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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Jeff says, "Don't tell mum and dad, OK?" Jim retorts that Jeff can't ask him that - Mike would skin him alive. Jeff suggests that he just not tell his father. Jim retorts that he doesn't want to get offside with Jeff again, but there's no way he can keep quiet about this. Jeff insists that the tablets are no big deal, and so Jim suggests that maybe he can convince his father of that. Jeff cries that Jim's kidding - his dad will freak. He goes on that Jim doesn't understand - the tablets are his only chance; his coach says that, between now and the championships, he's got to go all-out. Jim asks if the steroids are his coach's idea of going all-out. Jeff retorts that a lot of athletes take them. Jim says he knows - he reads the papers. Jeff tells him that all that stuff is exaggerated - they make it sound bad so they'll sell more papers. He goes on that he's only on them for another six weeks; the championships will be over then and then he'll stop. Jim tells him that he doesn't want to argue - it's between him and his parents; but they need to decide whether Jeff tells them or whether he tells them. He hands the tablets back over and walks off. Jeff immediately goes to the 'phone and dials a number. Tanya answers. Jeff tells her that it's him - he's in real trouble.

In the lounge room at Toorak, David offers Irene another drink, but she replies that she's had enough. David offers the same to Fiona but she says that's it for her, too. David pours himself a beer. As he does so, Fiona asks him if Jill is at the hospital with Robin. David replies that she is. He asks Fiona if she wanted to see her, but Fiona tells him that she doesn't - not really. She goes on that, to be honest, she's glad she doesn't have to face up to her at the moment; she 'phoned her earlier to warn her that that rape business would probably be brought up at the trial, and it really didn't help matters between them. Changing the subject, David tells Irene that he'll take her to her room. He picks up her bag. Irene insists that she can manage, but David replies that he doesn't care - he's the host so he'll carry her bags! As they head out into the hallway, the 'phone starts ringing, and David goes to answer it. STD pips sound and Lynn then comes on. Sounding surprised, David comments that he didn't expect to he talking to her again today. He asks what's up. Lynn asks if Irene is there. David turns to Irene and tells her that she' been in the place two minutes and she's already getting calls! Irene asks who it is. David replies that it's Lynn. Irene quips, "Oh no, the house has burnt down!" She takes the 'phone and David heads off upstairs with her case. She asks Lynn what's happened. Lynn tells her that it's probably nothing important; it's just that, when she was leaving Irene's place this afternoon, this guy arrived looking for her: he said his name was Todd Fisher. A look of shock immediately crosses Irene's face. Lynn goes on that she thought she should let her know, as there was something funny about the way he asked for her. Irene asks her if she's sure his name was Todd. Lynn replies that that's what he said. She asks if he's a relative or something. Irene explains that he's her son. She adds, "Oh God, what have I gone and stirred up...?"

Jim opens the front door at the O'Briens' to find a woman standing on the step. He says, "Yes?" The woman asks him if he's Mr. O'Brien and Jim replies that that's right. The woman then explains that she's Tanya Ross - Jeff's athletics coach. Jim, a look of realisation crossing his face, tells her that he thinks she's looking for Jeff's father; he's his uncle. Tanya, though, explains that it was him she'd like to speak to, if he's got a few minutes. Jim doesn't answer, but just stares at her. Tanya ask what's wrong. Jim explains that she's not the way he pictured Jeff's athletics coach looking! Tanya tells him that she wanted to talk to him about a misconception he seems to have. Jim asks what she means. Tanya replies, "That there's any danger to using steroids." Jim smiles grimly and says he thought he heard Jeff making a 'phone call. He then goes on that she's wasting her time talking to him - but she's welcome to wait and talk to Jeff's parents when they get home. Tanya tells him that she can't stay long, unfortunately. She enters the house and says 'hi' to Jeff. As they stand in the hallway, she tells Jim that she can understand what he's saying, but there's nothing sinister about steroids - they're just a way of helping athletes realise their full potential; taken under proper supervision they're as harmless as high-dosage vitamins. Jim retorts that, even if that's true - and he's not convinced it is - where is the proper supervision coming from: her? Tanya tells him, "Yes. I know exactly what I'm doing." Jim replies that he's sure she does, but she wonders if Jeff does. Tanya replies that she's on the way to meet some friends; they're mostly athletes, as well as being intelligent and responsible adults; why doesn't he come along and talk to some of them? Jim says he doesn't think he needs to. Tanya, though, tells him that he should: he's making a decision that will affect Jeff's whole future, so the least he owes him is to make it under some sort of informed basis. Jim gives in and says he's prepared to listen, but she's wasting her time. He goes to get his coat. Tanya holds up crossed fingers at Jeff.

In the lounge room at Toorak, Fiona says she'd better get going, as she's meeting Terry later - they're going to have a quiet meal, but there are a few things she wants to do first. She tells Irene that she'll see her tomorrow. She and David go to the door, and David tells her not to worry - things might not turn out to be as bad as she expects. Fiona says she hopes he's right... She goes. David closes the door and then heads back into the lounge room, where he comments that Irene's been a bit quiet. She explains that she's had a few things on her mind. She then laughs bitterly and says, "Talk about blasts from the past..." She goes on that her son came to the house looking for her - that's what Lynn called about. David says he remembers her mentioning him. Irene explains that she tries hard not to think about him; she hadn't seen Todd for years - until today. David comments that she wasn't at the boarding house when he called. Irene replies that she's not sure what she would have done if she had been. She adds that she doesn't know how on earth he got hold of her address. David remarks that it's all starting to sound complicated. Irene says she's sorry. David, though, assures her that he wants to hear; he's a friend. Irene tells him that it goes back to when she split up from her second husband: they had one hell of a custody battle over Todd and she lost. David comments that it's strange for a woman to lose. Irene explains that her husband was - is - a distinguished surgeon from a distinguished family; she's just a Redfern girl; no contest; Todd was about three-years-old at the time. David asks her if she still had access. Irene laughs and replies that, no, she didn't - she really blew it: sitting in that court room, Nat and his lawyer were both congratulating each other on how clever they were; she's an old bigmouth and she told the smug so-and-sos what she thought of them. David murmurs, "Oh....." Irene goes on that that was that; she tried to keep up with how Todd was going - watching him on the way to school; things like that; eventually, she realised that it wasn't doing her much good, so she cut out completely; Nat had all the time he needed to make the kid hate her, and since then, she's tried to get on with her own life and forget about him completely; seeing little Davey in Todd's old cowboy suit the other day fixed that. David asks if it started her thinking about him. Irene explains that, on the way to the airport, she had this mad impulse and got the cab to stop outside Nat's house; she doesn't know why - she didn't expect to see him or anything; but it turns out she did - she even spoke to him. As tears start welling up in her eyes, she tells David that he should see him - he's all grown up; he's... She then says, "Oh hell, he didn't even know who I was. At least, I thought he didn't." She wipes her eyes and says she bets David didn't know the old girl had it in her! David assures her that nothing surprises him where the old girl is concerned!

Terry and Katie arrive back at the O'Briens', and as they stand on the front step, Terry thanks Katie for a terrific day, adding that he won't forget it for a long time. Katie points out that it's not as if they won't see each other again - she'll be there tomorrow. Terry, though, tells her that he doesn't want her involved; he doesn't want her anywhere near there. He asks her to just wish him luck. Katie says, "Good luck". She goes to kiss him, but he avoids her and walks off down the path. Katie sighs.

Inside, Heather is in the kitchen with Mike and Jeff, and she tells Mike that the more she thinks about it, the more she thinks Luke was right: that it was his father who passed the information about Terry to the prosecutor. Mike agrees that it sounds like something he'd do. Heather tells him that Luke was really angry about it. Katie suddenly comes in, and Heather comments that she wondered where she'd got to. Katie announces that she's been with Terry - they went for a picnic and before anyone says anything, she had a really nice day and he behaved himself perfectly and she's going to the trial tomorrow to give him as much moral support as she can. She then snaps that now everyone can tell her how silly she was. Mike says, "Come here." She walks over to him. He then tells her that if she says Terry acted perfectly, they believe her - and if she wants to give him her support at the trial, then it's not up to them to talk her out of it. Looking surprised, Katie hugs him and tells him that she loves him; her mum, too. Heather replies that she's been honest with them, and that's more important than anything. Mike smiles and says he doesn't think anybody could disagree with that. Jeff looks worried.

Roger arrives back at the Carlyle apartment to find Luke sitting reading some papers. Looking surprised, he tells his son that he didn't expect him to still be there - it is after 7pm. Luke explains that he thought he'd hang around to see how things went with the housing deal. Roger grimly replies that he wouldn't want to know. Luke asks if something went wrong. Roger tells him that everything went wrong: somebody in the council's Planning department must have leaked information to the houseowners - they got wind of how much he wanted the land and refused to settle at the agreed price; they really put the screws on. Luke asks his father if he's going to let them get away with it; isn't he going to tell them what they can do with their land? Roger retorts that Luke knows he can't do that - that land is central to the whole deal; he's got to get the title quickly, so he had to agree to pay what they wanted. Luke asks what that does to the profit on the deal. Roger retorts that it makes one hell of a dent. Luke says, "Bad luck." Roger snaps that, when he finds out who leaked that information, there's really going to be some bad luck around. He bitterly adds, "Nobody plays those sort of games with me and gets away with it..."

Sometime later, Luke is in the lounge room at Toorak, with Jill. Jill tells him that if his father ever finds out, he's in big trouble. Luke, though, assures her that there's no way he suspects anything - he thinks it's someone in Planning. Jill asks what about if he's wrong - if it wasn't his father who told the prosecution about Terry. Luke insists that he isn't wrong. He goes on that, because of his father, Jill has to stand up in court and have the whole rotten business dragged out; he deserves to get a bit in return; he thought Jill would be glad. Jill points out that it doesn't change anything. Luke tells her that it does for him - from now on, each time his father hurts someone, he'll hurt him right back. Jill warns him that he's putting himself on his father's level. Luke asks how she figures that. He then goes on that his dad has been treading on people all his life; he's going to make up for it by helping them. He tells Jill to look at those landowners today: they're not exactly well-off; they'll really be able to use that extra money he got for them today. He adds that it's just as well that she's not Robin Hood's girlfriend or he'd have never got started! Jill smiles but then looking serious and asks Luke what he'll do if his father does find out what he did. Luke assures her that he won't find out - his father's got such a devious mind that he always overlooks what's right in front of his nose; it wouldn't occur to him in a million years that he'd have the guts to stand up to him. Jill looks worried.

It's the middle of the night, and Jeff is sitting in darkness in the lounge room. Mike suddenly comes out of his and Heather's bedroom and, looking surprised, asks Jeff what he's doing there. Jeff replies that he couldn't get to sleep, so he thought he'd have a walk around. Mike asks what time it is. Jeff tells him that it's a bit after 1am. Mike suggests that he should get back to bed, as he's got early training in the morning. Jeff goes to walk off. Mike suddenly hears a noise outside and asks what that could be. Jeff replies that it's probably Uncle Jim. Mike asks if he isn't home yet. Jeff says, "Not as far as I know." Mike tells Jeff just to get back to bed, and he heads off to the bathroom. Jeff goes to the front door and opens it. He goes and stands outside on the step and tells Jim that Mike is just inside. He then asks him if he talked to them. Jim replies that he talked to them for quite a while - Jeff's coach is a pretty persuasive lady. Jeff says, "So you know I'm not doing anything dangerous." Jim retorts that he knows Jeff isn't doing himself any physical harm. He adds that, apparently, it's a pretty widespread thing. Jeff assures him that everyone takes them. Jim retorts that not everyone does. He then suggests that they talk inside, and they head in. Jim closes the door quietly and the two of them head into the lounge room and sit down. Jim says he still doesn't think it's right. Jeff asks why not; other people are taking them, so he'd be putting himself at a disadvantage. Jim points out that it's against the rules, isn't it? Jeff tells him that it's sports politics - the people in charge are still back in the last century. Jim grimly asks if that's how his coach justifies it. He then asks Jeff if he's ever asked himself why his coach has got him on these things. Jeff replies that she wants to see them do the best they can. Jim asks why. Jeff replies that it's her job. Jim, though, says he doesn't think that's her job at all. He goes on that, when he was talking to those people tonight, he found out a bit about her: apparently, in her competition days, her ability never quite matched her ambition; she's obsessed with winning, but she couldn't do it herself, so now she's trying to do it through others. Jeff asks what it matters, as long as they win. Jim tells him that he's just trying to make him see that maybe Tanya doesn't have his best interests at heart. Jeff snaps that he doesn't care, as long as he gets the benefit. He asks Jim if he's going to tell his dad. Jim replies that, now that he knows Jeff isn't hurting himself physically, he guesses it's none of his business - but no matter how Jeff tries to rationalise it, it's still cheating. Jeff looks down, guiltily. Jim tells him that it doesn't make him very proud to see him doing it. He gets up and heads to his bedroom.

The next morning, Jeff is doing stretching exercises at the track when Tanya walks over to him and asks what's wrong. He tells her bluntly, "Nothing." Tanya, though, retorts that he's right off the air. Jeff explains that he didn't get much sleep, that's all. Tanya snaps that neither did she - she was up 'til God knows how late ear-bashing his Uncle Jim to save his hide - or, more to the point, his career - so he can stop behaving like a zombie and get on with it. Jeff starts stretching again, reluctantly. Tanya asks what's bothering him - his uncle agreed to keep quiet, didn't he, so what's up? Jeff replies that using steroids is cheating, isn't it? Tanya retorts that she thought they'd been through that: it's not cheating. Jeff tells her that the Association thinks it is. Tanya asks who's going to tell them; they're not - and the Association hasn't got the time or money to run tests on competitors; the stuff isn't addictive and for the time he's taking it, there are no side effects, so what has he got to worry about? Jeff looks down at the ground. Tanya exasperatedly snaps that, if he's so terrified of someone finding out, she's not going to waste her time on him; he can go ahead and make a fool of himself in front of the whole country; he can run last for all she cares. She goes to walk off. Jeff quickly calls after her and tells her that he didn't mean it - he just hasn't had much sleep lately. Tanya sighs and says, "Alright." She then adds that she's warning him: she doesn't want to hear another word or he can find himself a new coach.

In the kitchen at the Palmer house, Fiona puts a cooked breakfast down in front of Terry. She tells him that this reminds her of the morning when she cooked breakfast for him at Irene's bedsit - the morning they really got back together again. Terry replies that he's sorry about everything he put her through. Fiona assures him that, no matter what happens, she'll never ever regret finding out that he's her son. She tells him to have some breakfast. Terry grimly comments, "The condemned man ate a hearty breakfast..." Fiona looks at him and cries, "Please don't say that..." Terry laughs halfheartedly and tells her that it's OK...

Luke enters the Carlyle apartment to start work for the day, and finds his father sitting on the couch. He asks how it's going, and Roger replies, "Alright." Luke offers him some coffee, but he declines. Luke goes and pours himself one. As he has his back turned to his father, he says he hopes he didn't lie awake all night, brooding about that deal yesterday. Roger retorts that he hopes Luke didn't lie awake all night gloating over it. Luke spins round and looks at him in shock. Roger says, calmly, but angrily, that he can be fooled occasionally for a short time - but only for a short time. He takes his glasses off and then continues that he couldn't understand why Luke waited for him last night - he's not that interested in his work; then he realised - Luke wanted to see the look on his face. Luke retorts that that's crazy-- Roger interrupts and snaps that, if he had any doubts, Luke's reaction just now got rid of them. He tells his son that he looks guilty and as scared as hell - and so he damn well should...

A few moments later, Roger incredulously snaps that Luke expects him to believe that he did what he did because of what he did to Terry Hansen? He angrily asks what the hell Hansen means to him. Luke snaps that he doesn't mean very much - but Jill O'Donnel happens to be a friend of his, and because of him, she has to stand up in court and face having this whole sordid mess mess dragged up in public. Roger snaps that she'll get over it. Luke angrily snaps back that he's incredible: he thinks he can do whatever he wants to people. Roger retorts that he certainly doesn't have to justify his actions to him. Luke snaps, "And I don't have to justify mine." He goes on that that deal yesterday was just the beginning - every time his father walked over somebody who couldn't fight back, he was going to pay him back in whatever way hurt him most. Roger snaps that, all Luke's life, he's bent over backwards to make sure he had the best of everything; is this his way of saying thanks? Luke yells at his father that he deserves it. Roger cooly retorts, "Not from you I don't." He then orders Luke to get out, adding that his son is finished as far as he's concerned; he never wants to see him again. Luke glares at him and then smiles. He tells his father that he's achieved something, then, hasn't he: being far away from him is the one thing he's wanted for as long as he can remember. He walks out, leaving Roger looking furious.

David is standing in the lounge room at Toorak, wearing a suit, when Jill comes in and asks him what happened to him this morning. He explains that he went to the cemetery, to place some flowers on Margaret's grave. Changing the subject, he adds that it must be time to head for court. Jill tells him that Irene is almost ready. David asks her if she'll be OK. Jill replies that she'll have to be. She then goes on, though that she's terrified now that they've brought the rape into it: what if it gets in the papers? David tells her that, even if it does, it'll all be forgotten about in a few days. Jill replies that that may be - but if it does come out, Fee is eventually going to have to live with it, isn't she?

Fiona and Terry arrive at the court to find Katie standing outside, waiting for them. Terry reminds her that he told her to stay away, but Katie asks him if he really thought she would! She then adds that she's brought a little good luck gift for him. She hands him a small case. Fiona tells them that she'll leave them to it, and she walks off. Terry opens the case to find a lucky rabbit's foot inside. He laughs and tells Katie that it's great! Katie wishes him good luck and kisses him on the cheek. Terry tells her that he's glad she's there. He adds that she can forget about what he said last night - he needs all the friendly faces he can get.

Inside, Fiona is walking down a corridor when she passes a man sitting on a chair against the wall. She doesn't initially pay him any attention, but as she walks past him, she turns to look at him and receives a shock when she sees who it is: Scott Thompson. He stands up and Fiona asks him what he's doing there. Scott replies that he didn't have any choice - the defence subpoenaed him. Fiona, looking surprised, asks, "Why?" Scott explains that they're worried that the jury will be swayed against Terry when they hear about the rape; the one way they can counter that is to discredit Jill. Fiona incredulously asks if they brought him there to do that. Scott replies that they brought him there to testify that Jill was once a prostitute and that, initially, she intended to get rid of the baby. Fiona cries that he can't - there are probably reporters in there; if that sort of thing was made public it would destroy Jill. Scott cooly replies, "Quite possibly - but who's more important: Jill or your son?" Fiona looks aghast.


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