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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Fiona arrives back at the Palmers' and lets herself into the house. As she hears the front door open, Beryl comes out of the kitchen. She remarks to Fiona when she walks into the living room that she was beginning to wonder where she was. Fiona explains that she's been driving around for ages, trying to calm down. Beryl tells her that Jill said she was going to see Patricia. Fiona replies that she was - but she only got as far as the gate; suddenly, it all seemed so pointless - and it would only have put her more off-side with Jill; she doesn't want to spoil Terry's chances of a lighter sentence by telling Patricia a few home truths. Beryl tells her that Jill's moved out-- Fiona interrupts and replies that Jill told her. Beryl goes on that she tried to talk her out of it... Fiona assures her that, once Jill has made up her mind, that's it. Beryl suggests to her that she would enjoy a big, strong, cuppa. Fiona grimly replies, "Very strong!" Beryl says she'll put the kettle on. She then adds that she's glad Fiona didn't front up to Patricia, because while she was out, she was thinking of ways to make Patricia stop in her tracks for once. Fiona sadly says there's nothing they can do - Margaret was the only way anyone could get to Patricia, and now she's gone. Beryl, though, tells her that there is something they can do - and they'll be making sure a little girl doesn't get hurt, in the process.

At the living room table at the O'Briens', Heather asks who would want to go and vandalise a grave like that. Jim replies that it's someone pretty sick, obviously. Mike asks if no one saw what happened, and Jim replies that they didn't. Jeff angrily chips in that if they ever catch him, they should string him up. Heather asks how Patricia is. Jim tells her that she's a mess - but Jill's with her. Heather says she's glad she's not by herself. Katie suggests that it might have been straight-up vandals who did it. She adds that, from what Jill tells her, Patricia has got a lot of enemies - it could have been one of them. Jim, though, says he doubts it. He goes on that, sure, she's got one or two people who don't like her, but none of them would go that far. Katie points out that he doesn't know that. Jim tells her that it's just one of those things; he's only sorry it had to happen today.

Patricia is sitting in the lounge room at Toorak with Jill, and she snaps that they'll wish they'd never been born by the time she's finished with them. Jill asks who she means. Patricia retorts, "Whoever's responsible." Jill tells her that there's no point in making things worse for herself - she'll probably never know who did it. Patricia, though, snaps that there are only two people it could have been: Fiona and Beryl. Looking surprised, Jill tells her that that's silly; she's upset. Patricia snaps that damn right she's upset. Jill says she knows Beryl and Fiona don't like her, but they're not the sort of people to do something like that. Patricia angrily asks, "Aren't they?" Jill, looking bemused, asks if they're supposed to have jumped over the wall with sledgehammers over their arms. Patricia retorts that she's not saying they did it personally, but there are people who'll do anything if the money's right. Fee suddenly starts crying upstairs, and Patricia suggests to Jill that she go and see to her and then go to bed. Jill retorts that she's not going to bed until she's convinced her that she's wrong. Patricia tells her that she's got a long night ahead of her, then. Jill says she doesn't care. Patricia tells her that she'll just be wasting her time. She then adds that, anyway, she's tired, too. Jill says that, in that case... She adds that maybe Patricia will see things differently in the morning. She goes to head upstairs to bed, pausing as she does so to tell Patricia that she's really sorry about what happened today. She leaves the room. Patricia stands there looking thoughtful and then picks up her coat and bag and goes out.

Beryl and Fiona are sitting in the lounge room at the Palmers'. Fiona tells Beryl that she's as much in favour as anyone of getting back at Patricia, but the thought of using a child from the home... Beryl replies that they wouldn't be doing her any harm; just the opposite, in fact. Fiona points out that they'd still be using her. Beryl retorts that they'd be doing her a good turn; it worries her that a woman with a history of mental illness is taking care of a vulnerable kiddy-- Fiona interrupts and tells her that even if she did go along with the idea, depriving Patricia of Lucy's visits... she doesn't think it's going to hurt Patricia: it's not as if she's emotionally tied up with the child. Beryl replies that she thinks she is - in a selfish way: she hasn't got anyone else. Fiona tells her that if it was just the two of them and Patricia, she'd be OK about it, but when they've got an 11-year-old girl to think about... Beryl replies that Lucy would be a damn sight better off away from Patricia; she's a novelty now, but in two or three weeks, Patricia will get sick of her and then the little girl will be very badly hurt. Fiona grudgingly admits that she sees Beryl's point. Beryl goes on that she's surprised Fiona thinks she'd even risk hurting that child. Fiona comments that she just seemed very steamed-up about Patricia. Beryl assures her that she hasn't lost her sense of decency. Fiona suggests that they sleep on it, and then maybe tomorrow they can come to some agreement. Beryl agrees: no more talk on the subject tonight. Changing the subject, Fiona smiles and says she didn't tell Beryl about her run-in with a tram on the way over! Unknown to either of them, Patricia is standing outside the front door. She hears loud laughter emanating from inside and peers through the window. She sees Beryl and Fiona sitting there. A furious look crosses her face and she turns back and knocks on the door.

A few moments later, Fiona snaps that she hasn't been anywhere near Margaret's grave. Patricia snaps, "Don't give me that." Fiona retorts that she didn't even know anything had happened to it. Patricia snaps that that's rubbish - Fiona knew the the only way to hurt her was through Margaret, so she paid somebody-- Beryl interrupts and snaps that that's enough. She goes on that Fiona is a guest in her house, so she won't have her-- Patricia interrupts and snaps back that they're not to play innocent with her. She goes on that Beryl is in on this as well - she's trying to get back at David. Beryl, looking astonished, snaps at Patricia that she's sick. Patricia angrily retorts that it's not her who's going round desecrating graves. Beryl snaps that nor are they; now would Patricia please leave? Patricia angrily rants that somebody is going to pay for this - they can bet their lives on it; they should be very careful from now on - both of them. She goes. When Beryl comes back from closing the front door she says she knows Fiona wasn't too keen on her idea before... Fiona assures her that she is now, even if it's just for Lucy's sake - the child isn't safe with that woman...

Patricia arrives back at Toorak. The place is in darkness and so she goes and turns the hall lamp on. She turns to head into the lounge room and notices a piece of paper lying on the mat by the door. She picks it up, opens it and looks shocked as she reads the typewritten words, which start: 'I'VE CALLED ONCE. I'LL BE CALLING ON YOU--'

Patricia and Jill are having breakfast in the living room the next morning, and Patricia says to Jill that she thinks she heard every creak and groan in the house last night - she was convinced somebody was trying to get in. Jill tells her that she should have called her, and she adds that she looks terrible. Patricia replies that she didn't get much sleep. She goes on that she was on the verge of calling David, but he's got enough problems of his own with Lynn in Sydney. Jill tells her that she can spend the day with her - they can do something to help her relax. Patricia comments that she thought Jill was going out with Greg Lawrence. Jill replies that she can put him off - she has to 'phone him anyway and tell him that she's moved. Patricia, though, tells her no: go out and enjoy herself - she'll be alright. Jill asks her if she's sure. Patricia goes on that, besides, she wouldn't want to give Fiona the pleasure of thinking she's terrified of her own shadow. Jill warns, "Patricia..." Patricia retorts that she knows Jill doesn't believe her, but she's got proof now that somebody is threatening her. She hands Jill the note and explains that it was left under the door last night - she's got a good mind to call the police. Jill reads it and asks, "What for?" Patricia says she thought that was obvious. Jill replies that it isn't to her - all the note says is that someone called to see her; they probably knocked, found there was no one at home and decided to leave a card. Patricia asks why they didn't sign it, then. Jill says she doesn't know, but adds that she's sure Patricia is reading more into it than she should be. Patricia, though, tells her no: Margaret's grave was just the beginning; this is a warning to her that there's more to come. Jill sighs and tells her that if she thinks Fiona is waging some terror campaign against her, she doesn't think she could be more wrong.

Fiona is on the 'phone at the Palmers' and she asks if Terry isn't there. Barbara, at Dural, replies that, no he isn't - he flew to Melbourne this morning. She asks Fiona if she hasn't seen him yet. Fiona tells her that she hasn't. Barbara goes on that, apparently, he thought it was unfair for her to have to cope with Jill on her own - and he wants to see Fee again. On hearing this, Fiona snaps, "Stupid boy." Barbara says she can understand how he feels. Fiona asks why he hasn't turned up there, then. Barbara suggests that maybe he feels he doesn't know Beryl well enough to turn up on her doorstep; he's probably just booked into some hotel and will ring this morning. Fiona grudgingly admits, "I suppose so." Barbara tells her not to get upset about it. Fiona asks if that's how it sounded. Barbara tells her, "Yes!" Fiona says she's sorry - she guesses she's a bit tense. She goes on that the reason she rang was to tell Barbara that she's decided to spend an extra day in Melbourne. Barbara asks her how she's getting on with Jill. Fiona replies, "So so..." She asks Barbara if she'll tell David that she'll have little Davey up there for Lynn tomorrow. Barbara tells her, "Sure." She then asks if something is going on down there that she should know about. Fiona assures her that it's nothing she can't handle. She adds that breakfast is ready, so she'd better go now. She says 'bye' and hangs up. She then heads into the kitchen and asks Beryl if she made any sense of that. Beryl says she gathers that Terry is down there. She asks Fiona if she thinks he had anything to do with-- Fiona interrupts and, looking worried, replies that he has lots of reasons to hate Patricia...

Jill opens the front door at Toorak to find Luke standing on the step. He comments that he finally tracked her down. Jill explains that she moved house yesterday. Luke remarks that she could have let him know - he rang the Palmers and felt a bit of an idiot when they told him that she doesn't live there anymore. Unknown to either of them, they are being watched by someone hidden part-way down the drive: Terry...

Inside, in the lounge room, Jill tells Luke that she would have let him know that she'd moved, but she's had so many hassles lately... Luke points out that she could have rung. Jill tells him that she didn't know he was on the 'phone where he lives. Luke retorts that there's a 'phone at the restaurant - she could have called there. Jill replies that she didn't think of it. Luke snaps that it wouldn't have taken five minutes. Looking surprised, Jill snaps back that, for heaven's sake, she had problems yesterday; the last thing she needs is a lecture from him. Luke says he's sorry, but he thought they were friends. Jill tells him that they are, but that doesn't mean she goes around thinking about him every minute of the day and night - and he's not to go thinking that they're any more than friends because they're not; one step at a time. Luke says he's sorry. Jill tells him to take a seat, and she asks him how the job's going. He replies that it's a bit harder then he expected - it's getting him down a bit; and living in that pigsty of a squat doesn't brighten the day. He tells Jill that he doesn't want her to take this the wrong way, but she's the best thing in his life at the moment. He then asks if he can come round after work tonight - just to talk and have a drink. Jill smiles and tells him that that would be really nice.

Roger Carlyle and Greg Lawrence come out of the lift on the ground floor at the apartment block where Roger is living. Roger takes out a wad of notes and hands them to Greg, telling him as he does so that they should take care of his expenses. Greg smiles and agrees that he can probably impress Jill on that. Roger goes on that he's booked him a table at The Acorn for 12:30pm. Greg comments that that's where Luke works. Roger says he knows. Greg continues that this might seem a dumb question, but what does Roger hope to gain out of all this? He adds that Roger doesn't have to answer if he doesn't want to. Roger replies that he knows - but he will, anyway. He goes on that, when his son falls for a woman, he really falls - and the one thing Luke has inherited from him is his sense of pride - so when he sees Greg throwing money around on Jill, his nose is going to be very much out of joint. Greg asks if that isn't a bit petty. Roger explains that it's a means to an end, that's all: if Luke sees that he's got a rival, he'll want to compete - and he'll need money to do it; so, this afternoon, he'll make his son an offer that he can't refuse. Greg remarks that that's supposed to bring him back into the fold, is it? Roger replies that, ultimately, yes: once Luke has had a taste of the good life again, it won't be long before he's being the sort of son he wants him to be...

The front door opens at Dural and Barbara helps Gordon into the house, as he arrives back from hospital. They head into the lounge room and Barbara helps her husband sit down. She tells him that she's been toying with the idea of getting a live-in nurse. Gordon insists that he's not an invalid. Barbara points out that the doctor said he'd have to take things easy. Gordon tells her that he doesn't need to have someone pushing him around in a wheelchair. Barbara explains that she was thinking more of someone to make sure he doesn't overdo things; she knows him too well! Gordon assures her that he promises not to misbehave! He asks if Wayne is about. Barbara replies that he's upstairs - she'll call him in a minute; in the meantime, is there anything Gordon needs? Gordon tells her, "A double scotch and a big cigar?" Barbara smiles and wryly says, "Very funny!" Gordon asks her how she and Wayne have been getting on. Barbara replies that they've been fine. Gordon asks her if she's saying that just to stop him worrying. Barbara tells him that, honestly, Wayne has been fine - very supportive. Gordon says that's good. He then asks about all that carry-on with Andy. Barbara assures him that everything is fine; he's not to worry. Gordon tells her that he was hoping to come home and find that things had worked themselves out. Barbara replies that they have, so all he has to do is relax and get better. She kisses him and he says, "Yes, boss!"

Fiona opens the front door at the Palmers' to find Terry standing on the step. She anxiously asks him where on earth he's been; why didn't he tell her that he was coming down? - she's been frantic with worry since talking to Barbara - and what does he hope to achieve by being there, anyway? Terry explains that he wants to talk to Jill. Fiona tells him to keep out of it - she'll talk to Jill. Terry points out that his neck is on the line if Jill turns out to be a hostile witness, so whatever they're going to say to her, he should be in on it, too. Fiona, though, tells him that he can only make matters worse - it would be better if she handles it. Terry remarks that she didn't seem to be doing too good a job last night. He goes on that he came straight there from the airport, and he was about to knock on the door when he saw her and Jill through the window having a great big slanging match, so he doesn't reckon she's doing his case much good at all. Fiona retorts that it's going to take time. Terry snaps, "Yeah - especially now that Jill's living at the Morrells'." He adds that he knows that part too, as he went round to see her. Fiona asks him if he talked to Jill. Terry replies that he didn't get that far - he was just watching the place, trying to work out what to say, when this other bloke rocks up - he must be the new boyfriend; he thought he'd be as popular as a third armpit if he went knocking on the door, so he came back there. Looking worried, Fiona asks him if he stayed in the hotel last night - he didn't do anything else? Terry replies, "No." Fiona says, "You didn't go out anywhere?" Looking suspicious, Terry asks her what she's talking about; what does she think he did? Fiona quickly tells him that it's nothing; it's what other people think that worries her...

Patricia is sitting in the lounge room at Toorak when she hears a car drawing up outside. She goes and looks out the window and then heads into the hallway and calls up to Jill that she thinks her date has arrived. Jill is just coming downstairs, and she replies that she saw him from the window. She tells Patricia that she thinks Fee should be alright - she's gone off to sleep. Patricia assures her that she doesn't have to worry - if she wakes up, she can cope. Jill goes. As soon as the door shuts, the 'phone starts ringing. Patricia heads back into the lounge room and answers the set in there. There's silence at the other end. After a couple of seconds, Patricia asks who's there. There's no answer, though. Patricia hangs up, looking worried. She turns to look at the front door, and then goes and locks the catch.

Greg's car pulls up outside The Acorn, and he comments that he was hoping he'd be able to park right next to the restaurant; he hates having to walk for miles. Jill, looking worried, asks if they're eating there. Greg tells her that he hears it's one of the best restaurants in Melbourne. Jill asks if they can go somewhere else, but Greg replies that he's already booked. Jill explains that it could be very awkward: a friend of hers works there. Greg cheerfully tells her that she'll be able to say 'hello'! Jill replies that it's not that simple. Greg remarks that it's the other bloke she's seeing, right? He goes on that here's the chance to see how mature he is - if he can't stand seeing her with someone else, she's better off without him. Jill, looking dubious, says it would still be easier if they went somewhere else. Greg points out that it wouldn't be very fair on the restaurant not to show, would it - it took enough time to get a table as it was. Jill reluctantly says she supposes he's right - she just hopes it doesn't turn into a big deal. Greg tells her that he doesn't see any reason why it should. He gets out of the car. Jill sighs heavily.

A few moments later, they are in the outside section of the restaurant, heading past other diners. Jill looks nervous as they walk past Luke, who's serving at one of the tables. He doesn't notice her, though. They're seated, and the waiter comments that he hopes the table is to Greg's liking. Greg tells him that it's fine. The waiter hands them some menus. As he notices that Jill looks tense, Greg tells Jill to relax, as he has to make a big impression today; she's not going to make it too hard on him, is she? Jill says she's sorry. Greg tells her not to apologise - he wants lots of smiles! Jill, though, just looks round at Luke serving some other customers. He asks them if they're ready to order now. The man he's talking to tells him that he'll keep it simple, and he starts reciting the order. Luke, though, suddenly notices Jill, and he doesn't pay attention to the man in front of him. The man becomes aware of this and curtly says, "Excuse me?" Luke says he's sorry, and the man repeats his order. Luke writes it down and walks off. Jill watches him as he goes. Greg's eyes follow hers and he says he presumes that that was-- Jill says, "Luke, yeah..." She then remarks that she thought Greg would know him, working for Roger. Greg explains that he knows Roger, but he's never met any of his family. He adds that he's surprised that any son of Roger's would be working as a waiter. Jill explains that Luke is his own man - he doesn't like to feel dependent on anyone - particularly his father; she admires him for it. Greg tells her that that's fair enough, He then adds that it's still a shame, when everything he could ever want is right at his fingertips. Jill points out that it's his life. Greg says, "Sure." He then goes on that that's enough of the competition - let's talk about him!

In the kitchen at the Palmers', Fiona asks Beryl if Lynn's mum knows that they're going to be over to pick up little Davey. Beryl replies that she told her that they'd be there about 1pm; she 'explained' to them that Lynn has got some extra modelling to do, and will be in Sydney for a while. They head into the lounge room, where Terry is sitting on the couch. Beryl tells him that she'll say 'goodbye' to him now, as, after they've picked up Davey, she's going to the children's home - it's her day to do volunteer work. She adds that she's sorry he had to come all this way for nothing. Terry comments that at least he'll be able to prove to some people that he didn't come there to sledgehammer the odd gravestone or two. He then adds that, in fact, he's not even sure he should be going back to Sydney. Beryl tells him that she agrees with Fiona there: if Patricia and Jill don't know he's there, there's no way they could blame him for what happened to Margaret's grave. Fiona chips in that it's important that no one knows he's there. Terry snaps that that's great: everyone has got him sneaking around, acting as if he's got something to be ashamed of, when all he wanted to do was talk to Jill. Beryl tells him that she can understand how he feels, but he knows what Patricia is like: he doesn't want to give her any more ammunition than she already has. Fiona asks Beryl if she's going to say anything at the home about keeping Patricia away from Lucy. Beryl replies that, yes, she is. She then says 'goodbye' to Terry and adds that she's sure everything will work out in the end. She heads out. Fiona squeezes Terry's arm. He sighs.

Jeff is standing in the lounge room at the O'Briens'. Mike and Jim are sitting listening as he raves about his teacher at school. Jim comments that this Miss. Nelson is a bit of a looker, is she?! Jeff tells him, "Is she ever!" He goes on that she had this green dress on-- Mike interrupts him and suggests that he'd be better off concentrating on his schoolwork! Heather suddenly calls to Jeff and he yells back that he'll be there in a minute. He then goes on that this dress was real short and the buttons came right up the side! Mike suggests to him that he go and see what his mum wants. Jeff reluctantly heads into the kitchen. Katie is there with her. Heather tells him that they've run out of butter, so can he run next door to Beryl and borrow some? Jeff irately tells her to get Katie to do it. Heather, though, tells him not to argue. Jeff mutters that he's supposed to be on his lunch hour, not running messages. He goes.

A few moments later, Jeff is standing outside the Palmers' front door. He looks in through the window and sees Terry inside, talking on the 'phone. He knocks on the door, but there's no response. He knocks again, but there's still no answer. He goes and looks through the window again, but Terry has disappeared. He knocks on the window, but still no one comes to see who it is. He knocks on the door again. Inside, Terry walks slowly and quietly from the kitchen to the lounge room. He peers out of the window and watches Jeff walking away. He then looks down at the 'phone.

At Toorak, Patricia walks into the lounge room, sorting through the mail that she's just picked up. She looks shocked at one of the letters, which is addressed to her - 'PATRICIA MORRELL' - in the same typed writing as the note from the previous night. Before she can open it, though, the 'phone starts ringing. She nervously walks over to it and says, "Hello?" There's silence at the other end. Patricia snaps that she doesn't know who's calling or why they're doing this, but if it doesn't stop, she's going to get the calls traced and get the police onto them. She angrily asks them if they realise that there are laws against what they're doing. There's still no response from the other end of the 'phone. Patricia agitatedly cries, "Who is this?" The 'phone at the other end suddenly clicks as the caller hangs up. Patricia puts down her 'phone, looking worried. She then opens the typed letter and reads it. It says, 'EXPECT ME TONIGHT'. Patricia stares at it, fearfully.


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