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    Written by: Greg Haddrick   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

At the O'Briens', Heather asks about decorations. Katie smiles and replies that she thinks Jeff is a little old for balloons and streamers! At that moment, Jeff joins them and excitedly says, "Guess what!" They look at him and he goes on that Uncle Jim gave him $50! Katie snaps, "Lucky you." Heather explains to her son that Jim was going to buy him some track gear, but he didn't know what he needed most, so he thought he'd give him the money and let him decide. Jeff agrees that that was a good idea! Heather tells him that he doesn't have to spend it on track gear - she's sure he'll find something to spend it on. Katie snaps, "He will." She walks off to the kitchen, looking annoyed with her brother. Looking surpised, Heather asks Jeff what it is with him and Katie. She adds that she asked Katie this morning what was going on, but she couldn't get a straight answer. Jeff tells his mother that it's nothing. Heather points out that something must have happened. Jeff replies that they'll be alright - she doesn't need to worry. He heads into the kitchen and snaps at Katie, "Thanks a lot." Katie snaps back that he's not to try and tell her that he's going out to buy a tracksuit with that money. Jeff replies that he won't - he'll give it to Jill to send to that Irish bloke. Katie snaps, "Good." Jeff goes on that he told her he feels bad about the way he conned the guy. Katie snaps that Heather wants a good party tonight and she's not going to spoil it for her - but he's got to tell her tomorrow morning that Luke is on his way; if he doesn't, she will. Jeff snaps, "Alright." Katie continues that she worked hard to get their mum and dad back together again, and she's not going to stand back and let the Carlyles break them up. Jeff asks what the Carlyles did to Mike and Heather. In reply, Katie asks him why he thinks Heather had to stop working for Roger Carlyle in the first place. Not being able to think of anything, Jeff says, "Katie..." Katie walks off, telling him to just think about it.

Patricia arrives back at Margaret's apartment, and David comments that he wondered where she'd got to. Patricia replies that she's sorry - she lost track of time. David then tells her that Beryl has invited him over for dinner - for the kids. Patricia just comments that that's nice. David tells her that he won't go if she needs him there. Patricia points out that it's the day of Margaret's funeral and he's already running back to Beryl. Looking surprised, David says, "Hold on..." He adds that he's not going there for Beryl's sake. He hands her the letter from Margaret and tells her to read it. Patricia points out that it's personal. David replies that he wants her to read it. She takes it and starts reading. As she does so, David tells her that Margaret loved him and he loved her; he's not going to forget that in a hurry. He then continues that he's going over to Beryl's for John and Angie's sake - and he'll see if they can come back there afterwards; he's sure they'll want to say 'goodbye' to her. Patricia finishes reading the letter and tenderly thanks him for sharing it with her. She adds that of course he must go; she's sorry. She suddenly starts crying, and David asks her if she'll be OK for a couple of hours. She nods. David gives her a hug.

Mike, Heather, Katie and Jeff are sitting at the dinner table at the O'Briens', and 'Happy Birthday' is being sung! When that's finished, Mike leads three cheers for his son! The table is laden with food and a cake covered with seventeen candles. When the singing's finished, Jeff thanks everyone and stands up to make a speech. Mike tells him to just blow the candles out! He does so, and everyone cheers again! Heather asks him if he wants to cut the cake now or wait for Jim. Jeff asks how long he's going to be. There's suddenly a knock at the front door, and Katie remarks that that's good timing! As Heather goes to get it, Mike comments that he doesn't know why Jim would be knocking. Katie suggests that he's probably forgotten his keys again. As Heather opens the door, she says, ""You're just in time--" She stops as she sees a man in his fifties standing there, and then, looking shocked, says, "Roger..." Roger Carlyle says, "Hello, Heather." He then adds, in a fairly menacing tone, that he hopes he's not interrrupting anything, but he'd like to see his son; he knows he's there.

A moment later, Heather asks Roger what he's talking about. Roger curtly tells her that he's come a long way. Heather snaps that he can go right back again - Luke isn't there. Roger tells her that he doesn't believe her. Heather retorts that that's too bad. Roger says he knows their sons have been writing to each other. Heather snaps, "So?" Roger goes on that he also knows Jeff sent Luke the money to get to Melbourne. From the living room, Jeff calls to his mother to come on, and she calls back that she won't be a minute. Turning back to Roger, she tells him that Luke isn't there. She then adds that, if Jeff's sent money to anyone, he didn't tell them. Roger retorts that he's sorry, but he really will have to see for himself. He tries to push the door open and walk past Heather, but she resists and pulls the door closed again, snapping at him as she does so that he can't just go barging in. Roger asks if Mike is inside. Heather replies that he is. Roger says he doesn't suppose Mike knows what happened in Perth. A look of guilt suddenly crosses Heather's face, and Roger comments that he thought not. Heather snaps at him that what she tells her husband is her business. Roger replies, "And finding my son is my business." He suggests again that they go inside, and this time he pushes the door open without any resistance. As he does, so he tells Heather that she knows he never takes no for an answer. He heads inside. As Heather walks back into the living room, Mike says, "Here they are--" He stops as he sees that it isn't Jim following her in. Jeff looks round and looks worried when he sees who's standing there. Heather introduces Roger to Mike, and Roger explains that Heather used to work for him in Perth. Mike tells him that it's great to meet him. He adds that he supposes Roger knows Jeff and Katie. Roger looks at them and replies that of course he does. He asks Jeff how he is, and Jeff tells him that he's alright. Mike chips in that his son turned seventeen today. Roger turns to Katie and tells her that she's looking more pretty than ever. Katie doesn't look impressed. Mike offers Roger a drink, but Roger replies that he can't stay. Heather explains that Roger is looking for his son - Luke. Roger goes on that, a few days ago, Luke simply walked out; left Perth altogether. Mike asks how old he is. Roger replies that he's twenty - old enough to do what he wants, but it's been a strain not knowing what's happened to him; and his uni exams start next week. He continues that a friend of Luke's at uni said Luke was coming to Melbourne, which is why he dropped by - he thought Luke might have dropped in to see Jeff. Mike tells him that he's sorry, but he hasn't seen him. He turns to Jeff and asks him if he has. Jeff says he hasn't. Mike asks Roger if there's somewhere where they can call him if he shows up. Roger hands him a card and explains that he's staying at his Melbourne apartment; the best time to call is early-morning. He then announces that he won't interrupt any longer. He says 'goodbye' to everyone and Mike goes to see him out. When he's left the room, Heather glares at Jeff and tells him that he's got a lot of explaining to do. She angrily adds that he should thank his lucky stars that Roger didn't tell Mike the whole story.

John, Angela, David and Beryl are sitting at the kitchen table next door, and Beryl offers seconds. John declines. She turns to David, but he's miles away. She repeats the offer, but, when he comes-to, he turns it down, too. He adds, though, that it was good tucker. He then explains that he doesn't want to stay away too long from Pat - she was a bit low when he left - so if John and Angela are ready... The three of them stand up. Angela offers Beryl a hand clearing away, but Beryl tells her that it's alright. Angela tells her that they won't be gone long if she wants to leave them. David tells the twins that he'll see them outside, and they head to the car. Alone with Beryl, he thanks her for dinner. Beryl thanks him for coming, adding that she thinks it meant a lot to John. David says he's glad she told him that John wanted to leave with Angie; if he'd known earlier-- Beryl interrupts him and points out that it all worked out in the end; that's the main thing. David looks at her intently, and nods. He then says he supposes he'd better go. Beryl, looking worried, replies, "Suppose so." David tells her, "Have a good life, Beryl." Beryl, looking upset, says, "You too, David." He turns and goes.

At the O'Briens', Heather walks into the kitchen. Jeff follows her and pleads, "Mum..." Heather snaps that she said they'd talk about it later. Jeff explains that he was going to tell her about Luke tomorrow morning. Heather snaps, "Really?" Jeff insists, "Yes." Heather asks him if he was going to tell her about sending Luke money. Jeff replies that he was. He adds that he's sorry. Heather curtly points out that it's a bit late now. Jeff asks her what she wants him to say. Calming down a bit, Heather says she doesn't know; the worst thing she ever did was getting involved with that wretched Carlyle family. Jeff tells her that they're not all creeps. Heather, though, replies that it only takes one to make trouble. Jeff snaps at her that it's not his fault that she's hung up over Mr. Carlyle; Luke needed help - he couldn't turn his back on him. Looking surprised, Heather asks him what he means when he says she's 'hung up' over Roger Carlyle. Jeff mutters, "Nothing." Heather snaps at him to answer her. Jeff snaps back that it's nothing - he didn't mean it. Heather warns, "Jeff..." Jeff gives in and tells her that, alright: her affair with Mr. Carlyle - that's what he meant. Heather, looking astounded, snaps that she never had an affair with Roger. She angrily asks who told him that, and adds that it's the truth - there's never been anything between them. She asks him if he doesn't believe her. Jeff says he supposes so, but he asks her why she's been so jumpy. Heather replies that it's because-- She breaks off and then continues that she can't tell him anything, but if Roger can hurt any of them, it's Katie. Jeff asks her what she's talking about. Heather asks him to just trust her - and help her keep the two of them as far apart as possible.

Patricia is hugging Angela at her and David's apartment, and she tells her that it's been lovely to see her. She then looks at John, who tells her that he'll miss her. They hug as well, and Patricia tells him to take good care of himself. John assures her that he will. Patricia tells him to make sure he writes as well! John then turns to David and shakes his hand. He thanks him for everything. David tells him that he just hope everything works out for him. Angela says to David that she'll see him next time. The two of them hug. Angela then hugs Patricia again and she and John go. David shuts the door behind them, and Patricia sadly comments that it's just them now. David tells her that they'll be alright - he'll look after her. Patricia replies that it cuts both ways. David goes on that he'll have to keep working, of course - he can't stop home every day. Patricia tells him that she understands, but she's already got a list of things she has to do that will keep her busy.

Wayne carries the rocking horse that he and Amanda bought for their baby into the lounge room at Toorak and cheerily asks Amanda if they should take it back to Sydney. Amanda, who's sitting on the floor, packing her and Wayne's belongings into boxes, bluntly replies, "If you like." Wayne tenderly tells her that it's no big deal - if she doesn't want to keep the toys in the nursery, they can always give them away. Amanda quickly tells him not to do that; they just remind her of what she was expecting... Wayne gently says he knows. He asks her if she remembers how much fun they had shopping for everything! He then adds that, the sooner there's a little someone around to use them, the better. He then adds more curtly they'll have to wait 'til they've finishing helping Andy Green, of course. Amanda stands up and suggests that the two of them need to talk. Wayne asks what about: Andy or them having a baby? Amanda comments that having a child really means something to him. Wayne agrees that it does; he thought it meant lot to her, too. Amanda tells him that it does. Wayne continues, "But Andy's more important?" Amanda insists that that isn't true - she wants to help Andy, but... they come first; nothing's stopping them trying to have another child. Wayne smiles at hearing this, and tells her that he loves her. Amanda tells him that she loves him, too, and they kiss and then hug.

Gordon and Barbara arrive back at Dural to find the house silent. Barbara says she wonders where Andy is. Gordon suggests that he's probably asleep, but Barbara points out that it's only nine o'clock - Andy's not normally in bed before midnight! She heads into the lounge room and switches the lights on. She calls for Andy but there's no answer. Gordon tells her that Fiona's light was on when they drove up; maybe she knows where he is. He hands her a letter from the pile he took out of the mailbox. Barbara snaps that you'd think that if Andy was going to be late, he would have left a note or something. Gordon tells her that if she thinks Andy might have gone back to the cult, he's sure she's worrying about nothing; he's probably out seeing a band or something. Barbara tells him that he's right - it's just her being silly.

The next morning, Fiona is sitting with Gordon and Barbara at the breakfast table and she tells them that she'll be out for most of the day. Barbara snaps, "Fine." Fiona continues that she's getting a lift in with Gordon. Gordon asks her if there's any news on Terry. Fiona replies that there isn't yet; she hired a Private Investigator yesterday. Gordon asks what he thinks the chances are of finding Terry. Fiona tells him that the guy seemed fairly confident - but he also seemed to think Terry would have changed his name. She continues that she gave him a photo and told him the sort of places Terry would go to find work. Gordon comments that it shouldn't be too long before he comes up with something, then. Fiona distantly says, "No..." Barbara gets up and goes to get herself another cup of coffee. Alone with Gordon, Fiona asks him if Barbara got any sleep last night. Gordon, looking worried, replies that she didn't; she was too worried about Andy. Fiona tells him that she never thought when she saw Andy going off with that boy. Gordon assures her that it's not her fault; there was nothing she could do. Fiona explains that she thought he was just one of Andy's ordinary friends. Gordon points out that there's nothing to say he wasn't. He adds that, chances are, by the time they get home this evening, he'll be back with a perfectly simple explanation. Looking worried, Fiona says she hopes so...

Jeff comes out of his bedroom at the O'Briens' and joins his father in the kitchen. Mike asks him how his run was, and he replies that it was OK; he pushed the hills hard. Mike then asks him if he has enough breath left for a chat. He adds that it won't take long. Jeff asks what it's about. Mike replies, "Last night: the Carlyles." Jeff complains, "Oh, dad..." Mike tells him that they need to get a few things straight now in case Luke does show up. Jeff asks his father if he's going to dob on Luke. Mike replies that it's not their problem - it's between Luke and his father. Jeff tells him that Luke's old man gives Luke hell. Mike ignores this and tells Jeff that he's not saying he can't be friends with Luke; he just doesn't want him to get involved in a family squabble. Jeff says to his father that if Luke does turn up, at least listen to his side of the story before 'phoning anyone. Mike says he's not promising anything. Jeff asks him to just listen to Luke. Mike gives in and agrees that he will if it'll make Jeff happy. Heather comes into the house with the newspaper. Katie comes out of her bedroom, wearing her dressing gown, and asks her if Mike's around. Heather replies that he's in the kitchen, she thinks. Katie asks what sort of mood he's in. Heather replies that he's alright, she thinks. She asks Katie why she's asking, and Katie explains that she wants to ask for the day off - to work on a computer program. Heather asks her if she can't work on it at night. Katie explains that she's tired by then. Heather says she doesn't suppose he'll mind too much. She asks Katie if she wants her to ask for her. Katie thanks her! She then asks her mother if she'll be home today. Heather replies that she's got tuck shop, so she won't be around to annoy her! She heads off to the kitchen. Katie walks over to the 'phone in the living room. She's holding the card with Roger Carlyle's telephone number on it. She starts dialling...

Andy comes in through the front door at Dural. As he does so, Barbara runs downstairs and cries, "Thank God!" Andy, looking surprised, comments that he didn't expect her-- Barbara interrupts him, though, and curtly asks him where he's been. Andy replies that he's been out with a mate. Barbara asks who he was; did Andy go back to 'them'? Andy, looking puzzled, says, "What?" Barbara explains that she means the group; the cult. Andy explains that he was with a friend from the old days. He tells her to guess what his friend said. Barbara, though, tells him to hold on. She then continues that they were worried sick about him last night; doesn't he think he owes them an explanation? Andy says he's sorry - they were talking until very late, so he crashed at his mate's house; he didn't ring because he thought she'd still be in Melbourne. Barbara, looking guilty, says she sees. Andy assures her that he's finished with the group now; he's thinking about his future. He asks her if she's still interested setting him up in some sort of business. Barbara replies that she will if she thinks it's right for him. Andy says that's great - because he's found something really good!

Lynn is helping Amanda and Wayne with their packing in the lounge room at Toorak. She asks Amanda how it's going with Andy. Amanda tells her that it's good, although it took him a while to settle in. Lynn says she thought it would. She adds that she was dying to hear some news - she hasn't heard anything since she left Woombai. Amanda explains that, for the first couple of days, he hardly said anything; she thinks it was his way of getting over her. Wayne starts taping up a box. Amanda looks at him sharply as he rolls out the tape quite forcefully. She then continues that she used to sit down and go through all of Andy's options; what he could do next; it still took a long time. Lynn asks if Gordon and Barbara were helping. Amanda replies that of course they were - especially Aunty Barb - but Andy said he was really grateful that she was around to help; he said he found it easier talking to someone his own age. She adds that it's good news that he's not going back to the group. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and Wayne goes out into the hall to answer it. Back in the lounge room, Amanda comments to Lynn that Wayne gets so jealous of Andy. Lynn asks, "What for?" Amanda explains that he thinks she's neglecting him. Lynn asks if it's serious. Amanda tells her that they'll be alright: the second honeymoon will fix everything.

It's Patricia on the 'phone, and she tells Wayne that John was over last night. Wayne snaps, "And?" Patricia explains that he told her that he thought he and Amanda might be staying on for a while. Wayne replies that it won't be for long - a couple of days, maybe. Patricia asks if Jill is there. Wayne replies that she isn't at the moment; she should be home soon, though. Patricia explains that she'd like to come over and have a talk with him. Wayne asks what it's about. Patricia tells him that there are just a few things she's trying to straighten out; it wouldn't take long - and she'd like to talk to him and Amanda before Jill gets home. Wayne tells her that they're in the middle of packing. Patricia insists that it's important - and she really doesn't want to discuss it over the 'phone. Wayne gives in and Patricia tells him that she'll be there in half an hour. She hangs up. Wayne looks thoughtful. Patricia smiles to herself...

Andy is standing behind the bar in the lounge room at Dural. Barbara is standing the other side and incredulously says, "A mobile disco?!" She asks what it does. Andy explains that there are a couple of turntables and a whole pile of records; it gets hired out to parties and school dances, that sort of thing. Barbara asks if there's much money in it. Andy replies that his mate made a packet from it. Barbara asks why he's selling, then. Andy explains that he's going overseas - he got some offer from a Yank radio station. Barbara smiles and asks if that's what it leads to! Andy replies that it's a goldmine - all the equipment's there; he's got a ready-made market and it won't take much to operate - just Amanda and himself. Barbara, looking surprised, asks if Amanda has agreed. Andy replies that she will. Barbara points out that Wayne might have something to say about it. Andy retorts that he'll just whinge for the sake of it. Barbara tells him that that may be, but she's not having her house turned into World War III; she knows they don't get on. Andy assures her that he won't start anything. He adds that she'd better have a talk to Wayne, though, because if he does say anything, he's not going lie down and take it.

Katie is working at her computer at the O'Briens' when there's a knock at the front door. She sighs, stands up and goes to answer it. She opens the door; Roger is standing on the step. Katie says, "Hello, Mr. Carlyle. " She invites him in and closes the door nervously. As they head into the living room, she says she hopes he doesn't mind all the secrecy. Roger replies that he doesn't at all; he's intrigued. Katie explains that it's rather important and she couldn't talk on the 'phone this morning. Roger says he gathered that was the case. Katie goes on that her mum would kill her if she knew what she was doing. Roger tells her that he wouldn't want that to happen. Katie offers him a drink, but he declines and suggests that they get down to business. He puts his hand on her shoulder and tells her that he's glad she thought she could call him. He adds, "If I'm any judge, I'd say it'll prove to be time very well spent..."


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