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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

In the lounge room at the O'Briens, Jim is explaining to Heather that, at first, he didn't think Jeff was doing the right thing, going on steroids, but after talking to his coach and to the other runners, they said there was nothing wrong with it. He adds that, God knows, he's no expert - plus Jeff asked him not to say anything, and he's no dobber. Heather snaps that it's done now. Jim says he wishes he could help, but Heather snaps that it's a bit late for that, now. Jim mutters that he always ends up doing the wrong thing - maybe he should just do them all a favour and get out. Heather tells him that he can't spend all his life running away. Jim points out that it'll just be saving Mike the trouble of throwing him out. Titus suddenly starts barking loudly, and Heather yells at him to shut up. He doesn't though, and so Heather tells Jim to go and do something about him. Jim remarks that Titus normally only barks like that when Jeff gets home. The front door suddenly opens and Mike comes in, helping Jeff hobble into the house. There's a blonde girl helping Jeff the other side. Mike tells his son to take it easy. Heather, looking anxious, asks what happened. Jeff explains that he got hit by a car. Jim says he'll call an ambulance, but Mike tells him to forget it, as one of their neighbours has already called Dr. Clark. Jim suggests they get Jeff to his room, but Mike snaps at him that they can manage. Heather tells the girl that she'll take over now. She adds that it was good of her to help. Mike and Heather help Jeff to his room, leaving the girl standing there with Jim, looking shocked. Jim comments that this is a bad business - it's put everyone on edge. The girl tells him that her name is Kirsten. Jim thanks her for helping. He asks if it was a hit-and-run, but Kirsten explains that she was driving the car; Jeff stepped right out in front of her; she tried to stop... Jim assures her that it'll be alright.

In Jeff's bedroom, Heather tells her son that the doctor won't be too long. Jeff assures her that he'll be OK. Heather asks what happened, and Mike explains that Jeff stepped out into the road and didn't see the car. Jeff snaps at him, "Thanks to you. If you'd left me alone, I'd still be alright." Mike suggests that they talk about it later, but Jeff angrily tells him that it won't change anything. Heather tells him not to upset himself. Jeff, though, snaps that he's not going to let his father forget this. Mike snaps back at him that it's his own stupid fault that he got hurt. He then adds that he'll go and see if there's any sign of the doctor.

Out in the lounge room, Jim asks Kirsten if she's sure there's nobody he can call. Kirsten explains that her parents are at work and she doesn't want to worry them right now. Jim is pouring her a glass of brandy, and he's just about to hand it to her when Mike comes out of Jeff's bedroom and sees what's happening. He angrily asks Jim what he uses for brains. He then goes on that he's going to have to call the police: if they think the girl has been drinking, they'll give her a hell of a time. Jim explains that the kid has the shakes, but Mike snaps that he doesn't care - no booze, alright? Kirsten asks Mike if he thinks they'll take her licence. Mike says he doesn't know - they'll see what the police have to say. There's suddenly a knock at the front door, and Mike says he'll get it.

A short time later, the Dr. Clark is in Jeff's bedroom, examining his leg, and he tells him that he'll give him a shot for the pain and then get him to hospital. Jeff, looking surprised, says it's not that bad is it? The Dr. Clark replies that he doesn't know until he's seen the x-ray - but he also wants to make sure that Jeff hasn't suffered any internal injuries. Mike goes to call the ambulance. Jeff asks how long it will be before he can put weight on his leg. Dr. Clark replies that it's hard to say. Jeff says, "No longer than a week..." Heather chips in and explains that Jeff is a runner, and he has an important race coming up. Jeff adds that it's the Australian championships - his school is sending him to Brisbane. Dr. Clark tells Jeff that he's expecting the impossible -it'll take longer than two weeks to heal. Jeff asks how long. Dr. Clark tells him that he'll have to wait until he's seen the x-rays. Heather assures Jeff that there'll be other races. Jeff mutters, "Sure..."

Out in the lounge room, Mike is on the 'phone, and he says to the person on the other end that he'll see them in about fifteen minutes. He hangs up. Kirsten announces that she'll wait outside for them, and she goes. Jim comments to Mike that the poor kid knows it wasn't her fault, but she still feels rotten. Heather comes out of Jeff's bedroom, accompanied by Dr. Clark, and she thanks him for coming over. Mike tells Dr. Clark that the ambulance is on its way. He asks how Jeff is, and Dr. Clark replies that he's more comfortable now, but he had to dash his hopes about running in Brisbane. Jim says he'll go and tell Jeff that he'll kill them next year, but Dr. Clark says he'd rather he didn't raise Jeff's hopes. He goes on that he may be jumping the gun a bit, but he he would say that Jeff's running days are over; he didn't like to say it in front of him but the medial ligament behind his knee is badly torn and that's not good for a runner: Jeff will have to use crutches, and after that, he'll walk with a limp - although, with luck, it won't be permanent. He adds that he's sorry to break bad news, but it's best they know. He continues that he'll be in contact with them again as soon as the hospital gets in touch with the details. He goes, and Mike sighs heavily. Jim comments, "Talk about bad luck." Mike points out that the doctor could be wrong. Jim says he's seen lots of guys who have accidents; the next thing, they're taking out a gold medal. Mike snaps that he doesn't care about gold medals - he just wants to see Jeff running again - it means everything to him. Heather asks what they'll do if the doctor is right. Mike replies that they'll face that when it happens.

Irene arrives back at her apartment in the boarding house. She goes to take her suitcase into her bedroom, but as she does so, she suddenly notices a cake and card on the coffee table. She puts the case down, picks up the card, reads it and smiles.

At the Morrell apartment, Lynn chides Davey that he's got more crayon on himself than in his colouring-in book! The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and as she answers it, Lynn adds, "You're a little grub, that's what you are!" Irene hears this and asks Lynn how she knew it was her calling! Lynn quickly assures her that she was talking to Davey! Irene says she should hope so! She then thanks Lynn for the cake and the card, adding that they were really thoughtful of her. Lynn tells her that she hopes she enjoys the cake. Irene replies that she sure will! She then goes on that she supposes Lynn is after all the dirt on the trial. Lynn explains that, actually, she 'phoned Melbourne last night; it's great that Terry got such a light sentence. She then asks if Fiona has gone up to Ararat to stay with Mrs. Palmer's sister. Irene replies that she has, as she wanted to be near Terry for the first few weeks of his sentence. Lynn asks her how it worked out staying with David. Irene smiles and replies that she had to take lots of cold showers but she managed to get through it alright! She then continues that, as a matter of fact, it turned out that she needed a friend more than anything else while she was down there. Lynn asks how come. Irene tells her that she really freaked her out when she 'phoned up about Todd; she doesn't know what she'd have done if CB hadn't been around. She then says she supposes Lynn hasn't seen any more of Todd...? Lynn replies that, actually, she and Amanda ran into him today when they came round. Irene says, "And?" Lynn replies that she told him that she'd probably be back this afternoon. Irene grimly comments that there she is now, looking like a wreck! Lynn tells her that it's alright - he said he'd probably drop around tomorrow; he has plans for the rest of today: he's taking Amanda out - they took one look at each other and that was it! Irene remarks that it sounds as though he's grown into your normal red-blooded Aussie male, so they should get on!

Amanda and Todd are at the beach, and Todd finishes a spot of windsurfing and flops back down onto the sand. Amanda laughs and tells him that he's reckless! Todd replies that he likes to live dangerously! He then takes a bottle of champagne and two glasses out of his picnic bag and starts uncorking the bottle. Amanda tells him not to get drunk - she doesn't want him sailing Australia on a hydrofoil! Todd, though, smiles and comments on what a way to go that would be. Seeing the expression on her face, he asks her if she doesn't think it would be a thrill. Amanda suggests that, even if she said no, he'd do it anyway! Todd tells her that you should experience everything life has to offer at least once. He then adds that she's not to look so worried - he's got a long list of things he wants to do before he checks out, so he'll leave the hydrofoil for the finalé!

It's nighttime, and Mike arrives back at the O'Briens'. Heather tells him that she was starting to wonder where he'd got to. Mike explains that it took longer with the police than he expected. Heather asks if they're going to lay charges against the girl, but Mike replies that they're not - they're satisfied that she couldn't have seen Jeff before he stepped onto the road. Heather says she won't lose her licence then, and Mike agrees, "No". He then sighs and comments that it hasn't been much of a day. Heather shakes her head in agreement, but Mike tells her not to let things get her down. Heather asks him to promise not to have a go at Jim. Mike grimly says he's not sure he'll get the chance - if things are running true to form, he'll be down the pub, drowning his sorrows. He then asks Heather if she's told Jeff about the results of the x-rays. Heather shakes her head, but explains that she tried to tell Katie. Mike points out that they can't keep it to themselves for ever - Jeff's got to know. Heather says he's had enough to cope with for one day. Katie suddenly comes in cheerfully and tells them that they don't have to worry about Jeff not eating: he says he's got to get his strength up to get back into training as soon as possible. Heather, looking worried, asks her daughter to get the dinner plates out, as she's going to serve up soon. Katie goes. Heather says to Mike that she might as well get it over and done with. Mike tells her that they'll do it together, but Heather points out that it'll only upset Jeff if he's there. She asks him to keep Katie out of the way.

Jeff is sitting up in bed eating his dinner when Heather comes in. He jumps as the door opens, and she comments that he seems a bit on edge. Jeff explains that he thought she might have been his dad. Heather goes and sits on the edge of his bed and asks him how he's going. Jeff retorts that he's had better days. He then goes on that he's going to ring the Athletics Association tomorrow and see if they can put him onto a good doctor. Heather tells him that he shouldn't bank on getting back onto the team. Jeff snaps that his dad's not still going on about Tanya, is he? Heather replies that his father has always tried to do what's best for him. Jeff snaps, "Sure." Heather goes on that, from what she's heard of this Tanya, she won't even want to know him now that he can't compete. Jeff looks at her, sullenly. Heather continues that she didn't want to drop everything on him at once, but his running days are over; they've had the results of the x-rays and they're not good: his leg will heal but it'll never be strong enough again for sport. She goes on that she knows how much he loved running and the hopes he had for making a name for himself; she wishes there was something she could do. Jeff just mutters that if he's out, he's out. Heather tells him that she'll leave him to have his tea, and she gets up and goes. Jeff picks at his food and then opens a copy of 'Runner' magazine that's in front of him. He looks at a picture inside of a runner celebrating victory and then throws the magazine down on his bed in disgust.

It's 11:30pm, and the O'Brien house is in darkness. Banging noises suddenly come from outside the front door. After a few seconds, the door opens and Jim walks in, obviously very drunk, with his tie halfway undone. He tries to close the door quietly, but it bangs, and the surprise causes him to slip and hit the coat rack, which almost topples over. No one comes out to see what's going on, though, so Jim, who's holding a half-full bottle of scotch, heads to his bedroom. In his room, Jeff puts his light on. The door suddenly opens and Jim comes in and asks Jeff what he's doing in his room. Jeff tells him that his room is next door. Jim asks him if he's sure. Jeff replies that he is, and he tells Jim to go to bed. Jim slurs that he doesn't want Mike catching him with a skinful. He goes to sit down on Jeff's bed, but Jeff has to warn him to watch his leg. Jim says he's sorry, and he moves slightly. He then puts the bottle of scotch down on Jeff's bedside table and asks what's up. Jeff explains that he's got a busted leg. Jim recalls, and says he's got a memory like a sieve! Jeff, though, snaps at him that he's drunk. Jim agrees that, yes he is - but you'd never catch Mike drunk: he always does the right thing. Jeff sourly snaps, "Don't make me laugh." Jim insists that it's true: Mike is the best brother a man could have. Jeff tells him to go to bed, and so Jim says, "Alright. I know you've got to be up early for training." Jeff mutters that it doesn't matter anymore. Jim says, "Pardon?" Jeff just tells him to go and sleep it off. Jim says he can't wait to hit the sack. He goes. Jeff looks round at the bottle of scotch still on his bedside table. He picks it up, removes the lid and takes a swig of the contents. A look of disgust appears on his face. The door suddenly opens and Jim comes back in. Jeff quickly hides the bottle under his bedclothes. Jim asks if he had a bottle when he came in there. Jeff tells him that he didn't, and Jim comments that he must be drunker than he thought! He goes again, and Jeff removes the bottle from under the blankets. He then takes another swig and again looks disgusted at the taste. He screws the lid back on.

There are two glasses and a bottle on the coffee table at the Morrell apartment. A giant teddy bear is lying on the floor. Amanda and Todd are sitting stretched-out on the couch. Amanda suggests that they should finish the champagne. Todd, though, says he's got a better idea... Realising what he's implying, Amanda points out that there's one small problem. Todd says that, if she doesn't feel like it... Amanda assures him that it's nothing like that. She then points to Davey, who's standing by the wall, watching them! Todd asks if that's the problem, and Amanda laughs and says, "Yes!" Todd suggests that they could go back to his place, as his dad is overseas and the housekeeper has got her own flat. Amanda tells him that he's convinced her! She adds that she'll just tuck Davey in first. Todd comments that he obviously doesn't sleep as soundly as his mother! Amanda goes and picks Davey up. Todd picks up the giant teddy bear and hands it to Davey. Amanda remarks that he's very free with her possessions. Todd points out that he won it for her, didn't he? Amanda tells him that he won her, too! She takes Davey off to his bedroom. Todd goes and sits back down on the couch, picks up a magazine and sits there looking thoughtful.

At the boarding house, Irene is looking at a black and white photo captioned 'Todd at eighteen months'. She closes the album containing the picture and puts it down.

The next morning, at the Morrell apartment, Amanda tells Lynn that it wasn't a one night stand, if that's what she was thinking; from now on, Todd is the one and only. Lynn snaps, "Really?" Amanda pleads with her not to spoil it for her - she had a wonderful time last night and she wants to keep on feeling good. Lynn relents and says she doesn't know why she always lets Amanda get round her! Amanda tells her that it's because she's pleased for her. Lynn agrees that it is nice to see her so happy. She adds that it must have been some night! Amanda replies that Todd can pack more into one day than most people manage in an lifetime! She asks who else would serve champagne on his windsurfer and she adds that he spends money like it's going out of fashion! Lynn comments that he must have a well-paid job. Amanda, though, tells her that she's kidding - Todd is just out for a good time - his dad foots all the bills. Lynn says she can't see that going down too well with Irene. Amanda, looking puzzled, says, "Sorry?" Lynn explains that she was just thinking about Irene. She then adds that Amanda certainly can pick them! Amanda asks who needs another dreary. She then goes on that that's why she likes Todd more than Wayne: no sulks, no storing up grudges... he's just interested in having a good time.

Todd walks along the corridor to Irene's apartment at the boarding house and knocks on the door. Irene goes and answers it, and the two of them stare at each other for several seconds before Todd asks his mother if she's not going to invite him in. Irene quickly says, "Please..." and he walks into the room. He then asks her if Lynn told her that he's been trying to contact her. Irene replies that she's sorry she wasn't in when he called before - she had to got to Melbourne-- Todd interrupts her and tells her to forget it. He adds that it's no big deal after 17 years - what's a few more days? Irene, looking surprised, says, "Right..." She offers him some coffee, but he tells her to forget the smalltalk. He then goes on that he's only there because he's curious to know why she showed up at home the other day. Irene asks how he knew who she was. Todd explains that he's seen photos; it wasn't hard to place her - so he thought he'd front up and find out what kind of a woman would walk out on a three-year-old kid.

A few moments later, Irene grimly comments that it sounds like he's been getting bad press from his dad. Todd asks her if she's going to tell him that it's all lies. Irene says she'd rather hear the official version first. Todd tells her that she was a lousy doctor, a lousy wife and a lousy mother; his father's too much of a gentleman to put it that bluntly, but it's not hard to read between the lines. Irene snaps, "Especially when I'm not there to put my side of it." Todd asks her if she didn't bring in some quack to treat him when he sick, just to spite his father. Irene retorts that he wasn't a quack, he was a herbalist. Todd snaps that it's the same difference - he still didn't have a clue; if his father hadn't found out what was going on and put a stop to it, he'd be history now. Irene replies that, if he really believes that, she doesn't understand why he wanted to look her up. Todd explains that it was something he promised himself before. Looking puzzled, Irene says, "Before what?" Todd quickly tells her that he was just curious to know why she showed up at home the other day; after all, she'd never shown any interest in him before then. Irene retorts that that's not true - he just didn't realise it, that's all: she used to watch him on his way to school, and she'd chat to his father's housekeeper whenever she could; she kept that up for five years, but then she realised that his father was taking very good care of him, and he seemed to like being with him... she realised that it was best for all concerned if she cut off completely. Todd asks her why she turned up at home the other day, then. Irene explains that a friend of hers has a little boy; he kept reminding her of him at that age; he's been on her mind a lot lately, and she gave into temptation. Todd snaps that it's a good story - it really tugs at the heartstrings. Irene replies, "But you don't believe a word of it?" She then adds that she's not going to blame him - she supposes in his shoes she'd be sceptical too; but if he really wants the truth, it's all there. She hands him a bound tome and explains that it's the transcript of the custody case - every word that she and Nat said to each other. She goes on that it's up to him whether he reads it or not, but if he does, it might shake up his ideas about his dad. Todd growls that he doubts it. Irene retorts that, like she said, that's up to him. Todd takes the book and says he'll look through it when he gets some time. Irene remarks that he's sorry he came, isn't he. She then goes to the door and opens it. She continues that she knows he doesn't have much time for her, but she swears to God that she never left him; she lost him to his father. Todd goes.

At the O'Briens', Mike is carrying a tray of food, and Heather warns him to watch what he says. Mike replies that of course he will - but the longer he stays out of Jeff's way, the more he's going to resent him. Jim suddenly comes out of his bedroom, obviously hungover, and Mike sourly comments that he looks like something the cat dragged in. Jim sighs heavily and Mike walks off. Jim says to Heather that he feels like something the cat dragged in, too. Heather offers him some coffee, but he tells her that he doesn't have time. He then asks if he'll be asked to pack his bags when he gets home. Heather replies that, with a bit of luck, he'll weather the storm; Mike's not in the mood for a fight right now because the news about Jeff is all bad.

Mike goes into Jeff's bedroom and calls, "Rise and shine. I've got breakfast here." Jeff is sitting up in bed, looking rough, and he tells his father to keep the noise down. Mike looks at him and comments that he doesn't look too good. Jeff angrily asks him what he expects. Mike says he'll get Dr. Clark to look in on him again. Jeff, though, snaps that he's alright - he just wants to be left alone. Mike gives in and makes to leave the room. Jeff tells him to take the tray too. Mike, though, tells him not to be silly, as he's got to eat his breakfast. He turns to walk out, but as he does so, he kicks something, and he bends down to find an empty bottle of scotch hidden partially under the bed. Looking shocked, he picks it up and asks Jeff if he's been drinking. Jeff snaps, "What if I have?" Mike asks him where he got it from. He then adds that he'll take one guess; he'll tear Jim apart. Jeff snaps that Jim was too drunk to realise that he even left the stuff in there. Mike retorts that Jim shouldn't have been in the room like that. Jeff snaps that he was, so that's all there is to it. Mike angrily suggests that Jeff thought wiping himself out would be a good idea, did he? Jeff retorts that he doesn't need a lecture. Mike tells him that he wants to help him. Jeff, though snaps that any more help from his father and he'd be in a wheelchair. Mike angrily yells at him not to talk rubbish; if he hadn't taken those steroids in the first place-- Jeff suddenly flips up his tray and knocks it onto the floor. Heather rushes into the room when she hears the noise and she asks what's going on. Jeff yells that he wants his father to stop going on about steroids - he's sick of it; it's his life and he can do whatever he wants with his body. He angrily goes on that if Mike hadn't interfered, he could have made it to the top; he had his sights set on going to the Olympics one day, but thanks to his father, he hasn't got a hope in hell now. He yells at Mike, "I'm going to end up as big a no-hoper as you are." Mike suddenly lashes out and slaps Jeff hard round the face. Jeff glares at him.


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