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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

Katie tells Roger that all she wants is a straight answer: yes or no. Roger replies that she makes it sound as if it's black or white. Katie snaps that what Luke said is either true or it isn't. Roger tells her not to get upset, and he suggests that she come inside and they can talk like sensible people. When Katie looks wary, he adds that he promises he won't bite. Katie walks into the apartment and Roger closes the door. Katie then says, "Well?" Roger tells her that he does find her attractive - she's a warm, intelligent person. Katie snaps that that's ridiculous: he's so old. Roger wryly retorts that he may not be 21, but he's not exactly Methuselah! Katie apologises, saying she didn't mean it to sound like that. Roger asks her how she did mean it. Katie explains that if she was going to get involved with anyone, it would be someone her own age. Roger asks her what rule book she read that in. Katie tells him that he knows what she means. She then goes on that it wasn't fair that he led her on and made her feel good about the computer game and led her to think she can make a living out of them. Roger, though, assures her that she is good at what she does, and one day, she will earn a living out of it. Katie asks about Mr. Young - Roger arranged all that, didn't he? Roger tells her that the truth is that the man was impressed with her work. He then pauses before continuing that, the truth is, he'd already decided not to go 'after her', as she puts it - with some regret, he admits. He asks her if she believes him. Katie says she doesn't know. Roger insists that it's the truth. Katie just nods. Roger smiles and says, "Good!" He then suggests that they sit down and discuss the new contract; he'll just get them a drink first. When he sees the expression on Katie's face, he quickly adds that it's only mineral water - and they can sit on opposite sides of the room! Katie smiles.

Luke is sitting in the lounge room at the O'Briens', counting the money in his wallet. Jeff suddenly comes into the house and Luke quickly puts his money away. Jeff, who's dripping wet, comments that it's really starting to pelt down now. Luke ignore this and tells him to guess what. He then continues that he found a place to stay today, and he thinks he's found himself a job as well: he went for an interview today and the guy was really impressed - he told him that he's number one on his shortlist. Jeff asks him what he'd be doing. Luke replies that he'd be helping out in an office; that sort of stuff. He then goes on that he met a bloke at the CES and he was looking for a flatmate - and the rent's dirt cheap! Jeff exclaims that that's great! Noticing that Luke's bag is packed, he then comments that surely he's not going now? Luke tells him that it's only a quick run down there - and the bloke is expecting him. He picks up the bag and thanks Jeff for his help, adding that he'll pay back the money as soon as he can. Jeff asks him how he's doing for money. Luke replies that he'll be OK- he doesn't have to pay any rent until he gets his first pay packet. The two of them walk to the door and Jeff opens it. He tells Luke to let him know how he goes. As Luke goes to head outside, he tells Jeff that he'd better not come out, as he'll only get more wet. Jeff closes the door. There are a couple of flashes of lightning, and Luke does up his jacket before walking down the path.

At Roger's apartment, Roger explains to Katie that if her software was manufactured overseas as well as in Australia, she'd get even more because that's where the money is. He asks if that's OK. Katie says she thinks so... She then says, "Mr. Carlyle?" Roger tells her to call him 'Roger'; he adds that there's nothing disrespectful about it - and it doesn't make him feel so old! Katie says, "Alright... Roger!" Roger asks her what her question was going to be. Katie explains that she's worried about the way he forced Mr. Young into changing the first contract: is business always that ruthless? Roger replies, "Sometimes - not always." Katie asks him if he's ruthless. Roger tells her that you have to be strong to survive - there's no room for weaklings. Katie asks him if he thinks Luke is weak. Roger replies that Luke is spoilt and self-centred. He goes on that it's partly his fault - he gave Luke too much; everything he ever asked for - but when he asked for something in return... He changes tack and continues that one of the reasons he's concerned about Luke staying with Katie's parents is that he's worried that Heather will continue to spoil him, and he doesn't need that just now; he needs to be brought down to earth with a thump; learn a few lessons - and then when he does return home, he'll be a better person for it. He asks Katie if she agrees. Katie replies that it seems sensible to her. She then says that she'd better be going, as it's getting late. She thanks Roger for his help with the contract, and he assures her that it was his pleasure. Katie goes to the door, but pauses and turns back to look at him before she opens it. She asks him if he'd like her to get in touch if she hears any news of Luke. Roger tells her that he would like that very much. He thanks her. Katie replies that, if she hears anything... Noticing the grin on his face, she asks him what he's smiling at. Roger replies that it's for being the sort of man he is! He adds that one thing he prides himself on is that when he makes a promise, he keeps it. Katie comments that there's nothing wrong with that. Roger tells her that it can have its drawbacks... He opens the door and tells her to go home, as her parents will probably be wondering where she's got to. She goes. Roger closes the door, a wistful look on his face.

The next morning, David is carrying some boxes into Dural, and Barbara asks him if there are any more. David replies that there are a few more. Barbara tells him to put them down on the floor in the entrance hall, and then Wayne can help him after breakfast. David explains that he can't stay too long, but Barbara replies that she's sure he can stay long enough to have something to eat! They head into the lounge room, and David asks if Wayne and Amanda will be using the flat. Barbara tells him that they will, adding that it gives them a bit more privacy. Changing the subject, she asks David how he's been coping, as it can't have been an easy last couple of weeks. David admits that it hasn't. He then adds that having a job helps - it keeps his mind occupied. Barbara tells him to help himself to coffee and she'll go and cook some eggs. David remarks that he should nip out to the flat and tells Wayne that his stuff is there. Looking worried, Barbara replies that she wouldn't, just yet - Amanda let drop that she's going to be working with Andy, and Wayne's not too happy...

In the flat, Wayne and Amanda are hugging tightly, and Amanda tells Wayne that that makes her so happy! Wayne assures her that that's all that matters. Amanda explains that she could hardly sleep last night, worrying about how he'd react when she told him. Wayne tells her that he's sorry that he made a song-and-dance at breakfast - it would be unfair to make her sit around and twiddle her thumbs until they started a family. Amanda turns away, guiltily, and points out that these things can take time... Wayne says he knows, but he can't wait until they do start a family; until then, he promises not to keep her wrapped in cotton wool. Amanda replies that that's fair enough...

In the kitchen at the O'Briens', Heather asks Jeff what the name of the chap is that Luke is flatting with. Jeff replies that he didn't say. Heather asks him if he's got an address. Jeff tells her that he hasn't - Luke said he'd 'phone with it. Heather comments that Luke said he'll be working in an office... Jeff assures her that it will all work out. Heather remarks that he's certainly landed on his feet. Mike, who was talking on the 'phone, hangs up and announces that another customer wants to come back - that makes three this morning; it seems like the competition can't do the job for the price quoted! Jeff says he knew it would all work out! Mike sits down at the table, but as he does so, Heather asks him if he doesn't think it's a bit of a coincidence: the day after Luke moves out, the customers start coming back. Jeff asks why it's a coincidence. Heather quickly says it doesn't matter. Mike says he'd better get going. Heather comments that he's early, considering he hasn't got many bookings today. Mike replies that he knows, but there are a few other things he wants to handle - and if it all works out, Roger Carlyle can go and take a running jump. Looking worried, Heather asks him what he's talking about. Mike, though, just tells her that he'll see her later. He goes. Jeff, still sitting at the table, asks why everybody is so serious this morning. Heather assures him that she's as much in the dark as he is.

At Dural, Amanda and Andy walk from the flat into the main house, and as they stand in the hallway, Andy asks Amanda if things are going OK with her and Wayne. Amanda replies that today they are. Andy asks her if she's changed her mind about starting a family, but Amanda tells him that she hasn't. She adds that she'll have to be a lot more certain that it'll work out before she's ready to do that. She goes on that, yesterday, she left a message for her doctor to write out a prescription. Andy tells her that he can pick it up on the way back, but Amanda explains that her doctor will be at the hospital most of the day, so she'll pick it up from his surgery this afternoon. Andy asks her if she's still not going to tell Wayne. Amanda asks him if he's kidding... She suddenly notices the pile of boxes in the hallway. As she does so, Gordon comes out of the lounge room, and she asks him if David is there. Gordon replies that he was, but he's gone now. Amanda looks disappointed, and comments that she would like to have seen him. Gordon explains that he was in a hurry to get away, and Terry held him up talking.

Terry is sitting outside, looking deep in thought. Fiona walks up to him slowly and asks him if he could use some company. Terry doesn't respond. Fiona then remarks that it's beautiful out there this morning, isn't it. She goes on that she was just up at the gate: all the little finches - there must have been fifty of them, all sitting on the fence sunning themselves. Terry just bluntly asks if that's a fact. Looking concerned, Fiona tells him not to worry too much about what David's been telling him. She adds that she and David had a talk before David left, and he told her that he'd been talking to Terry. Terry comments, "Two years in jail..." He goes on that some of the things David said go on in there... he's not going to survive. Fiona points out that he's worrying about something that mightn't even happen. Terry laughs in disbelief. Fiona tells him that what he really needs is something to get his mind off it: how about coming househunting with her - Gordon has seen this house that he's sure she'll like: it needs a lot of decorating but the two of them can do all the hard work-- Terry interrupts and snaps that he's not going to be around to do any work - can't she get that into her head? Fiona, looking worried, says, "Terry..." Terry snaps that he doesn't want to look at her place - he just wants to be left alone. Fiona explains that she's only trying to help. Terry retorts that it's a pity she didn't try to help back when Sean O'Donnel was there; if she'd stood by him when he said he was Fee's father, none of this would have happened. Fiona asks who was to have known-- Terry snaps that anyone with half a brain, that's who - so she's not to stand there and tell him that everything's going to work out fine, because they both damn well know it ain't. He storms off, leaving Fiona looking upset.

Sometime later, Terry arrives at Irene's boarding house. He walks up to the door of her room and knocks. There are loud banging noises coming from inside and the door isn't answered. He knocks on the door again and calls for Irene. The door opens, but there's a guy standing there, wearing overalls. He impatiently says, "Yes, mate?" Terry asks where Irene Fisher - the woman who owns the place - is. The workman replies that she's across the hall. One of the other doors leading off the hallway opens and Irene comes out. Terry asks her what's going on, and she explains that she's having some renovations done, so she's pitched a tent in his old room! She invites him in, and he follows her into the room. She closes the door behind them. Terry takes out some money, hands it to Irene and explains that it's what he owes her. Looking surprised, Irene remarks that this is a first! Terry explains that he always pays his debts. As a sudden sense of awkwardness fills the room, he tells Irene that that's all he came about. Irene asks how things are going. Terry replies that they're not the best - he's out on bail but it looks like he'll get two years. Irene comments that that doesn't sound much fun, and she asks if there's anything she can do. Terry suggests, "Pray!" Irene smiles and then comments that she doesn't reckon He listens to her, anymore! She adds, though, that she'll join him in a beer - she reckons he could do with one!

Katie is ironing in the kitchen at the O'Briens', while Heather prepares her shopping list. She asks her daughter if Mr. Young just agreed to the changes she wanted. Katie replies that he was really nice about it. Heather remarks that it's strange, considering the rotten deal he gave her in the first place. Katie says she guesses she was just lucky that he saw it from her point of view. Heather opens the door to the 'fridge, and, changing the subject, says she wonders how Luke is managing as far as meals are concerned. Katie curtly says she reckons it will be a big shock - he's used to being waited on hand-and-foot; things will be a bit different now. Heather, looking surprised, comments that that's a bit harsh. Katie tells her that it'll be a good lesson for Luke - he's been spoilt too long. Heather replies that Luke's father is pretty much to blame there. Katie snaps that just because Luke's turned out bad, it doesn't mean it's all Roger's fault. Heather asks what happened to 'Mr. Carlyle'? Katie replies that she calls him Roger, so she must have picked it up from her.

At Roger's apartment, Roger closes his briefcase and puts on his jacket. There's a sudden knock on the front door, and he opens it to find Mike standing there. He asks if he can come in. Roger explains that he was just going out. Mike tells him that it won't take long, and he walks into the apartment. Roger shuts the door. Mike explains that he just called round to let Roger know that he hasn't won. Roger starts to say, "I'm afraid--" Mike interrupts, though, and continues that he knows about the pressure Roger put on his son. Roger curtly says, "Do you?" Mike goes on that he knows about Roger making Luke leave their place in return for getting off his back. Roger asks, "What about it?" Mike tells him that he thinks it's been a waste of time: Luke is bound to get in touch with Jeff, and when he does, he'll make sure that the message is passed back to him that he'll do all he can to see that Luke goes to medical school. Roger curtly retorts that Luke knows what will happen if he accepts help from Mike. Mike replies that Roger will try wrecking his business-- Roger retorts that, to put in bluntly: yes. Mike remarks that it's good luck, then, that he sold his mowing round this morning. He goes on that, once he had all his customers back, he thought it would be a good chance to get rid of it. Roger asks if that isn't what's known as cutting off your nose to spite your face. Mike replies that it isn't, really - he's been looking for something more challenging for some time, now; he hadn't planned on it so soon, but Roger came along and made up his mind for him. He adds that he supposes he should thank him. He then tells Roger that he knows he's a busy man, so he won't hold him up. Roger, looking annoyed, tells Mike that he wouldn't be so cocky if he was him. Mike replies that he's got a lot to be cocky about: he's got a happy family, who all love each other - Roger should try that, sometime. He turns and goes, leaving Roger looking annoyed.

At Irene's boarding house, Terry finishes a can of beer and comments that he's glad that that guy has stopped his hammering! He then adds that he'd better make this tinnie his last. He puts the can down on the table and says he'd better push off. Irene tells him that he doesn't have to... Terry says he knows, but he'd better. He puts his hand on Irene's shoulder and tells her that she's alright - a good sport. Irene replies that sure she is: every time she fancies a guy, she ends up playing Dorothy Dicks! Terry points out that friends last longer. Irene replies that they don't keep you warm at night, though. She tells Terry to keep in touch. Terry replies that he will if he's around. Irene assures him that of course he will be - one way or another - and if the worst comes to the worst, he can write, can't he? Terry replies that of course he can. Irene, suddenly looking worried, says he's not thinking of doing anything silly, is he - like disappearing? Terry reminds her that he told her: a man always pays his debts. He goes, but Irene looks worried.

The 'phone is ringing as Wayne walks into the flat at Dural. He answers it and a woman comes on, asking for Mrs. Morrell. Wayne explains that she's not there at the moment, and he asks if he can take a message. The woman explains that she's calling from Dr. Ferguson's surgery: doctor would like to see Mrs. Morrell before he writes a prescription for her, so if she'd like to make an appointment... Looking surprised, Wayne asks her if she's talking about Amanda Morrell. The woman replies that that's right. Wayne says he'll tell her. He then goes on that he's Amanda's husband; if Amanda's sick, he thinks he has a right to know... The woman assures her that it's nothing like that - it's just for some contraceptive pills. She thanks Wayne and hangs up. Wayne puts the 'phone down, looking shocked.

A short time later, there's a knock on the door of the flat. Wayne is sitting on the couch, looking upset, and he doesn't answer. There's more knocking, and then Gordon comes in. Wayne quickly stands up and explains that he was in the bedroom. Gordon hands him a file of papers and explains that they're from Stephen: the latest figures from the riding school - it's doing pretty well, actually. Wayne just comments that it's about time. Gordon asks what the matter is. Wayne retorts that it's nothing - nothing Gordon can fix, anyway. Gordon points out that he can listen. Wayne snaps that it'll take a bit more than that to set things straight. Gordon says, "With me? Barbara?" Wayne doesn't respond, and Gordon realises that it must be Amanda. He asks what's happened. Wayne retorts that nothing has happened - and it's not likely to, either: she's done a great con job on him - he was really taken in. Gordon looks at him, and he explains that their marriage has been going through a rough spot; he thought they could save it, and his wife thought that they could, too - that's what she kept telling him. He goes on that he wanted to start a family, as he thought having kids around would help bring them together, and Amanda agreed with him. He tells Gordon, "Twenty minutes ago, her doctor's receptionist called and started talking about a prescription. Amanda hasn't got the slightest intention of having kids - ony the idea was not to tell me about it." Gordon says he's sorry. Wayne angrily asks him how the hell he thinks he feels - like the prize sucker of the year. Gordon asks him why he thinks Amanda kept quiet about it. Wayne asks how the hell he should know. He angrily adds that if she expects to keep on living there... Gordon suggests that he should talk this out with her. Wayne ignores this and snaps that he bets 'dear Andy' thinks it's a hell of a joke; he bent over backwards to do the right thing by that mongrel - just to please Amanda. Gordon says he's sure it has nothing to do with Andy. Wayne snaps that Andy would love nothing more than to stuff up his marriage. Gordon replies that, his advice is, when Amanda gets back-- Wayne interrupts and snaps, "When Amanda gets back, I want you to promise me you'll kick her out of the house, because either she goes or I do." He storms out of the flat, leaving Gordon looking worried.

A few minutes later, Gordon and Barbara walk into the lounge room in the main house, and Barbara snaps that Amanda is her niece and she's not having her turfed out of the house on Wayne's say-so. Gordon says he doubts it'll come to that - by the time Wayne comes back, he'll have calmed down and will be ready to talk things through with Amanda. Barbara asks what will happen if he isn't - will Amanda be left out in the street? Gordon asks Barbara if she thinks that's what he'll let happen. Barbara admits that he probably won't. Gordon then points out that there's the apartment in town: if Wayne and Amanda do split up, Amanda can stay there. Barbara says she's still not happy about it - Wayne is behaving like a spoilt brat and he's letting him get away with it. Gordon retorts that it's nothing to do with letting him get away with it - the boy is hurt and upset, and in his place, he'd feel exactly the same way. Barbara snaps that she isn't saying he shouldn't be upset, but there are certain ways of going about things: most rational people don't get up on their high horse and demand that their father kick their wife out of the house. Gordon tells her that, when Amanda gets back, he'll explain what happened and hopefully she loves Wayne enough to to the right thing. Barbara snaps, "What, get pregnant?" Gordon snaps back that he doesn't mean that - but if they can't come to some arrangement, then Wayne is his son and this is his house: Wayne is welcome to stay there as long as he likes. Barbara looks annoyed.

Wayne is outside, walking. He tears up a leaf that he's holding and throws the bits on the ground. He then lashes out and hits the branches of the tree he's standing next to. A white van with 'Image Music' painted on the side suddenly pulls up in the driveway, and Amanda gets out of the passenger side while Andy climbs down from the driver's seat. He asks Amanda if she's impressed. Amanda replies that she loves it - she thinks he's done very well for himself! She adds that she can't wait until they get out on their first job! Andy suggests that they go and tell Barbara.

Inside, Gordon is looking out of the window, and he tells Barbara that Andy and Amanda are just coming in. The front door opens, and the two of them then head into the lounge room. Andy tells Barbara that it's all out there, and he asks her if she wants to come outside and have a look. Barbara replies that she may do it a bit later - she and Gordon want a word with Amanda first. Amanda asks what's wrong. Gordon tells her that it's rather private. Andy, taking the hint, goes to make a sandwich. When he's gone, Amanda asks what's up.

Outside, Wayne approaches the van from the front, and then walks round to the back and turns the catch to open the rear door. The door raises up and Wayne looks at all the electronic gear and records lying inside. He suddenly reaches in and pulls out some of the equipment. He drops it onto the ground before reaching in for more equipment and pulling that out. Speakers, turntables, cables and glitterballs all come flying out of the van and end up on the ground as the attack quickly becomes more frenzied. Soon there's no more equipment to destroy and so, looking furious, Wayne reaches in one more time and pulls out a pile of records, which fly up into the air before joining the pile of equipment dumped in the drive.


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