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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

Inside, Gordon tells Amanda that she should have been honest with Wayne; he's very upset and he doesn't blame him. Amanda explains that she just didn't feel it was right to let herself get pregnant - not with the way things are between them. Gordon points out that she's made things worse now. Barbara chips in that she can understand how Amanda feels. Gordon replies that Amanda should have discussed it with Wayne. Barbara impatiently asks if he doesn't think she realises that now. Amanda says she knows how hurt Wayne must be, but-- She suddenly starts breaking down, and Barbara goes and puts her arm round her. Gordon goes on that Wayne was talking about the marriage being finished; is that what she wants? Amanda just says, "No." Gordon tells her that, no matter what Wayne says he wants, she should try and stay clam; they should give themselves a chance to talk things through reasonably. Amanda replies that it's not that she doesn't love him; she just can't-- She breaks off as the loud roar of an engine revving up comes from outside. Barbara asks who on earth would be driving off like maniac. The three of them head outside just in time to see Wayne's car roaring down the driveway. Barbara snaps that he's probably going to get drunk - it's his usual way of handling a crisis. Gordon looks at Andy's van and the equipment lying strewn over the drive. Amanda, looking shocked, murmurs, "Oh my God..." Andy suddenly joins them and asks what's wrong. He quickly notices what's happened and snaps that he doesn't believe it. Amanda bitterly asks Barbara why Wayne does it. Barbara snaps that she thinks he's sick. Amanda cries that she can't handle it anymore; she just can't stand it.

A short time later, Amanda is piling clothes into a suitcase in the flat. As she does so, she tells Barbara that she'll just take a few clothes now and come back and get some more later. Barbara tells her that she doesn't have to go, but Amanda cries that she can't go on living with Wayne - not after this. Barbara suggests to her that she move to the main house and let Wayne stay in the flat, but Amanda insists that she's got to get away for a while. Gordon suggests that she could at least wait and talk to Wayne, but Amanda replies that she can't. Gordon tells her that she's not being very sensible. Barbara immediately snaps that Amanda is being a damn sight more sensible than Wayne. Gordon curtly says he knows that what Wayne did was wrong, but if Amanda loves him, she should try and sort things out, not run away. Barbara angrily reminds him that Wayne wanted Amanda out of the place. Gordon curtly tells his wife that she's not helping. Amanda cries that she can't go on the way she has been; she's got to get away for a while - and if she saw Wayne now, they'd both say things they'd never be able to forgive. Gordon tells her that one of them has to act like a rational adult. Barbara quickly snaps that that lets Wayne out, then. Gordon suggests to his wife that the two of them had better talk in the main house.

As they walk into the lounge room, Barbara angrily asks what the point is of Amanda talking to Wayne - he's just proved himself to be the same wilful, destructive, spoilt little brat that he's always been; he's the one who should go. Gordon snaps that he knows that what Wayne did was wrong, and he'll make sure he pays for it. Barbara retorts that it's not a question of money; he can't go around smashing up things just because things go wrong for him. Gordon tells her that Wayne lashes out when he's hurt, and Amanda hurt him terribly. He adds that she's not trying to see it from Wayne's point of view at all. Barbara snaps that all she knows is that Amanda shouldn't be the one to go at all; she's her niece. Gordon snaps back, "And Wayne is my son and this is his home." He goes on that he thinks it is best if Amanda goes for a while. He adds that the subject is closed. Andy comes back into the house after inspecting the damaged equipment, and Gordon tells him that everything will be replaced. Barbara asks Andy what the damage is. Andy replies that it's pretty bad; he'll get a technical guy in to see what they can save. Barbara snaps that Wayne must have gone off his head. Andy says he thinks he should leave - he and Wayne being in the same house... Barbara snaps that Amanda is going, too; it seems that she doesn't have much say there, anymore...

Amanda is doing up her suitcase when Andy comes into the flat. He asks her if she's doing the right thing. Amanda replies, "Don't - please." Andy tells her that it's OK. Amanda says she loves Wayne - she wishes she didn't, but she does - but she can't live with him. She goes on that she doesn't know if they can ever make a go of their marriage now; she wants to, but she doesn't know if she can even try at the moment. She tells Andy that she feels a bit awful about him, too - she promised that she'd keep an eye on him, and she's not doing much of that - especially now that she's leaving. Andy replies that that doesn't mean that they can't see each other; why don't they share the apartment? - they could both do with a friend right now. Amanda wryly replies that as long as he can bear her crying on his shoulder every now and then, she thinks it's a wonderful idea! Suddenly looking worried, she points out that Wayne mightn't understand. Andy, though, replies that it might do him good. He adds that he knows how Amanda feels about Wayne, but she can't let his crazy ideas ruin her life; they know they won't be doing anything wrong, and if Wayne doesn't believe that, that's his problem. Amanda tells him that he's right. She picks up her suitcase and walks out.

Wayne is sitting in his car by the side of road, staring up at the sky. There are noises of birds and insects all around him and he has a thoughtful look on his face. He suddenly looks down at the passenger seat of the car; there's a bottle lying on it, wrapped up in a brown bag. He picks up the bottle and starts to unscrew the lid. However, he appears to have second thoughts, and he puts it down again. He then starts the car engine and roars off.

Barbara comes downstairs at Dural. As she does so, she hears a car pulling up outside. Gordon joins her in the hallway and remarks that that will be Wayne. He suggests to Barbara that maybe she should stay upstairs, as Wayne may have been drinking, and if he's angry and unpleasant, it's better if he deals with it. Barbara snaps that that boy's always been trouble - he's even coming between them, now. She walks off, and Gordon goes and stands by the front door. It opens and Wayne comes in. He looks at Gordon, but ignores him and heads into the lounge room. Gordon shuts the front door and joins his son. Wayne sits down and then sullenly says he knows he did the wrong thing. Gordon tells him that Amanda was very upset. Wayne replies that he didn't mean her; he means that he did the wrong thing by Gordon - that's what he's sorry for. He continues that he was going to go and get drunk, but what's the use? - he'd have had to have faced Gordon sometime. He stands up and tells his father that he's done enough to him; he's not going to make it any worse by crying in front of him, but he will go and pack his bags - it would be better if he wasn't around. Gordon, though, stops him in his tracks and tells him that Amanda has gone. He goes on that this is Wayne's home; there's no need for him to go; he wants him to stay. Wayne suddenly starts breaking down, and Gordon hugs him. Wayne cries, "Dad..." Gordon gently tells him that it's alright.

Jill is sitting on the settee in the lounge room at Toorak. Patricia is pouring herself a drink, and she asks what made Amanda ring Lynn and tell her all about it. Jill explains that it was just to let Lynn know that she's still looking after Andy and that they're moving into the Sydney apartment together. Patricia comments that she shouldn't think Wayne is too happy about that. Jill replies that Amanda is probably past caring what Wayne thinks. Patricia agrees that that's probably it. She then adds that, a few days ago, they seemed so happy; she feels sorry for Gordon and Barbara, too - it must be hard on them; she just hopes Fiona isn't sticking her nose in and making things more difficult. She sits down next to Jill, who replies that, from what Amanda said, Fiona is keeping right out of it - she's got enough problems of her own. Patricia asks Jill if she's changing her mind about Fiona. Jill replies that she guesses she's calmed down a bit. Patricia points out to her that Fiona showed her exactly where her loyalties lie. She also reminds Jill that she's not to forget that she could be facing a fraud charge. Jill admits that she doesn't know what to do about that, yet. Patricia tells her that she's got to look after herself; stick to her guns - Terry deserves everything he gets. Changing the subject, she asks how Robin seemed today. Jill replies that he was no different. Patricia asks her if she needs to go there every day. Jill replies that she wants to; she's the only person who visits him. Patricia tells her that she'll come with her from time-to-time. Jill says she'd like that. Patricia looks at her watch, and Jill asks her if she's going out. Patricia replies that she isn't; she's expecting someone. Jill remarks that she heard that Matt Kennedy is in town. Patricia looks at her, sharply, and then explains that Matt has gone overseas to live; she probably won't see him again. Jill, looking surprised, asks if he only came to say 'goodbye'. Patricia replies that that's more-or-less it. They go to the door, where Patricia tells Jill that she'll go to the hospital with her one day soon. Jill says that would be good. She tells Patricia that she's a good friend. Patricia says she hopes so... Jill goes. Patricia shuts the door and then heads back into the lounge room, where she takes a bottle of champagne out of the drinks cabinet.

A short time later, Jill arrives back at the Palmers', and she asks Lynn, who's sitting in the lounge room, sewing, how the kids have been. Lynn replies that they haven't been any trouble; she's just put them to bed. She adds that Davey wouldn't understand why Fee couldn't play with the building blocks with him - otherwise, they got on very well! Jill thanks her for looking after Fee. Lynn tells her that she can return the favour when she starts modelling again. Jill says she'd be happy to. She offers Lynn some afternoon tea, but Lynn declines. Jill comments that didn't have any lunch. Lynn explains that she's cutting down to one meal a day until she loses a bit of weight. Jill laughs and tells her not to lose too much or she'll disappear! Lynn says she's going to slim down if it kills her. Jill humourously asks her if she'd go that far just to model a bikini! Lynn smiles and says Jill knows what she means. She then goes on that there were a few calls while Jill was out: Terry rang. Looking worried, Jill asks what he wanted. Lynn replies that he just wanted to talk; he sounded a bit drunk. Jill says she's glad she wasn't there, as she wouldn't have known what to say. Lynn goes on that he got upset when she kept telling him that Jill wasn't there, so she finally told him that she was over at the Morrell house. She asks if she should have done that. Jill looks concerned and explains that it's just that she didn't want him hassling Patricia. She then adds that she doubts he'll ring there, though - he wouldn't want to have to deal with her.

The 'phone rings at Toorak, and Patricia answers it in the lounge room; the champagne is in an ice bucket on the table next to it, together with two glasses. Terry comes on and drunkenly snaps that he wants to speak to Jill. Patricia asks who wants to speak to her. Terry, who's in a 'phone box, retorts that he just wants to talk to her. Patricia asks him if it's Terry speaking, and Terry replies that it is. He adds that he just wants her to put Jill on. Patricia tells him to hang on a minute. She takes the 'phone away from her ear for a few seconds but doesn't move. She then puts the 'phone back to her ear and tells Terry that she's sorry but Jill doesn't want to talk to him. Terry says to just tell her not to be stupid. Patricia, though, replies that Jill is still very angry with him; if he pushes things, it'll make matters worse - and from what she understands of his legal position, he can't really afford that; it could affect his sentence. Terry asks her if Jill is going to let him go down the tube. Patricia tells him that everybody is doing their best to try and calm her down; the best thing he can do is stay right away from her; hopefully, by the time the court case comes up, she'll see things a little more rationally. There's suddenly a knocking on the front door, and Patricia tells Terry that she has to go. She then adds that he's to remember that they're all trying to help... Terry asks her to tell Jill that he won't bother her; he won't be any more trouble. Patricia hangs up and goes and opens the door. Jim is standing on the step. He tells Patricia that he got her message. Patricia tells him to come in - she's got something for him.

A few moments later, in the lounge room, Jim is holding a small case that contains an expensive watch. He insists that he can't take it, but Patricia explains that it's her way of saying 'thankyou' - it's a bit belated, but it's her way of showing that she's very grateful for how he helped her through that awful time after Robin's accident. Jim assures her that he did that because he wanted to, not because--; he can't take it. Patricia, though, asks him what else she's going to do with it. She tells him to have a look at the back, and Jim turns it over and reads, "To Jim. What would I have done without you? Patricia." Patricia points out that it's no good to anybody else! She takes it from him and affixes it to his left wrist. Jim asks what a bloke can say. Patricia replies that he can just say he likes it. Jim assures her that it's very nice. He then goes on that Jill told Heather about what she's doing for Robin - paying for his treatment. Patricia looks down at the ground before explaining that the money was there, and she feels that it's what Margaret would have wanted. She adds that she also wanted to make up for a few things that she's done - like letting go of people who she could have been close to. She offers Jim a drink, which he accepts. She goes to open the champagne...

A car pulls up in the driveway at Dural. Terry gets out, holding a pack of tinnies. He walks up to where Andy's van is still parked and the equipment and records are now piled up. Gordon comes out of the house and explains that he heard the car and thought it might have been the bloke coming to see what he could salvage from that lot. Looking surprised, Terry asks, "What happened?" Gordon explains that they had a bit of trouble...

Inside, Fiona is carrying two bags downstairs when the front door opens and Terry comes in. He asks her where she's off to. Fiona replies that they're moving out to the flat. She adds that quite a lot has happened since he went out. Terry explains that Gordon filled him in outside. Fiona goes on that Wayne is moving back into his old room; she told Gordon and Barbara that they would keep out of their hair altogether, but they wouldn't hear of it. She tells Terry that he's just in time to carry the bags for her; she takes the tinnies that he's carrying, and Terry picks up the bags. Fiona looks worried.

Fiona opens the door to the flat. As he walks in, Terry growls that it looks like the year for the wrong people to be getting it in the back: Wayne smashes all that stuff and it's Andy and Amanda who have to get out. Fiona explains that they didn't have to leave, but at the time, it seemed the best idea. Terry goes on that it's the same for him: he tries to do the right thing by his kid and look what happens. He opens one of the cans of beer as he continues that he reckons Wayne should have been booted out on his backside. Fiona tells him that she thinks he's had enough to drink, but Terry snaps that he hasn't. Fiona comments that it's pretty obvious where he spent the afternoon. Terry retorts that he had a few drinks with the one person who's been half-way decent to him lately: Irene Fisher. He angrily asks if that's alright. Fiona asks if she's the woman at the place where he stayed. Terry explains that he went to give her the money he owed her. Looking shocked, Fiona asks him if he drove back there - like that; isn't he in enough trouble without getting picked up for drink-driving? Terry snaps at her to get off his back. Fiona retorts that she thought Wayne was the one big on self-pity, but he's giving him a damn good run for his money. She then announces that she's going to unpack, and she picks up her bag and walks to her room. Terry takes a swig from his can.

At Toorak, Patricia explains to Jim that physiotherapy is needed to stop muscle wastage and stimulate the brain; the whole treatment is very intense and very time-consuming. Jim comments that that's why it costs so much. Patricia goes on that there's no guarantee that it will work, but at least there's some hope. Jim remarks that she's a pretty terrific lady, paying for something like that. Patricia replies that it's taken a load off Jill's mind. She pours him another glass of champagne, and he asks her if she's not having another one herself. She explains that she's not drinking much these days - not while she's taking pills; he convinced her not to mix them. Jim comments that she still has to take them. Patricia replies that she can't cope without them. Jim suggests that she's probably spending too much time by herself; she should get out with her friends more. Patricia, looking downcast, replies that there aren't really that many people that she feels close to, these days. Jim points out that she knows she can call on Heather at any time she likes. Patricia tells him that he's the one who helped her when she really needed it; she can't forget that. Jim asks her why she didn't call him again if she needed help. Patricia replies that she was tempted to, but she felt a bit awkward. Jim asks why. Patricia explains that it was because of Beryl - she didn't want to intrude. Jim says he's sure Beryl would understand. Patricia, though, says she doesn't think so - she and Beryl go back a long way; Beryl has never liked her; if Beryl knew he was there now, she thinks she'd be very upset. Jim replies that he doesn't think so - everything would be OK once he'd explained. Patricia agrees that that may be the case - but on the other hand, she wouldn't want Beryl to think that she has a problem. She tells Jim that she really would like to see him from time-to-time, but not if he felt he had to tell Beryl. Jim says he can't lie to her - he likes to be up-front with people. Patricia asks him if he needs to mention it at all. She looks at him imploringly and adds that it really would be nice to know he's there. Jim says, "Well..." Patricia goes on that, that way, she could call on him - as long as she knew she wasn't upsetting Beryl. Jim gives in and says that, alright, he guesses he needn't say anything. Patricia thanks him and tells him that he has no idea how much better that makes her feel - it's been awful trying to cope on her own. Jim says, "Remember: any time."

A while later, Patricia and Jim are standing by the front door, and Jim tells Patricia to hang in there. Patricia replies that she will - just knowing that she has somebody to depend on makes all the difference. He goes, and Patricia closes the door, looking very pleased with herself. She then walks to the 'phone in the hallway and dials a number. The 'phone is answered by a woman's voice, and Patricia asks if that's Jill. Lynn replies that it's her, but she tells Jill that it's Patricia calling. At the Palmers', Jill takes the 'phone and explains to Patricia that she was worried that it was Terry calling. Patricia replies that that's why she rang: she's just had him on the 'phone. Looking worried, Jill cries, "Oh no..." Patricia continues that it was obvious that he'd been drinking - and he got very abusive; she didn't want him upsetting Jill so she pretended that she was with her and that she wouldn't let him speak to her; she hopes she did the right thing. Jill assures her that she did. Patricia says she wouldn't have liked Jill to have been hit with the string of abuse she got, either - so if he does call, she suggests that Jill hang up on him. Jill replies that she will, and she tells Patricia that she's sorry he upset her. Patricia assures her that she's alright now. Changing the subject, she asks if Beryl is there, as she wants a word with her. Jill explains that it's her day at the children's home. Patricia asks her if she can ask Beryl to give her a call when she comes in. Jill says she will. Patricia then tells her not to worry about Terry; don't take any nonsense from him. Jill replies that he's finished, as far as she's concerned. Patricia points out that they both know what he's like. She says 'bye' and hangs up, smiling to herself again in delight at her plan coming together. In Albert Park, Jill tells Lynn that Terry has done enough to her, without upsetting her friends; she's got a good mind to ring him and tell him what she thinks of him. Lynn asks if it isn't best to keep right away from it. Davey suddenly starts crying and she says she'd better get him before he wakes Fee. As she stands up, she tells Jill that Terry's not worth worrying about.

Barbara opens the front door at Dural to find Andy on the step. He asks if the guy came to see about the equipment. Barbara explains that Gordon spoke to him and the report's in the van; practically everything has to be replaced. Andy grimly replies that that's what he thought; it'll be a while before he gets into business. Barbara, though, tells him that it won't be - they can buy the equipment now and Wayne can pay them back. Changing the subject, she asks how Amanda is. Andy replies that she's still pretty shaken up. Barbara tells him that she's lucky to have him to look after her. She adds that they're both very dear to her. She gives him a hug and tells him to make sure they come and see them often. Andy, though, looking wary, says he'd like to, but it might be better if she and Gordon come to them. Barbara snaps that she's not backing down that far to Wayne - if he kicks up a fuss, he'll get short shrift from her. Andy tells her that he will come and visit. He heads outside to get the report from the van. Neither of them have noticed Wayne standing at the top of the stairs, listening to the conversation. When the hall is empty, he walks downstairs.

Andy is packing the damaged equipment back into the van. Wayne suddenly walks over and snaps at him to get that heap out of there and don't come back. He tells Andy to forget what Barbara said - there's no way he's welcome there after wrecking his marriage. Andy closes the rear door to the van and tells Wayne to get lost. Wayne angrily snaps at him to listen: if Andy had been around at the time, it wouldn't have been his stuff that got smashed; it would have been his face. Andy snaps at Wayne that he's crazy if he thinks he stuffed up his marraige, but if he wants to have a go, go ahead. The two men start grappling with each other, but Gordon suddenly approaches them and snaps that he's not going to have them start brawling there. Wayne growls that Gordon knows it's Andy's fault. Gordon snaps at him not to talk nonsense. Andy goes and gets in the van. Wayne shouts at him, "You'll keep." Andy yells back, "So will you." He starts the van. Gordon tell Wayne that Andy isn't the cause of his trouble with Amanda. Wayne growls that that's not how he sees it.

Terry is on the 'phone in the flat, talking to Jill and becoming increasingly annoyed. He snaps that, for God's sake, he wasn't trying to hassle Lynn. Jill asks him how he thinks Lynn felt, him ringing up drunk all the time. Terry tries to explain that he thought she was just fobbing him off saying that she wasn't there. Jill tells him not to ring her at all - he's caused enough trouble for her; if he wants a hostile witness in court, he'll get one. Terry pleads with her not to be like that - he could go to jail for a long time. Jill snaps at him that he's not to ring; remember that. She hangs up. Terry sighs and puts his handset down. He pauses and looks thoughtful. He then looks down at his packed bag, which is still sitting on the floor. He goes to the table, where Fiona's handbag is lying, picks it up and takes out some money. He then picks up his bag and walks out of that flat. As he does so, though, Fiona suddenly comes out of her bedroom and says, "And where do you think you're going?"


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