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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Margaret's funeral is taking place. Heather, Barbara, Gordon, Wayne, Amanda, Stephen, Angela, John, Patricia and David are all standing at the graveside, as the coffin lies in a hole in the ground, and a Minister leads the funeral reading. He reads, "Man that is born of woman is of few days and full of trouble. He comes forth like a flower and whithers; he passes like a shadow and does not stay. In the midst of life, we are in death. From whom may we seek for help but from you, Lord God, though you are justly displeased on account of our sins. And yet, Lord God almighty, most holy and most merciful saviour, deliver us from the bitterness of eternal death." As the Minister reads, David stares into space. He thinks back sadly to when he took Margaret's belongings back to the apartment. Patricia was there with him as he took the engagement ring out of the wrapping and looked at it intently. She was standing there behind him, and he turned to her and explained that the hospital gave the things. Patricia just stood there, looking distraught. David left the bag of belongings on the table and Patricia walked slowly to look at them.

Back at the service, the Minister is reading, "We here commit the body of our dear sister, Margaret, to the ground. Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust." Barbara thinks back: she and Gordon were sitting on the settee in the lounge room at Dural, and Gordon was saying that he knew Patricia may have been on the verge of a nervous breakdown when she said it, but there was some truth to the accusation: Margaret would never have been on the 'plane if it hadn't been for him. Barbara had pointed out that Margaret hadn't died of the burns - she had a weak heart. Gordon had replied that it still goes back to the crash: if there were no burns, there would have been no operation. Barbara had told him that he was being silly. Gordon had admitted, "Perhaps." Barbara had asked him if they should go to the funeral, adding that, with Patricia just out of the home, Margaret's death might send her up in arms again. Gordon had told her that the least they owed Margaret was a sign of their respect.

At the funeral, the Lord's Prayer is being recited. Barbara looks across at Wayne. Wayne looks at Amanda, and Stephen puts his arm round his daugher. Amanda thinks back to her and Wayne sitting at the dinner table in the living room at Dural. She had yelled at him that she can't believe how callous he can be sometimes. Wayne had indignantly asked what he said. Amanda had yelled at him that Stephen told him about the funeral and all he could say was that at least it would get her down to Melbourne. Wayne had retorted that he hadn't meant it like it sounded. Amanda had snapped that that's how it came out - it made her feel sick. She'd angrily told Wayne that he can be so damn selfish sometimes. Wayne had angrily yelled, "Me?" He had pointed out that she had been the one ignoring him ever since they got back from Woombai. Amanda had snapped at him to grow up. Wayne had snapped back that he may just as well not be around. The argument had been interrupted by Andy coming into the room and asking Amanda if he told her about the idea that that bloke put up to him. Wayne had growled at his wife that their talk could wait until later. He had angrily added that they wouldn't want Andy running back to his 'religious nut' mates, would they. He had stormed off, and Amanda had yelled after him. Andy had told her that he was sorry if spending time with him was making things tough between her and Wayne. Amanda had told him that she promised to take care of him, and she's going to. She had bitterly added that it's time Wayne stopped being so selfish.

The Minister says, "Eternal father, God took all consolation in your unending love and mercy for us. You turn the darkness of death into the glory of new life." Stephen thinks back to when he and Barbara were coming downstairs at Dural. As they came into the hallway, Barbara had told him that she knows how he feels about Patricia, but she didn't want her to make him do anything stupid that afternoon. Stephen had told her that it's not easy: a few months ago, he would have been the one helping her through it; he still loves her - despite everything. Barbara had asked him why he thought she was so worried. Stephen had gone on that he took Patricia back once before - after the bush fire. He had added that it might hurt, but he thinks he actually learns by his mistakes these days. He and Barbara had hugged.

The Minister continues: "As your son, our Lord Jesus Christ, by dying for us conquered death, and by rising again restored us to life, so we may go forward in faith to meet Him, and after our life on Earth, be united with our dear brothers and sisters in Christ, for every tear will be wiped away." John puts his hand on Patricia's shoulder. Patricia thinks back to after she learnt that Margaret was dead. She and David were at the apartment with John and Angela. John had put his arm around her as she sobbed that it was so unfair; Margaret was so happy; all that time... she loved her so much... John had gently told her that he knows... Patricia hadn't been able to stop crying.

The Minister says, "The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us all. Amen." David leans down and picks up some earth. He throws it onto the the coffin, lying in the ground. Patricia looks at him and he nods to her to do the same. She looks down at the coffin but doesn't move. Barbara and Gordon both look at her. Gordon then bends down, picks up some earth and drops it onto the coffin. Patricia looks at him. The others pick up some earth and drop it on the coffin. Patricia just stands there, looking devastated.

Later, Heather is back in the kitchen at the O'Briens'. She shows Katie a cake that she's holding and asks her daughter what she thinks. Katie replies that it's nice, and she asks her mother where she got it. Heather explains that it came from a baker's round the corner. She then sadly says she should have made one; it's the first of Katie and Jeff's birthdays that she hasn't. Katie assures her that Jeff will understand, after what she's been through today. Heather tells her that it could have been a lot worse, actually. Katie asks her what she means. Heather explains that, from some things Margaret said about Patricia, she thought there could have been a scene. Katie asks her what things, but Heather just replies, "This and that." Katie indignantly tells her not to put on that 'not old enough' voice! She then adds, though, that, if it's none of her business... Heather explains that it's not that: Margaret and she talked a lot while Margaret was in hospital; she supposes Margaret unloaded a lot to her because they were old friends; there's a lot of bitterness in the family - Patricia blamed a lot of people for Margaret being in that crash; some of them were there today. Katie asks her mother if she thought Patricia might have a go at them. Heather replies that she thinks they did, too; Patricia was fine, though - upset, but who wouldn't be?; they all came and spoke to Patricia afterwards, and she handled it very well; she gave her an open invitation. Looking surprised, Katie asks how come: it's not as if Heather knows Patricia very well - she was Margaret's friend. Heather explains that Patricia doesn't seem to have many friends - and she knows Margaret would have wanted her to - she was so worried about her sister. Katie kisses her, and Heather, looking surprised, asks what that was for. Katie says she doesn't know! Jeff suddenly comes into the house and calls out, "Hello...!" Heather calls back that they're in the kitchen. Katie curtly tells her mother that she'll leave them to it. Heather asks what's wrong between her and Jeff, but Katie retorts that it's nothing. Jeff comes in, holding a set of metal running blocks, and he tells his mother that the blokes in the athletics club gave them to him - they're Grade A blocks. Heather comments that that's very nice of them. Jeff continues that he wasn't expecting anything that good. Heather laughs that it pays to be popular. She asks Katie what she reckons. Katie retorts that it's great. She then adds that now Jeff will be able to use the $50 Mike gave him on something else. Jeff glowers at her and says he will... He heads off to get washed up. Heather asks Katie if she wants to talk about it. Katie replies that it's up to Jeff to tell her. She angrily adds, "He's such a kid." Heather points out that he is a kid. Katie retorts that that's no excuse if he ends up hurting people.

Next door, Jim and Beryl are sitting at the living room table, having finished lunch, and Jim tells Beryl that she sure can cook! Beryl explains that she went to a special effort today. Jim replies that he's impressed! Beryl goes on that she wanted to have something nice when John and Angela got home, and she wanted something nice for him, too. Jim thanks her for caring. He then adds that he didn't think she'd want to be alone. Beryl, looking worried, says she doesn't know if she should have gone. Jim tells her to stop it. Beryl continues that she feels sad for David - not that he could have convinced her at the time, but she's sure Margaret didn't intend to take him away from her; it just happened. Jim tells her that it's a bit late now - the funeral's over. Changing the subject, he announces that he's got to go - spices to flog! He asks Beryl to walk him to his car, and she agrees. As they go to head out, though, they hear someone at the door, and Jim comments that it's probably John and Angela. He tells Beryl that he'll see her tonight. John and Angela come in and Jim asks how it went. John just replies, "You know." Jim tells Beryl that he'll see her later, and he goes. Beryl looks at Angela and says she hopes the funeral wasn't too unpleasant for her. Angela tells her that it was bad, but not as bad as she thought. Beryl tells the two of them to sit down and she'll serve lunch. She heads to the kitchen. Angela and John sit down, and Angela tells her brother that she'll be heading off in the morning; she's been gone longer than she thought. John agrees that Rob will be expecting her. Angela asks him when he'll be coming up, but John replies that he won't be. Looking surprised, Angela says she thought it was all-- John interrupts and says he knows, but Margaret dying has changed things: Patricia is a worry anyway, and he's the only friend David has got; he can't let him down now. Angela reminds John that he was looking foward to it so much. John agrees that it would have been what he needed, but adds that that's life. In the kitchen, Beryl has overheard the conversation and looks worried.

At Margaret's apartment, a solicitor packs up his briefcase and says that that's it in a nutshell. He hands Patricia a copy of the will and tells her that she's a very wealthy woman now. He then hands David a letter and tells him that Margaret lodged it with him to pass on to him. Turning back to Patricia, he tells her that, if she needs any financial advice, she's not to hesitate to call. Patricia thanks him and he leaves. David opens the letter from Margaret and asks Patricia if she'd mind if he read it alone. Patricia gets up from where she's sitting at the table and leaves him. David leans back in his chair, loosens the tie he's still wearing after the funeral, and reads:

My darling, I feel rather silly doing this - overly dramatic, I suppose - but the doctors have warned me about my heart, so I thought it best to be on the safe side. Of course, nothing's going to happen - they're just being old women - but apparently I've got some sort of heart murmur that could cause complications. I've asked them not to say anything to you and Patricia - I don't want you worrying. This is all going to seem so silly when I wake up in the recovery room. They advised me against the operation, you know - but I wasn't going to have any of that; the sooner I get rid of these revolting scars and become the woman I want to be for you, the happier I'll be. Now, I'm sure it's unnecessary, but just in case, there are two things I want to say: firstly, I haven't amended my will. I know you and your pride: you wouldn't take anything from me anyway, so I've left it as it is - with everything going to Patricia. The other thing is her: look after her for me - if anything does happen, she'll need you. There's so much good in her - I know there is. It's the business I worry about - the terrible nasty side; help make sure it doesn't come out. The thought of her back in that home... Anyway, my love - I doubt you'll ever read this. I'll take it back from the solicitor once I'm through my series of operations and you'll be none-the-wiser. But if you do, there's one thing I want you to remember always: you made me happier in the last few months than I've ever been in my life. If only I could have your child. I love you so much. Margaret.

A while later, David is still sitting holding the envelope when Patricia comes back in and says she has things to do. She adds that she tried to sleep, but couldn't. David asks her where she's going. She tells him that it isn't important. David tells her that Margaret loved them both. Patricia says she'll be back for dinner. She heads towards the front door, purposefully. As she does so, the 'phone rings, and David answers it. Beryl comes on, and David tells Patricia that it's for him. She goes. David asks Beryl what he can do for her. Beryl tells him that she's very sorry about Margaret. David thanks her. Beryl then continues that she didn't know whether she should ring, but there's a problem: it's John - she hopes they can act like his parents just one more time.

Wayne and Amanda arrive back at Toorak, and Wayne snaps that he needs a drink. As they head into the lounge room, Amanda tells him that he had enough over lunch. Wayne retorts that that was wine; he needs a shot of whisky. He pours himself a glass from the decanter and offers her one, but she declines. He drinks the whisky down in one go, as Amanda looks at him anxiously. He then announces that that's better. Changing the subject, he says hopes Gordy will dawdle getting there, because he feels like some time to himself. Amanda points out that they're only come to freshen-up - they'll be gone by five o'clock. Wayne says he wonders if Jill is in. He heads to the door and calls up the stairs for her, but there's no answer, and he comments that she must still be at the hospital. He then adds that there's one good thing: Fiona is back in Sydney - he couldn't handle her. Amanda, looking worried, pleads with him not to be like that. She tells him that she hates them arguing - he sounds so nasty. Wayne tells her that he's sorry - it's getting on top of him, that's all; it feels like he's being shut out. Amanda assures him that he isn't - really - she loves him. They hug, and Wayne tells her that he loves her, too. He then suggests that they could treat this trip to Melbourne like their honeymoon - they never really had one, so they could have it now; get things like renting the house out of the way and then spend it together - forget about everything else: no Andy... no Sydney... nothing... He asks her what she says: "Second honeymoon?" Amanda hugs him and agrees, "Second honeymoon"! She adds that they will be able to sort it out, won't they? Wayne assures her that of course they can - they just have to be left alone to do it. They start kissing passionately.

Beryl is watching television at the Palmer house when John and Angela come back in. John tells her that they're going next door, and Angela adds that she wants to see Lynn and Davey. Beryl, looking anxious, tells them that they don't have to rush off. Angela explains that they saw Lynn over the fence; she's expecting them. Beryl suggests they have a coffee, but John tells her to stop fussing - they're fine! They go to head out, but as they do so, there's a knock at the front door and Beryl asks John to get it. He and Angela both go to answer it, and they find David standing on the step. He tells them that they're just the pair he wanted to see! Looking surprised, John asks him what he's doing there. David replies that, like he said, he wanted to see them! John warns him that Beryl is inside... David assures him that it's alright: they're adults! He asks if he can come in, and John says, "Sure!" The three of them head into the lounge room. David tells the twins that there are a couple of things he wanted to see them about. Turning to Beryl, he adds that he hopes she doesn't mind. Beryl smiles and replies that of course she doesn't. David turns back to John and tells him that he's got a fair idea how his mind might be working, so he thought he'd make the decision for both of them. He hands him a piece of paper and tells him that they're the details. He adds that John had better check it and make sure it's right: he's booked him a ticket on Angie's flight in the morning - his and Beryl's shout! Angela and John both smile in delight, and David assures them that he's old enough and ugly enough to take care of himself. He then adds, "Besides, the two of you belong together, I reckon." The three of them hug, as Beryl watches, sadly.

Patricia is standing in the driveway at Toorak. She walks towards the house but then stops and stares at it.

A short time later, she's inside, sitting in the lounge room. Gordon, Barbara, Stephen, Wayne and Amanda are also there. She tells Gordon that she'll have to deal with him because of Margaret's business holdings, but there won't be any unpleasantness. She then adds that she hasn't said this before, but she's sorry for what she put him through with the photographs. She looks at Barbara and tells her that she apologises to her, too. Turning to Amanda, she tells her that the way she treated her after the miscarriage was unforgiveable. Addressing the whole room, she concludes that that's all she came to say. She adds that it didn't feel like it was the right time this morning. She thanks everyone for listening and stands up. Looking at Stephen, she tells him that she'll be in touch with him about financial matters. She then asks him to see her to the door, and the two of them leave the room. As the doors close behind them, Wayne comments that she kept it short and sweet. Amanda remarks that it must have taken a lot of nerve. Looking surprised, Wayne asks her if she really actually swallowed any of it. Amanda retorts that she seemed genuine to her. Barbara asks Gordon what he thinks. Gordon replies that they'll have to wait and see. He then adds that the only thing they can't ignore is that they're back in business with her again - and if she's still neurotic, it could mean big trouble. Out in the hallway, Patricia tells Stephen that she didn't want to say this in front of the others, but after watching David and Margaret over the last few months and seeing how happy they were, she thought about him a lot: she misses him. Stephen tells her that he misses her, too. Patricia grimly goes on that it's really swallow-your-pride time. She tells him that he was never one of 'them'; he never deliberately set out to hurt her - which is why she could never lash out at him; so - does he think there's a chance? Stephen looks at her intently and says, "You and me?" Patricia looks back at him, but he shakes his head and says gently, "No" Patricia smiles nervously and tells him that she had to ask. She opens the door and goes. Stephen shuts the door behind her, looking worried.

The front door opens at the Palmers', and as he stands in the doorway, David tells John and Angela that he'll see them in the morning. The twins leave to head over to see Lynn, while David lingers with Beryl. She thanks him. David tells her that he's grateful to her for letting him know. Beryl says she's making them a special dinner tonight; she knows it's hard, but she'd like him to come. David replies that he'll see how Pat is - he's responsible for her, now. He adds, though, that he'll do his best. He goes.

Patricia is bending down by Margaret's grave; it's covered with bunches of flowers. As she looks at the cards, the cemetery caretaker comes over, takes off his hat in respect and tells her that they'll be closing in about five minutes. He adds that he's sorry. Patricia thanks him and he walks off. She then picks up one of the cards that are lying with the flowers. She reads 'With deepest sympathy, Gordon and Barbara Hamilton'. She stares at it and then suddenly rips it into pieces. She picks up Gordon and Barbara's flowers, pulls them apart and throws them down onto the ground in disgust. She then picks up a card reading 'Deepest Sympathy, Beryl'. She picks up Beryl's flowers and again starts ripping at them, destroying those and the surrounding flowers as she attacks the displays in a frenzy. She picks up more and more flowers and flings them around the grave until the whole area is a mess. She finally picks up a card and reads 'All my sympathy, Stephen Morrell'. She puts it back down but then looks down at the grave, venom in her eyes, and snaps, "They'll pay. All of them." She gets up and stands looking at the devastation she's caused.


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