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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

It's nighttime, and the front door of the Morrell apartment opens. Amanda walks in, followed by several other people, all making lots of noise. She tells them to make themselves at home. Andy comes in behind everyone else, looking annoyed. One of the guests turns the stereo on at full volume, and Andy immediately snaps at the guy that he'll wreck the speakers. The guy turns the volume down. A female guest asks Andy where all the stereo stuff from the party is. Andy tells her that that's strictly business. He walks over to where Amanda is standing by the bar, drink in hand, and angrily asks her why she had to drag everybody back there. Amanda explains that she's in a party mood! Andy tells her that she can't drag half the crowd back every time they work somewhere. Amanda tells him that, tonight, she needs to let her hair down. Andy warns her to just not overdo it. She walks over to a guy standing by the couch and he puts his arm round her. They sit down. Andy looks worried.

Beryl is sitting at the living room table at the Palmer house when Jill comes in. She comments that Beryl is burning the midnight oil. Beryl explains that she can't sleep. She asks how the pictures were, and Jill replies that they were pretty good - although she must remember not to go to a double-feature again, as she's exhausted! Beryl asks how Luke was, and Jill tells her that he fell asleep in the second feature - although he'll swear he didn't, as he doesn't want to feel guilty about not paying for the tickets. Beryl remarks that it's just as well that he doesn't know that someone else was calling for her tonight. Jill asks who it was. Beryl replies that he said his name was Greg; he promised that he'd call back. Looking slightly annoyed, Jill comments that that's all she needs: another possessive male. Changing the subject, she asks Beryl if she's turning in now. Beryl says, "Not yet." Jill asks if something's wrong; is there something Beryl wants to talk about? Beryl explains that it's Lynn: she's gone tearing off to Sydney.

The 'phone rings at the Morrell apartment. One of the guests answers it, saying, "Fire Brigade!" Beryl comes on and, sounding surprised at the noise in the background, asks if Andy is there. The guy says, "Who?" Beryl replies, "Andy Green - is he there?" The guy at the party asks the girl he's standing with if she knows anyone called Andy. The girl says she doesn't, and so the guy tells Beryl that he's sorry, but Andy is out fighting a fire! He hangs up. Andy immediately comes over and asks who that was who was calling. The guy replies that it was some sheila wanting her cat rescued! No one notices that he hasn't put the 'phone back on the hook. In Melbourne, Beryl dials again, but then tells Jill that it's engaged now. Jill asks her if she's sure she got the right number. Beryl insists that she did, adding suspiciously that she'd love to know what's going on up there.

At the party, Andy watches in horror as one of the male guests, who's dancing with Amanda, puts his arm around her and starts coming on more strongly. He walks over to the guy, pulls him away from Amanda and tells him to get out. He goes and opens the door, so that it's ajar, but doesn't notice that Lynn is standing out in the hallway. The guy tells Andy that he's a jerk, and angrily asks who asked him to butt in. Andy snaps back that he's got every right to look after Amanda. The guy asks Andy who he is: her big brother, or something? Andy impatiently asks if he has to spell it out: they're shacked up together. The guy, looking surprised, says, "You and Amanda?" Out in the hallway, Lynn listens in horror as Andy tells him that he's spot on - and he doesn't take to kindly to people trying to muscle in on his lady. The guy snaps that Amanda didn't say anything. Andy walks back over to where Amanda is standing, and she asks what happened. Andy replies that he just stopped her making a fool of herself. Amanda asks him what he means. Andy tells her that he said a few things to the guy to make him keep his distance. He then adds, "And to make it look good..." He starts kissing Amanda passionately, as Lynn watches from the doorway. Tears start streaming down her face. Amanda pulls away and asks Andy what he's doing. Andy tells her that she'll thank him in the long run. By the door, Lynn runs off, sobbing heavily.

The next morning, Amanda, holding her head, goes to the bar and pours herself a soda water. Andy joins her and tells her that the shower's free - and there's Vitamin B in the kitchen if she wants it. Amanda snaps at him, "Don't speak to me." Andy asks her if she's still angry. Amanda asks why shouldn't she be. Andy insists that it was for her own good. He goes on that if she wants to live up to the bad reputation that Wayne has given her, go ahead, but she'd be worse off if he hadn't stopped her making a fool of herself. He suddenly notices that the 'phone is off the hook, and he puts the handset back on the base. It immediately starts ringing, and he answers it. STD pips sound and Beryl then comes on. She tells him that she was about to give up! Andy asks what's up. Beryl replies that she realises that he may not be able to talk with Lynn there-- Andy interrupts and asks why Lynn would be there. Sounding surprised, Beryl asks if she hasn't been in touch. Andy replies that he thought she was in Melbourne. Beryl explains that she's in a very bad way: she's hardly eaten anything for ages and she's very weak. Andy asks why she'd come there. Beryl tells him that she seemed to think her future was with him. She goes on that she's not telling him to ignore her, but she is pleading that he doesn't do anything rash - Lynn is married, and if she's going to make any decisions, she thinks she should do it carefully, after a lot of thought. Andy assures Beryl that he won't put any pressure on Lynn. He explains that he can't forget how Lynn helped him when he was pretty screwed up; it wouldn't be right if he didn't help her out now.

Lynn is sitting in the driver's seat in a car in an almost-deserted car park. She opens a pack of sandwiches, looks at them and then throws the packet down on the passenger seat. She starts the car engine, stares into space for a few seconds, and then puts the car into gear and drives off.

There's a frantic knocking on the front door at Dural, and Wayne runs downstairs to answer it. He opens the door and looks surprised to find Lynn standing on the step. She asks if David's there; she'd like to talk to him. Wayne replies that he's sorry, but he went out half an hour ago with Fiona, to look at Irene Fisher's boarding house. Lynn asks if Barbara is there. Wayne tells her that she's sleeping. He adds that he'd wake her up but Gordon had a bad night and she was at the hospital until the early hours. Lynn asks if she can come in and wait. Wayne tells her to suit herself. He asks her if she's alright. Lynn replies that she just had a pretty late night herself. They head into the lounge room; Lynn has to steady herself by grabbing the edge of the bar. Wayne tells her to help herself to some of the nibbles lying on the bar. He then opens the decanter of scotch and pours some into a glass. He goes to top it up with water, but Lynn grabs the glass and comments that maybe it'll wake her up, as she spent the night in the car. Wayne, looking surprised, says he thought famous models stayed at the best hotels! Lynn cries that she's so unhappy - she felt like driving off and never coming back; and after racing up there thinking Andy was the only one who understood, there he was, laughing and fawning all over 'her'. A look of annoyance crosses Wayne's face. Lynn goes on that she should have known 'she' wouldn't waste any time getting her hands onto him. Wayne says he guesses she's talking about Amanda. Lynn, realising the implications of what she's said, tells him that she's sorry. Wayne, though, replies through gritted teeth that he knows about those two: Andy did all he could to get Amanda away from him, so he's not surprised - he must have a thing about married ladies, as he's been after Amanda ever since Lynn left Woombai. Lynn, looking shocked, cries that she honestly believed Andy loved her; when they split up and she went back to Melbourne, she thought he was as miserable as she was; she was all set to... to give up her marriage; everything - and she came back to find him all comfy cosy with Amanda. She sobs that it would make you laugh, wouldn't it...

Andy and Amanda are clearing up the mess from the party. Andy says to Amanda that when Lynn gets there, he's going to take her straight to the Hamiltons'. Amanda asks what that will achieve. Andy replies that Lynn will make them realise that they weren't up to anything at Woombai; Barbara can cross-examine them as much as she likes, but they're going to come up with the same answers; he's going to sort out this whole mess. Amanda tells him that there's no need to convince her. She then comments that she wonders why Lynn is taking so long to get there. Andy remarks that Beryl said she was acting a bit funny. Amanda asks whether she could have gone straight to the Hamiltons'. Andy agrees that she might have done that - David's there. Amanda suggests that he ring them and warn them that Lynn might be on her way. Looking wary, Andy comments that he doesn't fancy catching Wayne on the 'phone. Amanda tells him to let her ring - she can handle him.

Lynn is sitting at the bar at Dural, drinking her scotch and soda. Wayne asks her if she's starting to feel better, and she tells him, "A little." The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and Wayne answers the handset on the bar. Amanda comes on and tells him that she hoped to get him. She asks if there's any word on Gordon. Wayne replies that he's stable. Amanda asks him to let Aunty Barb know that she's thinking of him. Wayne impatiently says he will, and he asks if there's anything else. Amanda explains that she wants to warn him about Lynn Palmer. Wayne looks at Lynn and then tells Amanda, "Just a sec." He tells Lynn that he won't be long - it's family business - and he heads out into the hallway, closing the lounge room doors behind him. Lynn pours herself another drink as he leaves. He goes and sits on the stairs. Amanda asks him if Lynn is there now. Wayne replies that she arrived a while ago. He asks what's going on. At the Morrell apartment, Amanda tells Andy that Lynn has turned up, and Andy asks Amanda to tell Wayne to tell Lynn to stay put. Amanda returns to the 'phone and tells Wayne that Andy is on his way. Wayne angrily snaps, "Really? What am I supposed to do: bake a cake?" Amanda snaps back that he doesn't have to do anything - Andy and Lynn will do it all. Wayne snaps, "Like what?" Amanda replies that they'll make Aunty Barb wake up to him; once they've set her straight, he'll be up the creek for good. She hangs up. In the lounge room at Dural, Lynn takes the stopper out of the decanter of scotch and pours herself another glass. Wayne comes back in and, seeing what she's doing, warns her to slow down. Lynn slurs that she's alright. Wayne, though, comments that he's never seen anyone write themself off so quickly. Lynn tells him that it's probably because she's drinking on an empty stomach. Wayne suggests that she go and sit down on the couch. He adds that she's going to have to sober up. Lynn asks why. Wayne explains that Andy is on his way over. Lynn retorts that she doesn't want to see him. Wayne goes on that Andy thinks he can talk her into clearing his name with Barbara. Lynn asks him what he means. Wayne explains that Andy reckons she'll lie for him and say nothing happened between them while they were staying at Woombai. Lynn replies that nothing did. Wayne sighs. Lynn continues that, for a while she wished it had; not anymore, though - not when he can turn around and find someone else just like 'that'. Wayne comments 'sympathetically' that it's rough. He then asks Lynn if she knows who he feels sorry for. Lynn looks at him, and he goes on, "Amanda." He explains that if Andy can forget Lynn so quickly, how long before Amanda ends up on the scrapheap too? Lynn snaps that it's not her problem. Wayne, though, tells her that he knows she's upset, but does she honestly want Amanda to go through the same as her? Lynn admits, "No... it's just sour grapes." Wayne tells her that one person can sort Amanda out: Barbara - but she won't put her foot down with Amanda until someone makes her realise just how shifty Andy really is. He tells Lynn that he can easily get Barbara; the rest is up to her.

Beryl and Jill are cleaning the silver in the living room at the Palmer house. Beryl says she wonders if she should let Victor and Muriel know about Lynn. Jill points out that they'd only worry. Beryl continues that she wishes Andy would call. There's suddenly a knock at the front door. Beryl looks out through the curtain to see who it is, and then says she wonders what that's all about. She goes and opens the door. There's a woman standing there, holding several arrangements of flowers. Beryl tells her to bring them inside before her arms drop off! The woman takes them into the living room and puts them down on the table. Jill comments, "Look at them!" The woman says they're for Jill O'Donnel, and she goes. Jill picks up the accompanying card, reads it and laughs. Beryl tells her not to keep her in suspense. Jill explains that they're from Greg Lawrence. She adds, "I don't believe it!"

Barbara and Wayne come downstairs at Dural, Wayne telling Barbara as they do so that he wouldn't have disturbed her if Lynn hadn't been such a mess. Barbara tells him not to worry about it. There's suddenly a knock at the door, and Wayne goes to get it while Barbara heads into the lounge room. She tells Lynn, who's lying down on the couch, that she looks shocking. Lynn admits that she doesn't feel the best. Barbara gently asks her what she's been up to. Loud voices suddenly emanate from the hallway: Wayne tells Andy that he's not welcome there. Andy snaps that he's not going until he sees Lynn. Wayne retorts that Lynn doesn't want to see him. They head into the lounge room, and Barbara snaps at them both to pipe down. She then tells Andy to go, and come back another time. Andy, though, angrily says he's not going until he's sorted out one thing. He goes on that Wayne has been feeding her a whole pack of lies, and Lynn is the only one who can set the record straight. He turns to Lynn and tells her to tell Mrs. Hamilton about the night he stayed in her room at Woombai; all she has to do is tell her that nothing happened between them. Lynn looks at him and then says, "How can I - when we both know it did?" Standing behind Andy, Wayne smiles to himself. Andy, looking astonished, asks Lynn why she's lying. Wayne, though, chips in that he could ask why she's finally telling the truth. He then goes on that it might have something to do with hearing him brag last night that he's shacked up with Amanda. Andy, caught off-guard, says, "What?" Barbara angrily asks if that's true. Andy insists that he can explain, but Barbara snaps at him that she thinks they've had enough. Andy angrily tells her that it's not fair - everything is being twisted around to make him look bad; all he wants is a chance to give his own side of the story. Barbara snaps, "Not in my house." She goes on that he's upset Lynn enough; he can go and tell Amanda that she's disgusted with her, as well. When Andy doesn't move, Wayne snaps at him that he heard: get out. Andy angrily retorts that he will go - for Lynn's sake. He leaves. Barbara sits down next to Lynn, who is sobbing heavily. She cries that she's got to go-- Barbara interrupts her and tells her that she's going nowhere in that condition; she'll get her a coffee and they can go out and sit by the pool and talk about what she's going to do.

A while later, a cup of coffee is resting on a table by the pool. Lynn is sitting in a chair at the table, and Wayne is standing next to her. He tells her, "Good on you - you let him have it with both barrels." He then goes on that all she has to do now is stick to the story and their 'friend' won't be able to give them any more trouble. He walks off, leaving Lynn looking worried and upset. She stares into space, and starts thinking about when she told Maggie Collins that there's a guy she's crazy about and how Mrs. Collins remarked that she never thought Lynn would stray; Lynn had told her that she hadn't yet. She thinks about when she told Beryl that she finally had to tell Mrs. Collins about why she was so keen to work. She thinks about telling Jill that she'd slim down if it kills her, and Jill asking if she'd go that far. She then thinks about Beryl telling her angrily that her temper is getting worse, and that she shouldn't take it out on Davey. She thinks about Beryl asking her where she's going, and her reply that she was off to see Andy, as she's sick of fighting how she feels. Then she thinks about the party, and hearing Andy telling that guy that he and Amanda are living together, and the guy asking if they're shacked up, and Andy telling him that he's spot on... She suddenly stands up, looking devastated, tears rolling down her cheeks. She half-walks, half-runs - looking unsteady on her feet - round to the front of the house. She climbs into her car, starts the engine and drives off.

Beryl opens the front door at the Palmer house to find a gentleman standing on the step. She asks him if she can help him, and he introduces himself as Greg Lawrence; he wondered if Jill was home. Beryl calls for her and she comes out of her bedroom. Beryl says to her, "Guess who's here?!" Jill looks surprised, and she tells Greg that she didn't expect to see him so soon after he sent the flowers. Greg says he hopes she liked them. Jill replies that they were lovely; there were so many of them, though, that they were thinking of giving some to the lady next door - she hopes he doesn't mind. Greg assures her that he doesn't if she'll come out with him! Jill smiles. She then tells him that it's very nice of him to ask, but she's seeing someone else. Greg asks her if she's engaged. Jill replies that she isn't. Greg goes on that, in that case, he's not too jealous to share her. Jill tells him that, if he wants the truth, she's been a bit of a mess lately. Greg replies that, if she's down in the dumps, that's all the more reason to take her out! He assures her that they'll have a great time - he promises! Jill smiles and remarks that he doesn't give up easily! Greg asks if they have a deal. He adds that he'll take her out on one date and if she's not completely happy, there's a full money-back guarantee! Jill laughs and gives in. Greg asks how lunch sounds. Jill asks when. Greg suggests tomorrow - he'll pick her up at 12ish. Jill says, "OK!" Greg turns to go and she closes the door. She then heads back into the living room, where Beryl is standing, smiling. Jill asks her if she heard what he said. Beryl replies that she didn't mean to eavesdrop, but yes! Jill asks why she shouldn't go out with him - it might be fun!

Greg is driving along, talking on his car 'phone to Roger Carlyle. He tells him that it's second time lucky: they're having lunch tomorrow. He adds that he told Roger that it wouldn't take long for the old Lawrence charm to win through...

At the Morrell apartment, Andy tells Amanda that he thought he was doing the right thing last night; how the hell was he supposed to know that Lynn overheard and got the wrong idea? Amanda says she can guess how Lynn feels. She then goes on, though, that, no matter how upset Lynn was, she can't imagine her lying to Aunty Barbara; Wayne must have put her up to it - he could get at Andy and have an extra go at her at the same time. She continues that it might backfire on him, though: once Lynn has calmed down, she'll feel terrible about lying and she'll tell the truth to Aunty Barb. Andy says they'd better keep their fingers crossed that Lynn gets back on her feet quick smart, as Wayne is going to seize every opportunity to stick the knife into them. Amanda snaps that he can do what he likes - it's only going to make him look worse when Lynn tells them the truth - and then they can really pull it out from under him.

Wayne is sitting in the lounge room at Dural. Barbara comes in and grimly comments that at least she's finally had some good news today: providing they make sure that Gordon takes it very easy, he can come home. Wayne smiles and says that's great. Barbara says she wonders if he realises what a madhouse he's coming back to. Wayne tells her that he knows a lot of it is his fault; he'll try and watch himself when Gordon gets back. Barbara sympathetically replies that she knows how galling it must have been for him when she didn't believe him about Andy; she supposes she just didn't want to believe the worst about him - or Amanda. Wayne tells her to forget it. Barbara, though, replies that she won't: since Gordon's attack, he's always been there for her. Wayne asks if he should check on Lynn. Barbara tells him not to - she'll see how she's getting on. Wayne smiles in delight...

Lynn has pulled into the side of a road near to the edge of some cliffs. She's leaning against her car. Seagulls are flying overhead, but she's ignoring them and is staring into space, looking scared and upset. She suddenly starts walking down the track that leads to the cliff-edge. She grabs onto the fence every now and again as she walks along, and picks at the leaves on the bushes and trees. There's a thoughtful look on her face as she heads along the track. After a couple of minutes, she comes to the edge of the cliff. She stands on some rocks and looks down at the rocks and the water tens of feet below. She then crosses her arms and stares at the sea, contemplating her future...


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