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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Jill is sitting with David and Irene in the living room at Toorak. She has the evening newspaper in front of her and she grimly comments that they sure stick the boot in, don't they. Irene comments that it's amazing how bad they can make things look; she got the same treatment. She then adds that the good thing to come out of it is that Jill knows who her real friends are. Jill agrees that she sure does; Luke's attitude certainly changed - he was definitely backing off. Irene suggests that she's just being a bit touchy, and she points out that Luke was happy to accept the lunch invitation tomorrow, wasn't he. She adds that Jill can believe her: if he'd wanted to backpedal, he would have found some excuse. David tells Jill that Irene is right - she's just getting a bit touchy. Jill retorts that it's hard not to. She gets up and leaves the room. David tells Irene that he's glad she's there, as he's not too hot at saying the things Jill needs to hear. Irene remarks, "Poor kid. It's a tough thing to have to face."

Terry and Katie walk up to the front door of the O'Briens'. As they stand on the step, Terry says, "Goodnight - and thanks for being there today." Katie whispers, "Terry..." She then tells him that she knows he thinks she's a crazy kid, but if she has to, she'll wait for him. Terry points out that she hardly knows him. Katie, though, tells him that it's the first time she's felt like this about anyone. Terry comments that it happens to everyone... He then goes on that he wants her to do him a big favour - for her own sake: he wants her to forget him. He then turns and walks off. Katie, looking upset, murmurs, "I can't..."

In the kitchen at the Palmers', Beryl is doing some ironing while Fiona sits at the table with a magazine in front of her. Beryl asks her if there are any good recipes in there, but Fiona just mutters that she hasn't noticed. Beryl suggests to her that she should go to bed, and things won't seem so bad after a good night's sleep. Fiona bitterly replies that she doesn't see how - she'll just lie there thinking about today. She goes on that she's just so ashamed - Terry and Jill had every right to know what she was doing; she doesn't blame them for walking out on her - it's not nearly as much as she deserves; but it was a chance for Terry, and she couldn't let that chance go by. Beryl says she knows. She then continues that she put herself in the same position and wondered what she'd do if it was Kevin; if it's any consolation, she would have done exactly the same thing. Fiona smiles, gratefully. The front door suddenly bangs and Terry calls out, "Anyone home?" Fiona looks shocked. She heads out into the lounge room and Terry tells her that he thought he should let her know that he was thinking: it seems pretty stupid, the way he carried on; he knows she only did it to help him, and that's all that really counts. Fiona looks relieved.

The next morning, Jill is on the 'phone in the hallway at Toorak, speaking to Luke. She tells him that she understands perfectly. She then tells him to take care and hangs up. As she does so, Irene comes downstairs, calling to David to come on or they'll be late. Jill tells her that that was Luke - he can't make it for lunch; he'd forgotten that he had some job interviews... She then bitterly goes on that she supposes she'll have to get used to it now; no decent guy's going to want to know her. Irene replies that, if that is the case, she's better off without Luke; it sounds like he's a little snob - and she should know, because she was married to a big one! David comes downstairs. Jill asks them if they can wait because she wants to come with them. Looking surprised, David starts to say that he thought she-- Jill interrupts and says she thinks Terry has a chance of getting off free after Scott Thompson's evidence, and it took a lot of guts to stand up for her like that; she wants to be there with Fee when he's released. David comments that he thought Terry had decided that he shouldn't see Fee again. Jill replies that he loves her so much and she's his daughter after all; she's going to tell him that he can see her whenever he wants to. David looks at Irene.

In the corridor outside the courtroom, James Manning tells Terry that he's making a grave mistake. Terry retorts, "In your opinion." He then adds that he wants to make a statement, and that's that. Manning angrily tells him to listen: he's prepared a set of questions which, following on from Scott Thompson's testimony yesterday, if Terry answered them carefully, there's no doubt in the world that the jury will be convinced that he took Fee in the best interests of the child; the jury will return a verdict of 'not guilty'; can't Terry see that? Terry ignores this and repeats that he's making a statement. Manning asks him what exactly he intends saying. Terry retorts that he doesn't think it's any of his business. Manning glares at him and then turns to Fiona and tells her to try and talk some sense into him. Fiona replies that Terry won't change his mind; she did a terrible thing to him and Jill yesterday, and she's not interfering today. Manning snaps, "Then be it on your head, as well". He warns Terry that if he says one word out of place, he's going inside for a very long time. Terry replies that that's the risk he has to take. Manning snaps, "Exactly," and he storms off. Terry looks at Fiona.

A while later, Manning is addressing the court, and he tells the judge and jury that the defendant has elected to make a statement rather than take the stand. The judge says, "Very well," and he tells Terry to proceed. Terry stands up, sighs, and then says he just wants to clear up a few things. He looks over at Jill, who's sitting in the public gallery, holding Fee. He tells the court that what he really wants to say is that all that garbage about Jill yesterday is wrong - they wouldn't find a better mother anywhere; and the truth of the matter is that he took his little girl because he couldn't stand the thought of not seeing her again. He goes on that he knows he's done some rotten things to Jill, and if the court decides that he has to pay for them, that's their decision. In the gallery, Fiona whispers to Beryl that she's got to get out of there, and she stands up. Terry tells the court that there's nothing he can do to make up for what he put Jill through - but as far as he's concerned, he couldn't ask for a better mother for his kid. There are murmurs in the courtroom. Terry concludes that that's all he's got to say. In the public gallery, Scott rubs his temple. David looks at Terry intently. Jill stares at Terry, who looks down at the floor. Manning announces that that finishes the case for the defence. Out in the corridor, Fiona sobs to Beryl that there's no hope now, after that. Beryl points out that he was being honest - she's sure the jury will take that into consideration. Fiona sobs, "Yes - in finding him guilty." Beryl suggests that they go outside and get some fresh air.

Barbara is on the 'phone in the lounge room at Dural, and she says to tell Terry and Fiona that they're thinking of them. At the other end, David says he will. He adds that he'll ring again as soon as the trial is over. He then asks how Gordon's doing. Barbara replies that he's fine - although he's not getting enough rest, of course! David tells her that he'll see her later and they hang up. Gordon, who's playing Scrabble with Liz, asks Barbara what's happening. Barbara explains that the jury is out and they're just waiting for the verdict; apparently, they thought Terry had a good chance of getting off - until he made a statement to the jury: he stood up for Jill and denied everything Scott Thompson had said yesterday. Gordon remarks that that would have been one hell of a decision to make. Barbara tells him that, apparently, they thought it was the wrong one. Liz comments that they're both obviously very fond of Terry. Barbara glares at her. Gordon tells her that it's just a pity to see someone who tried to do the right thing go under, that's all.

Outside the courtroom, Beryl tells Fiona that there's nothing she can do - it's just a matter of waiting. She suggests that Fiona come and have some lunch, but Fiona replies that she couldn't keep anything down. She bitterly goes on that she wishes to God that she was with Terry right now. Scott suddenly walks over and joins them. He asks Fiona for a word - alone. Beryl looks at him. Fiona tells her to go and get her lunch - she'll be alright. Beryl walks off. Scott curtly tells Fiona that he thought she could have stopped Terry cutting his own throat. Fiona retorts that it was Terry's decision. Scott snaps that he's an idiot - his testimony would have been quite sufficient to get him off; now he hasn't got a hope; it's all going to be so damned embarrassing. Fiona, looking shocked, snaps at Scott that he is the most selfish, self-centred person she's ever met: all he's worried about is how it's going to affect him. She angrily goes on that she thought he was bad enough when she put him out out of her life before, but he just topped himself. Scott retorts that he didn't want an analysis, thankyou. Fiona growls that she bets he didn't. She continues that she fails to see that he'd have any friends - or at least, the sort that stick by you, no matter what happens; in fact, she'd be surprised if his own family would want to have anything to do with him - except out of duty. Scott cooly says there's no point in hanging round there any longer - the results are obvious; as far as he's concerned, Terry is going to get exactly what he deserves. He walks off.

Gordon and Liz are still playing Scrabble in the lounge room at Dural. Liz puts down some letters, and Gordon incredulously queries, "Z - A - X. Zax?!" Liz explains that it's an instrument for cutting a slate. Gordon tells her that she's having him on, and so Liz picks up the dictionary, flicks to the back and shows him the word spelt out in black-and-white. Wayne comes into the room and Gordon tells him that Liz has got a mind like a steel trap! Barbara also come in and suggests to Gordon that he go and sit outside, as it's beautiful out there. Gordon replies that he doesn't know about sitting, but a walk would be nice. He adds that Liz hasn't seen out there, has she? Liz teases him that he just wants to get out of being beaten again! Gordon says he supposes she knows all about plants as well! They head outside. When they've gone, Wayne comments to Barbara that he has to say that Liz is working out better than he thought - Gordy is improving by the minute; he didn't think she'd take the job so seriously. Barbara angrily asks why she wouldn't - she's getting paid for it. She storms off, leaving Wayne standing there smiling gleefully.

At the Morrell apartment, Amanda is on the 'phone and she says to the person at the other end, Guy, that she can't wait. She then adds that she bets she can prove him wrong - just wait until tonight! She hangs up. Lynn, who's sitting on the couch, gives her a look of disapproval, Amanda asks her if she's making her jealous. Lynn retorts that she came to stay because of the way Amanda felt after Wayne attacked her - but all Amanda has done is carry on with a whole lot of old boyfriends. Amanda replies that she's enjoying herself, that's all. Lynn says she can understand that, but it makes it hard for her, Amanda bringing them home so late, and usually drunk; it's unsettling for Davey, being woken up all the time. Amanda, looking surprised, says she doesn't see why she can't relax a bit. Lynn tells her that she can; she just doesn't think she's going the right way about it, that's all. Amanda snaps that she doesn't see what makes Lynn an expert, all of a sudden. Davey starts crying, and Lynn stands up and says she's going to take him to Irene's; she can see if any letters have arrived; maybe they can have a talk when she gets back?

At Dural, Barbara angrily tells Wayne, who's reading the newspaper, that it's got to stop - sooner or later, Gordon is going to find out about Liz and it's going to have a terrible effect on him - and Wayne can't deny that Gordon is getting very fond of the girl. Wayne assures her that his father won't find out. He goes on that, once Gordon is better, he and Liz will realise that they're not suited for each other and they'll split up; Gordon will be disappointed but he'll get over it. He adds that, anyway, Barbara should be glad that Liz is having such a good effect on him. He returns to reading the paper. Barbara snaps that that's true for the time being, but there's always the chance that-- Wayne suddenly makes a noise of surprise, and Barbara impatiently asks what the matter is now. Wayne replies that, if what they say there is true, they could be left without a cent to their names. Barbara impatiently asks him what he's talking about. Wayne hands her the newspaper and she starts reading it.

At the courtroom, the Clerk of the court asks the jury foreman how the jury finds Terrence Hansen on the charge of abduction: guilty or not guilty? The foreman replies, "Guilty." The judge then addresses Terry and tells him that there is no doubt in his mind that Terry took his daughter from her mother's custody without malice - his affection for the child is obvious; nevertheless, in doing so, Terry broke the law, and therefore must pay his debt for the crime he committed. He goes on that, throughout the trial, he's been impressed by Terry's personal integrity, and this is backed up by his record of service in Vietnam. He continues that his job, however, is to uphold the law; the minimum sentence for abduction is two years, but considering the mitigating circumstances, he has decided to sentence Terry to one year's imprisonment, with a three-month non-parole period. He adds that he further recommends that, with Terry's rural background, he serves his sentence at a suitable prison farm. As she hears this, Fiona starts crying. Terry just stares straight ahead. The Clerk calls, "All stand." Everyone does so, and the judge walks out. Murmurs of discussion start filling the room. Beryl points out to Fiona that it's not as bad as it could have been. Fiona, though, sobs that he still has to go to jail.

A few minutes later, outside the courtroom, Beryl tells Fiona that she must look at it the right way: she expected him to get at least two years. Fiona, though, sobs that, if he hadn't said anything, he would have got off completely. Beryl points out that she can't be sure of that - and Terry did do a very decent thing; Fiona must be proud of him. Fiona agrees that she is. She turns to look at Jill, who's standing a few feet away, with David and Irene. Jill says to the two of them that she couldn't believe it when Terry made his statement. David comments that he's got a lot of guts. Irene remarks that it's a pity he has to go inside. Jill suggests that maybe he's finally paying for what he did to her. Irene agrees that maybe he is. Jill goes on that she always said she'd never forgive him, but she supposes she has to say she has now. Terry suddenly emerges from the courtroom, handcuffed to a police officer. Jill tells him that she really thought he'd get off; she brought Fee along so that he could hold her, and she was going to tell him that he could see her whenever he wanted. Terry smiles at her. He then looks sadly at Fee and holds her hand with his free hand. Jill tells him that they'll visit him - wherever he is. Terry smiles and says, "Thanks." He then looks at Fiona, who smiles back at him, sadly. Terry turns to Katie and gives her a wink and a smile, and the police officer then leads him away. Fiona bursts into tears.

At Dural, Wayne is on the 'phone in the lounge room. He hangs up and Barbara asks him what the accountant had to say - is it as bad as they thought? Wayne replies, "Yep." Barbara asks how it could have happened - it was a very safe investment and they didn't do anything silly. Wayne snaps that there's no point in discussing it yet - they've just got to make the best of what they've got left. They suddenly hear the front door bang, and Barbara mutters that Gordon mustn't know at any cost. Wayne replies that Liz can help with that. Gordon and Liz come into the room, but Liz tells Gordon that it's time for his nap. Gordon comments that she's as bad as Barbara is! Barbara suggests that he do what he's told, then! Gordon gives in and goes. Wayne says he'll put the newspaper in the incinerator. Liz asks what's going on, and Wayne explains that there's something in the finance pages that Gordy mustn't see under any circumstances. He adds that, if his father asks for the finance pages, she's to put his mind on something else. Liz assures Wayne that she'd hate to upset Gordon - he's a really nice man. Barbara growls, "Yes, he is." She walks off. Alone with Wayne, Liz says she doesn't think Barbara knows how lucky she is having Gordon. Wayne replies that Barbara can be an old battleaxe but she's got reason to be a bit off at the moment. Liz asks what's so serious. Wayne replies that it's to do with the business - nothing for her to get involved in. He then asks her if she can amuse herself for a while, as he has to talk to Barbara.

Jill opens the front door at Toorak to find Scott standing on the step. He tells her that he knows how she must be feeling, but he thinks it's imperative that she give him a few moments. Jill suggests that he'd better come in, then. Scott steps into the hallway and Jill closes the door. She then says, "Well?" Scott tells her that he knows how upsetting and embarrassing it must have been for her, hearing her background discussed like that - so he'd like to try and make it up to her. He continues that he knows things are going to be difficult for her now that things aren't the same for her and Fiona; Fee is his grandchild, and naturally he does feel some responsibility for her, so he'd like her to accept something. He takes out a cheque and hands it to Jill, who stares at it in astonishment. She then angrily snaps that he's got the biggest nerve she's ever come across - he's got the cheek to think he can offer her money after what he's done to her; he thinks he can buy her. Scott insists that it's for the child, but Jill snaps that that's rubbish - it's to make him feel better. She angrily tells him that she wouldn't take money from him if she was starving. Scott cooly remarks that she's being a bit melodramatic, but Jill snaps that too right she is - because she's got something he'll never have: her pride. She then orders him to get out, and she opens the door. Scott tells her that she's a very ungrateful girl. Jill just snaps at him again to get out and stay away from her and her daughter. He goes. Jill sighs heavily.

The front door opens at the Morrell apartment and Lynn comes in, carrying Davey. Amanda sarcastically comments that it must have been quite a stack of mail, as she was gone long enough. Lynn doesn't respond to this. Instead, she tells Amanda that she's had a think on the way home and if Amanda is going to keep behaving this way, she thinks it would be best if she and Davey go back to Melbourne. Looking surprised, Amanda says she thought Lynn was her friend. Lynn retorts that she thought she was too, but Amanda isn't making it very easy. She goes on that she knows it's difficult for Amanda at the moment, and she knows she needs to let a few things out, but she doesn't think it's right for her or good for her - and it's not good for Davey. Amanda retorts that he's too young to know anything. Lynn replies that he's old enough to sense things. She tells Amanda that that's it: if she doesn't start getting her act together, she'll spend the rest of her time in Australia with her mum and dad. She heads off to her bedroom to put Davey to bed, leaving Amanda looking worried. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and she answers it to find Wayne standing there. She angrily snaps that he's all she needs. Wayne tells her that it's important that they talk. Amanda warns him that Lynn is there, in case he's got any ideas. Wayne, realising what she's implying, insists that he was drunk the other night; he didn't know what he was doing; he wouldn't hurt her for the world. Amanda growls that he's always got an excuse. He walks into the apartment and shuts the door. He tells Amanda that he's sorry and he means it; he's truly sorry. Amanda asks him what he wants. Wayne replies that there's been a spot of trouble. He then pauses before asking who he's kidding: they've got a disaster on their hands and they've got to keep it from Gordon. Amanda sourly comments, "Blown something again, have you?" Wayne explains that the two major investments of the company have gone bust; they need money to hold the creditors off - at least until they can sort out the mess. Amanda points out that Barbara has got her own company; can't she help out? Wayne replies that of course she can, but it won't be enough. Amanda points out that it looks as though he'll have to dig into his own pockets. She adds that he got as much as her from Dee's will. Wayne tells her that he put everything he had into the company... A look of realisation dawns on Amanda's face, and she murmurs that he's come to her for help - he wants her money to bail him out. Wayne tells her that he's got a right to it - and he's still her husband; she wouldn't have the money if it wasn't for him. Amanda snaps that he's asking her for money after what he did to her; no way - what she's got left she keeps, and she's going to keep it for herself. Wayne tells her that they're desperate - if Gordon finds out, it could kill him; he needs her help. Amanda realises that he really means it. Wayne assures her that he does. A sly smile begins to cross Amanda's face as she tells him, "Then you're going to have to grovel for it..."


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