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    Written by: Greg Haddrick   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

Blue lights are flashing in Albert Park as Robin is wheeled on a stretcher into an ambulance. A female police officer gets into the driver's seat of a police car; Kathleen is sitting in the back, looking upset. John is standing with his arm around Jill, outside the Palmers'; Beryl is also standing with them. He's talking to another police officer, and points out something. Heather is standing at the end of the O'Briens', driveway, looking upset. The ambulance and the police car containing Kathleen pull away, their sirens going. Heather heads back up to the house.

Inside, Jim is looking out of the window, and he tells the others that the police have just taken a woman away; there are still a couple of police officers with Jill, though. Mike asks Patricia where she said she knows Robin from. Patricia replies that she knew him from business in Sydney. Jim tells her that he knows it doesn't look too good from the front yard, but sometimes... He adds that you can't tell - he might be OK. Katie warily warns, "Uncle Jim..." Heather comes in but says she can't tell them anything. She adds that she thinks it would be best if Patricia rings the hospital this afternoon. Mike comments that the woman couldn't have been looking where she was going. Heather, though, says she got the feeling that it was the same person she saw sitting in the car outside before lunch. Jim asks if the woman was waiting for Robin. Patricia tells Heather that she's probably right: the woman was Robin's wife; Robin told him about her - she's really ruthless; she's been in prison and blamed him for putting her there. Changing the subject, she says she should be getting home. Jim tells her that he'll give her a lift. Patricia assures him that she can call a cab, but Jim insists, and she gives in. She then thanks Heather for lunch and says, "Bye." Mike tells her that they'll see her again. She and Jim go. As they walk down the front path, Patricia looks and sees two police officers and Beryl helping Jill back inside the Palmer house. Beryl suddenly spots Patricia and glares at her momentarily, before heading in. Jim says to Patricia that it must have been an awful shock for Jill: one minute she was talking to Robin, and the next... Patricia just says, "Yes..." Jim says he hopes the police give her a break. Patricia says she'd like to talk to her, but... Jim tells her that, if she'd like to hang around until the cops have gone, and then pop in and see her... Patricia suddenly decides that she won't, explaining that it's not such a good idea.

Beryl and John are in the kitchen at the Palmers', and Beryl tells the police, who are in the lounge room with Jill, that they'll be in there if they need to talk to them anymore. She closes the doors and then remarks, "What a business - Jill's nearly at breaking point." She then asks John if he knew that Patricia was at the O'Briens', as she just saw her leave. John points out that she and Heather were old schoolfriends. Beryl replies that, all the same... She then adds that she wonders where Patricia is living now. Looking shifty, John says he's not sure. Beryl continues that she's living with Charlie, she supposes; she can't imagine anyone else having her. John quickly changes the subject and says he wonders how long they'll question Jill for. Beryl says she wishes they'd leave her alone for a while.

Andy is sitting, leaning against the wall, on a mattress which is laid out on the floor of the bedroom he's been locked in at Woombai. He's staring into space. Stephen is in the room with him, and he asks him what they told him at the farm - is there any reason why he can't tell them? Andy doesn't respond. Stephen continues that he has a pretty fair idea - his daughter was told that she had to find a way to injure herself. He adds that it's a bit stupid, doesn't Andy think? - he gets away from them by putting himself in hospital? He walks and joins Amanda, who's standing by the door, and tells Andy that they preach equality and freedom, but they don't give you a say in something as basic as your own health. He goes on that none of it really makes sense - but if Andy has an excuse, he'd love to hear it; or hasn't he got one? Andy still doesn't say anything, and so Stephen snaps, "Cat got your tongue?" He then adds that it doesn't matter - there's plenty of time; they've only been going for a couple of hours. Andy suddenly asks if he can have something to eat, please. Amanda tells him that she'll make him some sandwiches, and she leaves the room. Stephen shuts the door and leans against it, his arms folded. He says to Andy, "Change of heart?" Andy retorts defiantly that if he's going to keep on fighting them, he has to keep up his strength. Stephen tells him that there's no need to fight. Andy snaps at him to let him go, then. Stephen just stares at him and doesn't say anything. Andy goes on that he'll get away eventually - sooner or later, he'll be back on The Farm; his friends there are the ones that got it right: no greed... no ambition... no arguments - just a simple life without any hassles. Stephen snaps at him that it's all fake; it's a con - and he can prove it. He tells Andy that he's been fooled: his gang hasn't found any 'magic answers'. He leaves the room.

Wayne is sitting in the lounge room, playing cards, when Stephen comes in. He asks how it's going, and Stephen grimly replies, "Slowly." He then adds that he thinks he's found a weakness that Andy might respond to: greed - he thinks his cult doesn't have any greed. Wayne asks if they do. Stephen explains that he has a couple of books somewhere that prove it; he bought them when Samantha was in trouble. Wayne asks if they're there at Woombai. Stephen replies that they're stored away in a tea chest somewhere. He adds that they're not bad on Andy's cult - particularly the money side: everything those kids collect goes straight to the big boss; they live on run-down farms while he owns half of Florida. Wayne remarks that it sounds like a good racket. Amanda comes in with a tray of sandwiches and tells Wayne that Andy is finally coming round; at least, he's eating and talking. Stephen tells her that it doesn't mean he's giving in, and he explains about how the only reason Andy's eating is to stay strong enough to fight them. He adds that he's sorry - they're not even at first base yet. Amanda comments that at least he's eating. Stephen warns her not to go into Andy's room by herself. Amanda assures him that she'll be alright, but Stephen asks Wayne to go with her while he looks for the books. Amanda insists that Andy won't hurt her, but Stephen tells her that none of them should see him alone; the old Andy wouldn't hurt them, but that boy in there is unpredictable; dangerous.

In the kitchen at the Palmers', Beryl points out to John that Kathleen admitted it was her fault. John replies that she was after Jill - she thought Jill was on with Robin. Beryl says she thought Jill and Robin were just friends. John replies that he doesn't think it was that innocent. Beryl comments that neither do the police, by the look of it. John points out that they're only doing their job - Jill's their main witness. Beryl curtly retorts that, witness or not, she's going barging in there with a cup of tea in a minute - Jill needs to relax. They suddenly hear the front door bang, and Beryl cautiously opens the kitchen doors. She tells John that the police have gone. Jill is sitting in the lounge room, looking shocked and upset. John gently asks her how she's holding up. She quietly replies that she's alright. Beryl hands her a cup of tea. Fee suddenly starts crying, and Beryl comments that she's awake. Jill doesn't appear to hear her, though, and Beryl says she'll go. Jill takes the tea but then says to John that she has to see Robin. John suggests that she should rest-up for a bit, but Jill cries that he needs her - he's hurt. John tells her that there's nothing she can do for the time being, but Jill repeats that she has to go to the hospital, and she stands up.

Patricia opens the door to Margaret's apartment and thanks Jim for the lift. Jim asks if there's anything else he can do. Patricia tells him that there isn't. She adds that David will be home soon. After an awkward pause, she invites him in and he accepts. She takes a bottle of pills out of her handbag, and Jim asks her if she didn't just take one of those after her friend's accident. He adds that they're not vitamin pills, exactly. Patricia snaps that she knows what they are. Jim tells her that she shouldn't take too many. Patricia tetchily asks him if he's a doctor. Jim replies that it's just that he's seen one girl he liked depend on pills; it just doesn't work in the long run. Patricia snaps that she doesn't depend on anything. She puts the bottle down without taking one. Changing the subject, Jim asks her what she's got planned for the afternoon. Patricia snaps, "Nothing." Jim asks her if she wants to see a movie, but she snaps that she doesn't. Jim points out that it would take her mind off things, but Patricia curtly assures him that she'll be fine. Jim tells her that he was only trying to help. Patricia assures him that she can manage on her own, now. Jim says, "If you say so," and he goes. Patricia stands in the middle of the flat apparently thinking about something. A smile suddenly crosses her face, and she goes to the door and calls after Jim. As she opens the door, she finds him standing on the step waiting for her to come after him! He strides into the flat, picks up Patricia's handbag and asks her if she isn't glad she met him. He adds that any other man would have taken 'no' for an answer! He suggests they go and find something to cheer themselves up.

A while later, Patricia and Jim are walking in the park. Jim says to Patricia that, if she doesn't want to go to the movies, how about the zoo? He then admits that that would be a bit dull. He suggests the art gallery, but again says, "No." He then excitedly says he knows: they could have a game - a quick round of Monopoly - or Backgammon. He adds that he supposes Strip Poker is out of the question?! He then suggests that they could buy a bottle of champagne and drink it right there: the scenery's lovely, the weather's divine... it's a great day for the race! Patricia asks, "What race?" Jim replies, "The human race!" He smiles and then tells her that he'll race her to the swings! He rushes off and goes and sits on one. Patricia walks up to him and he tells her to give him a push. Patricia says, "No!" She then laughs that he's a big kid. Jim replies that there's nothing wrong with that - it'll be a sad day when he can't play any more. Patricia points out that she's still waiting for her champagne, but Jim suggests that they have a go on the roundabout first! He goes and sits on it and Patricia reluctantly sits down next to him. Jim uses his feet to start it spinning round, and Patricia laughs heartily at the experience!

John and Jill arrive at the hospital. Jill tells John that he doesn't have to stay. John asks her if she'll be alright by herself, and Jill assures him that she'll fine. John tells her to give him a ring when she wants to come home. He wishes her good luck and goes. As he does so, a doctor comes out of a room nearby, and Jill asks him if he's Doctor Jackson. The doctor says he is, and Jill introduces herself, adding that she thinks the sister at reception spoke to him about her? Dr. Jackson tells her that she can come in, but she must realise that Mr. Elliott is in a very serious condition. Jill enters the room. Robin is lying in bed, hooked up to breathing apparatus and with tubes entering him and leaving him all over his body. Jill looks at him in shock. Dr. Jackson tells her that Robin has suffered extreme injuries. Jill cries, "Robin...?" The doctor tells her that Robin is in a coma. Jill asks how long it'll be before he comes out of it. The doctor looks at her sadly and replies that, to be honest, it's unlikely he ever will. He continues that they can keep him alive, but that's it. Jill looks shocked. Dr. Jackson tells her that he's sorry. Jill just stares at Robin.

Patricia and Jim arrive back at Margaret's apartment again, and Patricia thanks Jim for a lovely afternoon. Jim tells her that it's his pleasure. He then adds that he'll be back at 7pm. When Patricia looks surprised, he explains that he thought they might have dinner together. Patricia smiles and asks if she has any choice! Jim says, "No!" Patricia tells him that she'll see him at 7pm, then! He goes. Patricia heads inside and looks at the bottle of pills still on the table. She goes and tips one onto her hand and then puts it in her mouth...

Wayne is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Woombai, shuffling his pack of cards. Amanda is sitting on the floor in front of him, and she tells him that she thinks Andy is coming around - he looked normal enough while he was eating. Wayne points out that that doesn't mean much. Amanda replies that at least it means he's not a madman; her dad says... Wayne interrupts and tells her that Stephen says Andy could be dangerous if they don't watch him - which makes sense, because he sure isn't friendly. Amanda indignantly asks Wayne how he'd feel if he was locked away and yelled at for hours on end. She adds that she still thinks they're going about it the wrong way. Wayne points out that Stephen seems to know what he's doing - and Barbara and Gordon will be up in a few days to help. He changes the subject and tells Amanda that they ought to think about getting down to Melbourne and fixing up the other affairs. Amanda, though, snaps that she's not going anywhere until Andy's his old self - and she thinks they'd stand a better chance if they started to treat him a little bit better. Wayne tells her to talk to Stephen about it if she wants to - he's going for a walk. He gets up and goes out. Amanda sits there for a moment, looking thoughtful, and then stands up and walks over to the mantlepiece. She picks up the key that's lying there and then walks out into the hallway. She approaches Andy's room slowly and quietly and puts the key in the lock. She turns it and opens the door. Andy is sitting on the mattress with his eyes closed. Amanda goes in and locks the door behind her. She then puts the key in the pocket in her trousers. She quietly says, "Andy?" He looks at her, and she tells him that she's sorry if she's interrupted anything. Andy asks where the others are, and Amanda replies that she's got away from them for a while; she thought they could have a chat. She adds that it's better than nothing. She then tells him that she's glad he had something to eat; Stephen told her that he wouldn't have got much on the farm. When Andy doesn't respond, she pleads with him and tells him that she knows they're being hard, but they're only trying to help; he knows they love him. She continues that Stephen will be back soon with some copies of some books. She tells Andy that he's got to read them - they'll explain everything: how he's been conned; how he-- All-of-a-sudden, Andy leaps up off the bed and wraps his arm around Amanda's neck. He angrily asks if the door's locked. Amanda cries at him that he's choking her. Andy tells her to give him the key. With his arm strangling the breath out of her, Amanda doesn't have any choice, and she takes out the key and hands it over. As he takes it, Andy pushes her down onto the mattress. She cries, "Andy... no - listen to me." He ignores her, though, and walks out, locking the door behind him. He then rushes into the lounge room, picks up the 'phone and dials a number. Amanda yells from the bedroom that he can't go again. She then calls for Wayne, but there's no response. She calls out to ask if anyone can hear her. A man answers the 'phone, and Andy says it's him. Wayne suddenly calls to Amanda to hang on. On the 'phone, the man tells Andy that he'll get Gary for him. Andy, though, yells that there's no time. He tells the man to shut up and listen: he's in a place called Woombai - north of Sydney. Wayne suddenly runs into the room and pulls Andy away from the 'phone. Andy pushes Wayne onto the couch and runs off. Wayne quickly gets up again and gives chase.

Stephen is walking back to the homestead, holding some sheets of paper, but as he approaches the door, Andy bursts out in front of him. Stephen asks what's going on. Andy goes to run away again, but Wayne appears behind him, and he and Stephen grab him. Wayne tells him,"The game's up, mate." Andy reluctantly gives in.

A short time later, Andy is sitting back on his bed. Wayne is holding Amanda. Stephen angrily says to Andy that his gang believes in peace, does it? - how does he reconcile that with attacking a girl? Amanda insists that she's alright, and Wayne leads her out of the room. Stephen snaps, "Well?" Andy retorts that she brought it on herself - she didn't have to be part of it. Stephen asks him if he doesn't see what he's turning into. Andy retorts that at least he's not a kidnapper. Stephen snaps, "For God's sake." Andy asks him if they've sent their ransom note yet. Stephen snaps at him not to be ridiculous. He tells him that they're trying to make him see what he's turning into. Andy angrily asks what there is to see: they don't like his way of life so they're locking him up until he changes it. Stephen angrily yells that he's had just enough about of this. He adds that at least with his way of life there's some semblance of honesty; The Farm was just a meal ticket for the man at the top. He hands Andy the sheets of paper and tells him to read them and then see what he thinks. He leaves, locking the door behind him. Andy picks up the sheets of paper and rips them up.

A while later, in the lounge room, Amanda is on the 'phone to John. She tells him that it's a real mess and it's all her fault. John asks how Andy is now. Amanda replies that he's even worse than when they brought him there - and he's torn up the stuff on the cult without reading a word. John points out that no one expected instant results. Amanda replies that he's going backward; she's really worried; she doesn't think they'll ever get through to him - not if they carry on the way they are - and she can't see Gordon and Barbara making any difference. John doesn't say anything, and Amanda asks him if he's still there. John says he is. He then asks if it would help if Andy saw somebody he really cared about. Amanda says she doesn't know. She asks him if he's got someone in mind. John replies that he has, but it won't make him too popular...

In the kitchen at the O'Briens', Heather says to Jeff that she doesn't know how bad it was - she couldn't really see. Jeff asks what happened after the cops turned up. Heather tells him that they arrested the woman who drove the car, and the ambulance took Patricia's friend to hospital. Changing the subject, she asks Jeff if he saw his Uncle Jim on the way in. Jeff mutters, "Yeah." Heather tells him that Jim is moving out tonight - but it's up to him if he does or not...

Jim is with Mike and Katie in the lounge room, and he comments that someone must know where all the restaurants are! Katie tells him that there's a Chinese place up the road, but Jim retorts that he can't take Patricia there - he's got to take her somewhere ritzy! Mike tells him that they can't afford to even know places like that! Jeff comes in and tells his uncle that the weekend paper had a dining-out giude in it; he doesn't know if they've still got it. Jim, looking surprised, thanks him. Jeff continues that he's got something else to say, too: he knows he's been been a real jerk sometimes, but he's sorry, and he'd like him to stay - as long as he can use Jim's car to learn to drive! Jim smiles and says it's a deal. They shake hands.

Jill is still sitting looking at Robin at the hospital when the door suddenly opens and Patricia comes in. Looking annoyed, Jill asks her what she wants. Patricia explains that she came to see Robin - she was at the O'Briens' this afternoon; she hasn't been able to get it out of her mind; the more she thinks about it - what she did: letting Kathleen know where he lived - the more responsible she feels. Jill, looking more sympathetic, tells her that it wasn't just her and Kathleen who did it - a lot of people caused it. She suddenly puts her hand to her head, and Patricia asks her if she's alright. Jill says she is, and she walks out. Patricia looks at Robin lying there, an expression of worry on her face.

A while later, a taxi pulls up outside the Palmers'. Jill pays the driver and gets out. She walks up the path to the house, but as she stands on the doorstep, she hears John yelling that it's the only answer - nothing else is working. Beryl yells back at him not to be ridiculous: one day he's been up there. John yells that he hasn't responded to anything they've tried. Beryl yells that they haven't given it a chance - and now he wants to drag up something without a single thought about how anyone else might feel. John yells that Lynn is the only person who stands a chance of getting through - Andy really felt something for her. As the arguing goes on, Jill comes into the lounge room. Beryl yells at John that Lynn has her own family. John angrily asks if they're supposed to forget about Andy. Beryl yells that she wants him to think about his brother's marriage. John yells back, "For heaven's sake." He then adds that Lynn went to London because she loves Kevin-- Jill suddenly interrupts and says, "Excuse me..." She asks if they could keep it down, please. Beryl says she's sorry. John asks Jill how she got back. Jill replies that she got a taxi. John asks her why she didn't ring - he could have picked her up. Beryl snaps that she doesn't know when - wasn't he too busy trying to talk Lynn into coming out there? John yells that she wanted to help. Beryl asks him if he's saying now that it wasn't his idea. John yells back that he didn't talk her into it. Jill suddenly starts crying, and she puts her hand to her head. Beryl yells that, why Barbara agreed to pay Lynn's fare out there, she'll never know. John yells back that it's because she wants Lynn to help Andy. Beryl yells that there are enough people around to help Andy without Lynn--. She stops talking as Jill suddenly collapses. John looks at her in shock and asks what happened. Beryl says she doesn't know - she just seemed to... They both bend down, lift Jill's head and say her name in concern.


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