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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

Andy keeps climbing up the rocks, but then pauses again, looking worried. He turns and looks down at the waterhole; Lynn is lying face down in the water. He then turns and keeps running. As he does so, though, voices start filling his head: Stephen telling him that it's all a fake - a con; and he can prove it: he's been fooled - his gang hasn't found any magic answers... Barbara's voice suddenly appears in his head, telling him that they're only trying to help him; why else would they risk being charged with kidnapping? Amanda's voice suddenly replaces Barbara's, telling him that he knows they love him. Lynn's voice overlaps, telling him that she's come a long way to see him and imploring him to talk to her; she wants them to be friends... Looking worried, Andy keeps moving.

Stephen and John pull up their four-wheel-drives by the waterhole and get out. John says to Stephen that there's no sign of him. Stephen agrees. He then adds that they can't drive any further, so they'd better set off on foot - he can't be too far. John suggests that they should split up, but Stephen points out that it might take two of them to handle him when they catch him. John angrily growls that he can handle him. As they approach the waterhole, Stephen suddenly spots Lynn's body floating in the middle. He and John both dive into the water and swim across to her. Stephen grabs her and starts dragging her across to the bank. Up above them, Andy has run back to his vantage point from the rocks. He sees them swim with Lynn to the water's edge and start trying to revive her. He pants heavily and looks worried.

In Melbourne, Beryl opens the front door of the Palmer house to find Heather standing there. She invites her in, and Heather, who's carrying a cardboard box, explains that she thought Beryl might like to use some of these in the curry: she's got a cupboard full of free samples and Jim still keeps bringing them home! Beryl laughs and says she'll have to make his curry nice and hot! They head into the kitchen, where Heather tells Beryl that she shouldn't be going to so much trouble for him. Beryl explains that she wants to thank him for last night. Heather asks how it went. Beryl replies that it was great. Heather says she hopes Jim behaved himself. Beryl tells her that he was fun - laughing and relaxed; she wishes she could take him him to more business functions. Heather, looking wary, warns her that he might wear a bit thin with her friends once they got to know him better. Beryl says they all thought he was very nice. Heather quickly replies that he is - but he's not all that reliable: 'here today, gone tomorrow'. Beryl, looking surprised, asks if he's thinking of leaving. Heather assures her that he isn't - not yet - but he's likely to pull up and take off at any time; he's not one to settle down for long. Beryl comments that he seems to like his job, and she got the impression that he's tired of being footloose. Heather just says she knows what he's like. Beryl tells him that people change as they get older - Heather could be in for a lovely surprise. She offers Heather a cuppa, which she accepts. She looks worried, though.

At Margaret's apartment, Patricia is on the 'phone, saying she understands he called last night. Jim replies that he got away from the dinner as soon as he could; he thought they might go for a bit of supper, but he couldn't get past her watchdog! Patricia laughs and says, "What?" Jim explains that David slammed the door in his face. Patricia, looking annoyed, turns and looks at David - who's doing some ironing - and says, "Did he now..." Jim adds that he thought he was going to get a bunch of fives! Patricia tells him that she's sorry about that; why doesn't he pop round tonight? Jim apologetically replies that he can't - he's caught up - but he could call in for a drink after work. Patricia says that will be fine - and she'll make sure he doesn't get the same sort of reception he got last night. Jim tells her to tell David that she's a big girl now! Patricia tautly replies that she certainly will... They say 'bye' to each other and hang up. Patricia then turns to David and angrily asks, "Just who the hell do you think you are?" David tells her that it was late and he thought she was asleep - and the guy's a no-hoper, anyway. Patricia snaps that she'll decide that. She then tells David that he's not going to start choosing her friends for her. David just says, "Yeah, yeah, OK." Patricia goes on that the only reason he doesn't like Jim is because he's seeing Beryl. David, though, retorts that Beryl can do what she likes. Patricia, looking surprised, remarks that that's a bit of a turnaround since yesterday. David just tells her that a bloke can change his mind. Patricia says she supposes so - but if she wants to go on seeing Jim, she will. David tells her to go right ahead. He then adds that she's never had much luck with the men in her life; why is that likely to change now? As he walks off to his bedroom, Patricia snaps at him, "Go to hell." She then opens her bottle of pills, drops a tablet into her hand and swallows it.

A short time later, David comes back out of his bedroom and, having put on a creased clean tee-shirt, comments that he'll never learn to iron! Patricia ignores him and just takes a sip from a glass of scotch. David then tells her that he's going away for a few days - to Adelaide. Patricia retorts, "Don't hurry back!" David impatiently goes on that they've got to try to make the best of things for Margaret's sake; he told her that he'd look after her. Patricia snaps that she doesn't need a keeper, adding, "The loony has recovered." David points out that she's still on tablets. Patricia asks, "So?" He tells her that she shouldn't mix them with booze. Patricia retorts that she'll do what she likes. David tells her that he wouldn't be doing the right thing by Margaret if he let her make a mess of herself. Patricia snaps at him that she doesn't need him to run her life for her - so he should go off on his trip and leave her in peace. David, looking resigned, says that, alright, if that's how she feels - but when he gets back, they should both sit down and have a talk about one of them finding somewhere else to live; he doesn't think things are working out too well the way they are. He goes, leaving Patricia looking shocked and upset.

Amanda is sitting on the couch at Woombai with Stephen, Wayne and John. She has an ice pack round her left arm, and Stephen admonishes that she should have told them when she got back. Amanda points out that so much else was happening at the time. Stephen asks her if she's sure it's not broken. Amanda says she is; it's just sprained - she's positive. Stephen comments that she said she fell riding back to the house. Amanda explains that it was just after she left Lynn. Stephen then tells her that, if the ice doesn't help, she'd better go and get it x-rayed. Barbara comes into the room, and John asks how Lynn is. Barbara replies that the doctor's just left - he said they got to her just in time. Gordon comments to Stephen, "Thank God you saw her." Stephen says it's a pity they didn't get there a few minutes earlier - they could have nabbed Andy as well. Barbara asks if they should notify the police, in case Andy is lost. Gordon, though, tells her no, adding that Andy can hardly get lost between the waterhole and the road. John snaps, "Too bad if he does." Stephen comments that he'll probably try and hitch a ride back to Melbourne. Amanda asks if they shouldn't be out looking for him. Gordon, though, tells her that Lynn said Andy must have seen her fall into the waterhole - which means he left her to drown; as far as he's concerned, Andy has done his dash - he wants to wash his hands of him completely. Barbara incredulously asks if he's saying he's going to let Andy go back to those people. Gordon retorts that he can do what he likes. John chips in that he reckons Gordon is right. Stephen says the worst part is that he's sure that they were just beginning to get through to him. Barbara agrees that they were - they can't let him slip through their fingers now. Gordon, though, tells her, "No - that's the end of it." He goes on that if escaping was more important than Lynn's life, then it's obvious that they're wasting their time. Wayne interjects that that's why he let him go - he knew they were just banging their heads against a brick wall. Amanda snaps at him that it's what Andy had been through that's made him act the way he is; if he goes back to those people, he'll be lost for good. Wayne tells her that they've done everything they can. Amanda angrily snaps back at him that they know what he's done. Wayne asks her if they can talk in the bedroom, but Amanda snaps that he won't want to hear what she's got to say. She then looks at Gordon imploringly and tells him that they can't just give up on Andy now. Gordon, though, replies that he doesn't want the boy back on the property - and he doesn't want any further discussion about it.

Andy is still sitting on top of the rocks. He looks down at the waterhole, a combination of worry and thought displayed on his face. He then throws down a twig that he was holding, having apparently made a decision.

Amanda and John are tidying up the room that Andy was occupying. Amanda is putting the pictures back up on the wall, and John puts a chair down by the bed. He then says he'd better get rid of the boards that were over the window; he picks up some planks of wood and goes to take them out. As he does so, Wayne comes in and asks him if he needs any help. John snaps at him him that he reckons he's done his bit. He goes. Wayne asks Amanda if she can't see why he let Andy go. Amanda snaps that they were getting through to him. Wayne, though, retorts that they hadn't even begun to make a dent; he didn't want to be mixed up with it in the first place - he only went along with it because it was so important to her. He goes on that, when Andy attacked her, he wanted to break his neck, but he had to sit back and do nothing. Amanda cries that Andy couldn't help the way he acted. Wayne asks: what about the way he talked to her this morning? - he wasn't going to let him hurt her anymore. Amanda snaps at him that he had no right to let Andy go - Lynn could have died because of it. Wayne angrily tells her not to try and hang that one on him - Andy was prepared to let her drown; no one else - she's got to face what he had become. Amanda snaps that with a little more time, they might have been able to do something for him - but he had to go and ruin any chance they had; she doesn't know if she can forgive him for that. Looking shocked, Wayne tells her, "But we love each other." He insists that that's why he did it - because he loves her; doesn't that mean anything? Amanda replies that of course it does - but there's so much about him that she doesn't understand: he thinks differently... and if things keep going the way they are... Wayne tells her not to be silly... Changing the subject, he asks her how her arm is. Amanda tells him that the pain still hasn't gone away. Wayne suggests that they get her to a the doctor and let him have a look at it. Amanda nods.

The door to Lynn's bedroom opens and Andy cautiously walks in, looking behind him as he enters to make sure no one sees him. He closes the door and then quietly walks over and sits on Lynn's bed. Lynn is still asleep, and Andy gently strokes her face to wake her. She stirs, but when she sees who's there, she recoils in fear and cries, "No..." Andy quietly tells her that it's alright - he had to see if she was OK. Lynn cries at him that he left her - in the water. Andy stands up and starts pacing the room. He tells her that he was crazy - getting away was all that mattered; he did go back - honest - but Stephen and John were there, so he ran again. Lynn asks why. Andy suddenly yells, "I don't know." He calms down a little and adds that he was scared - things just weren't making any sense; he knew he shouldn't have left her in the first place - he didn't want to - but that's what his group told him he should do - and it was wrong. Lynn looks at him more earnestly. He angrily asks what sort of person he'd turned into - he nearly let her die so that he could get away; he guesses he was ashamed. He sits back down on her bed and explains that that's why he ran - and then all sorts of things came rushing at him: what he learnt from the group... how he'd been treating his friends there at Woombai, who'd been trying to help him; and then it all became clear - how stupid he's been - he was just going along with whatever he was told. Lynn asks him why he did it in the first place. Andy tells her that that made him feel wanted; he was missing his mum so much... and her... Lynn, looking worried, tells him that it's all over now. Andy says he hopes so. Lynn smiles and assures him that it is - he's there, isn't he? She strokes his face, tenderly.

In the living room, Barbara, Gordon, John and Stephen stand up after finishing dinner. As they do so, Stephen comments to Gordon that Alan has done a very good job while he's been tied up there. Gordon replies that he's a good man. Barbara says she wonders if they should wake Lynn and see if she wants anything to eat. John, though, suggests that they let her sleep. Stephen says he should get over to the office and see what's been happening. As he goes to the door, though, Lynn and Andy suddenly come in, and Lynn smiles and says, "Guess who's back." Everyone looks in her direction, and Andy, his head bowed, says, "Hello..." He then adds, "I'm sorry." Barbara puts down the plate that she's holding and goes and hugs him tightly, crying, "Oh, Andy..."

At the Palmer house, Beryl is on the 'phone to John, and she tells him that she's so glad. She asks him to tell Andy how glad she is, and John says he will. Beryl remarks that it must really be celebration-time up there. John replies that it is - for the last couple of hours! Beryl asks how Lynn and Davey are, and John tells her that they're fine. He then adds that it's a pity she can't be there with them. Beryl says she wishes she was. John tells her that he'd like to be able to say sorry properly for how things were when he left. Beryl assures him that that's all water under the bridge now - he was right and she was wrong. John then tells her that Lynn is waiting to talk to her - he'll put her on. Beryl says that would be lovely. Lynn comes on and says a nervous, "Hi." Beryl says John has just been telling her the good news. In reply, Lynn tells her that she wouldn't blame her for being angry about Andy and her - they never tried to use her in any way when they were seeing each other; she supposes it must seem like that, though. Beryl says there's just one thing she wants to know: are she and Kevin happy? Lynn smiles and replies that, yes, they are. She goes on that she told Kevin all about Andy; he knows nothing happened between them. Beryl says that, well, if Lynn was honest with Kevin about it and he understood, then it's not up to her to quibble. Changing the subject, she asks Lynn if she'll be coming down to see her before she goes back to London. Lynn replies that of course she will - she wants to spend a couple of weeks with her mum and dad. Beryl tells her that she'll be glad to see them both. Lynn explains that it might be a few days yet - they're frightened that Andy might slip back if she's not there. Beryl says she'll have to look forward to her getting there as soon as she can. Lynn thanks her for being OK about everything, and they say 'bye' and hang up. Beryl heads into the kitchen and looks at the recipe book laid out on the table.

Gordon and Andy are sitting on the verandah at Woombai. Andy explains to Gordon that it was sort of like he was 'taken over'. He adds that it sounds stupid. Gordon, though, replies that it doesn't, necessarily. He asks Andy if he feels completely free of it now. Andy says he thinks so - it's just that it was so strong; it's been like waking up from a nightmare - he can't get rid of the feeling. Gordon assures him that, after a couple of days' rest, he'll be fine. Andy tells him that he can't thank everyone enough for what they've done. Lynn suddenly comes out of the house and Gordon asks her if Davey is settled. Lynn says he is. She adds, "Thank God for afternoon naps!" Gordon smiles and says he thinks he might have one himself. He gets up and goes inside. Lynn goes and sits down next to Andy and asks him how he's feeling. He tells her that he's OK. He then says he hopes he didn't cause any problems with Kevin when she told him that she was coming there. Lynn assures him that Kevin was terrific about it. Looking more downcast, Andy comments that he guesses she'll be flying out soon. He holds his hand out, and Lynn takes it, saying a distant, "Yes..." Andy tells her that it was hard enough trying to say goodbye the first time. Lynn sadly replies that there isn't any other way... As they talk, they suddenly see a white van pulling up a few yards away. It's the van from The Farm. Andy says, "It's them." He adds that they must have tracked the place down from his 'phone call. Lynn tells him to come inside and let Stephen and John deal with them. Andy, though, tells her no - he's got to do it once and for all. Lynn looks worried as he walks over to the three guys that are there to collect him.

As Lynn watches, Barbara comes out of the house and asks if anyone's for tea. She suddenly looks shocked as she notices Andy talking to the guys from The Farm. She tells Lynn that he shouldn't be doing that. Lynn, though, explains that he's telling them that he's finished with the cult. Barbara asks her if she's sure. Lynn replies that she is. Barbara says she hopes so. She adds that Andy would be a damn sight safer if--. Lynn interrupts and tells her that Andy feels he has to do it himself - like some sort of test. By the van, Gary tells Andy that he's not to believe the people at Woombai. Andy goes to walk away, but Gary points out that his 'friends' kidnapped him - he knows what they're like. Andy tells him that he heard him. He adds, "Just rack off!" He walks back to Lynn and they hug. Barbara tells him that she's very proud of him. Andy replies that they're not bad kids - most of them are really nice. Barbara comments that they have some strange ideas. Andy tells her that it's only because of what they've been taught.

Patricia opens the front door of Margaret's apartment and lets Jim in. He tells her that he got away from work as early as he could. He adds that it's a shame they can't make a night of it, but at least they can make a hole in the bottle he's brought. Patricia doesn't respond, though, and just stares into space. Jim, looking concerned, says, "Patricia?" She comes-to and, slurring her words, says she's sorry - she was miles away. Jim asks her what she's been doing to herself. Patricia slurs, "Nothing - let's have a drink!" Jim tells her that that's the last thing she needs. As she then picks up a glass of scotch that's sitting next to an empty bottle and her bottle of pills, Jim remarks that that's a pretty lethal mixture. Patricia snaps at him not to start. Jim takes the glass from her hand and tells her that black coffee is what she needs. Patricia retorts that she doesn't need black coffee. Jim assures her that she does - and he's not leaving until her feet are back on the planet.

At the Palmers', the living room table is laid with the food for Beryl's meal with Jim. Beryl looks out of the window to see if there's any sign of him and then glances at her watch.

Lynn, Stephen, Andy, Wayne and Amanda are all sitting in the living room at Woombai. Stephen tells Andy that what he needs now is to get a line on his future; give himself a definite goal to work towards. Andy comments that it's a bit hard to think about his future at the moment. Stephen tells him that he should try and keep his mind occupied as best he can. He then quickly apologises for sounding like a schoolmaster. Changing the subject, he announces that he has some paperwork to fix up. He tells Andy to get a good night's rest. Andy says he will. He thanks Stephen for everything, and Stephen goes. Wayne immediately snaps to Andy that yeah, everything's just terrific: Lynn almost downed, Amanda ended up with a broken arm... Amanda glares at him, and he snaps, "Forget it." Amanda curtly suggests to him that they go for a drive. They head out. Andy finds himself alone with Lynn, and he asks what's up with Wayne and Amanda. Lynn tells him that it's nothing. Andy, though, says they're arguing about him, aren't they. Lynn tells him that they'll wake up. Andy says he's caused so much trouble... Lynn, though, tells him to stop thinking about it. She goes on that Stephen is right: he's got to start thinking about his future. Andy asks how he can when he knows she won't be there. Lynn tells him not to be like that. Andy assures her that he's not trying to pressure her, but there's no need for her to stay on now - he's proved he's OK. Lynn asks him if he would have been able to talk to those guys if she hadn't been there. Andy says he's not sure. Changing the subject, Lynn says she'd better check that Barbara is coping with Davey. She stands up and goes to leave the room. She then pauses, though, and walks over to where Andy is standing. She looks at him and they start kissing passionately. Barbara suddenly comes in and says, "I put Davey down--" She stops talking and looks shocked as she sees what's going on...


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