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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Wayne asks Gordon how he found out. Barbara asks him if he's alright, and she suggests that he sit down. Gordon assures her that he's fine. He goes into the lounge room. Wayne and Barbara follow him, and Wayne tells him that things aren't too bad - they just didn't want him to worry about anything. Gordon, though, retorts that he's well aware of how serious things are. Wayne asks him again how he found out. Gordon explains that he was having a social chat with Ted Morgan and he let it slip; he called the accountant and browbeat him into telling him the facts. Noticing the looks of concern on his wife's and son's faces, he adds that they're not to worry about him - he's perfectly alright. He goes on that, however, he would have preferred to have known what was going on from the beginning; if his wife gets a job, it's only fair that her husband should know. Barbara, looking guilty, says she's sorry - she didn't know how he'd take it. Gordon assures her that it'll take more than that to knock him over; there's nothing wrong with his brain, and that's what this needs: good old-fashioned brain power. He hands the files he's holding to Barbara and says he'll get the rest of the papers from the study. Wayne quickly says he'll get them, but Gordon tells him to stop fussing: he'll get them and then they'll see what they can do to get themselves out of this mess. He leaves the room. Barbara comments to Wayne that he seems quite calm, but you never know what's going on in his head. Wayne points out that they have to admit that they can do with his help. He adds that he reckons the way Gordon took it shows that he's better than they thought. Barbara, though, reminds him that he seemed fine before he found out about Paul Sheppard's death. She goes on that, as she said, you never know what's going on in his head.

Todd is waiting outside the door of Irene's apartment at the boarding house in Sydney. Irene suddenly comes round the corner in the corridor outside and, looking surprised to see him, asks him what he's doing there. He tells her that he's getting bored silly, and adds that he's glad she turned up as fifteen minutes is his limit. Irene smiles and says she's glad he waited, as she's interested to find out what he thought after reading the transcripts. Looking slightly guilty, Todd replies that he didn't get round to it - he lost them; and he probably wouldn't have understood it anyway. Looking shocked, Irene asks how he managed to lose them. She then tells him to come in, and she opens the door. As they head inside, Todd explains that his car was broken into - they took the radio and the papers. He wryly adds that the guy would have got a shock when he read them and found that they weren't worth the bother. Irene, looking disappointed, tells him that she wanted him to read them so that he got an unbiased view of what happened. Todd suggests that it looks as though she'll have to tell him herself. Irene replies that she can't promise that it will be unbiased... She tells him to sit down and adds that it could take some time. Todd sits down and tells her to fire away. Irene says she'd better start by telling him a bit about herself; she hopes he understands. She goes on that her family was very average: they were poor, but she managed to get through her schooling by winning scholarships and she got her degree by saving every bean she could; she qualified and then she met Nat. Todd interrupts and asks, "Where?" Looking surprised, Irene asks if it matters. She then continues that it was at the first hospital where she worked; she always found it strange that he went for her, as he came from a very wealthy family - they knew all the right people: Members of Parliament and that sort of stuff. She goes on that she liked him a lot - and to hang on to him, she trained herself in the art of being socially acceptable. She grimly adds, "The things you do for love..." She continues that, after they were married, she couldn't seem to keep up the act, and they started fighting. Todd asks, "What about: how to hold a knife and fork?" Irene curtly tells him, "No..." She goes on that the first big one was about alternative medicine: she was open-minded about things like that, but Nat was dead against it - it didn't conform to the recognised rules of practice; he was pretty narrow-minded. Todd points out that that's her opinion. He then asks why she's telling him about this, anyway. Irene explains that she thinks it's important if he's going to understand. She adds that she understands him sticking up for his father, but she only ever did what she did because she was convinced that she was in the right. She then tells Todd, "On to you." She goes on that he was a pretty sickly little bloke when he was a kid - and when he became really ill, Nat called in a friend of his - but Todd got worse; she was making herself sick worrying about him and she finally suggested that they get a herbalist. She continues that Nat really blew his stack, so she got a herbalist in without telling him; during those two weeks, Todd started to improve - and then the whole thing blew up: Nat came home early one day, when the herbalist was still there, there was a hell of a row and she was kicked out of the house. She goes on that Nat was so mad that he even reported her to the hospital; she was nearly kicked out of there, too, for trying to push alternative medicine. She adds that this was 17 years ago, remember. She continues that Nat sued for divorce and he got a brilliant barrister who managed to convince the court that custody should go to the father - which again was unusual for those days; she was found to be unfit - they made it sound as if she used Todd for the herbalist to experiment on; Nat's friend got the credit for curing Todd and everything went Nat's way; she was left with nothing - she didn't even have a friend in the profession, as she'd been too outspoken about how a few of them ran their practices; she decided she'd had enough, and after the court case, she got out of medicine completely. She adds that she fought to become a doctor to save lives, not to set herself up as some sort of tin God. She tells Todd that the worst thing was losing him: they wouldn't let her see him - not for one stinking day a year, and that-- She suddenly stops and breaks down. Todd just looks at her.

A few moments later, Irene says she's sorry about that - she swore there was no way she'd make a fool of herself. Todd asks her what she thinks they should do now. Irene suggests that getting to know each other mightn't be a bad idea - but with her, what you see is what you get; she learnt from his father that it doesn't pay to pretend. Todd comments that it depends on what you're pretending for, he guesses. Irene says she supposes so. She then suggests that they could have Sunday lunch tomorrow. Todd sarcastically asks if she means a 'good old-fashioned roast'. Irene replies that they can have that if he likes. Todd retorts that he will as long as there's a good red to go with it. He then asks if he can bring someone with him. Irene, looking surprised, replies that he can as long as they like roasts. Todd says he's sure she's had one before. He then announces that he'd better be going, as he's got things to do. Irene remarks, "Young man on the move, eh?" Todd replies that she'd better believe it! He goes.

Liz and Wayne are standing outside the front door at Dural, and Liz asks Wayne if Gordon is alright. Wayne replies that he's amazing - he's got all the papers together and he's attacking the problems like his old self. He adds that, fingers crossed, he'll come out of it OK. He then goes on that, the only thing is, Gordon said he wanted them to be honest with him - and if they are, he can handle it - which is why he thinks they should tell him the truth about them. Looking worried, Liz asks if Gordon hasn't had enough news for one day. She then reminds Wayne that, if they tell Gordon about them, they'll have to tell him what Wayne does for a living. Wayne looks thoughtful. Barbara suddenly opens the front door and calls to Wayne that Gordon would like to talk to him - and Liz too. The two of them head inside.

Gordon is sitting in the lounge room, and when he sees Liz coming in with Wayne, he tells her that that's good, as he wanted them to have a family chat. As Barbara, Wayne and Liz stand there, he tells them that he's been looking at the situation and Wayne has done an excellent job. Wayne smiles in delight. Gordon, though, goes on that they're not in Easy Street yet. He asks Wayne if he's spoken to the other Directors and told them where they stand. Wayne replies that he didn't think it was the time to worry Beryl, with Kevin so ill, and Patricia is overseas. Gordon, looking thoughtful, comments that it's probably better that they don't know, as he can tell them the facts, together with his ideas for getting them through it. Wayne tells his father that it's floored him that he's taking it so calmly. Gordon replies that he admits he wasn't too good for a few days after hearing about Paul, but this is something practical, not emotional. Barbara grimly chips in that she was pretty emotional, she can tell him! Gordon smiles. He then goes on that he and Barbara have talked about her job and she's decided to continue with it - she likes it, and now that she's not going behind his back, she can relax and enjoy it. He asks Wayne and Liz if they see how much easier things are when they don't keep things from him...

That evening, Amanda opens the front door at the Morrell apartment. Todd is standing there, and she tells him that she wondered where he'd got to. Todd ignores this and asks her if she's ready. Amanda tells him that she won't be a minute. She goes to walk away, but Todd tells her to hurry up as he's booked the table at the restaurant for 7:30pm, and it's an hour's drive to get there. Changing the subject, Amanda asks him what happened with Irene. Todd grudgingly admits that she had a valid point of view; it could be worth seeing more of her. Amanda insists that he tell her what happened. Todd explains that it seemed as if she had a battle over him, but his father had the influence. He tells Amanda again to get ready. Amanda comments that, sometimes, he's unreal: it must have meant something knowing that his mother wasn't who he thought she was. Todd just says, "Yeah, well..." He then adds that, anyway, they've been invited for lunch tomorrow; he hopes she likes boring Sunday roasts. He adds, "Now hurry up."

Katie arrives back at the O'Briens' after an evening out, and finds Luke waiting for her. He asks if there's any news on Jeff. Katie tells him that there's nothing - her dad called the police last night, but they've heard nothing since then. The two of them head inside, and Luke comments that Heather and Mike must be feeling pretty terrible. Katie replies that her dad does in particular. She then adds that she's fed up with doing nothing. Luke says he knows the police haven't had much luck with Jeff's mates at school, but he thinks that he might have some luck if he asked them. Looking delighted, Katie exclaims that that's a great idea! Luke tells her that he's not quite as selfish as some people think. Katie tells him that she's never thought he's selfish. Luke explains that he didn't mean her - he was thinking of Jill: he went and tried to explain how he feels - to tell her why he didn't think they should see each other anymore - and she put it right back on him. Katie asks him when he's going to talk to Jeff's friends. Luke replies that he thought he'd go tomorrow morning, down at the track. He asks Katie if she wants to come with him, and she tells him that she'd love to - she's been dying to do something to help, especially since the Suttons have got her mum and dad over at their place. Luke queries, "The Suttons?" Katie explains that their son is one of Jeff's mates on the team; they think he may be helping Jeff, so her mum and dad have gone over there to see if they can get something out of him. She bitterly adds, "Fat chance, I'd say." She then adds that, still, they might have some hope if they try him tomorrow morning. Luke tells her, "Right!"

It's dark, and inside a shed full of junk, a dog whimpers. It's Titus. Jeff whispers to him to be quiet. He then puts his things down on the floor and whispers to Titus, "Let's hope nobody comes."

The next morning, light is streaming into the shed, and there are noises outside. Titus is awake and he stands looking at Jeff. Jeff wakes up and comments to his dog that the floor isn't the same as bed. He sits up and Titus runs over to the door. Jeff says he knows: he wants to go out. Titus whines, and Jeff tells him, "Good boy." He then adds that they have to be careful. He continues that he bets Titus is hungry. He tells the dog that he can't get him anything to eat until 'he' arrives; he could do with a drink, though. He tells Titus to wait while he sneaks out to get some water.

Luke knocks quietly on the front door at the O'Briens' and Katie opens it. She joins him outside and tells him that her mum and dad are still in bed; she doesn't want to wake them as they haven't had much sleep since Jeff vanished. Luke suggests that they should hope they have some luck at the track. Katie mutters that Jeff could at least have let them know if he's alright.

In the shed, Jeff quietly tells Titus that he could eat almost anything at the moment, and he asks the dog how he fancies a dirty great big hamburger with the lot! He then asks Titus if he thinks it was worth it, leaving home; he hopes 'he' hurries up and gets there-- He suddenly hears a voice outside, saying, "I'll get it, Dennis." The door to the shed opens, and Jeff tries to push himself and Titus as close to a pile of boxes as possible, so that he isn't seen. A girl comes in and starts looking around for something. After a few moments, she finds what she's looking for and goes to head out. Before she goes, she has a quick final look round the shed and then heads out, leaving Jeff sitting there looking worried. The girl shuts the door.

Liz and Gordon are playing Scrabble at the table in the living room at Dural. Gordon tells Liz that he's glad she doesn't play chess! Liz asks why, and Gordon explains that he'd never win that, either - she's too clever by half! Liz replies that she just likes words, that's all. Gordon smiles and tells her that she's the sort of person who encourages people to cheat so that they win just once! Liz replies that she can't see him cheating - honesty means a lot to him. Gordon agrees that, yes, it does. Liz then goes on that she thinks it was time she was honest with him. Gordon remarks that that sounds serious. Liz tells him that it's about Wayne and herself: Wayne was worried about him and the fact that he was missing Amanda; he thought that if he met someone else, it would take the edge off it for him; someone who could spend some time with him-- Gordon interrupts her and asks her if she means someone to take Amanda's place. He then asks if things between her and Wayne aren't what they seem; he adds that she's not to look so apprehensive, as he's not going to kick the bucket! Liz tells him, "I'm an escort - from a very respectable agency." Gordon, looking surprised, asks her if she means Wayne hired her as his girlfriend for his sake. He adds, "Good lord!" He then continues that, looking on the practical side, considering their financial situation, how could he afford it? Liz explains that, once the money started running short, she started coming for nothing. Gordon asks what for. Liz smiles at him and replies that it got to the stage where she cared enough-- Realising she can't go through with what she was about to say, she breaks off. Gordon, though, tells her that, in that case, he couldn't be happier. He asks her if she's told Wayne how she feels about him. Liz, realising that Gordon has got the wrong end of the stick, just says, "No." Gordon says that, in that case, take his advice and tell him: Wayne could hardly spend time with a girl as gentle and charming as she is without feeling something for her. Liz looks upset.

Irene is laying the table at her apartment when there's a knock on the door. She opens it to find Todd and Amanda standing there. Todd hands her a bunch of flowers and Irene tells him that he shouldn't have. Todd comments that he thought all ladies loved flowers. Irene replies that they normally mean someone wants something. Todd tells her that he does: a home-cooked Sunday roast! He then introduces Amanda, and Irene recalls that they've met before, briefly. Todd explains that he's brought Amanda to protect him! Irene asks what from: the food or from her?! Todd ignores this. He goes on that he was going to buy a classy little red, but didn't - but if she hasn't got one, he'll go out and buy one now. Irene assures him that she's got one, and indicates where it's stored. He walks off, and Amanda tells Irene that she'll get used to him. Irene, looking wary, says she'll just pop out and see how the the roast is going...

Katie and Luke are back at the O'Briens', and Katie calls to her parents, but there's no answer. She then bitterly comments that this morning was a big waste of time. Luke points out that it was worth a try. Katie snaps that sure it was. She then goes on that she thought that, although they didn't have any luck at the track, she thought they might have cracked one of his other friends - unless they really don't know where he is. Luke says he'd say they were all telling the truth. Katie offers him something to eat, but he declines. Katie then angrily asks why Jeff had to run off now; of course she cares about him, but Terry going to prison is as much as she wanted to handle, and she really wants to go and see him. Luke says he thought she promised she wouldn't. Katie replies that she said she'd wait until they found out what happened to Jeff. Luke comments that it's obvious that she's pretty keen on Terry. Katie replies that he's a really nice guy - the trouble is, her mum doesn't know that she's written to him and promised that she'd be up to visit him soon. She adds that there's nothing else she can do about Jeff. Luke suggests that surely one day won't hurt? When Katie looks at him quizzically, he adds that they can do it in a day; surely her mother wouldn't mind that? He continues that they can go up in his old bomb, if she likes. Katie asks, "What about work?" Luke tells her that he'll take a sickie. Katie says she'll have to ask her mum and dad, but it would be really good. She thanks him, and Luke replies that it's a pleasure.

At Irene's apartment, Todd is drunk from consuming too much wine, and he slurs his words as he tells his mother and Amanda a story. He tells them that, there they were, sitting staring at themselves, so he told the waiter to bring over another bottle of champagne and pour it over them - rather like launching a ship, he thought; anyway, he told her and she said very seriously that it ought to be called 'The True Love' - she was an old movie buff, and had been watching 'High Society' on the television - the name of the boat in it was the 'The True Love'; anyway, finally, he left them to it, paid the bill for them and went off to a disco. As he finishes the story, he notices that the wine has run out, and he slurs that it looks like they need a top-up. He goes to get it, leaving Irene and Amanda looking embarrassed. Irene grimly remarks to Amanda that he he certainly knows how to make a fool of himself. Amanda tells her that you get used to him: he does some strange things, but when you get to know him, he's really nice. Irene sarcastically retorts that he's really nice and drunk at the moment - does he do that often? Amanda admits that it's the first time she's seen it. Irene curtly comments that it must be for her benefit, then - as well as all that nonsense about dropping the names of the best discos and best restaurants and best clothing stores. In the kitchen, Todd listens as Irene says to Amanda that, regardless of what Amanda may think, she can only see that Todd has turned out to be a vain, shallow little twit.

Jeff is lying asleep on the floor in the shed when the door suddenly opens. There's a male hand on the door handle. Titus looks round to see who's coming in and knocks down a box, which falls onto Jeff and wakes him up. He looks round and says, "Oh boy, am I glad it's you - I thought you'd never get here."

At Irene's, Todd is back at the table, telling another story about how they were in a sports car and they saw this other guy in a really cruddy old heap; at every set of traffic lights, they'd really burn up the rubber and scare the wits out of him - and then, when the lights changed, they'd let him go, and just when he thought he'd got rid of them, then vrooooooom, they'd chase him to the next set of lights! He goes on that the heap the guy was driving: he would have been pushed to hit 40 Ks with his foot flat! Amanda snaps that she doesn't think it's very funny. Todd tells her that you had to be there - Samantha and the guy she was with were right out of it; it was lucky he was driving. Amanda snaps, "Which is a lot more than you can do at the moment." Todd laughs and tells her that she's preaching... He then asks her if she's seen this. He takes his wine glass and tries to balance it on the edge of Amanda's wine glass. The trick doesn't work, though, and his glass falls over, spilling red wine over the tablecloth. Irene suddenly yells that that's it: she's put up with him as long as she can - he's nothing but a stuck-up, pretentious little prig; she got herself enthusiastic about him coming over - she enjoyed cooking the meal and was looking forward to it - but she was pretty damn stupid to have done that; a three-year-old kid would have behaved better - in fact, he was a damn sight more well-behaved when he was three, she can tell him; he hadn't learnt to be a bumptious little snob then. She angrily tells him to get out, adding that she doesn't think they should bother seeing each other again. Todd snaps that, if that's the way she wants it... He turns to Amanda and asks if she's coming. He storms off. Amanda tells Irene that she's terribly sorry. Irene grimly comments that that's the way things go. Amanda assures her that she won't let him drive. She turns to leave. Irene looks worried.


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