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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

Terry turns to look at Fiona and then tells her that he's getting out; leaving town. He adds that he's sorry about the money - he'll pay it back when he gets a job. Fiona cries that he's on bail - he can't; running away is no way to solve anything. Terry retorts that he's not spending five years in jail. Fiona asks who said anything about five years. Terry retorts that that's what he's likely to get when Jill says her piece - she won't be on his side. Fiona tells him that he doesn't know that. She asks him how far he thinks he'll get before the police find him - and even if he stays ahead of them, what will it be like, always on the move and looking over his shoulder? Terry replies that he'll just have to live with it. Fiona tells him that if he stays, she'll do everything she can to help - she'll get him the best solicitor in the country. Terry sourly replies that he doubts they can do any better than the one they've got now. He goes on, more angrily, that all he wanted was for Fiona to tell Sean O'Donnel the truth: that he was Fee's dad; that's when she could have helped. As he starts to walk off again, Fiona cries that, if he goes out of that door, she washes her hands of him. Terry retorts, "If that's what you want..." He walks off. Fiona stands there looking upset, and then closes the door.

As Terry walks down the driveway, he suddenly stops in his tracks: a police car is driving up towards him. It stops by him and the driver asks him where they can find Terence Hansen. Terry reluctantly replies that they're looking at him.

Fiona is sitting on the couch in the flat when the door opens and Terry comes back in. She comments that, obviously, what she said hit home. Terry, though, tells her that a couple of cops just turned up: they've found his car - stripped. He adds that Irene Fisher reported it pinched when they arrested him. He then tells Fiona that she was right about how he felt when he saw the cops - he freaked when those guys drove up. Fiona remarks that at least he showed sense and came back, even if it wasn't because of what she had to say. She stands up and continues that, if he is staying, she'll do everything she can to help - but she's not going to let him hurt her, anymore. She goes to her bedroom and shuts the door. Terry stands there for a moment, looking thoughtful. He looks at the closed door and then walks over to it. He goes to knock, but then appears to have second thoughts. He turns away, takes the money he took from Fiona's handbag out of his pocket and dumps it back on her bag before heading out.

It's nighttime, and Beryl has arrived back at the Palmers' and is taking her coat off. Lynn is sitting on the couch with Davey, and Beryl comments that she thought the kid would be well tucked up by now! She asks where Jill is, and Lynn replies that she's washing nappies. She then asks Beryl if she'll be home tonight. Beryl replies that she will, and she asks why. Lynn explains that she and Jill were hoping that she wouldn't mind babysitting while they see a movie. Beryl tells her, "Of course." She then asks about dinner, and Lynn replies that Jill is taking care of it - she's sticking in some sausages. Beryl asks her if she's sure her mum won't mind her eating with them. Lynn replies that she told her her mum that it's a special occasion, and that she couldn't let Beryl down. Looking surprised, Beryl comments that sausages are hardly a special occasion! Lynn explains that she had to say something: her mum has a terrible habit of forcing food onto her every time she goes on a diet. Beryl tells her that she's doing well with her diet. Lynn replies that she's still got a bit more to go - there's no way she's going to miss out on this modelling job; tying herself up for six weeks with work is just what she needs to keep her mind off Andy. Changing the subject, she tells Beryl that Patricia rang, and she wants Beryl to call her back. Beryl asks, "What for?" Lynn says she doesn't know; she's as surprised as Beryl is. Beryl comments that she doesn't suppose it's for a friendly chat. She goes to the 'phone and starts dialling.

Patricia is sitting on the settee in the lounge room at Toorak when the 'phone starts ringing. She gets up and answers it, and Beryl comes on and says it's her. Patricia thanks her for calling back. She then goes on that she just wondered if Beryl could help her. Beryl says, "Yes?" Patricia explains that she's decided to give some of Margaret's money to charity - in a way that could be a memorial to her: donating equipment to a hospital or children's home. She continues that she knows Beryl has got a lot of contacts in that area, and she was wondering if she could give her a list of names of people who could advise her on how best to put her money to use. Sounding surprised, Beryl replies that she would have thought Patricia already had those contacts. Patricia admits that she used to, but she lost most of them a couple of years ago. She asks Beryl if she minds. Beryl replies that she supposes not. Patricia asks if they could get together later this evening. Beryl replies that she'll be home all evening if Patricia wants to come over. Patricia tells her that she'll see her later. Beryl says 'bye' and hangs up. She then heads into the kitchen. Lynn is laying the table, but Beryl asks her why she's only setting two places. Lynn explains that she's not eating - she's had her calories for today. Beryl warns her to watch it, as she doesn't want to get sick; she's already looking a bit drawn around the face. Lynn retorts that Beryl is starting to sound like her mum. Beryl says she's sorry. Lynn, though, quickly tells her that she's sorry - she's snapping too much these days. She asks what Patricia wanted, and Beryl replies that she wants to talk about using Margaret's money for a memorial to Margaret. Lynn comments that that's nice of her. Beryl agrees that it is - if she's genuine; with Patrica, you never know. She adds that, if it's another of her little schemes, she'll soon get short shrift from her.

In the kitchen at the O'Briens', Jim is showing Heather his new watch, and Heather remarks that he sure makes things complicated for himself. Jim replies that he just doesn't want to hurt Beryl's feelings - if she finds out where it came from... He then suggests that he should say he bought it for himself. Heather agrees that that's probably the best thing in order to avoid ruffled feathers. She then goes on that she feels a bit guilty about Patricia, actually - she hasn't seen her much since Margaret died; all that business with Roger Carlyle... she's been worried about their own problems. Changing the subject, she tells Jim that his tea is in the oven; they've had theirs as it's Jeff's school concert tonight. Jim comments that he's glad it's them going and not him! At that moment, Jeff comes into the kitchen and tells his uncle that he'd better hurry up if he's coming to the concert. Heather quickly explains that Jim is tied up preparing some sales figures; he has to get them done by the morning. Jeff tells him that he's going to miss out on a great night! He goes again. Jim thanks Heather, saying he thought he was in a tight spot there. Heather muses that they're still two of a kind: telling white lies so as not to hurt other people's feelings.

Patricia arrives at the Palmer house, and as she and Beryl head into the lounge room, Patricia tells Beryl that it's very good of her to do this for her. Beryl hands Patricia a piece of paper and says she's already written out a list of names and telephone numbers. She adds that Patricia can tell them that she suggested she contact them, if she likes. Patricia asks Beryl if she thinks the people she's listed might be free for drinks tomorrow night. Beryl tells her that she'll have to ask them - but she wouldn't waste their time unless she really intends to do something worthwhile. Patricia snaps that she doesn't make empty promises - she's making this donation for Margaret. Calming down, she thanks Beryl for the list, and the two of them head to the front door. Patricia suddenly turns back to Beryl and tells her that she and Jim should come tomorrow night. She adds that Beryl knows most of the people she's listed, so she could give her a hand with the introductions. Beryl comments that that's what it's all about, then: Patricia wants to cause trouble between Jim and her. Looking 'surprised', Patricia says, "What?" Beryl retorts that Patricia heard. Patricia asks her why she'd want to do that. She adds that Beryl thanked her for pushing Jim her way. Beryl retorts that she doesn't think Patricia did that out of the kindness of her heart. Patricia asks what other reason there could be. Beryl replies that there's bound to be something. Patricia tells Beryl that she thinks she's a little paranoid - maybe her arrangement with Jim isn't as strong as she'd like it to be. Beryl assures her that there are no worries there - but Patricia isn't going to use him in any of her little games. She goes on that if Patricia is going to have a get-together, she'll come, but she'll bring Lynn - she's sure she'll enjoy it. Patricia tells her to suit herself; she'll let her know whether it's on or not. Beryl says 'bye' and and Patricia goes. She stands outside for a moment, looking annoyed. Something seems to occur to her, though, and she smiles to herself...

A few minutes later, Patricia is next door, and Jim asks her if she thinks she can manage a little drink. Patricia accepts, and says she'll have a small scotch with lots of water. She then adds that it's a celebratory drink: he should be very proud of her. Jim asks why. Patricia replies that she has a new outlook on life: she thinks she's finally coming out of that depression, and she's decided to throw herself into a memorial to Margaret - she's going to use some of the money to buy a nice piece of equipment for a hospital. Jim tells her that that sounds very worthwhile. Patricia replies that it's a way of keeping Margaret's memory alive and doing some good at the same time. Jim asks what the first step is. Patricia explains that it's getting contacts: she's just been next door to ask Beryl if she can help. Jim comments that he didn't think Patricia wanted much to do with Beryl. Patricia explains that that's part of her new outlook - she knows she and Beryl haven't been the best of friends, but she's determined to change that - so Beryl has given her a list of people and she's going to invite them round for drinks tomorrow night. She adds that Beryl's coming - and she's asked her to bring Lynn as her partner. Jim says, "I see." Patricia goes on that she thought that if there was any tension between Beryl and her... Jim completes what she's saying: "You wouldn't want me to have to take sides." Patricia tells him that that's it exactly; the only thing is that she just hopes she can cope with entertaining all those people. She adds that he'll be pleased to know that she hasn't taken a pill since he left earlier, and she's determined to keep off them. Jim reminds her that he's only a 'phone call away if she needs him. Patricia replies that she's grateful, but she's sure it won't come to that.

Fiona is sitting with David at the table in the living room at Dural, having dinner. She tells him that she knows it's a silly thing to say, but she's so glad he had trouble with his truck - she's happy to have the company right now. David comments that that's understandable. Fiona offers him some more pie, but he replies that he's on a diet. Fiona laughs that he doesn't need to be on a diet - he's not carrying any more weight than Terry... She breaks off as she says the name. David tells her to stop worrying about it. He adds that at least Terry was smart enough not to go on the run - he's probably just gone down to the pub. Fiona starts to say, "He'd be far better off if he was--" She then adds that she doesn't even know why she bothers - he doesn't deserve it. She stands up and heads to the kitchen. David takes a sip of his beer.

At Irene's boarding house, Irene takes a bite from a slice of pizza in what was Terry's room. There's a sudden knock on the door, and she opens it to find Terry standing there. Irene, looking surprised but delighted to see him, invites him in. She tells him that she was just reading her stars and they told her to expect a surprise tomorrow; he's a day early! Terry - who's clearly drunk - asks her how she'd like to go out for some fun tonight; how about they hit the town and take in a few of the high spots? Irene tells him to keep his voice down. She then adds that, no, she can't go out tonight. Terry indignantly asks why not. Irene replies that she's babysitting for the Smiths. She points over to the corner of the room, where a baby is lying in a bassinet. Terry, looking upset, tells Irene that she can't let him down now - he knows a great little disco - a great spot; she didn't know he could dance, did she... He looks again at the baby in the bassinet and tears suddenly well up in his eyes. He puts his hand to his eyes to try and clear them, sobbing as he does so, "They all think I'm the worst person in the world. They don't give a damn about me. They don't know how much I love my little kid..." He sits down, and Irene puts her arms round him and hugs him in sympathy.

The next morning, Terry wakes up to find the bright light of day shining on his face. There's a sizzling noise, and he sits up and sees Irene standing by the stove, cooking a fry-up. She notices that he's awake and tells him not to worry: he's not the first drunk she's had to put to bed! Terry replies that he's sorry. Irene tells him that it doesn't matter - she even managed to get some sleep herself - in her own place! - until the smell of the paint drove her out. Terry says he's sorry, but Irene tells him to stop saying that! Terry insists that he is sorry. He then goes on that he can't remember much about last night, and he asks what happened. Irene tells him that she couldn't stop him talking! Terry asks what he said. Irene tells him that it was one joke after another - and boy, were some of them hot! Putting a plate down beside him, she says she hopes he likes bacon and eggs. She adds that he's not to let it get cold, as she has to go out. She also tells him not to go back to sleep again. She leaves the room. Terry sighs and lies back down.

David is working on the engine of his truck in the driveway at Dural, wearing a long-sleeved top and shorts. A bright yellow car suddenly pulls up just down the driveway, and Irene gets out. She walks towards David and gives a wolfwhistle! David turns to look at her, and she explains that she couldn't resist - she hasn't seen a better pair of pins since her second husband shot through! David lightheartedly warns her that she'd better be careful, as she could get into trouble with some blokes! Irene assures him that she can handle herself alright. David smiles and tells her that he reckons she can! Irene then asks him where she can find Fiona Thompson. David replies that she's in the flat at the back; go round by the side of the pool. He asks Irene if she's one of Fiona's old mates. Irene tells him that she isn't - she's just someone with a hell of a hide.

A few moments later, Irene and Fiona are standing at the door of the flat, and Irene is telling Fiona that the boy's too proud to tell her himself - but after the rave she had last night, it's pretty clear that he cares very much about Fiona - though why, she doesn't know; the fact that he had to come to her to pour out his trouble doesn't say much for Fiona - and he had to get drunk to do it. Fiona curtly replies that she realises Irene has every good intention, but she's not-- Irene interrupts and says she knows how Fiona feels - she doesn't like her knowing her private business - but whether Fiona likes it or not, he brought her into it; so why doesn't she stop thinking about herself for a while and think about Terry - try and understand why he's acting like he is: he's scared, that's all it is; she's done all she can - Fiona is the one he needs - she's his mum. Fiona retorts that she's well aware of who she is. Irene tells her that she's got two choices: tell her to get lost or come back to her place and do the right thing by Terry; what's it to be?

Terry wakes up after falling asleep again. The plate of bacon and eggs is still on the side, but he becomes aware that there's more cooking going on. He sits and sees Fiona standing at the stove. She asks him if he's ready for some breakfast, adding that it seems like he let the other lot get cold. Terry replies that he must have fallen off to sleep. Fiona tells him that there are no worries: in another five minutes, she'll have the second serving ready. Terry smiles. Fiona looks at him lovingly.

That night, at Toorak, Patricia is standing in the lounge room, talking to a male and female guest at her drinks party. She thanks them for coming at such short notice. She then adds that she's made up her mind about a memorial and she'd like to get it underway as soon as possible. The female guest asks her what sort of memorial she had in mind. Patricia replies that she's not sure - that's why she asked a few people along tonight: to try and get a few ideas. The woman tells her that a scholarship is always a good idea - she could set one up in her sister's name. Patricia smiles and says she likes that. Another female guest is sitting with Beryl and Lynn on one of the settees, and she thanks Beryl for putting Patricia in touch with her. She adds that Patricia could be just what the home needs. Beryl comments that she thought the woman would jump at chance. The woman replies that it's not often that someone comes along wanting to give you enough money to build a new wing. Beryl points out that they haven't got it yet. The woman tells her that she'll be doing her damndest tonight to make sure they end up with it. Lynn chips in that she thinks she means it! Beryl explains that the woman - who she calls Shirley - has always worked her heart out for the children's home. Shirley asks if Patricia is fond of children. Beryl replies that she is. She then suggests that Shirley invite Patricia to the home, and once she's actually there, she can talk her into anything. Shirley gets up to talk to Patricia. When she's gone, Beryl remarks to Lynn that she's actually surprised that tonight happened - she was positive Patricia only came up with the idea to cause trouble between Jim and her; when she said she wouldn't bring him, she thought Patricia would forget all about it. Lynn points out that it looks like she's wrong. Beryl just says, "Maybe..." Lynn continues that Patricia did love Margaret - and Patricia is the type who would want to do something like this. Beryl reluctantly says she supposes so. The man that Patricia is talking to tells her that if she did go ahead with the scholarship, she would have to set up a trust to administer it. Patricia suddenly asks him and his colleague to excuse her, as she has to make a 'phone call. She heads out into the hallway, closing the lounge room doors behind her. She goes to the 'phone and dials a number.

The 'phone rings at the O'Briens' and Jim answers. Patricia tells him that it's her. Jim asks what's wrong. Patricia replies that it's nothing - she just wanted to talk to him for a few minutes. She continues that she's been very good with the pills - she hasn't taken any; she was tempted, though, before anybody arrived - but she kept telling herself that she had to get through the evening on her own. She goes on that she's not so sure that she can, now - she feels so tense; she needs something to calm her down; then she remembered that he'd be at home, so she called: she thought that, if she had a little chat with him, she might feel better. Jim tells her that he's coming over. Patricia replies that he can't - Beryl's there, and she doesn't want to cause trouble between them. Jim tells her not to worry about that. Patricia says she shouldn't have called. Jim tells her that that's rubbish - and he's proud of her for not taking the pills. He adds that she's not to worry about Beryl - he's glad it's all going to come out in the open; he hates not being honest with Beryl - and if she makes a fuss about it, she's not the woman he took her for. Patricia tells him that, if he feels he can handle it... Jim replies that he'll see her soon. Patricia hangs up, looking pleased with herself.

Fiona, Terry and Irene are having dinner in the flat at the back of Dural. Irene is telling a story and she laughs that, the funny thing was, it was a priest who was telling her! Everyone bursts into laughter! Terry picks up an empty bottle of beer lying on the table and asks if there's any more. Fiona suggests that he go to the main house - she's sure Gordon won't mind if they borrow some of his. He goes. When they're alone, Fiona tells Irene that, thanks to her, it's been one of happiest nights she's had for ages; she owes Irene an apology. Irene replies that nobody likes being told when they're wrong - especially not by a stranger. She goes on that the most important thing is Terry - she could see what had to be done and Fiona couldn't. Fiona smiles and says that, if anyone had told her when Irene knocked on her door this morning that they'd end up being friends, she would have laughed in their face; she's really so glad they met. Irene replies that she is, too. Fiona then continues that there's something else that she's been mulling over in her mind: Irene's boarding house. She goes on that Irene was saying earlier that she wished she had the money to do it up. Irene grimaces and says she'd need to win the Lotto before she can do that. Fiona tells her, "Not necessarily." She then explains that she's been looking for a boarding house to buy - for ages - and Irene's is exactly the sort of place she's after; how would Irene feel about not only being friends, but partners? Irene smiles.

At the party at Toorak, Shirley is telling Patricia that the problem has always been overcrowding - they've had plans for a new wing for the last two years, but it's the same old problem: no money. She adds that she'd like Patricia to come down and meet the children. Patricia replies that she'd love to - why don't they make a definite date before Shirely leaves tonight?There's suddenly a knock at the front door. Patricia tells Shirley that the more she thinks about it, the idea of a new wing being a memorial to Margaret sounds right to her; she's always wanted children of her own. She asks Shirley to excuse her, as there's somebody at the door. She heads out to the hallway and opens the front door to Jim. He asks her how she is. She replies that she's alright. Jim asks her if she's taken any pills. She tells him that she hasn't. Jim says he'll stay until everybody has gone. Turning towards the lounge room, he asks her if she feels up to facing them again. She assures him that she'll be alright now. In the lounge room, Beryl comments to Lynn that she must say that Patricia has been on her best behaviour tonight - she's got most of the guests eating out of her hand. The lounge room door opens and Patricia and Jim come in. Beryl stares at Jim in surprise.


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