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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

Sometime later, Jeff is doing stretching exercises in the lounge room. Mike comes in and tells his son that he thinks he's done enough training for one day - and it's time Jeff was in bed, as he's got to be at the ground before breakfast. Jeff reluctantly says, "OK." Jim chips in that Mike is right - rest is as important as exercise. Turning to his father, Jeff raises the subject of the job at the ground. However, before he can go any further the front door bangs and Mike comments that that must be Heather. Heather joins them, and Mike quips that they were going to send out a search party! Heather smiles and retorts, "Very funny!" Mike asks her how her evening was. Heather replies that it was lovely - she had a wonderful dinner with Beryl and some of the members of the Board at the children's home. Jim tells her that they managed to scrape by with scrambled eggs! Changing the subject, Mike tells Heather that he's got some news for her. Heather replies that she's got news, too. Mike tells her to go first. Heather replies, "I've got myself a job!" Mike, looking astonished, says, "You're kidding!" Heather remarks that she's not that unemployable! Mike quickly assures her that he didn't mean that; it's just that that was exactly what he had to tell her: he's got a job too! Heather smiles and says that's wonderful! She gives him a kiss. Mike then goes on that it's not the one he was waiting on - he missed out on that - but he's filling in for the groundsman at the athletics field for a month; the money's not the best in the world but it'll do until something else comes along. Heather tells him that she can add her share now. She explains that, when she mentioned at the dinner that she'd worked as a secretary, Shirley Ryan offered her a job in the office at the children's home - three days a week and the hours are flexible. Mike exclaims that that's great. Jeff chips in and suggests to his dad that, now that Heather's working, he can give up the job at the grounds. Mike asks why he'd want to do that. Jeff replies that it would give him more time to look for a job he really wants. Mike tells his son that he's not sure what he wants at the moment - and until he does, he'd rather keep himself occupied and bringing in the money. He looks back at Heather and comments on what a surprise her news is. Heather asks him if he's sure he doesn't mind her working. Mike asks why should he! The two of them head into the kitchen. Jim asks Jeff if he's worried that his dad is going to cramp his style down at the athletics ground. Jeff asks him what he means. Jim explains that he's seen the girls running round in their little shorts - it's enough to take your mind off training! He adds that, if Jeff wants to come somewhere, he'll have to forget about girls for a while. Jeff replies that he reckons he will. He then adds that he's going to get to bed. Mike comes back in and offers tea, but Jeff just tells him that he'll see him tomorrow. Mike replies that it'll probably be at the sports ground, as he has to get the official OK on the job.

Katie and Terry are standing on the doorstep outside. Katie tells Terry that she's sorry she can't invite him in for coffee, but she'd have to explain everything to her mum and dad; they think she's been out with a girlfriend. Terry, looking wary, tells her that she shouldn't lie to them. Katie explains that they just assumed... She then goes on that it was a very nice night, and Terry agrees that it was. He adds that it took his mind off things; it stopped him thinking about Fee for a while. Katie smiles and says she's glad he told her everything. She goes on that it seems to her that he's had ten times over what happened to Jill. Terry replies that he'll have to have more soon; the worst thing will be not seeing his little girl grow up. Katie points out that he'll get married one day and have lots more kids... She goes to kiss him, but Terry says he'd better be going. Katie reminds him that tomorrow is the last day before his trial, so why don't they go on a picnic?; she doesn't care if it's cold; they could spend the day together; she really wants to. Terry tells her that he'll pick her up at about 11 o'clock. Katie smiles and Terry heads down the path. Katie turns to watch him as he walks off.

The next morning, Jeff finishes running round the track at the athletics ground and flops down onto the grass. Tanya calls to him that he was better by two seconds. Another voice suddenly calls to him: it's Luke, who comments that he doesn't know where Jeff get the energy! He then hands Jeff a box, wrapped in gift paper, and explains that Heather told him Jeff's size. Jeff starts tearing open the box to reveal a new pair of trainers. Looking surprised, he asks Luke what made him get them. Luke explains that he got his first pay packet; he got his signet ring back, too - it's nice to have a bit of money to throw about! Jeff assures him that he really didn't need to get the trainers, but Luke replies that he just wanted to thank him for what he's done for him. He tells Jeff to try them on, and Jeff does so. Luke then holds out some notes and tells Jeff that it's what he owes him. Looking surprised, Jeff says he doesn't expect to be repaid. Luke points out that he can't have much money since Mike's been out of a job, so take it. Jeff admits that he could do with it, and he takes it. Tanya suddenly calls over that it's time to get back to it. Jeff calls back that she's a slavedriver! She walks over, and Luke leaves them to it. When he's gone, Jeff holds out some of the notes to Tanya and tells her that there's no need for her to pay for the stuff for him, now - he's got money of his own. He asks if she can get him some by lunchtime. As he hands the money over, he adds that he's starting to feel like he needs them. Tanya tells him that he'll be right...

Katie is working at her computer in the living room at the O'Briens', and Heather asks her how her new game is coming along. Katie replies that it's a bit slow. Heather suggests that she might have a breakthrough today. There's suddenly a knock at the front door and Heather says it'll be Beryl. Katie wishes her luck with the job. Heather explains that she's only being briefed on her duties and meeting the rest of the staff this morning; she doesn't really start until tomorrow; still, it's exciting! She goes. Katie turns the computer off.

Heather opens the door and Beryl asks her if she's nervous. She replies, "A bit!" Jim suddenly comes up the path, and, looking surprised to see him, Beryl just says, "Jim..." Heather asks him what he's doing back, and he explains that he forgot some paperwork. He asks Beryl how she's been. She just replies, "Fine." Jim goes on that he wondered if he can pop in and see her one day. Beryl tells him that she doesn't think there's any point. She then looks at Heather and asks her if she's ready. Heather looks at Jim sympathetically and then walks off. Jim heads inside.

In the kitchen, Katie is taking food out of the 'fridge, filling the esky. Jim comes in and asks her if she's going on a picnic. She just replies, "Yeah." Jim asks who she's going with. She tells him, "A friend." Looking suspicious, Jim asks if it's the bloke next door. Katie mutters that it might be. Jim asks her if Heather knows. Katie snaps that she's not a kid. Jim tells her that he cares about what happens to her; there's something he's got to tell her about Terry. Katie retorts that she knows what happened with Jill - and Terry is sorry he did it and he's suffered a lot because of it - and there are things that Jim doesn't know about him - he's a really nice guy. Jim says he knows, but still... Katie assures him that she'll be perfectly safe. Jim tells her that she shouldn't be sneaking around behind her mum's back. He then adds that, what's the point anyway, as Terry will probably end up in jail after tomorrow. Katie retorts that, even if he does, he doesn't want to think about it all day today; she can take his mind off it; they can have a really good day together. She asks why she can't give him that much. Jim replies, "No reason that I can think of." Katie smiles at him, gratefully.

In Sydney, Lynn is wheeling Davey, in his pushchair, towards the boarding house. She hears sawing and the noise of builders at work. As she turns to head up the path, Davey starts grizzling. Lynn says 'hello' to the workmen and then heads inside. She goes and knocks on the door of Irene's apartment, but Irene calls out that she's in the bedsit. Lynn looks round and spots the landlady doing some cleaning. Irene asks Lynn what she can do for her. Lynn replies that she came to say 'hello'! Irene looks pleased to see her. She bends down over Davey and asks how her little man is! She then turns back to Lynn and asks her what she's doing back so soon. Lynn explains that she's afraid it's a case of 'I told you so'. Irene asks if there are problems with Amanda. Lynn sighs and replies that she's just so moody. She goes on that she's afraid she's not coping too well - she guesses she's not as strong as she thought she was. Irene asks her if she's said anything to Amanda. Lynn replies that she tried, but Amanda didn't want to listen and they ended up arguing. Irene tells her that she can always come back there. Lynn, though, says she thinks she should stay with Amanda for a few more days; she just wanted to get Davey away for a while. She asks Irene if she's sure she doesn't mind her being there with all the work going on. Irene assures her that she doesn't. She then adds that she doesn't mind taking a break, anyway, as she's got to ring CB and Lynn can have a yak with him too. Lynn smiles and says that would good, as she wants to let him know that she's starting to feel like her old self. Irene goes to the 'phone and starts dialling. As she does so, she tells Lynn that she's got to go down to Melbourne this arvo as she's been called as a witness in Terry's trial. Lynn recalls that he stayed there when he came up to Sydney. The 'phone at the other end starts ringing. It's picked up, STD pips sound and then David comes on. Irene says, "CB?" David, looking delighted to hear from her, says, "G'day!" Irene explains that she was just checking that he can pick her up at the airport. David assures her that he'll be there with bells on - and he's got a room ready for her, too. Irene, looking worried, asks if he's sure that's alright, as Patricia doesn't even know her. David explains that Patricia won't be there; she'll be in England. He adds that he'll tell her everything when she gets there. Irene comments that she'd still be staying in Patricia's house. David reiterates that she won't mind. He then adds that she wondered a bit before she left, though. Irene asks him what he means. David explains that he mentioned her name to Patricia a few times and she started thinking there was something going on between them; he told her that she's simply a mate. Irene's face drops. She quickly tells him that she's got Lynn with her, and she wants to have a talk with him. She hands the 'phone over and tells Lynn that she's going to check the mail. Lynn says 'hello' to David. David asks her how she's feeling, and she replies that she isn't too bad. She then asks him what he just said to Irene.

Irene is taking the mail out of the mailbox when Lynn comes out. Irene comments that it's junk mail and bills as usual. Lynn tells her that David didn't mean to hurt her feelings. Looking worried, Irene asks Lynn if she said something to him. Lynn explains that she just asked him what he said - he didn't realise why she was asking. She adds that he doesn't realise how Irene feels about him; she didn't until a moment ago. Irene asks why shouldn't she - he's a nice bloke. Lynn assures her that she agrees. Irene continues that she knows nothing will come of it - she's just a good mate, isn't she...

Back inside, in the bedsit, Irene asks Lynn if she's sure she doesn't want to stay there while she's away. Lynn replies that she might pop over from time to time if she can't get Davey to rest over at Amanda's. She goes on that Amanda is more uptight than ever - Wayne really turned the tables on her: she tried to make him buy her a car; she supposes it was a sort of blackmail, but Amanda wasn't so much interested in the car as in trying to hit back at Wayne. She suddenly realises that Irene is miles away. Irene comes back to reality and explains that she was thinking about something else. Lynn says, "David?" She adds that he's just getting over Margaret. Irene says she doesn't think time will make any difference - he just doesn't think of her that way. Lynn suggests that maybe that's her fault - she does tend to act like one of the boys; perhaps she could try changing her image a bit? Irene, though, snaps that she's not going to pretend that she's something she's not - she tried playing that game once and all she got was a kick in the guts. Lynn says she's sorry. Irene, calming down, tells her not to worry - it just brought back a few memories that she'd rather forget. Changing the subject, Lynn asks if she can put Davey to sleep for a while. Irene tells her that she sure can - she's got to start getting ready for the airport. She adds that Lynn can stay as long as she likes; she's got a few things she has to do before she goes.

A while later, a taxi pulls up at the side of a street and Irene gets out, telling the driver as she does so that she won't be a moment. She walks along the pavement and then goes and stands in the middle of the driveway of a smart-looking house, staring at it closely. A car suddenly turns into the drive and stops when the driver sees her standing there. He comments, "Not a bad old place, is it?" Irene agrees, "No." The man then goes on that he'd like to drive into the yard. Irene, realising that she's in the way, says she's sorry, and she moves. As the man goes to drive off, Irene asks him to hang on a minute. She then asks if the Andersons live there. The man replies that this house is the Fishers' - he doesn't think there's anyone named 'Anderson' in the street. Irene says she must have the wrong address. Staring at her, the man asks her if he doesn't know her from somewhere. Irene quickly assures him that he doesn't, and she adds that she's sorry to have bothered him. She walks back to the taxi. The man in the car looks thoughtful.

Terry's car pulls up in a secluded spot in the country and he and Katie climb out. Terry goes to open the trunk. Katie remarks that there's not a soul around. She goes on that she's glad, as it means they can pick the best picnic spot. Terry asks her if she wants to bring the radio, adding that it might be a good idea as he can't promise that he'll the best company in the world. Katie smiles and tells him that he'd better be! Terry explains that it's just a bit hard when he can't stop thinking about the trial. Katie tells him that he just has to try. Terry says he just wishes he knew who told the prosecutor what happened to Jill. Katie tells him that they'll have no more talk about the trial - they can just relax and enjoy themselves; they're going to have a lovely day!

At the Carlyle apartment in Melbourne, Luke takes a file out of his father's briefcase; it has Terry's name printed on the front of it. Roger calls out from his bedroom to ask him if he's read the land deal paper yet. Luke calls back that he has. Roger asks him what he thinks. Luke replies that, if everything goes through, he reckons his father is sitting pretty. Roger calls back that he agrees. He then asks Luke if he can put the papers back in his briefcase, as he doesn't want to forget them. He comes into the room and Luke quickly stuffs Terry's file back into the case. Roger says to his son that it's always a nice feeling knowing that you're about to close a deal that will make you lots of money. Luke asks him if he wants him to come to the meeting with him, but Roger says no: it's just a matter of a few signatures now. He goes on that he was going to send Luke, but it'll add a bit of prestige if he makes it himself. He adds that he must keep those houseowners happy - they haven't a clue that they could have held out for three times as much as he offered them. Changing the subject, he asks Luke if he's had lunch, and then adds that he's to have a decent break. Luke says he will. Roger comments that it's working out alright, isn't it - the two of them. Luke says, "Yeah... fine..." Roger goes out.

A short time later, Luke is sitting in the kitchen at the O'Briens' while Heather prepares some food. He tells her that his father doesn't give a damn how much he hurts people - it was him who gave the prosecuting attorney the information about Terry. He goes on that, when Jill mentioned it, he thought vaguely that his father might have done so, but then he thought he was being stupid. Heather asks him if he doesn't think so anymore. Luke replies that the prosecutor's name was in the file; if his father went to the trouble of getting together a dossier on Terry, he obviously meant to use it. Heather incredulously asks if Roger would do that just because Terry had a go at him. Luke reminds her that she knows what his father is like - look at what he did to Mike; he had to hit back. He adds that it won't just be Terry who's hurt by this - they'll put Jill on the stand and drag the whole story right out into the open. Heather points out that there's nothing Luke can do about it. Luke, though, says he's not so sure. He asks if he can use the 'phone. Heather replies that of course he can. As he starts dialling, he continues that it's about time his dad learnt what it's like to be on the receiving end. Heather warns him to be careful, but Luke assures her that he knows what he's doing. The 'phone at the other end is answered by a man saying, "Hello?" Luke asks him if he's Mr. Radcliffe. The man replies that he is. Luke goes on that he believes Mr. Radcliffe is soon to have a meeting with Mr. Roger Carlyle in connection with him buying his home and those of several of his neighbours. Mr. Radcliffe agrees that that's right. Luke tells him that he thinks there are a few things he and his neighbours should know...

Katie and Terry are sitting on the grassy bank by a stream, laughing. Terry tells Katie that he and Freddy burnt the girls' toilets down! Katie smiles and says he must have been a real terror! Terry agrees that, Freddy and him... strewth - they used to get into some trouble; the headmaster always used to say he knew where he'd-- He breaks off before continuing, more downcast, "...knew where I'd end up..." Katie tells him, "Don't." She then moves in and starts kissing him passionately. Terry, though, pulls away and tells her that he thinks they'd better tidy up. Katie insists that there's plenty of time, but Terry stands up and says he thinks they'd better do it now. He picks up the esky.

At the athletics field, Jeff is doing some press-ups, but he stands up as Tanya comes over to him. She hands him a small bottle of tablets. Mike suddenly calls over and Jeff quickly conceals the bottle in his hand. Mike goes on that he's got the OK on doing the job there. Jeff replies that that's good. Tanya tells Mike that they must get together and talk about Jeff's future. Mike says he'd like that. He then adds that he has to say that he doesn't want this running getting in the way of Jeff's studies. Tanya replies that she understands that, but she's sure running is where Jeff's career lies - certainly for the next few years. Mike points out that Jeff might decide otherwise. Tanya tells him that Jeff is far too good to give it up. Mike suggests they see how it goes. Tanya points out that they shouldn't be holding Jeff up from his training. Mike tells his son that he'll see him tonight, and he walks off. Tanya, seeing how agitated Jeff looks, tells him that it's alright - he's got to learn not to be so nervous when Mike is there. Jeff puts the bottle of tablets in his school blazer, which is piled on top of his school bag.

As Irene walks into Toorak, she comments that she didn't expect a welcoming committee at the airport! Fiona explains that David picked her up on the way - she was just roaming around Beryl's place, brooding. She and Irene sit down, and Irene remarks that she hasn't been in Melbourne for years. David offers her a drink before she unpacks. Irene says she'll have the drink, but she won't be unpacking, as she's booked herself into a hotel. David, looking surprised, asks her why she did that - he told her that she's staying there with him. Irene points out that he doesn't want her round his neck - she's the worst houseguest in the world; she's lived by herself for too long. David, though, tells her not to be silly - she's staying there and that's the end of it! Fiona says she agrees, so Irene can cancel that hotel! Irene gives in and says they win - but David's not to blame her if he's kicking himself tomorrow!

Lynn leaves the boarding house, wheeling Davey in his pushchair. As she reaches the front gate, a man gets out of a car across the road and walks over to her. It's the man that Irene saw earlier, when she asked about the Andersons. He tells Lynn that he's looking for Mrs. Irene Fisher. Lynn explains that she's gone to Melbourne for a couple of days, and she asks if it's about renting a bedsit. The man, though, says it's personal. He asks Lynn if she can let Irene know that Todd came to see her - he'll call back in a few days. Lynn says she will. She then adds, "Todd who?" The man replies, "Todd Fisher. She'll know." He walks back to his car.

At the O'Briens', Jim is sitting in the lounge room, taking off his tie, when Jeff arrives home. Jim asks his nephew how his training went, and Jeff excitedly replies that it was great - his times keep getting better. He puts his bag down on one of the armchairs and and asks if there's anything to eat. He then places his blazer on top of his bag and heads off to the kitchen. As he does so, the bottle of pills falls out of his blazer pocket and onto the floor. Jim calls to Jeff to hang on. He picks up the bottle of pills and looks at them. He then calls, "Jeff..." Jeff comes back in. Jim curtly asks, "How long have you been on these and where did you get them?" Jeff stands there, looking guilty.


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