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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Fiona is on the 'phone in the lounge room at Toorak, talking to Stephen. She tells him that she's 'phoned everyone she can think of and no one has heard from him - at least, not that they're lettting on. Stephen asks her if she's tried Lisa Cook. Fiona replies that she did, but she drew a blank there, as well. She then adds that there are a couple of possibilities she hasn't tried yet; that's why she's calling him: she thought he could find out more from a personal visit than she can over the 'phone. Stephen asks her if she means Terry's parents. Fiona says she does - and if he doesn't have any luck there, he can try that mate of Terry's, Freddy. Stephen says he'll certainly do his best. Fiona tells him to ask the Hansens to ask Terry, if he does contact them, to get in touch with her; tell him that she just wants to talk. Stephen tells her that he'll get back to her as soon as he can. Fiona thanks him and hangs up. She then turns to Jill, who's standing by the window, and tells her that Stephen will call as soon as he gets-- Jill interrupts, though, and cries that it's been three hours - while Fiona has been on the 'phone, he and Fee could be anywhere; she's tired of waiting; she's going to call the police. Fiona, looking worried, pleads with her not to, pointing out that they both know Fee isn't in danger. Jill cries that Fee's her baby - she wants her back. Fiona tells her that, as soon as Terry calls, she's sure she can talk him into giving the child up, but if Jill calls the police, there's no guarantee that they'll find him or that they'll even try - it'll just be another custody dispute as far as they're concerned. She goes on that there'll be publicity and Terry will know the police have been called in and what chance then is there that he'll bring Fee back? Jill listens, but then snaps that Fiona only cares about what they'll do to Terry. She adds that, quite frankly, she doesn't care; whatever happens to him, he brought it all on himself. Fiona retorts that that may be true - but maybe the thought that his little girl is going half way around the world and he'll never see her again is more than he could stand. Jill snaps at her that she's not going to make her feel responsible. She goes to pick up the 'phone, but Fiona cries, "Please do it my way." She then adds that, alright, she is worried about what will happen to Terry. Jill reluctantly backs down and agrees that, alright, they'll do it Fiona's way for now. Looking worried, she asks what she's going to tell Sean when she comes...

Terry is carrying Fee in her bassinet up to a building with a 'Bedsit to Let' sign in the window. He looks at a piece of paper to check he's got the correct address. He then opens the gate and starts walking up to the front door.

A few minutes later, a woman leads Terry into a room inside the building and tells him, "Take your time, Mr. Scott, but you won't find a better room in Sydney for the price." Terry puts Fee's bassinet down on the table and his bag down on the floor. He takes a look around the room and opens the 'fridge. The woman asks him what his first name is, and adds that hers is Irene. Terry tells her that it's 'Terry'. Irene explains that she hates all that 'Mr. and Mrs' stuff - everyone is on first name terms round there. Terry takes another look around the room and announces that he'll take it. Irene smiles and says, "Good!" Terry explains that he's already been to three other places, but this is first place he's really liked. Irene tells him that she doesn't normally allow kids - not that she doesn't like them; it's just that the squeaking and squalling puts her teeth on edge. Terry assures her that she won't know Fee is there. Irene asks him if his wife will be joining him later. Looking slightly caught out, Terry quickly tells her that there isn't one. Irene comments that he's a single parent, is he? She adds that it's not an easy life. Changing the subject, she then tells him that it's $50 a week and two weeks in advance. Terry takes out a wad of notes from his pocket and counts them. He realises he's only got $60, though. He tells Irene that he hates to ask this, but he's just flown up from Melbourne and that cost a fair bit, and a mate owes him a lot of money and he'll be collecting it in couple of days and-- Irene smiles, but points out that she does have her rules... Terry smiles and assures her that he'll be a great tenant: he'll be in bed by nine o'clock; he doesn't hog the bathroom; he won't drink in his room or anything... Irene laughs but tells him that he can stay until the end of the week; if he's not paid up then, she'll take it out of his hide! She takes the $60 and tells him that she's in the flat opposite; if he has any problems, just come across and see her. Terry tells her that he appreciates it. She goes. Terry turns and looks at Fee in her bassinet. He tells her to be a good little mouse for a couple of minutes, as there's something important he's got to do.

A short time later, Terry is in a 'phone box outside, and the 'phone at the other end is answered by Freddy. Terry explains that it's him, and Freddy, sounding delighted, asks him how he's doing. Terry replies that he's good. Freddy asks him what he's been up to. He adds that Stephen Morrell was round earlier, wanting to know if he'd heard from Terry; if he did, he was to tell Terry that Fiona Thompson wants him to call her - urgently. Terry growls, "I bet." He then tells Freddy that he needs a big favour: get his car and drive it down there urgently. Freddy asks where 'down there' is. Terry replies that it's Sydney - but Freddy's not to tell Warren and Enid. Freddy asks what's going on. Terry tells him that he just doesn't want anyone to know where he is for a bit. Freddy, looking worried, asks Terry if he's done something stupid. Terry, though, replies that he hasn't - it's probably the best thing he's ever done in his life. Freddy gives up and asks where Terry wants the heap delivered.

Jill opens the front door at Toorak to find Sean standing there. She looks surprised to see him, and Sean asks her if he's too early. Jill quickly recovers her composure, though, and assures him that he's fine. She invites him in. Sean comments that it might be better if he doesn't come in, bearing in mind a certain member of the household. Realising what he's implying, Jill explains that Terry isn't there. Sean says he hopes she hasn't sent him away on his account. Jill nervously replies that it's nothing like that. The two of them head into the lounge room, where Jill explains that it's Fee: they don't know where she is at the moment. Looking puzzled, Sean asks her what she means. She tells him that Fee is with Terry - he's taken her. Looking shocked, Sean says, "Kidnapped her?" Jill quickly replies that it's not like that; Fee isn't in any danger - she's certain of that. Sean asks what the police are doing. Jill tells him that she hasn't called them; Fiona-- She changes tack and tells Sean that Terry does things sometimes, but she's sure that, once he cools down, he'll bring Fee back; probably the best thing to do is finalise their travel plans and get Robin's treatment organised-- Sean suddenly interrupts and snaps, "Why?" He asks why the boy would make a criminal of himself for a child that isn't even his. Jill tells him that Terry just doesn't think. Sean, looking increasingly angry, asks why Terry would feel so strongly about someone else's child. Jill tells him that it's probably because he doesn't like him; he doesn't want him taking Fee away. Sean growls, "The child is his." Jill cries, "No." Sean shouts, looking furious, "The child is his." He snaps, "Don't play the fool with me." Jill cries that Fee is hers. She then backs down and adds, "And Terry's the father." Sean glares at her.

A few moments later, Sean snaps that he though Jill would be a credit to Brian - someone he'd be proud to welcome into his family; it turned out that she's nothing more than a calculating little thief. Jill cries that that's not fair. Sean snaps that he supposes it's fair to take advantage of a man's feeling for his dead grandson - to lead him on, and all the time-- Jill interrupts and cries that the only reason she didn't tell him the truth from the very beginning was because she didn't want to hurt him; it didn't seem to be such a bad thing. Sean snaps, "Indeed." He adds that it especially didn't seem to be a bad thing when it involved him paying her friend's medical bills for God knows how many years to come; there was no harm in that idea, was there? Jill retorts that that was his idea, not hers; it seemed like a good way of making him happy and giving Robin some kind of life at the same time; is that such a bad thing? Sean snaps that, yes, selling your own daughter is a terrible thing. Jill angrily points out that he was willing to buy; which one of them is worse? Sean turns and goes to walk out. Jill stops him and tells him that she never meant to hurt him. Sean tells her that, if she'd had the common decency yesterday afternoon to admit that Terry was telling the truth, he might have been able to forgive her - but not now. He goes on angrily that she allowed him to love that sweet little baby and she did it for money; he's taking the next flight home and he wishes neither to see her or speak to her ever again. He storms out of the house. As he does so, Fiona comes downstairs and stands in the hallway, glaring at Jill. Jill, looking upset, says, "Can't say you didn't warn me, can I?" Fiona quietly replies, "No, you can't." She walks off.

The next morning, John is at Margaret's apartment, and Patricia offers him some coffee. He declines, explaining that he's been on the road most of the day and he wants some sleep! He asks if David is around. Patricia explains that he's at the hospital with Margaret - a last-minute pep talk before the operation. John says he bets Margaret will be glad when it's all over. He then asks Patricia to tell David that he'll be over tonight to work out rosters. He makes to leave, but Patricia stops him and says, that, before he goes: last night, David and Beryl had a very serious argument; it seems they're more determined than ever to go through with the divorce; apparently, Beryl intends seeing a solicitor today. John curses, "Hell." Patricia tells him that she realises it's very upsetting for him, but she thinks he should be careful about interfering - Lynn tried it but she just made matters worse; leave it to David and Beryl to sort things out between them. John, looking worried, says, "Yeah..." He leaves.

Margaret is lying in her hospital bed, asleep. She still has bandages around her head. David is in the room and he opens the top drawer of the cabinet next to her bed. He takes out the jewellery case with the ring in it, lifts out the ring and takes Margaret's hand, which is resting on top of the blankets. He slips the ring onto the ring finger of her left hand. As he does so, Margaret stirs, and David says, "Hi!" Margaret asks him what he's doing. He tells her that it's high time she started wearing it. Margaret says she thought he wanted it kept secret. David tells her, "Not any more." He adds that there's no way Beryl and he are going to hold back on their divorce; when the operation is through, the two of them are going to head for the nearest church. Margaret smiles and comments that he's certainly a man of action! David says, "Any complaints?" Margaret assures him that she hasn't! David tells her that he loves her. Margaret replies that she loves him, too. David kisses her hand. Margaret tells him that she'll be able to walk up the aisle looking like herself, the way she was before the accident. David points out that she knows that doesn't matter to him. Margaret goes on that she's looking forward to the operation tomorrow - it'll be her first positive step back to normality. They kiss, and David tells Margaret that he loves her. Margaret reminds him that he already said that. David smiles and says he knows! Margaret strokes his face, lovingly.

There's a knock on the front door at Toorak, and Fiona calls out that she's coming. She opens the door and looks surprised to see Sean standing there. He explains that he's on his way to the airport ; he's had time to calm down a bit and hated to leave on such a bad note. Fiona tells him to come in, and adds that Jill is in the living room. Sean, though, declines. He tells Fiona that he just wants to say goodbye to her, and leave a present for Fee. Fiona takes the gift he holds out. He goes on that Fee is a beautiful little girl - exactly the great granddaughter any man would want. Fiona says she's so sorry things turned out the way they did. Sean replies that Jill may be right about one thing: if they'd come back with him and he'd gone to his grave not knowing the truth, he'd have been happy - but as it is, he wonders perhaps if they don't over-rate the value of truth. Fiona looks at him, sadly. He turns and goes, leaving Fiona looking upset.

John is at Margaret's apartment, and David asks him if he can handle two trips in a row. John says he can. He looks at the roster they've drawn up, and then says he might grab a couple of beers at the pub. He gets up to leave. As he does so, there's a knock on the door, and he opens it. He laughs in shock when he sees who's standing there: it's Angela! She tells him that she thinks the word he's looking for is 'hello'!" They hug, tightly.

A few moments later, back inside the apartment, Angela explains that she stopped off at the house first, to see Beryl, and she told her that they'd be there. John comments that he loves the way she sneaked up on them! He then asks how it's going up-north. Angela smiles and replies that it's fantastic - it's so much more relaxed up there - and they're going to take a lease out on a hotel. David asks if she means they're going to be running a pub. Angela laughs, "Yeah!" John says he bets Rob is just thinking of the free booze! Angela assures him that it was both their idea. David tells her that as long as she's happy, that's the main thing. Looking more worried, Angela says Beryl told her what has been happening there in Melbourne - she hopes he and Margaret are happy, too. David assures her that they are. Angela then turns to John and tells him that she's got an offer for him: how would he like to come up-north and help her and Rob run the hotel when they take it over? Looking ecstatic, John says he'd love it! He then looks at David, and, more seriously, continues that he'd love it if he was still looking for something to do - but he and David are partners now; otherwise, he'd be in it like a shot. Patricia suddenly comes out of her bedroom, wearing her nightclothes, and looks shocked to see Angela there. Angela stands up and awkwardly tells her mother that she was sorry to hear about her problems. She adds that she's been meaning to write or 'phone or something; she just never seemed to get round to it... Patricia looks at her without responding. The two women then throw their arms round each other and hug tightly.

It's the middle of the night, and at the bedsit, Fee starts crying. Terry wakes and calls to her that it's alright - he knows it's her feeding time. He tries to quieten her down, and he gives her her bottle and tells her to get the milk into her. As the crying ceases, he gently says there wasn't a need for all that fuss, was there. He tells her that he's her dad and he loves her like mad; everything is going to work out fine.

Angela and John arrive back at the Palmer house, and Angela comments that it's nearly half past two! John tells her not to blame him - she, David and Patricia wouldn't stop talking! He offers her a coffee, but she declines and says she'd just like to talk. They head into the kitchen and sit down at the table. John tells his sister that it was funny: last night, when he was in the truck, he was grabbing some sleep, waiting for the load to turn up, and he dreamt about her - and now here she is! Angela replies that she's been thinking about him a lot, too. She goes on that his letters sounded bright enough, but she got the feeling that something's not quite right. John says he was hoping it didn't show. Angela tells him that it might not have to anyone else. John admits that he has been going through a bit of a downer; ever since he and Lisa Cook broke up, he's been hanging - he only helped David to give him support with Margaret - he doesn't show it, but the break-up with Beryl put him through a lot of pressure. Angela tells him that it does show. She tells John that he's stuck with David and Beryl through the worst of it - it's time he thought about himself. John says, "Maybe..." Angela continues that David will understand if he tells him that he wants to come and work with her and Rob. John, looking worried, says he can't just spring it on him out of the blue. Angela comments, "As long as you know what you want." John says he'll tell David when the time is right. He then smiles and asks Angela if the world is ready for the two of them again!

The next day, Patricia and David are sitting in the corridor at the hospital, and David comments to Patricia that it shouldn't be too long now. Patricia tells him that she keeps thinking of Margaret coming out of surgery looking stunning; she has to remind herself that it'll take a little longer than that. She adds that she's just so thrilled that Margaret finally seems to be getting on top of things - for the first time since the accident, she seems truly happy. David points out that he could have had something to do with that! He then tells Patricia that John and Angie should be there soon. He adds that he'll go and get a cup of coffee while they're waiting. He gets up and goes, leaving Patricia looking thoughtful.

Freddy pulls Terry's panel van up outside the bedsit and hoots the horn, which sounds loudly! Inside, Terry laughs as he hears the noise. He's feeding Fee, but he puts her down in her bassinet and tells her not to move, adding that he'll be right back. He heads outside. Out there, Freddy gets out of the car and as Terry comes out, he comments, "Make a bit of noise, why don't you!" He invites Freddy in.

As they walk into the bedsit, Freddy tells Terry that he had a job-and-a-half getting the car away from his mum and dad's place without giving anything away - it was a real worry; it was wrong, having to lie to them like that, telling them that he didn't know where Terry is. He adds that the didn't believe him anyway; they said he was to tell Terry to wake up to himself and take the kid back before he got in real trouble. Terry asks Freddy if he said anything about where he is. Freddy replies that of course he didn't - but they're right: you can get into real trouble for doing something like this. He then asks Terry how he's going to hold down a job and look after the kid at the same time. Terry points out that there are such things as babysitters. Freddy asks him where he's going to get the money. Terry replies that he'll sell his car. Looking shocked, Freddy comments that Terry's really going all the way. Terry says, "Yep!"

At Toorak, Fiona is on the 'phone to Enid Hansen, and she thanks her for calling. She then hangs up and tells Jill that Freddy called round at the Hansens' to pick up Terry's car; he didn't say where he was taking it, but he was checking under the bonnet as though he was going for a long drive - which fits it with what she's thinking: that Terry is in Sydney. Jill tells her that that's just a guess. Fiona, though, points out that Sydney is most likely - Terry knows Sydney and knows he can get a job there. She adds that she's going down to look for him and thinks Jill should come too. Jill replies that she'd rather stay there in Melbourne. Fiona angrily says it's because of Robin Elliott: he means more to her than her daughter. Jill retorts that of course he doesn't - but what if she's wrong about Terry? - what if he calls there or brings Fee back? Fiona points out that Jill was going off somewhere when the 'phone rang: where? Jill admits that she was going to the hospital. Looking exasperated, Fiona snaps that she's going to pack her bag - she'll be gone when Jill gets back. Jill tells her that if she finds them in Sydney, or if she can ever prove that that's where they are, she'll be on the next flight. She adds that she loves Fee more than anything else, and if Fiona can't see that, she doesn't know her as well as she thinks she does. Fiona grimly tells her, "That's possible." She heads upstairs.

A nurse walks along the corridor at the hospital. David walks round the corner, holding two plastic cups. As he rejoins Patricia, she snaps that he certainly took his time. David doesn't reply, but looks worried. Patricia takes the coffee, sips some and snaps that it's cold. David explains that he was talking to the doctor. Patricia snaps that if you want something done properly, you should do it yourself. She puts the cup down on the seat and goes to get another one. As she does so, David says, "The doctor said it was her heart. It just gave out." Patricia stops what she's doing and looks at him in shock. David tells her, "Her heart just gave out. Margaret's dead."


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