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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

As he notices Beryl staring at him, Jim tells Patricia that he'd better have a word with her. Patricia asks him if he has to do it now. Jim points out that Beryl will be wondering what he's doing there. As she notices Jim approaching her, Beryl asks Lynn to leave them alone for a while. Jim lightheartedly tells Beryl that, a minute later, he'd be drenched - there's a storm breaking. He gives her a kiss, and then says he reckons she must be wondering what he's doing there. He goes on that he's been helping Patricia - she's going through a rough patch. He adds that he didn't tell her because Patricia didn't want people feeling sorry for her. Beryl snaps that she doesn't think there's much chance of that. Jim, looking surprised, continues that, anyway, Patricia 'phoned him a while ago; things were getting her down, she needed some moral support and here he is. He adds that he'll be sticking with her all night; he's just praying that Beryl understands. He says, "You do, don't you?" Beryl, though, angrily tells him that she thinks they need to talk - in private. Jim, looking surprised, asks what the problem is. Beryl snaps that he must be joking. Patricia glances across at them, and Jim tells Beryl that he can't leave Patricia. He adds that Beryl doesn't realise how upset she is; they can talk tomorrow. Beryl snaps at him that she didn't think he could be so stupid; can't he see what Patricia is doing? Jim repeats that they'll talk tomorrow. He walks back to where Patricia is standing and she asks him if everything is alright, as Beryl looks upset. Jim replies that she was just surprised to see him. Lynn wanders back over to Beryl and asks if everything is OK. Beryl retorts, "No." Lynn asks her if she'd like to go home. Beryl, though, retorts that she won't give Patricia the satisfaction; she'll just bide her time until she can get Patricia alone.

Jill is sitting with Fee in the lounge room at the Palmers' when there's a knock on the front door. She gets up, puts Fee down on the couch and goes and answers it. Luke is standing on the step, and he explains that he was going to visit the O'Briens next door, but there's no one home; he thought he'd try there on the chance that they might be there. Jill tells him that she's sorry, but she thinks they've gone to a school concert. Luke says that, if she sees them, can she let them know that he called by - he's Luke Carlyle. Jill comments that she's heard them talk about him. She asks him if he'd like to come in and wait. Luke says he doesn't know how long they'll be, but Jill asks how long a concert can go on for! She adds that, besides, it's pelting down and he's soaking wet - he can come and dry out by the fire. Luke accepts the offer and he goes inside. Jill shuts the door behind him. As they head into the lounge room, Luke comments that he hasn't seen Jill around. Jill explains that she's only staying there for a while; she introduces herself and then tells Luke to take a seat. She offers him some coffee, and Luke replies that he'll have anything as long as it's hot. Fee suddenly starts crying, and Luke looks at her in surprise, saying to her that he didn't see her there! He turns to Jill and asks her if she's hers. Jill replies that she is - she's called Fiona; 'Fee' for short. Luke says she's beautiful, and Jill agrees that she sure is. She heads into the kitchen. In the lounge room, Luke lifts Fee up and tells her that it's OK. She starts crying again, though! Jill watches him with Fee and comments that he's done that before. Luke replies that it was a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... He quietly tells Fee to go back to sleep, and he puts her down, adding that her mummy will be mad at her!

Jim is telling a story to a number of the guests at Toorak - including Patricia - and they all laugh at the punchline. One of the male guests tells him that he should have been a comedian! Patricia asks the group to excuse her, as she wants to see how supper is coming along. Jim tells her that he'll come with her, but she assures him that she can manage. As she watches Patricia leave the room, Beryl tells Lynn that she'll be back shortly.

Patricia heads into the living room. A member of the catering staff tells her that it's almost ready; she was just going to come and tell her. Beryl walks into the room and Patricia brightly asks her what she thinks: will there be enough? Beryl 'politely' replies that she really wouldn't know - she seems to have lost her appetite. Patricia asks the caterer - Mrs. Franks - to organise coffee, and Mrs. Franks goes. Beryl shuts the living room doors and then turns back to Patricia and tells her that whatever she might have thought of her in the past, she never believed Patricia was stupid - until now. She continues that she's going to tell Jim exactly what Patricia is, and then that will be the end of it. Patricia retorts that she can tell him what she likes - the nastier the better; he won't believe her. Beryl says, "We'll see." Patricia continues that, in Jim's eyes, she's patheic and vulnerable; that's the only way he's ever known her. She adds that, ironically, of course, when they first met it was genuine - she really was a mess - but first impressions do tend to stick. Beryl tells her that too many people know what she's really like. Patricia asks who she means: Gordon?; Barbara?; Fiona? - they won't mean anything to Jim. She goes on that Jim knows Beryl and he thinks he knows her; the more that Beryl tries to turn him against her, the more he'll think of Beryl as a vindictive cow. Beryl suddenly reaches out and goes to slap Patricia round the face, but she stops herself just in time. Patricia smiles and comments nastily that a nice red handprint on her cheek would really prove the point, wouldn't it. She walks out of the room, leaving Beryl looking furious.

Back in the lounge room, Lynn is talking to one of the guests when Patricia comes back in. Jim looks at her. Patricia looks back at him, but then turns away and walks out to the hall. Jim follows her and asks what it is. Patricia replies that it's nothing - she'll just be in her room for a few minutes. She heads upstairs. Jim immediately turns to Beryl - who's still lingering by the living room doors - and asks her what she said to Patricia. The two of them go into the living room and Beryl closes the doors. She then tells Jim that he's letting Patricia make a complete fool of him. Jim retorts, "By your standards, maybe." Beryl snaps she means by any standards. She asks him what he thinks Patricia got him over there for tonight. Jim replies that she didn't - she asked him not to come because she said it would cause problems between them; he told her that Beryl would understand, but it seems that Patricia knows her better than he does. Beryl incredulously asks him if Patricia 'phoned him especially to ask him not to come over tonight. Jim retorts that she 'phoned for someone to talk to: she's recovering from a breakdown - and on top of that, she just lost her sister, and now she's got Beryl picking fights with her; no wonder she's upset. Beryl snaps that she's wasting her breath: Patricia has got Jim ready to believe any rotten thing that she wants to say about her. Jim replies that Patricia has never had anything but good things to say about her; she's the one with all the rotten things to say. Upon hearing this, Beryl snaps that that's it: she's been down this track with David and she's not doing it again. She goes on that she's sick to death of smug, self-righteous men who don't have the sense to know when they're being taken for a ride. She storms out of the room, leaving Jim looking shocked.

In the lounge room, Shirley is talking to Lynn, and she comments that the dip is delicious. Beryl comes back in - with a smile on her face - and asks Lynn if she minds if they go now; she explains to Shirley that something has come up at home. Shirley thanks Beryl for putting her in touch with Patricia. Lynn and Beryl go to the door. Beryl opens it and walks out. Lynn looks at Jim, who's still standing by the living room doors, and then goes. Jim closes the front door. Outside, it's raining heavily, and Lynn tells Beryl that they're going to get awfully wet. She then comments that Beryl is really upset - will she be alright? Beryl replies that, one of these days, Patricia will make the wrong move, and when she does, she'll be waiting.

Jill and Luke are sitting in the lounge room at the Palmers', and Jill comments that Luke has gone very quiet. He tells her that he's sorry - he was thinking back to another time in his life - a really good time. He then smiles and remarks that he's getting all maudlin! Jill tells him that she noticed he got stuck into the biscuits, and she asks him if he's eaten tonight. Luke replies that he has. Jill comments that he won't have any room for a sandwich, then. Luke assures her that he's fine - unless she's making one for herself... The two of them head into the kitchen and Jill opens the 'fridge. As she looks at what's in there, she remarks that she feels like something a little more solid than a sandwich. She asks Luke what he feels like.

Patricia opens the front door at Toorak to let Shirley out. Shirley comments, "Thank goodness the rain has stopped - I had visions of needing a row-boat to get home!" Patricia smiles. She then tells Shirley that, of all the proposals she heard tonight, hers was the one she liked the most. Shirely says that's good. Patricia goes on that, if she was prepared to put up the money for extensions to the children's home, would it be possible for her sister's name to be commemorated in some way - perhaps a plaque? Shirley assures her that of course that can be done - it's quite normal. Patricia says she'll be in touch, and Shirley replies that she'll look forward to it. She goes, and Patricia shuts the door, smiling and looking pleased with herself. She then looks at the lounge room. Jim is sitting on one of the settees, but he stands up as Patricia comes in. She tells him that Shirley was the last one. She then adds that she's really sory - she seems to have caused all sorts of problems for him and Beryl tonight. Jim tells her not to be silly - she didn't cause anything. Patricia goes on that if she'd had any idea that Beryl would react like that, she'd never have allowed him to come. Jim replies that he's just glad that he saw that side of Beryl before he got too heavily involved with her. Patricia says she can't understand why Beryl got so worked up - maybe he should give her a chance to tell him her side of things? Jim, though, replies that she already has. Patricia asks what she said, but Jim tells her that it doesn't matter. He adds that unless Beryl is prepared to apologise, he doesn't want to know her. Patricia, looking 'guilty', tells him that now she feels even more responsible. Jim tells her not to worry about it. He then continues that she must be pleased that the night was a success. Patricia replies, "Thanks to you." She adds that she doesn't know how she would have coped if he hadn't been there. Jim tells her that she's stronger than she gives herself credit for - it's time she started to realise that.

In the kitchen at the Palmers', Jill and Luke have finished their meal. Jill tells Luke that there's more if he wants it, but Luke assures her that that's it for him. He adds that it was a great meal - she's a terrific cook. Jill laughs and replies that he must have really been starving! Luke tells her that he knows his way around every five-star restaurant in the city and he's only been there a week; when he says she's a terrific cook, she'd better believe it! Beryl and Lynn arrive home and join them in the kitchen. Beryl says 'hello' to Luke. Luke asks the two of them if they saw lights on next door when they came in. Lynn replies that she doesn't think so. Luke suggests that maybe the O'Briens got held up in the rain. Beryl tells Luke that it's nice to see him again, and she then asks to be excused; she heads to her bedroom. Looking surprised, Jill asks Lynn if there's anything wrong. Lynn quickly replies that it's just an awful night and they had trouble getting a taxi. Luke announces that he'd better be going. There's a sudden clap of thunder, and Jill comments that the rain is coming; he'll get soaked through again. Luke assures her that he'll survive. They head into the lounge room and he thanks Jill for a great evening. He adds that he's glad the O'Briens weren't there! He then tells her that he'd like to see her again. Jill smiles and says, "Alright!" She then adds, though, that it would probably be nice to do something simple: wander around... take in the sights... go for a boat ride; something that doesn't cost a fortune. Luke indignantly asks her if she doesn't think he can afford to do things properly. Jill starts to say, "I heard--" However, Luke interrupts and tells her that she heard wrong: they'll have lunch tomorrow at The Acorn; how does that sound? Looking surprised, Jill comments that it's one of most expensive restaurants in the city. She adds that he doesn't have to prove anything to her. Luke, though, tells her that he wants their date to be something special. Jill asks him if he's sure. Luke asserts that he is and he then says 'goodnight'. Jill says 'goodnight', and she smiles as he goes. When she hears the front door shut, she goes to the window and peers outside to watch him.

The next morning, Jill is sitting with Katie, Heather and Jeff in the lounge room at the O'Briens'. She tells them that she feels like she's spying on Luke in a way, but she doesn't want him doing anything he can't afford; she knows he moved out of there, and last night she got the feeling that he hadn't eaten for a while - and a meal at The Acorn will cost a fortune. Katie curtly points out that he wouldn't take her there unless he could afford it. Heather tells Jill that Katie's right - and eating too much is normal for Luke; it's the one thing he and Jeff have got in common! Jill smiles nervously and says she's probably worrying for nothing.

Luke comes out of a pawnbroker's, wearing a smart suit and carrying a wad of notes. He looks at his left hand; the ring he used to wear on one of his fingers has gone.

At the O'Briens', Jill says she didn't realise how late it was - she's meeting Luke in an hour; she'd better get going. Heather goes with her to the door. Alone with Jeff, Katie asks him if he thinks Luke is telling the truth about how well he's doing. Jeff asks why wouldn't he? He then adds that he thought Katie couldn't care less. Katie retorts that she doesn't. Changing the subject, she asks Jeff if he can dig his scarf and beanie out for Uncle Jim, as he's going to the football this afternoon and he wants to borrow them. Jeff replies that they're in his room somewhere - and Katie has got as much chance of finding them as he has! Katie asks him to find them, as she's going out. Jeff heads to his bedroom, while she heads towards the front door. Heather asks her where she's going. She replies that she's going down to the shops to get a few things; she might have a browse round, too. Heather asks her if she'll be back for lunch, but Katie says she'll get something later. She goes. Jeff walks into the kitchen and hands Jim his football scarf and beanie, telling him that he'll need them, as it'll be cold. Heather joins them and says Mike should be home shortly, if Jim is heading to the game. Jim explains that they agreed to meet him there. Heather asks who 'they' are. Jim replies that he's taking Patricia. Looking surprised, Heather says she thought he was just seeing her for moral suport. Jim pointedly explains that it's just a friendly afternoon at the footy. Heather asks him if he thinks that's the way Beryl will see it. Jim replies that he doesn't care. Heather asks him if they've had an argument. Jims replies that she could say that. He adds that it's just something between Beryl and him. Heather retorts, "And Patricia, evidently." She quickly apologises, and explains that she's worried about him - she thinks he's heading for trouble if he lets himself get keen on Patricia again, after what happened last time. Jim retorts that that was last time; Patricia feels differently about him now - he realised that when she gave him the watch. He goes on that he's had his share of women, and he can tell when someone is genuinely interested; he's not saying it's cut-and-dried, but he'll be patient and won't make any stupid moves this time - and he'll see what happens. Heather asks where this leaves Beryl. Jim retorts that the way she was behaving last night finished whatever there was between them; one thing he can't stand is blind jealousy.

Beryl is sorting out a basket of washing in the kitchen at the Palmers'. Lynn hands her some teatowels to put through. She then asks Beryl why she doesn't go in and see him. Beryl curtly replies that she has no intention of taking back anything she said last night - and he obviously feels the same way or he would have been in touch by now. Lynn suggests that maybe he's too embarrassed. She adds that Beryl knows what men are like. Beryl, though, retorts that Patricia has done too good a job on him - and she's not going to fight using the gutter tactics she has. She then goes on that the one thing she can do is set Jill straight about what sort of person Patricia is. Looking concerned, Lynn asks her if she should involve Jill, as it hasn't got anything to do with her. Beryl reluctantly backs down and agrees that maybe it hasn't... Lynn tells her that she really thinks she should go and talk to Jim so that they both know where they stand. Beryl, though, replies that, the mood she's in, she'll probably make things worse. Jill comes into the kitchen, and Beryl more cheerfully tells her that she looks nice. She then heads outside with the washing. Jill asks Lynn what the matter is with Beryl, as she's been very tense since last night. Lynn quickly assures her that it's nothing important. Changing the subject, she looks at Jill's outfit and remarks that she's really gone for broke. She adds that she must be a bit keen on Luke! Jill replies that she isn't - but he's a nice guy, though - and she thinks he's a bit lonely; that's the main reason that she's going out with him. She adds that she has to admit: after everything that's happened lately, it'll be nice just to go out and enjoy herself without any hassles.

Katie is at Roger's apartment, and as she stands on the doorstep, she tells him that she said she'd let him know if she heard anything about Luke. Roger invites her in and asks her what she found out. Katie replies that it's just that he's got himself a job and a place to stay. Roger asks what his address is, but Katie says she doesn't know. Roger asks what job he's got, but Katie replies that she only knows what she's told him. She adds that she hasn't seen Luke, but Jeff talked to him a couple of times - and even if she did know, she wouldn't feel right telling him. Looking slightly annoyed, Roger says, "I don't follow you." Katie explains that letting him know that Luke is alright is one thing, but she's not going to keep on spying on him. Roger tells her that he has to make sure that Luke really is alright. He goes on that, knowing Luke, that story about having a job and a place to stay might just be a smokescreen. Katie says she's sure it isn't - he's taking a friend of hers to lunch at The Acorn today; he must be pretty well-heeled if he can afford that. Looking surprised but grateful for the information, Roger agrees that that's true... He tells Katie that that does set his mind at ease, somewhat - he's grateful to her and understands her wanting to respect Luke's confidence; he's happy to leave it at that. Katie says, "I'll be seeing you." Roger replies that they must make a point of that. Katie goes, and Roger shuts the door, looking both annoyed and thoughtful.

Patricia opens the front door at Toorak to find Jim standing there with his old gear on, a football scarf round his neck and a rattle in his hand! She laughs! Jim looks at her smart outfit and comments that she's hardly wearing clothes for Saturday arvo at the footy! Patricia replies that no she isn't - she's wearing clothes for Saturday arvo at a museum, or an open-air concert, or the movies. Jim tells her that she's got time to change. Patricia, looking bemused, replies that, when he asked her out, he assumed they were going to do something civilised. Jim retorts that museums... concerts... it's no wonder she's depressed; a bit of excitement is what she needs! Patricia tells him that she's never been to a football match in her life. Jim replies that if she had, she'd be a different person! Patricia tells him that, seriously, she really doesn't think she'd enjoy it very much. Jim assures her that she'll love it - believe him. He tells her to get upstairs and change - quickly! She does what she's told!

Luke is waiting outside The Acorn restaurant when Jill runs up to him and apologises for being late. He takes her arm and leads her up the steps to the door. Inside, the maitre d' says a stiff, "Good afternoon." Luke tells him that the name is 'Carlyle'. As the maitre d' looks down the guest list, Jill whispers to Luke that she hopes he remembered to make a booking! The maitre d' finds the name and tells Luke that they have a table on the terrace. He adds, "This way, please." Luke, though, replies that they'd prefer a table inside, as it's a bit cold on the terrace. The maitre d' says he's sorry, but all the other tables are taken; the terrace is the best he can offer. Luke tells him to offer it to someone else; they'd like a table inside. The maitre d' insists that that's simply not possible. Luke retorts that, regardless of whether or not it's possible, they'd like a table inside. The maitre d' looks again at the guest list and agrees that perhaps he can do something. He invites Luke and Jill to follow him, and he leads them to a quiet table for two inside the restaurant. When they're seated, he suggests that they might like the speciality of the house: champagne cocktails. Luke says that would be fine, and the maitre d' goes. Jill immediately asks him how he can do it, as people like that terrify her! Luke explains that when you've been coming to places like this as long as he has...; it's a matter of knowing the ground rules and making them realise it. He adds that he's seen his old man pull the same trick often enough; now there's a real expert... A waiter comes and hands Luke a menu and the wine list and he hands Jill a menu. She starts looking at it, a look of shock on her face.

Outside, a car pulls up on the other side of the road from the restaurant. Roger Carlyle is in the driver's seat, and he sits and looks across at The Acorn intently.

Inside, Luke tells Jill that the thing to remember about expensive restaurants is that you're the one who's paying - you're hiring them to do a job for you, and if they don't do it to your satisfaction, you don't hire them again. Jill, looking surprised, replies that she used to work as a waitress and she knows what it's like from the other side; she'd never make a fuss just to get what she wants. Luke tells her that The Acorn is just a glorified café, so she should relax. Jill smiles and says she'll try. She then adds that she still doesn't think she could ever 'belong' there - not the way he does. A waiter puts two champagne cocktails down on the table. As he does so, Luke remarks that perhaps the place is a bit pretentious. He adds, "Tell you what: next time, make it a little BYO - how does that sound?" Jill laughs and says, "Next time?!" They both raise their glasses, and Luke repeats, "Next time!"


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