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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

Andy bluntly asks Lynn why she's there. Lynn gently tells him that she wanted to see him. Andy retorts that they - indicating Stephen - put her up to it. Lynn tenderly asks how else she was going to find him. Andy growls that he bets it wasn't her idea to come. Lynn just looks at him. Andy tells her that she shouldn't be there - she should be with Kevin and Davey. Lynn replies that she brought Davey with her. She asks him if he'd like to see the child, but, in reply, Andy angrily asks why he'd like to see her kid. Lynn approaches him slowly. She tells him that she knows how hard it's been for him; she wants them to be friends - the way they were. Andy retorts that they were kidding themselves if they thought she was going to change the way he feels. Lynn crouches down right next to him as he continues that his friends made him see what sort of person she really is. Lynn asks what sort of person is that? Andy doesn't answer, though. After a moment's pauses, he tells her to just go away. Lynn tells him that she's come a long way to see him - can't they at least talk? There's silence, and so Lynn pleads, "Andy?" Andy suddenly yells, "Just get out." Lynn looks shocked. She stands up and walks back to where Stephen is standing by the door. He turns the light off and they leave the room. Andy sits on the mattress, in the dark again.

In the lounge room, Gordon has poured himself a drink, and as Stephen and Lynn come in, he comments that it didn't go too well, eh? He adds that he heard the yelling. He then suggests that tomorrow morning would have been better. Lynn cries at Stephen that Andy would have been alright if he hadn't been there - he should have let her go in by herself; she's going back in there alone. Stephen, though, tells her, "No." He goes on that she doesn't realise what's happened to Andy - they're worried about her safety. Barbara suddenly comes in, and she tells Lynn that Davey is asleep. She then adds that, by the looks on their faces, she gathers that seeing Andy wasn't too successful. Lynn angrily snaps that it's so stupid - there was no point in bringing her back there if they're not going to give her a chance to get through to him. Barbara points out to her that she's had a long trip, and she's probably been thinking about him all the way. Lynn cries that she just wanted to help him. Barbara tells her that she just has to give herself time - a long sleep would do more good than anything else. Stephen says he thinks they should all turn in. He then tells Lynn that it still won't be easy for her, but she'll be better equipped to handle it after a good night's sleep. Lynn says she's sorry - she is feeling tired; she's sorry if she went overboard. Gordon assures her that it's OK. Barbara leads her off to her bedroom. Gordon remains behind with Stephen and offers him a drink, which he accepts. Gordon then adds that he supposes it was worth a try. Stephen replies that he's not giving in that easily. Gordon asks whether, when he was helping Samantha, she had someone who she really cared about to help her. Stephen replies that she didn't, really - but the ex-member of the group who helped said it would have made it a lot easier - that's why he went along with John's idea to get Lynn back. Gordon says it's a matter of patience, he supposes. Stephen replies, "Unfortunately." He asks Gordon how he is, and he replies that he's a bit tense - he supposes it's because they all feel so helpless. Stephen asks him if he and Barbara are staying over at the Reid House. Gordon says they are. He then adds that he'll get Barbara and they'll get going.

It's the early hours of the morning, and there's a hint of dawn in the night sky. Lynn is out of bed, and, walking in the dark, she heads into the living room and picks up the key to Andy's room from the mantlepiece. As she does so, though, the light suddenly comes on, and she spins round to find John standing there. Trying not to look guilty, she tells him that he was in bed when she arrived. John walks over to her and gives her a hug, telling her that it's good to see her. He then explains that he was just getting a glass of water; he wondered who it was out there. As realisation dawns as to why Lynn's standing there, he adds that she's not thinking of doing anything silly, is she? Lynn nervously replies that she was going to go and see Andy by herself - she's sure that's all it'll take. John tells her that it's too dangerous. Lynn insists that she just needs to talk to him, but John retorts that she's not doing it. Lynn asks: what about if she went in and he waited outside the door? John says he doesn't like it. Lynn pleads, "Please?" She adds that she knows she can do it. John reluctantly gives in but tells her that there's one condition: she takes one key and locks the door from inside; he'll take another one so that he can unlock it from outside if there's any trouble. Lynn smiles gratefully and says, "OK." John tells her that he's still not too happy. Lynn assures him that it'll work - he'll see.

A few moments later, Lynn opens Andy's bedroom door. She stands in the doorway and turns the light on. Andy is lying on the mattress, asleep. Lynn closes the door behind her and locks it. She then turns back to look at Andy. She approaches him slowly and then bends down next to him and strokes his hair. Andy stirs and wakes. Seeing Lynn there, and sounding surprised, he asks what she wants. Lynn tells him that she wanted to see him by herself - she waited until the others went to bed. She adds that she felt so awful when John called and told her what was happening - she thought about him so much in London. She goes on that she felt guilty about leaving him there by himself; she knows how much he wanted someone; she was hoping that he'd get himself together and be happy... Andy doesn't respond. Lynn continues that, when she found out, she sort of had to come back. Andy, looking thoughtful, tells her that he's been stupid - he missed her a lot. He puts his hand on her shoulder and goes to kiss her. Lynn moves her head away, but Andy persists and she gives in. All-of-a-sudden, though, he pulls away and snaps that he knows what she's doing. He asks her how her husband would feel, knowing that she's throwing herself at him. Lynn cries that she can't help it - she didn't want this to happen, but... seeing him again, she just can't help it. Andy suddenly gets up and jumps on top of her, pinning her to the mattress. He angrily asks her if it feels better down there. Lynn, looking terrified, yells, "John... John..." As the door is unlocked and John rushes in, Andy snaps that he should have known. John runs in and pulls Andy from where he's restraining Lynn. He tells Lynn to get outside quickly. Lynn gets up and runs out. Andy yells, "You won't get me. You won't get me." John heads outside and locks the door behind him again. In the hallway, he hugs Lynn, who's shocked and upset. She cries that she doesn't understand - how can a person change so much? Wayne suddenly comes out of an adjoining bedroom and asks what's going on. John tells him to go back to bed. Wayne snaps that they could have woken the whole house up. John retorts that it's alright, so forget it. Wayne growls, "'Til when - next time?" He angrily adds that he's getting fed up with all the trouble that 'poor Andy' is causing, before heading back to bed. John gives Lynn another hug. In his bedroom, Andy collapses back onto his mattress and punches it in annoyance.

It's full daylight, and, at the breakfast table, Stephen snaps that it was a stupid idea in the first place - everyone knows what could have happened to the girl. He goes on that Andy is dangerous - having got some sort of reaction from him, he's going to be twice as difficult to handle. John replies that he wasn't too bad until he turned upon her; Lynn told him that, when Andy woke up, he was his old self again for a few moments. Wayne growls that as far as he's concerned, it was a farce bringing Lynn there. Stephen, though, retorts that he doesn't agree - if she managed to get through to him, no matter how little, it's a good sign. He then continues that there's a change of tack from now on: only Lynn deals with him - she take him his meals and talks to him; but there must be someone with her at all times. Amanda comes in, carrying a tray of breakfast things, and comments that that sounds like a good idea. Stephen asks her if she can go and tell Lynn. Amanda leaves the room again, and Stephen continues telling the others that that, if Lynn keeps at him, he'll break down - and if he does that, he'll start to question all the mumbo jumbo he's been fed; and if he does that, he's well on the way to recovery.

In her room, Lynn is taking Davey's toys out of his cot, including the boat that Andy bought. Amanda comes in with the tray of breakfast things and puts it down. When Lynn sees her, she smiles gratefully, and the two women hug; Lynn tells Amanda that it's good to see her. Amanda comments to Lynn that she hears she didn't get much sleep last night. Lynn replies that it wasn't exactly an easy night - it was quite scary. Amanda says it was the same for her - Andy attacked her, too. She then adds that they mustn't give up on him, though - her father thinks it was a real breakthrough. She tells Lynn that Stephen thinks she should be the only one to make contact with Andy at all. Looking worried, Lynn says she's not so sure. Amanda points out that it's worth a go - and why not start by taking breakfast to him? Lynn, though, says she couldn't - not after last night; she couldn't face him. Amanda asks if was that bad. Lynn replies that she supposes it wasn't - not with John coming in so quickly; it just... Amanda comments that it sounds like Andy really got to her - not by being heavy with her, but by-- Lynn interrupts and says, "Exactly." She goes on that Andy was accusing her...; and he was right...; the terrible thing is that she was so scared: she was so scared that... if he does get back to normal, she won't know what to do. Amanda asks her if she's saying she doesn't know if it'll go back to the way it was before she left. Lynn says she knows what she'll do if it does: she'll be on the first 'plane back to London - back to Kevin; he trusts her so much - she can't let him down; that's why she can't see Andy again so soon - she's got to know that what she says or does is the right thing - for Kevin's sake. Amanda asks her why she doesn't think of it as helping someone who doesn't know what they're doing. Lynn cries, "You think I do?" Amanda gives her a hug and leaves the room. Lynn sits down, looking worried and upset.

Amanda returns to the living room and tells the others that Lynn says she doesn't want to see him again - at least, not yet anyway. She adds that she's going to take Andy's breakfast to him. Wayne immediately tells her that he's coming with her - not that he's worth giving food to. Amanda heads back to the kitchen. John snaps that it's not Andy's fault that he's been turned into a zombie. Wayne retorts, "You said it." John snaps at Wayne that he's so damn smart. He adds that Wayne would be a sitter for that mob if they ever got hold of him. Wayne yells that he knows where his brain's at. John snaps back, "Yeah, so do I..." Stephen suddenly yells at them both to shut up, adding that the last thing they need is them fighting. Wayne snaps at him that he's more off the planet than Andy is - they're amateurs; if they're going to get anywhere, they need someone who knows what they're doing. Stephen retorts that, if he could, he'd do exactly that - but as far as he knows, there isn't anyone in the country; if it really comes to the crunch, though, he'll get the man who helped Samantha in America. Wayne snaps, "Big deal." He then rants that Stephen brought Lynn all the way from London and now he's talking about the US - where does the money end?; wouldn't it be easier just to let him go back to them? Stephen snaps that it's not going to happen. Amanda comes back in with a tray of food for Andy, and Wayne snaps that she's feeding the animal is she? He gets up to go with her. John warns him to watch what he says to Andy. Wayne snaps back at him not to worry - he can't speak Andy's language.

Andy is sitting on the mattress when the door is unlocked and opened. Amanda comes in, followed by Wayne, and, handing the tray over, she says, "Here you are - orange juice and bacon and eggs." Andy doesn't move. Amanda tells him that Lynn was pretty upset last night. Andy snaps that she deserves to be. He then goes on that, of course, Amanda would stick up for her. Amanda tells him that he's scared because he knows they're getting through. Andy, though, tells her not to kid herself. He then asks if she seriously thinks he'll take any notice of her. He growls, "You're evil. You stink. You stink of--" Wayne snaps at him to shut up, but Amanda asks Andy why she's evil. Andy asks her why she thinks: she married for money; she got pregnant for money; she was paid back, though: she lost the baby. Looking shocked, Amanda gets up and runs out of the room. Wayne glares at Andy. He then approaches him, crouches down and says, "You... " He asks Andy if he knows what he's going to do. He goes on that he's not going to touch him; he's going to make it worse: he's going to get him out of there; he's going to let him go...

Wayne joins Amanda in the living room and asks her if she's alright. She replies that she is - she's not going to let Andy get to her they way he did with Lynn. Lynn comes in at that moment, carrying Davey, and asks where Gordon is. Wayne explains that he and Barbara are at the Reid House. Lynn asks if John's up. Amanda tells her that he and Stephen are doing the washing up. She then suggests that the two of them should go for a ride. Lynn says she'd love to, but she can't leave Davey. Wayne, seizing the opportunity, quickly says he'll look after him. Looking uncertain, Lynn says she doesn't know how he'd be. Wayne takes the child from her and points out that Barbara will be over there soon, anyway. Amanda smiles and tells Wayne that he looks good with Davey. She then tells Lynn to come on - before they change their minds! The two of them head out. As Lynn goes, Davey calls, "Mummy!" With the room empty, Wayne quickly checks the kitchen to make sure no one's going to come and disturb him. He then puts Davey down on the floor with a book and tells him to read it. He quietly walks down the hallway to Andy's rom, unlocks the door, goes in, and says, "Well go; go on - get out of here. " As Andy gets up, Wayne tells him to stick to the bush and keep away from the road; he'll try and stop them from finding out that he's gone for as long as he can. Andy asks Wayne why he's helping him. Wayne growls at him that he doesn't need him around there; neither does Amanda. He tells Andy that he's hurt a lot of people; what happens to him is his business, as far as he's concerned. He adds that John and Stephen are in the kitchen and the others are out, and he tells him to get going. Andy runs out. Wayne smiles nastily.

Andy heads outside and looks around to ensure that the coast is clear. He then runs off across the grounds.

A short time later, Wayne is lying on the living room floor playing with Davey and his toy car and boat. He tells Davey that Uncle Wayne had a boat once! Barbara and Gordon come in, and Barbara asks how Davey is. Wayne replies that he's fine. Barbara then asks if everything was alright last night. Wayne replies that it was - apart from John trying to be a hero. Stephen and John come in, and Gordon asks John how things are. John replies that they're alright - sort of. Gordon asks what happened last night. Stephen explains that there could be a breakthrough with Lynn. Barbara asks what happened. John tells her that when Lynn went in to see him, he helped her; she thought she could handle it, but Andy attacked her. Gordon snaps that, after the experience with Amanda, he thought he'd know Andy can't be trusted. Stephen interjects that the main thing is that they've had a breakthrough - Andy actually talked rationally with Lynn. Barbara curtly says she'd like a word with that young man. Wayne quickly tells her that she can't - he's attacked Amanda and Lynn and he said some pretty terrible things; he's liable to come out with anything. Barbara retorts that she can cope. Wayne then points out that he thought the idea was to keep everyone but Lynn away from him. Stephen agrees that that's right; he tells Barbara that, as Lynn made some sort of contact, she should be the only one to see him. Barbara says that, if he thinks that's best... Wayne tells them that they'll have to wait until Lynn gets back. Stephen asks where she is. Wayne replies that she's out riding - with Amanda. Looking at John, Stephen asks him if he got Andy's cup and plate when they cleaned up. John says, No." Stephen says he'll get them; he'll make sure Andy's eaten something. Wayne quickly asks if it wouldn't be better if Lynn gets them when she gets back. Suddenly becoming suspicious, Stephen asks what's going on. Wayne replies, "Andy's gone." Barbara looks at John, who looks at Wayne angrily.

Lynn and Amanda are out riding along a wooded track. Amanda happily says to Lynn that the ride was a great idea! Lynn agrees and says she could easily stay out there - she's not sure she'll get much of a chance to ride in London! As their horses trot along, they suddenly see someone running through the trees ahead of them. Lynn asks who it is. Amanda cries that it's Andy - he's escaped. She tells Lynn to go on after him; she'll go back for the others. Andy keeps running. Lynn yells. "Andy! Andy - stop..." She clambers down from her horse and starts chasing him on foot through the bush. She pauses to look around and then keeps running in his direction.

At Woombai, Wayne snaps that they're not going to achieve anything - why not just let him go? Gordon growls at his son that he thought he'd changed. Wayne snaps that it wasn't fair on anyone - least of all Amanda; when Andy had a go at her about the baby, that was it for him; Andy can go and rot with that mob for all he cares. John growls that he knows what he'd like to do to Wayne. Wayne snaps, "What's the point?" Barbara retorts that the point is that he's cost them days. Wayne yells that he doesn't need this and he heads out. John angrily snaps that that's right: walk away. Stephen, though, tells him to let Wayne go. Barbara asks where they start looking for Andy. Stephen points out that Wayne said he told him to stay clear of the road - he suggests they head into the bush.

Wayne is outside when Amanda canters up on her horse and yells at him that they've just see Andy - he got out. Wayne doesn't respond, but just stands there looking guilty. Amanda asks what's wrong. Wayne tells her, "I let him go."

Inside, Stephen tells John that they should take a four-wheel-drive each and head into the bush. He then tells Gordon to search the house and the outbuildings and the stables, as Andy might have decided to hide somewhere. Barbara asks what she can do. Stephen tells her that he's afraid she's stuck there - looking after the baby. Barbara curses that she feels so damn useless. John, Gordon and Stephen head out.

Outside, Amanda snaps at Wayne that he must be out of his mind. Wayne retorts that all he cares about is her, and he's not going to stand by and watch Andy hurt her anymore. Amanda yells that Andy is sick - she knows he hurt her, but she can handle it; all the trouble that everybody has gone to and he had to ruin it by doing one stupid thing. Wayne insists that he only did it for her. Amanda retorts that no he didn't - not just for her: he got bored with it all; fed up with it; to hell with what everybody else was trying to do - they were trying to save his life. Wayne snaps that that's rubbish: if Andy was happy where he was, why interfere? - let him go back to his cult friends. Amanda angrily tells Wayne that she doesn't understand him. She adds that John was right: he would be a sitter for the bunch of creeps himself.

Out in the bush, Andy jumps into a shallow part of the waterhole and runs across it to the other side. Lynn is still chasing him. She runs into the waterhole but trips and falls halfway across. She yells after Andy to please stop, but he ignores her and keeps going. He starts climbing up some nearby rocks. Lynn manages to climb out of the waterhole and starts following him again. She's wet and the rocks are wet. She begins climbing, gradually getting higher and higher above the water. The rocks are slippery, though, and she has trouble gripping at times. Andy keeps going, but Lynn yells at him that she's not going to let him go. All-of-a-sudden, she loses her footing, and she lets out a piercing scream as she falls several feet down into the water below. Andy looks round but keeps running...


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