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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Jill walks slowly and quietly upstairs, looking worried. Fee suddenly starts crying, and she rushes back downstairs in panic. She runs into the lounge room and lifts her baby out of her bassinet, comforting her all the while. She then heads out into the hallway, takes her jacket down from the coat rack and flees the house.

Patricia is at the Palmers', and she angrily snaps that she never thought Beryl would resort to hurting a child to get at her. Beryl retorts that Lucy is far better off without Patricia. Patricia exclaims that the child loved visiting her. Beryl angrily retorts that she's not to blame her for what happened this afternoon - Shirley Ryan gave Patricia every chance to explain herself and she just blew it. Patricia snaps that she wouldn't have had any trouble with the woman if Beryl hadn't poisoned her mind against her. Beryl tells her not to start abusing her - she's toughened up quite a lot, lately. Patricia snaps, "Thrown your morals out the window?" Beryl, though, replies that that's not true - she's just not turning the other cheek any more; so if Patricia lashes out at her, she'll lash back. Patricia snaps, "Even if your precious children's home misses out?" Beryl retorts that she knew the money would dry up when they took Lucy away from Patricia, so she told Shirley that she'd endow the wing. She goes on that she's very grateful to Patricia for giving her the chance to thank Dee - if it hadn't been for her, she wouldn't be the wealthy women she is today; the plaque will read: 'The Dee Morrell Memorial Wing'. Terry wanders in as she says this and comments that it has a nice ring to it. Patricia glares at them both and then snaps angrily that they really think they've got the better of her, but one step and she'll be onto the police so fast... Beryl impatiently comments, "Not that again..." Patricia ignores this and goes on that Terry may have covered his tracks well, but she knows he's making the 'phone calls and she supposes Beryl is writing the notes. She adds that, let's face it, Terry wouldn't have got past third grade. Terry laughs sarcastically, and remarks that she knows how to charm a bloke! Beryl angrily asks Patricia to go, as she's had enough. Patricia snaps that she hasn't finished. Beryl retorts, "Oh yes you have. Get out of my house - now." Patricia glares at her and then storms off. Terry comments to Beryl, "KO'ed, round one!" Beryl tells him that she's had it coming for a long time. Terry says he reckons Patricia will think twice about taking her on, in future. Beryl retorts that she'll have to come up with something better than her imaginary intruder.

The house at Toorak is empty. David is standing at the bar at Dural, calling Patricia, but the 'phone at the other end is just ringing. Fiona asks him if there isn't anyone at home. David replies that there can't be - he'll try again later. Fiona sourly remarks that it's a waste of time if you ask her - she told him that Patricia was back to being her old self when she was down there. David tells her that he'd still like to check. Changing the subject, he turns to Irene and tells her that Gordon has been looking forward to her visit. Fiona chips in that Irene is better than any tonic! David tells Irene that she's not bad with invalids, when he comes to think of it - he saw Lynn having that sponge cake that Irene made today. Irene smiles and asks who could resist her tucker! David smiles and then walks off. Fiona laughs, and Irene tells her that that's better, as she was looking a bit twitchy when CB tried to 'phone Melbourne. Fiona says she's glad David didn't notice. Irene asks if there are problems. Fiona explains that Patricia had had some really upsetting news when she was down there; quite frankly, she's surprised that she's had the decency not to worry David. Irene asks if Patricia clings a bit. Fiona replies that 'parasite' is the word that springs to mind! Irene tells her that she struck out when she got hitched, too - both times. Fiona, though, explains that David's not married to Patricia; he was involved with her sister, Margaret - and when she died, Patricia really went to pieces and David's been seeing her through it. Irene asks who's helping him. Fiona sadly replies that he's the sort of person not to show his feelings. Irene, looking surprised, comments that David didn't give her a hint. She asks if it's long since it happened. Fiona replies that it's a few weeks; it's been really hard. Irene comments, "Poor guy..." She goes on that, still, you've got to admire him - he's going out of his way to help everyone else, and hasn't given a peep about how he feels. Fiona explains that that's why she's so happy to see him relaxing up there - he's really going to be upset when he gets back down to Melbourne and hears the news: some vandals have had a great old time and smashed up the headstone of Margaret's grave. Irene looks shocked, and cries, "Oh no... some people are animals." She adds, "And now he'll have her sister to cope with on top of it." Fiona replies, "And she is quite a handful." Irene tells her that, if you ask her, Patricia is lucky to have a bloke like him around. Fiona smiles at her.

Jill and Fee arrive at the Palmers', but Jill looks shocked as she sees Terry sitting in the lounge room. Beryl, looking concerned, says she should have said something. Terry offers to make himself scarce, but Jill tells him that it's alright - she's not staying. She goes on that she thinks there really is someone in Patricia's house. Beryl looks at Terry. Jill continues that, when she tried to call them, the line was dead and then she heard a door slam upstairs; she thought it was best to get Fee out as soon as possible and warn Patricia just in case. Terry assures her that she did the right thing. He tells her to stay there and he'll check it out. He goes. Beryl tells Jill to sit down. Jill anxiously says she hopes nothing happens before Terry gets there. Beryl suggests that it's probably Patricia making her jump a little with all her talk about an intruder. Jill admits that she's probably right.

Patricia arrives back at Toorak and heads into the lounge room. The bassinet is in there, but it's empty. She heads back out to the hallway, looks upstairs and calls for Jill. There's no answer. She calls again but there's still no response. She then takes off her coat and hangs it on the coat rack in the hallway. She heads back into the lounge room, puts down her bag, pills and house key on the drinks table and pours herself a glass of brandy. She then wanders back out into the hallway and across into the living room. As she does so, she doesn't hear the intruder, still wearing blue jeans and brown shoes, creeping downstairs. The person heads into the lounge room and walks to the drinks table. They pick up the bottle of pills, look at it and then put it down. They then pick up the house key, head out into the hallway, put the key in the door and lock it...

A short while later, Patricia is sitting in the living room with some food in front of her. There's suddenly a knock at the door, and she immediately looks jumpy. The knocking sounds again, and she gets up slowly and walks to the door. She doesn't try and open it, though, instead calling through the door and saying, "Yes?" Terry calls back that it's him - Jill sent him over to see-- Patricia interrupts and says, "Jill?" Terry explains that she thinks there is an intruder in the house. Patricia snaps that there's nobody there except her. Terry points out that it won't hurt to check, so is she going to let him in or does he have to keep looking at the door? Patricia snaps that she doesn't want him in the house. Terry tells her that he promised Jill that he'd search the place for her. Patricia angrily tells him that if he doesn't leave, she's calling the police. Terry retorts that she might have a hard time doing it - Jill said the 'phone's out. Patricia tells him that he'll have to think of a better excuse than that. Terry suggests that, if she doesn't believe him, try ringing out. Patricia snaps that it simply means that he's cut the wires. Losing his patience, Terry snaps that there's no getting through to her. Patricia angrily agrees that there isn't, as far as he's concerned. She then goes on and asks if he really expects her to believe that Jill would go anywhere near him. Terry retorts that she didn't know he'd be there - she thought he was in Sydney. Patricia snaps at him that he's wasting his time. She then goes on that her burglar alarm will attract a lot of attention if it goes off; it's bound to bring the police, and if he's still there when when they arrive, it won't look too good with his record. Terry gives up and says he's going. He bitterly adds that it's the last time he tries doing her a favour. Patricia tells him that she'll be watching to make sure he really leaves. Terry mutters that he wouldn't stay for quids. He goes on that if there is a prowler, he feels sorry for the bloke - he'll be clobbered if he tries messing with her. He goes. Patricia walks into the lounge room, looks out of the window and watches as Terry gets into his car and drives off. She then goes to the drinks table and pours herself another brandy. She picks up her bottle of pills, tips one into her hand, swallows it and washes it down with the brandy. All of a sudden, she notices that the house key isn't on the table. She looks round the lounge room, nervously, and then walks out into the hallway. She goes to the door, tries to open it and discovers that it's locked. Suddenly looking terrified, she turns to look around the hallway. She heads to the 'phone, picks up the handset and discovers that there's no dialling tone. She tries pushing the receiver up and down a couple of times, but there's still nothing. Suddenly, though, a whispered male voice comes on the line and threatens, "You can't call out, Patricia - I did some rewiring. And you can't get out, either - I have the keys..." A look of fear in her eyes, Patricia asks the man who he is. The voice ignores this and goes on, "Don't try getting through a window - the alarm still works and the minute it goes off, I'll come for you." Patricia suddenly cries out in terror, "Why are you doing this to me?" The voice whispers, "You've hurt a lot of people and got away with it - 'til now..." Patricia cries, "You're sick." She then slams down the 'phone, runs back into the lounge room, closes the door and drags the couch in front of it, panting nervously as she does so. She makes sure the door can't be opened and then stands back, tears beginning to well in her eyes...

Terry is back at the Palmers' and he tells Beryl and Jill that Patricia then tried to accuse him of using the 'phone as an excuse to try and get inside, so he took off. Beryl comments that Patricia is as paranoid about him as she is about Fiona and her. Jill agrees that it sounds like it. She then goes on, though, that Patricia has been under a lot of pressure - she lost Lucy and had an awful row with Jim earlier... Beryl suggests to the girl that she stay the night there. Jill replies that she really should get back, but Terry tells her that it seems to him that Patricia will have popped a pill and will be dead to the world by the time she gets home. Jill points out to Beryl that when she left, the two of them weren't on the best of terms. Beryl assures her that that's water under the bridge as far as she's concerned. Jill thanks her. She goes to check on Fee, saying to Terry before she leaves the room that they should talk when she comes back. She leaves. Beryl comments to Terry that that sounds promising. Terry replies that it's funny, isn't it: Patricia really is her own worst enemy: all she did tonight was make him look good to Jill; she's not having a good day, is she...

The shadow of a man standing in the hallway appears against the lounge room door at Toorak. Patricia takes another sip of brandy and then cries that the man can't get in because she's barricaded the door. The man tries turning the door handle and discovers that he can't push the door open. He then says, in a menacing tone, "That won't keep me out for long." Patricia snaps that, if he tries anything, she'll scream her head off. The voice asks, "Who's going to hear you? These big old houses have big thick walls and grounds so large there's no way your neighbours would ever hear you." He then adds, "But you're safe... for the moment..." Patricia cries, "How do you know so much about me?" She suddenly throws her glass at the door. It smashes, and brandy runs down the frosted glass panels in the door.

At the O'Briens', Mike, Heather, Jim and Katie are watching a magic show on television, and Jim comments that it's all done with mirrors. Katie sighs and says she wishes they could make Terry appear - he was supposed to pick her up twenty minutes ago. Jim, looking surprised, asks her if she's talking about the guy next door, Terry Hansen. Katie replies that she is. The conversation is interrupted, though, by Jeff bursting in. He announces excitedly that he's made it: he's on the team! Mike asks him if he means the cross-country championship. Jeff replies that he does - he came third today, so he's definitely going to Brisbane for the championships! Everyone congratulates him, happily. Jeff then goes on, though, that he's also got bad news: he's got to pay his own fare and accommodation. Mike tells him not to worry about it - he'll be on that team; they've got a champ in the family! Katie just sits there glumly and looks at her watch.

Beryl, Jill - holding Fee - and Terry are in the kitchen at the Palmers'. Beryl tells Jill that her daughter will settle down once she's had her bottle. Jill says she hopes so. Beryl tells them that she'll leave them to it, and she goes. Alone with Terry, Jill asks him where they start. Terry replies that he's blowed if he knows. He sits down, and Jill tells him that, when he took Fee from her, she was furious with him; even though she understood his reason for doing it, it was difficult to handle - so she took Patricia's advice and called the police. She goes on that she knows he's not a bad person, no matter what Patricia says; he just does things sometimes without thinking about it first; she's just sorry, now, that it has to go to court. Terry grimly replies, "Not half as sorry as me." He goes on that Fee's his kid - he loves her - but Jill is trying to make out that he's some sort of menace to society. Jill assures him that she'll be doing everything she can to help him. Terry asks her if she'll do that even if Patricia puts the screws into her not to. He adds that she could find that the money for Robin's treatment dries up all of a sudden. Jill tells him that Patricia won't do that. Terry asks her if she reckons... He then goes on that the idea of two years is bad enough, but five... Jill tells him that there's no way he'll get the maximum sentence when she tells them that she drove him to it; some of the men on the jury are bound to be fathers themselves, and they'll understand how he felt. Terry says he hopes she's right. Changing the subject, Jill asks him if he'd like to feed Fee. Terry, looking upset, says he'd better not - in a couple of weeks, he'll be in jail, so it would be best if he cut off now before he gets to attached to her again. Jill tells him that two years will be over really quickly. Terry, though, points out that she's just as likely to get hitched again and settle down... she won't want him around, so it's best if he forgets her now... starting now. He looks at his daughter, intently. Jill, looking worried, says, "Whatever you want..." Terry looks upset.

At the O'Briens', Heather comments to Jim that there's no sign of Terry yet. Jim just says, "No." Heather comments, "Poor Katie - she's really keen." Jim replies that he'd be happier if she didn't get too interested in him. Looking surprised, Heather asks why. Jim tells her that, for a start, he's the father of Jill's child. Heather looks shocked, and says, "You're kidding..." Jim goes on that, from what he heard, she didn't have too much choice in the matter... "Know what I mean?" Heather, looking even more astonished, says, "You mean...?" Jim quickly points out that there could be another side to it - Beryl is still friendly with him. Heather says she'd better get Katie in there and have a word. Jim, though, asks what the point is in upsetting her; he's forty minutes late; he's not going to show. Heather grimly replies that, if he does show up, there's no way she's going out with him.

Beryl is sitting with Terry in the lounge room next door, and she tells him that she thinks he's made a rather hasty decision about Fee. Terry retorts that he's not going back on it. Beryl tells him that it's up to him. Terry agrees that it is. He then looks at his watch and, heading for the TV, says it's about time for the movie. Something suddenly occurs to him, though, and he tells Beryl that he forgot about Katie - he was meant to take her to the movies tonight. He goes to the 'phone.

Katie heads into the kitchen at the O'Briens' and asks her mother if she wants some help. Heather asks her to get the cake books out. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and Katie growls that she bets that's him. She answers the call and Terry comes on and says she must be wondering where he is. Katie asks him where he is. He explains that he's at Beryl's - Jill called round and they got talking; it put tonight right out of his mind. Katie says she understands, and she suggests that they make it tomorrow night instead. Terry, though, replies that he's not the best company in the world at the moment - and he doesn't need any alibis any more as Patricia blew it with Jill. Katie exclaims that that's great. Terry tells her that he'll see her around, then. Katie says, "Sure..." She hangs up and then turns to her mother and says she just got the brush-off. She goes on that she was only trying to do him a favour. She adds that she reckons Patricia is right: he is a louse.

Fiona comes into Dural after seeing Irene off. David is standing in the hallway with the 'phone to his ear, listening to a continual ringing at the other end. Fiona asks him if he's still trying to get through to Patricia. David replies that it's not like her to be out so late. Fiona points out that she is over 21. David suggests that she's probably knocked herself out with pills. Fiona asks him if he can stop worrying about it. He replies, though, that he can't. He then explains that Margaret knew her operation was going to be a bit of a risk; she wrote to him, asking if, if anything did happen, he could look after Pat. He goes on that he's been a bit lax, up there enjoying himself, so... Fiona suggests to him that he call her tomorrow - it's not going to make any difference if he doesn't get through to her until tomorrow morning. David tells her that she's right.

Patricia is sitting in the lounge room at Toorak, shivering and scowling. The shadow returns to the doorway and tells her, "You look cold." Patricia snaps that she might be better if he turned the heating back on. The voice retorts, "Oh, I've got a better suggestion: why don't you come out here and get your coat? It's where you left it." Patricia yells at him to shut up. The voice goes on, "You know, I'm surprised you didn't end up back in that sanitarium when you found out about your sister's grave. Quite an effective way of getting your attention, though, wasn't it?" Patricia, a look of realisation dawning, yells, "You miserable coward." She suddenly stands up, runs to the doorway and pulls the couch away. The voice growls "You can't insult me." Patricia, though, snaps that she's not playing his games anymore - he should come on in and finish it; there's nothing to stop him now, but don't expect her to make it easy for him. The voice says, "I'll choose the time, not you." Patricia yells that he's not much of a man if he can only fight a helpless woman. The voice says, "Why take unnecessary risks? I'll come for you when there's no fight left." Patricia yells, "Then you'll be waiting a hell of a long time..."

A while later, the shadowy figure is pacing the hallway. Patricia snaps at him that he can forget about her going to sleep - it's going to be light soon, and then the milkman will come and she'll scream her head off. The voice tells her, "You won't be capable of screaming by then..." Patricia snaps that she wouldn't bet on it. The voice retorts, "You had no food last night. You're using up energy fast, trying to keep warm. You... you know you can't last much longer - that's why you're trying to force the issue now. Well, it's just your bad luck I'm just not going for it." Patricia snaps that she'll just have to think of something else. She looks around the lounge room and then goes and turns off the table lamp, plunging the room into darkness. Sounding surprised, the voice asks, "What do you think you're achieving by that"? Patricia angrily retorts that he's the smart one - he can figure it out. She suddenly picks up a heavy object and throws it at the window, which instantly smashes and sets off the burglar alarm. She grabs something else from the cabinet. The intruder bursts into the room, and Patricia hits him with the object. He slumps to the ground. Patricia slowly walks over and turns the light on again. The body has fallen face-down, so she gingerly bends down and pushes it over so that she can find out who it is. A look of shock crosses her face as she sees who's lying there.


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