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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Fiona and Terry are walking along the street. Fiona points out to Terry that Manning said the prosecution couldn't use any information about Fee's conception in the abduction case. Terry grunts that he also said that they'll work it in somehow. Fiona reminds him that the judge will instruct the jury to ignore it. Terry, though, retorts that their minds will be made up by then. He goes on that, if Fiona heard about this guy who ran off with his kid, and she then later found out that the guy's only the father because he raped the mother before, how would she react? Fiona looks down at the ground, guiltily. She then snaps that she might have known Patricia was putting on an act - pretending to be all sweetness and light. Terry says he's sure it wasn't her. Fiona grimly says she'd like to give her the benefit of the doubt just for once. Terry tells her that she feels Patricia was genuine when she wished him luck. Fiona asks who else could have done it: not Jill? Terry says he doesn't know. Fiona points out that Jill is hardly likely to want to go up on the witness stand and answer lots of personal questions and have her character cross-examined as much as his. Terry grudgingly admits that he supposes not. Fiona comments that it gets them back to square one. Terry mutters that it doesn't matter - the damage is done.

Jill knocks on the front door at the O'Briens' and Katie answers. Jill asks her if Beryl is there with Heather, but Katie replies that she's not; she's on her own. Jill asks if she can write a note, then - but she doesn't have a pen. Katie invites her in. Jill goes on and asks if she can borrow a piece of paper too! They go to the living room table and Jill sits down. Katie tells her that she's glad she called in, actually - she's been worrying about Terry. Jill asks, "What about him?" Katie replies that she wants to know what he's like; she sort of things he got up to before he came down there. Jill, looking wary, asks her why the sudden interest. Katie explains that there are some things that her mum said - she gets the feeling that she knows things about him that she's not letting on. Jill tells her that it's probably best if she asks Terry; it's probably best if he tells her. Katie realises that there is something. Jill says, "Katie..." Katie says she's sorry - she knows it's not fair pumping her. Jill assures her that she's not being mysterious or anything; it's just awkward, that's all. She adds that she'd better get the note finished, drop it into next door's letterbox and get going.

In the lounge room at Toorak, Patricia puts Fee in her playpen and tells her to say 'hello' to Mr. Bunny! Someone suddenly comes into the room behind her and, in a deep male voice, says, "Mr. Bunny's behaving himself, I hope?!" Patricia looks round to find David standing there! She looks delighted to see him. He tells her that he's sorry he wasn't around when the trouble was happening. Patricia replies that she nearly rang him, but she just kept her fingers crossed that he'd come as soon as Fiona told him. David agrees that that's what he did as soon as he found out. Looking surprised, Patricia asks him if Fiona has only just told him. David explains that she didn't tell him sooner because she thought Patricia was making it up. Patricia angrily snaps that that would be right. David goes on that Fiona thought that, that stuff about the prowler... she thought it was Patricia's way of getting Terry into strife. Patricia angrily asks about Margaret's grave: she's supposed to have made that up too, is she? David says, "Yeah, well..." He goes on that Fiona was holding off from telling him until she could tell him gently. Patricia snaps that she might have known Fiona wouldn't lift a finger to help her. David sighs, and Patricia says she's sorry - she made a promise to herself that she was going to try and break those bad habits: bitching... getting even with people. Fee suddenly coughs, and Patricia bends down to look at her. As she does so, she tells David that she thinks she's finally realised that there's an easier way of living: when Matt proposed to her, she turned him down because she didn't want to leave Australia; she wanted to get even with all the people she blamed for Margaret's death... and then that terrible business with Paul convinced her how twisted her thinking was; she didn't want to end up like him. She asks David if a fresh start will work for her in England. David replies that it could. Patricia tells him that it's not too late to turn over a new leaf and concentrate on making someone else happy: Matt. David tells her that he's proud of her for trying.

Katie is playing with Titus on the pavement outside the O'Briens' when she sees Fiona and Terry arrive back at the Palmers' and head up the path. She runs over to the house to give them the note, but then, when she's standing by the gate, she changes her mind. She heads back into her own home and unfolds the piece of paper. Heather suddenly calls out that lunch is nearly ready. Katie calls back that she won't be minute. She goes and sits down in the lounge room and reads:

"Terry, A quick note to say Patricia has been in touch asking me not to testify against you. In fact, I've already made up my mind to speak up for you in court. I realise now there was no way you could have guessed Paul was likely to kill himself. I don't know why I jumped to conclusions about your motives for letting him go. No, that's not true: deep down, I guess I've always been looking for a way to pay you back for the day you forced yourself on me. I can only promise not to let the memory of it stand between you and a fair trial. Jill."

A short time later, in the kitchen, Katie snaps at her mother that she knows now why she didn't want her to have anything more to do with Terry; didn't Heather think she's old enough to be told that he's a rapist? Heather asks her how she found out. Katie retorts that that doesn't matter. She then adds, more sadly, that he seemed so nice. Heather agrees that it's sad, but you can't always take people at face value. Katie comments that she really liked him and wanted him to like her. Heather says she admits that she should have been more open with her daughter, but Katie must see now why she was so concerned about her getting involved with him? Katie assures her that she doesn't have to worry anymore - she could never cope with seeing him now. She walks off, leaving Heather looking worried.

Terry opens the front door at the Palmers' to find Katie standing on the step. Looking pleased to see her, he asks what's up. Katie curtly replies that nothing's up; Jill just left a note for him. She hands it over. Terry then tells her that he hasn't forgotten about taking her to the movies - he's just been a bit busy. Katie snaps that it's alright - she's pretty tied-up for the next few weeks; forget about it. She turns and heads off, leaving Terry looking surprised. He then closes the door and goes and joins Fiona in the kitchen, where she's serving lunch. She asks who was at the door, and Terry replies that it was Katie, with a note from Jill. He hands it to Fiona and comments that it's about time he had something to cheer up him. He adds that the note makes it pretty clear that it wasn't Patricia or Jill who dobbed him in. Fiona reads the note and says she guesses so - unless Patricia was pulling the wool over Jill's eyes. Terry points out that it's not likely. He then adds that at least they know Jill isn't out to make waves. Fiona says she knew the girl would come round. Terry goes on that he's tired of wracking his brains to work out who did it. Changing the subject, Fiona says Katie should have come in - she could have had the bone from the lamb for Titus. Terry replies that he got the impression that she didn't want to step foot in the place. Fiona comments that she's probably in a tearing hurry like all young people. Terry, though, replies that he was definitely given the cold shoulder treatment. He sits down at the table and a look of realisation suddenly dawns. He tells Fiona, "The note from Jill." Fiona asks him if he thinks Katie might have read it. She adds that she wouldn't do that - and if she had, the least she could have done is wait and hear his half of the story. Terry grunts that she'd take Jill's side of it no matter what he had to say for himself.

Jill has her bag over her shoulder and is holding Fee as she stands with Patricia in the hallway at Toorak. She thanks Patricia for looking after her daughter, and Patricia replies that it was a pleasure if it means Jill got things sorted out with Terry. Jill tells her that they will be as soon as he gets her note. Patricia then asks her if she's organised somebody to move her things into Toorak. Jill replies that David offered to lend her a hand. Patricia smiles and tells her that he'll be glad of her company. Jill wishes her a good time in London, kisses her and goes. Patricia shuts the front door and then heads into the lounge room. David is on the 'phone to Lynn, and he tells her to take care. He then asks if Irene is to hand. At the boarding house in Sydney, Lynn tells Irene that David wants a word. Irene takes the 'phone and cheerily asks David how her favourite truckie is! David replies that he's pretty good - he's just had his lunch and now he's going to have an afternoon nap. At Toorak, Patricia looks stony-faced as she listens to David laughing and then telling Irene that he'd like to see her try! He adds that it'll depend on the work, but he'll definitely drop in the next time he's passing through. Patricia looking increasingly angry. David laughs and tells Irene that he wouldn't have her any other way. He then says he'd better hop off, and adds that it was nice talking to her. He hangs up. Patricia immediately queries, "Irene? I haven't heard her name before. Is Lynn staying with her?" David replies that she was, but Irene has gone into business with Fiona. Patricia comments, "One of her old cronies." David tells her not to get the wrong idea - Irene is their age and she's a lot of fun: he has to beat the blokes off with a stick when they go out! Patricia snaps that she's good looking, is she? David replies that she might say that; brainy, too. Patricia wryly quips that she thought he said she'd gone into business with Fiona! She quickly adds that she's just joking. She suggests to him that he go for his nap, and he walks off. After a few moments, Patricia, still looking angry, picks up her bag and coat and goes out.

At the boarding house, Lynn tells Irene that she's glad David is going to keep visiting her after she moves out. Irene comments, "And what a stupid move that is." Lynn insists that Amanda is OK, but Irene retorts that she isn't from what Lynn has been telling her - she's trouble with a capital 'T', and that's the last thing Lynn needs. Lynn tells her to be fair - Wayne treated her like dirt; Amanda's entitled to get her own back. Irene replies that the best thing Amanda can do is have a good old cry and forget all about it. Lynn points out that Amanda has her own way of doing things. Irene comments that she's behaving like a spoilt brat. Lynn says she know that she comes across that way at times, but when she fell in love with Wayne, she really started getting her act together; if he wasn't such a rat, she'd be fine now. Irene retorts that that's all the more reason for Lynn to steer clear of them. Lynn, looking disappointed, remarks that Irene doesn't have much faith in her, does she? She adds that she thought she might be able to help Amanda sort herself out. Irene admits that maybe she can, but she asks Lynn to promise her one thing: if Amanda gets to be too much of a handful, come and see her and they'll tackle it together. Lynn smiles.

Amanda and Wayne are walking across a car yard, looking at a host of sports cars. Amanda looks at a white one and asks how it grabs him. Wayne snaps that it doesn't. Amanda asks him if he's not just saying that. Wayne tells her to cut it out - he's been dragged from one car yard to another-- Amanda interrupts and says she thought he liked cars. Wayne goes on that, on top of which, he had to watch her fluttering her eyelids at every salesman they've seen - and handing over her 'phone number like a cheap call girl. Amanda sits in the white car and asks Wayne what he thinks of it. Wayne retorts that the colour stinks. Amanda calls over to the salesman and he walks over and asks her if she'd like to take it for a test run. Amanda tells him that that won't be necessary - her husband trusts her judgement. The salesman replies that, if they'd like to come to the office, then... Wayne asks if he can just have a moment with his wife. The salesman agrees and tells them that he'll be inside. He walks off. Wayne immediately tells Amanda that they are going to walk out of there very quietly and calmly; she's not going to force him to spend thousands of dollars on some nasty little whim. Amanda angrily retorts that if he doesn't do what she wants, she's going straight back to the house to tell Gordon everything. Wayne snaps, "You wouldn't." Amanda assures him that she would. She goes on that Gordon deserves to know what sort of bully his son is. Wayne tells her that the truth would kill him - and she couldn't live with herself if she said anything. Amanda snaps that he shouldn't bet on it - she'll find a way of breaking it to him, so if Wayne doesn't have the car ready for her first thing tomorrow, she's ready to let the cat out of the bag and Wayne will be done for...

A while later, Amanda is back at the Morrell apartment and Lynn is moving her stuff in. As she does so, Amanda tells her that it was worth every moment, watching Wayne going scarlet! Lynn asks her if he learnt his lesson. Amanda replies that she hasn't even started yet. She bends down over Davey, who's sitting on the couch, and asks him what he thinks of his new home! Lynn asks her if she shouldn't call it quits now. Amanda curtly asks Lynn why it's any of her business. Lynn points out that they're going to be sharing, so they should be honest with each other. Amanda asks her what she's getting at. Lynn tells her that she'll be dragging herself down to Wayne's level if she spends all her time playing mean tricks on him. Amanda retorts that they're not mean tricks: Wayne did a terrible thing to her last night - he made her feel dirty and disgusting. Lynn asks if he hasn't tried apologising. Amanda tells her that he made a few weak excuses, but it's not the same. Lynn suggests that, if he thinks so little of her, why doesn't she just forget it? Amanda retorts that that's where she's wrong: in his own strange way, she's sure he does love her - and she's going to use it to make him pay. She then suggests that they forget it, and she apologises for biting Lynn's head off. Lynn asks her if Wayne will give in and buy her a car. Amanda replies that he will if she keeps the pressure up. Lynn warns her to be careful: push him too hard and he'll hit back, regardless. Amanda says she agrees - but for once, she's got him exactly where she wants him and she's going to make him pay...

Fiona takes a tray of tea things into the lounge room at the Palmers'. Terry is sitting on the couch, and Fiona comments that he's very quiet. She offers him a scone to put him out of his misery, but he doesn't respond. She then tells him to come on: she thinks it's about time he made an effort to cheer up. Terry asks how he can. Fiona replies that he can stop fretting about Katie, for a start. She then asks him why he's making such a big deal over her reaction - unless he's keen on her? Terry snaps at her not to be ridiculous. Fiona asks what's wrong, then. Terry explains that there was Katie - who really looked up to him and thought he was the ants' pants; if she can turn against him on the strength of something she read, what chance has he got with a jury? Fiona asks him if he's going to sit around the house with a long face, convinced that it's all a lost cause, then; is that all she's got to look forward to for another week? Terry suddenly declares that she's right: he might as well be out enjoying himself - because a week from now, they'll be shoving him in a cell, and he sure as hell won't be having any fun then.

A while later, Terry is walking in the park when he suddenly sees Katie walking ahead of him. He runs to catch up with her, but when she spots him, she runs off, dropping a magazine as she does so. He picks it up and goes after her. When he catches up, he asks her if she doesn't want it. He adds that there are lots of letters in it, aren't there? Katie admits that there are a few. Terry retorts that it might save her the trouble of opening his, then. Katie tells him that she doesn't know what he's talking about. Terry spins her round to face him and explains that he means Jill's note: she read it, didn't she? Katie gives in and snaps, "What if I did? At least I found out what sort of creep you are." Terry angrily asks her how she could know anything - she wasn't there; she's got no idea how it happened. He goes on that even Jill thought it best not to hold it against him, so what gives her or anyone else the right to drag it up? - as if he hasn't paid enough. He hands her the magazine and she storms off. Terry calls after her that, in a couple of days, he'll be locked up, so she and Jill and every other woman in town will feel safe; he'll be out of everyone's way. He walks off. Katie stops walking, and turns and looks thoughtful.

There are children playing on the swings in the park. Terry is sitting on a bench, watching them, when Katie slowly walks up and sits down next to him. He sighs and tells her that he's sorry if he scared her; he didn't mean to. Katie admits that she didn't help much, jumping to conclusions like that. She goes on that she'll try to understand if he felt like telling her. Terry replies, "Not just yet." He looks over at the children on the swings and says he can't help thinking: Fee will be like that one day - if he sees her again. Katie looks at him. Terry sighs and admits, "God, I'm scared..." Katie puts her hand on his arm, comfortingly.

In the lounge room at Dural, Gordon tells Wayne not to let Amanda know that he said so, but make sure the car is fully insured before she drives anywhere. Wayne explains that that's one of the reasons that they're not rushing things - the safety angle. Gordon asks him if she's made a final decision yet. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Wayne quickly answers it, saying, "Hamilton residence." Amanda comes on and cheerfully says, "Hello, darling - never known you to answer the 'phone so quickly!" Wayne politely tells her that there are no troubles, and he asks what she wants to know. Amanda tells him that he won't be able to get to the 'phone every time - sooner or later she's going to get his father, and who knows what she might say... Wayne asks if there's anything else. Amanda taunts that she could get to like this - she's enjoying making him sweat it out. Wayne just says, "Bye, Amanda - I'll call you if I come up with any bright ideas." He hangs up. Gordon asks him what she wanted, but Wayne replies that it was nothing important - she just wants to make sure that the car has air conditioning. Gordon comments that he's glad Wayne is paying for it, that's all he can say... Looking at the expression on his son's face, he asks what's on his mind. Wayne replies that he doesn't want to trouble him - what he has to say might be too upsetting. Gordon assures him that he's as relaxed as he'll ever be, so say it. Wayne gives in, but adds that it might take a while to explain. He asks his father if he can get him a drink. Gordon smiles and says, "The tiniest one - and don't tell Barbara!" Wayne goes to the bar. He then asks if he can have Gordon's word that he'll let him tell him the whole story without any interruptions. Gordon says, "If it'll make it easier for you."

A while later, Wayne concludes that he didn't want to tell Gordon while he was still a bit low - but on the other hand, he hated keeping it a secret from him. Gordon says he's actually disappointed. Wayne replies that he's sorry. Gordon comments that at least Wayne is happy. Wayne says he's sure Amanda will be relieved, too, at not having to keep up the pretence. Gordon assures him that he's touched that she cared enough to have bothered. He then asks his son what he's going to do now. Wayne replies that he'll let Amanda know that telling him the truth went off without a hitch; she'll want to know that he's OK. Gordon explains that he meant the other lady that Wayne was telling him about: his friend - when's he going to meet her? Wayne replies that it'll be soon - she's rather nervous about meeting the family; he wants her to feel completely relaxed when it happens...

David comes downstairs at Toorak and calls, "Pat?" There's no answer. He heads into the lounge room and calls for Patricia again, but there's still no answer. The front door suddenly opens and Patricia comes into the house. David asks her where she's been. She explains that she was fixing up a couple of things. She then adds that she's glad he's awake as there's something they should do before she leaves. He asks him if he can come with her now.

A short time later, Patricia lays a bunch of flowers on Margaret's grave. As she does so, she tells David that the stonemason put the new headstone in place today. It reads 'Margaret Alice Dunne. 1942 - 1984. Requiescat In Pacen.' David mutters that he doesn't know why Paul would want to destroy something so sacred. Patricia replies that it just shows how obsessed he'd become - he must have guessed that desecrating Margaret's grave was the one way to really hurt her. She then goes on that they mustn't ever forget Margaret. She adds, "You won't, will you?" David assures her that there's no chance - Margaret will always be an important part of his life, no matter what happens in the future - although if someone did come along, he's sure Margaret wouldn't expect him to carry on alone. Patricia glares at him in annoyance upon hearing this. David continues that it's no more than he would have asked of Margaret if things had been different. Patricia tells him that making the decision to go away was pretty difficult for her - knowing that Margaret wanted them to stick together; and when he wasn't there during her recent trouble, she realised how important it was for them to be close. She takes a piece of paper out of her handbag and hands it to him. As he looks at it, she explains that it's a letter of authorisation from her travel agent: he's holding tickets for David - he's booked on a flight in a couple of months from how; he'll help David to arrange his passport, visas... whatever; she wants him to join her in London.

It's nighttime, and Wayne is at the Morrell apartment with Amanda. She angrily tells him that he might have conned Gordon, but he can't fool her. Wayne insists that it's true. Amanda asks him if he doesn't think she'd know if he'd been seeing someone else. She goes on that he's dreamed up this story now to wriggle his way out of buying the car. She goes on that he can't bluff her - she either gets the car tomorrow morning or she goes straight to Gordon and tells him the real version of what's been going on. Wayne warns that he wouldn't if he were her. Amanda snaps that he's lied himself into a corner and she's going to make the most of it. There's suddenly a knock on the door, and Amanda asks Wayne if he'd mind leaving, as that's going to be a couple of guys she chatted up this morning - they're taking her out. Wayne smiles and says, "Really?" He goes on that he hates to be a wet blanket, but he thinks it's more likely to be Liz at the door. Amanda, looking surprised, says, "Who?" Wayne replies that it's the girl she thinks he dreamed up to fool Gordon. Amanda asks how much he's paying this woman to go along with his story. There's another knock at the door, and Wayne asks Amanda if she'll answer it or should he? Amanda retorts that she'll do it - she can't wait to clap eyes on whoever he's dredged up for the occasion. Wayne tells her to try to be a little civil - he'd hate her to embarrass herself in front of her replacement. Amanda, standing by the door, glares at him. Wayne says, "Go on, open the door. You can't keep my potential fiancée waiting..."


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