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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Out in the kitchen, Katie hears Mike yelling at Jeff not to expect an apology - he isn't going to cheat and get away with it. Mike goes on that the sooner Jeff wakes up to himself and realises he's in the wrong, the better for all of them. He and Heather storm out of the bedroom. As they head into the kitchen, Mike asks if his lunch is ready yet, as he's late for work. Heather tells him that he should talk things over with Jeff, but Mike retorts that, the way he feels now...; no - he'll talk to Jeff tonight, when he's calmed down a bit. Katie sits in the kitchen, a look of shock on her face as Heather tells her husband that he shouldn't have hit Jeff. Mike angrily tells her that if anyone called him a no-hoper, they'd get a backhander, let alone his own son. He adds that if Jeff thinks he's so old, he should start acting like it. He walks towards the front door, and Heather follows him. As he goes and stands on the step, she reminds him that he didn't kiss her goodbye. Mike pauses and kisses her, tenderly. Heather smiles at him. Mike, calming down, tells her that she's right: he shouldn't have hit Jeff - but he was the one in the wrong, and calling him a no-hoper...; if there's any no-hoper in the place, it's his brother: he's the one that gave Jeff the grog, and that's it: Jim was more interested in having a good time with that Tanya woman than worrying about Jeff; there are no excuses. He goes on that things will get back to normal, but only when Jim's gone. He walks off, leaving Heather looking worried. She calls after him, but he doesn't respond. She suddenly looks at Titus, who runs up to her. She pats him and leads him inside.

Jeff is sitting on his bed, picking up the remnants of his breakfast, when Heather comes in and tells him that he shouldn't be doing that. Jeff points out that he made the mess, so he'll clean it up. Heather tells him not to worry about it, but Jeff insists. Changing the subject, Heather says she thought Jeff might like some company, and she calls Titus in. Jeff points out that the dog isn't allowed inside, but Heather explains that it's a special occasion: he needs someone and she doesn't think it's her right now. She adds that she's not trying to take sides, but what Jeff did was wrong. She stands up and goes. Jeff looks upset, and he buries his head in Titus' back.

Out in the kitchen, Katie asks her mother how Jeff is. Heather replies, "Poor kid - he's so miserable." Katie asks who's to blame. Heather tells her that Jeff is; she's not saying Mike was right to hit him, but he was pushed; Jeff was wrong to take steroids and he was wrong to blame his leg on Mike; she just hopes she can make him see that. Katie suggests that maybe Luke could help - they know how Jeff listens to him. Heather agrees that she could be right - she'll get in touch with him. Katie, looking nervous, says she knows now probably isn't the right time to ask, but she was wondering how her mother would feel about her going to Ararat for a few days. Heather says, "To see Terry?" Katie points out that it might help to have her out of the way for while; Mrs. Thompson said she'd help her find a place to stay and would drive her to the prison farm, too. Seeing the look on her mother's face, she goes on that she'd rather she forgot about him, wouldn't she? Heather points out that he's much older than her - and, really-- Katie interrupts and says, "He's in prison, right?" Heather says she knows most mums would feel the same. Katie replies that he's so nice, though. She then confesses that she offered to sleep with him the first night of his trial. She goes on that she knows what she's always said about that, but she wanted to; he said 'no', though - he wanted to do the right thing by her. She adds that he wants her to forget him, but she can't - she loves him. Heather, a look of acceptance on her face, tells Katie to visit him. Katie smiles gratefully and replies that she knew she'd understand. Heather, looking worried, tells Katie that she's a woman now. Katie says she hopes so. Heather then tells her that she has one favour to ask: put off the visit until this thing with Jeff is out of the way - for her dad's sake; one thing at a time. Katie replies that that's fair enough. She tells Heather that she loves her, and they hug.

In his room, Jeff hugs Titus.

The radio is on at the Morrell apartment as Lynn prepares breakfast and Amanda comes out of the bathroom, towelling her hair dry. She tells Lynn that she feels so good! Lynn smiles and replies that it must have been the company! Amanda tells her that Todd is absolutely wonderful. Lynn tells her that that's the tenth time she's said that! Amanda goes on that he's so much fun after what Wayne put her through. Lynn suddenly tells Amanda to turn the radio up, a look of worry on her face. Amanda does so and asks what's up. Lynn hears the words 'El Abib' and explains that that's where Kevin is. The two of them listen to the newsreader announcing that there's been a bombing in El Abib; reports from the town say a number of English and Australian workers for various industrial firms are trapped in the middle of the bombing; officials are monitoring the situation closely, and trying to establish the identities of Australian nationals caught in the crossfire. He then turns to local news. Lynn looks horrified. Amanda tells her that Kevin will be alright, but Lynn just murmurs, "Yeah... he has to be..."

Jill is on the 'phone in the hallway at Toorak. She's talking to Heather, but she tells her that she's sorry, she can't help. Heather says she'll just have to go over there. She adds that, if Luke isn't on the 'phone, it's not Jill's fault. She asks Jill if she'll be seeing Luke later today, but Jill explains that he hasn't been there since the trial; she adds that she assumes Heather knows what came out about her in court. Heather explains that Katie told her. Jill replies that it seems Luke couldn't handle it. In the lounge room, David is packing a bag, and he overhears Jill asking Heather if she has Luke's new address. She then reads out that it's 22, Morton Road, St. Kilda. She hangs up and joins David, who asks what that was about. Jill explains that Heather is looking for Luke. She goes and looks out of the window and comments that it looks like it's going to rain. David tells her that he's got a job on, but he doesn't like leaving her here, the way she is; he doesn't like leaving her alone while she's so down. Jill assures him that she'll be alright. A whistle suddenly sounds outside, and Jill says it'll be the postman. She heads out to fetch the mail.

A few moments later, Jill takes three letters out of the postbox. Two of them are addressed to Patricia, but one, which is unstamped, is addressed to Jill. As she walks slowly back to the house, she opens the envelope, takes out the letter inside and reads:

"Maybe it's taking the easy way out, but I think this is the best thing to do. I know you could tell that what was said in court rocked me. I tried not to let it show because I could see how down you were - but it did, didn't it. I'm still staying in Melbourne; Dad's gone back to Perth - I checked the flat - so it looks like he's given up on me at last, thank goodness. It's probably better if we don't see each other, though. I never saw myself as a prude, but maybe I am; must be, I suppose, to act like this. Anyway, I'm sorry - and good luck. Luke."

Jill looks upset. She sighs heavily.

Back inside, David tells her not to worry about Luke. He adds that Luke must have put the letter in the box himself, as there's no stamp; he didn't even have the guts to say it to her own face. Jill just mutters, "Yeah..." Changing the subject, David tells her that he's got plenty of work lined up, so how about he farms out today's trip and they go somewhere - the two of them and Fee? He asks if Fee's not too young for the zoo. Jill assures him that he really doesn't have to, but David insists that he wants to - and he doesn't feel like work anyway! Jill laughs. David says he'll arrange a replacement. He then suggests to Jill that she write Pat's London address on her letters and they can drop them in at the Post Office on the way. He goes on that he didn't think this Luke bloke meant that much to her - he thought it was him doing the chasing. Jill replies that he was. David suggests that she shouldn't let him get her down, then. Jill explains that it's not just that: she knows it's a long way off, but Fee is going to find out about her eventually; it's going to be a terrific thing for her to talk about in the playground - why her mum used to be a pro. David points out that she doesn't need to know. Jill replies that those things have a way of catching up with you; she's sorry to worry about it now, but she's going to have to face it eventually; she just has to hope Fee doesn't do a Luke on her when it happens.

Lynn is on the 'phone at the Morrell apartment, as Amanda stands next to her. She asks the woman on the other end if she's sure there's nothing she can do. The woman replies that she's sorry, but she can't even get through to the exchange. Lynn asks if it would make any difference if she kept trying ISC? The woman tells her that, if she can't get through, there's not much point. Lynn tells her, "Thanks anyway," and she hangs up. Amanda asks her if she's going to call Kevin's parents. Lynn, though, asks why she should worry them until they know something more. She asks what time it is, and Amanda looks at her watch and replies that it's five to eleven. Lynn recalls that there's news on television at eleven o'clock; she might see if there's something on that. There's suddenly a knock at the door, and Amanda goes to get it. The visitor is Todd, and he cheerfully asks Amanda if she'd like to come for a drive, as he's in the mood for speed. Amanda, looking wary, tells him that she'd love to, but they've got a few problems. She indicates Lynn, and Todd looks at her and says, "G'day." He then turns back to Amanda and tells her to believe him: whatever it is, life's too short for problems. Lynn calls over bitterly that sometimes you can't avoid them. Amanda explains that it's Lynn's husband: he's working in the Middle East and it looks like he could be caught up in some fighting; they're just about to watch the news. She invites Todd to join them, but he tells her that he'll give it raincheck. He adds that, like he said, he's in the mood for a bit of fun. Shocked by his insensitivity, Amanda warns, "Todd..." Todd says he's sorry. He adds that he'll catch her another time. Changing the subject, Amanda asks him if he saw his mother. Todd retorts that she's the local lending library. Amanda asks him what he means, but Todd tells her not to worry about it; he isn't. He then tells her to come down to the beach if she likes; he's going to take the sailboard out; he'll be where they were yesterday. He goes. Lynn turns the television on. As she does so, she comments to Amanda that Todd isn't exactly what you'd call the deep type. Amanda, though, looking thoughtful, says she's not so sure...

Todd is driving along at high speed, but he suddenly brings his car to an abrupt halt at the edge of the road by the beach; his sailboard is on the roof. He sits there for several seconds, staring into space and looking tense and angry. He then looks down at an envelope resting on the passenger seat. He picks it up and takes out the contents: a sheaf of paper with 'Fisher V Fisher: Hearing for Custody of Todd Fisher' printed on a label on the front. He stares at it and then throws it back down onto the passenger seat. He gets out of the car and unties the board.

At the Morrell apartment in Sydney, Lynn and Amanda watch as the TV newsreader reports that the town has been encircled by guerilla forces and fierce street fighting is taking place, especially in the wharf area. He goes on that civilian and military casualties are high, although no official estimates are available. He adds that sources in Canberra reveal that a number of Australians are believed to be sheltering in the British Embassy, which has come under heavy artillery fire from hills on the outskirts of the town; negotiations for a ceasefire are underway, but-- Lynn suddenly switches it off. Amanda asks if they shouldn't keep watching, but Lynn explains that it's upsetting her. She then optimistically adds that Kevin probably got out before the firing even started; he's probably not even in the Embassy. Amanda agrees that that's right. Lynn, though, asks who she's kidding: you see that sort of thing on television all the time, but they never seem like real people; not until someone you know is there... She suggests that maybe she should ring Mrs. Palmer, as, if she's heard, she'll be upset. She then asks Amanda if she'd mind if she headed back to Melbourne. Amanda assures her that of course she doesn't - what Lynn's going through at the moment makes her troubles look pretty silly. Lynn goes to the 'phone and dials the Palmer house, but the number is engaged, so she says she'll try again later. Amanda tells her that she'll help her pack.

At the Palmers', Beryl is on the 'phone. The operator tells her that the call is coming through now. Beryl thanks her. Beryl says, "Kevin? Kevin, love?" Kevin comes on and says it's him. Beryl, looking relieved, asks him if he's alright. He assures her that he's fine - a bit weary, but he'll be OK. Beryl tells him that she couldn't believe it when the operator said he was coming on the line; she didn't even realise anything was up. Kevin asks her if she didn't hear the news. Beryl explains that she's been cleaning all morning, and she hasn't caught up with the news. She asks him if he's alright - honestly. Kevin replies that of course he is - that's why the people at the Embassy made sure they got a line out: so they could stop their families from worrying. Beryl tells him that that's easier said than done. Kevin asks if Lynn is there. Beryl replies that she isn't - she's sorry. Kevin explains that he tried next door first but there was no one home. He then asks her to tell Lynn that he loves her and that she's not to worry: he's going to be-- The call is suddenly cut off. Beryl asks him if he's there, but the operator then comes on and tells her that she's sorry, but they lost him. Looking worried, Beryl asks if something could have happened at the other end; why was he cut off? The operator explains that there could be a hundred reasons. Beryl tells her that she could hear bombs in the background. The operator says she has to go now, to try and re-establish the line for other callers. Beryl tells her, "Of course." She then thanks her and hangs up. Looking upset, she turns round and looks around the empty house. She walks over to the dresser and picks up the photo of Kevin and Lynn on their wedding day.

Next door, Katie opens the front door to Luke, who tells her that he got her mum's note. Katie asks him if he was out when her mother called. Luke explains that he was out landing himself a job - and to celebrate, he bought himself a car; well, more a bomb than a car! He asks how Jeff is. Katie replies that she looked in on him a while ago, but all she got was a grunt. Luke sympathetically says he knows how much his running meant so him. He then asks if Heather is in. Katie, though, replies that she's out shopping. She offers him a cup of coffee, and he accepts, adding that, while he has it, Katie can tell him the whole story. Katie warns him that they'll have to keep their voices down, as they don't want Jeff to think they're ganging up on him. Luke sits down. As he does so, Katie tells him that she feels she owes him an apology for being so lousy to him when he first turned up from Perth. Luke reminds her, "And for a while after!" Katie tells him that he did the right thing by Terry, so she's sorry. Luke assures her that he's really not a chip off the old block. Katie replies that she sees that now, but first impressions... She goes on that they can take his dad: she liked him to start with, but almost had to be hit over the head to see what he was really like! Luke assures her that everyone can make mistakes about people. Katie tells him that she makes more than most. Luke replies that that may be, but she really hasn't cornered the market on it, believe him!

David is on the 'phone in the lounge room at Toorak. Beryl and Jill are there with him, but Jill says she'll take Fee upstairs and put her to bed. She then adds that at least David will have some news to tell Lynn when she arrives. Beryl grimly comments that it's all bad, by the sound of it. Jill tells her that government types always exaggerate. She heads off with Fee. David says to the person on the 'phone that they can be contacted at the Albert Park number; they'll be waiting by the 'phone. He then hangs up. Beryl says, "Well?" David tells her that they reckon from the last report that the fighting's got a lot worse - they can't even get the helicopters in there to evacuate them; apparently, the Poms have been trying to do that, as it's their Embassy. Beryl, looking terrified, insists that Kevin has got to be alright. David goes to give her a comforting hug, but he suddenly pulls back and says he's sorry - he forgot. Beryl tells him that it's hard, having to act like parents, but--. David interrupts and says he knows - it doesn't seem right. He then goes on that he doesn't care what any of those Foreign Affairs types say: there's no way the Poms won't get in there with their helicopters. Beryl smiles and tells him that he sounds just like his dad! David suggests that they should get going. They head out into the hallway, and David calls upstairs that they're off. Jill comes to the top of the stairs and asks them to keep her posted. David replies that they will do. He then adds that, if she gets lonely, she should come over. Jill thanks him and Beryl and tells them that she'll be thinking of them, before turning and heading back to Fee. Beryl looks upstairs wistfully and says to David that she was just thinking about how you wipe their bottom and change their nappies... you assume that they're going to outlive you, but it doesn't work out that way sometimes...

At the beach, Todd returns to his car, taking off his wetsuit. Amanda suddenly walks over to him and asks if he isn't freezing. Todd smiles and tells her that he knew she couldn't keep away from him! Amanda assures him that she was just passing, but Todd disbelievingly laughs, "Sure!" He goes to kiss her, but Amanda pulls away and tells him to wait until he's warmed up a bit; he can dry off and then she'll think about it! She asks if she can hop in the car to keep warm. Todd tells her to watch the package in the front seat; throw it in the back. Amanda looks in through the open window on the passenger side and asks, "What package?" Todd replies that he means the one where she's supposed to be sitting. Amanda suddenly mutters, "Oh no... guess what: you've been ripped off." Todd goes and looks in the car as Amanda tells him that they've taken the whole sound system. Todd snaps, "Damn." Amanda asks what else he had in there. Todd explains that there was a legal package that he was supposed to read. He angrily adds, "That's just great." Amanda asks if it's important. Todd, though, tells her that it isn't - he doesn't know what he's getting himself caught up for; there was nothing in the package at all...

Luke and Katie are sitting in the living room at the O'Briens'. Luke says he thinks he's soaked up enough coffee now! Heather suddenly arrives home and, seeing Luke sitting there, asks him if he's spoken to Jeff yet. Luke explains that he's just going in now; he and Katie have been working out the best way to approach him. Heather says, "And?" Luke replies that he thinks he'll be sympathetic about his leg; he'll tell him that he's sorry he can't run again - but he'll let him bring up the steroids, then Jeff won't have a go at him for heavying him. Heather tells him that that's very clever. Luke heads off to the bedroom. Heather asks Katie if Titus is still in with Jeff. Katie replies that he isn't - she put him out about an hour and a half ago. Heather comments that that's funny - normally he bowls her over at the gate; he must be getting lazy in his old age!

Luke is standing in the doorway of Jeff's bedroom. The room is empty. Luke goes and looks in the wardrobe. He then spots a coathanger on the bed. He picks it up, looking thoughtful. He then suddenly spots a piece of paper lying on the bed. He picks it and and reads, 'To mum'.

A few moments later, out in the kitchen, Heather reads that the note says Jeff can't handle being around Mike; it says he's sorry to leave the rest of them, but he's not staying in Mike's house anymore; he tells them not to worry. Heather puts the note down and then snaps that he's on crutches, dragging a dog along, he's gone God knows where and he tells them not to worry. Katie points out that he hasn't got many friends, so he can't have gone far. She adds that he may even be at Luke's place. Luke, though, reminds her that Jeff doesn't know where that is. Katie asks what they do, then. Luke suggests that they do the rounds of his friends' places. Katie asks what they do if he's not there. Luke shrugs. Heather snaps that kids are more trouble than they're worth.

Beryl and David are both sitting in the lounge room at the Palmers'. Beryl is knitting while they both keep half an eye on the TV. The 'phone suddenly rings and Beryl rushes to answer it. A man comes on and tells her that his name is Peter Burke - he was talking to her husband before; they have some more news on their son. Beryl, looking worried, says, "Yes?" Burke tells her that it's not good, he's afraid: they've just had word that the Embassy received a number of direct hits; they've no list yet of the dead or wounded - people are still trapped in the rubble - but they'll let her know as soon as they have definite information. He adds that he's very sorry to have to break the news to her like this. Beryl thanks him, quietly and hangs up. David says, "Well?" Beryl quivers, "He, er... he..." She then suddenly bursts into tears and cries, "Oh, David..."


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