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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

At the Palmer house the next morning, David is examining the broken couch, but Beryl tells him to leave it. David retorts that he said he'd do it and he will - it's nothing a hammer and a few nails won't fix. Beryl points out that the whole bottom has fallen through. David snaps that it wouldn't have if knucklehead had been a bit more careful. Beryl retorts that it wasn't Jim's fault. David asks whose it was, then. Beryl ignores this and tells him to just leave it. She adds that she was thinking of getting another one, anyway, when things get back to normal. David snaps, "If they ever are." Beryl retorts, "What?" David explains that it's been so long since things have been 'normal' round there that he's forgotten what it's like. Beryl tells him that he's not helping by going round like a bear with a sore head. David snaps that, that's right, blame him; their son could be dead, and all she's interested in is having a good old laugh with her 'friend'. Beryl, looking furious, snaps, "How dare you." She then goes on that she's worried sick about Kevin, but when Jim broke that couch, it released some of the tension she felt. She angrily adds that she thought David would know her better than that. David mutters that he's starting to wonder if he ever knew her. Beryl snaps that that's wonderful. She then suggests that it might be a good idea if he goes. David asks what she'll do if there are any more calls. Beryl tells him that she'll let him know if anything happens. David retorts that that's fair enough. He adds that it might be an idea if he does leave.

Barbara opens the front door at Dural to find Liz standing on the step. She tells the escort that she didn't know she was arriving so early - she hasn't even had time to make up her room yet. Liz assures her that that's alright - just tell her where it is and she'll do it. Barbara explains that Wayne didn't even tell her that she was coming until after breakfast. Liz says she's sure he just forgot. She wanders into the lounge room to look for him. When she discovers that he's not in there, she asks where he is, and Barbara replies that he's outside. Liz goes on that she gathers she's on the out, now that she's dragged Wayne down to her level. Barbara, looking surprised, comments that she wouldn't have put it quite like that. She adds, though, that she's sure Liz understands how she feels: she finds her line of work distasteful in the extreme; she only hopes Wayne comes to his senses before Gordon finds out. Liz retorts that she doesn't think Gordon would be quite as narrow-minded as she is; she thinks he'd be a touch more modern in his outlook. Barbara snaps, "Is that so?" Wayne suddenly comes in from outside and asks Liz if she's been there long. She explains that she just arrived. Wayne turns to Barbara and snidely remarks that it's a good job Liz is there, isn't it, as Barbara will have a busy weekend at the golf club, and she's going to need all the help she can get round the house, right? Barbara annoyedly snaps, "Right..." Wayne then tells Liz that he'll show her upstairs. Liz turns to Barbara and tells her that she doesn't want to dislike her - she'd prefer they were friends - but Barbara isn't making it very easy. She and Wayne head back out to the hallway. Wayne suddenly tells Liz to hang on a minute, and he then hands her a rose from the garden. Liz, looking surprised, thanks him, and adds that it's nice to know she's got a friend in the house. Wayne asks her if Barbara gave her a hard time. Liz replies that she doesn't exactly approve of her. Wayne tells her to ignore her - he's got the rough end of her tongue, too, since he started work. Liz comments that Barbara has got a conservative outlook on life, that's all. She then asks how last night went. Wayne replies that it was terrific - they booked him for lunch today, too; he told Gordy that it's a business lunch, so can he just leave Liz to hold the fort? Liz smiles and says she's sure can handle it.

Jill comes downstairs at Toorak and opens the front door to find Luke standing there. She looks annoyed to see him and she asks him what he wants, adding that she got his note and she thinks he said everything in that. Luke explains that he felt he owes her more than that. Jill tells him, "Just go..." Luke pleads, "Please?" Jill reluctantly invites him in and they head into the lounge room. She tells him, though, that he can't stay long as she's on her way to the hospital. Luke promises that he won't keep her. He then adds that he drove round the house three times before he plucked up the courage to come in. Jill retorts that she doesn't know why - she's done some things that he doesn't like, but she certainly doesn't go round biting people's heads off. Luke agrees, "No..." He then goes on that what he said the other day... he didn't mean to make judgements; he was just saying how he felt. Jill curtly tells him to go on. Luke continues that it wasn't the prostitution - he can see how she might have been forced into that; it was the baby - he knows she went through and had it, but the fact that she considered getting rid of it... he couldn't handle it. Jill points out that he said all that the other day. Luke explains that he just came round to see how she was feeling. Jill, though, angrily snaps that he doesn't care about that - he just came round to make himself feel better. Luke retorts that that's not true. Jill, though, tells him that he's a selfish person and he uses people: he used his father for money, even though he's supposed to hate him; and he used the O'Briens when it was convenient; he's not to come over there to use her just to make himself feel that he's done the right thing. She storms out to the front door. Luke follows her and tells her that she's taking everything he said the wrong way. Jill opens the door and snaps that, no, she hasn't. To her surprise, David is standing on the doorstep, and she tells him that Luke is just leaving. Luke walks out and Jill shuts the door behind him. David comes in and asks Jill what he wanted. Jill replies that it was nothing. She asks how Kevin is.

Lynn arrives at the Palmers', and she asks Beryl if Davey gave her much trouble last night. Beryl replies that he woke up a couple of times, but she got him back to sleep. She then comments that Lynn doesn't look as if she got much sleep herself. Lynn explains that she got a few hours, but it was hard not to think about Kevin. Beryl sympathetically says she knows. She offers Lynn a cup of tea, which she gratefully accepts, and they go to head into the kitchen. As they do so, Lynn notices the couch and asks what happened to it. Beryl tells her that it's a long story! The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Lynn rushes to get it. Peter Burke from Foreign Affairs comes on and tells her that he's sorry for taking so long to get back to her, but they haven't been able to establish contact with El Abib until this morning. Lynn replies that that's alright. She asks what's happening, and Burke replies that it's good news: her husband wasn't hurt in the blast and he's on his way home - the British managed to get him to Bahrain and he caught a direct flight home. A look of happy relief crosses Lynn's face, and Beryl anxiously asks her what Mr. Burke said. Lynn excitedly tells her that Kevin is alright, and is on his way home. On the 'phone, Burke asks Lynn if she's still there. Lynn replies that she's sorry. She asks him what time Kevin's 'plane is due.

Kevin is sitting in the end seat in the middle section of a 'plane. A flight attendant picks up an empty tray from in front of him and he thanks her. The attendant says she hopes he enjoyed it. Kevin replies that he sure did - it was better than the rations where he's been lately! The flight attendant says she can imagine - from the report she heard in Bahrain, he was lucky to get out of El Abib. Kevin tells her that they were. The flight attendant tells him that, if he needs anything, just ask. She walks off. A man sitting to Kevin's right suddenly comments that Kevin was caught up in the trouble in El Abib, was he? Kevin looks round and says, "Yes." The man remarks that it's a bad business. He then introduces himself as Adrian Spence, and Kevin introduces himself. Spence tells him that he saw on the news about the British Embassy being under attack, and he asks Kevin whether he was in that. Kevin explains that he was inside the Embassy. Looking annoyed at the questioning, he then adds that he might go and stretch his legs.

David is in the lounge room at Toorak, with Beryl, and he excitedly says, "On his way home?! That's fantastic! Great!" Beryl tells him that Lynn is very happy, and she is, too. David asks if Kevin is alright - he's not hurt? Beryl replies that he's fine. She adds that she decided to come over and tell him, rather than call, because they haven't been... "you know..." but she thinks that, for Kevin's sake, they should put on a bit of a front. David replies that he couldn't agree more. Beryl thanks him. She then adds that she'd better be going, as she wants to see if she can get a new lounge. David offers to drive her, but Beryl replies that it's alright - she can get a taxi. She adds that they're heading to the airport at lunchtime; if he wants to come over then, they can go together. David smiles and says he will. He thanks her for coming over, and repeats that it's fantastic news. Beryl goes. David smiles happily. He then goes to the 'phone and dials a number.

The 'phone rings in Irene's apartment at the boarding house in Sydney. She rushes over to answer it, causing David to comment on how quick she was - he'd barely finished dialling! Irene, sounding disappointed, comments that it's him. David asks her who she expected. Irene explains that she thought it might be Todd - she's been sweating on a call from him since he came round there the other day. David asks how it went. Irene replies that it's difficult to tell - but she gave him her copy of the custody transcript; after he's read it, he might feel a bit better about her. David tells her that he's a bit of an idiot if he doesn't. Changing the subject, he explains that there's a reason he rang: he's got good news and he's busting to tell her.

On board the aeroplane, the flight attendant hands Adrian Spence a tray with a drink on it. Kevin sits back down and Spence notices that he's bought a newspaper. He asks if there's anything in it about the trouble, but Kevin replies that he hasn't read it yet. Spence asks him if he was actually in the Embassy when it was hit by the shell. Kevin tells him that, yes, he was. Spence then asks him where he was when it landed. He adds that, if he was in the basement, he should have been alright. Kevin impatiently explains that he was on the third floor, making a call to his family. Spence asks what happened after that. Kevin replies that he didn't really have much time to think about it - there was dust and rubble everywhere, and people were screaming; he just started digging, trying to get to people who were hurt; the next thing he knew, he was on a truck taking him to Bahrain. He asks Spence if he's ever been to the Middle East. Spence replies that he was there during the Second World War - the Battle of Tobruk. He goes on that that was a tough one - more than a shell just falling on an Embassy. He asks Kevin if he knows how many days they'd been gone: everyone was expecting that any moment would be their last; if it hadn't been for Monty... He doesn't notice that Kevin is just staring into space, looking disinterested.

Lynn carries a vase of flowers into the living room at the Palmers' and puts it down on the table. As she does so, there's a knock at the front door, and she opens it to find Andy standing on the step. Looking surprised, she asks him what he's doing there. Andy tells her that he could ask the same question, as he thought she was in Sydney. Lynn explains that she was until yesterday. She then asks, "What about you?" Andy replies that he had a booking locally. Lynn invites him in, and he goes on that he had a booking at a disco and decided to give Mrs. Palmer a ring, but Mr. Palmer answered and gave him a bit of an earful. He adds that he got the impression that David thinks something happened between them, so he thought he'd pop round and set the record straight once and for all. Lynn assures him that Mr. Palmer knows nothing happened between them. She adds that he was probably overreacting because he's so worried about Kevin. Andy asks what happened with Kevin. Lynn explains that it's alright now - he's on his way home - but it was pretty hairy for a while. She goes on that Andy knows how Kevin was working in the Middle East: he got caught up in some of the fighting and was trapped in the Embassy in Tel Aviv; it was shelled, but thankfully he managed to get out. Andy comments that she must be relieved. Lynn smiles and tells him that he can say that again! Andy asks when he's due in. Lynn replies that it's at about 1pm. Andy remarks that he bets she's got a million things to do, so he'd better let her get on. He goes to walk back to the door, adding that he'll give her a call when things settle down. Lynn says she'd like that. Andy asks her if she can talk to Mr. Palmer and tell him that he's barking up the wrong tree. Suddenly making a decision, Lynn asks him why he doesn't stay and have a cup of coffee. Andy replies that, if it's alright by her... Lynn points out that she just asked, didn't she?!

Irene is sitting at the table in her apartment, adding up some figures. However, she loses track of where she is, and has to start again. There's suddenly a knock at the door, and she rushes to get it. She looks disappointed when she just sees one of the workmen standing there. He tells her that he thought he'd let her know that he's about to start drilling and will be making a racket for most of the day. Irene replies that it can't be helped. She then goes on that she's got some friends up at Dural who keep going on at her to spend some time with them; she might go and visit them, to save the old eardrum! The workman goes. As she shuts the door, Irene mutters, "Save me sitting on the telephone all day, too."

At Dural, Wayne stands up from where he was sitting on the couch. Barbara notices that he's left the newspaper lying around, and she asks him if he's going to leave it there. Wayne asks, "Why not?" Barbara points out that there could be something about the company in there. Wayne explains that he's already been through it; he's not totally stupid. He goes and pours himself an orange juice at the bar. Out in the hallway, Gordon and Liz are coming downstairs, and Gordon is explaining that he simply feels uncomfortable in jeans and T-shirt, so he wears something a bit dressier. Liz tells him that, in that case, she'll fix his collar for him. She starts fiddling with it, explaining that the fashion these days is to wear it inside. In the lounge room, Barbara overhears Liz's comments and mutters to Wayne that she's showing Gordon how to dress, now - what does she think she's doing? Wayne tells her that Liz is doing her job and she's doing it very well, if Barbara could be gracious enough to admit it. Barbara snaps that she's supposed to be keeping him company, not telling him how to run his life. Wayne retorts that she's showing she's got a bit of class, but Barbara won't give her a chance. Barbara snaps that that isn't true. Wayne, though, tells her that she should listen to herself sometimes. Gordon and Liz come into the room and Gordon tells his son that he's keeping his tennis partner waiting. He adds that Liz shouldn't let Wayne bluff her: keep the ball on his backhand, as it's his weakest shot! Wayne sarcastically thanks him and then tells Liz to come on. He adds that they need to make it a snappy game as he's got a business lunch to get to. Barbara looks annoyed.

A short time later, Barbara hands Gordon a cup of tea and offers him a biscuit, but he assures her that he'll be fine. She sits down next to him, on the settee, and Gordon wonders aloud who's winning the tennis. He then adds that it's probably Wayne, as he has much more self-confidence than Liz. Barbara curtly tells him that she thinks Liz has a great deal of self-assurance. Gordon replies that, on the surface, she may have, but underneath... from what she's said, she's had a few hard knocks in her life. Barbara pointedly remarks that she's sure she can cope. Gordon agrees that he's sure she can. He adds that she's a very intelligent girl, and he admits that he enjoys giving her all the encouragement he can. Barbara tells him that he should concentrate on getting well, not buoying-up other people's self-confidence. Gordon replies that he thinks it's doing Liz a world of good. Barbara tells him to do her a world of good and build up her self-confidence. She indicates to him to come and sit next to her, but Gordon suddenly says, "It's in the storeroom." Looking taken aback, Barbara asks him what he means. Gordon explains that he means Bleak House: he promised to lend it to Liz. He gets up and tells Barbara that he'll see her in a minute. Barbara looks annoyed.

A while later, Barbara tells Gordon that she's sorry she won't be in for lunch - it's only a practice game, but the other golfers arranged it and there's nothing she can do. Gordon assures her that it's alright - Liz will be there to keep him company. Barbara tells him to make sure he gets some rest after lunch, as he looks very tired. She goes to the door and opens it just as Irene is about to knock! The two women both burst out laughing, and Irene asks Barbara if she's psychic or something! Barbara tells Irene that she gave her a shock! She then asks her what she's doing there, and Irene explains that she's escaping the noisy workmen and a few other things. She holds up a box and continues that she brought a cake so that she wouldn't be freeloading! Barbara assures her that she would never think that. She then goes on that, unfortunately, she has to go to work, but Irene is very free to spend some time with Gordon and Liz. Looking surprised, Irene asks if 'she's' there. Barbara, looking more sour-faced, replies that, yes, she is: the whole stupid charade is still going ahead, full-steam. Irene promises that she'll try not to put her foot in it, and Barbara agrees, "Please don't." She then adds that, actually, she's rather glad Irene is there, as she doesn't like leaving Gordon alone with 'Her Highness'. Liz suddenly comes downstairs, and Barbara asks her if she's recovered from the tennis. Liz replies that she has. Barbara turns back to Irene and knowingly explains that this is the the woman she was telling her about: Wayne's girlfriend - she's there for the weekend. Irene says, "G'day," and the two women shake hands. Irene asks Liz if she's treating herself to some country air for a few days. Liz replies that she's loving every minute of it. She then tells Irene that she'll catch up with her later - Wayne plastered her on the tennis court, and she wants to get some armchair pointers from Gordon. She heads into the lounge room, leaving Irene to comment to Barbara that she seems decent enough. She adds that, from the way Barbara described her-- Barbara interrupts and tells her that she's known her a lot longer than Irene has. She then says she'd better go. Irene goes to take the cake into the lounge room. As she does so, Liz comes out of the room and tells her that Gorden has dozed off. Irene suddenly notices Barbara's golf clubs resting against the wall by the telephone. She hands Liz the cake, picks up the clubs and dashes outside.

Barbara is just about the head back into the house as Irene comes out. She grimly comments that it would have been wonderful to come home and have Gordon ask her how she got on without any clubs! Irene tells her that she admires all the trouble she and Wayne are going to to protect Gordon from finding out about the company. Barbara retorts that she'd admire Wayne a lot more if he got a proper job. Irene agrees that escort work is different! Barbara tells her to guess where he is now. She then goes on that he's wining and dining and being charming to some unfortunate woman. She adds, "If I was stuck with Wayne, I'd ask for my money back!"

Inside, Liz heads back into the lounge room and stands, watching Gordon sitting on the settee, dozing. She notices a book resting on the arm of the couch, and she bends down to pick it up. All-of-a-sudden, she leans further forward and kisses Gordon gently on the forehead. She doesn't notice that Irene has just come back into the house and has witnessed everything. She suddenly hears the front door shut, though, and turns round quickly to see who's there. Irene quietly says to her that they'd better have a little talk. Liz quickly assures her that it was nothing, but Irene just says, "Come on." She leads Liz out into the hallway and closes the lounge room doors behind her. Liz stands there, looking worried. Irene tells her that she's not going to say that there's anything wrong in having an affair with a married man - she's had the odd fling herself - but the one thing she's always made sure of is that the bloke's marriage was a disaster and that there was no way of them ever getting together again; Barbara and Gordon don't fit into that category. Liz tells Irene that she's got the wrong idea - she didn't-- Irene interrupts and retorts that, whether she has or not, what Liz did in there is just not on. She adds that, if Gordon woke up and found his son's supposed girlfriend kissing him, the poor man would probably have another heart attack. Looking surprised, Liz asks her what she mean by 'supposed'. Irene retorts that she means just that: Barbara told her what's been going on. Liz, looking crestfallen, replies that, alright, she won't pretend that she doesn't feel something for Gordon - she happens to like him. Irene tells her that it's got to work both ways; she's afraid the best thing Liz can do now is try and gently ease her way out of the whole situation; start making excuses as to why she can't come over so often. She tells Liz to believe her: making the break is as much for her sake as anyone else's. Liz sadly says she knows.

Lynn and Andy are sitting with Davey in the kitchen at the Palmers'. Lynn tells her son that she thinks he's had enough cake! Andy comments that the kid is wide awake now, and Lynn agrees that he certainly is - and excited about daddy coming home. Andy tells her that he's really happy for her. Victor suddenly calls out and Lynn calls back that they're in there. Victor comes in the back door and tells his daughter that they have to leave for the airport soon, so she'd better get Davey home and ready. Andy says he'd better be pushing off, too. Looking at Andy, Victor introduces himself, and Lynn explains to her father that Andy is a friend from Sydney. Victor just smiles and says, "Very good!" Lynn tells him that she'll just see Andy out. Victor picks up Davey. Lynn and Andy head to the front door. As they do so, Andy comments that it's funny: he doesn't even feel the slightest bit guilty. Lynn asks why should he? Andy replies that there's no reason now, but a few months back... Lynn tells him that it's funny how things turned out for her, too: after everything they've been through, she realises now that she loves Kevin more than ever. Andy suggests that it's probably got something to do with having a clear conscience. Lynn tells him that she'll always be his friend. Andy replies, "Me too." He then asks Lynn to let him know how Kevin is, and Lynn replies that she will. Andy says, "Bye," and goes.

Aboard the aeroplane, Captain Evans comes on over the tannoy and announces that they'll be starting on their descent very shortly. He adds that there's a chance of a small amount of turbulence, so he advises passengers to remain seated. Kevin, who is seated, listens as the Captain goes on that he hasn't switched on the 'Seatbelt' sign, but he would suggest passengers put them on anyway. Kevin does as he's told, and so does Adrian Spence, next to him. Spence comments that it's not much longer to go now. Kevin just says, "No..." He then suddenly asks Spence if he can hear a sort of high-pitched whistling sound. Spence replies, "No". Kevin tells him that he can. Spence suggests that it's probably something to do with the engines, but Kevin says it isn't - it's inside. Spence insists that he can't hear anything. Kevin suddenly puts his hands to his temples, pushing at them as if in pain. Spence tells him to try and make his ears pop. Kevin, though, suddenly cries out, "God, it's hurting. It won't stop." The other passengers sitting nearby look at him. Adrian Spence calls to a flight attendant for a sweet, telling Kevin that that will fix it. Kevin looks round at Spence, who is still talking to him. He can see Spence's lips moving, but he can't hear any words coming out of his mouth...


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