didn't get where is is today by trusting people. Patricia reminds him that they're partners. Roger says he knows - but he wasn't silly enough to go into the partnership without checking up on her. Patricia says, "And?" Roger tells her that she has a reputation for being ambitious, cunning and ruthless. Patricia points out, "None of which goes astray in business." Roger says he agrees - but at the same time, he can't think of a better reason for not trusting her...

Mike, Luke and Jeff are sitting at the living room table at the O'Briens', and Mike raises his cup of coffee and proposes a toast to him and Luke working together. Luke says he thinks things will be great, and he thanks Mike for putting him up for the job. Mike, though, tells him that it was Patricia's suggestion - Luke must have made quite an impression on her when he went out with Jill. Looking surprised, Luke says he can't imagine how - they've hardly even met. Mike points out that he'll have the chance to impress her soon enough. There's suddenly a knock at the front door, and he goes to get it. When he's gone, Jeff passes a sandwich on a plate to Luke. Luke asks him if he's not hungry, and he replies that he feels lousy. Luke tells him that he's sorry he hasn't been round a bit more, while Jeff has being going through the rough patch. Jeff grumbles that he's worse off now than he ever was - they watch him like hawks. Luke points out that it's not much fun for his family, either. Mike comes back in and says he was a soft touch as usual. He hands Luke a pen and explains that it's from 'Help the Blind'. He then asks Jeff if he wants one for school, but Jeff snaps that he's not going. Mike curtly retorts that he is, and he's driving him. Jeff complains that he feels sick, but Mike snaps at him that he's not leaving him on his own. Luke suddenly chips in that he'll stay with him. Mike asks, "What about work?" Luke replies that he'll ring in - they can always sack him if they don't like him taking the afternoon off! Mike asks him if he's sure, and he replies that he is. Jeff accepts the offer.

In the lounge room at Dural, Karen tells Gordon that if he adds another fifteen hundred for contingency, he gets the current monthly expenditure. Gordon asks if they can't cut a few hundred. Before Karen can answer, though, Barbara comes in and announces that she's off. Karen says to her that, before she goes, she wondered whether she and Gordon would like to join her for dinner tonight. Looking surprised, Barbara queries, "At your place?" Karen explains that it would just be the three of them. Barbara comments that it would be putting her to a lot of trouble, but Karen assures her that it's no trouble. Barbara says it depends on how Gordon feels. Gordon replies that he's never felt fitter. Barbara warns him not to work too hard; she'll be back from the golf club at about 6pm. Karen tells her to enjoy her game. Barbara curtly retorts that she's not going to play - she works there. Looking surprised, Karen remarks that she had no idea Barbara is an official at the club. Barbara retorts that she's not - it's a part-time office job. Karen raises her eyebrows and says, "Really?" Barbara retorts, "Really." She goes on that they're very nice people to work for, and lately she's finding it more and more handy to have an excuse to get out of the house... Having made her point, she goes. Gordon tells Karen that you can't put much over his wife. Karen muses that she noticed. She then adds, "Still, should make life interesting." Gordon points out that it would be even more interesting if they could attract extra business. Karen tells him to give her a couple of days, and she thinks they'll have all the business they can handle. Gordon says he wishes he had her confidence. Karen tells him that she'll let him in on a secret: she's been chasing the Donaldson account. Gordon, raising his eyebrows, comments that, with their turnover, who hasn't? Karen explains that, what's given her an inside edge is that she's dealt with them once or twice in the past - and she's done the right thing by them. Gordon asks her if she thinks she can sign them up. Karen replies that it's practically in the bag. Gordon asks when they'll know. Karen replies that it should be a couple of days. Gordon smiles and tells her that, if signing up the Donaldson account is an example of what she can do for the company, they'll be back on their feet in no time. Karen points out that she told him she'll deliver the goods - and she will; she promises.

Patricia and Roger are walking from the lounge room to the front door at Toorak, and Patricia comments to Roger that it would wipe the smile off Karen Fox's face if she knew what they were up to. Roger agrees that it would. He adds that Karen has gazumped him more than once in business dealings, so it's about time she was taught a lesson. Patricia comments, "Fancy sending Jill here in the hope of stumbling on useful information!" Roger asks her if she said anything. Patricia assures him that of course she didn't. Roger then asks her if she's definitely going up to Sydney. Patricia explains that she's signing over her shares in Gordon's company to Karen and collecting a cheque. Roger tells her to get it in the bank as fast as she can. Patricia replies that she will - but it won't give her half the pleasure she'll get from seeing the look on Karen's face when she tells her their other news...

Wayne is standing by his car, which is parked outside the gates of the prison at Ararat. Jill is unstrapping Fee from the back seat, and as she brings the child round to the front of the car, Wayne comments at the number of bugs on the windscreen. Jill tells him that if he didn't drive so fast, they've have a chance to move out of the way! Wayne snaps that he just wants to get out of there and back to the city as quickly as possible. Jill tells him that she'll be back in half an hour. Wayne says he still doesn't understand why she wanted to come all the way up there to see Terry - the guy's nothing but trouble. Jill tells him that she knows he thinks she's making a mistake, but she has to see him; she feels bad enough about not visiting him after the trial, and when Katie told her that the other prisoners were giving him a hard time, she knew she was the only one who could help. Wayne comments, "By getting involved, as usual." Jill tells him that she can't help it: Terry is Fee's father - he's always going to be part of her life. She walks off to the gate, leaving Wayne looking annoyed.

A short time later, Jill is sitting on a bench in the prison grounds, holding Fee. A guard escorts Terry along the path towards them, and Terry suddenly notices who's sitting there. He runs over to them and exclaims that they told him he had a visitor but they didn't say it was her. He asks how Fee is, and Jill replies that she's fine. She asks him if he wants to hold her. Terry asks if he can. Jill assures him that the Governor gave his permission. Terry looks over at the guard, who nods, and so Terry happily takes his daughter and gives her a kiss. He sits down next to Jill and tells Fee that he's missed her. Jill says to him that she's sorry she took so long to come and see him. Terry shows the guard his daughter and asks, "Isn't she beautiful?!" The guard doesn't respond, though. Terry then tells Jill that she doesn't know what this means: once word gets around that she brought Fee to see him, the other prisoners will think he's OK and hopefully they'll lay off for a bit. Jill replies that Katie told her it could make a difference for him. Terry thanks her. He then tells Fee that she's starting to look more like her ma every day!

Leanne is playing with the O'Briens' puppy on the floor in the lounge room at the Palmers'. Beryl comes out from the kitchen and comments that the girl hasn't touched her tea. Leanne explains that she's been too busy playing with-- She then breaks off and asks, "What's his name?" Beryl explains that she hasn't got a name yet - she's minding her for a friend of hers. Leanne suggests that they could call her Chrissie, after Chrissie Hynde. Beryl looks bemused, and so Leanne explains that she's with 'The Pretenders'. She then adds that, alternatively, they could call her 'Blondie'. She tells Beryl, by way of explanation, that that's Deborah Harry. Beryl tells her that she can call her what she likes. Leanne says she wishes she had a dog at home. Beryl explains that they can't afford to give pets to all the kids. Changing the subject, she announces that they're having guests for dinner tonight: Katie and Jeff are coming over from next door. Leanne asks how old they are, and Beryl replies that they're about her age. Leanne's face drops, and she mutters that they'll probably hate her - she looks such a dag. Beryl asks if it would make any difference if they went out and bought her a dress and made a hairdresser's appointment. Leanne's face lights up and she asks Beryl if she means it. She adds that she'll pay her back when she gets a job. Beryl insists that it's her treat, and Leanne thanks her. She dashes off to get her bag.

Next door, Luke is sitting at Katie's computer, playing a game. Jeff is hobbling around, and Luke impatiently tells him to sit down. Jeff snaps that he's sick of Katie's stupid game; he feels rotten. Luke asks him if he's got a temperature. Jeff, though, explains that it's his leg - it's driving him mad. Luke tells him to go back to bed if he feel lousy. Jeff snaps at him that, just because he's there babysitting him, it doesn't mean he can order him around. Luke retorts that he isn't. He asks Jeff if he wants his tablets, but Jeff snaps that they're useless. He then goes on that if Luke was a real mate, he'd lend him some money to get something that will really kill the pain. Luke says, "Booze?" Jeff asks him what he reckons. Luke replies that he wouldn't be a mate if he did that. He goes on that Jeff has nearly beaten it, and he'd be crazy to start hitting the bottle again. Jeff snaps that if Luke won't help him, he's got plenty of friends who will. He stands up, but Luke stands up as well and blocks his way, telling him that he's not letting him go. Jeff warns him not to try and stop him, but Luke retorts that Jeff isn't to make him lay him out, because if that's what it takes, he'll do it. Jeff hobbles off, angrily, leaving Luke looking worried.

At the prison, Terry asks Jill when she's going back to Sydney. Jill explains that she's got to be back at work by 9am tomorrow. Terry tells her that he meant to write, but he's not too god at letters - and he was afraid she'd tear it up if she knew how he really felt; anyway, he thought he should say it in person. Jill says she doesn't know how soon she can get back, so she reckons he should say it now. She adds that she doesn't bite! Terry tells her that he's done a lot of thinking: when his time is up and they let him out, he really wants to start his life properly - and most of all, he wants to have a hand bringing Fee up - full time. He tells Jill that, what he's really asking is: "Will you marry me?" Jill looks at him in shock. She warns, "Terry..." Terry tells her not to say 'no' without thinking about it; Fee is their daughter, and he'll work hard to give her a home - and together, they'd do the right thing by her - he knows it. Looking wary, Jill ask him if Fiona put this idea into his head. Terry, though, assures her that she had nothing to do with it. He goes on that he lies awake most nights, thinking about her; about the three of them... Jill tells him that he shouldn't put himself through it. Terry asks her whether it's his imagination or did she start to like him by the end of the trial - just a little? Jill admits that, yes, she did, but there's a world of difference between liking him and having the kinds of feelings she'd need to marry someone. She then adds that he should be thinking about Katie. Terry, though, retorts that she's just a kid; he wishes she'd forget about him. He tells Jill that everything started off bad for them, and then here they are today; maybe it's not love, but Fee needs them - and they love her; it might be enough to tide them over until they can get to know each other better. All-of-a-sudden, the guard walks over to them and tells Terry that his time's up. Terry says, "Jill?" Jill just replies that she'll think about it. Terry thanks her. He then hands Fee back and the guard escorts him off. Jill looks worried as she watches him go.

Beryl and Leanne are in a dress shop, and Beryl lifts a grey dress off a rack and comments that it wouldn't show the marks. Leanne looks at it distastefully and comments, "It's a bit--" Beryl finishes her sentence, saying, "Old- fashioned?!" She asks the girl if she's seen anything she likes. Leanne replies that she has, and she leads Beryl over to a mannequin in the middle of the shop. She exclaims, "Isn't it unreal?" Beryl looks at it and comments that it would be a devil to iron - and all those studs... Leanne, her face falling, remarks that it's Beryl's money. Beryl quickly says she's sure they can find something. She calls over an assistant and explains that they're looking for something that the kids will like, without making people over thirty's hair stand on end! The assistant leads her and Leanne over to a rack of dresses and Leanne immediately asks if she can try the green one on. Beryl looks at it and remarks that it might be a bit baggy. The assistant explains that that's the Japanese influence - it's all the rage. Leanne asks again if she can try it on. Beryl tells her to be quick, as she has to drop her off at the hairdresser's.

Todd is at the Morrell apartment in Sydney, and Amanda tells him that she's glad he dropped in. She then shows him some tickets she's holding and says, "Look what I've got!" Todd reads what's on them and then says he thought the Entertainment Centre gig was sold out. Amanda excitedly tells him that the whole Australian tour is sold out, but an old friend and her husband have the 'flu. She adds, "Isn't it wonderful?!" and she suggests that, afterwards, they can go somewhere quiet for supper. There's suddenly a knock at the door, and Amanda answers it to find Andy standing there. Amanda, looking delighted to see him, exclaims that it must be her lucky day! Andy explains that he's looking for somewhere to crash. Amanda tells him that he can stay as long as he likes. She then introduces him to Todd, and adds that Todd is the one she's been telling him about. Andy smiles at Todd and assure him that it's all above board! Amanda tells him that Todd knows they're just friends. Todd tells Andy that it's a good thing he turned up, as he was about to tell Amanda that he's standing her up tonight; now she can take him. Looking surprised, Amanda asks him why he can't go. Todd replies that he's sorry, but he's got a date. Amanda asks who it's with, and Todd replies that it's a lady he's known for a while. Amanda asks him if can't get out of it. Todd, though, points out that she's got Andy for company, so he reckons it's worked out pretty well all round. He tells them to have a good time and he goes, leaving Amanda looking upset. Andy asks her if Todd is the guy she raved to him about. He adds that he struck him as being pretty selfish. Amanda explains that he isn't usually; it's her own fault: they agreed to 'no strings attached', but she can't help getting serious. Andy tells her, "The two of us make a good pair!" Amanda, a look of realisation on her face, comments that it's typical: here she is, forgetting what he's been through with Lynn. Andy suggests that they have a nice cry on each other's shoulders!

At the Fishers', Karen is on the 'phone, and she tells the person at the other end that she'll have all those details filled out in the tender. She hangs up as Todd comes in. She asks him if he's had a busy day. He just replies, "Fairly." He then goes on that Mrs. Atkins said they're having people round tonight. Karen explains that that's right: Gordon Hamilton and his wife are coming to dinner. Todd tells her that he was hoping she'd be free to take him to a movie or something. Karen says she can't - but he's welcome to join them for dinner. Todd, though, declines, and says he'll probably get a pizza and make an early night of it. Karen tells him that it'll probably be all business talk anyway. Todd goes. Karen walks over to the 'phone and dials a number.

At Toorak, Patricia is just about to head upstairs with some returned dry cleaning when the 'phone rings and she goes and answers it in the hall. Karen comes on and tells her that she's glad she caught her. She asks her if she's still coming up to sign the papers tomorrow. Patricia retorts that she is if she makes the 'plane in time. Karen then goes on that she knows they got off to a bad start, but it would be nice if they could get things on a more civil footing between them. Patricia asks her what she had in mind. Karen explains that Gordon and Barbara are coming to dinner tonight, and she thought that, if Patricia could join them, it would be an ideal opportunity to bury the hatchet. Patricia agrees that she supposes it would be. Karen asks her if she'll come, then. Patricia replies that she'd love to - she'll come straight from the airport. Karen tells her that she'll see her then, and she hangs up, a smile on her face. In Melbourne, Patricia also has a smile on her face...

Fee is in her bassinet in the lounge room at the Palmers', and Jill is fussing over her as she sits talking to Beryl, who asks how it went with Terry. Jill, though, replies uncertainly that she doesn't know: she thinks the visit got him out of a tight spot with the other prisoners - but he asked her to marry him. Beryl, looking shocked, says, "You didn't say 'yes'?" Jill assures her that of course she didn't; she could never marry Terry. Beryl says she hopes not. She asks how he took it when she turned him down. Jill replies that, actually, she told him she'd think about it. Beryl exclaims, "What?!" Jill goes on that it's only because he's been through such a rough time lately - she didn't want to upset him. Beryl points out that he's going to have to find out sooner or later. Jill retorts that there's plenty of time. Beryl comments that as long as she doesn't get any silly second thoughts about it... They suddenly hear a noise outside, and Beryl says it'll be Leanne. Jill queries, "Leanne?" Beryl explains that it's a girl who's boarding with her; she left her at the hairdresser's.

Leanne is standing on the doorstep, waiting for Beryl to answer the door. Her long dark hair is piled up on top of her head and she's had yellow, red and blue streaks dyed into it. Beryl opens the door and looks shocked when she sees what the girl has done. Leanne asks her if she doesn't like it. Beryl replies that it's so different... They walk into the lounge room. Jill looks at Leanne's hair and tells her that, as she doesn't know her, she can give her an unbiased opinion. She walks round the girl, looking at her hair closely, and then announces that she thinks it's good - and with the right clothes, it could be terrific! She then introduces herself, and Beryl formally introduces Leanne. Beryl asks Jill if she likes Leanne's hair. Jill replies that it's very adventurous! She then, though, asks Beryl how many times she's stood in front of a hairdresser's mirror, wondering if she's made the biggest mistake of her life. Beryl tells Leanne that as long as she's happy... Leanne hugs her in delight!

It's evening time, and Barbara and Gordon are sitting with Karen in the lounge room at the Fishers'. Karen tells them that she sees no reason why they shouldn't use tonight to celebrate winning the Donaldson account. Barbara points out that it hasn't been signed and sealed yet, but Karen retorts that it's as good as - and once word spreads that they're handling Donaldson's, other accounts will come rolling in like lambs to the slaughter! Gordon comments that he hopes no one else starts describing their business in those terms! Barbara grimly remarks that she can imagine it tripping off Patricia's tongue. Gordon tells Karen that she's very brave inviting Patricia over tonight. Karen, though, assures him that Patricia doesn't spook her - and once she signs over her shares, there'll be one big difference between them; she'll be in the major league and Patricia will be one of the juniors. Barbara, looking worried, says she does hope Karen doesn't underestimate Patricia's ability to upset the applecart. Karen replies that she doesn't think so: if Patricia gets up to any of her shenanigans, she'll make short work of her. She suddenly hears a noise outside and adds that that sounds like their guest now. She heads out to the front door, opens it and invites Patricia in. Patricia puts her luggage down in the hallway and then joins the others. Gordon stands up, but Patricia tells him not to get up. Karen offers her a drink. Patricia replies that what everyone else is having is fine. She goes and sits down, a smile on her face.

At the Morrell apartment, Andy looks at his watch and says to Amanda that he's glad they're going to the concert tonight. Amanda glumly comments that she thought Todd would have killed to get in, too. Andy points out that he thought he wasn't supposed to talk about Lynn and she wasn't supposed to talk about T-O-D-D before tomorrow! Amanda, though, retorts that she can't help it - she's crazy about him and he's got a hang-up about making a commitment. Andy asks her why she doesn't play it his way. Amanda explains that she tried pretending she was in it for the fun, but he must have seen through her. Andy suggests that she tell him exactly how she feels, then. Looking wary, Amanda asks what she'll do if he backs off even more. Andy replies that it's better than sitting around miserable all day. Amanda, suddenly bucking-up, tells him that, alright, starting tomorrow, she's going after Todd full-on!

At the Fishers' Patricia signs some papers on the desk in the living room - as Gordon and Karen watch - and then announces that that seems to be the lot. Karen tells her that all that's left is for her to hand over the cheque, and it's legal. She hands Patricia the cheque. Gordon chips in that he takes it all back: he didn't expect the transfer to go through without fireworks. Patricia asks him why not, adding that, just because they're rivals doesn't mean they can't be friendly rivals. Karen raises her glass of champagne and remarks, "Well said." Patricia then goes on that, actually, there's something she's dying to know - just out of curiosity. Gordon tells her to ask away, and if it isn't a trade secret, he'll try and answer it. Patricia explains that she heard on the grapevine that they're making a play for the Donaldson account; is that true? Karen looks at Gordon and then replies that, as a matter of fact, yes it is; she expects they'll have them signing on the dotted line by tomorrow morning. Patricia raises her eyebrows and says, "Tomorrow?" Karen adds, "Or the day after, at the latest." Patricia comments she finds that surprising. Karen asks why. Patricia tells her that it's because Donaldson's signed with her today. As everyone stares at her, she adds that she thinks she'll skip dinner, if nobody minds. She tells them to enjoy their meal and she walks out. Karen just stands there, looking deflated.


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