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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

In the lounge room at Dural, Gordon tells Amanda that it's almost like old times, having her round the house again. He adds that he hopes it's not too long before it becomes permanent. Amanda, looking slightly sheepish, says, "You never know..." Wayne chips in quickly and suggests to his father that they go out for a drive tomorrow, as it would do him good to get out. Gordon asks Amanda what she says. Amanda, though, replies that she's afraid she won't be able to come - she's got something else on. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and Wayne answers the handset on the bar. Meanwhile, Barbara tries to talk Gordon into going for the drive. On the 'phone, Lynn tells Wayne that she'd like to talk to Barbara. Wayne comments to her that she sounds as if she's a bit better that when he last saw her. Lynn curtly replies that she is. She then goes on and asks him if he can get Barbara now, as there are a few things she thinks she should know. Wayne looks worried...

Terry is watching television in the lounge room at the Palmers'. The Seven National News is on, and the newsreader is reporting that police this morning recovered the body of Mr. Paul Sheppard from Portsummer Bay. He goes on that Mr. Sheppard was the grandson of the late James Sheppard, well-known Australian industrialist and founder of the Ramberg engineering company. He adds that eyewitness accounts say a man was seen swimming fully-clothed in the bay; police are treating the death as suicide. He moves on to another story and Terry gets up and switches the set off. He then walks over to the 'phone, picks it up and starts dialling, all the time looking worried. The 'phone at the other end is engaged, though, so he hangs up.

At Dural, Wayne suggests to his father that they'd better make sure they've got plenty of old newspapers in the car tomorrow, because Barbara won't let them pass all those nurseries without buying something! Gordon laughs. On the 'phone, Barbara asks Lynn to speak up, as she can't hear her. Wayne looks over at her, sharply. Gordon then comments that it's a pity Amanda can't come. Barbara tells Lynn that she's going to take the call outside, as there's a lot of talking in there at the moment. She asks Amanda to hang up for her in there, and she then heads out into the hallway. Amanda goes and hangs up the lounge room 'phone. Meanwhile, Gordon tells Wayne that Barbara has put an advert in the newspaper for a new gardener. Wayne asks if she's had any replies. Gordon tells him that she hasn't yet. He adds that there are supposed to be lots of people out of work, but nobody wants to weed a garden. Looking nervous, Wayne says he'll be back in a minute - he just wants to grab something from upstairs. Amanda heads off to the kitchen to get more coffee. Wayne walks out into the hallway. Barbara is just telling Lynn that she promises to see Andy before he leaves. She adds, "Bye bye." Wayne goes to head upstairs, but Barbara quickly snaps, "Just a minute." Wayne stops in his tracks and turns to look at her. She angrily goes on that she thinks he knows what that was all about. She adds that that's typical of him: that poor girl was at rock bottom and he forced her to lie to suit his own aims. Wayne retorts that Lynn changed her story because Andy got to her. Barbara, though, snaps that the only person that got to Lynn was him. Wayne growls at her to think what she likes. Barbara angrily tells him not to leave the house, as she hasn't finished with him yet. The 'phone starts ringing again, but is answered in the lounge room. Barbara goes on that, while his father was in hospital, recovering from a heart attack, all Wayne could think of doing was being vindictive and causing as much trouble as possible. She continues that Wayne says he cares about Gordon, but that's a joke - the only person he cares about is himself. Wayne tells her to keep her voice down. Barbara, slightly more quietly, snaps that she thought he'd changed - and no one would have been happier than she if he had - him being there and helping her cope with Gordon... but he didn't give a damn. Wayne retorts that that isn't true. Barbara asks him why he set her against Andy and Amanda, then - two people she really cares very much about. Wayne looks down at the ground, guiltily. In the lounge room, Gordon tells Terry on the 'phone that he's sorry but Fiona is out. Terry replies that he thought as much when he didn't get an answer from the flat. Gordon asks if there's any message. Terry hesitantly says there is...: tell her that Paul Sheppard is dead - he commited suicide; they fished his body out of the Bay this morning. Looking shocked, Gordon cries, "Oh no..." Terry goes on that there are no more details yet, but can Gordon get Fiona to give him a call when she comes in? Gordon replies that he will, and he thanks Terry for letting him know. Terry says 'bye' and hangs up. Gordon puts the phone down, slowly. Wayne and Barbara come back into the room, and Gordon, looking unsteady, asks where his pills are. Barbara points out that they're just across the room. Gordon begins to stagger back over to the couch, and Barbara, beginning to look scared, holds him and asks if he's having another attack. Gordon tells her that he just needs his pills. Wayne suggests that they should call the doctor. Barbara asks Amanda to do it. She manages to sit Gordon down. He tells her that he'll be alright when the pills take effect - he's just had some bad news. Wayne comments that he doesn't need any more of that at the moment, does he? Barbara looks at him, sharply.

Irene, David and Davey walk up the road to the boarding house, and Irene smiles as she tells Davey to finish his ice cream out there! David tells her that he'll try Patricia again from inside. Irene asks him if it's occurred to him that, if Patricia really needed him, she would have called. David reluctantly says he supposes so. Irene tells him to stop worrying. She adds that he and Lynn are both tarred with the same brush: they're like a pair of old women, the way they carry on! She points out that, when Lynn gets back from seeing Andy, she'll probably be a bit down in the dumps, so she'll need someone to jolly her along.

At the Morrell apartment, Lynn tells Andy to look after himself. Andy tenderly replies, "You too." He then asks her if he can kiss her goodbye. They look at each other and then start kissing passionately. The kiss turns into a hug, and Lynn sighs. She then pulls away and says she'd better go. She tells Andy that she'll never forget him. She then turns to the door and walks out.

Gordon is lying on the couch in the lounge room at Dural. Doctor Garrick is there, and he tells Gordon that his heartbeat is going up and down like a yo-yo at the moment. He adds that he'll give him a repeat prescription for his tablets. He then goes on that Gordon should be alright as long as he rests - it's the only way to get better: plenty of rest and no strain, so he's to take it easy, OK? Gordon tells him, "OK!"

Wayne is waiting with Amanda out in the hallway, and he impatiently asks how much longer the doctor is going to be. He adds that they should have called an ambulance to take Gordon straight to hospital. The lounge room doors open, and the doctor and Barbara come out. Wayne asks how Gordon is. Doctor Garrick replies that he'll be OK, providing he takes things nice and slowly and doesn't have any more upsets. He adds that it would probably be a good idea if they were to vet any 'phone calls for him in the future. Barbara thanks him for coming and sees him out. She then turns back to Wayne and angrily tells him that he's not to think Gordon's attack has let him off the hook - she'll just wait until he's better before she tells him the truth about the rotten way his son got back at Andy. Amanda chips in that she's just glad Lynn told the truth before Andy went away - it's going to mean a lot to him to know that Barbara believes him. Barbara says she doesn't know why she doubted him, now. Wayne bitterly asks if they can forget about 'poor misunderstood Andy' for a moment: what's going to happen when he and Barbara are around Gordon? - how do they behave? Barbara curtly tells him that it will be the same as before: as if everything's 'wonderful'. She adds, though, that when Gordon's not around, she doubts she'll even speak to him.

The 'phone rings at Toorak, and Luke answers it in the hallway. Terry comes on and asks who he's speaking to. Luke says it's him, and he asks Terry who he wants. Terry replies that it's him and he wants to speak to Jill. Luke retorts that she doesn't want to talk to him. Sounding surprised, Terry says, "What?" Luke repeats what he said, and then adds that Jill is upstairs packing at the moment. Terry asks why. Luke explains that he's taking her where Terry and his mother can't get in touch with her - at least, until after the trial. Terry snaps that this is crazy - they can't blame him for what happened with Paul Sheppard - it's not his fault. Luke tells him that that's not the way Jill sees it. Terry retorts that he can explain things to her, but Luke replies that he's sorry but Jill doesn't want to listen. Terry angrily asks Luke who he thinks he is. Luke retorts that he's a friend - and, from what he's heard, a damn sight better one than Terry. Terry hangs up in annoyance.

At the O'Briens' Katie curses at her computer. Mike asks her if she's made a mistake. Katie explains that she put something in before and now she can't get it out; the program's wrong but she can't work out where. Mike remarks that it's not like her to get that upset about things. Katie just snaps that she is. Mike comments that she's been in a bad mood since last night - is she sure it's not something to do with the bloke next door? Katie admits that it could be. She goes on that she's still pretty angry at the way he dumped her; she can usally tell if a guy's interested, and she's sure he was; she made a fool of herself. Mike asks her why she doesn't go and have it out with him. Katie asks him if he means now. Mike tells her that she can go and ask him why he changed his mind. Katie, looking thoughtful, agrees that it can't do any harm, can it...

A short while later, Katie approaches the Palmer house. She looks through the window and sees Terry sitting in the lounge room. She then goes and knocks on the door. Terry gets up and answers it and says a cheery, "Hi," when he sees who's standing there. Katie tells him that she just wanted to know if the difference in their ages was the problem. Looking surprised, Terry says, "What?" Katie continues that that's all she can put it down to - why he wanted to break it off with her. Terry assures her that that was nothing to do with it - there was a pile of other things going on, that's all. Katie suddenly comments that he looks awful, and she asks if something has happened. Terry tells her that he's alright. Katie replies that she's the world's best listener if he wants to talk. Terry gives in and tells her to come in. He closes the door and they head into the lounge room, where they sit down. He then tells Katie that someone's died: it was suicide, and he feels partly responsible. He goes on that Jill blames him, too - he's pretty sure that, when he goes to court, she's not going to give him a fair go, so he's for it - he doesn't stand a chance. Katie, looking sympathetic, says, "Oh, Terry..." The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and Terry answers it. Fiona comes on and says it's her - Barbara just told her the awful news about Paul; what happened? Terry asks Katie if she can put the kettle on. He then tells Fiona that he tried ringing earlier but she wasn't in.

Jeff and Heather arrive home from a shopping trip and Heather tells her son to put the bag on the kitchen table. She then calls to Mike that they're home. Jeff takes some items out of the bag and Mike joins him and asks if they got the sandpaper. Jeff replies that they did. Heather asks how the painting is going, and Mike tells her that it's good - they're going to have the smartest laundry in the street by the time he's finished! Heather puts the kettle on. Meanwhile, Mike comments to Jeff that he thought he'd be out training for the championships in Brisbane. Jeff replies that he isn't tonight. He then adds that his father should have seen the new sexy lady coach they've got! Heather, sounding bemused, warns, "Jeff...!" She then asks where Katie is. Mike replies that she's next door. Heather suddenly looks worried. Mike continues that she's gone to talk to that Terry bloke about why he dumped her. Noticing the expression on his wife's face, he asks what's wrong. Heather replies that it's nothing. She looks worried, though.

On the 'phone, Fiona tells Terry that she'll be down as soon as she can tomorrow. Terry replies that he'll see her then. He hangs up. Katie calls from the kitchen that she couldn't help overhearing most of that. She goes on that, as far as she's concerned, both he and Jill are wrong: no one made Paul take his life - it was his decision; it's not Terry's fault. Terry sits down at the kitchen table, and Katie continues that she hopes Jill isn't getting mixed up with the Carlyles; she adds that she heard him say Jill had gone off somewhere with Luke. Terry asks what's wrong with them. Katie tells him that Luke is a troublemaker and his old man's a creep; between them, they've caused her family all sorts of strife; they're the last people Jill should be with now. Terry asks her if she knows where they live. Katie replies that she does. Terry tells her that he'll go and see Jill and put his side of the story before anyone else buys into it. He adds that things are bad enough as they are, without getting any worse.

Heather is making sandwiches in the kitchen next door, when Jeff chastises her for putting pickles in his. Katie comes in and announces that it all make sense now - why Terry gave her the big heave-ho: the problems he's got, it no wonder. She adds that she feels sorry for him. Jeff comments that she's always been a sucker for a hard-luck story. He leaves the kitchen. Alone with Katie, Heather tells her to sit down. She adds that she doesn't want to interfere, but she doesn't want to see Katie get hurt - and she will if she builds her hopes up over Terry. Katie insists that she isn't. Heather goes on that she talked to Beryl about him, and whatever happens, he's going to have to spend some time in jail - it could be as long as five years, so even if Katie likes him, there's no future in it for either of them. Katie admits that that may be true, but when she's with him, she helps him forget what's ahead of him; she's going to keep on seeing him. Heather, looking worried, says she still doesn't think it's a good idea; whichever way you look at it, he committed a serious crime - and goodness knows what else he might have done. Katie asks her mother what she's trying to say. Heather replies that it's just that they know little about the man, and she'd be happier if Katie didn't see him again. She adds that she knows how upset her daughter was when Terry rang and called off their date last night - she doesn't want to see her go through that when Terry goes to jail. Katie tells her mother that she knows she worries about her, and she's grateful for that, but she likes the guy and there's nothing Heather can do about it. She gets up and goes, leaving Heather looking worried.

Gordon and Wayne are sitting in the lounge room at Dural. Barbara comes in and asks Gordon if he's ready for his nap. Gordon reluctantly says, "Yes." Barbara says she'll drive Amanda home as soon as she's got him upstairs. Wayne, though, tells her not to worry about Gordon - he'll help him. He then adds that Amanda is in the kitchen, and Barbara goes to see if she's ready. Wayne tells Gordon - who is standing up - to sit down for a minute. They both sit. Gordon says that, for a while today, he thought they were going to lose him. Wayne replies that there's no chance of that - if Gordon looks after himself, he'll live to be 100! Gordon tells him that that may be - but then again, he could go tomorrow. He goes on that he doesn't want that to happen until he says a few things he's been meaning to say. He continues that he can't tell Wayne how pleased he is he and Barbara are getting on so well together; he knows that if anything should happen to him, Wayne will be there to look after her. He then goes on that, secondly, it's good to see him and Amanda making a genuine effort to get together again; he only hopes that he'll be around to see his first grandchild. Wayne smiles and says he reckons his father will be around to see a whole family of them...

Irene, Davey and David are playing in the garden behind the boarding house - David is being a horse as Davey, dressed in a cowboy outfit, rides on his back! Irene suddenly spots Lynn watching them, and she walks over to her, holds out a rope and asks if she's any good at lassoing! Lynn smiles. Irene continues that she's glad Lynn is back, as she's run out of energy; she thinks it's about time that they started firing up the barbecue. Lynn offers to make some herb bread, and David tells Irene that that's Lynn's speciality - it's beautiful. Lynn says she'll go down to the shops and get some bread sticks. She heads off. David tells Davey that they've done it: they've cheered his mum up! He adds that Irene can have a big kiss for that. Irene smiles and says that would be nice. David tells Davey to give Aunty Irene a kiss!

Terry is at the Carlyle apartment in Melbourne, and he angrily tells Luke that he wants to know where Jill is. Luke retorts that he's not going to tell him. He adds that he's got work to do. Terry snaps that he doesn't give a damn - just tell him where he can find her. Luke tells him that Jill doesn't want to see him. Terry retorts that Jill is upset and confused; she should be with people who care about her, like Fiona and Beryl. Luke tells him to come off it - he's only worried about himself; he's frightened about what Jill might say at the trial. Terry snaps that if there's anything he's frightened about, it's the effect that crumbs like Luke will have on her. Roger suddenly comes into the room and bluntly says he thinks it's time Terry left. Terry snaps that he must be the old man. He goes on that he's heard about him - the way he likes young women; he's not surprised that he wants to keep Jill around. Roger walks to the 'phone, dials a number and, when it's answered, tells Security that he's calling from 6B: there's a gentleman there that he wants removed from the premises. He hangs up. Terry angrily tells them not to think they're going to stop him - he'll find out where Jill is. He adds that they haven't seen the last of him. He storms off. Roger takes off his glasses and says to Luke that he thinks they might have: nobody speaks to him like that and gets away with it...

Irene, David and Davey are sitting in the garden at the back of the boarding house, and David asks Irene how come she just happened to have the cowboy suit that Davey is wearing. Irene replies that it belonged to her little boy. Looking surprised, David remarks that he didn't know she had any kids. Irene tells him that she did once - but she hasn't seen him since he was a baby; when she and her husband split up, he got custody. David says he's sorry. Irene replies that it's just good to see the suit getting an airing.

Barbara is at the Morrell apartment in Sydney, and she hugs Andy and tells him that she's going to miss him. Andy replies, "Same here." Barbara goes on that she's really sorry she didn't believe him. Andy assures her that he understands. Barbara says she hopes he does. They hug again, and Barbara then declares that she'd better go before she makes an even bigger fool of herself! She tells the boy to keep in touch, and then walks to the door, which Andy opens for her. Amanda thanks her for the lift home. Barbara and Andy hug once more and Barbara then goes. When they're alone, Andy tells Amanda that there's only one thing that worries him about going. Amanda asks what that is. Andy replies that it's leaving her there on her own. Amanda assures him that she'll be alright. Andy asks her if she's sure. Amanda asks him what he thinks is going to happen. She smiles and adds that she can't see anyone chasing her round the place like Patricia! Andy says he supposes not.

Wayne is sitting in the lounge room at Dural. He pours himself a glass of scotch and then drinks it down in one go. Barbara arrives home and, as she comes into the room to head for the kitchen, he snaps that she had a nice time, did she? He then goes on that the longer that creep stays away from Amanda, the better. Barbara ignores him. Wayne drunkenly slurs that, for her information, he's always loved Gordy; just because he wants his wife back doesn't mean he doesn't. He asks what he has to do to prove it to her. Barbara retorts that there's nothing he can do; look at his track record: he's never done a damn thing for Gordon, and he never will. She walks off. Wayne puts down his glass and pours another shot of scotch into it. He drinks it down in one go and then sighs heavily.

It's nighttime, and the Morrell apartment is in near-darkness. There's suddenly a knock at the front door, and after a few seconds, Amanda, wearing her dressing gown, answers it. The visitor is Wayne, and, looking surprised, Amanda asks him what he's doing there. Wayne slurs that he's come to do something for Gordy. Amanda asks what he means. Wayne drunkenly goes on that he's never done anything for Gordy in his life - but he's going to give him the one thing he wants. Amanda stares at him and asks him what he's talking about. Wayne slurs, "Us - getting back together. We've got to give Gordy a grandchild." Amanda snaps at him that he's drunk. Wayne admits that, yes, he has had a bit to drink - but he knows what he's saying. He goes on that, no matter what happened, he loves her, and he wants her. He suddenly lunges forward and grabs her arm. Amanda tells him to get out. Wayne, though, slurs that, no, he won't - he's sick of being treated like some kind of animal. Amanda angrily asks him what he expects if that's the way he behaves. Wayne suddenly pushes her down onto the couch and snaps, "You're my wife and you're going to give me a kid. You at least owe me that much." Amanda stares back at him, looking terrified.


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