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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

The man lying on the floor is Paul Sheppard. Patricia stares at him. After a few seconds, she goes to head out of the house, but then remembers that the door is locked. She bends down over Paul and starts going through his jacket pockets. She finds her key in one of them and then rushes to the front door, unlocks it, opens it and runs out of the house. In the lounge room, Paul begins to stir.

Sometime later, Patricia is sitting back in the lounge room. There are two policemen in the hallway. One of them says to the other that there's nothing upstairs. The other one replies that he's checked out the back, too. They head into the lounge room and one of the constables tells Patricia that Mr. Sheppard has obviously left the house. He goes on that, if what she says is correct, he's obviously not the full quid. He then asks her if she hasn't got any idea why he'd do this to her. Patricia retorts that she hasn't seen the man for a year; they never got on, but-- She breaks off and says she's sorry if she did the wrong thing, running off. The constable, though, assures her that she did exactly the right thing. Patricia asks what happens now. The constable tells her that they'll station a couple of officers outside; they'll make sure she's safe and they'll get cracking on Mr. Sheppard first thing in the morning. Patricia tells them that she hopes they find him quickly - because if he comes back, she doesn't think she's got a second chance...

The next morning, Beryl walks into the lounge room after closing the front door. As she then heads into the kitchen, she comments that you'd think they could wait until a civilised hour until they came knocking. Terry tells her that they're hard-working, the the old boys in blue! Noticing the grimace on Jill's face, he then adds that he doesn't think they're too popular. Beryl asks Jill what's wrong. Jill retorts that Beryl shouldn't have given the police the idea that Patricia isn't all there at the moment. Terry chips in that she isn't - because she certainly wasn't with him, last night. Jill snaps that she must have been terrified. Beryl interrupts and curtly says they had to tell the police what's been going on; she's not saying she did, but there's still a chance that Patricia even made this up - "I mean, Paul Sheppard?!". Jill retorts that that's exactly the reason why she doesn't think Patricia made it up: if she'd been out to make trouble, she could have used Terry's name or Beryl's, or one of those of the people she doesn't like; the last time she saw Paul Sheppard, he was off with that Christine girl and her babies - there's no way she'd pull his name out of the air. Beryl listens and then says she supposes Jill has a point. Terry, though, snaps that he still thinks Patricia has cracked. Jill angrily tells him that he's just not giving her a go. She adds that, as soon as she's fed Fee, she's going back over there; if she'd been there last night, none of this might have happened. Terry retorts that if she'd been there, she would have been caught in the middle - and he doesn't think she should take Fee back there now. Beryl chips in that she thinks he's right: why doesn't Jill go there, see how things are... see how Patricia is - and if she's alright, they'll bring Fee over later. She adds that maybe they were wrong about the police, but they're right about this - believe her. Jill nods.

The two policemen are back at Toorak, and as Patricia sits in the lounge room with them, she angrily asks what they mean by asking her whether she'd like to amend her statement. One of the constables tells her that there are laws that prevent people form filing bogus complaints: it's called 'Public Mischief'. Patricia, looking shocked, tells him to hang on a minute - is he saying that he doesn't believe her? The constable assures her that it's not like that at all - he's just giving her a chance to drop the whole thing if she wants to. Patricia angrily snaps that if they don't believe her, they should come out and say so. She goes on that she knows Paul Sheppard was there and she doesn't know why they're doubting her. The constable replies that some of the people they interviewed told them that she's been unstable recently. Patricia angrily retorts that she can imagine who they were. The policeman continues that that's not the major factor, though: they've checked on Mr. Sheppard and he's in London; there's no record of him re-entering the country. He tells Patricia that they're only trying to do the right thing by her - they wouldn't like to see her put through the embarrassment of being charged. Patricia, looking incredulous, snaps that she doesn't believe this: she was nearly murdered last night and now they're talking about charging her; Paul Sheppard was there. She then tells them to hang on a minute: Paul is a very wealthy man: if he wanted to come back there and murder her, what better alibi does he have then being in London - she's sure he can get through Customs if he's willing to pay. The constable sighs. Patricia asks him what's going to happen: are they just going to drop it and leave her sitting there 'til he tries it again? The constable replies that, since she wants them to, they'll continue with the investigation; they'll be in touch. He adds, though, that they can't keep officers there permanently - perhaps she'd feel safer if she moved out; stayed with friends. Patricia bitterly snaps, "What friends?" The policemen go.

Beryl joins Terry in the lounge room at the Palmers' and laughs at the fact that he's watching a cartoon. She adds that he's just a big kid! Terry explains that the coyote in the cartoon reminds him of Patricia. Beryl grimly comments that they're not as fast as the roadrunner! Fee suddenly starts crying. Beryl goes to see to her, but as she does so, there's a knock at the front door, and she tells Terry that she'll get it. She opens the door and looks shocked to find Paul standing there. He tells her that he has to see Angela; he has to see her. Beryl stares at him.

A few moments later, Paul is sitting with Beryl in the lounge room, while Terry paces the floor. Paul, a glass of scotch in his hand, explains that he has to see Angela before the police catch up with him; he thought he could do it, but he really blew it. Beryl asks him what happened at Patricia's. Paul tells her that he wanted to make sure that Patricia would never hurt anyone again; he went back to The Terrace, but the people there said Angela moved ages ago - that's why he had to come there: to see her; he still loves her so much - there hasn't been a day in the last year when he hasn't thought of her. Beryl, looking worried, gently tells him that Angela and Rob have moved up-north - they're a long way away and they're very happy. Paul looks at her and takes a sip of his drink. Beryl asks him if he shouldn't go easy on that, but Paul bitterly replies that if there's one thing he learnt to do in the last year, it's to hold his liquor. He goes on that he lost Angie; Christine was just what Angie warned him she was - a sponger: she left with the kids; not even the church would take him back - they said he was trying to run away from his problems. He sourly adds, "There's no God anyway. There's money and," - indicating his drink - "this." Beryl asks why he's come back now. Paul laughs bitterly and comments that it's funny how things happen, isn't it: he went to London six weeks ago - he thought a change would help him get himself together; one day, he turned a corner and bumped into Matt Kennedy; there was lots of backslapping, and somehow, he ended up in a pub with him; Matt was telling him all the good news from home, and he was sitting there trying not to talk so that Matt wouldn't notice that he was already half drunk; Matt kept talking about 'Patricia this' and 'Patricia that'... how she'd lost Margaret... but that it looked like she'd landed on her feet... she'd got Margaret's money... how it looked like she was going to be OK...; and then something hit him: the interfering-- He breaks off, throws his head back and sighs heavily. He then goes on that all his problems came down to her, in the long run - ever since he first came back from America when his grandfather died; Patricia was always there, ruining his life - and he realised that there was nothing else he could do - but he could get rid of her. Beryl, looking shocked, murmurs, "Murder..?" Paul asks why not; he wanted to make her scared first, though; wanted her to know what it felt like, having your whole life falling to bits around you. Beryl asks him, "What about your religion?" Paul retorts that it's like he told her: there's no God. Beryl, looking thoughtful, suggests that perhaps it would be OK if he talked to Angela; she could call her. Paul, suddenly looking brighter, eagerly says, "Could you?" He adds that it might be his last chance - once word gets out...; he just wants her to know that he still loves her. Beryl suggests to him that he go into the kitchen while she sets it up. She adds, though, that if Angela says 'no', he'll have to go along with it. Paul says, "Sure." Beryl tells him that there's some coffee on the stove - he can pour himself a cup and then he'll be thinking clearly when he talks to her. Paul, looking grateful, tells Beryl that he knew she'd understand. Beryl replies that Terry will wait with him. Paul heads into the kitchen. Alone with Terry, Beryl quietly asks him to close the kitchen doors when he joins Paul - she thinks she ought to call the police. Terry snaps that that's a lousy trick. Beryl explains that she's thinking of Paul: if he walked out of there, she doesn't know what he might do. She pleads with Terry to just go and keep an eye on him. Terry reluctantly goes. Beryl calls to Paul that Angela's often out at this time of the morning, as she has to drive Rob to work, so if she can't get through, she'll keep trying. In the kitchen, Terry asks Paul if he knows where the cups are. Paul, who's staring out of the window, replies that he doesn't. He turns to look at Terry; there are tears running down his face. He says he wishes he knew what he was going to say when Beryl gets through. Suddenly making a decision, Terry tells him, "Look, get out the back, round the side and run - she's calling the cops, not Angela." Paul stares at him, tears falling from his eyes.

Patricia is sitting in a room at the St. Kilda Road Travelodge, talking on the 'phone. The woman on the other end asks her if she's still there. Patricia replies that she is. The woman tells her that that's first class to London: she can get Patricia on tomorrow night's flight. Patricia anxiously asks if there isn't anything today. The woman says she's sorry; she can put Patricia on the wait-list, if she likes. Patricia says she would. The woman then asks if that's one way or return. Patricia tells her positively, "Oh, one way."

At the Morrell apartment in Sydney, Amanda is getting ready to go out, while Andy sits on the couch, fixing a speaker. She tells him that she's looking forward to this like a hole in the head. Andy retorts, "Then don't go." Amanda, though, glumly replies that she doesn't have much choice - she doesn't want to give into Wayne, but she's got to go and help Gordon... Andy angrily says it really burns him up when he thinks about Wayne getting Lynn to lie for him. Amanda bitterly replies that he's very good at twisting people round his finger. She then goes on that, at least with her there, there'll be less of that sort of carry-on. Changing the subject, Andy announces that he's decided to go away for a while - take his van up to some country areas; he reckons he can drum up a lot of business up there. Amanda, looking surprised, asks him when he'd leave. Andy replies, "The sooner the better." He adds that Lynn doesn't want to see him and Barbara doesn't want to know about him - so what's keeping him there? Amanda suggests, "Me?" Andy tells her that she can come along if she wants to. Amanda, though, says she can't - she wants to make sure Aunty Barb wakes up to Wayne. Andy tells her to forget Wayne; do what she wants to do. Amanda, though, cries that she can't forget him; she's as bad as he is with Lynn: she can't love him anymore, but she can't forget him. She tells Andy that she'll see him when she gets home, and she goes.

Fiona comes out of Dural just as a cab pulls up in the driveway. Amanda gets out and Fiona cheerfully asks her if she's coming to check on the patient. Amanda smiles and replies that she's trying to keep his chin up. Fiona comments that he's entertaining far too much if you ask her! Changing the subject, Amanda asks how the home is coming along. Fiona tells her that the renovations have started, but she's not too sure whether to move in with Irene before they're finished. Amanda remarks that, from what she's seen of Irene, it looks like it could be a lot of fun. Fiona agrees that she thinks so too. Amanda asks her if she's going there now. Fiona replies that she is, and so Amanda asks her if she could give Lynn a message.

Inside, in the lounge room, Wayne looks out of the window and then tells his father that Amanda is there. Gordon, who's sitting on the settee, tells him to bring her in to say 'hello'. He adds that it's nice to see them making an effort. Wayne tells him that he's it glad makes him happy. He heads out into the hallway, closing the lounge room doors behind him. Just as he goes to open the front door, Barbara comes up to him and asks how Gordon is. Wayne replies that he's still reading. Barbara says she thinks she'd better get him ready for his nap, but Wayne asks her if she can give him ten minutes with Amanda first. Barbara looks at him sharply and says she hopes he knows what he's doing there. Wayne points out that she saw how happy Gordon was when he said they'd give it a go. Barbara comments that she thinks she'll stay out of the way for most of the visit, as they're likely to end up rowing, otherwise, and she doesn't feel like discussing Andy. Wayne asks her if she still feels strongly about it. Barbara retorts that, the way he broke his promise and slept with Lynn... she won't forget that in a hurry. She walks off. Wayne watches her as she goes, smiling smugly...

Outside, Fiona says to Amanda that she'll tell Lynn as soon as she arrives - it should help her decide one way or another. The front door opens, Wayne comes out and Fiona walks off. Amanda asks her husband if they have to go through with this today. Wayne tells her bluntly that Gordon is expecting her. Amanda comments that she thought Wayne might at least try and understand how she feels. Wayne retorts that he gave up caring about her feelings the day he found out that she didn't want his child. He suggests they get on with it, and he heads inside. Amanda follows, reluctantly.

The lounge room doors open and Amanda walks in. She looks at Gordon, smiles and says, "Talk about the lap of luxury!" She then adds that it's good to see him looking so well. Wayne charmingly offers, "Drink, darling?" Amanda accepts and then asks Gordon what he's been doing. Gordon replies that he hasn't been doing anything; he can't wait to get back to work!

Jill is vacuuming up the fragments of glass in the lounge room at Toorak when there's a knock at the front door. Outside, Terry stands on the step, holding Fee, and he says to her, "Let's see if we can talk some sense into your ma." Jill opens the door, and Terry tells her that her daughter has come to talk turkey: she's decided that she doesn't want to stay there anymore while there's a crazy man running around - so what say Jill packs her things and comes back to Beryl's? Jill snaps that she's alright - Paul won't hurt her. Terry retorts that Paul is a case. Jill asks him why he let him go, then. Terry retorts that he didn't. Jill tells him that as soon as she gets Fee settled, she thinks they should have a talk. She goes on that she's not an idiot - she's been thinking about it ever since Beryl 'phoned and told her: he let Paul go alright; that story he told Beryl was rubbish. She takes Fee from him and walks off.

Luke and Roger are standing outside the Carlyle apartment in Melbourne, and Luke is showing his father a photo of him and Jill. He asks him what he thinks of it. Roger replies that Jill is a very attractive girl. Luke says he hopes his father doesn't mind him popping out to get it. Roger points out that he gave him the break, didn't he? He then adds that it actually gave him the time he needed to set up Luke's surprise. He points to the road, and Luke looks across to where a copper-coloured car is parked. Roger tells him that it's his. Luke, looking shocked, says he can't... Roger tells him to forget that nonsense about trying to buy him - it's a company car; Luke has accepted the job so it goes with the deal. They start walking over to the car, and Roger asks his son what he says. Luke replies that he loves it! He thanks his father, and Roger laughs and says, "Good!" He then tells Luke to go and patch things up with Jill. He adds that he can take an extra long lunch break if he wants. Luke, looking surprised, asks him if he means it. Roger replies that, in case Luke thinks he's getting soft, he can work back tonight to make up for it! Luke runs his hand over the car and then gets in.

In the lounge room at Toorak, Terry asks Jill how many times he has to tell her: Paul overheard Beryl calling the cops so he made a mad dash to the back door; he thought of stopping him, but he had to think of Fee-- Jill interrupts and snaps, "Come on, Terry..." She goes on that he's a strong man - there's no way he could have thought Paul would overpower him; he might as well tell the truth. Terry gives in and admits that he let him go; so what? - Paul has got the cops after him and he knows what it's like to have a prison sentence hanging round your neck. Jill snaps that she knows what it's like to have a man terrify you - so he'll forgive her if she sides with Patricia. Terry growls that she's never going to let him forget, is she. Jill retorts that, no, she isn't - so he can get out before she starts shouting. Terry snaps that he's always the one in the wrong, isn't he. Jill repeats angrily, "Get out."

Luke drives up and stops in the driveway outside. He gets out of the car as Terry opens the front door and leaves the house. He walks over to Luke and bitterly tells him that if he's the new boyfriend, he can have her.

Andy is sorting out his bag when there's a knock on the door at the Morrell apartment in Sydney. He goes to answer it and is shocked to find Lynn standing there. She tells him, "I, um... I heard you're thinking of leaving."

A few moments later, Lynn walks into the apartment. She tells Andy that she didn't want him leaving before she had the chance to see him - but she kept putting it off. Andy explains that he kept getting the brush-off from Mrs. Fisher when he tried to see her, but Lynn replies that Irene was only doing what she asked her to. Andy tells her that, that night, when she turned up and he didn't know she was there... nothing was happening - he was just trying to get that creep off Amanda's back, and that's why he said she was his lady. He asks Lynn if she believes him. Lynn replies that she was... she wasn't well... it was the lack of food, and... the strain of trying to stop herself thinking about him; she still loves him. Andy tells her that he loves her, too; he reckons he always will - but they both know that she's not going to do anything about it. Lynn replies that she would have if he'd been alone that night - that's what she came for. Andy says he supposes it worked out for the best, then - at least she can still look Kevin in the eye. Lynn, though, asks how he can say it worked out for the best when Mrs. Hamilton is mad at him because of her. Andy tells her that he can understand why she lied: Wayne has worked on a lot of people before - he's an expert at it; she was just fired up with jealousy. Lynn asks what they can do about it. Andy replies that she can get on the 'phone to Barbara, tell her the truth and then sit back and watch the fireworks. Lynn looks thoughtful.

Jill is pouring drinks for herself and Luke in the lounge room at Toorak. Luke tells her that he's been meaning to get in touch for a couple of days, but he thought he'd get his act together properly before he did that; now that he's settled back into work with his dad, he's over his jealousy and here he is. Jill remarks that she thought he couldn't stand his dad. Luke replies that he's using him, that's all; he'll work for him for a year, get enough money to go back to uni and then go it alone. Looking surprised, Jill asks if that's fair. Luke tells her that his father knows what he's doing - he thinks his dad will eventually swing round to his way of thinking; he's clear about what he wants to do now and he feels great! Jill reminds him that he said he's over his jealousy - can she count on that? Luke replies that he's working on it; he can't do more than promise. He then asks what happened to the 'smoothy', and Jill asks if he means Greg. She goes on that he never got in touch again. She adds that she's quite glad about that, because he's the sort of person who leaves an oil slick when he goes swimming! Luke smiles and tells her that he's glad they can laugh about it. He asks Jill if she wants to go for a spin in the car. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, though, and Jill asks him to hang on. She takes the call while Luke goes and examines the broken window. Jill says to the person on the 'phone that Mrs. Morrell isn't there at the moment... she doesn't know where she is... can she take a message? There's silence while the caller says something, and Jill then suddenly exclaims in shock, "Oh my God..." A man at the other end of the 'phone asks her if she's still there. Jill tells him that she is; she'll pass the message on. The man asks her if she can ask Patricia to contact Constable Johnson - he owes her an apology. Jill says she will. She adds, "Bye bye," and hangs up. Luke asks what it is. Jill replies that she will take him up on that offer of a drive - she wants to go to Albert Park.

Terry is sitting at the kitchen table at the Palmers', having just made himself a sandwich, when there's a sudden loud and frantic knocking at the front door. He gets up and goes to answer it. The furious knocking sounds again, and Terry calls out, "Alright... alright..." He opens the door to find Jill standing on the step. She thrusts a newspaper at him and snaps, "You thought it was tough living with what you've done to me? Add that to your list. I hope you're proud of yourself." She storms off and Terry looks at the newspaper. Next to a photo of Paul Sheppard is the main headline: 'Millionaire Suicides in Bay'.


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