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    Written by: Bill Searle   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

The next morning, Stephen arrives at Toorak, and Barbara asks him if he had a good flight. Stephen replies that it was, considering the hour. Barbara tells him that she thought it was important to get him down there as soon as possible. She offers him a pick-me-up, and he asks for tomato juice. He then asks Barbara why she doesn't want Gordon involved. Barbara points out that she explained last night. Stephen, though, reminds her that she and Gordon don't normally keep secrets. Barbara gives in and explains that Gordon has got enough problems at the moment; he's got the court case coming up a in couple of days; she thought she and Stephen were perfectly capable of handling the siutation. Stephen grimly replies that he hopes she's right. Barbara continues that it shouldn't be as hard as it was with Samantha; Andy isn't as caught up as she was - yet. Stephen asks her if she's got any ideas about how they're going to do it. Barbara replies that she's got a few ideas: she's been to the place - and John knows the timetable; it shouldn't be too difficult - with a bit of luck. Stephen asks her if she realises what they're doing: kidnapping is a little more serious than illegal parking; they have to plan this very carefully; they have to know what they're doing when they get Andy away from the place. Barbara tells Stephen that they have to try. Stephen replies that they're going to need help grabbing Andy - they can't do it on their own. Barbara tells him that John is arranging that now.

John is at Margaret's apartment, and David hands him a beer. He then sits down and asks John if he reckons that the two of them and Stephen can handle them. John replies that he's sure they can. David points out that it's risky. John replies that, all he knows is that they can't leave Andy in there with those nuts; if they leave him there any longer, they'll lose him for good. David asks if they're just going to walk in there and grab him. In reply, John asks David if he'd help if it was him in there. David tells his son that he wouldn't be such a mug. John retorts that anyone can get sucked in. David says he guesses so. He tells John that he'll be in it. John replies that he thought he would be. David then continues that he wishes he wasn't such an idiot before; he could have done something about it. John asks him what he means. David explains that Beryl came around when he and Andy went to The Farm; he was so hung up on her and that Jim bloke, though, that he didn't listen. John asks his father if he still loves Beryl a bit. David says, "Yeah..." He then adds that it's too late now; he hasn't got the right to stick his bib in anymore. Brightening up, he suggests they go and get Stephen and get the show on the road.

The 'phone rings at Dural, and Wayne, who is in the lounge room by himself, answers it. A woman comes on and tells Wayne that Mr. Carruthers asked her to call. Wayne asks if Carruthers has got the information for him. The woman replies that she has a list of names for him - people that Mr. Carruthers suggests Wayne's friend might contact. As Wayne picks up a pen to write things down, he asks if Carruthers thinks his friend will have any trouble getting a job. The woman replies that she shouldn't if she's as good at computers as Wayne says. Wayne smiles and says, "Good..."

At the Morrell apartment, Jill is tending to Fee - who's in her carrier - and asks her if she's ready to go. Kathleen asks Jill if she's off to the baby health centre, and Jill replies that she is - she has to make sure she's doing the right things for Fee. Kathleen goes on that she guesses it's becoming a problem having to take Fee everywhere. Jill assures her that she's used to it. Kathleen continues that she wouldn't mind giving Jill a break sometime. Jill explains that the nurse wants to see Fee as well; not just her! Kathleen quickly explains that she meant later - if Jill wanted to look for a flat... Jill uncertainly says, "Oh..." Kathleen goes on that Jill will be wanting to find one...? Jill replies that she will - but not right away. Kathleen says she assumed Jill would be anxious to find a place of her own. Jill explains that she is, but but Robin has asked her to stay on a little longer. Looking annoyed, Kathleen says, "Oh?" Jill tells her that Robin saw how well the two of them are getting on, and he thought she should stay until Kathleen is back on her feet again. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and Jill walks over to the bar and answers it. The caller is Wayne. He tells Jill that he's glad he caught her: he had an idea how he can help Kathleen. He continues that it seems to him that the quicker she goes back to work, the quicker she gets back her old confidence. Jill asks how he can help. Wayne explains that he's had a friend make up a list of people that Kathleen should talk to about getting a job in computers; he thought he might drop by with it a bit later. Looking suspicious, Jill asks why the sudden change: first he wanted to throw Robin out, and then he told him he can stay, and now he wants to find a job for his wife. Wayne tells her that Amanda has been on his back since the other day; he doesn't like Robin, but it's the only way to shut Amanda up. He tells Jill that he'll see her when he gets there. Jill explains that she and Fee are going out - but Kathleen will be there. Wayne says to tell her that he'll see her in a couple of hours. They hang up. Jill rejoins Kathleen and tells her that that was a friend of hers - Wayne: he's got a list of contacts in her old line of work; she could score a job out of it. Kathleen, looking surprised, says she doesn't know what to say. Jill remarks that it's pretty nice of him. Kathleen agrees that it is - especially since he doesn't know her. Jill tells her that she looks forward to hearing how she gets on when she gets back.

David pulls his car up at the end of the driveway at The Farm. He, John and Stephen get out, and Stephen comments that there doesn't seem to be anyone around. John replies that there will be if they go through the gate. Stephen asks what they do now. John tells him that they hop the fence and go up through the trees; up there is a rise - they can see the place from there. David asks how close that will get them. John replies that it'll be close enough to where they want to be; there's a sort of 'open area' where most of the kids should be right now - they have an hour of free time. Stephen asks if Andy will be with them. John says he hopes so. Stephen says he hopes Andy will get away from the others at some point. David suggests they go. They head off and start walking up through the nearby trees.

Terry is in the hallway at Dural with Fiona, and he says to her that he hopes she has better luck today. Fiona laughs that so does she - she dragged Jill and Fee all over town the other day and she didn't see a place she was remotely interested in! Looking surprised, Terry says he didn't even know Jill was there. Fiona replies that she's seen her a couple of times - she and Fee are both fine. She adds that she'd like to see a lot more of her, but she and Robin don't exactly get on. She suddenly realises that she's forgotten her bag, and she goes to get it. Terry heads into the lounge room, where he asks Wayne if he heard Mrs. T. right - about Jill staying with that Elliott bloke. Wayne replies that it won't be for long - only until she gets her own place. Terry growls that it's still a bit rich: Jill wouldn't let him give her a hand, but she doesn't mind some sneaky bloke like Robin Elliott helping her out. Wayne retorts that nobody has more reason to hate the guy than him, but it mightn't be a good idea to make waves right now. Terry asks why not. Wayne tells him that Jill might take it the wrong way. Terry asks if they're supposed to sit around and do nothing. Wayne, though, tells him no: he's organising something at the moment to get Jill away from Robin. Terry disbelievingly says, "Yeah, yeah..." Wayne asks him if he's heard about Robin's wife - she's there in Sydney. Terry incredulously asks if she's living at the apartment too. Wayne replies that she is - and he reckons she wants her husband back; hopefully, she'll give Jill the elbow. Terry tells Wayne that he hopes he knows what he's doing. Wayne replies, "Leave it all to me..."

A while later, Wayne is at the Morrell apartment with Kathleen, who tells him that this really is very kind of him. Wayne assures her that it didn't cost him anything. Kathleen suspiciously asks him if he's always so helpful to strangers. Wayne replies, "Any friend of Jill's..." He then asks her if she's going to check some of the places out. Looking surprised, Kathleen asks him how many times he's going to ask her that; she doesn't know - she's very grateful, but she's not sure if she's ready for regular work yet. Wayne points out that it could be the thing she needs. Kathleen retorts that the whole industry has changed. Wayne tells her that the sooner she gets back to doing what she does best, the sooner she'll be her old self again. Looking annoyed, Kathleen demands to know who asked for his advice. She then adds that Robin put him up to this, didn't he. Wayne replies, "No." Kathleen continues that no one is going to go to this much trouble without some sort of angle. Wayne replies that there's no angle - honest. Kathleen says she's sorry: she's just not used to people doing her favours. Wayne tells her that he promises her: Robin doesn't know anything about this. Kathleen tells him that she's believes him; it's just that, in the past few years, she's become so suspicious of everything; she will follow the job up, but not until she feels less jumpy. Wayne assures her that there's no rush; whenever she feels up to it. Looking worried, Kathleen says she's insulted him. Wayne tells her that it's OK - he understands. He then says he'd better get going. Kathleen tells him that she appreciates what he's done. Wayne goes. He pauses outside the apartment momentarily, looking thoughtful.

At The Farm, Andy is talking to one of the other guys. There's a game of rounders going on nearby. A few yards away, David, John and Stephen are hiding in some bushes. John puts some binoculars up to his eyes and comments that he wishes Andy would come a bit closer. Stephen looks at his watch and comments that it's been nearly an hour. David asks why they don't just go and grab him. John, though, tells him that they'd never get near him. He suddenly adds, "Hang on..." The rounders ball has flown high up into the air, and one of the guys from The Farm calls to Andy to get it. The ball heads towards the bushes, and Andy runs to fetch it. Stephen suddenly appears in front of him and calls, "Looking for this?" Looking surprised, Andy asks him what he's doing there. Stephen tells him that they thought there might be some problems they can talk about. He adds that it's alright - they're there to help him. Andy suddenly calls to one of the girls called Julie, and she and some of the other kids start running towards them. Andy starts running back to the main open area. John, David and Stephen give chase, but soon find themselves surrounded by the kids, who all glare at them. Andy snaps at Stephen that if he wanted to see him, why didn't he get in touch properly - he could have invited them any time they wanted. Stephen tells him that they want to talk to him - but away from there. Andy snaps that he hasn't got anything to hide. Julie tells Andy to come on - they're not really his friends. Andy snaps at the three men that, if they reckon he's got problems, they should check out the way they're going on. He walks off. Stephen snaps to David and John that they blew it - they've pushed Andy closer to them.

Kathleen is watching a video at the Morrell apartment when there's a knock on the door. She goes and opens it, and looks surprised to see Wayne standing there. She asks him if he forgot something. Wayne tells her that he thinks they should talk some more - this time with all their cards on the table. Kathleen says she doesn't understand. Wayne tells her that he thinks she does: he's conned lots of people in his time, and he knows when someone's playing the same game; he can guess what she's up to. Kathleen retorts that she wishes he'd tell her. Wayne continues that she's playing on Robin's guilt - making him feel so bad that he has to take her back. He adds that he's on her side - his whole idea is to get her back on her feet so that she and Robin do get back together. Kathleen asks why. Wayne tells her that he wants to get Jill away from Robin; none of her friends want them together. Kathleen asks why all the concern about finding her a job. Wayne explains that it was a means to an end - he's perfectly happy to help her in any way he can; all he wants from her is a guarantee that Jill won't get hurt - he cares about her. Kathleen retorts that he thinks Jill is 'Little Miss Innocent' - but there's a hell of a lot more than friendship between her and Robin. Wayne replies that there isn't yet, but there's a danger - that's why it should be stopped now. Kathleen tells Wayne that he's not nearly as clever as he thinks he is: she also knows when she's being made a fool of - and that's exactly what Robin and Jill are trying to do. Wayne asks her what she's going to do about it, then. Kathleen replies that she'll handle it - but how is none of his business; he'll be very happy with the result, though: Jill will be out of there before very long...

There's some gym equipment in pieces in the O'Brien's living room. Mike is fiddling with it when Jeff comes in. He sees the equipment and asks what's going on. Mike tells him that Jim had it delivered. Upon hearing his uncle's name, Jeff snaps that Jim probably doesn't even know how to work it, knowing him. Mike immediately reminds him of the agreement they came to the previous night. Calming down, he comments that the pieces probably don't even go together. Jeff comments that there are a fair few exercises you could do on it. Mike suggests to him that he finish putting it together and try it out.

Outside, Katie is playing with Titus in the front garden when John walks by. She asks him where Andy is these days, but John just replies glumly that he's around. Katie asks how his new band is. John says he's happy with then, he guesses. Katie tells him that she'll catch him later, then. John just says, "Sure..." and walks off.

Inside, a short time later, the 'phone starts ringing, and Mike answers it. A woman comes on and asks if she's speaking to Mr. Jim O'Brien. Mike says he's afraid not. The woman asks him if he lives there, and Mike says he does. The woman asks him to tell Jim that Doris called - she's his ex-landlady. Mike asks if there's any other message. The woman says there isn't - she just wanted to stay in touch. She goes, and Katie asks what that was all about. Mike explains that that was Jim's landlady. He suddenly hears another noise on the 'phone line, and he puts it back to his ear and says, "Hello? Doris?" It's not Doris, though - a man comes on and angrily asks, "That you, O'Brien?" Mike says it isn't, and he asks who he's speaking to. The man at the other end snaps, "Never mind." He then asks Mike if he's Jim's new landlord. Mike says he supposes so. The man tells him to tell that bludger, Jim, that he's going to do him - that'll teach him to play around with his wife. He asks Mike what his address is, but Mike quickly tells him that he can't help him and he hangs up. He turns to Katie and says, "Heaven help Jim if that bloke catches up with him!" Jeff snaps that it mightn't be a bad idea - teach him to mess around with married women. Katie asks what they'll do if that man does turn up. Mike replies that Jim had better be very careful. Katie says they'd better make sure it doesn't get that far...

Sometime later, Katie is attaching a sign to the O'Briens' front gate. It says 'Beware of the Dog - Enter at your own risk'. She's admiring it when John comes along again. He smiles broadly as he reads the sign and comments that Titus isn't exactly a killer! He then adds that that's the first laugh he's had all day - he reckons he needed it.

Jill arrives back at the Morrell apartment and Kathleen asks her if she had a good day. Jill replies that it was hectic. Kathleen looks at Fee and comments that she looks all in. Jill says she thinks she'll lie her down and give her her bottle. Kathleen offers to put the child in her cot, and Jill hands her over. She adds that she won't be long - she'll just warm the bottle. She heads into the kitchen. Kathleen looks at baby Fee in her arms and tells her, "It's alright - Aunty Kathleen's got you now..."

John is getting something from the 'fridge in the kitchen at the Palmers' when he suddenly heards the front door slam. He calls out to ask Beryl if that's her. It's isn't, though: Andy comes striding into the kitchen and picks up the tape player that's on top of the 'fridge. John cheerfully comments to him that he didn't think he would wake up to himself so quick. Andy, though, snaps that he only came to get his things - his friends are outside waiting for him. He heads to his bedroom, and John follows him. He takes down a suitcase from on top of his wardrobe and starts piling things into it, snapping as he does so that he hopes John isn't going to try any more stupid tricks. John retorts that he wouldn't dream of it. Andy continues that if he's not outside in two minutes, his friends will call the cops. John asks him if he's not the one being stupid. Andy snaps, "No." John tells him that they only wanted to talk to him today - to try and get some sense into his thick skull. Andy asks him if he's kidding. John tells him that they don't understand why he's not listening. Andy shouts at him to leave him alone. John insists that they only want to help him. Andy snaps, "By kidnapping me?" John yells at him that they just don't want to see him taken in by the fruitcakes up at The Farm, that's all. Andy snaps that they're his friends - his real friends; John and everyone else are the crazy ones. John tells Andy to listen to him, but Andy snaps that he doesn't want to, and he walks out.

Jill comes out of the kitchen at the Morrell apartment and finds Kathleen standing by the window in the lounge room, still holding Fee. Looking surprised, she asks if Fee wouldn't go down for her. Kathleen replies that she seems happy enough where she is. She then asks Jill if she remembers what they talked about this morning. Jill says she's sorry for forgetting: how did it go with Wayne? Kathleen retorts that she didn't mean about Wayne; she's talking about Jill finding a new flat. Jill says she thought she explained all that. Kathleen tells her that it would be better if she started looking straight away. She adds that it's not easy for a man and a woman to get to know each other again after so long - and Jill being there isn't going to help. She tells Jill that she's seen her kissing Robin... Jill's face drops, but a look of realisation then crosses it as she realises that Kathleen has been having them on. Kathleen says, "Have I?" Jill snaps that Robin was right - all that stuff about not having anyone else to turn to and not wanting to live anymore... it was all lies. Kathleen retorts that, no, it wasn't - that's all true: she does need all the help she can get. She tells Jill that she and Robin are the ones being deceitful - saying they're 'just good friends'; she angrily asks if they think she's blind. She suddenly turns and pulls open the blind over the window - which is wide open. She leans out of it - still holding Fee - and looks down at the traffic on the road far below. She continues that this isn't a healthy situation for any of them. Jill, beginning to look worried, tells her that she's right - maybe she should just take Fee and go and find somewhere else to live. Kathleen smiles and says she thinks that's a good idea - and why not tell Robin tonight that that's what she's decided? Jill quickly says she will - just please give her her baby. Kathleen steps back from the window and, as she hands Fee over, says to Jill that, surely she didn't think that... She adds that Jill has an overactive imagination. She tells Jill that she's glad they understand each other now. Jill closes the window and gasps in shock as she hugs Fee.


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