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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Jeff walks back into the O'Briens' and Mike asks him if he got the butter. Jeff tells him that no one answered the door. He then goes on that it's funny, because there was someone in there - he saw them through the window; they were on the 'phone. He adds that he thinks it was Terry Hansen. Jim asks who he is. Jeff replies that he's Mrs. Thompson's son - the bloke who took Jill's baby; he must have heard him knocking. Jim suggests that he mustn't have wanted to leave his 'phone call. Jeff tells him that, the strange thing is, when he looked back through the window, he'd gone. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing. Jim goes to get it, while Mike asks Jeff to go down to the shops to get the butter. Jim answers the 'phone, saying, "Parliament House!" Patricia comes on and asks if that's Jim. Jim asks what's up. Patricia anxiously tells him that she's just had another note saying 'he'll' be there tonight - and the 'phone calls are really getting to her; she's terrified. Jim, looking puzzled, asks what calls she's talking about. Patricia explains that there was silence on the other end - they didn't say anything. Jim asks when she got the last of the calls. Patricia replies that it was just now. She asks him if he can come over, as Jill isn't there. Jim asks her who she thinks is doing it. Patricia retorts that it's somebody working for Fiona Thompson. Jim says, "Her son?" Patricia retorts that he's in Sydney. Jim, though, tells her that no he isn't: he's down there. He then tells her to hang on; he'll be over soon. Patricia asks him what he's going to do. He replies that he's going to pay someone a visit; he'll see her later. He hangs up. Katie comes in and announces that lunch is ready. Jim tells her that he'll have to skip it. Katie asks him where he's going. He replies, "To straighten out the bloke next door."

A few moments later, Jim raps furiously on Beryl's front door, and he calls that he knows Terry's in there. Katie runs up the path after him and asks him what on earth he's doing. Jim retorts that he's going to take care of him. He raps on the door again. Katie tells him that this is silly. Jim, though, insists that he knows what he's doing, and he tells her to go and have lunch. The door opens. Terry sees Jim standing there and asks him who he is. Jim angrily replies that he's a friend of Patricia's and he doesn't like what Terry is doing to her. Terry snaps that he had nothing to do with the graveyard, so Jim can shove off. He goes to shut the door, but Jim barges into the house. Terry angrily asks him what he's doing. Jim snaps that he wants a few answers. Terry tells him to run back to Patricia and tell her that she's barking up the wrong tree. Jim retorts that Terry has been sending her notes and making nuisance 'phone calls. Terry snaps, "The hell I have." Jim goes on that Terry was on the 'phone just now - Jeff saw him through the window, and he wouldn't open the door; he was ringing Patricia, wasn't he? Terry snaps at him that he can think what he likes - now shove off. Katie pleads with Jim to leave it. Fiona suddenly comes into the room, holding Davey, and asks what's going on. Terry tells her that this nut is here claiming he's trying to do something to Patricia. Jim snaps that they'll see what the cops say. Looking horrified, Fiona quickly tells him that there's no need to call the police; could they just talk?

At The Acorn, Jill is heading inside to use the ladies' room when she passes Luke. He stops her and sarcastically asks her if it's warm enough on the Terrace. Jill starts to say that she didn't know they were going to-- Luke interrupts and goes on that, still, it's a good way to make her point. Jill suggests that they talk about it tonight. Luke retorts that he's too busy tonight. Jill tells him that she didn't want to come, but she had no choice. Luke snaps, "Some coincidence." Looking concerned, Jill suggests that he should get back to work, or he could be in trouble. Luke ignores this, though, and asks if it gave her a kick to think he might have to wait on her. Jill notices his boss glancing over, and she tells Luke to stop making a fool of himself. Luke replies that he can't help the way he feels about her. Jill repeats her suggestion that they talk tonight, or he could lose his job. Luke angrily snaps that he only took the job in the first place to have enough money to take her out. He adds, "Big joke."

At the Palmers', Terry explains that he might feel like thumping Patricia, but he wouldn't go mucking up Margaret's grave and he wouldn't make 'phone calls, either - if he's got something to say to someone, he says it to their face. Fiona tells Jim that it was her fault that Terry didn't answer the door to Jeff - she told him not to let anyone know he was there; she knows that if Patricia found out, she'd blame him for the headstone. Terry adds that, right now, he's out on bail for taking the kid, so trouble with the cops is the last thing he needs. Fiona asks if they can't just leave it there - please? Terry goes on that he tried to 'phone Jill, but the number was engaged; that's the truth. Jim more calmly comments, "Fair enough." He adds that he's just sorry he jumped in half-cocked. Terry tells him that it happens sometimes. Fiona anxiously asks him not to tell Patricia that Terry is there. Jim replies that he already has - but he won't let her make any trouble; not without proof. Fiona bitterly replies that Patricia has never needed proof to stop her causing trouble. Jim tells her to just leave it to him.

A while later, in the lounge room at Toorak, Patricia snaps at Jim that they've made complete idiots of him - of course it was Terry. Jim points out that she hasn't got any proof. Patricia walks over to the 'phone and says she's calling the police. Jim, though, puts his hand down on the receiver to stop her picking it up, and he asks her to be fair. Patricia snaps at him to move his hand. Jim, though, tells her that he promised he wouldn't let her cause any trouble for Terry - she just needs to calm down. Patricia, looking astonished, angrily asks him who the hell he thinks he is. Jim tells her that if she wants him to stick around, she needs to stop flying off the handle; if she calls the cops now, he'll walk out and won't come back. Patricia, suddenly looking worried, tells him that David isn't there and she needs a man around the place. Jim replies that she's got one if she starts pulling herself together instead of jumping off the deep end. Patricia insists that they're out to get her. Jim assures her that he won't let anyone hurt her. He adds that, if there's any proof that Terry's involved, he'll go to the police himself. He tells Patricia that he's there, so she's not to worry.

Fiona is on the 'phone at the Palmers'. Jim is the caller, and he tells her that there shouldn't be any further problems. Fiona thanks him and remarks that he really must have a way with him, as not many men can calm Patricia when she's on the warpath. She adds that she hopes they can meet up again sometime, under more pleasant circumstances. Jim replies that he just thought he'd let her know that everything was OK. Fiona thanks him and hangs up. She then turns to Terry and tells him that she's got to hand it to Jim - she just thanks her lucky stars. Changing the subject, she suggests that he get on with the luggage and she'll call a taxi. Terry, though, tells her that he's not going - he's going to stay on for a while. Fiona, looking surprised, replies that that's crazy - the very next thing that happens, he'll be under suspicion; the further away he is, the better. Terry retorts that he hasn't done nothing. Fiona tells him that that's beside the point - just to be under suspicion is going to look bad for him. Terry tells her that his kid is in that house with Patricia, and if someone really is out to get her, Fee could be in danger too. Fiona says she doesn't think they're going to hurt Fee. Terry, though, asks about what if she gets in the way - he wants to talk to that O'Brien bloke again and make sure he keeps an eye on Fee as well as Patricia. Fiona tells him that she's got to get back, as she promised to take Davey to Lynn. Terry says he's sure Beryl won't mind him staying on. Fiona tells him that she hates to leave him. Terry assures her that he'll be alright - he's just looking after his daughter. Fiona looks worried.

Next door, Heather brushes Mike's suit jacket. As she does so, she asks Mike if he's met this Terry Hansen. Mike replies that he hasn't - why? Heather explains that Katie just has, and she's very impressed - he's got problems, of course! Mike says, "What: acne?!" He puts his jacket on. Looking worried, Heather asks him what chance he thinks he has of landing this job. Mike tells her that he's got the qualifications, so he should stand a fairly good chance. Seeing the look on his wife's face, he goes on that, if he gets it, he's not going to get sucked-in like he was before. Heather tells him that she couldn't stand it if that happened again. Mike assures her that it won't happen - at five o'clock, he'll just switch off. Heather wishes him good luck.

In the lounge room at Toorak, Jim asks Jill if she can stick around, as he has to get back to work. Noticing Patricia pouring herself another drink, he tells her that that won't help. Patricia snaps at him that, if he won't let her take her pills, at least let her have a drink. Jim suggests that maybe she should go upstairs and relax. Patricia angrily asks how she can relax when she doesn't know what will happen to her next. Jim points out that there mightn't be anything else. Patricia retorts that Fiona and Terry won't give up that easily. She suddenly decides, though, that she will lie down, as she didn't get much sleep last night. She asks Jim to come back straight after work. Jim tells her that, if she makes up a spare bed, he'll stay the night. Patricia heads upstairs. Alone with Jill, Jim comments that Patricia is really freaked out. Jill points out that it's understandable, as she's only just getting over a nervous breakdown. Jim goes on that, after talking to Fiona and Terry, he just can't see them doing that kind of thing. Jill agrees, "No way - whoever is going it is really loopy, right?" Jim says he guesses they have to be. Jill tells him that she can't think of anyone else who could-- She suddenly breaks off, and Jim asks her if she's thought of somebody. Jill replies that it's silly. Jim urges her to go on. Jill suggests, "Patricia." Jim, looking puzzled, says he doesn't follow. Jill says that, suppose what was done to Margaret's headstone was just vandalism - but Patricia started to think she was being got at. Jim asks, "What about the calls?" Jill points out that no one was there when she got them. Jim reminds her that they've seen the cards. Jill tells him that Patricia could have typed them herself. Jim, looking surprised, asks why she'd do it. Jill quickly assures him that she probably didn't - but she has done some pretty crazy things in the past, and she's been under a lot of pressure lately; she's probably way off beam, but she just can't think of anybody else. Jim suggests that maybe they'd better keep a closer eye on her than they thought.

Wayne is on the 'phone in the hallway at Dural. Amanda is on the other end and she tells him that she just wanted to find out how Gordon is. Wayne snaps that he's home, and he's OK, and if he gets plenty of rest, there'll be no worries. Amanda asks him to give him her love. Wayne growls, "For what it's worth." Amanda hangs up. At the Morrell apartment, Andy points out that he told her that she'd only get upset if Wayne answered. Amanda assures him that it doesn't worry her. Changing the subject, Andy asks her if she's ready to go. Amanda asks him if he's sure he's doing the right thing. Andy replies that he's got to convince Lynn that there's nothing between him and Amanda; he has to explain about the other night. Amanda anxiously says she just hopes Lynn listens...

David is sitting with Gordon on the settee in the lounge room at Dural. Gordon explains that Barbara is determined to keep him glued there! David tells him that Irene Fisher is coming to dinner, so she'll brighten the place up. Wayne comes in and asks Gordon if there's anything he wants. David asks if he can use the 'phone to chase up some more local work. Gordon tells him that he can, and he heads out to the hall. Wayne sits down next to his father. Gordon smiles and says he told Barbara that he'd rather be back doing paperwork! Wayne assures him that he'll take care of that. Gordon asks who was on the 'phone. Wayne explains that it was Amanda, wanting to know how he is. Gordon asks him if there's still a chance of them getting together again. Wayne tells him that he mustn't worry about things - doctor's orders. Gordon, though, goes on and asks Wayne if he's making an effort, as he doesn't want them to fall apart. Wayne replies that it's just taking time, that's all. Gordon smiles and tells him that he's glad he's working on it - he misses Amanda; he's very fond of her. He asks Wayne if he's invited her to come over sometime. Wayne replies that of course he has - they are trying to get it together. He tells his father not to worry. Gordon says, "As long as you're working on it." Wayne tells him that they are. He then stands up and says he has to go out for a while - he has a few things to fix up.

Amanda and Andy are standing in the corridor at Irene's boarding house, and Irene tells them that she's sorry but they can't see Lynn. Amanda asks why not. Irene explains that Fiona has just arrived from Melbourne with Lynn's little boy; it's brightened her up a lot, but seeing the two of them could set her back to square one. Andy asks if she's being looked after alright - has she seen a doctor. Irene smiles knowingly and says, "Yes, she's seen a doctor!" She then goes on that, when the time is right, she'll let Lynn know that they want to see her, and if she agrees, it's all systems go. Andy asks her to just look after her right. Irene assures him that the girl is in good hands.

Sometime later, Amanda and Andy arrive back at the Morrell apartment. As Andy opens the door, Amanda points out that Fiona is with Lynn, so he should stop worrying; there's nothing they can do that-- She stops in her tracks as she sees Wayne sitting on the couch, grinning at her, nastily. She angrily asks him how he got in. Wayne reminds her that it's as much his place as theirs. Andy angrily asks him what he wants. Wayne retorts that he wants to talk to his wife, if that's alright by him. Amanda asks him what he wants to talk about. Wayne replies, "A reconciliation." Andy laughs and tells Wayne that if he reckons Amanda will come back to him he's off his nut. Wayne growls that it's nothing to do with Andy, so he should shove off and let him talk to Amanda. Amanda tells Wayne that she can't see the point of a reconciliation. Wayne replies that, if she gives two hoots about Gordon, she should hear him out. Andy tells her that Wayne is just trying to get at her. Amanda looks at him and implores, "Please, Andy." Wayne explains that the doctor says Gordon mustn't have any worries - but he's worried about the two of them; it would put his mind at rest if he saw the two of them getting back together again. Amanda incredulously says, "Pretend?" Wayne points out that there's no chance of it being the real thing, is there. Amanda agrees, "None at all." Wayne tells her that, if she does this now, he'll back off - and when Gordon is OK, he'll stay out of her life for good. Amanda, looking thoughtful, says it may be worth something. She asks Wayne what he wants her to do. Wayne replies that she should come round to the house from time-to-time - let Gordon see them together; make it appear that they're working things out. Andy snaps that that's stupid: Gordon is eventually going to find out the truth. Wayne yells at him to keep out of it. He turns back to Amanda and explains more calmly that, once Gordon is fully recovered, they can tell him truth - but for now, they'll do all they can to put his mind at rest. Andy tells Amanda that she doesn't owe Wayne anything. Wayne snaps at him again that it's none of his business. Andy retorts that he's making it his business to protect Amanda from him. Amanda snaps at Andy that she wouldn't be doing it for Wayne - she'd be doing it for Gordon; he and Aunty Barb have been very good to her. Wayne tells her that he'll ring her to arrange a time to come over. He then adds that he hopes she has enough sense not to bring Andy. He picks up his jacket and goes. When they're alone, Andy snaps at Amanda that she must be out of her mind. Amanda replies that she knows she's not going to enjoy it, but she has to do it. She then adds that, besides, it could give her the chance she's been waiting for. Andy asks, "What chance?" Amanda explains that she means the chance to open Aunty Barb's eyes to what Wayne has really been doing; she might just be able to put a spoke in his wheel...

David opens the front door at Dural to Irene. He invites her in and asks how Lynn is. Irene replies that she's starting to eat again, little-by-little - and now Davey's there, it should make all the difference. David says that's good. He then adds that they haven't told Gordon anything about it, and Irene agrees that it's best not to. They head into the lounge room, and Gordon smiles and says, "Hello there!" when he sees Irene. He then adds that Barbara is in the kitchen. He offers Irene a drink. Irene turns to David and says, "Beer, thanks, CB!" Gordon asks what the 'CB' stands for. Irene looks round at David and explains, "Cute... Radio!" Gordon realises that she's talking about David's truck! He then says, "Mrs. Fisher..." Irene quickly tells him to call her 'Irene'. She adds that she only kept the 'Fisher' to remind herself what a louse her second husband was so that she wouldn't get married a third time! Gordon smiles. He then tells her that she saved his life the other day, so is there any way he can repay her? Irene assures him she's had all the thanks she needs: because of him, she met CB, there - he saved Fiona and her a fortune by vetting all those builder's quotes! As she says this, she hands David another quote and asks him for his opinion. While he reads it, she asks Gordon which heart specialist he went to. Gordon replies, "Henry Cartwright." Irene remarks that he's the best in the business. She then turns back to David and asks about the quote. David tells her that it's about the best she'll do. He then adds that, seeing that he's going to be around for a while, why doesn't he drop in from time-to-time and see how things are going? Irene smiles and says she'd like that.

Luke and Roger Carlyle are standing by the front doors of The Acorn. Luke tells his father that he only has an hour before he has to be back at work. Roger curtly comments that he thought his son knew him better than to think he'd waste anybody's time. He asks how the job is going. Luke snaps that it's fine. Roger goes on that it doesn't strike him as the sort of thing Luke would enjoy much. Luke snaps that he said it's fine. Roger, changing the subject, tells him that he has a proposition for him. Luke snaps that he's not interested, and he goes to walk off. Roger pleads, "Luke..." Luke reluctantly turns back. Roger tells him that he can understand him wanting to go it alone; in fact, he admires him for it. Luke remarks that that's a change of heart. Roger continues that he's never been an unreasonable man; Luke has made his point, so he's willing to consider a compromise. Luke retorts that his father has never compromised in his life. Roger replies that he's never been close to losing a son before. He explains that Luke has proved that he's serious about being a doctor, but that's going to cost - so what if he offers him a job? Luke, looking suspicious, asks what job. Roger replies, "My assistant." Luke snaps that he's got to be joking. Roger, though, tells him that he's got the qualifications and he knows his business practices; it's not a menial job - at least there'd be a challenge. Luke snaps that there's no way he's going back to Perth. Roger replies that he's not asking him to - he's decided to work out of Melbourne for a while: he's made some good contacts there. He goes on that what he's suggesting is six months as his assistant, and after that time, he'll have some decent savings behind him - enough to get him started on his medical studies. He tells Luke to think about it - he doesn't like to see him living like he is and doing a job he obviously hates. He suggests that Luke ring him when he's thought about it.

A while later, at the O'Briens', Jeff asks Luke if he told his father to get lost. Luke replies that he didn't - he walked back to the restaurant and quit his job. Heather incredulously asks him if he's going to accept the offer. Luke replies that he is. Jeff tells him that he's crazy; after everything he did to get away from him... Luke explains that his father promised not to pressure him. Mike asks him if he can believe him. Luke explains that, when his dad gives his word in business, you can trust him. Heather comments that she can't see him giving up that easily. Luke tells her that his father is banking on him getting hooked and liking the challenge. Heather points out that it could happen. Luke replies that it won't to him - he knows what he wants: he'll use his dad's money to get him to medical school and then Roger won't see him for dust. Jeff says he reckons Luke should just keep away from his father. Mike, though, points out that it's nothing to do with them. Luke assures them that he'll make it work out - his father's not going to win this time.

It's nighttime, and at Toorak, Jill is tending to Fee in the lounge room. Patricia is at the front door, letting Jim in. He asks her if she's alright, and she replies that she is. He then asks if there have been any more 'phone calls. Patricia tells him that there haven't, but she's glad he's there just the same. She adds that she's sorry if she was hard to take, earlier. Jim points out that she had good reason. Patricia heads off to lay the table for dinner. Alone with Jill, Jim comments that Patricia seems a lot better. Jill replies that she had quite a long sleep this afternoon. Jim says he thinks they might have been jumping to conclusions about her making up stories. Jill agrees that she thinks so, too. In the living room, Patricia takes a table cloth out of a drawer and goes to lay it on the table. As she does so, she suddenly notices something leaning against one of the candlesticks on the table. It's another note. She doesn't touch it, but reads: 'I TOLD YOU I'D BE HERE TONIGHT'. She immediately dashes into the lounge room, calling for Jim. She tells him that there's another one - he must have got into the house. Jim, looking surprised, asks her what she's talking about. Patricia tells him that there's another note on the dining room table - he must be in there. The three of them head into the living room, and Patricia points out the note on the table. There's nothing there. Patricia looks round the room and cries in panic, "It was there before - honestly."


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