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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

A few moments later, Jill is sitting on the sofa, and Beryl tells her to take a sip of water from the glass she's holding. Jill does so. She then quietly says she's sorry - it must be all the shouting; she just remembers thinking that she can't take any more and then everything went black. Beryl tells her that she's sorry she came in when she did. She then turns to John and adds that it wasn't anything serious, was it. John quickly agrees that it wasn't. He reminds Jill that she knows what he's like - always going off at the mouth. Beryl suggests that she should call a doctor, but Jill assures her that she's fine. Fee suddenly starts crying, and Beryl says she'll look after her. She tells Jill that she needs a good night's sleep, and she asks John to help the girl to her room. John goes to help Jill up. As he does so, Jill pleads with him not to fight with Beryl anymore. John replies that, as he said, it was just him sounding off - it's nothing to worry about.

A while later, Beryl is on the 'phone to David, and she tells him that they're perfectly alright. She then adds that she has to feed the baby; she'll pass on his message. She hangs up, goes and sits down on the sofa and starts feeding Fee from her bottle. John comes in and asks who was on the 'phone. Beryl replies that it was David - he saw the story about Robin in the evening paper and 'phoned to see how they are. John comments that he must have made good time on his trip to be back so early. Beryl explains that he was 'phoning on the road. She then asks him why he didn't tell her that David had Patricia at his flat. Looking awkward, John asks her how she knows about that. Beryl replies that he let it drop - he couldn't wait to talk to John because he had to hurry back: Patricia was waiting for him. John explains that he was going to tell her, but he wanted to find the right time. Beryl snaps at him that she can't understand either of them at the moment - after what Patricia did to Gordon... she can't understand it. John tells her that Patricia is trying to change - the rest home helped. Beryl ignores this and retorts that here he is, putting Andy Green's welfare over his brother's; there isn't a family anymore. John replies that of course there is. He then tells her not to go on about it. Beryl, though, snaps at him that, after what happened to David and her, she can't understand him putting Kevin's marriage at risk. John snaps back that she's letting what happened between her and David affect her thinking on this: Kevin and Lynn learned a lot from their last batch of troubles. Beryl retorts that she thought David had learnt after his affair with Patricia - but that didn't stop there being Margaret. John tells her that, if it makes her feel any better, he's hitching up to Woombai to make sure Andy and Lynn don't do anything they shouldn't. Beryl snaps that she doesn't think it'll make any difference - they managed to carry on behind her back; she's sure they'll carry on up there if they really want to. John snaps back at her that she should stop judging everyone by David. He then adds that he's going to pack. Beryl says, "John..." John tells her that he doesn't want to talk about it anymore. He adds that she should just call Fiona and tell her what's going on.

David arrives back at Margaret's apartment, and Patricia asks him how his trip was. David replies that it was just a trip. Looking at what she's wearing, he asks her if she's going out. In reply, Patricia asks if there's anything wrong with that. David retorts that that depends: has she heard about Robin Elliott? Patricia replies that she went to the hospital. David comments that she seems pretty chirpy, though. Patricia angrily asks what he means by that. David tells her that it seems a bit off that she's dressed up to the nines and grinning like a Cheshire cat. A look of fury on her face, Patricia yells, "Who the hell do you think you are?" David ignores this and goes to get changed. Patricia walks over to her bottle of pills, takes one out and swallows it.

In the living room at the O'Briens', Jeff is lying upside down on the gym equipment that he put together. Heather comes in and tells him that he'll do himself some damage if he's not careful! Jeff, though, replies that it's good for you - it makes you think better! Jim comes into the room, wearing a smart suit, and asks how he looks. Heather tells him that, if it was her, she'd be knocked off her feet! Jim kisses her good night, and Jeff wishes him a good time. Looking surprised, Jim thanks him. He goes, and Heather scruffs Jeff's hair. He asks what that was for. Heather smiles and tells her that it's for making her happy. Jeff replies that Jim isn't so bad - it's just the way you look at him!

Patricia is sitting on the couch at Margaret's apartment, and she looks at her watch. David, in the kitchen area, comments that he thought she'd be gone by now. Patricia retorts that Jim is late. David thanks her for the food she's prepared for him, and Patricia mutters that it's alright. She then points out that he didn't answer before - when she called out. David tells her that he knows she doesn't like Robin Elliott; he's only going by what he sees: Robin is lying in hospital like a vegetable while she's on top of the world; it seems like the old Pat to him. Patricia indignantly replies that she came home from the hospital and cried her eyes out. She goes on that she doesn't enjoy the fact that she's partly responsible for what happened - another life she's ruined - but the alternative to sitting in her room and hating herself is getting dressed up and going out on the town with a man who makes her laugh. She tells David that she's grabbing at straws right now because she doesn't want to end up back in that home. She then adds that, still, he always was the sensitive type. She snaps that she's going to wait downstairs.

Later that evening, Jim and Patricia pause outside the front door of the apartment, and as they do so, Jim tells Patricia that he's not being pushy - he's just seeing her to the door! Patricia smiles. She then tells him that she'd invite him in for coffee but she doesn't want to disturb David. She thanks him for a really lovely evening, and adds that she's sorry to have lumbered him with a stranger's problems. Jim points out that she's getting less of a stranger every night! Patricia laughs and tells him that he's so smooth! Jim goes to kiss her, but she pulls away, and says, "Not on the first date; it doesn't feel right." Jim accepts this, and then asks if she'll have dinner with him again tomorrow night. Patricia says she's not sure. Jim tells her that he won't be pushy - how about the day after tomorrow?! Patricia smiles and says that would be lovely. She thanks him again and he goes. Patricia heads inside and shuts the door. She turns one of the lamps off and is about to go to bed when David comes out of his room, wearing his pyjamas. Patricia curtly tells him that she's too old to have somebody waiting up for her. David explains that he wanted to say he's sorry - he jumped to conclusions. He goes on that living together isn't going to be easy, but he'll try and be a bit more understanding. Patricia thanks him. David asks her how her night was and she replies that it was really nice. David asks who the bloke was - she didn't say. Patricia tells him that it was Jim O'Brien - Mike O'Brien's brother. She asks David if he knows him. A look of annoyance on his face, David growls that, yeah, he does - he's got a way of popping up, for a guy that hasn't been around that long. Patricia asks him what he means. David, though, tells her to forget it. He heads back to bed. Patricia turns off the other lamp.

The next morning, Fiona has arrived at the Palmers' and is giving Jill a tight hug. She tells her that she's so sorry - it must have been terrible. Jill, still looking upset, agrees that it was. Fiona explains that she booked a ticket as soon as Beryl called; Terry came too - he's over at the Morrell house now: Gordon arranged for them to use it for as long as they want to. She adds that she knew Jill would want to stay there in Melbourne until she knew exactly how things stand with Robin. Jill replies that she knows that already: he'll be just lying there for the rest of his life... Fiona says they don't have to stay - they can go straight back to Sydney. Jill cries that she's not going back to Sydney - she's all that Robin has got; if she doesn't go and see him, he'll lie there all day with nobody. Fiona points out that he doesn't know she's there. Jill, though, cries that that doesn't matter - Robin saved her life. Fiona says she knows... She then continues that they'll stay around until they see what happens; the main thing is that Jill has got her friends around her. She suggests to her that she go and pack. As Jill goes to head out, she tells Fiona that she's glad she came. Beryl and Fiona head into the kitchen, and Beryl says she'll get Fee's bottle and things together. She then tells Fiona that, if she wants to go back to Sydney after a few days, Jill can stay on there. Fiona, though, declines the offer, and tells Beryl that it's not her responsibility. Beryl says Jill seems to think that most of it's her fault. Fiona replies that she's been in a very funny mood lately - she has silly ideas about always hurting people. She goes on that the main thing is not to let anything else happen to make it worse - Jill is a very sensible girl if she's allowed to think clearly.

Wayne is on the 'phone in the living room at Woombai. He's talking to Gordon, and he thanks him for letting him know. He hangs up and asks Amanda - who's sitting on the couch - if she got what that was all about. Amanda, looking shocked, says she doesn't believe it. Wayne says he had the feeling that she was a tough lady, but not like that - she's locked up without bail, while Robin may as well be dead... Amanda says she doesn't understand why John didn't mention it when he 'phoned. There's suddenly a knock on the door, and Wayne asks who that could be, adding that Stephen said he'd keep everyone away from the place. Amanda tells him that he'd better get it quickly, whoever it is - they don't want Andy hearing and calling out.

There's a man standing on the doorstep when Wayne opens the door. He tells the man that if he's looking for the riding school he's come to the wrong place. The man, though, speaking in an Irish accent, replies that he thinks he's in the right place. He goes on that it's a personal matter that brings him, actually: he's looking for Mrs. Jill O'Donnel - he's her husband's grandfather - Sean O'Donnel; he's there to see Jill and Brian's little girl - his first great grandchild. Wayne smiles at him awkwardly.

A short time later, Wayne, Amanda and Sean are sitting on the verandah, drinking tea. Sean remarks that it's a fine property they have there; Brian wrote of it and talked about it - he didn't do it justice, though. Wayne gently says it was shocking about Brian - they're sorry. Sean replies that life can be very cruel - he's lost three to the violence: Brian... Brian's father... and Maureen, Brian's first fiancée. He adds that he was very fond of her; Jill bears quite some resemblance to her from photos he's seen. He continues that it's a disappointment that he has to travel further to see her - he keyed himself up for the meeting. Amanda tells him that it's a pity he didn't 'phone first. Sean smiles and says he's the impulsive type! Wayne asks what made him decide to come. Sean explains that he had his solicitor send Jill some money to join them... the fare to Ireland; they were all very keen to see Brian's child... On hearing this, Amanda, looking wary, says, "About Fee..." Wayne, though, interrupts and quickly says she's a beautiful little girl. He goes on that Sean was saying... Sean continues that it suddenly occurred to him that he was being rather formal with Jill - he couldn't expect the lass to catch a 'plane and join people she virtually knows nothing of; that's why he's there: as a representative of the family, they might say. Wayne says he's sure Jill will be very happy to see him - Brian's death hit her hard, and she's just had another bit of bad luck; he might be just what she needs. Amanda offers Sean more tea, and he accepts. Amanda pointedly asks Wayne for a hand.

As they head into the living room, Amanda angrily asks Wayne what he's doing - every time she tries to mention Fee not being Brian's daughter, he's interrupting. Wayne tells her that it's none of their business. Amanda points out that someone has to tell him. Wayne suggests they let Jill. He adds that, if she has any sense, she won't say a thing - Brian's name is down on the birth certificate as the father; he obviously found it easier to tell them that it was his child than explaining about Terry; so to all intents and purposes, he is the father - and from some of the things Sean let drop, he reckons he's worth a fair bit - Jill could do very nicely out of it if she plays her cards right. Looking shocked, Amanda says, "Wayne..." Wayne tells her that he's just being practical - Jill's a single mother and she could do with more money. He then goes on that it's up to her - all he's saying is that they keep their noses out of it - and they'd better get Sean's tea and get him out of there before Andy gets wind that there's a stranger around. Amanda looks worried.

A while later, the three of them are standing by Sean's car, and Wayne is shaking his hand. He tells him that it's a shame he drove down - he could have been in Melbourne that much quicker if he'd flown. Sean replies that it can't be helped. He adds that he'd be very grateful if they kept his arrival to themselves. Amanda says she doesn't think there's anyone around. Sean, though, explains that he means he doesn't want them to tell Jill - he'd rather handle this in his own manner. He gets in his car. As he starts the engine, he says that, hopefully, they'll be able to visit Jill in Ireland one day. He drives off.

Beryl has turned up at Toorak, and Fiona invites her in. Seeing the bag that Beryl's holding, she comments that it looks as if she's been spending up big! Beryl explains that it's only a dress that she's bought for a charity function. Fiona, though, tells her that she's very glad to see her giving herself little treats. She adds that not many people would have stuck with her decision to give all her money to charity; greed would have won out. She offers Beryl a drink, but she declines. She asks how Jill is, and Fiona replies that she's been asleep for most of the afternoon; Terry has just taken her over to the hospital. Beryl asks how Jill is about Terry being there. Fiona replies that she's worked out all that in her own mind. Changing the subject, she lifts the dress out of the bag that Beryl's carrying and, looking at it admiringly, says it's an original, isn't it? Beryl explains that she fell in love with it as soon as she saw it; she's never had anything like that before, so to hell with the money! Fiona laughs, "Good for you!" She then goes on that she doesn't want to be a busybody, but is Beryl going on her own? Beryl replies that, no she isn't - she's going with Jim O'Brien. She adds, by way of explanation, that he's her next door neighbour's brother - just a friend doing her a favour. Fiona tells her that she doesn't have to apologise. Beryl retorts that she's not apologising. Fiona tells her that she loves both her and David, but David has made his choice and it's up to her to live her own life now. Beryl replies that there's nothing serious with Jim - and anyway, he's younger than her. Fiona smiles and says that, if she'd let that stop her, she would have missed out on some very pleasant romances! Beryl laughs. Fiona tells her that she's a very attractive woman - and in that dress, she'll be a knockout. She adds that, if Beryl likes this Jim, she should go along with her feelings - life's too short to be unhappy. Beryl says she just worries that people might not understand. Fiona tells her that the only people who might not understand are those who are letting life pass them by - and she just gets the feeling that Beryl won't do that.

At the O'Briens', Heather snaps at Jim that she doesn't believe him: he had this arrangement with Beryl for days - he can't just forget it. Jim, though, replies that, when you're with somebody like Patricia, you don't think of much other than her. Heather snaps that he can't let Beryl down. She then asks him if he's going to be in for dinner. Jim says he won't. He tells her that he'll see Beryl tonight and just ... tell her he can't make it after all; she'll be able to rustle someone else up. Heather snaps at him that she's just separated from her husband - she doesn't know too many men to ask out. Jim tells her that a woman like Patricia comes along once in a blue moon; Beryl's a good sport - she'll understand. Looking incredulous, Heather snaps at him that Beryl is not a 'good sport' - she's a woman. Jim asks what that's supposed to mean. Heather angrily tells him to think about it. She adds that she doesn't think even his head is that big.

John has arrived at Woombai, and he puts his bag down on the table in the living room. He comments to Wayne and Amanda that hitching isn't the quickest way of getting there, but it sure is the cheapest! Amanda tells him that the main thing is that he's there. He asks where Andy is, and Wayne replies that he's in the spare bedroom. John says he'll go and say 'hello'. Wayne warns him not to expect a lot - he's getting worse. John remarks, "Fingers crossed about Lynn..." He leaves the room. Amanda says to Wayne that she's been thinking: John might be able to help. Wayne says he reckons he's done enough already, with getting Lynn to come up there. Amanda explains that she means with Jill - she'll ask him if he thinks they should tell her about Mr. O'Donnel. Wayne points out that they told the bloke they wouldn't. Amanda, though, retorts that that's too bad - she's got a terrible feeling about it, and if John says Jill is in a mess, she's going to call her - at least that way she'll have a chance to get herself prepared. Wayne, looking resigned, tells her that it's up to her.

Terry enters Robin's room at the hospital. Jill is sitting by Robin's bedside, looking at him. Terry asks her if she's ready to go yet. Jill asks if she can have another half hour, but Terry replies that he told Fiona that they'd be back by 8:30 - and she's got to put Fee to bed, too. Giving in, Jill kisses Robin and tells him that she'll be back tomorrow. Terry laughs and comments that he thought she said Robin couldn't hear anything. Jill snaps that that's what the doctors say. Terry remarks, "Poor bloke..." He then adds that he reckons they ought to turn all the equipment off. Jill, looking shocked, angrily tells him not to ever say that again. She goes on that, as long as Robin is breathing, there's hope; something's going to happen to help him - she knows it will.

A while later, Jill is back at Toorak and Fiona tells her that she's sorry to worry her with it so soon - she knows she must be feeling bad enough as it is. Jill points out that she could have left it until the morning, but he could turn up tonight. Fiona explains that Amanda said he left Woombai at about noon; she wasn't going to call but John told her how Jill had been. Jill asks if they didn't tell Mr. O'Donnel about Terry being Fee's father. Fiona says she wishes they had - it's going to make their job all that much harder. She adds that she doesn't like the idea of hurting him as soon as he arrives, but she thinks they should tell him. Terry points out that he's just as likely not to believe them - he could reckon that they're trying to pull a swifty. Fiona asks him what he means. Terry replies that Brian's name is on the birth certificate and Brian told him that Fee was his kid; Amanda and Wayne have backed him up, so why should he believe them? Fiona admits that she hadn't thought about it like that. She adds that they'll have to be very convincing. Terry agrees, "Too right." He adds that Mr. O'Donnel could reckon it's a way of Jill getting out of going back to Ireland. Jill asks why he should - all she has to do is say she's not coming back to Ireland with him - which she's going to; that's all she's going to say. Fiona says she doesn't understand. Jill explains that she has a chance of making someone happy for a change; what difference does it make if Sean O'Donnel keeps thinking Brian is the father of Fee? - he'll go back to Ireland thinking there's still something left of Brian in the world; after the amount of people he's lost, she thinks that's pretty important to him. Fiona curtly says he deserves to know the truth. Jill asks why should he; she's made up her mind. Terry chips in that he reckons he should have a say. Jill, though, retorts that she doesn't reckon it's any of his business. Terry points out that Fee is his kid; he doesn't want Jill to go around pretending that she's someone else's. Jill retorts that he's just going to have to - because that's how it is. She adds that it won't be for long. There's suddenly a knock at the front door, and Fiona remarks that that's probably him now - nobody else would call at this time of night. Jill asks her to let him in. Fiona says she has a terrible feeling about this - she's got a gut instinct, and she's usually right: if they go along with this lie, there's liable to be an awful lot of unhappiness for all of them. Jill assures her that it will be fine - she knows it will. Fiona says she just hopes to God that she never has the opportunity of saying she told Jill so. She goes to answer the door. Jill glares at Terry.


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