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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

Fiona opens the door and asks the man standing there if she can help him. The man asks her if she's Jill O'Donnel. Jill comes out of the lounge room and the man tells her that he has two presents for her. Fiona asks who they're from. The man replies that they're from some old bloke - he just gets paid to deliver them. He goes, and Fiona shuts the door. Jill excitedly says she can't imagine who would be giving her presents. She opens the note that accompanies a bunch of flowers and cuddly toy and reads:

"Dear Jill, Just to let you know I'm in the country and that I'd very much like to meet you. I'll be calling you tomorrow and we can arrange a suitable time. Regards, Sean O'Donnel. P.S. I would have delivered the gifts personally, but I thought it was too late to come calling."

Jill smiles in delight and comments, "Isn't that nice?" Terry points out that it's not late - it's only just after 8:30pm - but Jill retorts that Sean was just being polite - it was very thoughtful of him. Fiona tells her that it doesn't change the situation. Jill just says, "No." She then heads off to put the flowers in water. Terry and Fiona head back into the lounge room. As they do so, Terry growls that this is just the start - tomorrow, he'll be round with his chequebook. Fiona agrees that he's obviously out to impress. Terry snaps that there's no way his kid is going out of the country. Fiona replies that she wouldn't worry about it too much - that message was written on St. Kilda Road Travelodge paper; she'll give him a call in the morning and get him to come round before Jill's on deck; she'll tell him the truth and hopefully that will be the end of it. Terry remarks that as long as Sean doesn't think they're trying to con him. Fiona replies that she can put up a pretty good argument when she has to. She adds that, no matter what Jill says, it's the best thing for everyone.

At the O'Briens', Katie is showing her father how to play a game on her computer. Mike complains that it's not fair - he's older and slower than she is! Jim comes in and says he'd agree with that! Mike, looking mock-offended, asks him how his dinner went with his mates from work. Jim replies that it was good. Katie then asks him if he's been to see Mrs. Palmer yet. Mike chips in that it might be an idea to to tell her now. Jim says he'll do it in the morning, but Mike tells him that he doesn't think he should leave it until the last minute. Katie tells him that she thinks he should take Mrs. Palmer out - she's a nice lady; she likes her. Jim replies that so does he - but it's Patricia he's keen on. Katie tells him that he'll be standing Mrs. Palmer up. Jim retorts that there's a difference between standing someone up and telling a friend that you've got something else on. Mike asks, "Since when?" Jim tells him that, if Beryl's really stuck, he'll line up one of the other reps. from work; she's a good sport - she'll understand. Katie snaps that she's a good sport, and she wouldn't. Jim tells her that he's taking Patricia out and that's all there is to it.

A few minutes later, Jim is next door, and Beryl invites him in! She adds that he caught her at the sewing machine! They head into the lounge room, and Jim asks her if she's making a dress. Beryl replies that she isn't. She then picks up her new dress from the table and explains that she bought it for tomorrow night; she decided the hem needed taking up after all. She holds the dress against herself and asks him if he likes it. Jim replies that it's very nice; lovely. Beryl tells him that she'll be the best-dressed woman on the dancefloor! She goes on that she's really looking forward to tomorrow night - it's been a long time since she's been able to go to one of these dos and enjoy it. She adds that she's sure he'll enjoy it, too - and she's very grateful to him for helping her out. Jim, looking wary, says, "Good..." Beryl asks him what time they should leave, adding that it starts at about 8pm. Jim says, "Quarter past seven, I suppose." Beryl smiles and says she'll be there on time if it kills her! Jim looks worried.

At Margaret's apartment, Patricia is sitting in one of the armchairs while David sits at the table. She comments that she should have gone out with Jim tonight, instead of putting it off until tomorrow night. David comments that he thought she said Jim was a bit rough for her liking. Patricia replies that he makes her laugh. David tells her that he's glad Jim is taking an interest in her and forgetting about Beryl - he wouldn't want to see her making an idiot of herself. Patricia decides that she may as well have an early night, and David tells her that he'll see her in the morning. She heads off to bed. Just as she closes her bedroom door, the 'phone rings and David answers it. Jim comes on and asks to speak to Patricia. David tells him that she's gone to bed. Patricia, though, hearing the 'phone, comes back out and David tells her that it's Jim. She suggests to him that maybe she can talk Jim into taking her out for supper. David says he thought she was going to bed. Patricia retorts that it was only for want of something better to do. She takes the 'phone and says, "Hello?" Jim tells her that he's sorry to ring so late: it's about tomorrow night - he's afraid he has to cancel: he'd forgotten that he promised to partner Beryl Palmer to a business dinner; he just didn't feel he could put her off. Patricia curtly says, "I see..." Jim assures her that he'll make it up to her - he knows a great restaurant: French champange; the works... He asks her if she's interested. Patricia curtly replies that she's not sure; give her a ring later in the week and see how she feels. Jim says OK and they hang up. Patricia then turns to David and tells him that it seems she's not going out tomorrow night after all: "Jim's got a date with your wife." David looks annoyed.

The next morning, at the breakfast table, Patricia tells David that she was the one that was stood-up; she doesn't know why he's so touchy. David ignores this and asks her to pass the jam. Patricia continues that it doesn't matter who Beryl goes out with - Margaret's the one he should be thinking about now. David retorts, "Not the point, Pat." Patricia points out that he's given Margaret an engagement ring, hasn't he? Looking surprised, David asks if Margaret told her, adding that they agreed not to say anything about it. Patricia points out that Margaret is her sister - she has to talk to somebody other than him. She adds that she's not going to tell anybody. David snaps, "Good." He then adds that he doesn't want her sticking her nose into any of his business; if he wants to stop Beryl from seeing a younger bloke, he will. He gets up and goes out.

Sean O'Donnel is sitting at the table in the living room at Toorak with Fiona, and he tells her that it was a fine breakfast. Fiona thanks him and offers him some more coffee. He accepts and Fiona pours it. Sean tells her that says Brian thought very highly of her - and he can see why: looking after Jill the way she has. Fiona explains that Jill has always seemed like a daughter to her. Sean goes on that the thing that struck him most was how much Jill looked like Maureen - the lass Brian was engaged to. Fiona warily says she knows... Sean continues that her death was a terrible thing - but when Brian showed him Jill's photo, the likeness between her and Maureen was uncanny; at the time, he didn't think Brian was doing the right thing coming all the way out there to Australia - although he could understand why he did it; and then he met Jill and she made him so happy; perhaps it was meant to be? He goes on that he spent a long time thinking about how best to handle things once Brian was killed... talking to a solicitor about it. Fiona says, "Sean..." Sean ignores this, though, and explains that he wanted Jill to get to know him properly, so that she feels secure about coming to Ireland with him - because there's a little child to think of, too; because whatever they decide must be in her interests as well. Fiona tells him that there's something he should know, and it's going to come as a terrible shock to him. Sean looks puzzled, but just at that minute, Jill appears in the doorway, wearing her dressing gown, and says, ""Mr O'Donnel?" Sean turns to look at her and cries, "Glory be!" He adds that it's like seeing young Maureen again. He tells her that it's so lovely to finally meet her. He gets up and hugs her, and Jill replies that Brian told her so much about him; she feels like she knows him already! Sean explains that Fiona was kind enough to invite him over to have some breakfast. Jill looks at Fiona, whose face displays some guilt. Sean then tells Jill that he can certainly see why Brian was so taken by her. Jill replies that she liked him, too. Sean tells her that he has something for her - from Brian. He takes out a cross on a chain, and continues that he knows Brian would have wanted her to have it. He puts it around her neck, and Jill looks at it in delight. She then looks at Fiona. Sean tells her that it's hers. Jill thanks him and they hug. Fiona closes her eyes in worry

A car pulls up outside the Palmer house and David gets out. He walks up to the front gate and then pauses. As he does so, he hears Mike yelling at Katie next door, telling her to shake a leg. Spotting David, he walks over to him and says, "Morning." He then adds that if David's looking for Beryl, he's a bit late - he saw her this morning: he thinks she's gone into town. David explains that he just came to see if there was any mail for him. Jim suddenly comes along the road and joins his brother. Mike says to David that he doesn't think he's met Jim. He introduces the two men and Jim says they've spoken on the 'phone. They shake hands, David looking wary. He says he thinks he'd better move on. Jim tells him not to worry about Beryl - they're keeping an eye on her. He then adds that, as a matter of fact, he's taking her to a do tonight. David doesn't respond. He just walks back to his car, gets in and drives off. Mike snaps at Jim that he's got a big mouth. Jim asks him what he means. Mike retorts that you hardly go telling a fellow that you're taking out his wife. Jim points out that he walked out on her. Mike replies that, all the same... Jim tells him that David has no reason to get stroppy if Beryl wants to go out with somebody else; he must be a real dog-in-the-manger, and if David says anything to him, he'll tell him so. He heads off to work.

At Toorak, Sean is sitting in the lounge room feeding Fee from her bottle. He comments that she's a little darling - and she looks just like Jill. Jill says she doesn't know... Sean tells the child that she's making her great granddad so happy. Fiona says, "Sean..." Sean looks up, and Fiona goes on that she thinks there's something Jill should tell him. Sean looks at Jill and asks what that is. Jill quickly tells him that it's nothing - just that she has to go to the hospital sometime during the morning - but there's no hurry. Sean laughs that he can't have her running off just yet! He then continues more sadly, saying he never did like any of his boys being involved in the IRA; there were arguments on both sides, but all that killing... he just couldn't make sense of it. He goes on that he thanks God that Brian was only involved for a very short time when he came back to Ireland; the day Brian told him that he was getting out for good, he was really proud of him. Jill tells him that Brian was proud of him, too - he was always telling her. Sean replies that he was a good boy. He then explains that he decided to get out of the whole stinking mess and sold up everything and bought an estate in the south - it's so peaceful there; so beautiful. He adds that he's only ever had sons in his family; he's never been blessed with a daughter- until now. He tells Jill that she knows from his letter that he wants her and Fee to come home with him to Ireland - they can be together as a family as they should be; but he won't press her for an answer yet - it's only proper that they should get to know each other first. Jill, though, tells him that he's a very nice man and she likes him a lot, but she can't let him go on thinking that she and Fee will go and live in Ireland with him; Australia is their home - they were born there - and she couldn't leave Fiona; she loves her too much. Sean listens and then tells Jill that it's like he said: they haven't got to know him yet. Jill replies that it doesn't matter - she's not going to change her mind. She takes the cheque for the air fare out of her pocket and goes to hand it back to him, but Sean tells her to keep it, saying that, if she doesn't come home with him, she can use the money for Fee's upbringing. Looking surprised, Jill asks him if he's sure. Sean replies, "Of course." Jill says she hopes he's not too disappointed. Sean tells her that he can't pretend he isn't, but he understands. Jill thanks him. Sean suggests that maybe they can discuss it again sometime. Changing the subject, he says that, now that he's there, he'd like to see the sights, and he asks Jill and Fiona if they'd act as his guides. They both agree that they'd love to! Sean smiles and says he's just looking for an excuse to see more of the beautiful lassie, Fee. Jill laughs. Fiona looks worried.

Lynn walks into Dural through the front door, carrying Davey, and Barbara follows. Lynn asks Barbara if she thinks babies suffer from jetlag too. Barbara replies that of course they do! Gordon comes out of the study and says 'hello' to Lynn. He then adds that he thought they'd be halfway to Woombai by now. Lynn explains that her 'plane was late - they got held up in Singapore and then she was delayed in Customs. Barbara adds that then they were followed. Looking worried, Gordon asks, "By whom?" Barbara replies that it was some of Andy's lunatic friends, they suppose - they were on their way to Woombai when they noticed this van; they both thought the same thing. She goes on that when they turned, the van turned; when they stopped, the van stopped; they couldn't shake them so they came back there. Gordon says he'll call the police. Barbara, though, tells him that it's not necessary. Gordon says he's sure it's illegal to harass people, but Barbara explains that she's already thought of a way of getting rid of them: she's going to take them for a game of golf!

Terry is sitting with Fiona in the lounge room at Toorak, and he curtly comments that Jill is getting pretty damn friendly with Sean, asking him to stay to lunch. Fiona, though, asks why shouldn't she invite him? - he's been nothing but a complete gentleman. Terry comments that it sounds like his Irish charm isn't doing a bad job on her, either. Fiona says, "For heaven's--" Terry interrupts her, though, and snaps that, last night, she was all for telling Sean the score; now he's staying on for a couple of weeks with her and Jill acting as tour guides. Fiona explains that, seeing him with Fee this morning... "I don't know..." She adds that maybe Jill has got the right idea: she told him that she wasn't going to Ireland with him and he seemed to take that news alright; he seemed so happy; God knows he's suffered enough - what's wrong with him staying around for a couple of weeks and getting to know Jill and Fee better? Terry retorts that, as far as he's concerned... He suddenly hears Jill talking, though, and stops what he's saying. Jill comes into the room with Fee and hands her to Fiona. Fiona asks her if she's going to see Robin, and Jill replies that she is. She then adds that she wants to be back by 7pm, though, as she doesn't want to miss Sean. Terry incredulously asks if he's coming over again. Jill explains that he's taking her out for dinner. She adds that he's a lovely man. Terry retorts, "So I keep hearing...." Jill tells Fee to be a good girl, and Fiona laughs that of course she will! Jill then curtly tells Fiona that she was quite amazed by the fact that she invited Sean over this morning; she's seen for herself now, though, that she can handle it. Fiona smiles and says, "Me and all my predictions, eh?!" She looks worried, though.

Sean is talking on the 'phone in his hotel room, and he tells the person on the other end that he has reservations for Belfast at the end of the week: he'd like to cancel those bookings, please. The reservations clerk asks him if he wants to cancel those tickets altogether. Sean says, "No." He adds that it's just that his grandson's wife and child and himself have decided to stay a little longer in Australia; he wants to keep the return date open a little longer - on both tickets...

Lynn is reading a magazine in the lounge room at Dural. She puts it down and comments to Gordon that it's almost time to go and meet Barbara. Gordon suggests they give it a few more minutes yet. Looking awkward, Lynn asks if John explained about Andy and her. Gordon replies that he did - but he doesn't intend to pry. Lynn tells him that she told Kevin; she felt she had to - she wanted him to know that even though she was attracted to Andy, it was him that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. Gordon asks if he accepted that. Lynn nods and replies that she guesses he learnt a lot when they separated over Phillipe - about how jealousy can get in the way. Gordon asks her if she's thought how she'll feel when she sees Andy again. Lynn replies that she'll be fine - it's all over between them; and nothing happened anyway. Gordon tells her that it's not too late to back out, but Lynn says no - she wants to help Andy because she's his friend; Kevin and she talked about it. Gordon says that, if she's sure... Lynn replies that she's sure. She then adds that she's sorry if she sounded... Gordon tells her that it's alright. He then suggests that they find Davey and then see if Barbara managed to lose Andy's so-called friends.

Barbara is being driven on a golf cart to the edge of the course. As the driver brings the vehicle to a halt, she asks him to put her bag in the clubhouse and adds that she'll pick it up when she gets back. She then walks over to Gordon, Lynn and Davey, who are standing nearby, and asks if they think she makes a good James Bond! Gordon asks her if she managed to get rid of them. Barbara replies that she certainly did! Lynn asks how. Barbara explains that, when they tried to follow her into the clubhouse, they were politely but firmly told 'This is for members only' - so they're sitting in the car park, waiting for her to finish her game before she heads off to Woombai! Gordon laughs that that's very good. Barbara replies that she thought so! She then adds, though, that the thing is: were they followed? Gordon replies that they weren't - he made sure of that: he left the car in the main road. Barbara then turns to Lynn and asks her if she's ready to head off into the fray. Lynn replies, "Yes..." She looks worried, though.

It's nighttime, and Beryl and Jim arrive back at the Palmer house after their night out. Beryl tells Jim that she'll just get her shoes off and she'll make him some coffee. Jim, though, replies that he's got to be up early in the morning - new job and all that; he's got to make a good impression. Beryl says that's alright - there'll be other times. Jim agrees that of course there will be. Beryl suggests that, seeing how much he likes curries, why doesn't she make him one tomorrow night? Jim, looking nervous, says, "Umm..." Beryl assures him that he won't be disappointed, and so he accepts. He then kisses her on the cheek and says, "Goodnight". Beryl thanks him again, and Jim replies, "That's alright!" He goes.

There's a knock on the door of Margaret's apartment. David opens it, wearing his pyjamas. Looking annoyed to see Jim standing there, he angrily asks him if he has any idea what time it is. He then adds that it's after 11pm. Jim - who's still wearing his dinner jacket - explains that he'd like to see Patricia. David retorts that she's in bed - asleep. Jim asks him if he could wake her. David snaps, "No." He then says he thought Jim was going out tonight. Jim explains they they finished early; he thought Patricia might like to go out for a late supper. David snaps that she wouldn't. Jim asks him if he shouldn't ask her. David retorts that, no, he doesn't. He then tells Jim that he thinks he's smart, doesn't he: one minute he's hanging around with his wife; the next minute he's running after Patricia. He snaps that he doesn't like the way Jim operates, and he shuts the door in his face.

Barbara, Lynn and Gordon have arrived at Woombai, and Stephen comments that they finally got there. He asks Lynn how she is, and she replies that she's fine. Barbara takes Davey off to one of the bedrooms, and Gordon asks Stephen how Andy is. Stephen replies that he's coming along - slowly. Gordon comments, "One step at a time." Lynn says she'd like to see him. Stephen tells her that she will in the morning - it's a bit late now. Lynn, though, pleads, "Please?" She adds that she's come all this way; it doesn't have to be for long. Stephen gives in, but tells her that he'll come with her. Lynn says she'd rather see him by herself. Stephen, though, tells her, "No way." He adds that he's sure Gordon told her what Andy did to Amanda. Lynn says she's sure he's not going to attack her. Gordon points out that Amanda was sure he wasn't going to attack her. Lynn reluctantly gives in and says, "OK." Gordon looks worried.

The door to Andy's room opens. Andy is lying on the mattress on the floor, in the dark. Stephen turns the light on and Andy stirs and sits up. Lynn smiles at him and says, "Hello, Andy." Andy looks at her in shock.


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