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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Amanda turns her back on Wayne. Wayne snaps at her that he's not kidding about how bad the company really is. Amanda replies that she's not saying he is. Wayne goes on that he's asking for Gordy, not for himself. Amanda points out that he'd do alright out of it, too. Wayne admits, "Yes, but--" Amanda interrupts and snaps, "But nothing." She then angrily goes on that she told him what he'd have to do if he wants any money out of her. Wayne retorts that she can go to hell - he wouldn't beg from her if she was the last person on Earth. Amanda snaps that that suits her. Wayne yells that she should take a good look at herself - their family is in a rotten mess and all she can do think of is how to use it to have a crack at him. He goes on that he might have done some pretty rotten things at times, but he knows how to help his family when they need it. He storms off, leaving Amanda looking thoughtful. Lynn comes out of her bedroom, and Amanda tells her to guess who she just had a visit from. Lynn replies that she knows - she couldn't help overhearing. Amanda asks her if Wayne hasn't got a nerve expecting her to fall for another one of his stories. Lynn suggests that maybe it wasn't a story, adding that it sounded pretty genuine to her. Amanda tells her that she doesn't know Wayne like she does. She then asks Lynn if she doesn't think she'd help out if she thought he was telling the truth. Lynn dubiously says she supposes so... Amanda snaps that of course she would. She then adds that, anyway, if anything was seriously the matter, Aunty Barb would have been in touch; Wayne has just gone and made the whole-- She breaks off and says more calmly that she really lets Wayne get to her; he upsets her every time she sees him. Lynn tells her that she's got to start relaxing more. Amanda says she thinks she'll cancel her date tonight for starters. Lynn comments that that sounds like a good idea to her. Amanda says she hasn't been a fun person to live with lately; she wouldn't blame Lynn for walking out, after the way she's been carrying on - but she really will try and pull herself together. Lynn smiles and says, "Good!"

Gordon comes downstairs at Dural. Barbara is in the hallway and he tells her that he's been looking for her: he wants to know what she's done with the financial pages of the newspaper. Barbara 'innocently' asks him if he hasn't got them. Gordon points out that that's why he's asking. The front door suddenly opens and Liz comes into house. Gordon smiles and asks her if Wayne's the culprit. Liz, looking puzzled, tells him that he's lost her. Barbara explains that Gordon is looking for the financial section of today's newspaper and she's saying that she doesn't know where it's got to. Liz puts on an expression of guilt and says she's got a feeling that she's the culprit: she thinks she wrapped today's lunch scraps in them; she's sorry. Changing the subject, she suggests that they take another walk, as it's lovely this afternoon and he needs a break from all the reading he's been doing. Gordon submits, saying, "Yes, nurse!" He heads into the study to get his jacket. Barbara quietly thanks Liz for her help. Liz replies that she's just doing her job. Barbara snap that, yes, she's so very good at that - turning on the charm at will. Liz curtly retorts that at least she knows how to turn it on. Barbara looks annoyed. Gordon comes back out of the study and Liz asks him if he's ready. Gordon replies that he is, so Liz tells him, "Let's go!"

As the two of them head outside, Wayne is just getting out of his car. Liz says a cheery, "Hello, darling." Wayne asks how the patient is. Gordon tells him that he's being very well looked after! Liz explains that they're just going for a walk, and Wayne tells them to enjoy it. He then heads inside.

Barbara is in the lounge room when Wayne comes in. She tells him about Gordon and Liz going for a walk in the garden, but Wayne explains that he's just seen them. Barbara asks him where he's been. Wayne replies that he went for a drive to try and clear his head and think of a way to save the company; it was a waste of time, though. Barbara announces that she's already taken care of that. Wayne gawps at her, in surprise, and she tells him not to stand there with his mouth open! She then goes on that she's spoken to the accountant and told him to use her own money where necessary to shore up the company; if there are any further problems, he's to contact her or Wayne - not Gordon. Wayne, still looking shocked, says he doesn't know what to say. Barbara replies that there's nothing to say. Wayne explains that he meant he doesn't know how to say 'thanks' for the money - she could end up losing the lot. Barbara points out that you never get anywhere without taking a risk - and she had to do something. She then continues that something will have to be done about day-to-day living expenses, though: she can't go on drawing on Gordon and her joint account. Wayne suggests that he could sell his car, but Barbara tells him that too many questions would be asked. She then goes on that she's got a diamond necklace which she only wears once in a blue moon: she's decided to sell it; it will give them some breathing space. She adds that there's one thing, though: there won't be any room for luxuries - so she suggests that, when he pays Liz off tonight, he tells her that her services won't be needed any longer. Wayne replies that he'd already decided on that - but he was hoping to stop seeing her gradually, as Gordy is quite taken with her. Barbara says she knows that - that's why she decided that a clean break is best for all concerned; Liz could let them down at any moment and that would only make matters worse. Wayne says he doesn't think she'd do that. Barbara retorts that she doesn't care - she's made up her mind: he's to pay Liz off and get rid of her.

A while later, the door to the study opens and Gordon comes out. Liz is standing in the hallway and he hands her a book, telling her not to let the beginning put her off. Liz tells him that she'll look forward to it. Wayne joins them and chips in that Gordon always gets enthusiastic when he finds a book he likes! Barbara also comes over and joins them. Gordon suggests to Wayne that he invite Liz over for dinner one night next week. Wayne smiles and says, "Sure..." Gordon and Barbara then walk off. When she's alone with Wayne, Liz says to him that she's sure Barbara would lace her food with arsenic! Wayne laughs. He then goes on more seriously, "About dinner..." Liz tells him that she can make any night except Friday. Wayne, though, tells her that there won't be a dinner: with the family in a tight spot financially, there's no way he can keep her on. Liz, her face dropping, says, "Oh..." She then adds that that's the first time she's had to worry about retrenchment in her line of work! Wayne tells her that he'll keep the story going for a few more weeks and then he'll tell Gordon that they've busted up; 'love on the rebound gone sour'. He goes on that it's the last thing in the world that he wants to do, as Gordon obviously enjoys her company. Liz replies that she enjoys his, too. Wayne continues that he's not in the business of charity work, so that's it. Liz comments that it's a pity: coming up there is one of the more pleasant jobs she's had - but a girl has to earn a living. She asks him if he has a cheque for today and Wayne hands it over, assuring her that it won't bounce! Liz then tells him that, if it would make things any easier for Gordon, she could drop a note in, saying it's a pity it didn't work, but it was nice knowing him. Wayne smiles gratefully and tells her that it would help. He then adds that he'll miss seeing her, as it's been good having someone bright around. Liz replies that she's enjoyed it too. The two of them shake hands and Liz then goes.

That evening, Mike and Heather are wiping the dishes in the kitchen at the O'Briens', but Mike asks how come nine times out of ten it's them doing it, instead of the kids! He then asks if Katie said what time she'd be back from next door. Heather replies that she didn't, but it'll be as soon as they've finished dinner, she supposes. She asks Mike if Katie has said anything to him about borrowing the car. Mike replies that she hasn't. Heather explains that she's got some idea into her head about driving up to visit Terry at the prison farm. Mike asks if there's anything wrong with that. Heather, looking worried, replies that Terry going to jail seems to have made Katie more keen then ever. Mike assures her that it's just a case of puppy love - it'll fizzle out. Jeff suddenly calls, "Mum..." He then comes into the kitchen and asks where his alarm clock is, as he needs it because he's got an early start for training. Heather tells him that she took it in for repair after she knocked it off his bedside table this morning - she bumped it with the vacuum cleaner. Mike takes off his wristwatch and hands it to Jeff, telling him that it has an alarm he can use. Jeff thanks him and goes. Mike then says to Heather that if they've got anyone to worry about, it's young Jeff: the amount of training he's been doing lately... he'll burn himself out before the championships if he's not careful. Heather suggests to him that he have a word with him.

In the lounge room, Jeff and Jim are arguing over what to watch on TV. Mike comes in and tells Jeff that he should be getting some sleep, rather than worrying about television. Jeff indignantly points out that it's only 7:30pm. Mike replies that he knows, but he was out training at lunchtime and after school, and he's going to be up again at 5:30am. He goes on that he knows it's a bit early to go to bed, but doesn't he think he's pushing himself too hard? - he'll burn himself out if he's not careful. Jeff retorts that he feels great. Jim chips in and tells Mike that he's turning into an old woman! Mike explains that he's just thinking about Jeff - there is such a thing as doing too much. Jim asks Mike if he doesn't remember when they were kids: they were on the go from sunrise to sunset! Mike retorts, "This is a bit different, OK?" Jeff insists that he honestly has more energy than he knows what to do with. Mike comments that he doesn't know where he gets it! He then adds that it's up to Jeff, but he's not to make too late a night of it.

Back in the kitchen, Mike tells Heather that, according to his brother, he's an old woman! Heather tells him that Jim is right! - but she's glad, as some men don't take enough interest in their children; she's proud of him. Mike says he's still convinced that Jeff is training too hard. Heather points out that he's not the expert. Mike, though, snaps, "Damn it, Tanya Ross is pushing Jeff too hard." He then goes on that there's a bloke from the Athletics Association who spends a fair bit of time down at the track: he's going to see him tomorrow and see what he thinks. Heather warns him not to say anything to Jeff. Mike assures her that he won't until he's talked to this bloke. Changing the subject, Heather suggests that they watch some TV, as there's a Clint Eastwood movie on, and he knows how much she likes him! Mike assures her that he can stand the competition!

The next morning, at the Morrell apartment in Sydney, Lynn and Amanda are sitting at the table, having breakfast, but Amanda is just staring into space, and Lynn comments that she hasn't got much to say for herself this morning; she's got about two words out of her so far. Amanda explains that she's not quite with it yet - she didn't get much sleep. Lynn asks what's wrong. Amanda replies that she kept thinking about what Wayne said yesterday: maybe he wasn't trying to con her. Lynn points out that there's only one way to find out. She then indicates the 'phone. Amanda agrees that she thinks she should give Aunty Barb a ring. Lynn tells her not to just sit there, then!

Barbara carries a tray into the lounge room at Dural. Wayne is sitting reading the paper, and she asks him if there's anything in there that Gordon shouldn't read about. Wayne replies that there isn't, thank goodness. Barbara suggests that he'd better take it up to his father when he's finished, as they don't want him to think there's a plot against him reading the financial pages! The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Wayne says he'll get it. Barbara heads off upstairs. Wayne picks up the 'phone and Amanda says it's her. Wayne immediately hangs up. At the Morrell apartment, Amanda indignantly tells Lynn that Wayne hung up on her - he didn't even give her a chance to say it was Aunty Barb she wanted to speak to. Lynn suggests to her that she go over to Dural and speak to Barbara directly. Amanda agrees that she might, because if there is trouble, she wants to help.

A while later, Wayne is out the front at Dural, washing his car. A red car suddenly pulls up next to him and the driver - Liz - calls out that he can do hers when he's finished! Wayne smiles and replies that she must be joking! Liz asks if money's so tight that they can't even afford the carwash. Wayne tells her, "You guessed it." Liz gets out of the car and explains that she likes his dad too much to just walk out on him; as long as it's alright with Wayne, she'd like to keep on with their arrangement. Wayne points out that he told her what their financial situation is. Liz replies that she knows, but this is on the house: she makes enough money from her other jobs to keep the wolf from the door. Unnoticed by either of them, a taxi is heading up the driveway towards the house. Amanda is inside, but she suddenly notices Wayne and Liz talking and laughing and she tells the driver to stop. Wayne asks Liz what her boss will say when she finds out that Liz has put him on her free list. Liz comments that it's probably best that she doesn't, actually. Wayne says he promises not to tell her. Liz suddenly notices the taxi, which is reversing back down the driveway, and remarks that it seems to have taken a wrong turn. In the taxi, Amanda glares at Wayne, looking upset.

Back at the Morrell apartment, Amanda snaps at Lynn that Wayne has to be one of the world's greatest conmen - he almost had her believing that Gordon and Aunty Barb need help. Lynn says she guesses it's partly her fault - she did encourage Amanda to go out there. Amanda tells her that she's glad she did - she wouldn't have seen the 'girlfriend' otherwise; Wayne is supposed to be broke, but if they were running short of money there's no way he'd still be paying Liz to keep up her little act. Lynn agrees, "No..." Amanda snaps that to think she even let herself think Wayne could be telling the truth... Lynn tells her not to let him get to her. She then suggests that Amanda could come over to Irene's with her, as she gets home today and she wants to leave her a cake and a 'welcome home' note. Amanda comments, "That's a bit suburban, isn't it?" Lynn, though, asks who cares - Irene was really nice to her when she was sick, and it's a nice way of saying 'thankyou'. Amanda says she's sorry - she's been hanging around Wayne too long. Lynn tells her that that's OK. She asks her if she'll come. Amanda replies, "Anything to stop me thinking about Wayne..."

Liz and Gordon are playing Scrabble in the living room at Dural. Barbara comes into the house, hears voices, looks into the living room and spots Liz there. A look of annoyance immediately crosses her face. Wayne comes out of the study and Barbara angrily asks him what Liz is doing there. Wayne assures her that it's alright - she doesn't have to get herself in a knot. Barbara snaps that she just sold her necklace so that they can afford a few necessities, and he goes throwing his money-- Wayne interrupts her and tells her that he's not throwing his money away: Liz is there because she wants to be; there's no money involved. Barbara growls that she finds that rather hard to believe. Wayne retorts that it's true: Liz turned up this morning saying that she's prepared to drop in every now and then on a social basis; she's not charging - she just happens to like Gordy a lot; her paying jobs come first, but any free time she has, she's prepared to spend it there, and he wasn't going to argue. Barbara snaps, "Oh no." She then more calmly adds that it's very decent of her - it's the last thing she expected her to do. Wayne remarks, "Never judge a book, eh?" Barbara retorts, "Something like that."

Amanda and Lynn - who's pushing Davey in his wheelchair - are walking along the street to the boarding house. Amanda says she thinks they should have got a cab from the bus stop. Lynn points out that it's not that far to walk, and the exercise will do them good! As they approach the property, they pass a yellow car parked outside. Amanda comments that it's a nice-looking vehicle. Lynn says she thinks it's Todd's. They suddenly notice Todd standing against the gate at the end of the boarding house's driveway, and, as he spots Lynn approaching him, he asks her if his mum isn't home yet. Lynn replies that they're expecting her back this afternoon. Lynn then adds that she's Lynn Palmer, by the way, and the girl with her is Amanda Morrell. Todd stares at Amanda with a twinkle in his eye and says, "Hello, Amanda Morrell." Amanda smiles and politely replies, "Mr. Fisher..." Todd assures her that there's no need to be so formal. Amanda explains that she's just an old-fashioned girl at heart. Todd says he doesn't believe it. Amanda replies, "Me neither!" They both laugh, and Todd then tells them that he'll see them; if they can just tell his mother that he'll drop around and see her another day. He walks over to his car, pauses by the door and says by way of farewell, "Amanda..." Amanda smiles and replies, "Mr. Fisher..." Todd gets in his car and drives off, leaving Amanda looking completely smitten. Lynn comments that you wouldn't think he was Irene's son - he seems so offhand about seeing her after all these years. Amanda replies that he's cute, though! She asks Lynn if she happens to have his 'phone number. Lynn warns, "Amanda...!" She then reminds her that she was going to stop chasing men for a while. Todd's car suddenly pulls back into the side of the road and Todd gets out. He tells Amanda that he'd love to find out if she really is old-fashioned; how about he calls her, sometime? Amanda replies, "No thanks." She then adds, "Why not pick me up tonight at eight o'clock, instead?!" She asks him if he's got a pen and paper, and he replies that he sure has. Amanda tells him that she'll give him her address. Lynn looks on, disapprovingly.

Heather arrives back home after doing some shopping, and is surprised when Mike calls out to ask if that's her. She asks him what he's doing home in the middle of the day. Mike tells her that he's been searching Jeff's bedroom: he saw that bloke from the the Athletics Association and told him about the amount of training Jeff has been doing and the endless amount of energy he has, and the guy told him that the only way he could be doing it is to be using these things. He then hands Heather the bottle of pills he's holding. He goes on that it all fell into place: Jeff's hyperactivity... the way he's been carrying on lately: he's on steroids - he found them in the back of one of his desk drawers. Heather asks if they're some kind of drug. Mike explains that they're not in the normal sense: they increase a person's activity level; make them do things they normally couldn't do - they're a way of cheating. Heather, looking shocked, says, "I don't believe--" She then breaks off and asks, "Where could he have got them?" Mike angrily asks, "Who knows - but where there's a buyer, there's a seller." Heather asks him what he's going to do. Mike retorts that first he's going to see Jeff's coach and see if she knows anything about them - and then he's going to get hold of their stupid son and he's going to wring his stupid neck.

At the athletics ground, Tanya asks Mike how many times she has to tell him that there's no harm in using them. Mike snaps that he'll decide that; what he wants to know is where Jeff got them. Tanya retorts that they're not hard to get - any athlete-- Mike interrupts her and yells, "Where did he get them?" Tanya snaps back at him to stop harping on: she gave them to him. Mike angrily yells that she had no right to give those things to his son without his permission. Tanya retorts that she's Jeff's coach - she know what's best for him; she's not in the habit of running to the parents every five minutes for permission to do what's best for one of her runners. Mike snaps that they're talking about his son - and as far as being a coach is concerned, she's not worth two bob if she's going to cheat. Tanya growls that she doesn't cheat - and she's a damned good coach; he'll see just how good when her team goes to Brisbane; all he's doing is jumping up and down about something he knows nothing about. Mike snaps that he doesn't care what she thinks: as of now, Jeff is off them. Tanya snaps at him not to be so stupid: he's ruining Jeff's chances for no reason. She tells him to go and talk to his brother: he understood. Mike incredulously snaps, "Jim knows about this?"

A while later, Mike and Jeff storm into the O'Briens'. Jeff yells at his father that there's no way he's stopping him from going to Brisbane. Mike snaps back, "Just watch me." Jeff asks him how he's going to do it. Mike retorts that he'll do it any way he can. Jeff snaps at him that he'll be ruining his career. Mike yells that he's trying to save it, if only Jeff could see past the end of his nose. He goes on that if his son is caught using steroids, he'll be disqualified, and what will that do to his career? Jeff retorts that Tanya said-- Mike interrupts and yells that he doesn't give a damn what Tanya said - Jeff is to have nothing more to do with her. Jeff asks who's going to train him, then. Mike snaps, "Anyone who doesn't have to cheat to get results." Jeff calls to his mum to talk to Mike. Mike snaps that that's enough. Jeff angrily asks if he doesn't even get a say. Mike retorts that no he doesn't - not until he starts talking sense. He then orders him to get to his room. Jeff yells that he's not a kid. Mike retorts that that's good, because when he stops acting like one, he can come back out. Jeff angrily tells his father not to think he's won this one because he hasn't. He storms off. Heather asks Mike if he doesn't think he's being a bit hard on him. Mike retorts that, if anything, he wasn't hard enough.

A while later, Mike is sitting in the lounge room, brooding, when the front door opens and Jim comes in. Mike immediately holds up the bottle of tablets and asks Jim what he knows about them. He angrily adds that, by all reports, he's an expert. Jim comments that Mike obviously knows Jeff has been taking them. Mike retorts that that's right, and Jeff's an idiot for taking them - but what would Jim say about a bloke who knew he was and didn't try and stop him? Jim explains that he checked it out with Jeff's coach-- Mike interrupts and yells that he'd say Jim is nothing more than a worthless ratbag. Jim ignores this and goes on that he checked it out with Jeff's coach and some of the other runners, and apparently there's no physical harm in taking them. Mike yells at him that he should have told him what's going on, because he makes the decisions for his family, not Jim. Jim retorts that Jeff asked him not to say anything. Mike angrily asks what Jeff would know - he's hardly turned 17. Jim explains that, if he'd thought Jeff was doing himself any harm, he would have said something, but Tanya said-- Mike interrupts and snaps, "Tanya." He then goes on that he can imagine Jim and her together: one flutter of her eyelashes and she could have had Jeff on every pill under the sun, and Jim couldn't have given two hoots as long as he got what he was after. Jim retorts that nothing like that happened. Mike snaps, "Not for lack of trying." Jim tells him that he's behaving like an idiot; if he'd just shut up-- Mike snaps that he should have told Jim to get lost when he first turned up, because sooner or later he always causes trouble for this family-- He's interrupted as Heather suddenly dashes in and cries that Jeff has gone - and so have his sports bag and some of his things. Mike grabs his jacket and runs outside.

Jeff is jogging up the street, his bag over his shoulder. Mike runs after him and yells at him to wait. Jeff turns and yells back at him to rack off. Mike snaps at him not to be silly. Still facing Mike, but running backwards, Jeff heads out into the road and doesn't see a car coming up behind him. He yells at Mike that he's finished as far as he's concerned. Mike suddenly spots the car and yells at Jeff to watch out. It's too late, though. The driver toots the car's horn, but the vehicle then suddenly swerves, spins round and hits Jeff. A shocked Mike cries, "My God..."


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