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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

Amanda opens the door to find a woman standing there. The woman asks if there's a Mr. Morrell there, and, inside, Wayne calls that that's him. He stands up and walks over to the door, saying as he does so that she must be Liz. He tells her to come on in, adding that she's right on time. Liz replies that it's agency policy: her time is his money. Wayne introduces her to Amanda, explaining that she's his wife. He then goes on that all he really wants to do tonight is meet her and give her this. He hands her an envelope and explains that she'll find full details inside of what she'll be required to do, and the address; can she be there tomorrow morning at 11:15 sharp? Liz, looking concerned, says she hopes he hasn't got the wrong idea - she works as an escort, that's all; if he and his wife are looking for anything else-- Amanda growls that that's disgusting, and walks she off. Wayne quickly assures Liz that it's nothing like that - it's all above board; he promises. He then hands her another envelope which she opens. Inside is a cheque, and he tells her that that's for tonight. She looks surprised and queries the fact that he's paying her a three-hour fee for one minute's work. Wayne replies, "If you want to look at it that way..." Liz tells him that he's crazy. She then reiterates that he wants her at 11:15am tomorrow? Wayne reminds her that she's got his number, so she can call him and let him know if she can't make it. Liz, though, tells him that she can't see that there will be any problems. She goes. Outside, in the corridor, she opens the first envelope and reads what's inside.

Back in the apartment, Amanda curtly asks Wayne what that was all about. Wayne tells her that it was a way of putting a stop to her little blackmail game. He goes on that he had a heart-to-heart with Gordy today, and he was totally honest about the whole situation; he told him everything. Amanda snaps that he's bluffing - there's no way he would have told his father while he's still so sick. Wayne, though, retorts that he wasn't anywhere near as upset as Amanda might have expected; he supposes that it helped that the good news balanced the bad: obviously, Gordon is disappointed that they've decided to call their marriage quits, but when he told him about Liz, and how happy she made him... He quickly adds that Amanda doesn't know about Liz, does she? He continues that she's a terrific girl - Amanda would like her; they met a couple of months ago and she's been an incredible friend to him lately; he doesn't think either of them realised they were falling in love until it happened. Amanda shakes her head and asks how long this is going to stand up if she tells Gordon her side of the story. Wayne retorts that he's saved her the trouble: he told Gordon about how she went along with it, pretending that things were still OK between them, despite the extreme bitterness she felt towards Liz; Gordon was quite impressed by that. He goes on that he told Gordon, though, that he was worried that the strain of keeping up the pretence was starting to get to her, and he felt his father needed to know the truth; Gordon assured him that he'd done the right thing, and if Wayne was truly happy, so was he. Amanda snaps, "You pathetic creep." Wayne smiles and comments that Liz seems quite charming, doesn't Amanda think? He adds that, when he takes her to the house tomorrow and introduces her, he'd say that that would just about clinch things - anything negative that Amanda might say will just sound like sour grapes. Amanda snaps that he's not going to fool anyone. Wayne, though, tells her not to bet on it - he once had a woman called Beth Newman pass herself off as Jill's mother; it worked like a charm - so Amanda can forget about trying to put the screws on anymore. He walks over to the door, but before he opens it, he pauses and tells Amanda that he really didn't want to resort to this kind of rubbish, but she left him no choice. Amanda angrily asks him how much choice he gave her the other night. Wayne retorts that he's not going to pretend that he's proud about that - but he doesn't see it as any excuse for the way she's behaved. He goes. Amanda immediately walks over to the bar, picks up the 'phone and dials.

David and Patricia arrive back at Toorak. Patricia says to David that she doesn't understand why he's not even prepared to think about it. David replies, "Go to London? Why?" He adds that Patricia is going there to start a new life for her and Matt, and that's great, but she doesn't need him anymore. Patricia tells him that that's not the reason. She asks him if he really thinks he can be happy there when there's so much to remind him of Margaret. David replies that, eventually, yes - he won't forget their love, but he will get over it. Patricia reminds him that Margaret wanted them to stick together and help each other through the bad times. David points out, "Haven't we?" Patricia asks him why they can't help each other more. David reminds her that she'll have Matt. Patricia, though, asks him who he'll have. David replies that he'll find someone. Patricia tells him that she's not saying he won't-- David interrupts and asks if him going on about Irene has anything to do with this. Patricia quickly replies that of course it doesn't. She looks down at the floor, guiltily, though, and David warns, "Pat..." She looks back up at him and asks what if it does; she still thinks-- David interrupts again and assures her that there's nothing like that between Irene and him - and if there was, he wouldn't feel guilty about it; he said he wouldn't forget Margaret and he won't, but he won't lock himself away for the rest of his life. Patricia tells him that she's not suggesting he do that. David reminds her that, when he got back this afternoon, she said she wasn't going to interfere in other people's lives. Patricia asks if he calls it interfering to care about somebody. David hands her the piece of paper and tells her that he appreciates the thought, but she can cash the ticket in - he won't be needing it.

A while later, Patricia and David are coming downstairs. Patricia says, "David..." David puts her bag down by the door and turns to look at her. She tells him that she's sorry for trying to control his life - she doesn't blame him for getting stroppy; it's only because she cares. David says he knows. She goes on that she just doesn't want him getting involved with someone on the rebound. David tells her to stop worrying - it'll be some time before he's over Margaret and thinking about anyone else. Changing the subject, he suggests that they should get her to the airport. Patricia goes and looks around the lounge room one last time. She tells David that it feels really strange to be leaving for good. She then continues that she wonders if that's what she's really doing - she knows it sounds silly but she really does have a feeling that she'll be back. David chuckles and goes and opens the front door. Patricia turns off the lights and follows him outside, closing the door behind her.

Barbara is standing in the lounge room at Dural while Wayne sits on the couch. She angrily yells that she's amazed he's got the nerve to come back there after what he's done; did he think Amanda wouldn't tell her about it? Wayne smiles and replies that he imagined she was on the 'phone before he even got to the elevator. He goes on that there's nothing Barbara can do about it - unless she wants to take it upon herself to tell Gordon. Barbara snaps that there are times when she can't believe that Wayne could possibly be as detestable as he seems - but he always manages to convince her, somehow. Wayne stands up and remarks that it's nice to know his efforts are appreciated. He goes to leave the room, but Barbara angrily orders him not to walk away, as she hasn't finished with him yet. Wayne retorts that he's not interested. He goes on that if she wants to side with that spoilt brat, Amanda, go ahead; don't let it worry her that Amanda is trying to blackmail him into buying her an expensive sports car and that she was prepared to put his father's life on the line to get her own way. Barbara snaps that all Amanda was trying to do was put an end to the stupid deception that should never have started in the first place, but he, true to form, had to think of an ever bigger and better lie. Wayne retorts that he happens to care about Gordy, and he's ensured that Barbara's niece is no longer in a position to hurt him. Barbara asks him what he thinks Gordon will do when he finds out the truth. Wayne retorts that he's not going to - at least, not until he's strong enough to cope with it. Barbara snaps that she won't let him bring an escort into her home to help him pull the wool over Gordon's eyes. Wayne, though, tells her that she won't have any choice, outside of going to Gordon and risking another heart attack - but maybe she considers that a risk worth taking for the chance to get at him?; that kind of thinking seems to run in her family. He walks off, leaving Barbara looking furious.

A while later, Barbara is at the Morrell apartment, and Amanda tells her that she'd never do anything to hurt Gordon. She goes on that Barbara knows that; she just wanted to scare Wayne. Barbara snaps that, according to Wayne, she's doing more than that - the word 'blackmail' was used. She sits down as Amanda retorts that he would call it that. Barbara angrily asks Amanda what she'd call it. She continues that she hates agreeing with Wayne about anything, but he's right: Amanda has behaved like a spoilt child - and now, thanks to all this nonsense, she has to grit her teeth while he brings this so called girlfriend into her home. Amanda asks her to keep her voice down, as Lynn and Davey are having an early night. Barbara asks her what possessed her. Amanda retorts that it was a way of getting back at him. Barbara incredulously asks, "For what?" Amanda quickly replies, "Nothing in particular..." Barbara snaps that that doesn't make sense; what has Wayne done to her? Amanda shakes her head slowly and looks down at the ground, before saying more quietly, "Nothing..." Barbara insists that he must have done something to make her stir up all this trouble. Tears suddenly start welling in Amanda's eyes, and Barbara stands up and puts her arm around her. Amanda cries that it's nothing, but Barbara more gently says she thinks she'd better be the judge of that. She helps the girl sit down, and tells her, "Out with it." Amanda gives in and sobs, "He came here the other night." Barbara says, "And?" Amanda continues, "He was drunk and he kept on saying the one thing Gordy ever wanted was a grandson. Then he raped me..." Barbara, looking shocked, hugs her as she breaks down.

In the lounge room at Dural the next morning, Gordon is sitting in an armchair and Wayne is trying to persuade him to go up for a nap, but Gordon is refusing. Wayne pleads with him to go upstairs, as he doesn't want Barbara mad at him. Gordon assures him that she won't do that. Wayne tells him that it's rest time; it's for his own good. Barbara suddenly comes in and tells Gordon brusquely that it's 11:10am - he should be having a nap. Gordon 'realises' that it's that time and chides Wayne that he should have reminded him! He heads upstairs. As he does so, Barbara tells him that she'll be in the garden if he needs anything. When they're alone, Wayne says to Barbara that he was starting to get worried - he never thought he'd get Gordon upstairs; Liz will be there in a few minutes and he needs a chance to talk to her before Gordy wakes up. Barbara, with venom in her eyes, angrily tells him that she spoke to Amanda last night, and she can't begin to put into words how much he disgusts her. She goes on that, if it wasn't for how it would affect Gordon, she'd have him in court so fast that his feet wouldn't touch the ground. She adds, "But your time will come..." Wayne insists that he was drunk; he didn't know what he was doing; he said he was sorry. Barbara snaps, "Oh, God - you're pathetic, Wayne." She storms out.

A short time later, Barbara is raking leaves in the front garden when a red car pulls up next to her and the woman inside - Liz - asks her if this is the Hamiltons'. Barbara retorts that that's right. Liz explains that she's looking for Wayne. Barbara curtly replies that she thought she might be. Liz asks her if she has any idea where she can find him. Barbara points her finger and tells Liz that that is called a door; why doesn't she try knocking on it? Liz gets out of the car, walks up to the door and knocks. Inside, Wayne emerges from the study and goes and answers it. When he sees Liz standing there, he tells her that she's done it again - she's right on time! Liz asks him if his gardener has got something against visitors. Wayne looks outside and then smiles and explains that that's his stepmother - she doesn't approve of what they're doing. Liz tells him that she can't say she approves, either - and she doesn't even know what it's about. Wayne asks her if she hasn't read the notes he gave her. Liz replies that she did, and she knows what he wants her to do, but not why; a number of possible reasons came to mind and none of them were very nice. Wayne asks her what she's been imagining. Liz replies that he wants her to pretend to be his girlfriend for his father's benefit; it doesn't take a very suspicious mind to see that it's a con job - it's written all over that piece of paper. Wayne points out that she's getting paid - and there are lot of harder ways of earning money; she should know. Liz snaps that they got that sorted out last night - they are a legitimate agency providing a legitimate service: professional companionship for social occasions and that's it, full stop; as for how she feels about being part of a con job, the only reason she came round was to give him a chance to explain, just in case he's on the level - and it seems that he's obviously not. She goes to walk out, but Wayne says, "Just a minute..." She pauses and turns to look at him again. He goes on that this isn't a con job - his father is a very sick man, and she'd be helping him get well again. He adds that he promises that she won't be asked to do anything that isn't a normal part of her job. Liz points out that it isn't a normal part of her job to pretend to be madly in love with her client. Wayne tells her that it's only pretending - and he doesn't mind paying extra. Liz, looking wary, says she doesn't know. Wayne asks her to hear him out. He adds that, once she's heard the full story, he's sure she'll change her mind. Liz repeats that she doesn't know - but he's welcome to talk - at the standard hourly rate; after all, her time is his money! She sits down. Wayne smiles...

Outside, Barbara is still gardening. As she bends down, pulling out some weeds, she looks at the front door. She returns to her weeding, but then appears to make a decision. She takes off her sunhat, puts down her tools and stands up.

Inside, Liz is saying to Wayne that if his wife is really as bad as all that, can't he get a restraining order to keep her away from his father? Wayne tells her that she doesn't know Amanda - she'd ignore it and worry about the consequences later. Liz tells him that he needs an actress, rather than her. Wayne, though, tells her that that's not true - what he needs is someone who can be themselves; be natural; and she's perfect - although they'll need to come up with a more conventional occupation for her. Still looking wary, Liz says she doesn't know - but she supposes it won't hurt to give it a try. Wayne tells her that she won't be sorry. Barbara suddenly comes into the room, looks at Liz and snaps, "Out." Wayne angrily asks her what the hell she's doing. Barbara snaps that she's not letting this ridiculous charade go any further - not in her home; she wants Liz out before Gordon sees her. Wayne warns her that she'd better give a bit of thought to what that's going to mean. Barbara snaps that he can tell his father whatever he likes, but she's not having him bring in women off the street to help him. Liz chips in that she doesn't want to intrude on a private family discussion. Wayne assures her that he can handle Barbara. He asks her if they've got a deal. Liz, though, replies that she doesn't need the money that badly. She turns to go, but Gordon suddenly comes into the room, holding some magazines, and saying that they'd better get some new ones, as he's read-- He breaks off as he suddenly notices Liz standing there, and he turns to her and says, "Hello." He adds that she must be the young lady that Wayne was telling him about. He shakes her hand, and Wayne introduces her as Liz Smith. Gordon tells her that he's pleased to meet her. He then continues that he doesn't imagine that he's giving away any secrets by telling her that his son thinks a great deal of her - and now he's met her, he can understand why. Barbara glares at the three of them as Wayne says, "Didn't I tell you she was beautiful?" Gordon agrees that he certainly did - again and again and again...! Liz tells him that Wayne has told her a lot about him, too - it's nice to meet him. Wayne smiles and says he knew they'd like each other. Barbara stands there looking furious.

Jim is in the kitchen at the O'Briens', preparing some lunch, when the front door bangs and Mike comes in. He sits down at the table, looking annoyed, and Jim asks what's up. Mike replies that he didn't get that job. Looking surprised, Jim says, "You're kidding..." Mike remarks that he shouldn't have put all his eggs in one basket. Jim tells him that something will come up, but Mike replies that the trouble is that he doesn't know what he wants anymore - that lawnmowing business was alright for a while, but he was getting fed up with that; when Roger Carlyle came along and started putting the pressure on, he thought it was a good excuse to get out, but he probably should have stuck with it until he knew what he really wanted. Jim assures him that it'll all work out. Changing the subject, he asks where Jeff is. Mike replies that he's started training in his lunch hours, getting ready for Brisbane. He then goes on that, actually, he might duck down the track and see how he's coming along; he's got nothing else to do. He heads off, taking off his tie as he does so.

Jeff and his fellow athletes are running around the track at the sports field. Their coach, a young woman, calls out that they're doing well - just take it round again. Jeff suddenly spots his father standing by the track and runs off to speak to him. Mike explains that he was just passing and thought he'd see how Jeff is coming along. Jeff comments that he thought his father had a job interview. Mike replies that it didn't work out. He then asks his son if he's going to introduce him to the coach he's heard so much about. They walk over to the young woman and Jeff introduces his dad to Tanya Ross. The two of them shake hands, and Tanya tells Mike that he's the father of a talented young athlete. Mike asks how Jeff will go in Brisbane: alright? Tanya replies that she reckons he'll do more than alright - as long as he keeps up his training. Mike suggests that he'd better leave them to it, then. Tanya quickly explains that she didn't mean that - he's welcome to spend as much time there as he likes; it helps the kids to know that their parents are interested. Mike tells her that he'll probably see her around, then, and he walks off. Looking anxious, Jeff asks Tanya what she said that for - now his dad will probably have a tent pitched there tomorrow. Tanya tells him that he worries too much. Jeff asks, "What if he finds out about what we're doing--" Tanya interrupts him and suggests that he stop worrying. She adds that he's a lap behind, so he'd better get a move on or he'll never catch up.

Mike is standing on the corner of the sports field, watching it being mowed by a guy sitting on a big mower. The guy stops the mower, climbs down and walks over to Mike. He comments that Mike must have been treating his mowers a bit more gently these days. The two of them shake hands, and Mike replies that, if the guy is referring to the fact that he hasn't brought any around to to be fixed lately, it's because he doesn't have the round anymore - he sold it. The guy asks him what he's up to now, then, but Mike tells him that there's nothing much, actually - he's looking for a job, but they're pretty scarce. The guy replies that they might be able to help each other out of a spot. Mike asks how. The guy explains that he's going overseas for a month; it was put on him to find his own replacement; is Mike interested? Mike, looking delighted, says, "Am I what?!" He adds that it's exactly what he needs - something to keep the money coming in while he decides exactly what he wants to do. The mowing guy tells him to come over tomorrow and they'll get the official OK on it. Mike thanks him and the guy walks off. Mike then calls over to Jeff to guess what: he's just got himself a job as the new groundsman around there; what does Jeff reckon? Looking unenthusiastic, Jeff says, "Great..." Mike continues that he'll really be able to keep an eye on him, so no slacking! Jeff looks at Tanya, who looks worried...

The front door opens at Dural and Wayne and Liz come out. Wayne tells Liz that she carried it off brilliantly! Liz replies that there was nothing to it. Wayne points out that he tried to tell her that but she wouldn't believe him. Liz explains that she loves his father's sense of humour - although she thinks he took things a bit far when he married Atilla the Hun! Wayne smiles and then explains that that's why he's doing this: Barbara spends so much time making Gordon's life miserable that he has to work twice as hard to cheer him up a bit. He asks Liz if they have an agreement. Liz points out that it's a bit late to back out now even if she wanted to. She gets in her car. Wayne tells her that he'll call her when the time comes to make another appearance. He adds that he assumes her agency will bill him for this morning? Liz replies that she enjoyed herself so much that it almost seems a shame to take the money - but a girl's got to eat! She starts the car and drives off.

Inside, Gordon remarks to Barbara that Liz is a charming girl, doesn't she think? He then suggests that they could have her over for dinner one night this week. Barbara quickly replies that they can't. Looking surprised, Gordon asks why not. Barbara reminds him that he's not well enough. Gordon mutters, "Oh, Barbara..." Barbara snaps, "Don't 'Oh, Barbara' me!" She goes on that he's not resting nearly as much as he should; what about this morning? Gordon asks her why she's in a mood. Barbara retorts that she's not in a mood - it's just that she wants him to get well quickly. Gordon asks her if she likes Liz. Barbara replies that she seems nice - but that's not the point. Wayne comes back in and asks them what they thought. Gordon tells him that he was just saying to Barbara that they should have her for dinner one night. Wayne replies that he was going to suggest it himself, and he asks Gordon if he feels up to it. Gordon replies that of course he does. Barbara immediately snaps that, no, he doesn't. Gordon tells her that he appreciates her concern, but the doctor said it's good for him to meet people; what's not good for him is being argued with. He walks off, leaving Wayne grinning gleefully.

It's nighttime, and in the kitchen at the O'Briens', Jim comments that Mike's the world's worst cook - he can't even make scrambled eggs! Mike remarks that he hasn't changed in thirty years - he's still a disaster in the kitchen! The front door suddenly bangs. Jim tells Mike that it really means a lot, knowing that they're mates again after all that's happened. Jeff comes in and asks where his mum is. Mike replies that she's at a hen's party with Beryl - and Katie's out with some of her girlfriends. Jeff says he's been thinking: he doesn't think the job at the sports ground is such a good idea - it's not much of a job. Mike points out that he's just filling in for a month. Jeff asks what he'll do if something else comes along - he won't be able to go for it. Mike tells him that, if that happens, he'll find someone else to take over the groundsman's job. Sounding surprised, he asks Jeff if he's too proud to see his old man driving a mower while he's training. Jeff quickly replies that of course he isn't. Mike asks what the problem is, then. Jeff tells him that it doesn't matter, and he leaves the kitchen. Jim says to Mike that he reckons Jeff has got a girl down at the track and doesn't want his old man around, blowing his image! In the lounge room, Jeff is dialling a number on the 'phone. Tanya Ross answers and Jeff says it's him: his dad has decided to take the job. Tanya tells him not to get nervous - whatever he does, he's not to make a big issue of it. Jeff retorts that it is a big issue: with his father working there, he's bound to get to know the others on the team; what if they let something slip or he just overhears them talking? Tanya tells him to settle down - he's not a kid anymore; he's an athlete with a career to think about - and if his father finds out, they'll get around him. Jeff, though, looking worried, tells her that she doesn't know his dad - he'd freak; he'd more than likely turn them both into the authorities. He adds, "I tell you: I'm worried."


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