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    Written by: Greg Haddrick   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

Lynn is sitting in bed in the bedsit at the boarding house, reading, when there's a sudden knock at the door. Surprised, she calls out to ask who it is. Amanda, sounding upset, cries that it's her - she's sorry; she knows it's late. Lynn runs to the door and opens it. She looks shocked when she sees Amanda standing there with tears streaming down her face. She cries, "Oh my God... what happened?" Amanda sobs that it was awful; she didn't know who else-- Lynn tells her to come in. Amanda sobs that she just needs to be with someone for a while. Lynn tells her to sit down. She asks her if there's anything she can get her. Amanda shakes her head and then cries, "He forced me, Lynn. He forced me." Lynn looks shocked.

Wayne walks into Dural and slams the front door shut. He heads into the lounge room and takes a new bottle of scotch from behind the bar. He opens it and pours himself a glass, but then appears to have second thoughts about drinking it. He puts his hand to his face, looking worried. Fiona suddenly comes in and says, "David, I--" She realises, though, that it's Wayne standing there, and she continues, "Sorry, I--" Wayne curtly asks her what she wants. Fiona explains that she thought David had returned. Wayne snaps that he hasn't. He grabs the bottle of scotch and goes to head upstairs. As he does so. Fiona tells him to hang on a minute. He turns to look at her as she goes on that Gordon is no fool: if Wayne and Barbara keep upsetting themselves like this, he's bound to notice sooner or later. Wayne snaps at Fiona that she hasn't got a clue what she's talking about. Fiona suggests to him that he go and apologise to Barbara, as the last thing Gordon needs is them at each other's throats; can't Wayne start considering his father? Wayne snaps, "I was."

Amanda is standing looking at Davey in his playpen, and she asks Lynn if she loves her son. Lynn replies that of course she does - he means everything to her. Amanda quietly says she couldn't stand having Wayne's kid now. Lynn tells her that she doesn't mean that - not if it actually happened. Amanda, though, asks why not - she hates him. She goes on that they used to have their rough patches, but she still couldn't help loving him; even when they separated, she still thought he was a really caring guy - but after tonight, how wrong can you be? Lynn tells her not to think about it. Amanda turns and faces her and angrily declares, "I'll never forgive him. Never."

Fiona is sitting in the lounge room at Toorak when the front door opens and David comes in. She calls to him, and he joins her, commenting as he does so that he didn't think she'd still be awake. Fiona explains that she was waiting for him to come in, actually. David asks what's up. Fiona replies that she has something to tell him; she should have told him a few days ago, but she didn't want to worry him; she knew it was wrong, but she thought at the time-- David interrupts her and gently suggests that she just get on with it. He sits down. Fiona hesitates and then tells him that, a couple of days ago, Patricia started thinking someone was trying to get at her - leaving notes and making silent 'phone calls; and finally, she was quite sure there was a prowler in the house; she started accusing Terry, which was ridiculous; they all thought she was making it up. David says he takes it she wasn't. Fiona continues that it turned out to be Paul Sheppard. David, looking surprised, says, "After Pat? Why?" Fiona explains that it seems that everything started going wrong for him after leaving Angela, which he blamed Patricia for - so he blamed her for everything else, too. David asks if Pat is OK. Fiona replies that she's fine; at least, she's not hurt - she and Paul had a showdown last night, and Patricia managed to hit him with a bottle or something; she made the report to the police, but nobody's heard from her since. David asks, "What about Paul?" Fiona quietly replies, "He died this morning." Looking shocked, David says, "Patricia killed him?" Fiona quickly assures him that she didn't. She then goes on and explains that Paul committed suicide when he knew the police were after him. Having heard this, David says he'll pack his bag. Fiona exclaims, "Now?" David tells her that he'll leave straight away. Fiona tells him that nobody's heard from Patricia; doesn't he think it's better to wait until she shows up? David replies that he doesn't. He adds that he'll 'phone from Albury tomorrow morning to see if she's home, and if she's not, he'll go searching for her. Fiona says, "That's silly--" David tells her not to argue - Pat will need him more than ever, right now. Fiona replies that she's so sorry she didn't tell him about this. David points out that what's done is done. Fiona looks worried.

Terry is staring at the TV in the lounge room at the Palmers', but it's clear that he's miles away. Beryl comes in from the kitchen and says she thought she might get off to bed now. Terry just mumbles, "OK." Beryl comments that it must be a good movie to keep him in his seat for so long. Terry, though, replies that he hasn't been watching it much. He then goes on that he was dumb today: going round the Carlyles' this arvo was just plain stupid - as if they're going to tell him where Jill is. Beryl points out that he had to try. She then adds that it's probably better if he doesn't see Jill before the trial. Terry bitterly suggests that maybe they should just lock him up in the clink now. Beryl, though, tells him that she wouldn't have taken him for a quitter. There's suddenly a knock at the front door, and Beryl, looking surprised, says she wonders who that can be at this time of night. She goes to answer it and looks surprised to find Patricia standing there. Patricia just says, "Hello, Beryl. Do you mind if I come in?"

A short time later, in the lounge room, Beryl tells Patricia that she's very sorry about that business with Paul - she was wrong, and she apologises. Patricia replies that it's accepted. Beryl then goes on, though, that Patricia's not to expect her to swallow any change-of-heart stories. Patricia assures her that she wouldn't. She then explains that she's actually come to see Terry - alone. Beryl starts to say that she really doesn't think-- Terry, though, who's turning off the TV, points out that she's there now, so they might as well hear what she's got to say for herself. Beryl leaves them to it, and Patricia thanks Terry for agreeing to listen. Terry just retorts that he was thinking of hitting the sack soon, so can she get on with it. Patricia explains that she's going to London tomorrow. Terry flippantly tells her that it was on TV tonight - she could have seen it for nothing. Patricia ignores this and goes on that, before she goes, she'd like to set a few things straight: she realises now that he was only trying to help when he came round to the house yesterday; God knows why - she's the last person he owes a favour to. Terry asks if that's everything. Patricia replies that it isn't. She then continues that she'd like to try and find some way of saying 'thankyou'. Terry assures her that there's no need to go overboard. Patricia, though, pleads, "Please - I just want to help." She adds that she never had anything against him personally; everything she's done was just to try and get back at Fiona - but that's all finished now; she's not out to get people anymore. Terry suspiciously asks her how she was planning on helping him. Patricia replies that she thought she could talk to Jill and explain how she tried to turn her against him - that would help, wouldn't it? Terry admits that it wouldn't hurt. Patricia asks him if he can tell her where Jill is, as she tried calling the house but there was no answer. Terry replies that he doesn't know. Patricia insists, "Please - you have to tell me." She adds that she also wants to tell Jill that she'll keep paying for Robin's treatment. She asks Terry if he has absolutely no idea where she is. Terry tells her that a bloke called Luke Carlyle took her. He hands her a piece of paper with the number of the Carlyle apartment on it and goes on that Carlyle was pretty tight-lipped and wouldn't tell him anything. Patricia says she'll call first thing in the morning. She then tells Terry that, if she doesn't see him again before she goes, she wishes him good luck in court. She adds that he obviously won't believe her, but she wishes him all the best anyway. She goes, leaving Terry looking thoughtful.

Early the next morning, Patricia is on the 'phone in the lounge room at Toorak, and she asks to speak to Luke Carlyle. Roger Carlyle tells her that he's not there at the moment. Patricia asks when he'll be in, and Roger replies that it should be shortly. He asks if he can take a message. Patricia introduces herself and explains that she's a friend of Terry Hansen's. Roger raises his eyebrows and says, "Oh yes?" Patricia goes on that she's sorry to bother him so early, but she's leaving for London this evening, and she needs to talk to Jill before she goes; Terry told her that she's staying with Luke. Roger replies that Luke has found her somewhere to stay temporarily. Patricia asks him if he can get Luke to give Jill a message to ring her. Roger replies that of course he can - although, as he understood it, Jill has been trying to get away from this Terry and his friends. Patricia explains that that's what she's trying to sort out; she's afraid that she might have influenced Jill against Terry and she doesn't want to see him go to jail because of it; so if he could just-- The front door of the Carlyle apartment opens and Luke comes in as Roger says he'll pass that on. Patricia thanks him and hangs up. Luke asks who that was. Roger tells him that it was some fellow trying to sell him insurance; nobody important... He takes off his glasses, looking thoughtful...

Gordon and Barbara are sitting at the breakfast table at Dural, while Fiona stands next to them. Gordon tells her to give their best to Terry - they hope things work out for him. Fiona replies that so does she. She adds that their solicitor in Sydney has put them onto a barrister in Melbourne, and if anyone can get Terry off lightly, he's the one. Gordon wishes her good luck, and adds that he'll see her in a few weeks. Barbara tells Fiona that she'll walk her to her car, and they head towards the front door. Out in the hallway, Barbara asks Fiona if she's meeting Terry at the airport. Fiona replies that she is, and then they're going straight to the barrister's office. She then tells Barbara that she hates to leave her, but Barbara assures her that she can manage - Fiona's place is with Terry. Wayne suddenly comes downstairs, holding an empty scotch bottle. Fiona says 'goodbye' to him. Barbara snaps that she hopes he's going to replace the bottle with a new one. Wayne growls, "Put a sock in it," and storms off. Barbara snaps that he's impossible. Fiona says she sometimes feels very sorry for him. Barbara snaps that she doesn't - sometimes, he deserves everything he gets. They head out.

In the bedsit at the boarding house, Amanda is brushing her hair, and she thanks Lynn for letting her stay and for listening to her. Lynn ask what friends are for. Amanda comments that Lynn must have thought it was the end of the world, the way she was last night; anyway, a good night's sleep helped her sort things out, and she's fine now. Lynn cautiously asks her if she's sure she's not just saying that. Amanda replies that of course she isn't. Lynn says she doesn't have to rush to get back to Melbourne - she can stay on for a week or so if Amanda needs any help. Amanda ignores this, though, and just hands her the hairbrush and says, "Thanks." Lynn tells her that she can be honest with her: how does she really feel? Amanda pauses and then admits, "Terrible." Lynn says she'll stay on, then, and help Amanda get over things. Amanda, giving in, suggests that Lynn move in with her - there's heaps more room at the apartment than there at the bedsit, and Wayne wouldn't dare barge in if he knew Lynn was there. Lynn replies that it suits her - she can move in this morning! Amanda declares that that's terrific! Something suddenly occurs to her, though, and she asks Lynn if she can make it this afternoon, as she should have her new car by then. Looking surprised, Lynn says, "What?" Amanda repeats that she'll have a car - it was a little idea she had while she was lying awake last night. She adds that she'll tell Lynn later, and she heads out, leaving Lynn with a bemused smile on her face.

A while later, Amanda pays a cab driver and gets out of the car, outside the front door at Dural. The cab drives off. Amanda pauses for a moment, looking worried, but then knocks on the door. Inside, Wayne, who's sitting in the lounge room, reading the newspaper, gets up to answer it, but Gordon comes out of the study and says he can get it. He opens the door and, seeing Amanda there, declares that this is a pleasant surprise. Wayne hears Amanda's voice and quickly turns to escape to the kitchen. However, he finds Barbara has suddenly appeared and is blocking his way! She asks what's going on. Wayne tells her that Amanda is there. Gordon escorts Amanda in and announces that they have a visitor. Amanda smiles happily and says to Wayne, "Hello, darling." She then kisses him and says she hopes he doesn't mind her dropping in without 'phoning, but after what he promised her last night, she thinks he deserves a surprise...

A few moments later, Amanda asks Gordon if he knows how kind his son can be. Gordon replies that it runs in the family! Amanda, though, asks him when the last time was that he bought Aunty Barb a new sports car. Wayne suddenly looks at her, sharply. Barbara says she wouldn't be seen dead in a sports car! Gordon, though, asks Wayne if he's bought Amanda a new sports car. Amanda happily exclaims that Wayne's mad, isn't he - but she loves him! She hugs him and comments that, after everything they've been through, he promises her a new car! Barbara remarks that she didn't know Wayne was so flush with funds. Wayne sourly replies that a man's got to do something to keep his wife happy. Gordon comments that, even so, after paying for the replacement of Andy's equipment... Amanda looks at Wayne appealingly and 'reminds' him that he said there'd be no problems. Wayne tells her that that's right. Gordon asks if they've got any idea of what they're getting. Wayne starts to say that they haven't-- Amanda interrupts him, though, and says she drew up a shortlist; she went looking first thing this morning and found the two most gorgeous convertibles. She goes to head out of the house, grabbing Wayne's jacket as she does so. Barbara incredulously asks if they're going out to buy it now. Amanda asks why not, as it might be sold tomorrow. Gordon wishes them, "Happy hunting," and they go. He then comments to Barbara that it looks like the reconciliation is taking a turn for the better. Barbara mutters, "Yes... doesn't it just..."

Outside, Wayne snaps that he supposes Amanda thinks it's cute getting back at him. He then angrily adds that he can't go round buying sports cars when he feels like it. Amanda retorts that they're going to get one thing straight: if he expects her to play Little Miss. Lovey Dovey for Gordon, then she expects to get paid for it; simple as that. Wayne snaps that, alright, it was a stupid thing he did last night, and she has every right to be angry. Amanda sarcastically snaps, "Thanks." Wayne goes on, though, that she's got to see if from his side: he was drunk and he'd convinced himself that Gordon could die any day, and he still hadn't give him a grandchild. Amanda snaps that he's pathetic: what he did last night was unforgivable. Wayne tells her that he said he was wrong. Amanda incredulously asks if he really believes that fixes things. Wayne asks her what she expects him to say. Amanda retorts that he can't say anything to make her forget the way he treated her - so either he buys her a sports car or they go back inside and tell Gordon that they're separating for good.

Roger arrives back at the Carlyle apartment in Melbourne and says, "Thank God that meeting's over." He then looks at his watch and adds, "Just enough time for a drink." He calls to Luke, but there's no answer. He suddenly spots a note lying on the table, and he picks it up and reads it:

"Dad, Jill's worried about Mrs. Morrell - the lady she used to live with. We've gone over to her house to see if she's back yet. Won't be long. Luke."

Roger screws up the piece of paper and throws it away. He then opens his briefcase.

There's a knock on the front door at Toorak, and Patricia answers it. Jill is standing there, holding Fee and accompanied by Luke. She introduces Patricia to Luke, and Patricia then says she's glad Jill finally made it, as she was getting a little worried. She adds that, still, they needn't have come over - a 'phone call would have done. Jill, sounding surprised, remarks that Patricia is acting like she was expecting them. Patricia replies that she was. Luke asks how she knew they were coming. Patricia tells him that she left a message with his father, asking him to get Jill to ring her. Luke, looking puzzled, says he didn't get any message. Patricia asks what they're doing there, then. Jill tells her that she was worried about her; she thought the 'phone would still be dead, so she got Luke to drop her over. Luke asks her when she rang his dad. Patricia replies that it was early this morning. Luke comments that it's unlike his dad to forget. Patricia points out that Jill's there; that's the main thing. The three of them sit down in the lounge room, and Jill asks Patricia how she's been. Patricia replies that she's been arranging a trip to London - she's leaving this evening. Looking surprised, Jill comments that that's a bit sudden. Patricia explains that she felt like she wanted to get away from everything - and Matt's over there, of course. Jill asks if that's why she was trying to get in touch with her. Patricia replies, "Partly." She then adds that she also wanted to talk to her about Terry. Jill looks at her questioningly. Patricia tells her not to give him a hard time, as he really doesn't deserve it.

A while later, Luke is back home, and Roger asks why he should lift a finger to help Hansen - not after the way he spoke to him yesterday. Luke angrily asks how petty you can get; just because the guy was a bit uptight when he was there, Roger decides to stop him getting a fair go at his trial. Roger annoyedly snaps, "Wait a minute." Luke, though, tells him not to weasel out of it - he can guess what happened. Roger retorts that Terry wasn't just uptight - he was downright rude; he doesn't want to make a big deal out of it, but he was not being petty. Luke snaps that he wasn't exactly generous. He then adds that, besides, Patricia's message was for him; if his father is going to censor his 'phone calls, they may as well forget about their whole arrangement. Roger snaps at him not to be juvenile. He then adds that, anyway, Luke won't leave over Hansen. He goes on that he really does hope they can get to like each other while Luke is living there; he knows it's not him keeping him there - it's Jill and medical school and everything that he needs ready cash for. He continues that if Luke wants to go back to the gutter, he's welcome, but he thinks his son needs this job. He adds that the thing with Terry isn't important - it was just a spur-of-the-moment thing. Luke suggests that they drop it. Roger tells him that he can easily apologise to Jill for not passing on the message. Luke snaps that Jill thinks he forgot. Roger points out that that's all the more reason to do it. Luke repeats the suggestion that they drop it. He adds that the less his father sees of Jill, the better. Roger replies, "Whatever you say." He then suggests that they get back to work. Luke retorts, "As long as you remember how things stand round here: you're the boss, not my father."

Fiona and Terry arrive at a building with a plaque outside saying 'James Manning, Barrister at Law'. In Mr. Manning's office, Manning shakes hands with Terry and tells him to sit down. He then turns to Fiona and says she must be Mrs. Thompson. Fiona replies that she is - Terry's mother. She sits down as well. Manning then tells them that he really does not appreciate being kept in the dark - it's extremely difficult preparing Terry's defence if he's not going to tell him all the facts. Looking puzzled, Terry replies that he has - he's got nothing to hide. Manning raises an eyebrow and asks if that's so. He goes on, "Then why didn't you tell me you're a rapist?" Terry looks at him in shock.

Jill is on the 'phone in the hallway at Toorak, and she says to the person on the other end, "Ten minutes. OK." She hangs up and goes and joins Patricia in the lounge room. Patricia is fussing over Fee, who's in her bassinet, and Jill tells her that the taxi is on its way. She then asks her if she's sure she doesn't mind looking after Fee. Patricia replies that of course she doesn't - it'll be company for her until David gets there. She thanks Jill for coming over and giving her a chance to explain. Jill replies, "Thank you for keeping up Robin's treatment." Patricia tells her that she's just glad she doesn't hate her for the way she treated Terry; she'd understand if she did. Jill, though, asks why she'd hate her for telling the truth. Patricia suddenly asks Jill what she really thinks of her. Jill, looking wary, says, "Patricia..." Patricia tells her that it's important, and so Jill reluctantly sits down and replies that she can be kind and caring - but if she wants her to be blunt, she thinks Patricia is her own worst enemy, too: she always has to size everyone up and then try and win them or use them or hate them if they don't do what she wants; she simply can't accept people as they are. Patricia, looking downcast, says she knows - she's tried to change... She then suggests that maybe Matt will be able to help. Changing the subject, she asks Jill what she's going to say about Terry at the trial. Jill replies that it won't be anything bad; blaming him for Paul's death was just silly; the last thing she wants to do is put him in jail.

At the Barristers' offices, Fiona is telling James Manning that they know how important he is to Terry's case, but there's no need to treat them like children. Manning replies that he's sorry if it sounds like that, but they must realise how important this information is; they deliberately-- Fiona interrupts and tells him that the incident happened a very long time ago, and they're all trying very hard to forget it - Jill too; it wasn't a police matter then, so why is it so vital to the case now? Manning explains that they're trying to establish Terry's right to the child. He goes on that, solely on the basis of what he was told, he could have got Terry off with no more than a rap over the knuckles; gaining jury sympathy was easy due to the predicament of the mother and the fact that Terry is the father of the child. Fiona says, "Exactly. So why--" Manning replies that it's because the prosecutor knows how the child was conceived; no jury in the world is going to be sympathetic about that. He tells Terry and Fiona that he'll be honest with them: he'll be lucky to get Terry off with two years, minimum; he could go away for a lot more. Terry, looking shocked, asks who told the prosecutor. Manning replies that he doesn't know. Terry asks him if he can't find out. Manning shakes his head. He then adds that he does know the prosecutor didn't search out Terry's background, so somebody made a point of telling him. He suggests that, under the circumstances, he'd say Mrs. O'Donnel is the likely candidate. Fiona mutters that that's impossible, and so Manning looks at his client and says, "Well, somebody wants you in jail, Terry. Do you know who your enemies are?"


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