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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

As Lynn stands looking down, a woman and two young boys come along the track. One of the boys notices Lynn and asks his mother what's going on. The woman tells him to stay close to her or go back to the car; the girl is too close to the edge, but she's old enough to look after herself. They start walking off. Lynn continues to look out to sea. Suddenly, one of the boys throws the ball he's holding towards the edge of the cliff and it bounces over the edge. The boy runs after it while his mother cries out to him to come back. As the the boy approaches her, Lynn turns to look at him and tells him that his mummy is calling him. The woman runs over. Lynn smiles and says she had better put him on a leash! The woman chides the boy that he could have fallen all the way down there if the lady hadn't stopped him. Lynn tells her that it's OK. The woman says she had better get them back in the car before they do anything else silly. The three of them walk off. Lynn, looking thoughtful, then turns and climbs back up to the track and starts walking back to her car.

Irene, Fiona, Terry and David are in Terry's old bedsit at Irene's boarding house. Irene is telling them about where the new furniture is going, and adds that they won't recognise the place! David says he still reckons the quote is too high. Irene retorts that they did a good job in her place. Fiona suggests that maybe they should get some more quotes before they go any further. The three of them leave the room and Irene closes the door behind them. Out in the the corridor, she suddenly asks if she's growing a moustache! Terry tells her that she isn't. Irene asks why he's staring at her, then. Terry replies that he didn't realise he was. Irene tells him that he is; in fact, they've all been a bit strange since they got there. Realising what's going on, she then suggests that they should get this sorted out once and for all. She opens the door to her flat and says there's something she wants to show them that should satisfy their curiosity. She goes and takes a framed certificate down from the wall, hands it to Terry, and tells him to pass it around. She goes on that she is a doctor; she just doesn't practise any more. She explains that the certificate is in that the name of Irene Morris - that's her first husband's name; 'Fisher' is from her second marriage. She suggests that while they're digesting the certificate, she'll get some lunch. She adds that the subject is now closed as far as she's concerned. She goes. Terry immediately comments that he can't work out why she's not making a fortune as a doctor instead of earning peanuts running this place. David points out that it's not their business. Terry remarks that it makes you wonder. Fiona tells him that they'll have to keep wondering, because Irene obviously doesn't want to talk about it.

Out in the corridor, Lynn comes round the corner, walking very slowly and unsteadily. One of the residents comes towards her, and Lynn asks him where she can find the lady who owns the place. The man replies that he last he knew, she was staying in the bedsit they're standing next to, while the builders finished her own flat. Lynn goes and knocks on the door of Terry's old room. There's no response, though. The man asks her if she's thinking of moving in. Lynn doesn't answer. He goes on that it's not a bad place to live; he's got a room down the hall if she'd like to see what they look like. Lynn continues to ignore him, and carries on knocking. After a few moments, the man walks off.

In Irene's flat, David hears the knocking and calls to Irene to tell her that someone is trying to knock down the door to her bedsit! Irene asks him to tell them that she's back in there. David goes to the door, opens it and sees Lynn knocking on the door opposite. Looking surprised, he asks her what she's doing there. She turns round nervously and explains that Wayne told her that she could find him there. David explains that he meant: what's she doing in Sydney? Lynn quietly replies that she just had to come up. David tells her that the rest of them are across the hallway; they're having lunch, if she'd like some. Lynn quietly says she couldn't face being with strangers right now. She asks if they can talk by themselves. David replies that he's sure Irene won't mind them using the bedsit. Lynn cries. "Oh, Mr. Palmer..." David asks what the matter is. Lynn tells him, "Just a little while ago... I was so close to taking my life..."

A few minutes later, in the bedsit, Lynn sobs that, to get up there and find Andy have never loved her at all was awful; she was prepared to throw away so much, and he was just out for a good time. She cries that it would have been so easy, standing there on the cliff... it would have only taken a couple of seconds... and she would have jumped, too, if that boy hadn't come running up...; straight away, she thought about Davey and about how selfish she was being: what would have happened to him if she'd gone through with it? David points out that she didn't, and that's all that matters. Lynn tells David that she really needs him; she's too ashamed to go home and face her mum and dad; she couldn't even bring herself to ring Mrs. Palmer. David says he reckons Beryl will understand. Lynn replies that she wouldn't blame her if she didn't. She goes on that she's even got a nerve coming to him, but there's no one else... David gives her a hug and tells her that they love her; he's not going to turn his back on her. Tears stream down Lynn's face.

Sitting at the table in Irene's flat, Fiona asks where David's got to. Irene comments that Terry said there was a girl out there. Fiona asks him if he recognised her. Terry replies that he didn't; he just heard a voice, but he didn't recognise that, either. David suddenly comes back in and asks Irene if she's got any sort of sedative. Irene replies that she's got some aspirin. Fiona asks what's wrong. David explains that Lynn has turned up; she's in a mess - but he'll explain later. He turns to Terry and asks him to 'phone Barbara and let her know that Lynn is safe and is there with them. He then asks Irene if she could have a look in on Lynn. Irene asks if Fiona shouldn't do that, as she knows the girl. David points out to Irene that she's a doctor. Irene snaps, "No I'm not." Fiona quickly says she'll look in, and she gets up and goes. Irene glares at David, before he, too, returns to Lynn. As they stand out in the corridor, Fiona says to David that he had better fill her in a bit, first. David explains that Lynn hasn't eaten for days - she's been on some stupid diet; she's up there in Sydney because of Andy Green. He asks Fiona if she knows about that. Fiona replies that she heard a whisper from Beryl. David continues that it's all gone wrong, and she's finally given up on Andy; he told her to go back to Melbourne, but she feels everyone's going to be talking about her; the thing is, she's missing Davey like mad, so it looks like he'll have to go down and bring him back to her. Fiona says she can do that. David insists that he can do it, but Fiona tells him that she was thinking of going down anyway - she can kill two birds with one stone.

Jill and Patricia arrive back at Toorak and Jill thanks Patricia for coming with her to see Robin. She asks her if she noticed any improvement. Patricia replies that she's not sure - she supposes the muscle improvement in his arms is a good sign. They head into the lounge room and Patricia offers Jill a mineral water. Jill says she'd love one. She then asks Patricia about the little girl from the children's home. She adds that Patricia never struck her as the sort of person who's interested in kids. Patricia tells her that she's right there - but something about Lucy reminded her of when she was a kid; she just felt that she'd like to do something for her. Jill asks if having Lucy over today is part of it. Patricia explains that it's an outing for her; she just hopes it doesn't turn into a disaster. Jill suggests that maybe she can help...

A while later, back at the Palmers', Beryl hands Fee to Jill but warns her that she's making a mistake. Jill curtly replies that she doesn't think so - having Fee around might help Lucy relax with Patricia. Beryl mutters that she doesn't believe anyone can relax with Patricia. Jill snaps that Beryl just won't give her a break. Beryl retorts that she doesn't deserve one - she just pities poor Lucy if Patricia ever has any influence over her. Jill angrily tells Beryl that Patricia came to the hospital with her today, to visit Robin - not only because she's paying for his treatment; she's obviously interested in him - and now she wants to put a new wing on the children's home for Lucy. She goes on that Beryl may never give Patricia any credit for doing anything worthwhile, but she's doing pretty good in her books. Beryl snaps at her that Patricia has really pulled the wool over her eyes - she thought Jill would have more sense after what Patricia did to Terry up at Woombai. Jill angrily asks if she's supposed to feel sorry for Terry; what about all the things he's done? Beryl retorts that that's not the point. Jill snaps that of course it isn't - but the point is, Patricia is being more of a friend to her now than some of the people she used to think where close to her. She goes on that she's sorry Beryl feels the way she does, because she just can't agree with her. She picks up Fee in her bassinet and heads out.

Jim throws a football to Patricia in the grounds at Toorak. Patricia catches it and Jim laughs, "Very good. Now kick it!" Patricia looks dubious, but Lucy, who's standing watching, repeats that she's got to kick it. Patricia laughs that she doesn't know how! Jim tells Lucy to show her, and so Lucy picks up the ball, drops it and kicks it. The ball goes shooting towards Jim. Lucy tells him to kick it back and let Patricia have a go. He does as he's told! Lucy tells Patricia to drop the ball and kick it . Patricia does this and the ball goes flying away. Lucy tells her that she kicked it out of court! Jill arrives and walks over to them. She remarks that she doesn't believe Patricia's playing football! She asks what's going on. Patricia explains that they're trying to get Lucy to relax more - and it just so happens that her favourite sport is football. They walk over to Lucy and Patricia tells her to say 'hi' to Jill's baby - her name's 'Fee'. To her surprise, Lucy snaps that she doesn't like babies; take it away. She runs off.

A few minutes later, Patricia walks into the house, shuts the front door and joins Lucy in the lounge room. She tells the girl that she's going to make something to eat, and asks her if she'd like that. Lucy doesn't answer. Patricia goes on that she's really surprised Lucy didn't like Jill's baby, as she's a lovely little girl; still, she guesses they're all entitled to their reasons for not liking something or someone - but all the same, she felt that Lucy should have been a bit more polite... She continues that Jill was only trying to do the right thing - she brought the baby around because she thought Lucy would like her; she's sorry it turned out to be such a bad idea - she was really hoping that today would be special for her. Lucy asks Patricia why she should care about her. Patricia replies, "Because I do." Lucy snaps that that's not a proper answer. Patricia gives in and goes on that, alright: at the moment, there's nobody in her life that she really cares about - and she thinks it's important for people to have somebody they can feel close to. Lucy retorts that they have lots of people who come to the home and say they care; they take you out a couple of times and buy you lots of ice creams, and then you never see them again. Patricia says she's sure that happens... all she's asking Lucy to do is give her a chance to prove that she's not one of those people - that's the truth. She tells the girl that she does want to be her friend, but she'll leave it to her to decide. She heads off to the kitchen, leaving Lucy looking thoughtful.

It's nighttime, and Fiona has arrived at the Palmers'. As they stand in the lounge room, Beryl says she can understand why Lynn doesn't want to come back to Melbourne, but she'd be better off if she did - and Andy being up there can only cause more problems for her. Fiona points out that being hundreds of miles away from him didn't exactly help, either. She goes on that, anyway, Lynn has changed her mind about the boy now, so maybe everything will turn out alright. She adds that, of course, there's another good reason why Lynn should stay in Sydney: she's too weak to travel at the moment. Beryl retorts that that's only because she went on that silly diet. Fiona agrees, saying, "Well, she did it, didn't she." She goes on that having Davey up there will probably be a good thing - the responsibility of having to look after him might make her start looking after herself. Beryl replies that as long as Fiona and David are up there to look after her... Changing the subject, Fiona asks if Jill is coming round for tea. Beryl says she doesn't know - she was rather upset when she went to Patricia's; she's afraid she didn't put her in a very good mood for Fiona to have a talk to. Fiona assures Beryl that she would have said exactly the same as her; how anyone can constantly be taken in by Patricia never ceases to amaze her. Beryl agrees, "Me neither." She adds, though, that Patricia isn't going to get away with it for much longer: she doesn't know how, but if she can at any time take that woman down a peg or two, she's going to do it. Fiona smiles and remarks that that doesn't sound like the 'turn the other cheek Beryl' she knows! Beryl retorts that she's just had enough of Patricia; the way she's turned Jim against her so blatantly, and the way she's using Jill to get at Fiona and Terry... she just shouldn't be allowed to get away with it. Fiona grimly replies that if Patricia does turn Jill into a hostile witness at Terry's trial, Beryl can count her on-side; she'd better believe it.

The table is laid in the living room at Toorak, with a huge pizza in the middle. Jill comments that it's a real banquet. Patricia agrees that it is if you like that sort of thing. She adds that she told Lucy that she'd lay on whatever she wanted for dinner. Jill asks where Lucy is. Patricia replies that she's out with Jim, buying ice cream. Jill remarks that the girl has behaved a lot better since Patricia had a talk to her. Patricia says she'd still be interested to know why she reacted to Fee the way she did. Jill suggests that it'll come out in time. The front door suddenly opens and Lucy and Jim come bounding in. Lucy tells Patricia that they got it: Banana and Strawberry! She notices the spread on the table and excitedly asks if that's all for her. Patricia tells her, "Any everybody else!" Jim tells Lucy to run upstairs and wash her hands. Lucy replies that she'll race him to the bathroom, and they dash off! Patricia smiles and says to Jill that she thinks Jim is a bigger kid than Lucy! Jill comments to her that she really enjoys having him around, doesn't she? Patricia replies that he's a lot of fun.

Lynn is lying asleep in bed in the bedsit at Irene's boarding house; Irene is feeling her pulse. The door to the room opens, and David comes in. He smiles as he sees what's happening, and Irene grimly remarks that old habits die hard. David asks how Lynn is. Irene replies that she's not as well as she should be. She asks how long it is since Lynn has eaten. David tells her that it's a couple of days, from what she told him this afternoon. Irene says she'll make her some broth for when she wakes up. David smiles and tells Irene that he reckons she would have been a good doctor when she was practising. Irene replies that she was - damn good. David tells her that she shouldn't have given it up. Irene bluntly replies that it wasn't her decision. She walks off, leaving David looking thoughtful.

Fiona and Beryl walk from the kitchen into the lounge room at the Palmers'. They suddenly hear the front door bang, and Beryl comments that it'll probably be Jill. She adds that she's got clothes to put away, so she'll leave them to it. She goes, and Jill comes in. She looks annoyed to see Fiona standing there. Fiona says, "Hi..." She goes on that she's not there to give Jill a hard time - she came to collect Davey for Lynn. She ask Jill how she's been. Jill just snaps, "Alright." Fiona continues that she was so disappointed that Jill didn't return her calls. She asks where Fee is. Jill retorts that she's with Patricia. Looking astonished, Fiona asks, "Why on earth--" Jill interrupts her and tells her that the reason she didn't call her back was because, after talking to Patricia about it, she realised that they'd just be going over the same old ground. Fiona snaps, "So... Patricia is 'Madam Confidante', now, is she?" Jill retorts that she's someone she can talk to who doesn't try and make up her mind for her. Fiona growls, "I bet..." She then asks Jill if Patricia has told her what to say when she gets on the stand at Terry's trial. Jill snaps that they haven't talked about it because she hasn't given it any thought. Fiona tells her that she's going to have to start-- Jill interrupts and snaps that, when the time comes, she'll say what she has to; just don't pressure her. She angrily continues that, every time she puts a foot in this house, someone starts hassling her. Fiona insists that they're only really trying to-- Jill interrupts again and snaps that they don't have to bother anymore - Patricia asked her to move in with her today, and she said 'yes'; the only reason she came back was to tell Beryl and to collect her things. Fiona, looking shocked, whispers, "Alright... that's enough. It's time that woman was taught a lesson." She goes.

At Irene's boarding house, Lynn wakes up, and Irene, holding a bowl of broth, tells her to have something to eat. Lynn cries that she can't - it'll make her sick. Irene helps her sit up. Lynn goes on that she tried to have a sandwich this morning, but she just couldn't face it. Irene comments that David said she hasn't eaten for two days - that's some diet. She asks her if she knows she's on the verge of becoming anorexic. Lynn retorts that she's just not hungry. Irene ask her why she's lying there in a state of near-collapse, then. She goes on that she knows what she's talking about, as she's been through it with somebody before. She suggests that they start getting on with it, and she puts some broth in a spoon and puts it to Lynn's mouth. Lynn, though, pushes it away. Irene snaps at her that she might as well have jumped off that cliff today and saved people a lot of trouble. She adds that David told her - and he's one of the people who cares - so if she's going to kill herself, don't drag it out by starving herself to death; get it over and done with. She then asks Lynn how her little boy is going to feel when he gets there and sees Lynn turning herself into a skeleton. She hands her the broth again and Lynn sips some. Irene says, "That's a good girl..."

Patricia is sitting dozing on the couch at Toorak; there's loud classical music on in the background. She suddenly hears the front door opening, and stirs as Jim comes in. He tells her that Lucy will be all tucked up warm in bed by now. Patricia asks if he got her back alright. Jim replies that he did. As he goes to pour some brandies, Patricia asks if Lucy said anything about-- Jim interrupts and replies that she said on the way back that if it's alright by Patricia, she'd like to come again. Patricia smiles and says that's good - it looks like they've had a breakthrough. Jim agrees that he'd say so. Patricia then tells him that she's glad he's back: Jill called while he was out - apparently, Fiona is on her way over there, all set to do battle with her. Looking surprised, Jim asks what about. Patricia replies that she doesn't know; jealousy, basically: Fiona doesn't like her having anything to do with Jill - she thinks she's a bad influence. She more sadly goes on that she's had such a good day today - she doesn't want to have to face a slanging match with her. Jim tells her that he'll face up to her if Patricia likes. Patricia thanks him, but adds that Fiona isn't easily put off - especially when she's in one of her vindictive moods; she'll let her have her say and tell her to get lost. Jim comments that he doesn't want her yelling down the house, waking up Fee. There's suddenly a knock on the door, and Patricia grimly comments, "Here goes." She walks to the door and opens it. It isn't Fiona standing there, though; it's a man, and he says, "Mrs. Morrell?" Patricia replies that she is. The man explains that his name is Dennis McArthur - he works at the cemetery. He goes on that they've notified the police, but he doubts there's much they can do about it; he was on his way home and thought he'd drop in and personally tell her. Patricia, looking puzzled, says, "Tell me what?" Mr. McArthur replies that it's bad news, he's afraid: "It's your sister's grave: it's been badly desecrated."


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