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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

Patricia arrives at Toorak the next morning, and Amanda tells her that David said he's going to put up signs so that he can find his way around when he gets back from Sydney! She adds that he took a lot of her and Wayne's things with him, so they don't have to hang around for removalists. Patricia asks her what time she and Wayne are leaving, and Amanda replies that it'll be in about half an hour. Patricia comments that it's a pity, as she thought they might have time for a drink and a chat. They head into the lounge room and sit down. Amanda says that David tells her that Matt Kennedy is back in town. Patricia explains that he popped in to say goodbye - he's gone to London. Amanda asks her if she's going to miss him. Patricia admits that she will. She then tells Amanda that she'll miss her too - she feels as if she found a friend and now she's losing her. She adds that Amanda was very kind to her after Margaret died. Amanda says she wishes she could have done more. Patricia tells her that she feels really sorry that she hasn't bothered to take an interest in her. Amanda points out that, whenever she's in Melbourne, they can see each other. Patricia asks if they can't make a start now - she'd love to love to know how things are going with her. She adds that ten minutes won't hurt. Amanda offers her a drink, and she asks for a small scotch. As Amanda gets up to get it, there's a sly look on Patricia's face...

Lynn is in the offices of the Maggie Collins Model Agency, talking to Maggie Collins herself. She tells her that she doesn't care what the job is - she'll do anything to keep busy. Maggie replies that she'll put her back on the books. She then warns Lynn that she scene has changed a lot since she went overseas - they're into teenyboppers now. Lynn smiles and points out that she's not exactly over the hill! Maggie tells her that they want them string-bean thin. Lynn replies that she'll lose weight; cut her hair; go punk! Maggie comments that she is keen! Lynn explains that she wants the work. Maggie remarks that surely her marriage isn't on the rocks? Lynn assures her that it isn't. She then goes on and explains that she's stuck there for nine weeks while Kevin is in Saudi Arabia - and there's a guy she's crazy about. Maggie says she never thought Lynn would sway. Lynn replies that she hasn't - yet. Maggie looks at her intently as she continues that she's a bundle of nerves these days. Maggie tells her that she's wanted a few men that she couldn't have, too! Lynn explains that she's scared that, if she doesn't keep busy, she'll hop on the first 'plane to Sydney and go to him. Maggie says that that means Sydney jobs are out, then. Lynn agrees, "Definitely!" She then tells Maggie that she knew she wouldn't let her down. Maggie tells her not to thank her yet - she's got to lose weight, first, before they get her started. Lynn assures her that she'll go on a diet straight away. Maggie tells her that she'll put her down for a job that iust came in. Lynn asks what it is. Maggie replies that it's a bikini spread, and Lynn smiles and says that's terrific! Maggie tells her to get out there and shape up! Lynn tells Maggie that she's wonderful - she doesn't know what she would have done if she hadn't helped her.

Jill and Fee arrive at the Palmer house and Jill tells Beryl that it's really nice of her to have them. Beryl replies that she's pleased to have the company. She then goes on that she's got good news: Fiona called and Terry is out on bail. Jill excitedly exclaims that that's great! Beryl suggests that she give Fiona a call, but Jill, her face suddenly falling, says she thinks she'll leave it until tomorrow. Beryl says, "Whatever you want." Jill explains that she and Fiona had words before she left - she thinks Fiona was glad to see the back of her. Beryl tells her not to be silly - Fiona was bound to be anxious about Terry; she just has to make allowances. Jill uncertainly says she supposes Beryl's right. Beryl replies that of course she is.

In the lounge room at Toorak, Patricia asks Amanda if the second honeymoon was a success. Amanda replies that they're getting there. Patricia comments that it must have been quite a strain on them both having all that business with Terry and Fee in the house. Amanda agrees that it was, a bit; she adds that she still can't understand why Terry took Fee. Patricia tells her that she thinks she knows how he felt - she was pretty desperate when she abandoned John. Amanda says she can't understand that, either. Patricia explains that attitudes were different then - there was a lot more pressure on them when she was Amanda's age. Amanda retorts that she'd argue with her there. Patricia goes on that social attitudes towards things like childbearing have changed: kids like Amanda are a lot luckier than they were; at least now they can chose the right time to have a child; she couldn't. Amanda admits that she guesses they do take a lot for granted. Patricia continues that she's not saying that the freedom today doesn't cause problems - but the one big advantage is that you can make sure that you're in a stable marriage before you bring any children into the world. Looking wary, Amanda says, "Yes..." Wayne suddenly calls her name, and she tells Patricia that she has to go. Patricia says she's sorry - she got a bit heavy. Amanda assures her that it made a lot of sense. Wayne comes in and asks her if she's ready to go; he doesn't acknowledge Patricia. Amanda asks if she can have a couple of minutes. Wayne grunts that he'll take their things out. Amanda tells Patricia to take care of herself. They hug and Amanda leaves the room. Out in the hallway, she angrily asks Wayne if he had to be so rude; he could have said 'hello' to Patricia. Wayne asks why he should be a hypocrite. Patricia listens in the lounge room as Amanda asks Wayne how he'd like someone to kick him when he's down. She adds that he's insensitive and selfish. Wayne tells her to wake up to herself: Patricia is bad news; she hasn't been in the house five minutes and she's already got them at each other's throats. Amanda snaps at him that that's his fault. Patricia looks pleased with herself.

At the O'Briens', Mike is sitting in the lounge room looking at a file of papers. Katie reminds him that she told him she'd pay her own way. Heather tells her daughter that she's a marvel! Mike, though, looks worried and tells Katie that she doesn't know about this Bob Young chap - she shouldn't have signed anything yet. Katie asks why not - she's doing what she wanted, and the money's great. Mike explains that you don't sign anything until you've got a solicitor to check it out. Luke comes into the room as he says this, and Mike asks if that's right. Luke replies that it's the first thing his father ever taught him. Mike points out to Luke that he studied Law, and he asks him if he knows enough to see if the contract is OK. Katie annoyedly asks what the point is, as it's signed now. Luke explains that he might be able to spot loopholes. He takes the contract and starts skimming through it. After a few seconds, he tells Katie that her dad is right: she shouldn't have signed it. Katie asks why not. Luke tells her that she's signed away exclusive right to every game she ever comes up with. Katie snaps, "So?" Mike tells her to use her brains: she can't push the price up and have other people competing to buy her product. Heather asks if there isn't any way of getting round it. Luke replies that there isn't unless Katie can talk the company into tearing up the contract. He leaves the room, and Katie angrily shouts after him, "Who says you're the expert?" Heather tells her daughter that she's sure Luke didn't mean to spoil it for her. Katie snaps, "I bet..."

She follows Luke into the kitchen, where he's taking some cake out of the 'fridge. She snaps at him that she's not going to take his word for it: she'll get her dad's solicitor to check it tomorrow. Luke tells her that it would be a waste of money - he knows what he's talking about; but if she wants another opinion... Katie snaps at him that she wants him to stop interfering in their lives. She goes on that even if she had made a mistake, he had no right to say anything in front of her parents. Luke retorts that he's not going to lie to cover up her mistake. Katie snaps that it wasn't a mistake. Luke sarcastically comments that he didn't know she was an expert in corporate law. Katie angrily tells him that she knew her deal wouldn't be the greatest, but she wasn't in a position to hassle: in case he hasn't noticed, her dad is going broke - fast. Luke assures her that he's noticed, and he adds that he admires her for trying to help - but he tells her not to take it out on him when it goes wrong for her. Katie snaps that she isn't - she just doesn't like him finding fault with her when he's not even trying to pull his weight. Luke tells her that he's been out looking for a job every day. Katie retorts that she gets the feeling that he's just using them until he wears out his welcome. Luke snaps that that's not true. Katie rants that he didn't have second thoughts about using Jeff to get there - and he had no need to pick on him; he must have stuff that he could have hocked to get over there. Luke retorts that his father bought him everything he owns and he never lets him forget it, so he was damned if he was going to use a penny of his to get away - and Jeff is his only friend. Katie snaps at him that Jeff isn't his friend - he's just a kid who hero-worships him; that's why Jeff won't let him down; he used him. Luke insists that Jeff is his friend - and he'll pay back every cent he borrowed. He adds that it's his father who uses people, not him. Katie angrily asks him how come he was willing to sit back and let her parents fight his battles when his father turned up. Luke reminds her that he offered to take the heat off them by moving out, but they wouldn't have it. Katie snaps that it didn't take him long to find out who was the soft touch. Luke shakes his head. He tells Katie that she's lucky he's a gentleman or she'd be wearing the cake he's holding. He politely asks her if she wants a piece. She snaps, "Drop dead," and storms out.

She heads back into the lounge room, and Heather comments that she thought she was going to get something to eat. Katie snaps that she's not hungry. Heather tells her not to let things get her down. Katie replies that she won't - she'll get them to tear up the contract if it's the last thing she does. She storms off. Luke comes into the room and tells Heather that Katie will be lucky if she does get them to tear it up. Heather comments that at least she's not sulking anymore. Luke explains that he stirred her up. Heather says she supposes her daughter argued the point about loopholes. Luke replies that it got a bit more personal: Katie thinks he's a user. Heather tells him not to take any notice of what Katie says when she's mad. Luke asks her if she thinks Katie's right. Heather looks awkward, and Luke realises that she does. Heather explains that he doesn't do it deliberately; it's his upbringing, she supposes - he automatically assumes that people should do what he wants. Luke grimly remarks, "Like father, like son, eh?" Heather tells him that there's one important difference: he doesn't set out to hurt people. Luke points out that anyone who gets involved with him is in for a hard time. Heather tells him that they're helping because it's the right thing to do. Luke points out that Mike is going broke because of it. Heather assures him that Mike knew what he was letting himself in for when he told Roger that his son would be staying. Luke points out that he could have taken the decision out of Mike's hands by just walking away. Heather tells him that he'd never survive out there. Luke indignantly replies that he's tougher than he looks, but Heather reminds him that he didn't make it last time he tried to go it alone. Luke replies that he would have if he'd had something to go on fighting for. Heather tells him that she thinks he's kidding himself - he hasn't been brought up to take hard knocks and keep on going. Luke suddenly snaps that he knows he's been spoilt rotten all his life, but he's not useless. He storms off.

Katie is at the apartment block in which Roger Carlyle is staying, and she rings on the bell of apartment 68. Roger opens the door, and when he sees who's standing there he comments, "This is a nice surprise." Katie tells him that she won't keep him long, but he did say to let him know how she got on with Mr. Young. Roger replies that Bob Young called him an hour ago to say he'd snapped her up; he congratulates her. Katie tells him that it's not all good news, she's afraid - she thinks she got taken on the contract she signed. Roger says, "I see..." Katie continues that she knows it's probably too late to do anything, but could he take a look at it for her? Roger tells her that he really should have warned her about Bob. Katie, though, replies that it's her own stupid fault - she should have known better than to rush in. Roger smiles and tells her that she wouldn't be so charming if she were a hard-bitten businesswoman...

A few minutes later, Roger has read the contract and he tells Katie that he's sorry but it's watertight. Katie grimly says she thought it would be. She adds that, never mind - she'll just to to live with it. Roger says he hopes the experience has taught her something: never sign anything until she's read the small print first. He then adds that he'll get Bob to tear up the contract. Looking surprised, Katie asks, "How?" Roger explains that Bob Young gets a lot of business from his company - if Katie will forgive him saying so, it's worth far more to Bob than her exclusive services. Katie remarks that Mr. Young seemed too clever to be fooled by a bluff. Roger tells her that he's not bluffing: if he doesn't give her a better deal, he'll take his business elsewhere. Katie says she doesn't know what to say. Roger tells her not to give it another thought. Katie turns to go to the door. As she does so, Roger suggests that she come back at eight o'clock, and they can read through her new contract. Katie asks if he means tonight. Roger asks if that's a problem. Katie replies that it could be. Roger asks if she has a curfew. Katie quickly pooh-poohs that idea and explains that she'll have to break a date. She adds, though, that she'll be there - she really appreciates what he's doing for her. Roger tells her that he considers it a pleasure...

On the ground floor of the apartment block, Luke is waiting for the lift. The door opens and he's shocked to find Katie standing there. She leaves the lift and Luke demands to know what she's doing there. Katie snaps at him that it's none of his business. She goes to leave the building, but Luke follows her to the door and says she's been seeing his father, hasn't she. He angrily adds that he might have known his father would get someone to spy on him. Katie retorts that whatever she's there for is nothing to do with him. She then asks him why he's there: is he doing the 'prodigal son' act? Luke replies that he's come to tell his dad that he's moving out. Katie snaps, "Like last time?" Luke insists that he'll do it this time. He goes on that he shouldn't have let Mike talk him out of it in the first place - he's got enough on his plate without Roger hassling him. He then points out to Katie that her parents won't be too thrilled to know that she's been sneaking off to see his father behind their backs. Katie angrily warns him not to dare say a word, as, if her mum and dad find out that it was his father who got her the job, they won't let her sign the new contract. Luke snaps that he might have known his father would be behind it. Katie tells him that her family need the money she'll be making, so don't wreck it for her - please? Luke replies that if she keeps her mouth shut about him moving out, he won't say anything about the contract. Katie says, "Done." Luke replies, "Good." Katie walks off. Luke returns to the lift and gets in.

A few minutes later, up in Roger's apartment, Luke angrily says to his father that he knows he likes his girlfriends young, but an 18-year-old is a bit much, even for him. Roger tells his son that he doesn't know what he means. Luke snaps at him not to give him that; Perth isn't that big a town - news soon gets around. Roger comments that he must be slipping - he thought he'd been very discreet. He then tells Luke that it's really none of his business. Luke retorts that he's not letting his father get at the O'Briens through their daughter. Roger tells him that he could stop him by coming home. Luke snaps, "No way." Roger retorts that he's afraid Luke doesn't have any bargaining power, then. Luke tells him that, actually, he has a deal that he thinks he'll go for: if he moves out of the O'Briens' and accepts no help of any kind, his father stops hassling them. Roger asks if he can get that in writing. Luke adds, "And you quit hassling Katie." Roger comments that his son drives a hard bargin. Luke retorts that he had a good teacher. Roger tells him that he has a deal. Luke says he wants to shake on it, and so Roger holds out his hand and they shake. Luke tells him that he'll be out of the O'Briens' tonight. He turns to leave, but as he does so, Roger cooly suggests to him that he find something better than a park bench, as it's freezing out and they're forecasting rain. Luke snaps at his father that he knows he doesn't think he'll last a week, but he will. Roger points out that his track record isn't really very good - the last time he made the break, he had some of his money behind him. Luke retorts that he has a better incentive now: never having to see him again. He goes, leaving Roger looking thoughtful.

That evening, at Dural, Andy comes downstairs as Wayne and Amanda arrive. He tells them that they've just missed the others - Gordon and Barbara are taking Terry and Fiona out for dinner. Amanda asks how Terry's coping. Andy replies that he's pretty spaced out. Wayne growls that he's glad they missed him - he couldn't cope with all that tonight. He puts down the bags he's carrying and heads out to get some takeaway for dinner. Andy and Amanda head into the lounge room, and Andy excitedly tells Amanda that he's found a new business: he's about to become a one-man band!

In the kitchen at the Palmers', Lynn says to Beryl that she finally had to tell Mrs. Collins why she's so anxious to work; Mrs. Collins was terrific about it. Beryl asks her if Mrs. Collins will give her enough to keep her busy. Lynn replies that she said she'd try; she's already booked her for a bikini commercial! Beryl looks surprised and comments that Victor will love that! Lynn explains that it does mean she'll have to go on a diet. Beryl asks what for, adding that Lynn's as skinny as a rake as it is. Lynn tells her that she's still got to slim down for the bikini ad. Beryl replies that she's not having Lynn go on any of those fad diets, as she could end up being very sick. Lynn assures her that all she'll be doing is cutting back on what she eats; she'll just have yoghurt and fruit tonight. Beryl tells her that that isn't a proper meal, but Lynn angrily assures her that she knows what she's doing. She then quickly apologises, saying she seems to snap at the littlest things lately. Beryl says she's noticed. She suggests that maybe it would be better if she hopped on a 'plane to London - even if it does mean being on her own for a while. Lynn, though, replies that she wouldn't be there five minutes and she'd be on the 'phone to Andy. She adds that at least there she's got Beryl to talk to if things get really bad. Beryl reluctantly says she'll just have to keep the 'fridge stocked up with fruit and yoghurt, won't she.

In the lounge room at Dural, Andy explains to Amanda that he fronts up at a party and he DJs for the rest of the night - a mobile disco! Amanda tells him that that's a terrific way to earn a living! Andy asks her if she wants to be in it. Looking surprised, Amanda says, "Me?!" Andy replies that it's a two-man operation - and he doesn't want the anti-discrimination people after him, so does she want to be the woman on the team?! Amanda tells him that she'd love to! She asks where the gear is, and he replies that he has to pick it up tomorrow. Amanda tells him that she'll come with him. Looking more wary, Andy asks what she'll do if Wayne doesn't want her working. Amanda retorts that it's her life, which leads Andy to comment, "It's like that, is it?" Amanda explains that she and Wayne had words just before they left Melbourne - and they didn't do much talking on the 'plane. Andy says he's sorry. Amanda says, "Who knows? Tomorrow may be one of our highs again." Andy asks her what she's going to do about it. Amanda replies that she'll keep on trying to make their marriage work - and putting off a family until it does. Andy comments that he wondered why Wayne was in such a rotten mood. Amanda, though, tells him that Wayne doesn't know about it yet - and she's not going to tell him. Andy remarks that that's not very fair. Amanda agrees that it isn't, but adds that she'll never be able to convince him that she's doing the right thing; he's so sure that once they have a baby it'll solve all their problems - but you only have to look at Terry and Jill to see what happens to a kid when its parents fall out. She goes on that Wayne can be so callous and vindictive that she just wants to walk out sometimes - and he can be so wonderful when he wants to be. Andy asks her if she still loves him. Amanda replies that she does. Andy tells her that she should be honest with him, then, but Amanda insists that she can't - he'd be so hurt. Andy points out that he'd be real hurt if he found out. Amanda replies that she'll have to make sure that he doesn't find out, won't she.

Jill is in the lounge room at Toorak, with Patricia. Patricia says to her that she wishes she'd come and stayed with her. Jill admits that she's starting to wish she had, too. She adds that Beryl's tried not to take sides, but... Patricia finishes what she's saying: that Beryl is Fiona's friend and Jill finds it difficult to talk in front of her. Jill says she doesn't even know what she'd say if she could; she's so confused. Patricia asks what the problem is. Jill replies that it's Fiona. Patricia says she knew Fiona would give her a hard time about calling the police in. Jill explains that she wasn't - until today; she doesn't know what go into her - one minute she was all smiles and the next, it was as if she couldn't stand the sight of her. Patricia asks her if that's why she came back to Melbourne. Jill explains that she was coming back anyway - Fiona thought that it would be too upsetting for Terry to have Fee around. Patricia sighs and remarks that it always comes back to what's best for Terry. She goes on that she knows she shouldn't say it, but it makes her very angry to see the way Fiona has treated Jill. Jill points out that Fiona is under a lot of strain, but Patricia retorts that it's only because her precious son did the wrong thing. Jill says that, if she hadn't called the police-- Patricia interrupts her and assures her that she hasn't done anything wrong. She goes on that Fiona is being very selfish; if she'd been in Jill's shoes, she'd have called the police in ten seconds flat. Jill says that, anyway, everything has turned out wrong: Fiona said that Terry has been charged with abduction and he could get two years. Patricia says she thinks that that's Fiona being hysterical - usually, a first offender is let off on a good-behaviour bond. Looking surprised, Jill asks her if she's sure. Patricia replies that she's not 100% sure, but she could check it out - a friend of Stephen's is a solicitor; she might be able to catch him at home. She asks Jill to freshen up her drink while she makes the call. As she heads out to the hallway, she adds that she's sure she'll have good news soon.

At the O'Briens', Katie is working on her computer on the living room table. Heather says to her that, when Jeff gets in, tell him that his dinner is in the oven. Katie tells her parents to enjoy the film and Heather and Mike head out. As soon as they've gone, Katie stands up and picks up her bag and umbrella. Luke, who's sitting in an armchair in the lounge room, asks her where she's going. Katie retorts that she's going to find out about the new contract. Luke tells her that he'll be gone by the time she gets back. Katie points out that it would make more sense to wait until tomorrow morning, as it's pouring outside, and if-- Luke interrupts her, though, and tells her that he made a bargain with his dad; he's not backing out. Katie snaps that she was only trying to help. Luke tells her that he doesn't need her doing him any favours. Katie snaps, "God, you're arrogant. I don't know how a nice man like your dad came to have a creep like you for a son." Luke smiles and says he's heard his father called a lot of names, but never 'nice'. Katie angrily suggests that maybe somebody should set the record straight, then: there aren't too many men in his position who would lift a finger to help somebody like her. Luke asks her if she's ever stopped to wonder why he helped her. Katie replies that they hit it off and it was no big deal for him to give her a useful contact. Luke tells her that if she believes that, she's even more naive than he thought. He goes on that his father has had his eye on her ever since the first time he saw her - that's why her mother left her job with him back in Perth. Katie snaps that she doesn't believe him. Luke tells her that she doesn't have to - ask his father. Katie snaps that she will. She turns and goes out.

In the hallway at Toorak, Patricia is on the 'phone to Malcolm Crosby and she thanks him and reminds him to send her the bill. Malcolm tells her that he'd settle for dinner next time he's in Melbourne! They hang up and Patricia returns to the lounge room. She tells Jill that she's glad she checked, because she's afraid she was way off beam. Jill asks her if she's saying Terry won't get off. Patricia replies that, no, that's not the case: in fact, he could get five years if she's a hostile witness. Jill explains that she'll be doing everything she can to help him. Patricia explains that, in that case, he'll get two years minimum. Jill glumly comments that Fiona was right. Patricia agrees that she was - except that she left out one very important piece of information: if Jill tells the court that Terry is the natural father, she could end up on a fraud charge. Jill stares at her in shock. Patricia tells her that she's afraid she's coming a very bad last with Fiona these days. Jill suggests that maybe Fiona didn't know about it. Patricia replies that she doubts it - Terry's solicitor was bound to have mentioned it. Jill reluctantly says she supposes so. She then snaps that any time there's a choice between her and Terry, there's no contest in it. Patricia says she knows it's hard for Jill to face, but if she doesn't, Fiona is going to keep on hurting her. Jill retorts that, if that's the way Fiona wants it, it's about time she started putting herself first, isn't it. Patricia nods and smiles, looking pleased with herself.

Katie rings the doorbell to Roger's apartment. He opens the door and comments that it's a dreadful night, isn't it. He tells her to come in and get dry, but Katie declines, saying she's not staying. Roger tells her not to be silly - she'll get pneumonia out there, and he wants her to read through the draft of the new contract; he had his legal department draw it up. Katie bluntly asks, "Why are you helping me?" Looking surprised, Roger asks what the matter is. Katie tells him that Luke said he's doing it because he's after her. Roger says, "I see..." Katie goes on that she knows Luke is only saying it to stir, but... Roger asks, "What would you say if I told you he was telling the truth?" Katie looks at him in shock as he adds, "Would you mind?"


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