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    Written by: Greg Haddrick   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Two deliverymen are at the Palmers', delivering a new couch. David is there, and he asks Beryl if she's ready. She tells him that she just has to freshen up a bit. There's suddenly a knock at the door, and Beryl comments that that will be Lynn. The deliverymen put the couch down in the living room, and David tells them that that will do. At the front door, Beryl asks Lynn if she's ready. Lynn replies that she is. Beryl looks at Davey and asks if he's ready too. Lynn tells her that he's all excited about seeing daddy! David sees the deliverymen out and Beryl thanks for them for delivering so quickly. She and Lynn head inside, and Lynn asks if they'll be leaving soon. Beryl replies that it will be in about five minutes. Lynn, looking worried, says that, if she's not there when Kevin gets out of Customs... She's interrupted by the 'phone ringing, and Beryl answers it. David comes into the room and remarks to Lynn that he supposes she's excited. Lynn agrees that she can't wait! David says he hopes it goes OK for her. Looking surprised, Lynn asks why it wouldn't. David replies that, if Andy turned up... Lynn assures him that Andy won't be any trouble. She then goes on that she saw him this morning, and he told her that David spoke to her. David tells her that, as long as he knows where to draw the line... Lynn assures her that he does. On the 'phone, Beryl, sounding worried, says she understands. She hangs up and David asks who it was. Beryl replies that it was a chap from the airline, calling about Kevin: apparently, he's had some sort of collapse; the Captain had to radio ahead for an ambulance to meet them at the airport. David asks how serious it is. Beryl says she doesn't know, but the chap on the 'phone said that, if they can get across, they're to wait for him at the hospital. She suggests to Lynn that she go and tell her parents what's happening. Lynn, looking upset, says she won't be a minute...

A while later, Beryl and Lynn are sitting in a corridor at the hospital. Lynn comments that they should have landed by now, but Beryl points out that it'll take time to get there. David comes round the corner with some drinks, and joins them. Lynn asks him if the theatre sister didn't know anything. David replies that she didn't know any more than they do. A stretcher is suddenly wheeled past them, and they notice Kevin lying on it. Lynn rushes over to him, and the nurse accompanying him asks her what she's doing. Lynn explains that she's his wife. Kevin calls out, "Hello, Lynn. Mum. Dad. How's it going?" Beryl tells him that they're fine apart from worrying about him. She asks him what he's done to himself, but the nurse tells her that he can't hear her. Beryl asks her what she means, and David asks if he's deaf. The nurse just replies that there's a doctor waiting to examine him. Beryl asks if the deafness will be permanent, but the nurse tells her that she honestly couldn't say - the doctor will be able to tell her. Kevin is wheeled off, and Lynn goes with him. David and Beryl both look worried.

In the lounge room at Dural, Gordon comments to Irene that Liz is a great cook! Irene agrees that she certainly knows how to put on a spread. Gordon then remarks that it's a shame Barbara missed it. He goes on that he has to say that she's very keen about her next golf tournament, out there every day, practising; still, it's good to see her up and about, as he's been feeling guilty about keeping her in the house all day. Irene says she's sure Barbara doesn't mind; she does enjoy her game of golf, though! Liz comes in from the kitchen and announces that everything is in the dishwasher. Gordon smiles and tells her that he doesn't know what they're going to do without her! Liz replies that he might have to, soon. Looking surprised, Gordon says, "Oh?" Liz tells him that she's applied for a new job; if she gets it, she won't be able to visit so often. Gordon comments that that's a shame - but if she wants it, she should go for it. He asks what the job is. Irene looks at her, and Liz quickly explains that it a receptionist at a modelling agency. Gordon asks which one. Liz, though, tells him that she'll wait to see if she gets it first; she doesn't like to tempt fate. Gordon assures her that they'd be mad to pass her up. He then adds that he wishes her well, and doesn't know what he'll do with himself. Liz smiles and tells him that it'll give him the chance to think up some trick words for Scrabble! Gordon comments that there's not much point, really, without her there to have a game with him. They suddenly hear a car pull up outside, and Liz says it'll be Wayne; she'll go out to see how the business lunch went.

Wayne is getting out of his car when Liz comes over and asks how lunch was. Wayne snaps that he was bored out of his brain by one of the ugliest women in the world. Liz points out that it's the luck of the draw. Wayne goes on that she talked about nothing but diets, and the menu was goats' milk yoghurt and lentils; it was more of a trial than a lunch. Liz points out that it's a job, and he's going to meet boring people - but he'll meet nice people, too, and that's what makes it worthwhile. Wayne mutters that he supposes so. He then adds that it makes him realise how lucky they were, as she wouldn't have kept coming back if she didn't like them. Liz agrees that she's enjoyed it. Wayne says she's not going to quit, is she? Liz explains that, actually, she's applied for another job; she'll drop by a few more times, but then she'll have to let it go - she's sorry. Looking surprised, Wayne asks her if her agency has been complaining about the amount of time she's spending there. Liz assures him that it hasn't. Wayne asks if it's money. Liz replies that it's nothing to do with that; she just can't come there anymore - it's a waste of time. She walks back inside.

In the corridor at the hospital in Melbourne, David comments that the doctors seem to be taking their time. Beryl says she supposes they're doing all sorts of tests. She then asks what they'll do if the hearing loss is permanent. David points out that they don't know if it is; they should try not to worry. Beryl comments, "Poor kid - he must be going through hell: first all that fighting and now this." Lynn suddenly comes round the corner and Beryl asks how Kevin is. Lynn explains that they're still examining him. David asks if they know what's wrong. Lynn replies that they can't seem to find the problem - the doctor said there isn't any real damage; he's even going to let Kevin come home with them. Beryl says, "Then why--" Lynn interrupts and explains that the doctors think it could be mental: apparently, Kevin was mumbling about someone on the plane hassling him and wanting to talk about the fighting all the time; she didn't really follow it, but the doctor said that if Kevin really couldn't face what happened, his subconscious could block it all out, as a sort of defence; he really is deaf, but it could all be in his mind.

Sometime later, David, Beryl, Lynn and Kevin arrive back at the Palmer house, and David puts Kevin's suitcase down. Beryl comments to Kevin it's good to be home, but Kevin just stands there, not looking at her. Lynn points him towards her, and she repeats that it feels good to be home. Kevin just comments that the couch is new. Beryl agrees that it is, but-- David interrupts her and tells her that he reckons she's wasting her time: they'll have to start writing notes. Lynn tells Kevin to sit down, and she indicates for him to do so. Kevin snaps that he doesn't want to sit down; he wants to see Davey. Lynn explains that he's next door with her mum and dad - she'll get him. Beryl, though, tells her that she and David will go - they'll give her and Kevin some time alone. David waves at Kevin and he and Beryl then leave. Kevin asks Lynn if they've gone to get Davey. Lynn nods at him. Kevin asks her if her parents have got him. Lynn nods again, and Kevin says, "Right." Lynn goes to hug him, but he moves away. Looking surprised, she asks what's wrong. She then tells him to hang on. She goes over to the 'phone and picks up the pad and pen lying next to it. She writes down 'What's wrong?' Kevin looks at it and then snaps that that's a stupid question. The two of them sit down on the new couch. Lynn writes down 'It'll be OK. I love you'. She smiles at him, but looks worried.

Todd and Amanda are at the Morrell apartment in Sydney, and Amanda is saying that, frankly she can't understand why anyone would want to try skydiving! Todd tells her that it's great fun, but Amanda asks him if he doesn't get even a little bit frightened. Todd explains that his body works off the adrenaline. Amanda asks him to hold her bag while she looks for her keys. He takes it and then goes on that falling 5,000 feet out of a 'plane is quite a thrill if you get used to it. Amanda comments that it sounds more like a death wish to her. Todd, suddenly looking serious, retorts that it's not like that at all. Amanda assures him that she was only joking. Changing the subject, she asks him if he's seen Irene again. He replies that he's decided not to. He then suggests that they don't talk about her; skydiving is much more interesting. As they go to head out, he asks Amanda if there's any chance of her giving it a go. Amanda smiles and tells him that he's got Buckley's! They go.

Kevin is sitting on the couch at the Palmers' when the front door bangs and Beryl comes in - carrying Davey - followed by David. Lynn taps Kevin on the shoulder and he looks round. When he sees his son there, he takes him and looks at him happily. He asks him if he's been keeping an eye on things for him, and adds, "That's my boy!" Lynn thanks Beryl and David. Beryl replies that at least Kevin hasn't had a mental block about his family; they should be able to help him somehow. David chips in that he reckons having him there will be the biggest help. Kevin tells Davey that he's put on a bit of weight! Lynn comments to David and Beryl that it's only a matter of waiting. David adds, "And act like nothing's ever happened." Lynn sits down and strokes Kevin's shoulder. Kevin quickly pulls away, leaving Lynn looking upset.

Gordon, Liz and Irene come out of the study at Dural, and Liz tells Gordon that the picture looks good on that wall; she's glad he decided to hang it there. Gordon agrees that so is he. He asks Irene what she thinks, and she tells him that it's a good quality print. Gordon explains that Liz won't tell him where she got it from. Liz reminds him that she was just walking past the shop, she saw it and decided to buy it. Gordon smiles and tells her that he's glad she did - it'll remind him of the good times. Liz tells him that she'll still be around - she's not moving cities! Gordon replies that he hopes so, for Wayne's sake. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and Liz answers it in the hallway. After a moment, she tells Gordon that it's Ted Morgan. Gordon, looking surprised, remarks that he hasn't heard from him for ages. Liz, looking worried, says he's not a businessman, is he? Gordon replies that, yes he is, but she's not to worry, as he's also a friend. He takes the 'phone. Irene indicates to Liz to come outside, and they go. Gordon asks Ted how he is, and then adds that he's fine. He asks Ted what he can do for him. After a few seconds, looking surprised, he tells him to hang on, and he asks what he's talking about, as it's the first he's heard of it...

Outside, Irene asks Liz if she's sure she's not going to change her mind. Liz says, "Sorry?" Irene explains that she means about seeing Gordon: she seemed to be having second thoughts. Liz replies that, to Gordon, she's still Wayne's girlfriend - he'd think it strange if she wasn't going to see him again. Irene comments that he'd think it stranger if he knew the truth. Liz snaps that, alright, she was silly to kiss him, but it won't happen again - she'll even start playing up to Wayne more; she doesn't want to break up his marriage, she just wants to keep on seeing him. Irene tells her that she'll only end up getting hurt - she'll have to leave one day, and it'll be that much harder in six months' time. Liz sadly says she knows - but at the moment, she just can't do it.

Inside, Gordon thanks Ted and adds that he doesn't mind at all - he's glad he called. He then says, "Bye," before hanging up, looking thoughtful.

A while later, Irene, Wayne, Liz, Barbara and Gordon are all sitting in the lounge room, and Barbara, looking surprised, comments to Irene that she didn't know she played golf. Irene replies that, yeah, she does, but she's no good! Liz asks Wayne if he plays, and he replies that he used to play quite a bit. Liz remarks that he never told her. She then looks at Gordon and asks about him. Gordon tells her, "Now and again." Wayne tells her that if he's going to improve her game, they'd better get training for it; he suggests they go for a walk. They head out. Barbara looks at Gordon, who's apparently miles away, and asks him if he's alright. He replies that he is, and asks why. Barbara explains that he's just rather quiet. Gordon tells her that he didn't have anything to say.

Outside, Wayne tells Liz that they don't have to go for a walk; the agency called, and they've got a job on tonight if she wants it; she'll have to call back before 5pm. Liz, looking disappointed, asks why he had to tell her that - she said she'd have dinner there. Wayne tells her that he can make up some excuse. He then goes on that he's been thinking about what she said, and she can't stay there every day. Liz replies that, the trouble is, she wants to. Wayne points out that, a couple of hours ago, she said it was a waste of time. Liz explains that she's changed her mind. She then suggests that they go for this walk.

Lynn closes the door of the 'fridge in the kitchen at the Palmers'. She then tells Beryl that she can feel it every time she gets close to him. Beryl points out that they're all a bit sensitive about how they're acting towards him at the moment. Lynn replies that it's not because he can't hear; it's something to do with her and she doesn't know what it is; all of a sudden, he doesn't want her touching him. Beryl suggests that he probably needs time to adjust. Lynn asks why he isn't the same with Davey, then. Beryl replies that she'd say that it's because he knows Davey isn't trying to talk to him, so not being able to hear doesn't matter; he's probably been looking forward so much to just sitting down and chatting. Lynn admits that she may be right. Beryl says she's sure she is - it'll work itself out.

In the lounge room, David writes down on a piece of paper 'Feeling better?' Kevin tells him that he is - he's got this ringing sound the whole time, but it doesn't hurt anymore. He goes on that he's beginning to envy those guys who can lip read - it could take him years to get the hang of it, though! David writes down on another piece of paper 'Good to have you home again - missed you'. Kevin tells him that he missed him, too - and mum and little Davey. Lynn and Beryl come in with a tray of tea things. Beryl hands a cup to Lynn, who passes it to Kevin. She sits down next to him on the couch, but he asks if the tea has been sugared. Lynn stands up again, bends down by the tray on the coffee table and pours some in. David tells Beryl that he'll have some of her cake. Lynn hands Kevin back his cup. He then asks where the spoon is, and he snaps at her that she forgot it. Lynn, looking upset, replies that it -- Kevin interrupts her and snaps, "Don't worry, I'll get one - I can still walk." He gets up and heads into the kitchen. Lynn says to Beryl that they forgot the spoons. Looking surprised, Beryl replies that they didn't - she's sure they put them on the tray. In the kitchen, Kevin stands there, looking annoyed. All of a sudden, he appears to hear something, and he moves nearer the doorway to try and listen to the conversation in the lounge room. Lynn tells Beryl that he is doing it on purpose - he's trying to get to her; he doesn't want her touching him or sitting next to him, and now he's blaming her for not getting the spoons. Beryl tells her that she just has to relax - he's tense, but he's not blaming anyone; he's been through an awful experience, and until he gets over it, they'll just have to learn to be patient. Lynn admits that she supposes it'll be different in a few days, once he's forgotten what he's been through. Kevin suddenly bursts back in and angrily asks if she thinks he'll forget. He adds, "It was a war, stupid, not a football game. When that shell hit, I thought I was dead; I thought it was the end of the world." Lynn smiles and exclaims that he can hear again. Kevin retorts, "Only just - and it's only been in the last minute." Lynn asks him if he isn't happy about it. Kevin retorts that he's not counting his chickens yet - the doctor said it would come and go for a while. David comments that he's a hard man to please. Kevin snaps that there's no use in building up his hopes too much. Lynn tells him to come and drink his tea and try and put everything out of his mind. She then quickly apologises for saying that, and she asks him if he'd like to lie down for a while. Kevin angrily snaps at her that they're her answers for everything: if you have a problem, have a cup of tea and sleep on it; it makes him sick. Lynn, looking shocked, says "Kevin--" Kevin snaps that she doesn't know what it's like - it's the worst experience he's ever had; being so close to that killing and shooting made him appreciate life a bit more, so she's not to think she can take it away from him by making him forget that everything that happened; he'll never forget. He storms off, leaving Lynn looking upset.

A short time later, Beryl says to David that she doesn't know what's wrong with him - it must be some sort of shock. David comments that it's shellshock, he supposes - his dad told him about the blokes in the war: some never recovered. Beryl anxiously comments that Kevin will be alright, won't he? David replies that he just needs time. He adds that it's a good thing that Lynn's still in there, trying to get through to him. He then goes on that he feels rotten about staying at Pat's place, leaving her to cope with it all. Beryl assures him that she can manage, but David suggests that he could stay for a few nights. He adds that he knows it was tough, just the two of them, but with the kids being back, it could be easier. Beryl thanks him. Lynn comes in and Beryl asks how Kevin is now. Lynn sadly replies that she doesn't know what he's thinking: she tried to talk to him, but he's gone deaf again. She sits down and continues that, one minute he could hear her, and then he couldn't. She goes on that he did it deliberately; he hates her. David tells her not to let it get her down. Lynn cuddles Davey.

At the Morrell apartment, Amanda pours a drink at the bar and comments that she needs one. Todd asks her if she had a good time, then. Amanda tells her that he nearly gave her a heart attack, pretending that his chute wouldn't open! Todd tells her to make his drink a small one, as they've got to get to the restaurant yet. Amanda hands a scotch to him and tells him to just drink it! Todd does as he's told, and gulps it all down in one go. Looking surprised, Amanda comments that she told him to drink it, not scull it! Todd explains that he couldn't help himself. Amanda remarks that he's a chip off the old block, isn't he. Looking surprised, Todd asks her what she means. Amanda explains that he's like Irene: she doesn't seem to do things by halves, either. Todd immediately snaps, "God help me if I turn out to be like her." Looking shocked, Amanda asks him what he's got against her. Todd retorts that, basically, she walked out on them - dad and him - and now she's trying to tell him that it wasn't like that. Amanda asks him what he thinks. He explains that he was too young to know what was going on. He adds that there was a court case and his mother gave him the transcripts the other day, but he lost them. Amanda, looking surprised, says, "What?" Todd explains that they were stolen - the same day as they took the radio from his car. Amanda sympathetically says, "Oh, Todd..." Todd, though tells her that it doesn't make any difference - his dad has already told him the story. Amanda points out that his dad has told his side; doesn't he want to hear the other side? Todd asks what the point is. Amanda comments that it sounds to her like he's scared of what he might find out. Todd laughs, "Me? Scared? Remember who you're talking to!" Amanda asks him why he doesn't see Irene again, adding that it can't hurt to hear her side of things. Todd looks thoughtful.

Irene and Barbara are walking outside Dural, and Irene is saying that that's the story: she gave Todd the transcripts and when he's read them, he'll get back to her - if he reads them. Barbara points out that he won't know to ring her there. Irene admits that that's true. She then goes on that she came out there because she couldn't stand the waiting! Wayne and Liz approach them as they return from their walk, and Liz asks Irene if she's going already. Irene replies that she wants to see what sort of mess the workmen have made! Wayne tells Irene that he'll see her later, and he walks off back to the house. Liz says to Irene that if she and Barbara were having a private chat... Irene assures her that they weren't - she was just moaning about her son! Liz asks her if they can have a chat on the way to her car, then. Barbara says, "Goodbye," to Irene and goes to walk off. As she does so, she turns round and asks Irene if she knows where Gordon went to. Irene replies that he went in the study. Barbara says she hopes he's alright, as he didn't look it this afternoon. Irene suggests that he probably wanted to get away from the women for a while!

As Barbara come into the house, Wayne asks her if she's got a minute. Barbara snaps that, no she hasn't, actually - she wants to see what Gordon's up to. Wayne asks what he's doing. Barbara replies that that's what she wants to-- The study door suddenly opens and she quickly tells Wayne that, anyway, by the time the tournament-- Gordon interrupts her and tells her that there's no need to change the subject - he knows what's going on. He adds that he doesn't know how long they thought they could hide it, but he's been studying the books. He tells them, "You do know we're flat broke, don't you?" Barbara and Wayne look guilty.


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